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222. AMOS LEANDER,' (Mark,6Ebenezer,5 William,*
William,3 William,2 William,!) b. in Athol Aug. i8, 1818;
m. i^S Oct. 31, 1843, Lucy D., dau. of Ezra and Chloe
Fish, b. May 12, 1803; she d. May 15, 1876, and he m.
2*^ Oct. 25, 1878, Elizabeth Jane, dau. of Austin Crocker and
Hannah Spencer (Powers) Stowell, b. in Hartford, Ct. Feb.
23, 1841. Mr. Stowell was a dealer in Straw goods in Bos-
ton some years. Mr. Cheney d. in Athol March 26, 1891,
Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Stowell) Cheney resides in Athol.

411. FREDERIC HENRY,8 b. Dec. 10, 1S43.

223. MATTHEW,' (Mark,6 Ebenezer,^ William,* Wil-
liam, -^ William, 2 William, i) b. June 21, 1821, m. May 24,
1846, in Athol, Susan G., dau. of Timothy Horr, b. in 1825.
He resided in Dorchester, d. Dec. 4, 1896.


ELLA B.,8 m. in Boston Dec. 17, 1873, ■5"- Dexter Bowker. Child:
Harry Dexter Bowker.

224. EBENEZER,^ (Mark,^ Ebenezer,^ William,^ Wil-
liam,^ William,^ William, i) b. in Orange Jan. 11, 1826, m.
in Barre June 11, 1850, Rowena, dau. of Emory and Mary
Hastings of Barre. She d. Aug. i, 1857. He d. Aug. 8,


414. I. WALTER LEE, 8 resides in Meriden, Ct.

II. HELEN FRANCES,^ m. George F. Harrison, res. in Philadel-
phia, Pa.

227. SILAS,'^ (John,6 William,^ William,* Winiam,^ Wil-
liam,2 William, 1) b. Aug. 29, 1807, m. i^% Mary S., dau. of
David and Lucy (Everett) Littlefield, of Hopkinton, b. June
15, 1813 ; she d. June 28, 1875, after giving birth and train-
ing to eleven children. He m. 2'\ Sarah A. dau. of Morton
and Matilda (Thayer) Newhall, b. in Mendon, Aug. 13,
1835. He learned the trade of boot-maker, and wrought at
It in Milford many years. At 74 he could say he had "never


been sick enough to call a physician." "When my brothers
and I were boys we had to wear pants to school in winter
made of ticking, colored with birch bark. At noon I had to
sew on birch mats, and work evenings. We had but one hat
each for working days and Sunday, and wore the same to
meeting. I did not go to a military training till obliged to do
duty, in my 19*^ year." At this writing, April, 1897, he is
still living, in his 90*'' year.


420. I. CHARLES,^ b. May 6, 1833.

n. CORDELIA,^ b. June 3, 1834; m. i^S Asa I. Slayton; m. 2^,
Charles Mc Wales.

421. m. LYMAN,8 b. Sept. i, 1835.

IV. LOUISA JANEjS b. Feb. 2, 1837; m. Nov. 9, 1854, Oromatidel

V. JOHN HENRY,8 b. Oct. 26, 1838; d. June 11, 1843.
VI. GEORGE 0TIS,8 b. Feb. 20, 1840, d. Aug. i, 1842.
VII. GEORGE W.,8 b. Aug. 9, 1842, d. June 2, 1843.

422. VIII. ADIN BALL0U,8 b. April 30, 1845.

IX. ALVIN J.,8 b. Sept. 8, 1850, d. June 18, 1876.

423. X. WALDO E.,8b. June 5, 1853.

XI. MARY ETTA,s b. Nov. 2, 1857. Resides in Boston.

228. ZIBA," (John,6 William,^ WiUiam,* William,^ Wil-
liam, ^ William,^) b. Dec. i, 1810, m. i^* July 20, 1836, Sarah
Ormes ; she d. Nov. 18, 1842, and he was (pub.) 2*^ to Ann
Clark of Milford, March i, 1845.


