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jamin,^ Thomas,^ William, i) b. Nov. 29, 181 1, m. Jan. 19,
1838, Dolly M. Sayles. They resided in Dudley.

180. WELLES,7 (Daniel,^ Benjamin,^ William,* Ben-
jamin,^ Thomas,^ William, i) b. in Wellsborough, Essex Co.,
N. Y., April 6, 1806, m. June, 1826, Deborah R. Hawkins.

He was a farmer, and lived at Delevan, N. Y.


330. I. MUNSON W.,8 b. July 22, 1828 ; d. March 26, 1865.
n. NANCY L.,8 b. Dec. 26, 1831.

m. MEHITABEL,8 b. Sept. 4, 1835 ; d. Feb. 9, 1851.

181. JOHN,7 (Daniel,^ Benjamin,^ William,* Benjamin,^
Thomas,^ William,^) b. in Olean, Catt. Co., N. Y., June 6,
1813, d. in Yorkshire, Catt. Co., N. Y. August 20, 1881 ;
m. in Penn. Sept. 20, 1840, Sarah A. Hodges, daughter of
Leonard and Mary Hodges of Warren, Pa., b. March 24, 1825.

He was a successful farmer ; he lived nearly all his life in
the county in which he was born, spending a few years in
the present town of Garfield, Penn., running a sawmill. By
frugality and industry he acquired a competence. By his
honesty and fair dealing he secured the confidence of his
townsmen, being elected to several important offices. The
most precious legacy he left to his children was his good
name, the result of his upright Christian life.


331. I. CLARK ABIAL,8 b. April 30, 1842.

332. n. WALTER WILMOT,^ b. July 6, 1844.

m. EUNICE IRENE,8b. March 24, 1S46; m. Dec. 31, 1866 to
Henry L. Crooker, of Arcade. Children: (i) Charles Francis
Crooker, b. April 16, 1872, (2) John Cheney Crooker, b. Dec. 26,
1873, (3) Walter Elgene Crooker, b. Dec. 16, 1878.


333. IV. FRANCIS JOHN,8 b. June 5, 1848.

334. V. GEORGE HAMLINE,8 b. March 7, 1850.

VI. CHARLES SUMNER,8b. Sept. 9, 1S56; d. Nov. 20, 1861.

335. VII. LYMAN JOSIAH,^ b. Oct. 11, i860.

184. NATHANIEL,' (Nathamel,^ Wales,^ William,^
William,^ William,^ William, i) b. March i, 1799, m. Oct.

27, 1828, Maria Morse, of Newfane, Vt. He was a mer-
chant ; resided at Jamaica in early manhood ; removed to
Townshend, Vt. where he was postmaster several years ;
and then made his home in Brattleboro, Vt. He was a rep-
resentative to the legislature in 183 1. He was conspicuous
for his "christian character, integrity, righteousness, com-
bined with humility and kindness." He d. Aug. 9, 1874.


I. WALES W.,s b. July 15, d. July 28, 1826.

II. HENRY WALES,8 b. Aug. 9, 1827. He became a hotel clerk,
was at the Quincy Hotel, Boston some time. He d. in San
Francisco, Cal. Aug. 12, 1868; "he passed away in the
christian faith."

341. m. GEORGE AUSTIN,^ b. March 10, 1829.

IV. NATHANIEL, Jr.,^ b. at Jamaica, Vt. Oct. 28, 1831. He was
a fine musician, organist of the Congregational church at
Townshend, Vt., a christian young man of great promise. He
d. Jan. 6, 1850, greatly missed.

342. V. CHARLES ARTHUR,^ b. June 13, 1835.

343. VI. ALBERT AUGUSTUS,8 b. Jan. 24, 1840.

I 85. WALES,^ (Nathaniel,^ Wales,^ William,* William,^
William, 2 William,^) b. in Orange April 13, 1801 ; m. March

28, 1830, Esther Staunton, of Wyoming, N. Y. He re-
sided there ; raised small fruits for market ; originated the
"Col. Cheney strawberry." Was gifted in drawing and
painting ; made oil portraits of his parents. He had no
children. He d. in 1881.


