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(5) Nathaniel Plumer, b. Jan. 31, 1665 ; (6) Jonathan Plumer, b.
May 23, 1668.

4. VI. PETER,2b. Newbury, 1638.

VII. LYDIA,2 b. Newbury, 1640; m. Nov. 12, i6s7,John Kenrick, of


VIII. HANNAH,2 b. Nov. 16, 1642 ; m. Nov. 16, 1659, Richard Smith,
Jr., of Ipswich. Children : Richard Smith, Daniel Smith, Martha
Smith, Nathaniel Smith, John Smith, Hannah Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Joseph Smith. Richard Smith, the
father, d. Sept. 24, 1714, aged 82 ; Hannah d. May 9, 1722.

IX. NATHANIEL,- b. in Newbury, Jan. 12, 1644; he does not
appear to have married. Before his death, which occurred April
4, 1684, he made a will, in which he bequeathed one third of his
estate (including what was yet to fall to him from his father's
estate). He gave it to his brother Peter and his sisters, Lydia
Kenrick and Elizabeth Cross ; but devised a few things to others.
His great Bible, after the death of his mother, was to go to his
sister Elizabeth, or, in the event of her death, to her son Daniel
Smith; his "skillet" to Sarah, eldest daughter of his brother
Daniel, or to •' his cousin," her sister Hannah ; he requested his
friends and brothers in the Lord, George Little and Cutting
Noyes, to act as executors. In his inventory we note " a parcel
of meadow at haverhill " appraised at ^25, which shows how he
had been looking westward. The records of Suffield in the Con-
necticut valley show that he had travelled much further, for he
had lands assigned him there Dec. i, 1680. He deeded this to
his nephew John, son of Peter, April i, 1684, just before making
his will. His name occurs in the list of the members of the
First Baptist church of Newbury, in 1681. George Little, one
of those he asked to attend to his estate, was a " brother " in
that particular church.

X. ELIZABETH,- b. in Newbury Jan. 12, 1647; m. Stephe7i Cross,
of Ipswich. After this marriage questions arose respecting
property, and John Perkins gave testimony (in 1672) that he was
present when the " widow Cheney " and Robert Cross, senior,
made a '• treaty, when Robert's son Steven was a suitor to Eliza-
beth, daughter of the widow." Stephen Cross died and his son
John, " a minor seventeen years of age," had guardian appointed
Jan. 22, 1704-5.


Second Generation.

2. JOHN,2 (John,i) b. in England about 163 1 ; m. April
20, 1660, Mary, dau. of Francis Plumer, of Newbury. His
brief life was passed in his native town. He must have


shown a good degree of courage and self-possession, as well
as business capacity, for the town chose him as one of its
constables in 1667, which gave him tax-collecting and the
service of a treasurer of civil and ecclesiastical funds, in addi-
tion to the duties of a guardian of the public peace. He fell
from the ranks of the town's conservative forces at the early
age of forty, dying Jan, 7, 1671. His widow afterward
married David Bennett, of Rowley, April 29, 1692.


I. MARY,3 b. March 29, 1661 ; m. July 24, 1684, Isaac Kilbortie.

Children: (i) Elizabeth Kilborne, b. Sept. 10, 1685; m. Joseph
Dresser. (2) Mary Kilborne, b. Sept. 10, 1685. (3) Martha Kil-
borne, b. Nov. 23, 1687; m. Benjamin Smith. (4) Jacob Kil-
borne. Isaac Kilborne was the son of George and Elizabeth
Kilborne; b. Jan. 26, 1659, d. Dec. 19, 1713. The clerk who
records his death adds that he was " dumb and deaf from his

II. A Child, b. 1662 ; d. Aug. 4, 1662.

III. MARTHA,^ b. Sept. ir, 1663 ; m. ist, June 4, 1691, John Leigh-

ton. He died Nov. 15, 1698, and Martha m. 2nd, June 26, 1702,
John Rogers.

