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IX. SARAH,^ b. Jan. 10, 1735, m. March 29, 1759, Moses Smith.

28. JOHN,* (John,3 Peter,2 John,i) b. in Newbury May
23, 1705, m. I*', in Weston, Elizabeth [dau. of Simon and


Elizabeth Dakin, b. in Concord Aug. 25, 1703.] They
were pubHshed Oct. 2, 1725. They owned the covenant
Sept. 25, 1726, and were rec'd to full communion, Feb. 4,
1727-8. He resided in that part of Weston which was finally
incorporated into the town of Sudbury. After a time he
moved further west. He bought of Thomas Holder, Nov.
15, 1729, 40 acres of land in Framingham with buildings
thereon ; another tract of 5 acres ; 20 acres of woodland, and
10 acres of meadow, " for the term of nine hundred and sixty
one years," &c., paying £400 for the whole. We find in
Framingham the record of the death of his wife, Elizabeth,
June 13, 1730 ; and, while a resident of that place, also we find
the record of his second marriage, Dec. 25, 1730, to Mary,
daughter of Noah and Mary (Wright) Clap. Mary was ad-
mitted to the church at Sudbury Oct. 3, 1731, and he Jan.
31, 1733. Jan. 14, 1731-2, he bought of Thomas Briggs 48
acres of land in Sudbury, with buildings thereon, for £220,
los. Before his removal to Framingham he and his father,
Dea. John Cheney who had been spending a number of years
in Weston, sold their dwelling house and homestead lands
and other tracts in Weston, about 122 acres in all, to Josiah
Hobbs of Boston; Nov. 8, 1729. His mother, Mary, and
his first wife, Elizabeth, joined in the deed.

The name of John Cheney appears as a member of the
" Gentlemen of the Horse," a troop of cavalry under com-
mand of Capt. Josiah Brown, who did important service in
the defence against Indians; mustered June 4, 1739.

Oct. 8, 1743, he sold to Robert Wilson of Hopkinton 20
acres of woodland in Framingham, " for the full term of 945
years, at a yearly rent of one Indian corn" ! Heirs, be alert
for the reversion I ! April 21, 1737 he sold land in Sudbury,
and to this deed was appended the signature of his wife,
specified in the body of the deed as " Mary, the nozv wife of
John Cheney of Sudbury." She d. Jan. 2, 1744-5.

On the 15*^ of the next November (1745) he married a
third wife, " Keziah Kendall of Lancaster." She was re-
ceived^to the Sudbury church Oct. 26, 1745. She joined her


husband in a deed of land Nov. i8, 1748, Noah Clap being
one of the witnesses. He was one of the subscribers to
"The Land Bank" and had paid his subscription prior to
Dec. 22, 1740, [Reg. Vol. I., 193,] but probably never real-
ized any dividends from the investment. July 3, 1750 he
sold to his son John his mansion house in Sudbury, " which
is the estate of my father-in-law, Noah Clap of Sudbury,"
and certain lands he bought of Noah Clap.

He removed to Georgetown, Me., and was accidentally
killed while loading a gun in a garrison July 31, 1753. His
widow Kezia m. 2*^ John Tarp ; they resided in Woolwich,
to which place she removed her church membership from
Sudbvir}^ Oct. 2, 1767.

She joined with her second husband July i, i77ij in con-
veying to her son " Ralph Cheney of Georgetown, ship-
wright" a tract of land, 4^ acres, " below the falls at a cer-
tain brook leading into Mast Cove."


70. I. TRISTRAM,5 b. Oct. 14, bapt. 16, 1726.

71. II. JOHN, 5 b. March 22, bapt. 31, 1727-8.

III. ELIZABETH,^ b. Aug. 4, bapt. 10, 1729-30; m. Jan. i, 1754,
Jonas Davis of Harvard.

72. IV. ELIAS,5 b. May 17, 1734.

V. HESTER,5 b. Feb. 7, bapt. Feb. 28, 1748-9, d. Dec. 28, 1751.

73. VI. RALPH,5 b. Oct. 4, 1750.

74. vir. NATHANIEL CARTER.^ b. April 2, 1752.

