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Favors concentration of power in mayor, specially as relates to finances.

CJ.U. Durand, Edward Dana. Council government versus mayor govern-
ment. (Political Science Quarterly, Sept-Dec., 1900. 15: 426-51,

Favors an increase in powers of council.

CJ.U. Fairlie, John A. American municipal councils. (Political Science
Quarterly, June, 1904. 19: 234-51.)

C.Cl.J.U.Fairlie, John A. Municipal organization. (In his Municipal ad-
ministration. 1901. Part 4, p. 375-431.)

CJ.U. Greenlaw, Edwin A. Office of mayor in the United States. (Mu-
nicipal Affairs, March, 1899. 3: 33-60.)

L. Hill, Edward J. Municipal officer of Illinois. Chicago, Myers, 1873.

CJ.U. James, Edmund J. The city council of Berlin. (American Journal
of Sociology, Nov., 1900. 6: 407-15.)

L.U. Mechem, Floyd R. A treatise on the law of public offices and offi-
cers. Chicago, Callaghan, 1890. 751 p. $6.

C.Cl.J.U.Municipal councils. (Conference for good city government. 1896.
4: 236-66.)

Contents: Williams, H. W. The reform of our municipal councils. Capen,
S. B. Shall we have one or two legislative chambers? Butler, J. A. A single
or a double council? Pryor, J. W. Should municipal legislators receive a salary?


L.U. Beach, Charles F., jr. Law of contributory negligence. 3rd ed.
revised by J. J. Crawford. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis, 1899. 702 p. $6.

C.Cl.J.U.Fairlie, John A. Police administration. (In his Municipal admin-
istration. 1901. Chap. 8, p. 126-49.)

J.U. Freund, Ernst. .The police power, public policy and constitutional
rights. Chicago, Callaghan, 1904. 819 p. $6.

C.Cl.J.U.Goodnow, Frank J. Police administration. (In his City govern-
ment. 1904. Chap. 9, p. 204-47.)

J.L.U. Horr, Norton T. and Bemis, A. A. A treatise on the power to
enact, passage, validity and enforcement of municipal police ordi-
nances. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1895. 312 p. $4.

L.U. Jones, Dwight A. Law of negligence of municipal corporations.
N. Y., Baker, Voorhis, 1892. 588 p. $6.


J.U. Lee, W. L. M. A history of police in England. London, Methuen,
1901. 416 p. 7s. 6d.

C.J.U. Moss, Frank. State oversight of police. (Municipal Affairs, June,
1899. 3: 264-68.)

CJ.U. Municipal electric fire alarm and police patrol systems. 33 p.
(U. S. Census Bureau. 1904. Bulletin 11.)

CJ.U. Police. (Encyclopedia Britannica. 9th ed. 1885. 19: 332-44.)

L.U. Williams, Waterman L. The liability of municipal corporations for
tort; treating fully municipal liability for negligence. Boston, Lit-
tle, Brown, 1901. 345 p. $3.50.


CJ.U. Bernheim, A. C. The relations of the city and the state of New
York. (Political Science Quarterly, Sept., 1894. 9: 377-402.)

C.C1 J.U. Commons, John R. State supervision for cities. (Amer. Acad. of
Polit. and Social Science. May, 1895. 5: 865-81.)

Argues for a state municipal board.

C.J.U. Goodnow, Frank J. The relations of city and state. (Municipal
Affairs, Dec., 1897. 1: 689-704.)

Favors a municipal government board.

C.J.U. Goodnow, Frank J. Municipal home rule. A study in administra-
tion. N. Y., Macmillan, 1897. 283 p. $1.50.

The best treatise on relation of state and city.

CJ.U. Goodnow, Frank J. Municipal home rule. (Political Science Quar-
terly. March, 1906. 21: 77-90.)

J.U. Grant, John H. State supervision of cities. (Michigan Political
Science Association. July, 1896. 2: 158-97.)

C.Cl.J.U.Holls, Frederick William. State boards of municipal control.
(Conference for good city government. 1896. 4: 226-35.)

CJ.U. Home Rule Problems. (Municipal Affairs. March, 1902. 6: 198-

Contents: Agar, John G. Legislative interference in New York. Woodruff,
Clinton R. The Pennsylvania rippers. Ford, Guy S. Rural domination of cities
in Connecticut. Maltbie, Milo R. Home rule in Ohio. Crafts, Clayton E.
Local self-government in Illinois. Hotchkiss, Willard E. Kaiser vs. the Berlin

C.J.U. Ivins, William M. Municipal government. (Political Science
Quarterly, June, 1887. 2: 291-312.)