IV. J0HN,3 b. Jan. 29, 1668. He entered the colonial service in the

time of fierce French and Indian conflicts, and embarked on the
expedition to Canada ; but fell a victim to small pox in Boston
harbor, and was buried at sea off Nantasket, Aug. 2, 1690. His
estate was divided between his sisters the following year. He
was one of the witnesses to the will of his captain, Philip Nel-
son, of Rowley, who spoke of himself as "going out under the
command of Sir William Phipps against the French at Nova
Scotia," dated April 9, 1691. Mary and Martha applied for
administration of John's estate " because he left no brother."

3, DANIEL,^ (John,i) b, in England about 1633; m. in
Newbury, Oct. 8, 1665, Sarah, dau. of John, Jr., and
Eleanor (Emery) Bayley, b. Aug. 17, 1644, d. Oct. 26,
1714. He was a man of great industry and sagacity, and
lived the life of a diligent farmer and useful citizen. He


brought up a large family and left an honorable name. He
and his wife were members of the church before 1675. The
town chose him as one of its two constables in 1688. The
Rate list mentions himself and his brother Peter and Peter's
son Peter. Daniel had at that time, 2 houses, ten acres
of plow land, 20 acres of meadow, 14 acres of pasture.
Peter, senior, possessed one house, i horse, 2 acres of plow
land, 6 acres of pasture, 2 cows and i "hogg" : and his
family consisted of 4 " heads". Peter, Jr., was simply en-
rolled, being a voter, but no property- is mentioned. Daniel
Cheney had the honor of being made a "freeman of the
colony" May 7, 1^3. John Pike, who was chosen lieuten-
ant of a company of militia in Newbury, fell under the dis-
pleasure of the General Court for some reason ; and several
persons in various parts of the count}' petitioned for his
pardon or restoration. But the Court, indignant at such
temeritv", at its session Oct. 19, 11^54, ordered every man who
had signed the petition to give bonds in the sum of £10, to
appear for trial at the local court, to show why they had
ventured to petition so boldly I Daniel Cheney, of Newbury,
was one of three rash men, who asked for fair play for their
officei*. No crime : and no punishment followed, of course.
He d. Sept. 10, 1694. x\s four of his children were under
age, Joshua Bayley was appointed guardian of John and
Eleanor ; and Joseph Bayley of Joseph and James. Before
she had become of age, however, Eleanor had married, be-
come a widow and married a second time I Dec. 22, 1694,
" Sarah Cheny " writes in a clear hand her refusal to admin-
ister upon the estate of her husband, and requests the ap-
pointment of her son, Daniel.

The inventory, which was taken by Tristram Coffin and
four others, Sept. 20, 1694, appraised the dwelling house,
barn, orchards, " plowland," pasture and meadow adjoining
and the "freehold," at £300: the house, land and barn in
possession of Nathaniel Bricket, at £30 ; other lands £48 : a
list of household effects follows, including books and napkins
and brass kettles, etc., " English Corne," and " Indian Corne,"


a loom, cooper's tools, utensils of husbandry, &c., showing a
prosperous estate; bringing the total to £567, 11 shillings.
The report of the commissioners who had been appointed
to divide the estate is so full of items of interest, that many-
will be glad to read it all.

The Division of the Estate of Daniel Cheney.

" We whose names are heerunderwritten, being chosen and appoynted by
the children of Daniel Cheny late of Newbury deceased to make a division
of the estate among said children, according to an Agreement bearing date
August the first 1698 and in the tenth year of his majestys Reign; and
acknowledged by said children theyr attorny and guardians befor the
honourable fonathan Corwin Judge of Probate &c on the sd. first of
August 1 698. HA VE divided and apportioned the said estate as f ol-
loweth : viz into nine equal parts i e —

