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rriHE publication of this volume, after the death of both
-*- of those whose names appear on the title-page, seems
to need a word of explanation. Part of the volume was
written by Charles Henry Cooper ; many years after his
death it was completed by his son, John William Cooper.

The index to Volumes I — IV was made by Charles
Henry Cooper, the index to Volume V has now been made
and incorporated with it.

B. M. C.

April, 1908.




A.D. p^(jE

1850. Cambridgeshire Building Society established . . 1
Petition of University against Marriage Bill . . ib
Bill for Eailway from Cambridge to Shepreth . . ib
Proposals as to contribution of University towards expenses in-
curred under the Cambridge Improvement Act, the manage-
ment of the Police force &e. . . . 2

Charles William Earl Fitzwilliam elected High Steward of the

Town . . . . . .8

Eliza Lucas and Mary Eeader executed for murder at Castle

Camps ..... 9

Presentation of a Collection of Ancient Marbles and Statuary

to the University by John Disney, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A. . ib
County meeting at Ely on Agricultural Depression . ib

Mr Heywood's motion in the House of Commons for a Royal
Commission to inquire into the State of the Universities
of Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin . . .10

Lord John Russell's letter to the Chancellor of Cambridge Uni-
versity on the subject of the proposed Royal Commission 11

Address to the Vice -Chancellor by Masters of Colleges, Professors
and Members of the Senate on the proposed Royal Com-
mission ..... 12

Letter of Dr Cartmell, Vice-Chancellor, to the Chancellor in

reply to Lord John Russell's letter . . .15

Letter from the Chancellor to the Vice-Chancellor on the pro-
posed Royal Commission . . . .17

Act for regulating the Markets and Fairs held within the Borough
of Cambridge and at Reach in the County of Cambridge,
for enlarging the Market Place and other purposes received
Royal Assent July 15 . . . .18

Debate in House of Commons on proposal for Royal Commis-
sion for Universities . . . .19

Act passed to prevent Heads of Houses from holding Deanery
or Ecclesiastical Appointment unless such benefice or Cathe-
dral preferment is permanently attached to or forms part
of the endowment of his office ... 20



1850. Ro3'al Commission issued to enquire into the state, discipline

and revenues of the University of Cambridge dated 31 Aug.
1850 . . . . . .20

Rev. W. H. Bateson, Public Orator, appointed Secretary of Com-
mission ..... 21

Report of Committee of Town Council as to extra parochial

places within the Borough . . . . ib

Vice-Chancellor refuses his consent to an equestrian perform-
ance on Midsummer Common . . . 22
Mr Christopher Pemberton's charitable bequests . . 23
Election to Perpetual Curacy of Selby, Yorkshire . ib
Contested Municipal Elections . . . . ib
Death of Mr Ernest Frederick Fiske, M.A. . . 24
Resolutions as to the Commons, proposed by Mr Fetch in the

Town Council, referred to a Committee . . ib
Resolution passed by Town Council approving of Lord John
Russell's letter to the Bishop of Durham on the Papal

Bull establishing Roman Catholic Bishoprics in England . 25

Fire in Sidney Street and conviction for arson . . ib

The Junior Proctor and his assistants convicted of Assault . 26

University Address to the Queen on the subject of the Papal Bull ib

Meeting of Protestant inhabitants at Guildhall to protest against

the Papal Bull . . . . .27

Five Hundredth anniversary of the foundation of Trinity Hall 28

Contested Election of Councillor for East Barnwell Ward . ib

Dealtry Prizes founded at Trinity College . . ib

Corrie Prize founded at St Catharine's College . . ib

1851. Town Council petition for repeal of Window Tax . . ib
County meeting on the subject of Papal Aggression . ib
Memorial from Town Council to Lord John Russell to prevent

the application of Public Health Act to Cambridge . 29
Bill for Supply of Water to University and Borough introduced

and abandoned ..... t6

County meeting at Ely on Agricultural Distress . . ib
Census of the Town . . . .30
Foundation of Disney Professorship . . .31

King's College relinquish the right of their Students to be

exempt from the University Examinations . . ib
Motion for Committee of the House of Commons to inquire

into religious tests in the Universities . . .82

River Cam Navigation Act passed July 24 . . ib

County Police force established . . . . ib

Bye laws made by Town Council as to the Commons . 33

Town Council vote congratulatory address to Louis Kossuth 34
Proposed Grace to inquire into the religious opinions of Sir