29. ICHABOD,^ (Eldad,3 Peter,^ John,i) b. in Bradford
March 7, 1710, m. July 25, 1739, Rebecca Smith of Rowley.
He spent his life in his native town, cultivating the soil. He
made considerable excitement in 1742 by criticising his pas-
tor's teachings, and a Council of churches was called to allay
the stir and heal the divisions connected with the matter. He
joined the Presbyterian church of Newburyport in Nov. i747»
and had his son John baptized there March 29, 1748 and his
son David Dec. 11, 1750. He d. in 1797, and his will was
proved Aug. 7, 1797.



I. ANN,^ bapt. Sept. 21, 1740, m. Feb. 19, 1771, Samuel Hobnes of

11. REBECCA,^ bapt. Nov. 6, 1743, m. [published Nov. 18, 1769,]

Moses Hazzen of Rowley.
III. HANNAH,^ b. Aug. 17, bapt. Aug. 18, 1745, d. unmarried in
1800, bequeathing her gold beads and silk dress to her " niece,"
Betsey, whom she made residuary legatee after bequests to her
75. IV. J0HN,5 13 Oct. 6, 1747. bapt. March 29, 1748.

V. DAVID.^b. Sept. 11, bapt. Dec. 11, 1750. He m. in Andover
Nov. 19, 1776, Phebe Russell. He was a private in Capt.
Nathaniel's Gage's co., Col. James Frye's regt. ; company return
dated Cambridge, Sept. 6, 1775.

VI. DANIEL,^ b. Feb. 5, 1754, m. Dorcas ; was in ill health

and partially deranged a long time. No issue known.


Fifth Generation.

30. JOSEPH,^ (Daniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Wells, Me. Feb. 7, 1726, m. Dorcas Stewart, also of Wells,
Me. [Intention recorded Jan. 26, 1750.] They were re-
ceived to full communion in the church April 25, 1756.

His name appears in a roll of soldiers who enlisted in
Wells, Me. May 19, 1777, and served 2 months and 16 days
at Rhode Island, in Moulton's co. of Col. J. Titcomb's regt.
He received tracts of land in Wells from his father in 1753
and 1761. "Widow Dorcas Chaney died of Palsy Jan. 9,
1817, aged 84 yrs."


I. SARAH,6bapt. May 28, 1753.
76. II. ELIPHALET,6b. about 1755.

III. MARY," bapt. Feb. 20, 1757.
TJ. IV. JOSEPH,^ bapt. July i, 1759.
^Z. V. BENJAMIN,6 bapt. May 8, 1763.


79. VI. JAMES,« bapt. April 7, 1765.

80. vii. JOHN,« bapt. May 25, 1767.
vm. D0RCAS,6 bapt. April 22, 1770.

81. IX. SAMUEL,6 bapt. June 28, 1772.

X. DOROTHY," [Dolly] bapt. June 11, 1775, unmarried in 1808.
XI. 0LIVE,6bapt. March 23, 1777.
xii. ABIGAIL,6bapt. Nov. 18, 1779.

3 I . DANIEL,^ (Daniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) bapt.
in Wells, Me. in 1728-9, [month and day not recorded.]

He enlisted May 3, 1775, at Wells, Me. in Capt. Sayer's
CO. of Col. Scammon's regt., and served three months and
four days. Re-enlisted ; order for bounty coat dated Oct.
27, 1775. "Daniel Cheney of Amesbury, 48 years old, of
dark complexion, 5 ft. 6 inches high," enlisted in 9 months
service, arriving at Fishkill, N. Y. June 19, 1778. Roll re-
turned by Col. R. Putnam.

"Daniel Chaney of Shapleigh, Me. yeoman" sold land
in S. April 6, 1787.