To Daniel Cheny the eldest son of the said Daniel Cheny deceased
having made the first choyce according to the liberty given him in sd.
agreemt, Have chosen : two ninth pts of the Housing whear the deceased
did dwell, Also the ffreehold Lett in the upper woods, (which ye sd daniel
cheney deceased did draw) and the rate Lott which was laid out to the sd.
Daniel Cheny deceasd ; also the whole neck of meadow as it is bounded
with the Mill River and John Pikes meadow, bounded with stakes and
holes dug. Also an Island of Creek grass lying in the Mill River also two
ninth parts of all the division or divisions of lands that shall be laid out to
the Rights of the said daniel cheny deceased in any of the Comons or
undivided lands of Newbury which we account & judge to be two ninth pts
of said estate Real, And two ninths of the personall estate wch is ^18-
I5s-4d we leave in his hand as he was appoynted Administratr to sd
estate, he paying to John Cheny ^3-1 7s-od as mony and to Joseph Cheny
^8-i3s-iid and to James Cheny ^8-i3s-iid and to John Richards ;^ 1-9-2
and to the Widow ;^4-i4s-8d all as mony out of the personall estate.

To fohn Cheny two ninth pts of the housing wher the deceased did
dwell Also the third lott in the plow land by the house in breadth at the
Comon Six Rods, and at the Southerly end Six Rods — twelve feete and
a half running from a stake by the stone wall near the Comon on a streight
line ; on the westerly side to a stake by the stonewall by the pasture, taking
in the northwest corner of the Barne being in breadth ther about thirteen
Rods & 2 foote taking pt. of the dwelling house, Also about ten acres of
pasture and meadow adjoyning to his upland and is bounded wth the fence
of the corne field northerly by his owne land and Mr. Brumfields easterly,
and southerly by the River as it runs from Mr. Brumfields land to a wal-
nut tree on the Hand marked and stone about it and from that Walnutt


tree on a straight line to a forked walnutt tree standing neer the field : and
from thence to the field on a straight line and then by the fence of the field
as it now stands, Also one ninth pt of all the division & divisions of land
which shall be laid out in any of the comons or undivided lands of New-
bury which shall be laid out to any of the comon Rights that did belong to
Daniel Cheny late of Newbury deceasd, and three pounds & 17s to be
paid to him by the Administrater viz Daniel Cheny as mony out of the
personall estate.

To Joseph Cheny one ninth pt of the Housing, also the second lott in the
plow land which is in breadth next the Comon six Rod ten foote and three
Inches, and at the lower and Six Rod ten foote and three inches. Bounded
northerly by ya comon, westerly by the third Lott, southerly by John Chenys
pasture and meadow, and easterly by James Chenys plowland, Also ten
acres of Pasture & meadow, be it more or less, Bounded easterly by John
Chenys Pasture and meadow. By the River Southerly, by the land of John
Richards westerly & Southerly & by the Mill River partly westerly and by
James Chenys Pasture & meadow northerly. Also one ninth part of all
the division or divisions of land that shall be laid out to the Rights of
Daniel Cheny deceasd in any of the comons or undividlands of Newbury &
8_2^-i3S-iid to be paid as mony by the Administratr out of the personal

To James Cheny one ninth part of all the housing, also the first Lott in
the Plow land by the house being in breadth next the comon six Rods ten
foote and three inches. Bounded northerly by the Comon, easterly by Mr
Brumfields land, southerly by John Chenys Pasture and meadow and west-
erly by Joseph Chenys Plowland (the orchard being in the first and second
lotts) Also ten acres of upland and meadow be it more or less. Bounded
easterly by the fence of the corne field as it now stands, northerly by the
fence runing from the corne field to the Creek, and then the Creek is the
northerly Bounds & Southerly by Joseph Chenys meadow the line runing
from the Creek to a stake and so over the southerly end of a ledg of Rocks
on a streight line to a white oak tree marked, neer the Corne field, (which
white oak tree parts between Joseph Cheny and James Cheny) and so to
the fence of the field which is the Bounds as it now standeth. Also one
ninth part of all the division or divisions of land which shall be laid out to
the rights of the said Daniel Cheny deceased in any of the Comons or un-
divided lands of Newbury & 8^-i3S-iid as mony to be paid by the Ad
ministratr out of the personall estate.