James Stephen, Professor of Modern History . . ib

Dr Whewell founds Prize for Moral Philosophy . . ib

Contested Municipal Elections . . . . ib



1851. Bye laws as to common lodj^ing houses . . .34

Graces passed authorising the Vice-Chancellor and the Syndics
of the Press to answer queries addressed to them by the

Koyal Commissioners . . . . ib

Keport of Syndicate for revision of University Statutes . 35
Bye laws as to the Markets . . . .41

Kidout Prize established at Christ's College . . 42

Gell Prize established at Christ's College . . 43

1852. Memorial of Town Council to the Royal Commissioners for

Enquiry into the State, Discipline, Studies and Eevenues of
the University and Colleges, asking for a full enquiry as to

the existing relations between the University and Town . ib

Report of Syndicate on Memorial of Town Council to the Royal

Commissioners . . . . ,53

Fire at Trinity Hall .... 63
Dispute as to pathway by side of the New River near Trum-

pington ..... ?6

The Town petition Parliament against Militia Bill . . ib

Proceedings against Mr John Death for giving credit to a student
for a sum exceeding £5 without sending the required notice

to his College Tutor . . . . ib
Mr Death discommuned . . . .64

Proceedings on Mr Death's behalf in the Queen's Bench . ib

Report of Syndicate for revision of University Statutes , 67

The Ely Roads Act .... 69

Contested Parliamentary Election for the Borough . . ib
New Scheme for the administration of Hobson's Workhouse

Charity ..... 70
The Royal Commissioners report as to the State, Discipline,

Studies and Revenues of the University and Colleges . 75

The Hospital of St Anthony and St Eligius removed . 102

Death of Dr Chapman, Master of Gonville and Caius . 103

Contested Municipal Elections . . . 104

Death of the Duke of Wellington . . . ib

Further Report of the University Statutes Syndicate . ib

The Vice-Chancellor and Heads of Houses prohibit persons in

statu pupillari from attending Wombwell's Menagerie . 105

Resolutions passed by the Town Council as to University

privileges . . . . . ib

Celebration of the five hundredth anniversary of the founda-
tion of Corpus Christi College . . . 106

Mr Martin Thackeray establishes a Prize at King's College 107

1853. Syndicates appointed to consider the expediency of augmenting
the number of Professors and Lecturers and to report as to
the means to be taken for erecting additional lecture-rooms
and museums . . . • . ib

Cams Greek Testament Prizes founded . . ib



1853. Graces passed for alteration of University Statutes . . 107
Graces rejected proposing alterations of University Statutes 109
Death of Mr Henry Mitchell . . .110

Eeport of Select Committee of House of Commons declaring
that the Election of Mr Kennetli Macaulay and Mr J. H.
Astell as Members of Parliament for the Borough was void
on the ground of bribery . . . . ih

The Town adopt the Act for establishing Public Libraries and

Museums . . . . . ib

Petition of Senate against the Bill for the Relief of Her Majesty's

Subjects professing the Jewish Religion . . ib

Election to Perpetual Curacy of AUerton Mauleverer, Yorkshire ib

Lord Wodehouse returns to the University the salary of the
Norrisian Professor which reverted to him, no lectures
having been delivered as the Professor was Vice-Chancellor 111

Royal Commissioners report on the alleged existence of corrupt

practices at Elections for Members of Parliament for the Town ib

The Cambridge and University Waterworks Act received Royal

Assent June 14 . . . . 133

Court of Chancery sanctions arrangement between the Univer-
sity and the Governors of the Botanic Garden for appro-
priating the site of the Old Botanic Garden to the use of
the University . . . . . ib

Act as to the Election of Members of Parliament for the Univer-
sities of Oxford and Cambridge and for Boroughs passed,
15 August . . . . . ib

Provisions of the Act as to the duration of Poll for University

Elections ...... 134

The Universities exempted from the provisions of the Charitable

Trusts Act . . . . . ib

Contested Election for Market Ward . . . ib

Election to Perpetual Curacy of Acton Round . . ib

Visit of H.R.H. Prince Albert, the Chancellor, and H.R.H. the

Due de Brabant to the University . . . ib

Newnham Mill destroyed by fire . . . 135

Letter from Viscount Palmerston, Home Secretary, to the Chan-
cellor of the University on the Report of the Commissioners
as to the University . . . . ib

