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settlements in Chicago, tab. 3. Charities in Chicago.

C.Cl.J.U.Sparling, Samuel Edwin. Municipal history and present organiza-
tion of the city of Chicago. 113 p. (Wisconsin University Bulle-
tin, No. 23. Economics, Political Science and History series, vol.
2, No. 2.) 75 cts.

Charters, Ordinances.

C1J.U. James, Edmund J. The charters of the city of Chicago. Chicago,
University of Chicago Press, 1898-99. Pt. 1-2. (Chicago Univer-
sity. Studies in political science.) $1.

Pt. 1, The early charters, 1833-37. Pt. 2, The city charters, 1838-51.

No more published.

C. Chicago. Common Council. Charter of the city of Chicago and

amendments, with rules of council and ordinances. Chicago, Dem-
ocrat Office, 1849. 116 p.

C.J. Chicago. Common Council. The revised charter and ordinances
of the city of Chicago. Arranged, revised and published by George
Manierre. Chicago, Daily Democrat, 1851. 256 p.
Supplement published in 1853.

C.J. Chicago. Common Council. The charter and ordinances of the
City of Chicago, (to Sept. 15, 1856, inclusive,) together with the
acts of the General Assembly relating to the city and other mis-
cellaneous acts, with an appendix. Compiled, revised and codified
by George W. and John A. Thompson. Chicago, D. B. Cooke &
Co., 1856. 574 p.

C.J. Chicago. Common Council. Laws and ordinances governing the


City of Chicago, January 1, 1866, with an appendix, containing the
former legislation relating to the city. Compiled and arranged by
Joseph E. Gary. Chicago, E. B. Myers & Chandler, 1866. 691 p.
C.C1.J. Chicago. Common Council. Laws and ordinances governing the
city of Chicago. Compiled and arranged by Murray F. Tuley
Chicago, Bulletin Printing Co., 1873. 730 p.

C. has 1877 ed. of municipal code.

C.J. Hyde Park. Laws and ordinances governing the Village of Hyde
Park, together with its charter and general laws affecting munici-
pal corporations; special ordinances and charters under which cor-
porations have vested rights in the village. Revised and arranged
by Consider H. Willett. Hyde Park, 1876. 395 p.

J. Lake View. Laws and ordinances governing the town of Lake

View, Cook county, Illinois, together with its charter, and amend-
ments thereto. Lake View, Sinclair, 1879. 218 p.

C.J. Chicago. City Council. The municipal code of Chicago, compris-
ing the laws of Illinois relating to the city of Chicago, and the or-
dinances of the City Council, codified and revised by Egbert Jam-
ieson and Francis Adams. Chicago, Beach, Barnard, 1881. 859 p.

Supplements published in 1883 and 1887.

C.C1. J.U.Chicago. City Council. Laws and ordinances governing the City
of Chicago, as in force April 2, 1890. Compared and revised by
Jonas Hutchinson and M, W. Robinson. Chicago, E. B. Myeri
& Co., 1890. 1395 p.

Supplement published in 1894.

C.C1. J.U.Chicago. City Council. The revised code of Chicago. Chicago,
Conkey, 1897-1898.

Cl.J.U. Chicago. City Council.. The revised municipal code of Chicago
of 1905, rev. and codified by Edgar B. Tolman. Chicago and
Rochester, Lawyers' Co-operative Pub. Co., 1905. 979 p. $6.

Cl.U. Illinois General Assembly Senate. A bill to amend "An act
to provide for the incorporation of cities and villages." Spring-
field, 1905. 8 p.

Fixes term of Mayor of Chicago at 4 years; governs use of public money, etc.

Charter, Proposals for.

Cl.U. Chicago Civic Federation. Chicago and the constitution. Re-
port to the Civic Federation. E. Allen Frost, Robert McMurdy,
Harry S. McCartney, Committee. Chicago, Barnard & Miller,
1902. 54, 62 p.