To John Richards (who married wth Sarah Cheny the daughter of
Daniel Cheny deceased) Having already receivd a House & lands & or-
chard of the Administratr to sd estate, out of sd Estate wch house land &
orchard the sd John Richards hath sold, that not being the full of his part
we have laid out to him in full of his ninth pt of sd estate three acres of


upland and meadow be the same more or less bounded southerly & westerly
by the River, and northerly by Joseph Chenys meadow runing from a stake
by the River to an other stake a white oake and red oak tree being in the
range and easterly by Joseph Chenys land runing from the corner stake on
a straight line to a little walnutt tree by the River, Also six acres of Divi-
dent land in the playnes, Also one ninth part of all the division or divi-
sions of land which shall be laid out in any of the comons or undivided
lands of Newbury to the rights of the said Daniel Cheny (deceasd) and
i_;^-9s-2d more than what he hath already received to be paid by the
Administratr as mony out of the personal estate.

To John E/nerson who married wth Judith Cheny the daughter of
Daniel Cheny deceasd one ninth part of the housing also the rate Lott
formerly purchased (which lott was origenaly laid out to Mr. Richard
Kent late of Newbury deceased) lying in the upper woods in Newbury,
Also about five acres & a half of meadow lying between the creek and the
neck of meadow, laid out to Daniel Cheny & John Pikes meadow (i e) all
yt Peice of meadow bounded as aforesd excepting about an acre and a
half of meadow staked out at the Easterly end, Also one ninth part of all
those division or divisioAs of lands, which shall be laid out to the comon
rights of the sd Daniel Cheny deceased in any of the comons or undivided
lands of Newbury, he paying as mony to the Administrator 8^-33-1 id
which is for so much of the personall estate that he hath received of the
Administratr more than his part.

To Richard J acktnan, as he is Attorny to and the purchaser of all the
rights that mr. Thomas Wisewell of New Towne in the County of Middle-
sex who maried wth Hanah Cheny Daughter of Daniel Cheny deceased
and of Eloner the daughter of the said Daniel Cheny deceasd formerly
Satchell, widdow, and now Safford, All the right that the sd Hanah &
Eloner had or might have in the estate of theyr said father Daniel Cheny
the sd Jackman having purchasd the said rights before this division of sd
estate was made & wth the desire and consent of the Administratr that
the lands should be divided among the children. We have for the two
aforesd Rights viz of Hanah and Eloner purchased by said Jackman laid
out unto the sd Jackman two ninths of the housing, and all the westerly end
of the Plow land as it is bounded with the land of John Cheny easterly
and by the fence of sd field northerly westerly & southerly as it now stands,
to a stake standing about a Rod from the southeast corner of the leanto
and so on a streight line to a stake next the comon. Also about fourteen
acres of upland and meadow bounded easterly by the comon, northerly and
westerly by John Pikes upland and meadow and a creeke and southerly by
a fence yt parts said land from James Chenys land, Also about an acre and
half of meadow lying on the northwest side of the great Creek as it is
bounded southerly by John Emersons meadow and by John Pikes meadow


and the creek on the other sides, Also two ninth parts of all the division
or divisions of lands that shall be laid out to the rights of Daniel Cheny
late of Newbury deceased in all the comons or undivided lands of New-
bury, he paying to the Administratr for what Thomas Wisewell formerly
received of said Administratr towards his portion or share of said estate
the sum of eleven pounds 17s & iid, and for what Eloner Satchell alias
Safford had received of the Administratr towards her share or portion of
said estate the sum of nine pounds 2s & iid, of wch sums ten pounds is
to be paid to the administratr by sd Jackman in good and lawfuU mony &
the rest in good pay as mony, to be paid at or before the first day of may
next ensuing the date hereof.

