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woman. As "Mary Hohiies " witnessed a deed of Peter
Chene}^ in 1702, and the author of the Poor Genealogy says
that in a document known to him Peter Cheney calls Henry
Poor (who had married Mary Holmes) his " son-in-law," it
may be gathered that Mary, wife of Peter Cheney was a
widow Holmes at the time of her marriage to him ; having
at least one child, Mary Holmes. That is all that has been
ascertained, however, after much investigation.

Peter Cheney was one of those valiant Newbury soldiers
who " served in the blockhouse" in defence against Indians
in 1704, and received pay, — "allowance of 16 shillings
and 5 pence," for the same.

His father gave him fifteen acres of land Dec. 3, 1690,
and a half interest in the saw-mill on Falls river with twenty-
four acres of land more, Jan. 10, 1694-5 ; certain rights in
this he sold to Francis Wainwright of Ipswich Dec. 30, 1696.
It seems to be clear that he continued in the saw-mill business
through man}^ years. July 2, 17 14, he sold one half of his
homestead to his son Nicholas.

Peter Cheny and Mary his wife sold to their son Nicholas Cheny,
all of the town of Newbury, for ^30, " the one halfe part of a certain tract
of land in the Towneship of Newbury which was given to me by my Father
Peter Cheny of Newbury deC^. by a Deed of gift bearing Date the twenty
third day of December sixteen hundred and ninty which deed was
fifteen acres be it more or less as it is bounded by the falls River on the
North by land of Nathan Wheeler and land formerly laid out to Robert


Robertson and Town Common on the South and by land of Benjamin
Pearson on the West which halfe of Said fifteen Acres is the western end
adjoyning to said Benjamin Pearson's land Only I reserve to my selfe &
my heires and assigns forever a way of one Rood & a halfe broad on the
South side of said halfe of said fifteen acres from the Comon to the Eastern
halfe of said Fifteen acres." July 2, 1714.

April 14, 17 18, he signed a power of attorney for the
settlement of the estate of his uncle, Rev. Nicholas Noyes,
in conjunction with brothers and sisters and cousins. This is
the last record we have found relating to him.


25. I. NICHOLAS.^b. March 14, 1692.

n. RHODA,* b. Oct. 20, 1695, bapt. Oct. 14, 1696,

26. m. BENJAMIN,^ b. Jan. 6, 1698.

I O. JOHN,3 (Peter,2John,i) b. in Newbury, May 10, 1666,
m. March 7, 1793, Mary, dau. of James, ^ (James,^ Lionel ^)
Chute and Mary (Wood) ; she was b. Sept 16, 1674.

He learned the trade of carpenter, both as house-builder
and mill-wright, and also mastered the business of a miller
and cloth-finisher, it would appear. We have seen that his
father put him in possession of the grist-mill Nov. 24, 1693,
and there he carried along the family business some years.

The travels and investment of his uncle Nathaniel must
have interested him in his youth, and the gift of that uncle's
Suffield property gave him a reason for going to the Con-
necticut valley. He did not keep that estate long, we see ;
but his mind had expanded, and he opened the way for
others, and went temporarily in that direction.

"KNOW ALL MEN by these presents That I Nathanael Cheny of
Newbuery In the County of Essex, In new England, Have freely, firmely>
and absolutely Given unto my Cousin John Cheny second son of my brother
Peter Cheny of the sd Newbuery, all my Right, Title, and Interest in all
those lands and grounds ; with all the priveledges, and appurtenances
thereto belonging. Lying Situate, and being within the Towne bounds
called Southfield, alias Stony brook within the colony of the Massachu-
setts; In New England. I say I have absolutely Given, freely, and firmely



all my s*^ land Ij'ing and being within the Towne afores** ; according as It
is recorded In the Towne Records; To Have and to hold, and It peaceably
to Injoy, he the sd John Cheny, and his heirs, the s'^ land with all the
priviledges, and appurtenances thereunto belonging forever without any
molestation or hinderance from the perpetual using, and behoofing, and
occupying the sd land by, or under me, my heirs, Exec''^, administrators,

and assigns.