I. AMANDA MALVINA,8b. Dec. 18, 1837.
II. HENRY C.,8 b. Nov. 10, 1842, d. Jan. 5. 1843.

229. ELBRIDGE," (John,^ Winiam,^ William,* Winiam,^
William,^ William, i) b. Sept. 13, 1815, m. i^^ in 1845, Susan
L. Allen ; m. 2'\ in Boston, Aug. 16, 1878, Mrs. Jennie M.
Roberts, dau. of Andrew L. and Eunice Ramsdell, b. in
Garland, Me., d. in Boston Jan. 8, 1893.


230. WILLIAM,' (John,6 William,^ William,^ Winiam,^
Winiam,2 William,!) b. Oct. 5, 1813, m. in 1838 Susan A.
Greenman, of So. Kingston, R. I.

231. JOSEPH,^ (John,6 William,^ William,^ William,^
William,2 William,i) b. Oct. 5, 1817, m. Oct. 9, 1838,
Almira Bragg, dau. of Jones and Hopestill (Corbett) Pond,
b. Milford, March 27, 1819. Resided in Milford till 1870;
rem. to Lincoln co., Kan.

I. AUGUSTA MARION/ b. Oct. 26, 1839, d. Oct. 9, 1843.
n. ONSLOW J0HN,8 b. and d. Sept. 7, 1844.
m. JOHN 0NSL0W,8 b. July 26, 1849, d. Jan. 16, 1862.
IV. JONES P0ND,8 b. June 9, 1853, d. Dec. 17, 1854.

439. V. CHARLES BI0N,8 b. Aug. 17, 1859.

232. CHANDLER,^ (John,^ William,^ William,* Wil-
liam,^ William,^ William, i) b. March 31, 1832, m. at Wren-
tham, Sept. 3, 1845, Mary H. dau. of Silas P. and Ann
(Gardiner) Greenman, of So. Kingston, R. I.

Residence, Milford.


440. I. ALMOND F.,8 b. Nov. 22, 1846.

n. THEODORE F.,^ b. July 26, 1849, d. Dec. 7, 1854.
in. HERBERT C.,s b. March 26, 1852, d. Dec. i, 1854.
IV. ELLA G.,8 b. July 17, 1854, d. June 14, 1859.

V. JOSEPHINE G.,8 b. April 27, 1858. A music teacher.
VI. MARY ELLA,8 b. June 10, i860, d. Jan. 28, 1864.

233. WARREN,^ (John,6 William,^ William,* William,3
Winiam,2 William,^) b. Feb. 24, 1824; m. Nov. 25, 1845,
Catharine, dau. of Nathan and Catharine (Morse) Fletcher,
b. in Milford, July 19, 1823.


441. I. LEANDER JOHN,^ b. May 22, 1847.

II. ANNETTE R,/ b. Sept. 13, 1849, d. Jan. 3, 1854.
III. WARREN E.,8 b. Oct. 6, 1851, d. Feb. 20, 1853.


IV, IDA,8 b. May 14, 1853, d. June 15, 1858.
V. ANNA R.,8 b. Feb. 23, 1855, d. Jan. 9, 1868.

442. VI. ARTHUR W.,8b. June 27, 1859.

VII. WALTER,* b. May 2, 1862, d. Sept. 2, 1S63.

443. VIII. FRANK E.,8b. Nov. 18, 1S64.

IX. ELLA U.,8 b. Nov. 23, 1867, d. Aug. 9, 1868.

234. SAMUEL," (John,6 William,^ William,* William,^
William,2 William,i) b. June 5, 1826, m. Oct. 6, 1848,
Emma Warner, dau. of Rev. John and Sabina (Warner)
Dale, b. Feb. 21, 1829. Resided in Boston: d. Oct. 7, 1881.


444. I. GEORGE R.,s

445. II. ALLISTON G.,s b. in Milford in i860.

235. ISAAC," (Levi,6 Levi,^ William,* William,^ Wil-
liam, ^ William, \) b. in Orange, Dec. 20, 1813, m. iVlice,
dau. of Asa Albee.