Cl. Chicago Civic Federation. Constitutional changes required by

Chicago and Cook Co. For Civic Federation of Chicago. Report

by H. S. McCartney, Enoch J. Price. Chicago, Barnard & Miller.

28 p.

CI.J. Chicago New Charter Convention. Proceedings of the Chicago

New Charter Convention. Chicago, 1902. 19 p.

J. Chicago Real Estate Board. Report of Committee on Constitutional

revision. Chicago, 1902. 8 p.

Supplement to The Call board bulletin.

J. Chicago Real Estate Board. Constitutional Revision. Issued by

the Chicago Real Estate Board. Chicago, 1902. 36 p.
Supplement to The Call board bulletin.


CJ.U. Bicknell, Ernest P. Problems of philanthropy in Chicago. (Amer.

Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. May, 1903. 21: 379-88.)
J.U. Chicago Bureau of Charities. Annual report of the Chicago Bu-

reau of Charities. 1896-7+. No. 3+.
J.U. Chicago Bureau of Justice. First-seventeenth annual report. 1888-

1904. Chicago, 1889-1905.

In 1905 the Bureau of Justice united with the Protective Agency for Women
and Children to form the Legal Aid Society of Chicago.

J. Chicago Charities Directory. A descriptive exhibit of the philan-

thropic, social and religious resources of the city of Chicago. Chi-
cago, Charities Directory Association, 1905. 371 p.

CJ.U. Kelsey, Carl. The Juvenile court of Chicago. (Amer. Acad. of
Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March, 1901. 17:298-304.)

Civil Service.

CJ.U. Chicago. Civil Service Commission. Annual report. Chicago.

1895+. No. 1+.
CJ.U. Chicago. Civil Service Commission. Laws, rules and regulations

governing examinations, appointment, promotion and removal in the

classified service. Instruction to applicants. In effect, August 26,

1895. Chicago, 1895. 76 p.
Cl. Cook Co. Civil Service Commission. Civil service act, rules, etc.

Chicago, 1904. 46 p.

Education, Libraries.

CJ.U. Andrews, E. Benjamin. The public school system of Chicago.

(Education, Dec., '99-Jan., '00. 20:201-7, 264-69.)
C.C1.J. U.Chicago. Board of Education. Directory of the public schools

of the city of Chicago, 1904-5. Chicago, 1904.

CJ. Chicago. Board of Education. Proceedings of the Board of Edu-

cation of the City of Chicago. Chicago, 1871-f .
U. has 1871-75, 88+.

Chicago. Board of Education. Public schools of the City of Chi-
cago. Annual report of the Board of Education. With supple-
ments. Chicago, 1854+. No. 1-f.

J.U. Chicago. Board of Education. Rules and regulations. Chicago,
1896. 49 p.

C. has 1904 ed.

J.U. Chicago. Educational Commission. Report. Chicago, 1899. 248 p.

William R. Harper, Chairman.

Appendix J. Bibliographical references on city school systems. Appendix K.

A proposed school law for Chicago.

CJ.U. Chicago Public Library. Annual report of the Board of Direc-

tors of the Chicago Public Library. Chicago, 1873+. No. 1-f.
CJ.U. Chicago Library Club. Libraries of the city of Chicago. With an

historical sketch of the Chicago Library Club. Chicago, Chicago

Library Club, 1905. 50 cts. 109 p.
J.U. Chicago Permanent Vacation School and Playground Committee of

Women's Clubs. Report. Chicago, 1898+. No. 1+.


J.U. Clark, Hannah B. The public schools of Chicago. A sociological
study. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1897. 117 p. 50 cts.

Finances, Taxation, Accounts.

J.U. Chicago. City Comptroller. Abstracts of receipts, appropriations
and expenditures of the City of Chicago. Chicago, 1900+ .

Cl.J.U. Chicago. City Council. Committee on Revision of Accounts. Re-
port on the special assessment accounts of the City of Chicago
October 9, 1871, to April 30, 1901. Haskins & Sells, certified public
accountants. Chicago, Higgins, 1903. 40 p.