Discussion of relations between state and city.

CJ.U. Jenks, J. W. A state municipal board. (Municipal Affairs, Sept.,
1898. 2: 411-32.)

Favors a state board for cities of the 2nd and 3rd class as proposed by com-
missions on 2nd and 3rd class cities in N. Y., 1896.

CJ.U. Maltbie, Milo R. City-made charters. (Yale Review, Feb., 1905.
13: 380-407.)

Argument that city should be permitted to make its own charter.

C.Cl.J.U.Oberholtzer, Ellis P. Home rule for American cities. (Amer.

Acad of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. May, 1893. 3: 736-63.)
CJ.U. Parsons, Frank. The city for the people; or, the municipaliza-

tion of the city government and of local franchises. Phil., Taylor,

1901. 704 p. $1.

"Home rule for cities," p. 387-468.
Favors municipal ownership.


CJ.U. Woodruff, Clinton R. A freer city: a plea for municipal home
rule. (Yale Review, Feb., 1904. 12: 360-71.)

J. U. S. Library of Congress. Select list of books on municipal

affairs, with special reference to municipal ownership. Comp. under
the direction of A. P. C. Griffin. Wash., 1906. 34 p.

Of value mainly as a check-list.

CJ.U. American Economic Association. Committee on Public Finance.
The relation of modern municipalities to quasi-public works, being
a report of the Committee on Public Finance to the Council of the
American Economic Association. 87 p. (American Economic As-
sociation. Publications. 1888. Vol. 2.)

Contains papers by Henry C. Adams, George W. Knight, Charles Moore, and
Frank J. Goodnow.

C.Cl.J.U.Bemis, Edward W., ed. Municipal monopolies. A collection
of papers by American economists and specialists. N. Y., Crowell,
1899. 691 p. $2.

CJ.U. City Monopolies. (Municipal Affairs. March, 1902. 6: 68-123.)

Contents: Street railway franchises in New York. Municipal electric light-
ing in Chicago: editorial, Haskins & Sells' Accountants' report, economic and
social factors by John R. Commons. Magrini, Effren. Milan street railways.

CJ.U. Commons, John R. The day labor and contract systems on mu-
nicipal works. Yale Review, Feb., 1897. 5:428-45.)

CJ.U. Commons, John R. The physical vigor of public employees. (Yale
Review, Feb., 1902. 10: 416-23.)

CJ.U. Commons, John R. Wages in municipal employment. (Quarterly
Journal of Economics, May, 1902. 16: 433-50.)

CJ.U. Conn. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Private and municipal owner-
ship. Electric plants, gas works, water works. (Conn. Bureau of
Labor Statistics. Report, 1899. 15: 15-88.)

J.U. Cummins, James S. State and territorial general statutes relating
to the use of streets and highways by street railway, gas, water and
electric light companies. Chicago, Byllesby, 1905. 268 p.

C.C1 J.U.Darwin, Leonard. Municipal trade; the advantages and disadvan-
tages resulting from the substitution of representative bodies for
private proprietors in the management of industrial undertakings.
London, Murray, 1903. 464 p. 12s. net.

C.Cl.J.U.Fairlie, John A. Recent extensions of municipal functions in the
U. S. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March,
1905. 25:299-310.)

C.U. Foote, Allen R. Law of incorporated companies operating under
municipal franchises. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1892-93. 3 vols. $10 net.

CJ.U. Foote, Allen R. Municipal public service industries. Chicago,
Other Side Publishing Co., 1899. 337 p. $1.

Contents: Part 1. How should the franchise question be settled? A paper sub-
mitted to the League of Illinois Municipalities, March 1, 1899. Part 2. Powers
of municipalities: a discussion. A paper submitted to the Commercial Club, In-
dianapolis, December 8, 1898. Part 3. Cost of service to users and taxpayers.
A paper submitted to the National Conference of Mayors and Councilmen, at Col-
umbus, Ohio, September 28, 29, 30, and October 1, 1897.

CJ.U. Forrest, J. D. A new plan for the control of quasi-public works.
(American Journal of Sociology, May, 1898. 3: 837-47.)