In Witness to the abovewritten. I the s^ Nathaniel Cheny have hereunto
set my hand, and seal this First day of April : anno : Domini : one thousand,
six hundred, and Eighty and four.

Nathanael Cheny | and a seal.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
In p'"sence of us Witnesses
Stephen Cross
John Karanick [Kenrick]

The above writings were acknowledged

by Nathanael Cheny to be his act,

and Deed.

April : i s^^ : 1 684

Before me.

John Woodbridge : assist*

Febry 7f»> 1698 : This Deed was
Received Into the Registers
office, and was then Registred

from the Original

p John Pynchon Regisf."

A part of this land, specifically described as in the town of
Suffield and as laid out to Nathanael Cheny, late of Newbury,
deceased, John Cheny of Newbury sold to Jacob Adams of
Suffield Nov. 8, 1698.

John Cheney of Newbury house carpenter, with wife
Mary, sold to Thomas Gillett of Suffield all his rights in
common and undivided lands in Suffield derived from Na-
thanael Cheney, April 10, 1723.

He followed his eldest son, Edmund, into what was to
them "the western country" in 1724, and made his home in
Weston several years, residing in the portion of the town
which became incorporated as Sudbury ; but he returned
again and spent his declining years in his native town. His


home was so near the border of Rowley that he is sometimes
named as of that town. He furnished part of the capital

for Edmund's western investments, and also provided for
his youngest son. Oct. 27, 1724, "John Cheney, late of
Newbury but now living in Weston," bought of "John Warrin,
senior," a house and 120 acres of land in Weston, and made
over one half of the estate to " my son John Cheney, now
dwelling with me." The Weston church records show
something about the length of this residence.

" Deacon John Cheney & Mary his wife recomend*^ & dismiss'^ fro"" a C^
in Newbury (under y^ Pastoral care of M'' Hale) rec'd into o'' Comunion
Aug. 23, 1724."


" 1730- July 26, Dismiss'! ^ recomend^ to y® C^^ in Newbury und"" y®
care of M-^ Tufts."

The records of the Second church of [West] Newbury
state that " Dea. Cheney and his wife were received into
this church by dismission from the chh. at Westown," in
1 73 1. For some reason they chose to join that church instead
of that at Byfield ; and sometime afterward they were dis-
missed from West Newbury to the Second church of Rowley,
now the church of Georgetown, where this interesting me-
morial of a respected man is left on record :

" Dea. John Cheney of Newbury Newtown, who did reside in the z^
Parish in Rowley Mass. & was a member of the chh. in said parish, died
Sept. 2, 1750. The wife of said Dea'i John Cheney died Sept. 10, 1750."


27. I. EDMUND,* b. June 29, 1696.

II. MARTHA,* b. July 30, 1700, m. Nov. 17, 171 5, Tristram Coffin,

Jr. [No children recorded.]
III. MARY,* b. Nov. 14, 1701, m. [Intention filed July 25, 1719,]
Francis Brocklebank,


IV. SARAH,* bapt. Oct. 4, 1703. "Sarah Cheeney, singlewotnan,"
was admitted to the West Newbury church Dec. 31, 1727.

28. V. JOHN,* b. May 23, 1705.

VI. JUDITH,* bapt. April 6, 1707.

I I , ELDAD,3 (Peter,2 John,i) b. in Newbury Oct. 24,
1681, m. i^' Dec. 31, 1707, Mary Walker of Bradford; the
ceremony was performed by the bridegroom's uncle, " Col.
Noyes Esq." as the town clerk designates him. He pur-
chased a tract of land in Bradford of Samuel Hale, — 30
acres for £15, June 23, 17 12, and made his home there.
His wife d. there in 1733, and he m. 2^, in Rowley, March

28, 1734, Joanna Woodbury.

He d. in 1755-6. His will, proved April 17, 1756, gave
due portions to his wife, his daughters, Hannah Spofford,
Mary and Joanna " Chaney " and a double portion to his
only son, " Ichabod Chaney." He was the first of the de-
scendants of "John Cheney" of Newbury to change the
spelling of the name to Chaney ; a stjde altogether foreign to
the English usage, and adopted only to give the current
pronunciation, it is supposed.