J.U. Chicago. City Council. Committee on Revision of Accounts. Re-
port relating to system of municipal accounts for the City of Chi-
cago. Dated Nov. 20, 1901. Haskins & Sells, certified public ac-
countants. Chicago, 1901. 96 p.

. Supplemental report. Ordinances. Chicago, 1901. 77 p.

. Letter transmitting report relating to system of munici-
pal accounts for the City of Chicago, the necessary ordinances, and
other data. Chicago, 1901. 63 p.

Reprint of report on municipal electric lighting is given in Municipal Affairs,
vol. 6, p. 87-108. Reviewed by John R. Commons, Municipal Affairs, vol. 6,
p. 109-15.

Chicago. Department of Finance. Annual report. Finances of the
City of Chicago. Chicago, 1859-f . No. 3+ .

C. (3,7,15+) J. (31,33-39,41-42,44+)

Cl. Chicago Citizens' Association. Finances of the city of Chicago and

constitutional amendments. Chicago, 1896. 8 p.

C.J.U. Commons, John R. Taxation in Chicago and Philadelphia. (Jour-
nal of Political Economy, Sept., 1895. 3:434-60.)

C.J.U. Merriam, Charles E. Report on the municipal revenues of Chicago.
Chicago, City Club, 1906. 161 p. (Chicago. City Club. Publi-
cation No. 2.)

Part 1: Development of Chicago revenue system since 1871. Part 2: "Rev-
enue systems of American and foreign cities. Part 3: The revenues of Chicago.
C.J.U. Real Estate valuation supplement. (The Economist, Chicago
April 1, 1905. 33: 477-524.) 25 cts.

Published annually as the April supplement to the Economist. Gives valua
tions of real estate in Chicago for the purposes of taxation.

C.J.U. Whitten, Robert H. The assessment of taxes in Chicago. (Jour-
nal of Political Economy, March, 1897. 5:175-200.)

Gas, Electricity, Lighting.

C1J. Arnold, Bion J. and Carroll, Wm. Report upon the reduction of
rates of the Chicago Edison Co. and the Commonwealth Electric
Co., submitted to the committee on gas, oil and electric light of the
Chicago City Council. Chicago, 1906. 12 p.

C.C1. J.U. Chicago. City Council. Report of the Committee on gas, oil and
electric light, Jan. 29, 1906. Chicago, Higgins. 59 p.

Reprint from Council proceedings.
Discussion as to price to be paid for gas in Chicago.

Statements of Edward W. Bemis and others. Comparative tables, comp. bjf
Hugo S. Grosser.

C.U. Chicago. Department of Electricity. Annual report. Chicago,
J.(4+) 1897+. No. 1+.


CJ.U. Meyers, William J. Municipal electric lighting in Chicago. (Polit-
ical Science Quarterly, March, 1895. 10:87-94.)

CJ.U. Municipal electric lighting in Chicago; editorial; accountants' re-
port, Haskins & Sells; economic and social factors, John R. Com-
mons. (Municipal Affairs, Maich, 1902. 6: 87-115.)

C1J.U. Chicago. Harbor Commission. Report. Chicago, Higgins, 1905.

61 p.
CJ.U. U. S. House. Committee on interstate and foreign commerce.

Report on Chicago river tunnels, obstructions to navigation, etc.

20 p. (U. S. 58th Cong. 2d sess. Report No. 1855.)


Cl J.U. City Homes Association. Tenement conditions in Chicago. Report
by the Investigating Committee of the City Homes Association.
Text by Robert Hunter. Chicago, 1901. 208 p.

CJ.U. Embree, Frances B. Housing of the poor in Chicago. (Journal
of Political Economy. June, 1900. 8:354-77.)

CJ.U. Wald, Sadie T. Chicago housing conditions. 1904-5. (Charities,
Jan. 6, 1906. 15:455-61.)


C. Chicago. Commissioners of Lincoln Park. Annual report. Chi-

cago, 1879+.