Restoration of St Benedict's Church . . . 137

1854. Death of Henry Gunning, M.A., Senior Esquire Bedell . ib
Election of Mr H. Godfray, B.A., as Esquire Bedell . 138
Order in Council applying certain provisions of the Common

Law Procedure Act to the Borough Court of Pleas . ib

Report of Syndicate appointed to consider Lord Palmerston's

letter to H.R.H. Prince Albert, the Chancellor . 139

Petitions to the House of Commons adopted by Town Council
and at a Town meeting, praying that the parties implicated
by the Report of the Royal Commissioners to inquire into
corrupt practices in the Borough might be disfranchised . 148
Town Council petition in favour of Decimal Coinage . ib




1854. The negotiations between a Syndicate of the University and
a Committee of the Town Council, with a view to the ad-
justjnent of various matters affecting the relations between
the University and Town, broken off . . . 154

Committee of Town Council appointed to take legal steps to
procure the assessment of University and College property
to the parochial rates .... 155

Eeport of the Syndicate of Privileges as to the failure of the
negotiations with the Town on matters in difference between
those bodies • • . . . 156

Address by resident members of the Senate to Lord Palmerston
on the subject of Lord Palmerston's letter to the Chancellor
especially as to the proposed constitution of the Council of
the Senate ..... 157

Proposal to pull down All Saints' Church abandoned . 160

Town Council petition against Bill for consolidation of police

of Counties and Boroughs . . . ib

Appeal by the Rev. Joseph Edleston, M.A., Fellow of Trinity
College to the Visitor of Trinity College, complaining that
the Rev. W. H. Thompson, Regius Professor of Greek, was
allowed to retain his FellowshiiD, heard by the Lord Chan-
cellor . . . . . . ib

Death of Mr John Pratt . . . .164

Election to the Vicarage of Burwell . . . ib

Centenary of the Scientific Lodge of Freemasons . ib

Bill introduced into the House of Commons to disable persons
bribed at the Borough Election in 1852 and those who gave
bribes at that Election from voting at any future Parlia-
mentary Election for the Borough . . . 165

Town Council petition House of Commons in favour of Bill for
disfranchising persons found guilty of bribery at the
Borough Election in 1852 . . . ib

Town Council petition both Houses in favour of admission of

dissenters to graduate .... ib

Town Council petition in favour of Parliamentary Reform ib

The Senate approve report of Studies Syndicate recommending
the appropriation of two Canonries in Ely Cathedral to
the endowment of two Theological Professorships . ib

Railway from Newmarket to Bury St Edmunds opened for

traffic April 1 . . . . . ib

Town Council petition House of Commons for amendment of

the Free Libraries Act . . . ib

Day of General Fast on account of War with Russia . ib

Report of Studies Syndicate confirmed by Senate . 166

Address to the Queen as to the war with Russia . . 175

Choral Festival at King's College Chapel . . 176

Report of Syndicate on University Statutes . . ib

The Senate petition Parliament that two Canonries in Ely
Cathedral may be permanently annexed to two Professor-
ships of Divinity in the University . . 177

The Senate sanction the proposal to carry on the business of the
University Press by means of a partnership with Mr George
Seeley and Mr C. J. Clay, M.A., of Trinity College . ib




1854. The decision of the Borough Court of Pleas, as to the liability of

the Newmarket Railway Co. for tolls, reversed by the Queen's

Bench . ' . • • .178

The Town Council petition against the Police Bill . ib

Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and

Ireland at Cambridge . • . ih

Act passed to extend the rights enjoyed by graduates of Oxford

and Cambridge, in respect to the practice of Physic, to

graduates of University of London . • 179

Election of Members of Parliament for the Borough . ih

Harvest Thanksgiving Services at Cambridge . . 180

New Hall and Library erected at Caius College . . ih

The Patriotic Fund Subscription . • . ih

Chancellor's Medal for Legal Studies founded . . ib

Anti-Tobacco meeting at Cambridge: riotous proceedings . ih
The validity of the Election of Dr Guest as Master of Gonville

and Caius College disputed . . . ib

Dr Guest having been nominated as Sheriff for the County of

Oxford excused on the ground that he filled the office of

Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge . . . 181

Award as to the contribution of the Borough to the expenditure

of the County . . . . ih

New Eules and Eegulations for University Library . ih

Disputes between University and Town referred to Sir John

Patteson ..... 182

1855. Town Council petition Parliament to amend and extend the

Public Libraries Act .... 183

Edict as to debts incurred by persons in statu imjiillari and

against money lenders .... ih

Petition presented to the House of Commons against the return
of Mr Adair and Mr Mowatt as members of Parliament for
the Borough, but subsequently abandoned . . ib