29. I. ICHABOD,* b, March 7, bapt. in Byfield church March 12, 1710.
II. HANNAH,* b. May 18, 1712, m. March 6, 1 734-5, David Spofford

of Rowley.

III. MARY,* b. June 29, 1735, m. April 14, 1757, Ebenezer Te7i7iey

of Bradford.

IV. JOANNA,* b. May 5, 1738, m. June 25, 1761, Daniel Tenney of



Fourth Generation.

I 2. DANIEL,* (Daniel,^ Damel,^ John,i) b. in Newbury
July 16, 1699, m. in Wells, Me. March 12, 1723-4, Sarah
Littlefield of Wells. He removed to his wife's native place
and there became a valued member of the church and town ;


resided there the remainder of his life. He bought land in
1728, 1731J and 1742 ; his home was in the northern part of
the town on "Maryland Ridge". He deeded land to his
"eldest son, Joseph," in 1753, and to his "youngest son,
Reuben" in 1761.

He was one of the appraisers of the estate of Joseph Hills
Aug. 17, 1743 and of Nathaniel Gatchell June 30, 1753.


I. MARY,^ b. in Newbury May 22, 1725.

30. n. J0SEPH,5 b. in Wells Feb. 7, 1726/7.

31. m. DANIEL,^ b. in Wells bapt. in 1728/9.

32. IV. REUBEN, 5 b. Jan. 17, 1732.

13. JOHN,4 (Daniel,3 Daniel,2 John,i) b. in Newbury
March 10, 1702, m. July 27, 1732.

He d. at the early age of 36. May 18, 1738, the widow
as administratrix of his estate, gave bonds, her husband's
brother Nathaniel joining therein. He was guardian of the
children and attended to their receiving the slender estate of
their father and the timely portions which came to them from
the larger property of their grandfather, Daniel ^ Cheney.

The widow m. 2'\ Dec. 30, 1740, Nathan Chase.

I. JOANNA,^ b. Jan. 1735, m. Sept. 24, 1754, Nathan Allen.

II. DANIEL,5 b. and d. in 1736.

33. III. DANIEL,^ b. March 10, 1737.

IV. SARAH,5 b. in 1739, ™- March 29, 1750, Moses S7nith, Jr.

I 4. THOMAS,* (Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Newbury
Feb. 25, 1703, m. May 17, 1726, Hannah Stevens, [sup-
posed to have been dau. of John, Jr. and Mary Bartlett Ste-
vens, b. in Haverhill March 16, 1704-5.] He bought a
house, barn, and 20 acres of land in Haverhill, March 24,
1741, for £150. This section became a portion of Plaistow,
N. H. when the new boundary line was run, and he became
a citizen of New Hampshire without removing from Massa-
chusetts !


His will, dated ]March 4, 1767, proved June 24 following,
showed line consideration for his wife, and bequeathed either
land or money to each of his children, Daniel, Duston,
Thomas, John, James, Hannah, Abigail, Sarah, Ruth and
Susanna; and gave to his grandchildren, Nathaniel, son of
Daniel, and Thomas, son of Duston, his half-rights in " Perrie's
Town so-called ", which was incorporated some 3'ears later
as Sutton, N. H., and where many of his descendants lived
in after years.


I. HANNAH,^ b. in Newbury March 20, 1727.

34. n. DANIEL,= b. in Haverhill Jan. 10, 1728-9.

35. m. DUSTON,° b. in Haverhill May 3, I73i-

36. IV. THOMAS,^ b. in Haverhill July 31, 1733.

v. MARY,^ b. in Haverhill Jan. 20, 1735-6.
vi. NATHANIEL,^ b. March 16, 1737-8; d. young.

37. vn. JOHN,^ b. in Plaistow, N. H., June 2, 1740.

38. vni. JAMES,^ b. in Plaistow, N. H., Aug. i, 1742.