J. has 1894 +. U has incomplete.

C.C1.J. Chicago. South Park Commissioners. Report to the Board of
County Commissioners of Cook County. Chicago, 1872-j-.

J.U. Chicago. South Park Improvement Association. Report of the
committees on finance, landscape architecture, streets and alleys
improving, of the South Park Improvement Association. Chicago,

J.U. Chicago. Special Park Commission. Report to the City Council
of the City of Chicago. Adopted Feb. 4, 1901. Chicago, 1901. 23 p.

C.C1. J.U.Chicago. Special Park Commission. 1905. Report to the City
Council of Chicago on the subject of a metropolitan park system.
Report compiled by Dwight Heald Perkins, 1904. Chicago, Hart-
man, 1905. 149 p.

J.U. Chicago. Special Park Commission. Annual report municipal
playgrounds and park extension, for 1905. Chicago, 1906. Vol. 1.
Chicago. West Chicago Park Commissioners. Annual report.
Chicago, 1869+. No. 1+.


CJ.U. Foreman, Henry G. Chicago's new park service. (Century Mag-
azine, Feb., 1905. 69:610-20.)

CJ.U. Perkins, Dwight H. A metropolitan park system for Chicago.
(World To-day, March, 1905. 8:268-74.)

CJ.U. Zueblin, Charles. Municipal playgrounds in Chicago. (American
Journal of Sociology, Sept. 1898. 4:145-58.)


J.U. Chicago. Police Department. Book of rules and regulations of


the Department of Police of the City of Chicago. Adopted and

in force, May 1, 1905. Chicago, 1905. 163 p.

Chicago. Police Department. Report. Chicago, 1872+ .


J.U. Illinois. General Assembly. Senate. Senate report on the Chicago
police system as made by the Committee of Investigation appointed
by the 40th General Assembly, special session, 1897-98. Spring-
field, 111., 1898. 22 p.

C.Cl.J.U.Piper, Alexander R. Report of an investigation of the discipline
and administration of the Police Department of the City of Chi-
cago. Chicago, City Club, 1904. 49 p. (Chicago. City Club.
Publication No. 1.)


C.J.U. George, John E. The saloon question in Chicago, by John E.
George. N. Y., Macmillan, 1897. 57-110 p. (American Economic
Association. Economic studies. Vol. 2, No. 2.) 50 cts.

C.J.U. Melendy, Royal L. The saloon in Chicago. (American Journal
of Sociology, Nov., 1900-Jan., 1901. 6:289-306, 433-64.)

Sanitation. Public Health.

C.J.U. Chicago. Department of Health. Biennial report. Chicago, 1867-98.
No more published.

J. Chicago. Department of Health. State of Chicago's health. Bul-

letin of the Health Department. Chicago, 1902+. No. 1+.

J.U. Chicago. Department of Health. Vital statistics of the City of
Chicago for the years 1899 to 1903, inclusive. Chicago, 1904. 128 p.

Previous reports published as part of the Biennial report of the Department
of Health.

J.U. Chicago. Board of Trustees of the Sanitary District. Drainage
channel and water way, a history of the effort to secure an effective
and harmless method for the disposal of the sewage of the City
of Chicago and to create a navigable channel between Lake Michi-
gan and the Mississippi River. By G. P. Brown. Chicago, Don-
nelley, 1894. 480 p.

C.J.U. Chicago. Board of Trustees of the Sanitary District. Proceed-
ings. Chicago, 1890-f.

Cl. has 1890-92, 1894-98, 1900+ .

C.J.U. Chicago. Citizens' Association. Committee on Smoke. Reports.
Chicago, 1889. 37 p.

C.J. Chicago. Citizens' Asociation. Sewerage Committee. Report.
Chicago, 1880. 16 p.

J. Chicago. Department of Public Works. Report to the City Coun-

cil on garbage collection and disposal. Chicago, 1905. 12 p.