236. LUTHER," (Peter,6 Levi,^ William,* William,'^
William,^ William, i) b. in Orange Oct. 6, 1814, m. i** Mary
Buffum, of Richmond, N. H. m. 2'^ Mary Capron, of Win-
chester, N. H.

237. EDWARD PETER," (Peter,^ Levi,^ William,*
William,3 Winiam,2 William,i) b. March 27, 1817, m. Syl-
via J. Goddard of Orange. He was a blacksmith. He d.
in Boston Jan. 15, 1893.


238. ELIJAH," (Peter,6 Levi,^ William,* Winiam,^ Wil-
liam,^ William,^) b. in Orange, Jan. 20, 1820, m. Fatima
Barton of Orange. Removed to Winneconna, Wis.

239. NATHANIEL," (Peter,^ Levi,^ William,* Winiam,^
William,- William,^) b. in Orange, June 23, 1824, m. Nov.
26, 1846, Mary Angeline Eddy of Warwick, b. July 3, 1823.

He resided in Boston about six years, being in company


with G. W. Adams, S. A. Denio, cor. Causeway and Friend
sts. dealing in iron for buildings, bridges, &c. In 1852 he
went to New York as partner of D. D. Badger & Charles
Reed in the Architectural Iron Works ; the firm became
Cheney and Hewlett. This jSrm, of which Mr. Cheney was
vice-president and treasurer many years, furnished the iron
work of the Connecticut Capitol at Hartford ; a portion of
that used in the dome of the U. S. capitol building at Wash-
ington, D. C. ; also the iron work of the Congressional
Library which was constructed in the Capitol building, that
for the dome of the Conservatory of the Capitol gardens,
that for the famous "Ford's Theatre," and a part of that
used in the Treasury building. He resides now at Orange
and there he and his wife have celebrated their Golden Wed-
ding in the well-known "Cheney mansion," on the spot
where stood the old homestead in which they and his sister
Prudence and her husband were wedded on that eventful
November morning.

I. MARTHA R0SELLA,8 b. at Maiden, Mass. Aug. 17, 1849.
455. n. CHARLES EDWARD.^ b. at Greenpoint, N. Y. March 20,
HI. WILLIE E.,s b. in New York city July 11, d. Aug. 22, 1856.
IV. CLARA JANE,8 b. Nov. 24, 1857, m. Jan. 22, 1879, Arthur U.

Newhall of Orange, Mass.
v. MARY A.,8 b. in New York city April 24, d. July 24, 1859.
VI. LIZZIE ESTELLE,8 b. Aug. 10, i860.

VII. FRANK E.,8 b. in Brooklyn, N. Y. Sept. 13, 1861, d. Sept. 15,

VIII. LUTHER FLETCHER,s b. in Brooklyn, N. Y. June 4, d. Sept.

5, 1864.

240. EBENEZER,' (Peter,^ Levi,^ William,* Winiam,^
William,^ William,^) b. in Orange, Sept. 11, 1828, m. Kate
F. Dewing of Orange.

He is a shoe-maker. Has resided in Hinsdale, N. H.,
Fairlee, Vt. Grand Rapids, Mich., St. Paul, Minn., and
now lives in St. Joseph, Mo.



241. ALEXANDER,' (Alexander,^ Levi,^ William,*
William,^ William, ^ William, i) b. in Orange, June 30, 1828,
m. i*S in A. Oct. 4, 1853 Parna A., dau. of Elijah Chan of
Mechanics ville.

He m. 2'^ Aug. 13, 1856, Maria L. dau. of George W. and
Milly Moore of Athol. He was a printer.

ADELINE MARLA.,8 b. March 12, d. Sept. 15, 1861.

243. GEORGE B.,7 (Presson,^ Levi,^ William,^ Wil-
liam,^ William, 2 William,^) b. in Orange Dec. 2, 1847, m.
I®*, in Boston, July 10, 1870, Margaret, dau. of John and
Mary Conway, b. in Ireland in 1852 ; m. 2*^ Sept. 6, 1884,
Celestina, dau. of Angus and Isabel Nicholson, b. in Prince
Edward's island in 1848.