Day of fasting, humiliation and prayer March 21 . ih

Death of Mr James Eattee of Cambridge, carver . . 184

Town Council petition Parliament in favour of Bill for sum-
mary jurisdiction of Justices in certain cases of
larceny . . . . , ih

The Cambridge University and Town Waterworks Co. obtain
an Act to raise further money to carry out their under-
taking ...... i}>

Town Council vote address of Congratulation to Emperor

Napoleon III. on his escape from assassination . ib

Town Council petition Parliament for administrative reform,
and in favour of Bill for legalising marriage with a deceased
wife's sister . . . . . ib

The Rev. Daniel Buller, having been deprived of his Fellowship
by the Provost and Fellows of King's College, applies for a
mandamus to restore him which is refused . ib

Sir John Patteson the arbitrator as to the matters in difference
between the Uuiversitj' and Town commences the hearing
on Feb. 15 . . . . .185



1855. The points brought forward by either body . , 185

Close of the inquiry May 18 . , . .188

The University through Mr Cowling make certain proposals as to

Improvement Rate and the Police force . . ib

The University proposals discussed by the Town Council and
Improvement Commissioners, their resolutions on the same
and subsequent interview with Sir John Patteson . 189

The Lord Chancellor introduces a Bill for the good government
of the University of Cambridge and the Colleges therein
which passes the House of Lords but is afterwards aban-
doned ..... 191

Order by the Privy Council (June 20) prohibiting the opening of
any new Burial Ground within the Borough and discon-
tinuing interments in churches, chapels and other burial
grounds . . . . . . ib

Free Library opened June 28 . . . ib

Election of Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity . . ib

The Improvement Commissioners appointed the local authority

under the Nuisances Removal Act . . 192

Sir John Patteson's Award as to the matters in difference

between the University and Town . . . ib

Town Council Address to the Queen upon the triumphant issue

of the Siege of Sebastopol . . . 201

Order in Council applying the summary proceedings on Bills of

Exchange to the Borough Court of Pleas . . ib

Opening of University and Town Waterworks . ih

Establishment of Working Men's College . . . ib

Contested Municipal Elections . . . ib

Visit of the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Mary of

Cambridge . . . . . ib

Election of Clerk of the Peace . . . 202

The enlargement of Market Hill completed . . ib

Foundation of the A. D. C. . , . . ib

1856. Bye law as to discharge of rain water from houses . 203

Report to the Board of Trade as to the dangerous condition
of the Eastern Counties Railway between London, Ciun-
bridge and Norwich. Resolutions of the Town Council
thereon . . . . . ib

Fire at Caius College . . . . .204

Town Council petition Parliament for inquiry as to the institu-
tion of Tribunals of Commerce . . . ib

Contested Election for a Member of Parliament for the

University . . . . . ib

The Town Council and also a Town meeting petition against

the Police Bill .... ib

Election to the Professorship of Music . . . 205

Town Council petition House of Lords against Education

Bill ...... ib

The Senate petition Parliament against Bill fur abolition of

Church rates . . . . . ib



1856. The Scholefield Prize established . . .205

Town Council petition in favour of Bill for abolition of oath
of abjuration and against the Wills and Administration
Bill . . . . . . ib

Day of Thanksgiving for Peace . . . ib

The Norrisian Professorship, augmentation of stipend • ib

Address of congratulation by the Town Council to Her Majesty

on the re-establishment of Peace . . 206

Restoration and re-opening of the Abbey Church, Barnwell . ib

Address by the University to the Queen on the re-establishment

of Peace, and presentation thereof . . 207

Rejoicings on the re-establishment of Peace . . ib

The Cambridge Award Act (June 5) . . . ib

Presentation to Sir John Patteson . . . 221

The Senate relinquish their right to the County Magistrates to
grant licences to licensed victuallers in Chesterton and also
discontinue the salaries of the Taxors . . (7;