U. Thurston, Henry W. The fight for life in Chicago; a sketch of

the sanitary history of the city. Chicago, Board of Education, 1901.
52 p.


Cl.J.U. Alvord, John W. A report to the Street Paving Committee of the
Commercial Club on the street paving problem of Chicago. Chicago,
Donnelley, 1904. 33, 24 p.

Contains an opinion by John S. Miller on maintenance and repair of Chicago


J. Selfridge, Harry G. Suggestions on the problem of cleaning the

streets of Chicago. Written for the City Homes Association.
Chicago, City Homes Association, 1901. 11 p.


J.U. Arnold, Bion J. Notice to bidders. Condensed specifications and
forms of proposals relating to the construction and operation of
a municipal street railway for the city of Chicago. Chicago,
1905. 120 p.

Cl.J.U. Arnold, Bion J. Report on the engineering and operating features
of the Chicago transportation problem submitted to the Committee
on Local Transportation of the Chicago City Council. Chicago,
1902. 310 p.

Atlas pub. separately.

J.U. Arnold, Bion J. Report upon methods for increasing the capacity
and reducing the noise of the Union Elevated Railroad of Chicago,
submitted to the Committee on Local Transportation of the Chi-
cago City Council. Chicago, 1905. 54 p.

Cl. Chicago. City Council. Pending ordinances for the Chicago City

Railway Co., the West Chicago Street Railroad Co., and the North
Chicago Street Railroad Co. with report thereon by the Committee
on Local Transportation. Dec. 5, 1905. Chicago, 1905.
Various paging.

C.C1. J.U.Chicago. City Council. Special Committee on the Street Railway
Franchises. Report of the Special Committee of the City Council
of Chicago on the Street Railway Franchises and Operations to
January 1, 1898. Chicago, 1898. 313 p.

Known as the Harlan report.

J.U. Chicago. City Council. Special Committee on Local Transporta-
tion. Report of the Special Committee on Local Transportation
to the City Council of the City of Chicago, outlining the provisions
of a street railway franchise renewal ordinance. Chicago, 1901. 10 p.

J.U. Chicago. City Council. Committee on Local Transportation. Sug-
gested outline of street railway franchise renewal ordinance, to-
gether with a discussion of some of the features thereof. Prepared
for the Committee on Local Transportation by the secretary. Chi-
cago, 1901. 24 p.

George C. Sikes, Secretary.

Cl. Chicago. Civic Federation. The street railways of Chicago. Chi-

cago, 1901. 160 p.

J.U. Chicago. Street Railway Commission. Report of the Street Rail-
way Commission to the City Council of the City of Chicago. Chi-
cago, 1900. 136 p.

J. Dalrymple, James. Report on Chicago street railways. (Street

Railway Journal. March 17, 1906. 27: 422-27.)

Also published in Chicago daily newspapers. Also given with additions and
notes in Chicago City Council. Proceedings, March 12, 1906, p. 2876-91. (C.C1.

Cl.J. History and statistics of Chicago street railway corporations. Chi-
cago 1896. 52 p.

Published as supplement to The Economist. Later statistics of Chicago street
railways are given in the Investors' Manual, published annually.


CJ.U. Illinois. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The street railways of
Chicago and other cities. Published by the Campaign Committee
of Committee of One Hundred against the Humphrey Bills. Spring-
field, 1897. 73 p.

"From annual report of George A. Schilling, Secretary Illinois Bureau of Labor

CJ.U. Investors' Manual. 134 p. (The Economist, Chicago. May, 1905.
Vol. 33.) $1.

Published annually as the May supplement to the Economist. Of special value
for its information in regard to the Chicago street railway companies.
C.ClJ.U.Sikes, George C. The street railway situation in Chicago. (Con-
ference for good city government. Proceedings. 1902. 10:175-93.)


CJ.U. Street Railways of Chicago. (Municipal Affairs, June, 1901. 5:439-

Contents: Report of Civic Federation committee. Maltbie, M. R. Analysis of
financial operations. Bard, E. F. Accountant's report.