244. CHARLES N.,' (Presson,^ Levi,^ William,* Wil-
liam,^ William, 2 William, i) b. in Orange May 27, 1849, "^*
in Athol April 25, 1872, Mary, dau. of John and Addie Shan-
non, b. in Canada in 1852.


I. b. July 24, 1873.

n. MARY A.8 b. July 4, 1875.
HI. SYLVESTER O.s b. Jan. 9, 1S80.

245. ADOLPHUS M.,' (Penuel,^ Nathan,^ Joseph,*
Josiah,^ Joseph, 2 WilHam,!) b. in Sturbridge Oct. 19, 1803,
m. [Intention rec. in Boston July 25, 1827,] Laurinda Allen.

250. Rev. GEORGE NATHAN,- (Ephraim Warren,^
Nathan,^ Joseph,* Josiah, 3 Joseph, 2 William, i) b. at Canan-
daigua, N. Y. June 3, 1839, "^- ^^i^s Helen Weaver of
Branchport, N. Y. Two children of this union died in in-
fancy ; the wife d. soon after husband. He grad. at Geneva
Coll. in July, 1849, ^^^ ^^ ^^^ Theo. Sem. of Alexandria,
Va. in June, 1852. Was rector of St. Mark's church, Pen


Yan, of Trinity, Rochester, and of St. Luke's, Branchport,
N. Y. Was also chaplain of the 33*^ regt. N. Y. Vol. Infan-
try in 1862. He d. in Branchport, N. Y. June 12, 1863.

25 I . Dr. WILLIAM FITCH,' (Ephraim Warren,^ Na-
than,^ Joseph,* Josiah,^ Joseph, ^ William, i) b. in Canandaigua
CO. N. Y. Dec. 30, 183 1, m. Frances Elizabeth, dau. of
Cyrus D. and Eliza (Parmalee) Sheldon, b. March 17,
[1830] ; she d. April 25, 1873.

He was a druggist and manufacturing chemist at Canan-
daigua, N. Y., and was injured by an explosion of chemicals.
Giving up that occupation he studied medicine and became a
physician ; practised in Canandaigua till the outbreak of the
Rebellion. He enlisted and was hospital steward of the 27*^
N. Y. Vol. Inf. in service at Ball's Bluff and Bull Run.
Was on the staff of Gen. Slocum, with rank of Major. He
resigned to enter the work of the Sanitary Commission, and
had charge of their large establishment at Alexandria, Va.
He contracted yellow fever, and was forced to resign. In
1868 he went to California and settled at Chico in the upper
Sacramento valley, continuing in practice there until his
death. He was prominent in medical organizations, and was
at one time president of the State Medical Society. He d.
Oct. 5, 1879.


I. ELIZA PARMALEE,8 b. Sept. 28, 1856, m. July 23, 1874,
Adam Cortney Broyles. Children: (i) Jesse Lodelius Broyles, b.
April 28, 1877, d. Jan. 5, 1885, (2) Bessie Broyles, b. Sept. 15,
1879, d- J^"^- '5' "885) (3) William Burney Broyles, b. April 11,
1886, (4) Lodelia Claire Broyles, b. Nov. 27, 1888.

460. 11. LEMUEL WARREN,8 b. Sept. 3, 1858.

461. m. WILLIAM FITCH,^ b. Sept. 6, 1866.

252. Bishop CHARLES EDWARD,' (Ephraim
Warren,^ Nathan,^ Joseph,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ WiUiam,!) b. in
Canandaigua, Ontario co. N. Y. Feb. 13, 1836, m. April 25,