Favors "management by disinterested trustees of institutions endowed for the
purpose of rendering the public service at cost."


J.U. Glasgow. Handbook on the municipal enterprises. Glasgow, An-
derson, 1904. 147 p.

J. Great Britain. Local Government Board. Municipal corporations

(reproductive undertakings). Return of the reproductive under-
takings carried en by municipal boroughs, brought up to the 31st
day of March, 1902. London, 1902. 141 p. (Great Britain. Par-
liament. Sessional papers, 1902. 398.)

J.U. Great Britain Parliament. Report from the joint select commit-
tee on municipal trading. London, 1903. 462 p. (Gt. Brit. Parlia-
ment. H. of C. Reports, 270.) 4s.

Also in H. of L. Reports. 172.

Report of a similar joint committee on Municipal trading was made in 1900.

C.Cl.J.U.Howe, Frederick C. The city, the hope of democracy. N. Y.,
Scribner, 1905. 319 p. $1.50 net.

"Attempt at the economic interpretation of the city," Pref.
Advocates municipal ownership.

.CJ.U. Howe, Frederic C. Municipal ownership in Great Britain. (U. S.
Bureau of Labor. Jan., 1906. 62: 1-123.)

CJ.U. Illinois Bureau of Labor Statistics. Private and municipal owner-
ship of gas works, water works, and electric and power plants.
(Illinois Bureau of Labor Statistics, Report, 1898. 10: 1-41, 139-

C.J.U. Investigation of municipal and private distribution of water, gas,
and electricity, conducted by the different Bureaus of Statistics of
Labor in the U. S. Discussion, led by Carroll D. Wright, Elroy M.
Avery, and John H. Gray. (American Economic Association,
Economic studies. Feb., 1898. Vol. 3, No. 1. Supplement, p. 57-79).
James, Edmund J. Municipal ownership of quasi-public utilities.
Address before the Merchants' Club of Chicago. Chicago, 1901.

CJ.U. Kansas. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics. Water, elec-
tric-light and gas plants. (Kansas. Bureau of Labor and Industrial
Statistics. Report, 1897. 13: 83-113.)

CJ.U. Maltbie, Milo R. Municipal functions; a study of the development,
scope, and tendency of municipal socialism. (Municipal Affairs,
Dec., 1898. 2: 577-814).

Comparison of European and American cities.

CJ.U. Meyer, Hugo R. Municipal ownership in Great Britain. (Journal
of Political Economy. Sept., 1905. 13: 481-505.)

CJ.U. Michigan. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics. Statistics
of electric lighting, gas and water plants in Michigan. (Mich. Bu-
reau of Labor and Industrial Statistics. Report, 1897. 15: 183-98.)

CJ.U. Municipal Ownership and operation. (Municipal Affairs, Dec., 1902.
6: 509-865).

Contents: Editorial; Problem of municipal ownership; Municipal operation
needed to correlate local franchises; Municipal operation in U. S., Europe, Great
Britain, Germany; Municipal electric lighting; Municipal gas lighting; Municipal
ownership of telephones; Municipal street railways; City owning and leasing;
Massachusetts' experience; City ownership of water supply; Public control of cor-
porations; Regulation and taxation; Taxation of franchises; Labor clauses in fran-
chises; Referendum and initiative; Proceedings of the National Convention on
municipal ownership and public franchises.

Papers read at the National convention upon municipal ownership and public
franchises held in N. Y City Feb. 25, 26, 27, 1903.


C.Cl.J.U.Municipal Ownership and public franchises. (Amer. Acad. of Polit.
and Social Science. Annals. Jan., 1906. 27: 1-233).

Contents: Glasgow's experience with municipal ownership and operation; The
water, gas, and electric supply of London; Municipal ownership and operation
of street railways in Germany; Transportation facilities and street railway traffic
in London; The movement for municipal ownership in Chicago; Street railway
franchises in Mass. ; The gas, electric light, water, and street railway services in
N. Y. City; Madrid, its government and municipal services; The problems of city
government from the administrative point of view; Home rule charter movements
in Missouri; Baltimore under its new charter; Significance of the recent reform
movement in Philadelphia; Municipal progress, 1904-1905; The relation of the
American municipalities to the gas and electric light service, a symposium; Consti-
tutional limitations, relating to cities and their affairs.