IX. ABIGAIL,^ b. in Plaistow, N. H., Dec. 18, 1744.
X. S ARAH,5 b. in Plaistow, N. H., Nov. 2, 1 746.
XI. RUTH,5 b. in Plaistow, N. H., April 29, 1749.
XII. SUSANNA,5 5_ jn Plaistow, N. H., Dec. 29, 1753.

I 5, NATHANIEL,-^ (Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in New-
bury Nov. 25, 1711, m. Oct. 25, 1733, Kezia, dau. of Isaac
and Rebecca x\nnis. She sold her share in the estate of her
father to her brother Isaac in 175 1. He was admitted to the
West Newbur}' church Nov. 23, 1735. He was a shoe-
maker, or " cordwainer," as the old title was. He bought
of Abraham Chase, for the sum of £156, Jan. 15, 1744, part
of Chase's homestead in the North Precinct of Haverhill,
containing 12 acres and 12J3 rods. Feb. 7, 1755, having
meantime chancred his residence over the line into Plaistow,
N. H., he bought j4 of a 10 acre tract in the neighboring
township of "Newtown," N. H. He is called in this deed
" yeoman and cordwainer."



I. REBECCA,^ b. Jan. 18, 1734-5, m- Feb. 13, 1755, one record says
" Daniel Richardson 3<i," the county record says " David Rich-
ardson." She d. Dec. 27*^^, 1763.

39. II. J0HN,5 b. April 5, 1739.

III. HANNAH,^ b. Aug. 11, bapt. Aug. 16, 1741, m. in Haverhill
Aug. 4, 1763, Benjainin Hwikhis of H.

40. IV. ISAAC,^ b. June 3, 1744.

41. V. NATHANIEL,5b. Oct. 7, 1747.

16. JOHN,4 (John,3 Daniel,2 John,i) b. in Newton Jan.
10, 1704, m. April 24, 1729, Lydia, dau. of William and
Sarah Burrage, a sister of his step-mother [See Burrage
Memorial.] He was a farmer. He and his wife sold Capt.
Samuel Hendley of Charlestown, May 30, 1735, a tract of land
in Newton. With his son John he sold a tract to Jesse Knapp,
Aug. 31, 1762. These two were among the petitioners for
the formation of West Dedham into a " precinct " and parish ;
which was the origin of the town of Dover. He lived to be
a feeble and lonely man, cared for in the home of his nephew,
James Cheney. He d. Jan. 19, 1789.

I. LYDIA,^ b. Dec. 14, 1731, rn. May 14, 1766, TJio?nas Draper.

42. II. JOHNjS b. about 1733.

I 7. TIMOTHY,* (John,3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Newton
April 18, 1713, m. July 21, 1737, Sarah, dau. of Thomas
and Elizabeth (Jackson) Prentice* of Newton, b. Nov. 3,

*CAPT. THOMAS PRENTICE, b. in England about 1621, was a citizen, " freeman," and
farmer in Newtown [Cambridge] at a very early day, and with his wife, Grace, was a member of the
church there previous to 1652. It is not known whether he was related to Valentine Prentice of
Roxbury, (163 1) or Henry Prentice or Prentiss of Cambridge. He was captain of a troop of cavalry
and did great execution in the Indian conflicts particularly in King Philip's war. Yet was so
well-disposed toward good Indians that the christian natives petitioned the General Court to appoint
him as their " overseer and magistrate," in 1691. He was a representative or deputy to the General
Court 1772-1774. Was sent with his troop to Rhode Island to arrest and bring back Sir Edmund
Andros, and was a prominent figure in his day. He d.Vjuly 6, 1710, and was " buried under arms by
the troop," two days later. His son Thomas, ^ b. Jan. 22, 1649, m. March 20, 1675, Sarah dau. of
Capt. Thomas and Ann (Lord) Stanton, and d. April 19, 1685. His son Thomas,3 b. Jan. 13, 1676,
m. ist Dec. 28, 1696, Maria Russell, who d. in May, 1701, and m. 2d Elizabeth, dau. of Dea.
Edward Jackson, Jr. b. Feb. 23, 1687, d. Oct. 19, 1753. He d. Dec. 7, 1709. These were the par-
ents of Sarah, the wife of " Ensign Timothy Cheeny."