I 86. SAMUEL TORREY READ/ (Nathaniel,^ Wales,^
William,* William,^ William,^ William,i) b. June 29, 1806,
m. i^S at Jamaica, Vt., Nov. 2, 1830, Mary Eaton Kellogg,
b. 1813, d. June 22, 1836. He m. 2'\ Martha Ann Brown.


344. I. WILLIAM,8 b. Sept. 8, 1833.

345. II. WALES,8 b. Nov. 11, 1835.

III. FRANCES ADELAIDE,^ b. Feb. 4, 1840.

346. IV. FREDERICK SAMUEL.^ b. Sept. 30, 1845.

V. ELLA CATHARINE,^ b. March 3, 1848.
VI. ALBERT EDWIN,8 b. Sept. 17, 1853, d. April 3, 1856.
VII. NETTIE M.,8 b. June 14, 1857.

I 89. PHILIP JONES,' (David,6 Wales,^ William,* Wil-
liam, ^ William, ^ William, i) b. in Orange Oct. 3, 1794; rn.
July 4, 1819, Lorinda Jennings, b. in Calais, Vt. ; d. April
26, 1848.

He>esided in Irving's Grant and in Orange.


I. JAMES,8 b. Feb. 19, d. Feb. 20, 1820.
II. J0SIAH,8 b. July 5, 1823 ; d. Feb. 7, 1843.

III. BETSEY,® b. Jan. 25, 1825 ; m. Josiah Holden.

IV. H0PESTILL,8 b. June 15, 1827; m. April 6, 1841, Danforth

Putnam J d. Feb. 7, 1848.
V. NATHANIEL,® b. Dec. 13, 1829; d. March 13, 1855.
VI. PHILIP JONES,® b. Aug. 13, 1833 ; d. March 2, 1853.
VII. LORINDA J.,® b. Nov. 18, 1835 ; m. June 5, 1854, Stephen Fos-

190. AMOS,' (Nathan,6 Wales,^ William,* William,^
William,^ William, i) b. Nov. 2, 1793, m. May 7, 1826,
Elvira, dau. of Solomon and Anne (Wheelock) Mallard, b.
in Gill, Aug. 8, 1805 ; her mother was a daughter of Eleazer
Wheelock of Warwick. Mr. Amos Cheney resided a few
years in Ware, and sometime afterward in Gill ; for many
years was a merchant in Athol ; a genial, friendly man, fond
of children, agreeable to all. He was an enthusiastic lover


of Free Masonry, having entered the order in his early man-
hood. He was an attractive person, with black eyes and
hair and highly colored cheeks. He died at Athol Dec. 5,
1881. Mrs. Cheney survives at this writing. She has re-
tained her faculties well, and is a delight to all who meet her ;
her recollections bridge across nine decades, and help us to
realize the colonial period, from which the republic had
scarcely emerged when she first saw the light. And although
her body has become somewhat enfeebled, her inner life is
so clear and hearty that she seems a prophetess of the life
that knows no failing and no death.

I. ROYAL WHEELOCK,s b. May 16, 1827; d. March 16, 1829.

347. n. WHEELOCK AMOS,« b. April 22, 1830.

m. ANN MARIA,8 b. in Ware, Sept. 5, 1834; m. July 31, 1853,
George Augustine Flaggy son of W™ and Olive (Newhall)

348. IV. HIRAM WASHINGTON,^ b. Oct. 7, 1837.

V. MARY ANZ0NETTE,8 b. in Gill, Oct. 4, 1843; m. March 30,
1862, Hon. George Henry Hoyt, b. in Athol Nov. 25, 1837, son
of Dr. George and Avalina (Witt) Hoyt. He was educated in
the schools of his native town and at Westboro Academy. Read
law ; was admitted to the bar. Was in the editorial chair of
the Athol newspaper some time. Served one term in the Mass.
House of Representatives. When the famous John Brown
made his startling, armed attack on the Slave-holding people at
Harper's Ferry, Va., in i860, and was captured and brought to
trial, Mr. Hoyt went down with others and aided in the defence
of the remarkable prisoner.