C.Cl.J.U.Municipal Ownership Reports from U. S. Consular officers, 1897-
1905. (U. S. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Monthly Consular
reports. May, 1905. No. 296, p. 284-336).

Similar material may also be found in the later consular reports.

J.U. Municipal socialism, a series of articles reprinted from the Times.
London, The Times office, 1902. 88 p.

Contents. The socialist idea. The increase in local burdens. Local rates
and commercial enterprises. Municipal versus private trading. The question of
efficiency. Municipalities and direct labour. A socialist regime at West Ham.
"A municipal Mecca" [Battersea] A triumph of democracy. The position at
Birmingham. Municipal enterprise at Glasgow. Where municipal management
does not pay. The housing question: Municipal enterprise. Private enterprise.
Conclusions and recommendations.

C.J.U. Myers, Gustavus. The history of public franchises in New York
City. N. Y., Reform Club, 1900. p. 73-206. 50 cts.

Reprinted from Municipal Affairs, March, 1900.

CJ. Nebraska. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics. Private and
municipal ownership of water works, electric light and power plants
and gas works. (Nebraska. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Sta-
tistics. Report, 1897-98. 6: 493-572.)

C.J.U. New York. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The ownership and
operation of electric light and power, gas and water plants. (N. Y.
Bureau of Labor Statistics. Report, 1897. 15:497-601.)

Cl. Ontario, Canada. Legislative Assembly. Select Committee. Mu-

nicipal trading and municipal ownership or operation of public
utilities. Toronto, Cameron, 1903. 246 p.

C.J.U. Parsons, Frank. The city for the people; or, the municipalization
of the city government and of local franchises. Phil., Taylor, 1901.
704 p. $1.

"Home rule for cities," p. 387-468.
Favors municipal ownership.

C.J.U. Public Services. (Municipal Affairs, March, 1900. 4: 3-228).

Contents: Public ownership and the social conscience, Shall American cities
municipalize? Municipal telephones in Amsterdam, Street railways in British
towns, Glasgow's municipal tramways, Syracuse water supply, History of public
franchises in N. Y. City, Municipal ownership of docks in N. Y. City, Street rail-
way problem in Milwaukee, Boston municipal subway, Skaneateles water works co.

C.J.U. Ripley, William Z. The capitalization of public service corpora-
tions. (Quarterly Journal of Economics, Nov., 1900. 15: 106-37).

C.J.U. Robbins, Hayes. Public ownership versus public control. (Ameri-
can Journal of Sociology, May, 1905. 10: 787-813).

C.J.U. Rowe, Leo S. The socialistic municipalities of northern France.
(Yale Review, Feb., 1899. 7: 363-74).


J. Seabury, Samuel. Municipal ownership and operation of public

utilities in New York city. N. Y., Municipal ownership publish-
ing co., 1905. 202 p. 25 cts.

J. Shaw, George Bernard. The common sense of municipal trading.

Westminster, Constable, 1904. 120 p. 2s. 6d.

CJ.U. Stewart, Ethelbert. Rates of wages paid under public and private
contract. (U. S. Dept. of Labor. Bulletin, Nov., 1896. 1: 721-53).

Investigation and comparison made in the cities of Baltimore, Boston, New
York, and Philadelphia.

CClJ.U.Tremain, Henry E. Franchises or monopolies; their public owner-
ship and operation. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science.
Annals, Nov., 1899. 14: 310-26.)

CJ.U. U. S. Industrial Commission. Report on transportation. Vol.
9. Wash., 1901. 1152 p.

Contains: Bemis, Edward W. Public utilities, p. 86-103. Foote, Allen R. Uni-
form public accounting, p. 103-23. Adams, Alton D. Municipal electric plants,
p. 275-85. Adams, Charles F. Street railroads of Mass., p. 824-30. Jackson, James
F. Boston street railways, etc., p. 841-48.)

C. Virginia. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics. Statistics of

private and municipal water, gas and electric light plants. (Vir-
ginia Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics. Report, 1899.
32: 1-44.)

Electricity, Gas, Lighting.

CJ.U. Adams, Alton D. Municipal gas and electric plants in Massachu-
setts. (Political Science Quarterly, June, 1902. 17: 247-55).
Baltimore Municipal Lighting Commission. Preliminary report.
Baltimore, 1900. 20 p.

Gives statistics of larger cities. Review by A. R. Foote in Municipal Affairs.
March, 1900. 4: 232-35.