1709; who outlived him and m. 2^, Jan. 6, 1793, Daniel
Mason, of Lexington.

He learned the trade of turner, and was a manufacturer
of chairs. He sold a saw-mill and lot of land close by the
line of Brookline and Xewton to John Dwight of Dedham,
Sept. 29, 1738. He owned other lands, some of which had
belonged to his wife's father. He removed to Needham for
a short time, and there residing sold land in Newton, Aug.
14, 1765. He was in town office several times, was " ensign "
of a military company, no empty honor in troublous Indian
times, and was a man of efficiency. He died in 1772.


I. THOMAS,^ b. Oct. 9, 1738, served at Cambridge in the a^ co.
of Newton militia, Sept. 4, 1 778. No further record of him.

43. n. EPHRAIM,5b. Aug. I, 1741.

m. TIMOTHY,^ b. Sept. 28, d. Oct. 5, 1743.

44. IV. TIMOTHY,^ b. Oct. 18, i745-

V. MARY,^ m. June 19, i777,/osza/i Chamberlain of Petersham.

45. VI. EDWARD,5 b. Dec. 3, 1752.
VII. ELIZABETH,^ b. about 1754.

VIII. SARAH,^ b. about 1755, m. Sept. 18, 1782, Saimiel Hall. Chil-
dren: (I ) Sally Hall, (2) Samuel HaU, (3) William Hall, (4) Pren-
tice Hall, (5) Abigail Hall, (6) Josiah Hall, (7) Baxter Hall.
IX. ABIGAIL.^ d. at Lancaster, March 27, 1775.
X. BORODEL,^ b. about 1760.

18. MOSES,* (John,3Daniel,2John,i) b. Oct. 20, 1715,
m. i", Aug. 14, 1738, Abigail, dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail
Whitmore; she was b. Dec. 31, 1724, and d. July 28, 1748.
He m. 2*^, x\pril 3, 1755 Hannah, dau. of Jonathan and
Thankful Woodward, b. May 6, 1726. He resided in Newton
some years,^^but rem. before the Revolution to Warwick. He
enlisted Sept. 22, 1777 in Capt. Reuben Patty's co., Col.
Phineas Wright's regt. ; was discharged Oct. 18, 1777, having
done service " in the Northern Department in the 6^^ regt.
under Col. W"' Williams.


I. M0SES,5 b. March 3, 1739 5 ^- early.

46. II. J0HN,5 b_ Aug, 26, 1740.
III. SUBMIT,^ b. June 2, 1755.

47. IV. M0SES,5 b. Feb. 28, 1764.

I 9. Lieut. WILLIAM,^ (John,^ Daniel,^ John/) b. July 8,
1719; m. March 6, 1745, Lydia Flagg.
" Lt. William Cheney deceased June 29, 1766," atNeedham.

I. LYDIA,5 b. Nov. 21, 1746; d. Feb. 2, 1748.
n. ELIZABETH,^ b. June 27, 1748; d. Oct. 21, 1750.

48. III. DANIEL,5 b. Oct. 30, 1749.

49. IV. WILLIAM,^ b. April 11, 1752.

V, POLLY,^ m. March 23, 1782, Asa Flagg, jr., of Hinsdale, N. H.

20. JOSEPH,4Jr., (Joseph,3Daniel,2John,i) b. Feb. 15,
1714, m. i^'^ Nov. 30, 1737, Margaret, dau. of Nathaniel, jr.,
and Margaret (Stone) Hammond, b. Mar. 4, 1716. She d.
March 17, 1741-2, and he m. 2'^, Dec. 2, 1747, Mary, dau.
of [John and Experience Toser, b. March 6, 1720.] They
sell land in Nev^ton in 1763, in 1766, in 1782 and 1788.
Dec. 12, 1791, they sell 8 acres in Needham, "also my
quick stock & out door movables." He was a " tything man,"
in the public service of worship in 1746; a selectman two
years. He d. 1792.