32. REUBEN,^ (Daniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Wells, Me. Jan. 17, 1732, m. Nov. 24, 1750, Hannah
Jacobs of Wells. They owned the covenant in the church
Dec. 4, 1757.

He resided in Wells. Sold a tract of land in W. to his
son Joseph Stevens Cheney Oct. 22, 1807.


I. JOSEPH STEVENS,6 bapt. Aug. 19, 1759; d. early.

II. PERSIS,6 bapt. April 26, 1761.
in. H ANN AH,6 bapt. Sept. 4, 1763.

IV. LYDIA,6 bapt. June 30, 1765 ; m. (Int. at Wells Sept. 3, 1797,)
Asa Htibbard.

82. V. REUBEN, jr.,6 bapt. July 26, 1767.

83. VI. JOSEPH STEVENS,6 bapt. Aug. 29, 1773, d. Jan. 8, 1838, be-

queathing his property " to Joseph Cheney Hubbard, son of my
nephew Reuben Hubbard, $50 at his majority ; to Joseph Chaney
Littlefield, son of Daniel Littlefield and my niece Hannah, his wife,
all my real estate " ; all the rest to Daniel Littlefield except one
yoke of oxen which his father had willed to his brother Reuben.



33. DANIEL,^ (John,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Newbury March 10, 1737, m. Feb. 17, 1757, Elizabeth dau.
of Samuel Davis, of Newbury. They joined in a conveyance
of certain property derived from him, in 1761. They owned
the covenant in the West Newbury church Aug. 20, 1758,
and made their home in that section. He is credited on the
Parish account-book with repairing the "parish barn," and
having taken care of the meeting-house, in 1763, 1765 and
1774. He was one of the Newbury men who responded to
the "Lexington Alarm," April 19, 1775, ^^d marched that
night and the following day to Cambridge, ready for what-
ever might arise ; they were dismissed two days later. He
appears to be the Daniel Cheney of Newbury who was com-
missioned 2'^ lieut. of the 4*^ co. of the 7*^ Essex co. regt.
(Col. Daniel Safford) June 26, 1777.

[See Appendix, Revolution.]

" Daniel Cheney of Newbury, Mass. gentleman," with his
wife Elizabeth, bought land in New Chester, N. H. June 20,
1796: mortgaged land to Daniel Cheney of New Chester
Nov. 17, 1798. The mortgage was afterward duly dis-

Daniel Cheney was one of the inhabitants of Lancaster,
N. H. who signed a petition to the state, about 1780.


84. I. M0SES,6 b. Jan. 9, bapt. Aug. 20, 1758.

85. n. DANIEL,*' b. April 17, bapt. April 19, 1761.

86. m. J0HN,6 b. July 7, bapt. July 8, 1764.

87. IV. DAVID,« b. July 5, bapt. July 12, 1767.

V. SARAH, ^ b. Nov. 15, 1770.
VI. ELIZABETH,^ b. May 20, 1773.

34. DANIEL,^ (Thomas,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Haverhill Jan. 10, 1728-9, m. Elizabeth [Betty] Hadley.
He was a resident of Salem, N. H. in 1763, when he was
elected to a subordinate office in the town, and in 1765,
when the notar}' gave that as his residence, in a deed of land
in Londonderry which he bought. But he was connected


with the church of Hampstead, N. H., and there his daughter
EHzabeth was baptized in 1762 and five other children July
23, 1777. He bought land in Goffstown, N. H. in 1780,
and removed thither. In 1784 he mortgaged land " in the
5*'' range of Oppiscataquog river." He bought a tract of the
town of Goffstown in 1795, and bought and sold and culti-
vated large amounts of land. [See Appendix, Revolution.]


88. I. NATHANIEL,6 b. about 1754.

89. n. JOSEPH,^ b. about 1756.