[See Hinton's "John Brown and His Men."]
On the breaking out of the war Mr. Hoyt went to Ohio, and
enlisted as a private in a company raised by John Brown, jr.,
son of the martyr; the company went to Kansas and formed a
part of the 7"^ Kansas Cavalry, Mr. Hoji; receiving a commis-
sion as 2^ lieutenant : he was promoted, later on, to be captain
of Co. K. After service of importance he resigned and assisted
in recruiting the 15''' Kansas cavalry^ of which Charles R. Jen-
nison became Col. and Capt. Hoyt was commissioned Lieut.-
Col. He did gallant service in a number of engagements, and


was made brevet Brigadier General for special bravery in the
action at Newtonia, Mo.

He made his home in Topeka, Kansas.

He d. Feb. 2, 1877, greatly lamented, and leaving an admira-
ble record for philanthropy, patriotism and attractive personal-
ity. Mrs. Hoyt resides with her mother and daughter in Athol.

Children: (i) George DeWitt Hoyt, b. Aug. 8, 1863; was
educated in the schools of Athol, including the High School;
but sank under the power of Consumption Jan. 14, 1886; (2)
Marj^ Clare Hoyt, b. May 16, 1868.

191. NATHAN,' (Nathan,6 Wales,^ William,* William,^
William, 2 William, i) b. in Athol June 24, 1800, m. Dec. 3,
1826, Rhoda Holbrook, of Swanzey, N. H., b. in 1804.
He rem. to Weare, N. H. and was some years agent of
the Cotton Mill there. He d. in Boston Sept. 16, 1866; the
widow d. Sept. 9, 1877.


ELLEN,8 b. Dec. 20, 1829, m. Jesse Johnson,
She has been since 1884 matron of the Woman's Reformatory
at Sherborn. She received from the World's Columbian
Exposition the bronze medal and a diploma, awarded, as the
diploma recites, " for evidence of a model management in every
detail." Mrs. Johnson has been Superintendent for the last
twelve years, having succeeded Miss Clara Barton in January,

I 92. SAMUEL FRENCH,^ (Nathan,^ Wales,^ William,*
William,^ William,^ William, i) b. in Orange Sept. 17, 1802,
m. Feb. i, 1825, Laurinda Battle, of Orange. He made his
home in Athol ; was a boot and shoe manufacturer, and latterly
dealt in real-estate. He d. in Cambridge, April 17, 1874.

I. ELIZABETH,^ b. Aug. 7, 1827, d. June 25, 1846.

349. n. NATHAN,8 b. Jan. 11, 1832.

350. ni. GEORGE SHERMAN,^ b. May 19, 1834.

351. IV. CHARLES WARREN,8 b. Sept. 23, 1835.

1 93- WALES,^ (Nathan,6 Wales,^ William,* William,^
William, 2 William, 1) b. in Orange, July 21, 1806; m. May
13, 1831, Nancy, dau. of Stephen Mayo, b. Aug. 4, 1810.
He d. Feb. 24, 1843.


352. WALLACE.s b. July 3, 1S32.

197. NATHAN,' (Alexander,^ Wales,^ William,* Wil-
liam,^ William,^ William^) b. July 25, 1804; m. April 5,
1829, Susan, dau. of Abijah and Elizabeth W. Stone, of
Hopkinton. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Stone became the second
wile of his father. Mr. Cheney's life was a very brief
one. He d. in Milford Dec. 7, 1833. His widow m. (2*^)
May 19, 1835, Sumner Eaton.


I. SARAH WHITNEY,sb. Feb. 13, 1830.

360. n. EDWARD SHEPHERD,s b. Jan. 26, 1833.