I. EBENEZER,5 b. Sept. 14, 1738; d. Feb. i, 1749-50.
II. MARGARET,^ b. March 10, 1 741-2, m. April 21, 1768, Robert

III, MARY,5 b. Nov. 9, 1748 ; d. in infancy.

IV, MARY,s b. Aug. 31, 1750.

V. JOSEPH,^ b. , d. Oct. 9, 1754.

VI. ABIGAIL,^ b. May 9 ; d. Nov. 12, 1754.

vil. MARY,5 b. June 11, 1755 ; m. * Dec. 14, 1781, Alexander Shep-
ard of Newton.

50. viil. ELISHA,5 b. July 18, 1757.

51. IX. EBENEZER,5 b. May 22, 1759.

X. ANNA,5 b. Oct. 27, 1764; m. Feb. 15, 17<)2, Jonathan Parker.

* The clerk gives her residence as Natick.


2 1 . JAMES,4 (Joseph,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Newton
May I, 1716, m. i'', Jan. 10, 1740, Sybil, dau. of Ebenezer
and Lydia Littlefield, b. Nov. i, 17 14. She d. May 19,
1743, and he m. 2'^, May 31, 1745, EHzabeth Toser. He
resided first in Newton where he was honored with offices
of trust, and in 1760 or thereabout he removed to Dedham.
His intelligence and uprightness commanded general respect.

He made his Will Jan. 29, 1766, prob. March 7*'' follow-
ing. He gave the improvement of his real and personal
estate to his wife, Elizabeth for the support of herself and
such of his children as should need maintenance ; this to
continue so long as she remained his widow ; but if she
should marry again she should have only a life use of one
third of the estate. The other two thirds he devised to his
ten children, viz. James, John, Joseph, Sarah, Lydia, " Sib-
ble," Elizabeth, Esther, Olive and Hannah Cheney, to be
divided in the usual manner. He made his wife and his
brother, Joseph Cheney of Newton, executors.

The inventory mentioned some land at Needham beside
the Dedham estate.

January 5.

T:0 be sold for Cajh or fJ^ort Credit,

30, or 35, 0140 Acres of

choice Land, confifting of pafturing, mowing and
tillage, lying in Springfield, Dedham, near the Meet-
ing Houfe. Enquire of Jofeph Cheney of Newton,
or Elizabeth Cheney, living upon the Premifes.

After her husband's death the widow lived many years.
We find her name in an honorable place in the list of the
sittings in the house of worship in the fourth parish (Dover).
She d. Feb. 20, 1802.

''Joseph Cheney" administrator de bom's non with the
Will annexed "of the estate of James Cheney, late of Dover,
CO. of Norfolk, formerly Suffolk, Gentleman, deceased," pre-


sented evidence April 19, 1802 ; inventory amounts to
£453.20. Warrant for division to his ten children was issued.
The whole estate was now appraised at £770. " The Estate
of Deacon James Cheney late of Dover " came at length to
its final partition ; and was set off as follows : To James
Cheney ; John Cheney ; Joseph Cheney ; Sarah Jackson, the
wife of Isaac Jackson ; Sybil Reed, the wife of Isaac Reed ;
Elizabeth Kendrick, the wife of Oliver Kendrick ; Esther
Stimpson, the wife of Elias Stimpson ; Olive Morse, the wife
of Thomas Morse ; Lydia Merrifield, the wife of Timothy
Merrifield ; and Hannah Buckmaster, the wife of John Buck-


I. SARAH,5 b. June 13, 1741. m. in Dedham, Jan. 13, 1769, Lt.
Isaac Jackson, Jr. Children : (i) Sybil Jackson, (2) Isaac Jackson.

n. LYDIA,^ b. Jan. 15, 1743, m. Nov. 22, 1766, Timothy Merrifield

of Dedham.
m. JONATHAN,^ b. March 25, 1746, d. Nov. 7, 1754.
IV. SYBIL,^ b. Aug. 30, 1747 m. March 12, 1766, John Reed oi