90. HI. EN0CH,6 b. about 1758.

91. IV. JONATHAN DUSTIN,^ b. about 1759.

v. MARY,6 b. 1 761, m. Feb. 2, 1786, Stephen Hadley of Dun-
barton, N. H.
VI. ELIZABETH,^ bapt. June 13, 1762, m. May 30, i7?,6,/oseph

Sargent of Goffstown, N. H.
VII. MARY,6 b. about 1763, m. Oct. 24, 1786, Caleb Mills oi Dun-
barton, N. H.
VIII. HANNAH,^ bapt. July 23, 1777, m. Nov. 23, 1786, Timothy
Sargent, of Dunbarton, N. H.
IX. SARAH,6 [Sally] bapt. July 23, 1777, m. Nov. 26, 1789, Aaron
Quimby, of Weare, N. H.

92. X. DANIEL,6 bapt. July 23, 1777.

93. XI. THOMAS,« b. Nov. 23, 1774, bapt. July 23, 1777.
XII. NANNE WE ST,6 bapt. July 23, 1777.

35, DUSTON,5 (Thomas/ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Haverhill May 3, 1731, m. Sarah Mount. He resided at
Plaistow, N. H. He lived out a long, prosperous and useful
life, dying at the age of 96 years.


I. RACHEL,6b. Feb. 17, 1755; m. John Williafns. Children, reg-
istered at Hampstead, N. H. : Daniel Williams, b. April 10,
1793; Benjamin Williams, b. Aug. 26, 1798.

94. II. ELIPHALET,6 b. Dec. 5, 1756.
m. CALEB,6b. Dec. 18, 1758.

IV. HANNAH,6 b. May 31, 1761 ; m. Heath.

95. V. TH0MAS,8 b. April i, 1763.


96. VI. J0HN,6 b. Feb. 19, 1765.

VII. MARY,6 b. March 18, 1767, m. Harriman.

97. VIII. DUST0N,6b. March 2, 1769.

98. IX. GILES,6 b. Sept. 8, 1771.

X. M0SES,6b. Jan. 3, 1774.

36. THOMAS,^ (Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) ^^ j^
Haverhill July 31, 1733, m. i** Elizabeth Worthan ; m. 2*^,
before 1770, Hannah .

He seems to be the person who, as " Thomas Cheney of
Newburyport," enlisted May 4, 1777 in Now^ell's co. of Tit-
comb's regiment, and served at Providence, R. I. He and
his wife owned the covenant at Hampstead, N. H. Nov. 18,

1764, and "Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Cheney", was ad-
mitted to full communion July 27, 1766. He removed to
Sutton, N. H. There Sept. 26, 1805, Peter Cheney and
Judith Davis of Sutton and Nabby Kebby of Randolph, Vt.
sold to their mother, Hannah Cheney, all their share in the
estate of their father, Thomas Cheney, late of Sutton.


I. JEREDIAH W0RTHAN,6 b. Feb. 21, 1763, bapt. at Hamp-

stead, N. H. Nov. 18, 1764. He sold a tract of land at Sutton
to Jonathan Stevens of Warner, N. H. Sept. 26, 1787.

II. JUDITH,^ b. March 21, bapt. June 6, 1765, m. Davis.

III. TAMAR,« bapt. Nov. 25, 1765, (perhaps twin with 11.)

IV. NABBY,6 b. May 12, bapt. July 26, 1767, m. Kebby.

99. V. PETER.e b. " of Thomas and Hannah," July 18, 1770.

37. JOHN,5 (Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Plaistow, N. H., June 2, 1740, m. Ruth Davis. He resided
in Plaistow, N. H. where he bought land of his father in

1765, and purchased a tract in Sandown, N. H. in 1782.
He also bought a tract in Plaistow of Edmund Bayley in
1770, and sold it in 1787.


I. BETTY,6 b. Nov. 15, 1769.

II. RUTH,6 b. May 3, 1773 ; " Ruth Cheney & Jeremiah Bennett^

both of Sandown," were m. Dec. 26, 1793, at Hampstead, N. H.