1 98. EBENEZER,' (Artemas,^ Caleb,^ William,* Wil-
liam,3 Winiam,2 William, i) b. in Milford April 14, 1782,
m. i'* Jan. 25, 1810, Mary dau. of Daniel and Mary
(Atwood) Daniels ; she d. in Barre Jul}^ 14, 1836 ; and he

m. 2^ Polly of Petersham. She d. in Athol Oct. 14,

1869, aged 80 yrs. 5 mos. 8 days.

He resided some years in Barre ; d. in Athol Jan. 30, 1869.


361. I. EDSON DANIELS,sb. Oct. 16, 1810.

362. II. DEXTER,sb. June II, 1813.

363. in. \VILLARD,s b. Feb. 22, 1815.

364. IV. EBENEZER,sb. Oct. 15, 1818.

V. CHARLOTTE A.^ m. in Boston, Oct. 30, 1846, //eury A.

Hayward of Petersham.

VI. LOIS W.s m. in Barre, Nov. 25, 1841, James W. Cramer of

Saratoga, N. Y.

I 99. ARTEMAS,' ( Artemas,6 Caleb,^ William,* William,^

Winiam,2 WiUiam,!) b. in Milford March 27, 1786, m.

1808, Betsey, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth Littlefield, b. in
Milford June 3, 1792. He learned the trade of blacksmith ;
resided in Barre. He d. Aug. 2, 1861 ; his widow d. Aug.
4, 1862.



CLARINDA,^ b. Dec. 14, 1808, m. Dec. 29, 1S2S, Joel D,
Wilder, of Petersham; d. in Willoughby, O. Feb. 12, 1872; he
was b. in Barre, Mass. Jan. 27, 1802, and d. at Concord, O.
April 24, 1877. Children: (i) Charles Wilder, b. at Westmore-
land, N, Y. Feb. 26, 1828, m. May 29, 1846, Harriet E.
Kellogg, d. Oct. 7, 1864; (2) Henry Wilder, b. at Vernon,
N. Y. Feb. 2, 1830, m. Feb. 8, 1863, Amanda Andrews, res.
Cleveland, O. ; (3) Leonard C. Wilder, b. March 25, 1832, d.
Oct. 20, 1842; (4) Elizabeth A. Wilder, b. Feb. 27, 1834, m.
Dec. 24, 1 86 1, Grandison A. Tuttle, res. Painesville, O. ; (5)
Abel M. Wilder, b. March 7, 1836, m. Emma S. Spice Dec. 10,
1867, res. Concord, O. ; (6) Mary C. Wilder, b. June 16, 1838,
d. Jan. 10, 1846; (7) Lydia Ann Wilder, b. Jan. 26, 1840, d.
Oct. 12, 1843 ; (8) George Wilder, b. Sept. 25, 1841, d. Nov.
18, 1841 ; (9) Harriet E. Wilder, b. Feb. 13, 1843; (10)
Jeanette R. Wilder, b. Nov, 25, 1844, m. William B. Drew,
res. San Francisco, Cal. ; (n) Marian Edith Wilder, b. Aug. 13,
1850, m. Henry G. Griswold, July 13, 1 890 ; res. Concord, O.
The following obituary notice of Mr. Wilder appeared in the
local paper upon his demise.

Mr. Joel D. Wilder died at Concord, Tuesday morning, April
24th, aged 75 years. The deceased was a native of Barre,
Mass. After his marriage he removed to Oneida county, N. Y.,
from whence he removed to Kirtland, Ohio, in 1854, where
he resided until 1861, when he removed to Willoughby, where
he has since resided, and where since the death of his wife, he
and his daughter, Miss Hattie E. Wilder, have kept house,
except when he has made an occasional visit to his daughter,
Mrs. G. N. Tuttle, and his son, Mr. Henry Wilder, in Concord.
While making such a visit at his daughter's he was taken
with inflammation of the stomach, of which he died after a
painful illness of more than two months. The deceased was
a quiet, unobtrusive citizen, and esteemed as such by all who
knew him. He joined the Baptist Church more than 50 years
ago, and adhered to the same faith till the time of his decease.
Besides the children above named he left surviving one son,
Mr. Abel M. Wilder, of Kendall, N. Y., and two daughters, Mrs.
E. M. Taylor, of Lansing, Mich., and Miss Nettie R. Wilder,
of San Francisco, Cal. Dr. Charles Wilder, a well known and
highly esteemed physician, who died in Battle Creek, Michigan,
some years since, was a son of his.