C.ClJ.U.Bemis, Edward W. Gas. (In his Municipal monopolies, 1899. p.

C.ClJ.U.Bemis, Edward W. The latest electric light reports. (In his Muni-
cipal monopolies, 1899. p. 183-285).

Appendix: Validity of electric light comparisons, by F. A. C. Perrine, p. 286-96.

CJ.U. Bemis, Edward W. Municipal ownership of gas in the United
States. 185 p. (American Economic Association. Publications.
1891. Vol. 6).

CJ.U. Brooks, Robert C. The municipal gas works of Berlin. (Yale Re-
view, Feb., 1906. 14: 361-73).

J. Brown, Ernest C., comp. Brown's Directory of American Gas

Companies. Gas statistics. N. Y., Progressive Age, 1902-}-. $5
per year.

C.Cl.J.U.Commons, John R. Municipal electric lighting. (In Bemis, Ed-
ward W., Municipal monopolies, 1899. p. 55-180).

CJ.U. Gray, John H. Competition and capitalization as controlled by the
Mass. Gas Commission. (Quarterly Journal of Economics, Feb.,
1901. 15: 254-76).

CJ.U. Gray, John H. The gas supply of Boston. (Quarterly Journal of
Economics, July-Oct., 1898; April-Nov., 1899. 12: 419-46; 13: 15-44,
292-313; 14: 87-120).

CJ.U. Gray, John H. The gas commission of Massachusetts. (Quarterly
Journal of Economics, Aug., 1900. 14: 509-36).


CJ.U. Gray, John H. The relation of the gas supply to the public. (Muni-
cipal Affairs, June, 1898. 2: 183-94).

"In the main the same as the address given by Professor Gray at the meeting
of the American Economic Association, Dec., 1897."

CJ.U. James, Edmund J. The relation of the modern municipality to the
gas supply. (American Economic Association. Publications. May-
July, 1886. 1: 47-122).

J.( 1894+) Mass. Inspector of Gas Meters and Illuminating Gas. Annual re-

U. port. Bost., 1862+. No. 1+.

J.U. Mass. Board of Gas and Electric Light Commissioners. Annual

(ll,14+)report. Bost, 1886+. No. 1+.

The various hearings before state and city committees give additional informa-

Mass. General Court. Report of committee to investigate charges
against certain gas companies; with evidence. Bost., 1893. (House
document, 1008).

Out of print.

"Veritable mine of information." Gray.

CJ.U. Municipal Gas for New York; a discussion; Edward M. Grout,

affirmative; Allen R. Foote, negative. (Municipal Affairs, June,

1897. 1: 225-300).
CJ.U. Municipalization of electric lighting and power, by R. R. Bowker

and J. R. Commons. (Municipal Affairs, Dec., 1897. 1: 605-73).
Cl. N. Y. Legislature. Joint Committee to Investigate the Gas and

Electric Light Situation in the City of New York. Report. Albany,

1905. 100 p.
Cl. N. Y. Legislature. Joint Committee to Investigate the Gas and

Electric Light Situation in the City of New York. Testimony taken

before the Joint Committee. Albany, 1905. 4 vols.
CJ.U. Public Lighting. (Municipal Affairs, Sept., 1900. 4: 520-613).

Contents: State control of corporations, Public supervision in Mass., Gas
lighting in Great Britain, Municipal lighting in a typical German city Halle,
Public gas works in Italy, Municipal electric lighting in Detroit.

C.ClJ.U.Rowe, Leo S. The municipality and the gas supply. (Amer. Acad.
of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. May, 1898. 11: 301-23).

Review of the causes which led Philadelphia to relinquish the municipal opera-
tion of its gas works.

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of the Census. Central electric light and power sta-
tions. 1902. Washington, 1905. 175 p.

CJ.U. U. S. Commissioner of Labor. Water, gas, and electric light plants
under private and municipal ownership. 983 p. (U. S. Commis-
sioner of Labor. Annual report. Vol. 14. 1900.)


Cl. New York, N. Y., Merchants' Association. Inquiry into telephone

service and rates in New York city. N. Y., 1905. 57 p.

C.Cl.J.U.Parsons, Frank. The telephone. (In Bemis, Edward W., Munici-
pal monopolies, 1899. p. 299-361).

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of the Census. Telephones and telegraphs. (U. S.
Bureau of the Census. Bulletin 17. 1905. 49 p.)