i860, Clara Emma, dau. of Alexander, jr., and Clarissa
(Brown) Griswold, of Summit co. O. She is descended
from Edward Griswold who came from England to Con-
necticut in 1639 ; her grandfather, Alexander Griswold, sen.
was a Revolutionary soldier. She is a writer of repute,
author of the "Young Folks' History of the Civil War"
published by Estes & Lauriat of Boston, and of "49 Tink-
ham Street," published by McClurg & Co. of Chicago, 111.
Charles Edward Cheney studied at Canandaigua Academy ;
graduated at Hobart College in 1857, and at the Theological
Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal church in Fairfax co.
Va. in 1859, ^^ ^^^ same class with the late bishop Phillips
Brooks. In i860 he accepted a call to Christ church, Chi-
cago, 111., which has been his parish ever since. After several
years' ministry he came to feel that the ritual of the Book of
Common Prayer contained one phrase he could not con-
scientiously use. From his heroic refusal to violate his
conscience came ecclesiastical censure and protracted trials
which brought man}^ elements of the discussion into promi-
nent view. Out of this and other causes there arose the
Reformed Episcopal Church of the United States, under the
lead of Bishop Cummins ; of which Mr. Cheney was elected
a bishop at its first Council, and consecrated Dec. 14, 1873.
He has carried the double responsibility of the pastoral and
episcopal offices since that time. No children.

253. JOSEPH PRESTON,' (Joseph,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,*
Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William, i) b. in Milton, Vt. May 27, 1815,
m. I*', in Holden, Oct. 5, 1840, Roxanna, dau. of Silas and
Sally Flagg ; she d. in Worcester Jan. 10, 1845, aged 24.
He m. 2'^ in Holden, Nov. 27, 1845, Philena, dau. of Silas
and Sally Flagg. He spent his youth at Salisbury, Vt. (to
which his father removed in 1819,) and then removed to
Holden; rem. to Quincy, 111. in 1840, returned in 1841 ;
resided in Worcester till 1846, when he made a permanent
home in Brookfield. Has been a farmer and a carpenter.
Is a deacon of the church.



I. GEORGE LYMAN,8b. June ii, 1841, m. in Boston, June 23,
1869, Ruth S., dau. of Mark W. and Olivia M. Ham. He d.
Oct. 20, 1874.
II. CHARLES FLAGG.s b. Sept. 5, 1846, m. i^t Frances M.
Walker, who d. in Jan. 1868, m. 2^ Louise E. Driver. He d.
Oct. 3, 1894.

III. ELIZABETH AUGUSTA,^ b. Feb. 2, 1848, d. Jan. 22, 1849.

IV. ELIZABETH PRESTON,^ b. Nov. 10, 1849, d. Oct. 26, 1874.
V. SARAH JANE,8 b. Aug. 26, 1852, m. Cur/is Gilbert. Children -.

(i) George Gilbert, (2) Ruby Gilbert.
VI. WILLARD PREST0N,8 b. March 15, 1856, d. Sept. 28, 1857.
VII. IDA MARI0N,8 b. Oct. 26, 1859, m. Feb. 8, 1896, Fra7ik

Castle of Willimantic, Conn.
VIII. MARIA ADELAIDE,^ b. April 26, 1861.
IX. EMMA J0SEPHINE,8b. Nov. 11, 1863.

254. Rev. SAMUEL WILLARD,' (Joseph,^ Josiah,^
Josiah,* Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William, i) b. Dec. 2, 1819, m. i**,
Agnes Venable ; she d. Nov. 23, 1857, and he m. 2*^, Lizzie
C. Gay, who only lived one year. He m. 3*^, Mary Harrison.
He was a graduate of Middlebury College and of Prince-
ton Theol. Sem. He became a Presbyterian minister. His
first pastoral charge was Springfield, Ky. where he gained a
strong hold on the respect and affection of the people. He
was called to Winchester, Ky., but his wife's ill health led
him to seek a climate which promised to give her relief, and
he removed to Mulberry, Ky. but returned to Winchester.
He then taught school for a while at Stanford, Ky. He
removed to Clinton, Mo. There his chronic disease, asthma,
was more severe than before, and he removed to Sardis, Miss.
where he was pastor of the church and teacher of a school.
There he died May 8, 1876. He was a man of retiring dis-
position, but much prized for valuable qualities.


I. SUSANNAH D0URIN,8b. Oct. 13, 1848, m. George Newbolt,
and had children: (i) Agnes Newbolt, (2) Lizzie Newbolt, (3)
William Newbolt, (4) George Newbolt, (5) Maud Newbolt.
She d. Jan. 27, 1881.