J. U. S. Supreme Court. Decision in regard to Chicago street rail-

ways. (Street Railway Journal. March 17, 1906. 27: 435.)


J.U. Chicago. Department of Public Works. Engineering Commission.
Report of the Commissioner of Public Works, Chicago, on the
tunnels of the Illinois Tunnel Company by the Engineering Com-
mission, appointed July 6, 1905. Chicago, Stevens, Maloney, 1905.
18 p.

Water Works.

CJ. Chicago. Citizens' Association. Report on the north-west water

tunnel. Chicago, 1897. 27 p.
C1J. Chicago. Commission on high-pressure water systems. Report.

Chicago, 1905. 95 p.


In all cases where a title is repeated, made to the^first entry only.

Abbott, H. S.
Adams, A. D..
Adams, C. F . .

Adams, F

Adams, H. B.



Adams, H. C 19,24

Addams, J 9,21,40

Adler, H. M 14

Agar, J. G 23

AUinson, E. P 37

Almy, F 16

Alvord, J. W 4\

American, S 10

Amer. Acad. of Polit. & Social Science. 7

Amer. Economic Assoc 7, 19, 24

Amer. Journal of Sociology 7

Amer. Street Rail way Investments 29

Andreas, A. T 39

Andrews,E. B 42

Arnold, B. J 43, 46

Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society .... 16

Ash, M 36

Atkinson, M 15

Avery.E. M 25

Baker, M. N 18,19,29,

Baltimore Municipal Lighting Com-
mission 27

Bard, E. F 47

Bayles, G. J. 22

Beach, C. F 9,22

Beitler, A. M 16

Bell.J 15

Bemis, A. A 22

Bemis, E. W 9, 24, 27, 29. 31, 43

Bernheim, A. C 23, 36

Bicknell.E. P 42

Billings.J. S 18

ck. M


Blomfield, R
Blunden.G. H
Booth, H.J...
Bowker, R. R
Bradford, G...
Branson, W. J
Bridge, C. F.
Bronson, H. A
Brooklyn Daily Eagle






Brooks'. R . C ".*... . .".. .'.".'.I'.'.... 7, 13, 18

Brown, E. C 27

Brown, G. P 45

Brown.W.F 37

Bryce, J 9

BugbeeJ.M 33

Bureau of Charities, Chicago 42

Bureau of J ustice, Chicago 42

Burroughs, W. H 20

Butler, J. A 22

Butler, N. M 17

Cadoux, G 12

Canadian Municipal Journal 7

Capen, S. B 22

.Carroll, W 43

Census Bureau 8,11,16,23,28,29

Chancellor, W. E 17

Chapin, C. V 18

Charities 7

Chicago, Board of Education 42

Chicago, Board of Trustees of Sanitary

District 45

Chicago, Bureau of Charities, 42

Chicago, Bureau of J ustice 42

Chicago, Citizens' Association 39, 43, 45, 47

Chicago City Comptroller 43

Chicago, City Council 39, 4L 43, 40

Chicago, City Homes Association ., 44

Chicago, Civic Federation 39, 41, 46

Chicago, Civil Service Commission 42
Chicago, Commission on High Pres-
sure Water System 47

Chicago, Commissioners of Lincoln

Park 44

Chicago, Common Council 40, 41

Chicago, Corporation Counsel 39

Chicago, Daily News Almanac 39

Chicago, Dept. of Electricity, . 43

Chicago, Dept. of Finance 43

Chicago, Dept, of Health 45

Chicago, Dept. of Public Works 39, 45, 47

Chicago, Educational Commission 42

Chicago, Engineering Commission 47

Chicago, Harbor Commission , 44

Chicago Library Club 42

Chicago, Municipal Library 39

Chicago, New Charter Convention 41

Chicago, Permanent Vacation School

Committee 42

Chicago, Police Dept 44,45

Chicago, Public Li brary

Chicago, Real Estate Board 41

Chicago, South Park Commissioners. . . 44
Chicago, South Park Improvement As-
sociation 44