II. MELINDA,s b. May 28, 1810, m. Nov. 26, 1835, David Burt,

of Barre; d. May 5, 1891. Child: Albert Makepeace Burt, b.
May 15, 1843; resides in Barre; m. Nov. 16, 1865, Sarah F.
Osgood, and has one child, Ella Melinda Burt, b. Sept. 26, 1870.

III. ELIZABETH,^ b. Sept. i, 1811, d. Nov. 12, 1812.

IV. ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD,^ b. Sept. 28, 1813, m. June 16,

1836, Isaac Bigelow, of Barre.
V. An Infant, b. Jan. 14, d. Feb. 18, 1816.

VI. ARNOLD WASHINGTON,^ b. Feb. 5, 1S17, m. March 29,

1840, Maria Newton, of Petersham; d. April 24, 1850. No

VII. LAURA,8 b. April 17, 181 9, m. May 12, 1840, George W.

Conant, of Barre; d. Oct. 29, 1849. Children: Mary Jane
Conant, m. Nov. 21, 1865, Willard Clark. He d. Dec. 13,
i860, aged 44 years, 7 months and 13 days.

365. VIII. LEONARD,* b. Nov. 27, 1821.

366. IX. EZRA ADAMS,s b. July 19, 1823.

X. ROXANNA ALLEN,s b. Sept. 7, 1825, m. Oct. 2, 1859,
Samuel Stover Lord of Boston; d. June 16, 1883. No issue.
The following obituary notice commemorates this estimable

At the age of 14 she was converted and united with the M.
E. Church, of which she remained a worthy member to the day
of her death. In 1858 she removed to Boston, and united
with the D Street Church. Until failing health deprived her of
church privileges, she was an earnest and devoted laborer in
the Lord's vineyard. When unable to enjoy the means of
grace, the light of her life still shone in her home, and she still
exerted an influence for Christ, while her own soul was ripen-
ing for heaven. She united, at its organization, with the City
Point Church, and hers is the first name that we record as
having passed from the church militant to the church trium-
phant. Peacefully her soul winged its flight, leaving upon the
countenance a sweet and heavenly smile. ' Blessed are the
dead who die in the Lord.' "

367. XI. LOVERING ARTEMAS.s b. Sept. 8, 1827.
368.. XII. ETHAN ROCKWOOD,8 b. Sept. 20, 1829.

205. CARMEL,' (Caleb,6 Caleb,^ William,^ William,^
William,^ William, i) b. Sept. 20, 1796, m. in Medway,
Dec. 4, 181 7, Ursula, dau. of Amos and Keziah (Kibbe)
Richardson, b. in Medway May 17, 1797-


A worthy family. Resided in Holliston, Milford, Mina,
N. Y., Andrew Jackson co., la., and Bethany, Mo., Yankee
Ridge P. O. She d. June 24, 1881. He lived to see 50
grandchildren, — had 68 in all.


I. SARAH HUNTING,^ b. Jan. 6, 1819.
II. CORDELIA CLAFLIN,8 b. June 27, 1820.

375. III. JOHN Nov. 11, 1821.
IV. MARY KEITH,8 b. July 25, 1823.

376. V. ALBERT BYRON,8 b. Aug. 22, 1827.

377. VI. ANDREW JACKSON,sb. Feb. 19, 1829.

vn. ADALINE URSULA,8 b. May 31, 1831 ; m. Wm. Walker.