II. MARY FLUCE,8 b. June 3, 1850, d. Dec. 13, 1857.

III. ELIZABETH CAMERON,^ b. Dec. 5, 1851,111. Dec. 12, 1878,

F. W, Lewis, and resides at Clinton, La.

IV. JAMES EDWARD,8 b. Jan. 18, 1854, d. April 7, 1875.

V. WILLIAM PRESTON,^ b. March 8, 1856, m. May 25, 1896,

Adele Weincke, and has one child, Agnes.^
VI. NANNIE AGNES,8 b. Nov. 13, d. Dec. 13, 1857.

VII. MAGGIE,8 b. , m, D. Peye?-; she d. May 18, 1896.

VIII. DANIEL HARRISON, b. , m. Martha Dorsey, and has

one child, Leona.^ Is a resident of Louisville, Ky.

255. JAMES ESTABROOK,7 (Simon,^ Solomon Clark,^
Josiah/ Josiah,^ Joseph, ^ William/) b. in Holden Oct. 4,
1813, m. June 19, 1844, Caroline A. Davis.

In 1838 a Holden lady, returning from a visit in the South,
brought a young African girl as a nurse. Several citizens,
learning that she was negotiating to sell the girl back into
slavery, took legal steps to free the girl and completed the
work. Four of those who had taken part in this emancipat-
ing process were arrested on a charge of " conspiracy to
remove a person from voluntar}?- service " ; but the Court
found that the girl had plainly expressed her wish to be free,
and they were fully acquitted. One of these philanthropists
was James Cheney. He was representative to the legislature
in 1849; ^ member of the board of selectmen in 1861.

256. HARVEY A. ,' (Clark,^ Ebenezer,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^

Joseph,^ William,!) b. in Chesterfield, N. H. 1850, m.

in Boston, Feb. 27, 1880, Annie E., dau. of George and
Elizabeth Moore, b. in Somerville in 1862.


FRANK,8b. Oct.—, 1879.
HARVEY CLARK,8 b. June 5, 1883.

257. IRVING RHODES,' (Gustavus,^ Ebenezer,^ Tim-
othy,'^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William, i) b. Sept. 7, 1845, m. Vir-
ginia .

He resided in Boston. He d. June 24, 1878.


I, IRVING RHODES,^ b. March ii, 1869.
11. HELEN WIGHT/ b. Aug. 11, 1872.
III. MABEL VIRGINIA,^ b. Jan. 4, 1876. ,

259, RUFUS FRENCH,' (Samuel,^ Simon,^ Samuel,^
Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William, i) b. in Dedham in the year 1841,
m. in Boston, Dec. 21, 1876, Susan E., dau. of Isaiah and
Emma Ober, b. in Sedgwick, Me. in 1842.

He is in the milk business in Dorchester district, Boston.


I. EMMA DASC0MB,8 b. Jan. 20, 1S78.

II. EVERETT LANE,8 b. Feb. 10, 1884.

260. SAMUEL ELLIS,' (Samuel,^ Simon,^ Samuel,*
Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William,^) b. July 25, 1843; m. Oct. 20,
1869, Celia Louise, dau. of William and Louisa Colgate, of
Woburn, b. Feb. 18, 1850.

He has carried on the dairy business first in Dedham and
afterward in the suburban district (Roxbury) of Boston.

I. NETTIE L0UISE,8 b. June 6, 1870, d. Dec. 7, 1876.

II. HERBERT ELLIS.^ b. Sept. 2, 1874, d. Nov. 16, 1876.
m. WILLIAM ELLIS.s b. Aug. 2, 1876, d. March 28, 1882.
IV. HOWARD WALLACE,8 b. Oct. 13, 1881, d. April 8, 1882.

V. MARION GERTRUDE,8 b. Jan. 21, d. Feb. 13, 1883.
VI. CELIA L0UISA,8 b. Jan. 15, 1885.
VII. CLARA,8 b. Dec. 4, 1889.

26 I . SIMON W.,7 (Samuel,^ Simon,^ Samuel,* Josiah,^
Joseph, 2 William,^) b. in Dedham Dec. 8, 1850, m. Maria
A., dau. of Curtis and Anne Chamberlain.
He resides in Dedham.