We asfree and determine that each of the children and the\T successors
forever shall have liberty to pass & repass to and from theyr shares of
land heerin mentioned thru any of the rest of the lands wch slide [sic ?] on
horse back or on foote provided they can't conveniently go uppon theyr
owne to make improvement, and for those of the children that have a share
in the housing to have free egress and regress to and from the dwelling
house, and well, and Barne, and also to have liberty of a convenient Barne
yard wth convenient room to lay fyrewood by the dwelling house to them
theyr heyrs & successors for Ever.

Also we agree that John Cheny shall improve and have the grass that
grows uppon the acre and half of meadow on the northwest side of the
creek for three years and then it shall be and remain to Richard Jackman
as aforesaid.

Also that the Administratr shall pay to Richard Jackman thirty six shill-
ings in or as mony.

ALLJVA VS PROVIDED that in all the divisions of Housing & lands
abovenamed the widows thirds are reserved for her in every share.

Also we agree and determine that notwithstanding this division of the
lands heerin made yet any of the children shall have liberty to remove off
any of theyr goods of off sd lands any time within six moneths after this

Also that if any farther Debts should be recovered of the Administratr
that were due from the deceased it shall be equally borne by all the chil
dren. and if any estate shall appear belonging to the deceased more than
yet doth appear it shall be divided among the children By the same rule
that this now is.

In confirmation and in testimony that this our agreement as to the
division of the estate of Daniel Cheny late of Newbury deceased into
nine equal parts according to our best Judgments having refference to the
Inventory- given in to the Judg of probats &c as our guide and the division
of sd estate to the children of the said daniel cheny deceasd above men-
tioned to be an estate of Inheritance to them & theyr heyrs for ever we


have heer unto set our hands & seales this 29th day of November Ano
Domini 1698 & in the tenth year of his majes Reign —

Tristram Coffin (Seal)

Immediately after the
signing sealing & de-
livery heer of to the
sd Administratr and
children the sd Admin-
istratr did give possession
of the sd parts of said
estate to Richard Jackman
wch wr purchasd by sd
Jackman of Eloner &
Hanah above mentioned in
our presence :

Tristram Coffin
John Worth
Henry Short "

John Worth (Seal)

Henry Short (Seal)


I. SARAH,^ b. Sept. 11, 1666; m. June 16, i6g6,/o/tn Richards, jr.
of Newbury. Children: Mehitabel Richards, Sarah Richards,
Joseph Richards, James Richards, John Richards. They re-
moved after 171 5 to Rochester, N. H. and the family suffered
severely during the Indian wars. Joseph was killed, John was
taken prisoner, Benjamin rescued a boy from the Indians at
Fort WilHam Henry. [See Richards Genealogy and Hist. Hillsb.
CO., N. H.]
II. JUDITH,^ b. Sept. 6, 1668 ; xa.. John Emerson.
5. m. DANIEL,^ b. Dec. 31, 1670.

IV. HANNAH,3b. Sept. 3, 1673; rn- ^t Newbury, ist, Dec. 17, 1696,
Lieut. Thomas IVistuall of Cambridge Village or Newton. They
resided on the homestead of his father, on the south side of the
Charles river, in the region where Thomas Cheney, son of
William of Roxbury, was living. Children : (i) Hannah Wiswall,
b. Oct. 15, 1697. (2) Noah Wiswall, b. Sept. 7, 1699. (3) Sarah
Wiswall, b. March 4, 1701, m. John Newman. (4) Mary
Wiswall, b. Oct. i, 1702. (5) Elizabeth Wiswall, b. Aug. 25,
1704, m. Nathaniel Longley, jr. (6) Thomas Wiswall. (7) Ichabod
Wiswall. Lt. Thomas Wiswall d. 1709. The widow, Hannah,
m. 2nd, in June, 1719, Dea. David Newman of Rehoboth. It


may be worth noting that Thomas Wiswall was a second cousin
of Deborah Wiswall the wife of William Cheney, Jr. of Roxbury.

6. V. J0HN,3 b. July 10, 1676.

VI. ELEANOR,^ b. March, 29, 1679 ; m. ist, on the same day as her
sister Hannah, Dec. 17, 1696, Richard Shatswell (Satchell) of
Ipswich; m. 2nd, Oct. 7, 1698, Thomas Safford, of Ipswich, son
of John and Sarah Safford, b. Oct. 16, 1672.