III. SARAH,6 b May 13, 1775, d. June 24, 1782.

IV. JOHN,^ b. March 15, 1777; d. early.
100. V. EZEKIEL,6b. July 12, 1779.

VI. J0HN,6 b. Dec. 21, 1783 ; d. March i, 1785.

38. JAMES,^ (Thomas,* Daniel,^ Damel,^ John,i) b. in
Plaistow, N. H. Aug. i, 1742, m. at Haverhill July 26, 1764,
Mary, dau. of Richard and Hannah (Davis) Colby, b. in H.
July 19, 1739. He bought 10 acres of land in Londonderry,
N. H. in 1772, resided at Hampstead, N. H. some years,
and removed about 1778 to Londonderry, where, in 1796, he
and his wife joined with other heirs of Richard Colby in
conveying real estate.


I. HANNAH,6 b. Jan. 29, 1768, d. Feb. 25, 1773.
II. M0LLY,6 b. Nov. 30, d. Feb. 25, 1769-70.

III. J0HN,6 b. Jan. n^ 1772, d. March 11, 1773.

IV. M0LLY,6 b. in Londonderry, N. H. Dec. 26, 1774.
'v. J0SHUA,6b. March 11, 1778, bapt. Dec. 6, 1778.

loi. VI. DAVID,6 b. July 18, 1780.

39. JOHN,5 (Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,2 John,i) b. in
Newbury, April 5, 1739, m. in Haverhill, Nov. 20, 1760,
Sarah dau. of Isaac and Sarah (Davis) Colby of Haverhill.
Sept. 8, 1776, John Cheney and Sarah, his wife, sell to Isaac
Colby their share in "the estate of William Davis, late of
Haverhill, which he gave to his daughter Sarah the wife of
Isaac Colby of Haverhill."

He removed to Sanbornton, N. H., and lived on the same
*' Lot" with his brother Nathaniel a few years; but passed
away in middle life, Sept. i, 1790. His widow survived
until March o, 1800.


I. SARAH,^ b. Aug. i, 1761 ; m. Aug. ijg^, Joseph Leavitt.
102. II. JOHN,s b. Aug. 14, 1763, m. in Haverhill Sept. 20, 1785, Betsey
Marsh, who d. in Sanbornton, N. H.

III. WILLIAM,6 b. May 4, 1768, d. Jan. 18, 1769.

IV. REBECCA,^ b. June 21, 1769; m. Ebenezer Chase.

V. KEZIAH,6 b. April 11, 1780; m. Jeremiah Gilnianj d. June 10,
1 84 1, much respected, leaving several children.


40. ISAAC,5 (Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,2John,i) b. in
Newbury June 3, 1744, m. in Haverhill Dec. 3, 1767, Abiah,
dau. of Robert, Jr. and Hannah (Muzzy) Hunkins, b. June
3, 1744, d. Feb. II, 1823.

There is, in possession of Mrs. Ellen L. (Cheney) Shepard
of Chelsea, dau. of Lewis ^ Cheney, an ancient family Bible,
bearing on its fly-leaf this inscription: "Abiah Cheney's
book, 1807," containing vital records of the Cheney and
Hunkins families.* Mr. and Mrs. Cheney resided in Haver-

* It seems important to perpetuate these records in their original form.

ISAAC CHENEY | Married Dec. 3d 1767
ISAAC CHENEY born June 3d 1744
ABIAH HUNKINS born May 14th 1744

ISAAC CHENEY Junr. born Feb. 25th 1769
ENOCH CHENEY born Dec. 3d 1770
SUSANNA CHENEY born Sept. 21st 1773
HANNAH CHENEY born Jan. 29th 1776
DAVID CHENEY born Oct. 11, 1778
POLLY CHENEY born Aug. 21 1781
ABIAH CHENEY born June 17 1786

[Robert Hunkins, Jr. and Hannah Muzzy were married Dec. 6, 1738.]