I. GEORGE C.,8b. Jan. 17, 1883.

II. JOSEPH W.8, b. April 16, 1885.

III. WALDO E.,8 b. Feb. 4, 1890.

IV. CHESTER E.,8 b. Dec. 22, 1891.


262. ALBERT,' (Samuel,6 Simon,^ Samuel,^ Josiah,^
Joseph,^ William, 1) b. in Dedham Aug. 28, 1855, m. Ellen
E., , b. in N. Cambridge.

He resides in Jamaica Plain. Is in the milk business.


I. FLORENCE MARION, » b, in Boston Dec. 7, 1882.
11. LUCY EDNA,8 b. Sept, 9, 1884.
m. ALICE ELIZABETH,^ b. Sept. 25, 1886.

IV. AMY L0UISE,8 b. Nov. 4, 1888.

V. WALTER ELLIS,8 b. Jan. 9, 1891.

VI. MARGERIE.s b. Nov. 29, 1892.

263. MARTIN LUTHER,' (Luther,^ Simon,^ Samuel,*
Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William, 1) b. in Dedham July 17, 1846, m.
Jan. 14, 1871, Harriet A., dau. of Thomas and Harriet P.
Smith, b. in Andover Nov. 18, 1845, d. in Dedham June 10,

He resides at Medfield ; is a farmer and a dealer in cattle ;
his son is in the same business.


I. HARRIET ELIZABETH,^ b. Nov. 16, i87i,m. Feb. 15, 1890,
George Edward Boniiey J they have one child, Florence Ara-
bella Bonney.
II. GEORGE SYLVESTER,^ b. Aug. 3, 1873.
m. FRED. TH0MAS,8 b. Aug. 29, 1877; d. Aug. 24,1878.


Eighth Generation.

267. WILLIAM,^ (WilHam,' Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Wil-
liam,^ William,^ Thomas, ^ William, i) b. in Roxbury, March
25, 1816, m. Sept. 25, 1856, Mary Elizabeth.
He resides in New York City.


I. MARY ELIZABETH,^ b. Oct. 29, 1857.
11. EMILY,9 b. May i, 1859.

III. REBECCA JANE,9 b. July 18, 1861.

IV. ELLA,9 b. and d. in 1864.

470. V. WILLIAM,^ Jr. b. July 20, 1869.
VI. GE0RGE,9 b. April 5, 1876.

268. GEORGE SE AVER, 8 (William,^ Thomas,^
Thomas,^ William,'* William,^ Thomas,^ William, i) b. in
Roxbury, Dec. 12, 1825, m. April 23, 1848, Lucy Anna

He was a tin smith, resided in Roxbury and in Taunton.
He served in the 13*^ and 29*^'' Mass. regiments in the war
of the Rebellion, was twice wounded. He d. in June, 1886 ;
his widow d. in Nov. 1887.


I. EMILY J.,9 b. Dec. 12, 1848; m. in Boston April 18, 1871,
Isaac Sprague, jr. of B., b. in Washington, Me. in 1841. Child:
Alfred Sprague, resides in Dorchester. She d. in June, 1879.
II. SARAH B.,9 b. Nov. 7, 1850, m. George Chambers, resides at
Taunton. Children : Roy Chambers, Harold Chambers.

III. GEORGE E.,9 b. Jan. 1853 ; d. April 5, 1854.

IV. Infant, b. ; d. Feb. 7, 1855.

V. LUCY ANNA,^ b. March 12, 1856; m. Evans j res. in

"^■" Taunton ; dau. m. Frank Aldrich.

VI. GEORGIANA F.,9 b. July 15, 1859.
VII. WILLIAM,9 b. June 25, 1866.

279. ASA,8 (Calvin,' Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ Abiel,* Wil-
liam,3 Thomas,^ John,i) b. at N. Y. (twin with Abel^) Aug.
13, 1826, m. March 21, 1850, Catharine Griffith, of Ellery,
N. Y., b. Nov. 23, 1826. He is a farmer.
Resides at Ellery, N. Y.