Subscription for relief of the sufferers from inundations in

France . . . . . . ib

The University Act 1856 . . . . ib

Improvements at Trinity and St John's Colleges . . 238

Bye law as to the Conduit on Market Hill . . ib

Foundation stone of the Cambridge and Isle of Ely Lunatic
Asylum laid by the Earl of Hardwicke, Lord Lieutenant of

the County . . . . . ib

Rateable value of University and College property . 239
The Electoral Roll . , . . .241

New Chapel for the Parochial Cemetery . . 242

Contested Municipal Election . , . . ib

Election of Council of the Senate . . . ib

Town Council petition for the reduction of the Income Tax , ib

Death of Dr Paris . . . . ib

Additions and Cokbections ..... 245






In January the Cambridgeshire Permanent Benefit Building Society
was estabhshed under the provisions of the Benefit Building Society
Act, 6 & 7 William IV. c. 32.

On the 25th of February, the Senate voted Petitions to Parliament
against a bill to amend and alter the Act of 5 & 6 William IV., so far
as relates to marriages within certain of the prohibited degrees of
aflfinity (Regents, Placets 36 ; Non-Placets 7).

A bill for making a Railway from Cambridge to the Royston and
Hitchin Railway at Shepreth, was introduced into the House of Com-
mons, but it was, on the 26th of February, rejected on a motion for the
second reading (Ayes 98 ; Noes 135).

On the 26th of February, a Syndicate f^) appointed by the Senate and
a Committee(^) of the Council, came to an agreement (subject to the
approval of the Senate, the Council, and the Improvement Com-
missioners) to the following effect : —

1. Those parts of the present Cambridge Improvement Acts, which fix
the amount of contribution paid by the University towards the expenses
incurred under such Acts, to be repealed.

2. The University to contribute one third of the expenses charged under
the Public Health Act upon every general district rate, and upon every

(1) I)r Cartmell, Vice-Cliaiicellor, I)r I'lielps, l>r Philpot, Dr Paget, Mr Hateson, I'ublic
Orator, .Mr Huston, Emm.anui'l Colk^'o, Mr .Mould, Corpus Cliristi College, Mr Martin, Trinity
ColleK'e, .Mr Sykes, Downing Colkge, Mr Mirkett, Jesus College, and Mr W. H. Hopkins,
Catharine Hall.

(2) H. .S. Poster, Ksq., Mayor, Aid. I';kin, Aid. Fiiwcett, Aid. C. F. Foster, Mr C. Halls,
Mr P. Hoales, Mr W. Crisp, Mr .1. U. Fetch, Mr H. H. Harris, Mr T. Nutter, and
Mr C. Wagstaff.

C. A. 1

2 VICTORIA. [1850

special district rate, it being uuderstood that such rates include as well all
the charges to which the University is now liable to contribute under the
Cambridge Improvement Acts, as other charges which will be incurred
under the provisions of the Public Health Act : provided that such rates
extend over the whole Cambridge district, and that the Cambridge district
do not extend beyond the fourteen Parishes of the Town.

3. The University to contribute one third of the expenses of maintaining
the Borough Police Force.

4. The payments above mentioned to be for and in respect of all
buildings, walks, grounds, and gardens, which now do or may hereafter
belong to, and be occupied by, the University and Colleges.

5. This arrangement of the University Contributions to last for fourteen
years : — and in case either the University or the Town shall see fit to
terminate the arrangement at the end of such fourteen years, either party
may give notice in writing to the other of them, requiring a fresh agreement
to be made in the following manner : Each party to appoint some competent
person to fix a new proportion, in which the University and the Town shall
respectively contribute towards these objects for the following fourteen
years ; and the persons so appointed to name an Umpire, before they
commence proceedings, who is finally to decide in case they cannot agree.
And the new arrangement to be terminable, and if so terminated, renewed in
a similar manner every fourteen years.

6. The management of the Police to be vested in a Board consisting of
Members of the University and of the Town, the former being appointed in
a manner to be approved by the Senate ; and their respective numbers being
proportionate to the sums contributed by the University and the Town
towards maintaining the Police.

7. Upon any breach of the peace, disturbance, or other offence short of
felony being committed by a Student of the University, any police-officer to
take the person charged with the offence to his College or Lodgings, and to
release him on the Porter of the College or Keeper of the Lodging-house
giving to him the Name and College of the person so offending, and becoming
responsible for his appearance to answer any charge that may be preferred
against him. If the Student so offending refuse to give the name of his
College, or to state where he lodges, he must be taken to the Police Station.
Such person however to be released on application of his Tutor, or one of

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