378. VIII. WILLIAM CARMEL,8b. May 19, 1833.

IX. HANNAH JANE,8b. June 10, 1835.

379. X. DAVID IRA,8b. June 9, 1837.

XI. ROSELA ANN,8 b. March 5, 1840 ; m. W. H. Robinson.

206. IRA,'(Caleb,6Caleb,5William,4 William,3William,2
William,^) b. Sept. 23, 1798, m. i^*, April 3, 1818, Juliana,
dau. of Josiah, Jr. and Anna (Warren) Nelson, b. April 22,
1798; she d. in Savannah, Mo. in 1867. He m. 2^^ Jan. 7,
1841, Irene, dau. of John and Nancy (Chesley) Hart, b. in
Saco, Me. Feb. 19, 1818. He resided in Milford some years,
then carried on a tailor's establishment in Boston ; removed
to Durham, N. H. where he d. June 24, 1872. Mrs. Irene
(Hart) Cheney survived him, and d. in Chelsea.


I. MARIANNA,^ b. Jan. 30, 1821 ; m. March 18, i?>/^\, Lorenzo

II. ARMENIA,^ b. Jan. 27, 1823 ; m. in 1845, Aaron Balcomj she
d. in St. Louis in 1846.

380. m. SAMUEL JONES,^ b. Sept. 19, 1824.

IV. FRANCES MARI0N,8 b, Oct. 28, 1832; m. i^t, Charles Stew-
art; m, 2*1, Dr. Trusses both of St. Joseph, Mo. She resided
in Savannah, Mo. Had several children.


207. RUFUS,' (Caleb,6 Caleb,^ William,* William,^
William,^ William,!) b. Jan. 8, 1801, m. i'' (pub. March i,
1825,) Cynthia Alexander, of Upton ; she d. June 19, 1825.
He m. 2^, April i, 1829, Ruth, dau. of Lendall and Ruth
Daniels (Wheelock) Staples, of Mendon, b. in 1806 ; she d.
April II, 1845. He m. 3*^, May 27, 1846, Lucretia dau. of
Ezekiel and Esther (Johnson) Burr, b. in Dover, Vt., Oct.
7, 1808, then residing in Mendon. He resided in Milford.
He was an ingenious mechanic, a good musician, a provident
business man ; an orderly citizen, and a well disposed man
in the various relations of life. He d. while sojourning in
Madrid, N. Y. May 25, 1872.


381. I. EVERETT,8 b. Dec. 29, 1829.

382. 11. C0RTES,8 b. Aug. 31, 1831.
m. CYNTHIA,s b. Aug. 11, 1833.

383. IV. EDWIN.s b. June 17, 1835.

384. V. MILTON.s b. Oct. 30, 1837.

VI. LAURINDA,8 b. April 28, 1841 ; m. i^S March 13, 1865, Gi'les
E. Fletcher, jr.; m. z^, March 13, 1875, C. L. Pond.

385. VII. ALBERT RUFUS,8b. Feb. 17, 1847.

386. vm. ORISON UNDERW00D,8 b. April 14, 1849.

208. NELSON,' (Ebenezer,6 Ebenezer,^ WiUiam,* Wil-
liam,^ William, 2 William, i) b. at Dover, Vt. Nov. 30, 1794.



391. 11. NELS0N.8

392. III. NEWELL.8

209. LEVI,' (Ebenezer,6 Ebenezer,^ Winiam,^ William,^
William,^ William,^) b. June 6, 1797, at Dover, Vt.




2 I O. SETH,7 (Ebenezer,6 Ebenezer,^ William,* William,
William,^ William, 1) b. at Dover, Vt., Dec. 12, 1809 ; m.
Cynthia Jones.

Resided at Carroll, N. Y.


394. I. SETH NELS0N.8



211. ALVIN,' (Elijah,^ Ebenezer,^ William,* William,^
William,^ William, i) b. at Franklin, Vt. Jan. 10, 1808, m.
July 30, 1838, Julia Ann Brow.