I. FRANK,9 b. Feb. 26, 1852 ; m. April 10, 1879, Delia A. Palmer.
II. MARK,9 b. July 22, 1853; m. Feb. 26, 1884, Frances Ingerson.
III. WARD BEECHER,9 b. Aug. 6, 1854.


IV. MILES,8b. Oct. II, 1855; m. Aug. 18, 1886, Hattie B. Foster;
d. Sept. 27, 1889.

V. M0RRIS,9 b. March 14, 1858; m. Oct. 26, 1887, Anna B.

VI. MARTHA,9 b. May 3, i860.

VII. JENNIE,^ b. March 31, 1862, d. Sept. 30, 1865.

VIII. LILLIE,9 b. July 12, 1863, d. May 8, 1864.

IX. ALTA,9 b. April 12, 1866, d. April 3, 1867.

X. EVA,9b. Dec. 8, 186S.

XI. JOHN CALVIN,9 b. Sept. 29, 1871.

280. ABEL,8 (Calvin,- Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ Abiel,* Wil-
liam,'^ Thomas,^ William,^) b. at Chautauqua Co. N. Y.
(twin with Asa^) Aug. 13, 1826, removed to Wisconsin in
1857, and m. April 13, 1871, Alice J. Yates of Farmington,
La Crosse co. Wis. She was b. in the parish of Poplar,
London, England, Aug. 6, 1849.

Resides at Black River Falls, Wis.

I. FRANK JAMES,9 b. Jan. 29, d. Aug. 2, 1872.
II. MARION GARLAND,9 b. Sept. 14, 1875.

281. JOSHUA,8 (Calvin,' Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ Abiel,*
William,3 Thomas,2 William,^) b. in Ellery, N. Y. April 22,
1828, m. i'\ March i, 1852, Mary T. Gifford. She d. May
I, 1881. He m. 2'\ June 14, 1890, Harriet, widow of Sam-
uel Clark, of Busti, N. Y.

He resides at Jamestown, N. Y.

I. ALBERT,9 b. Dec. 25, 1854, d. Aug. 10, 1877.
474. n. A. M0RELLE,9 b. Aug. 7, 1857.

282. William,^ (Calvin,- Jonathan,^ Daniel, ^ Abiel,* Wil-
liam, ^ Thomas,^ William, i) b. in Ellery, N. Y. July 20, 183 1,
m. at Dakota Cit}^, Neb. June 18, 1868, Lucinda Aldina,
dau. of James and Fann}' Whitehorn, b. Sept. 10, 1846, in
Brandon, Vt.


He removed from the home farm in 1855, and in August
following took up his abode with other pioneers in Northern
Nebraska. Engaged in farming, milling and prospecting.
Was in government employ as a mechanical engineer on the
Winnebago reservation for 10 years. In 1876 removed to
Dakota City, Neb. where he now resides, fairly contented
with 800 acres of land.


I. EDWARD JAY,9 b. Oct. 8, 1869, d. May 3, 1880.
n. ROBERT LEE,9b. March i, 1871.

m. HOWARD BLY,^ b. Oct. 5, 1872, d. May 3, 1880.
IV. LULU MAY,9 b. Aug. 19, 1874.
v. ADDIE MABEL,9 b. June 24, 1878.
VI. WALTER,^ b. Nov. 8, 1881.
vn. GUY,9 b. Aug. 18, 1884.

283. DANIEL PARKHURST,8 (Daniel,^ Jonathan,^
Daniel,^ Abiel,* Winiam,^ Thomas,^ William,^) b. at James-
town, N. Y., m. I®*, Lucy, dau. of John and Amanda
(Hanchet) Parkhurst; m. 2*^ [in 1868] Minerva, dau. of
Henry and Rachel (Truesdell) Dickson, b. June 14, 1839.

He was a farmer. He resided at Aurora, 111. ; d. April
6, 1872.

I. FLORA A.,9 b. March i, 1858, d. Feb. 24, 1894.

II. MINNIE S.,9 b. Oct. 7, 1863.

m. FREDERICK D.,9 b. June 24, 1865.

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