J. American Street Railway Investments. A supplement to the Street

Railway Journal. Published Annually. N. Y., 1894+. $5 per year.

Arranged by states. Gives statistics for various cities.

.ClJ.U.Bemis, Edward W. Street Railways. (In his Municipal monopo-
lies, 1899. p. 505-83).

L.U. Booth, Henry J. A treatise on the law of street railways. Phil.,
Johnson, 1892. 749 p. $6.

CJ.U. Commercial and Financial Chronicle. Street railway supplement.
N. Y., 1895+.

CJ.U. Curtis, Charles E. Street railways and their relation to the public.
(Yale Review, May, 1897. 6: 17-36).

CJ.U. Curtis, Charles E. Taxation of street railways for purposes of
revenue and control. (Yale Review, Aug., 1899. 8: 173-201).

CJ.U. Hopkins, William R. The street railway problem in Cleveland;
a statement of existing conditions and a discussion of the policy
which the city should pursue with regard to its street railways.
(American Economic Association. Economic studies. Dec., 1896.
1: 289-376).

C1J. Interborough Rapid Transit Co. The New York subway. N. Y.,
1904. 150 p.

CJ.U. James, Edmund J. Street railway franchises in the city of Berlin.
(Journal of Political Economy, March, 1901. 9: 260-71).

J.U. Mass. General Court. House. Special Committee on Street Rail-
ways. Report of the Special Committee appointed to investigate
the relations between cities and towns and street railway compan-
ies. Bost., 1898. 296 p.

"Most valuable contribution which has appeared in recent years." L. S. Rowe.

J.U. Mass. Rapid Transit Commission. Report, April 5, 1892. Bost.,
1892. 296 p.

J.U. N. Y. Legislature. Assembly. Special Committee to Investigate
the Question of Municipal Ownership of Street Railroads. Report
and testimony. Albany, 1896. 2 vols.

CJ.U. Speirs, Frederic W. The street railway system of Philadelphia;
its history and present condition. (Johns Hopkins University.
Studies in historical and political science. March-May, 1897. 15:

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of the Census. Street and electric railways 1902.
Washington, 1905. 439 p.

Contents: Letter of transmittal. Part 1, by Edward D. Durand: Scope and
method of investigation; Comparison with census of 1890; Traffic; Capitalization;
Financial operations; Employees, salaries, and wages; Interurban railways; eco-
nomic, financial, and social features; Consolidation of street railways; Franchises,
public regulations, and public ownership; Street railways in European countries.
Part 2, by Thomas C. Martin: History and development of electric traction;
Roadbed, track, and electric construction; Cars and miscellaneous equipment;
Interurban railway construction and equipment; Power houses, equipment, and out-

CJ.U. Weyl, Walter E. Street railway employment in the U. S. (U. S.
Bureau of Labor. Bulletin, March, 1905. 10: 550-644).

Water Works.

C.ClJ.U.Baker, Moses N. Water works. (In Bemis, Edward W., Munici-
pal monopolies, 1899. p. 3-52).
CJ.U. Baker, Moses N., ed. The Manual of American water works. Con-

taining the history and descriptions of the water works of the
United States and Canada, and water rates charged in over 1,250
cities and towns. N. Y., Engineering News, 1889-1897. 4 vols.
$3 per vol.

Latest vol. supersedes the earlier.

CJ.U. Mason, William P. Water supply. N. Y., Wiley, 1902. 448 p. $4.

Statistics and comparisons of various cities are given.

New York, N. Y. Merchants' Association. Inquiry into the condi-
tions relating to the water supply of the city of New York. N. Y.,
Blanchard, 1900. 627 p.

CJ.U. U. S. Commissioner of Labor. Water, gas, and electric light plants
under private and municipal ownership. 983 p. (U. S. Commis-
sioner of Labor. Annual report. Vol. 14. 1900.)


J.C.U. Conn. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Municipal statistics. (Conn.
Bureau of Labor statistics. Report. 1904. 20: 47-203).

C.J.U. Conn. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Private and municipal owner-
ship. Electric plants, gas works, water works. (Conn. Bureau of
Labor Statistics. Report, 1899. 15: 15-88.)


C.C1. Greene, Evarts B. The government of Illinois; its history and ad-
J.U. ministration. N. Y., Macmillan, 1904. 296 p. 75 cts.

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