52. V. JAMES,^ b. June 28, 1749.

VI. ELIZABETH,^ b. June 27, 1751, m. Nov. 14, 1775, Oliver Ken-
drick oi Warwick. — •

VII. ESTHER,^ b. July 10, 1753, m. Feb. 5, 1777, Elias Siimson, of

53. VIII. J0HN,5 b. April 6, 1755.

IX. 0LIVE,5 b. Jan. 31, 1757, m. Aug. 5, 1775, Thomas Morse of

54. X. J0SEPH,5b. about 1759.

XI. ABIGAIL,^ b. about 1761, d. before 1766.

XII. HANNAH,5 b_ about 1763, m. [published Feb. 21, 1783,] John

22. AARON,* (James,3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Newton
Oct. 8, 1734, m. Dec. 10, 1767, Thankful, dau. of Stephen
White. He was executor of the will of his father-in-law.
He bought a tract of land in Newton May 20, 1785. He
lived in Newton, carrying on a farm. Before his death, Oct.
3, 18 14, he bequeathed the sum of $100 to the school district


in which he Hved, to be invested " as a fund forever", the
interest to be applied towards " teaching young children in
summer " ; he also left $200 apiece to his brothers Nathaniel
and James, $100 to his sister, Lydia Knapp, and devised
his homestead to his nephew, Asa Cheney, after the death
of his wife. She passed away Sept. 17, 1817. He had but
one child, Amos,^ born Sept. 18, 1771, who d. unmarried
in 1792.

23. NATHANIEL,* ( James,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in New-
ton March 16, 1737-8, m. i^\ Dec. 6, 1770, Margaret, dau
of Joseph and Experience (Stone) Ward, b. Nov. 14,
1746; she d. May 21, 1775. He m. 2^ Dec. 31, 1778,
Mary Harris, of Sutton, and there brought up his family. He
was a soldier of the Revolution ; served in Capt. March
Chase's co., Col. Jonathan Holman's regt. ; marched from
Sutton to Saratoga Sept. 26, 1777, to reinforce Northern
army; service to Oct. 26, 1777, 30 days. He d. May 4,
1816. His estate was divided Oct. i, 1817, and the widow,
Mary, had her dower set apart, with the approval of the fol-
lowing heirs : Mary, Asa, Lj^dia, Lucy, and James Cheney.

The widow d. May 16, 1822.


I. ANNE.s b. Sept. 18, 1771 ; m. Nov. 30, 1797, Nathati White, of

n. SARAH,^ b. April 18, 1773, m. John Gleason, of Spencer.

55. in. ASA,5 b. Oct. 10, 1779.

56. IV. J0SEPH,5 b. May 26, 1781.

V. JAMES.s b. Feb. 28, 1783, d. March 12, 1838.

VI. MARY,5 b. Sept. 23, 17S4; " Polly Cheney" d. Jan. 31, 1815.

VII. MARGARET WARD,^ b. July 20, 1786.
VIII, LYDIA.s b. April 23, 1788 ; d. unmarried.

IX. NATHANIEL,^ b. April 2, 1790; d. unmarried.
X. LUCY,5b. Oct. 12, 1792.

24. JAMES,* ( James,3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. at Newton July
19, 1740, m. in N. Oct. 24, 1765, Joanna, dau. of Jonathan
and Deborah (Spring) Williams; she d. Feb. 13, 1823. He


resided in Holden many years ; afterward in Gerry (Phillips-
ton). He enlisted on the Lexington alarm in Davis' co of
Doolittle's regt. and served 13 days.
He d. Dec. 28, 1810.


57. I. CYRUS,5 b. about 1766.

II. LYDIA,^ b. in Holden Jan. 3, 1768, m. William Home ; made her

will in favor of her brothers and sisters on the eve of her mar-
riage, by agreement with her betrothed, waiving claim to any
dower in his estate. This was dated Oct. 2, 1824, and was pro-
bated (after her death) in November, 1839.

III. JOANNA,^ b. Nov. 20, 1 769, m. Oct. 26, 1 786, David Pike of Athol.

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