I. SALINA HYDE,8 b. Nov. 28, 1840.

397. II. NELS0N,8b. Oct. 17, 1846.

2 I 2. SYLVANUS HOLBROOK,7 (Elijah,^ Ebenezer,^
William,* William,^ William,^ William,^) b. at Franklin, Vt.
Nov. 26, 1810, m. June, 1840, Phebe Durkee.


I. EMERY,8b. Oct. 1840.

II. EMILY,8 b. Dec. 22, 1841.

III. JAMES,8 b. May 10, 1843.

IV. CARLOS,^ b. Nov. 30, 1850, d. Aug. 30, 1852.

This family, on their way to settle in Iowa, embarked on the
steamer Niagara, and all perished in the burning of the steamer,
3 miles from Sheboygan, Wis. Sept. 24, 1856.

213. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN,7 (Elijah,^ Ebenezer,^
William,* William,^ William,^ William,i) b. at Franklin, Vt.
March 28, 1814, m. i^*, March 31, 1841, Jane Bascom, who
d. April 15, 1845 ; he m. 2"'^ May 6, 1846, Martha Davis,
who d. April, 1866 ; he m. 3''^, Nov. 1866, Jane Davis, who
survived him, and d. July 1883. He d. April 15, 1875.



I. HANNAH,^ b. April 3, 1842, m. March 17, 1885, H. C. Pomeroy.

II. NELS0N,8 b. July 21, d. Nov. 25, 1844.

III. VIRTUE IM0GENE,8 b. March 28, 1847, d. Sept. 10, 1852.

398. IV. JUDSON MARVIN/ b. April 6, 1848.

V. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Jr.,^ b. Jan. 11, 1854, d. Oct. 25, 1856.

214. ERASTUS/ (Elijah,^ Ebenezer,^ William,^ Wil-
liani,3 William,2 William, i) b. at Franklin, Vt. Oct. 20,
1819, m. Oct. 20, 1840, Julia Vaughan.


I. WATSON EBENEZER.s b. Feb. 11, 1843, was a soldier in the
War of the Rebellion ; was wounded and taken prisoner at the
Wilderness, June 29, 1862, exchanged July 25, and d. Aug. 13

399. II. JAMES ADAMS,8 1 , ^ o ^ o ^ o
^^^ ^ ' L b. June 24, 1854, d. Sept. 6, 1854.


IV. WALTON EUGENE,8 b. May 13, d. Sept. i, 1859.

2 I 5. ABNER THOMAS,' (Daniel,^ Ebenezer,^ William,*
William,3 William,2 William,!) ^^ ^t Wardsboro, VL, Sept.
5, 1798, m. Dec. 25, 1820, Annie Powell Miller. He re-
sided at Franklin, Vt. till after 1830 ; removed to Fulton, N.
Y. where he d. April 30, 1885.


400. I. ISRAEL JAMES,8 b. Feb. 14, 1823.

II. OSCAR FITZGERALD,^ b. May 20, 1824; unmarried.

401. III. ANGEL C0LE,8 b, June 29, 1827.

IV. ZERI CUSHMAN,8 5. March 6, 1828, d. Feb. 6, 1830.

402. V. ALMON WATS0N,8 | b. Aug. 6, 1S30.

VI. ALBERT WATTS,8 J d. April 24, 1832.

VII. CAROLINE FRANCES,^ b. March 31, 1834, d. Sept. 23,

VIII. ADALINE AUGUSTA,8 b. Dec. 20, 1S37, m. Oct. i, 1861,
Joseph Frederick Forsyth.


2 I 6. JOHN HOLBROOKE (Daniel,^ Ebenezer,^ Wil-
liam,-* William,^ William, ^ William, i) b. in Franklin, Vt.
April 8, 1806, m. Oct. 12, 1829, Fanny Elfrida Miller, b. in
Richford, Vt. Aug. 13, 1806, d. May 21, 1896.

He lived on his fathers farm some time ; then, having
learned the trade of carpenter, he ran a wheelwright's shop
at Frelighsburg, just over the line in Canada, his wife,
meantime, carrying on the farm. About 1870 he bought a
large farm at Westfield, Vt. having his son Albert with him.
Later they removed to Cady's Falls, Vt. where he d. Oct. 5,
1885. He was a good tenor singer.