Chicago Special Park Commission

Chicago, Street Railway Commission.. 46

Chicago, University 7

Chicago, West Chicago Park Commis-
sioners 44

Citizens Association,Chicago 39, 43, 45, 47

City Homes Association, Chicago . .... 44

Civic Federation, Chicago 39 41 46

Civil Service Commission, Chicago .... 42

Civil Service Commission, Cook Co 42

Clark, H.B

Clement,E.W 15

Cleveland, F. A 20

Clow,F.R 8,20

Coler, B. S 10. ^6

Columbia University 7

Commercial and Financial Chronicle.. 20, 29
Commission on High Pressure Water

Systems, Chicago 47

Commons 7

Commons, J R 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 43

Conference for Good City Govt 7

Conn. Bureau of Labor Statistics 24

Consular Reports 26

Cook Co. Board of Commissioners 39

Cook Co. Civil Service Commission 42

Cooley, T. M. 20

Cope, F. R X 8

County Council 's Year Book n

Crafts, C. E 2 ^

Crane.W jg

Crawford, A. W 16

Cummins, J. S 24

Curtis, C. E 20,29

Curtis.R.H 36

Dallinger, F. W.



28.' 32




Dalrymple, J 46

Daniel, A. S 18

Darwin, L 24

De Forest, R. W 21

Deming, H. E 10,18

Detroit Public Library 7

Dillon, J. F 9,20

Dolman, F. L 13

Donald, R 14

Dubois, L. P 12

Durand, E. D 20,22,29

Eastman, F. M 20

Eaton, D. B 9

Eaton, 1 40

Economic Studies 7

Economist, Chicagp 43. 46. 47

Educational Commission, Chicago.... 42

Elliott, B.K 19

Elliott, C.B 9

Elliott, W.F 19

Ely, R. T 9,20

Embree, F. B 44

Engineering Commission, Chicago 47

Estabrook. C, E 33

Evarts, Wm. M io

Fairlie, J. A 8. 9, io, 20,

Folks, H

Foote, A. R 24,27,

Ford.G. S


Foreman, H. G

Forrest, J. D

Freud, J. R

Freund, E

Frost, E. A

Gary, J. E 41

Geddes, P 15,16

Gelling, B. R 12

George, J. E 45

Gessing, R . 12

Glasgow, Munic. Commission on Hous-
ing of Poor 15

Godkin, E.L 30

Gomme, G. L 13

Goodhue, W.F 19

Goodnow, F. J 9, io, 13, 22,23, 24, 36

Gould. E. R. L 32

Grant, J. H 23

Gray, J. H ... 25,27,28,39

Great Britain. Local Govt. Board.... 14
Great Britain. Parliament. Committee

on Municipal Trading 14

Greene, E. B 30

Greenlaw, E. A 22

Grosser, H. S 17,39,40,43

Grout, E. M 28

Hamil ton, C. H 35

Hanger, G 19

Harbor Commission, Chicago 44

Harland, J. M...., 46

Harper.W.R 42

Harris, W. H 20

Hartshorne, C. H 14

Haskins & Sells 24, 43, 44

Henderson, C. R ID

Hill, E.J 22

Hirst,F. W 14

Holbrook, A. S 40

Hollander, I. H 20


Holt,B. W 21

Hopkins, W. R 20


Hotchkiss, W. E

Howe, F. C io. 14

Howe.W. W 35

Hubbell, M.S

Hull House $

Hunter, R

Kurd, H.B 30

Hutchinson, J 41

111. Bureau of Labor Statistics 25, 47

111. General Assembly 30 41

111. General Assembly, Committee to
investigate Chicago Police

Indiana General Assembly...

Industrial Commission ,

Interborough Rapid Transit Co

Investors'. Manual

Ivins, W. M...



ackson JF 27

ames, fc. J io, 13, 25, 28, 40

amieson, E...


oerns, W. G, "..".!'.."..' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 17

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