7. VII. JOSEPH,^ baptized April 9, 1682.

8. VIII. JAMES,3 b. April 16, 1685.

4, PETER,2 (John,i) b. in New^bury about 1639 5 ^- ^^7
14, 1663, Hannah, dau. of Dea. Nicholas and Mary (Cutting)
Noyes, b. Oct. 30, 1643. Nicholas was a brother of Rev.
James Noyes of Newbury, and was a son of Rev. William
and Anne (Parker) Noyes, of Cholderton, Eng. Rev. Wil-
liam Noyes, the father, was a clergyman of excellent repute ;
their mother, Anne, was a daughter of Rev. Robert Parker,
a very celebrated preacher and author. Her will, probated
April 20, 1658, bequeathed something to her sons James and
Nicholas in New England. Hannah (" Johannah "), dau.
of Nicholas and Mary (Cutting) Noyes, born in Newbury
Oct. 30, 1643, became the wife of Peter Cheney. Capt. John
Cutting, whose sister, Mary, married Nicholas Noyes, was
an adventurous sea-captain from London. He made his
home at Charlestown at an early day ; was engaged in fishing
about Cape Ann in 1640, and made his home in Newbury
shortly after. June i8th, 1663, Peter Cheney bought of John
Bishop, (his wife, Rebecca, joining in the deed,) " all the
mill and mill house lately erected in Newbury on the little
river between land of Nicholas Noyes and land lately of W""
Gerrish, with the stones, wheel, cog, trough, six mill bills,
iron barr, the rope that puts up the stone, and a shop lately
sett up neere to y*^ above said mill", and the riparian rights,
for "two hundred and fifty pounds sterling". Here he did
good service as a miller for a few years, and trained up his
sons to the business.

March 7, 1670, " Peter Cheney proposed to the town for an
acre of land on or about the little hill this side the mill, to


build a wind mill upon to grind corn for the town when the
water mill fails". This was granted on "condition that he
build a good mill to answer the end proposed for and so long
as the mill is made and maintained for the said service and
no longer ". Jan. 5, 1687 " a committee was appointed to treat
with Peter Cheney about setting up a corne mill and a fulling
mill upon the Falls river."

Peter Cheney, as he found himself nearing the close of his
life, conveyed by a deed of gift to his son John, Nov. 4,
1693, his house and land lying on the north side of Falls
River with 50 acres of land, his corn mill, the great dam in
the stream, the water course to the mill, and all convenient
mill sites below the mill that belonged to him ; and a joint
interest with himself in one acre of land on the south side of
the river, where he and his sons were then erecting a saw
mill. John was to have one half of the house and one third
of the mill until the death of both parents ; then to come into
full possession.

Jan. 10, 1694-5, Peter, — his wife, Hannah, signing with him
in both deeds — conveyed by a similar deed to his son Peter,
one-half of the saw mill and yard with the stream of water to
the mill and 24 acres of timber land lying on the southerly
side of Falls river.

An Important Deed.

" To all people to whom these presents shall come I Peter Cheny senior
of Newbury in the County of Essex in the Province of the Massachusetts
Bay in New England; America send greeting A'^^wj^ that I the said Peter
Cheny senr. for divers good causes & considerations me thereunto moving
but especially for & in consideration of the naturall affection which I Bear
to my loving son Peter Cheny Junr of the town & county aforesaid have
Given Granted aliened & confirmed & Do by these presents give grant
aliene & confirm unto my said son Peter Cheny Junr. Twenty four acres
of Land be the Same more or Less Lying in the Township of Newbury on
the southerly side of falls River Bounded Easterly by a Tract of Land
which I formerly gave by a deed of gift to my said son Peter Cheny Junr.
Southerly & Westerly by the Common land of Newbury & Northerly by an
acre of Land Reserved by me for a Saw mill yard and the ffalls river also

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