403. I. HARLOW MILES,8 b. at St. Armand, P. Q. Jan. 5, 1831.

n. FRANCES LODUSKY,^ b. at Franklin, Vt. June 25, 1833, d
Oct. 9, 1840.

404. m. ALBERT ADDISON.^ b. May i, 1841.

IV. CHARLES Nov. 16, 1842, d. June 10, 1880.
v. ISABEL ANN,8 b. May 10, 1846, m. i^t Aug. 29, 1863, L, L.
Cross; m. 2^ Jan. 17, 1872, Collins Blakeley, of Montpelier,
Vt. Child : Edward Everett Blakeley, a Savings Bank treas-
urer at Montpelier, Vt. and an investment and securities agent,
of wide information and efficiency. Mrs. Blakeley d. at Mont-
pelier, Vt. Oct. 24, 1878.

VI. ARTHUR MILT0N,8b. Jan. 11, 1855; a druggist at Orange,

2 I 7. STEPHEN COLE,7 (Daniel,^ Ebenezer,^ William,*
William, 3 William, ^ William, i) b. Sept. 17, 1809, at Frank-
lin, Vt., m. , d. in Aug. 1840 at Hillsdale, Mich.

2 1 8. LUKE,' (Daniel,^ Ebenezer,^ WilHam,* William,^
William, 2 William, 1) b. Sept. 6, 1811, at Franklin. Vt., m.
Mary Beardsley, d. July 24, 1868 at Comanche, la.


405. I. AL0NZ0.8

406. n. ALBERT.8



219. RUhSELL POWELL," (Daniel,^ Ebenezer,^ Wil-
liam/ William,^ William,2 William,i) b. May 6, 182 1, m.
Feb. 7, 1843, Mary White.

In Belleville, Kansas.




220. EMERY,7 (Mark,6 Ebenezer,^ William,^ William,^
William,^ William, i) b. in Orange Sept. 24, 1809, m. at
Ashuelot, N. H. Nov. 18, 1831, Eliza Eveline, dau. of Jona-
than and Chloe Newell, b. in A. June 13, 1809; she d. June
I, 1868. He was a capenter; d. in Troy, N. Y. Aug. 7,


I. ELLEN ELIZA,8 b. Aug. 3, 1832, m. Aug. 31, 1852, JoJm H.
Pierce of So. Hadley Falls. Children: (i) George Emery Pierce,
b. Oct. 16, 1857, (2) John Elvin Pierce, b. Dec. 8, 1863, d. July
II, 1864, (3) Nellie Eliza Pierce, b. May 10, 1866, (4) Mary
Gertrude Pierce, b. May 9, 1868. Mr. Pierce d. April 24, 1878,
aged 47.
II. GEORGE EMERY,8 b. Sept. 16, 1839, d. April 5, 1840.

221. JOHN,7 (Mark,6 Ebenezer,^ William,* William,^
William,^ William, i) b. in Orange Feb. 16, 1816, m. i**^
Sept. 27, 1837, Millie Boy den, of Orange; she d. in Athol
Nov. 4, 1842, aged 25 ; he m. 2'\ Nov. 21, 1843, Lucy, dau.
of Samuel and Betsey (Perry) Morse, of Royalston, b. June
22, 1818, a great-granddaughter of Jonas Parker who was
killed on the battlefield at Lexington. Mr. Cheney was a
machinist many years, has since been a flour and grain mer-
chant, wholesale and commission. Resided in Templeton
and Athol till 1844, in Worcester till 1854, ^^ Cincinnati, O.
till 1865 ; in Richmond, Ind. since. Became a member of a
Congregational church in early life, and has been a member
and elder in a Presbyterian church since removing to the


410. I. JOHN MATTHEW,8 b. in Templeton, June 23, 1838.
II. ELLA GREENE,8 b. and d. Jan. 11, i860.

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