HANNAH HUNKINS born Oct. 13th 1739

BENJAMIN HUNKINS born Sept. 26th 1741

ABIAH HUNKINS born May 14th 1744

SUSANNA HUNKINS born June 17th 1746

JOHNATHAN HUNKINS bom Jan. 18 1749

DAVID HUNKINS born May 20th 1753

MARY HUNKINS bom March 27th 1756

ROBERT HUNKINS bom Oct. 8th 1758

SARAH HUNKINS born July nth 1762

LYDIA HUNKINS born July 15th 1764

HANNAH CHENEY died June 6th 1788

ABIAH CHENEY died Feb. n 1823 in the 79th year of her age.

ENOCH CHENEY died March 27th 1827 in the 56th year of his age.

ISAAC CHENEY died Jan. 6, 1830 in the 86th year of his age.

ISAAC CHENEY Jun. died May 5th 1853 in the 84th year of his age.

DAVID CHENEY died Aug. 22d 1856 in the 7Sth year of his age.

SISTER RICHARDSON died Dec. 27th 1763

MOTHER CHENEY died Sept. 9th 1778 in the 64th year of her age.

SISTER BAGLEY died Nov. 28th 1783

FATHER CHENEY died Dec. 12th 1735

BROTHER JOHN CHENEY died Aug. 31st 1790

FATHER HUNKINS died Sept. 9th 1774 in the 60th year of his age.
SISTER SNOW died May 19th 1790 in the 51st year of her age.
MOTHER HUNKINS died Aug. 14th 1807 in the 89th year of her age.
BROTHER DAVID HUNKINS died March 12th 1826 in the 73d year of his age.
SISTER ELEY died Aug. — th 1826 in the 51st year of her age.


hill, Mass. in Sanbornton, Dunbarton, Hopkinton, and
finally in Groton, N. H. They joined the church at Contoo-
cook (Hopkinton) Sept. ii, 1791, and were dismissed to
Gorton, where they were honored members. He was a
prominent citizen, a justice of the peace. He was a man
of so much progressive spirit and independence that he
carried through a barn-raising without "treating" his neigh-
bors with any intoxicating drink, in spite of the old barbarous
custom. He d. Jan. 6, 1830.


103. I. ISAAC,6 Jr. b. in Haverhill Feb. 25, 1769.

104. n. ENOCH,6 b. Dec. 3, 1770.

m. SUSANNA,6b. Sept. 21, 1773, m. Thomas Tenney j d. Dec. 20,

IV. HANNAH,« b. Jan. 29, 1776 ; d. June 6, 1788.

105. V. DAVID,6b. Oct. II, 1778.

VI. POLLY,*^ b. Aug. 21, 1781, m. Aaron Whittlesey, d. May 2, 1846.
VII. ABIAH,« b. June 17, 1786, m. Oct. 19, \^o6, Joseph Bartlettj
d. April I, 1851.

4 1 . NATHANIEL,^ (Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Newbury, Oct. 7, 1747, m. Elizabeth Ela, b. Aug. 4,

He went to Cambridge on the Lexington alarm, in Capt.
James Sawyer's co. of Col. James Frye's regt. and served at
Bunker Hill and elsewhere through the following 8 months.
His signature is on a Roll in Mass. Archives, dated Dec. 26,
1775. He served in Col. Nichol's brigade in continental
service from July 10 to Sept. 19, 1777, and marched from
Haverhill to Saratoga, N. Y. in October, in Capt. Giles' co.

He served in Capt. Thomas Cogswell's (2d) co., Lieut.
Col. Loammi Baldwin's (38th) regt. ; order for bounty coat
or its equivalent in money dated Camp at Sewall's Point,
Nov. 9, 1775; also^ Private, Capt. Cogswell's co., Col.
Loammi Baldwin's (26th) regt. ; pay abstract for April, 1776.
He signed an order, at Haverhill, Feb. 14, 1780 for the
payment of a sum of money, " travel allowance," &c. to


Lt. Samuel Middleton, on his account. He sold land in
Haverhill in 1772. He became a resident of Sanbornton,
N. H. according to tradition, in the spring of 1781, " when
his son Moses was four j'^ears old." Was the first occupant
of Lot No. 42, 2'^ division; an extension of the highway to
Meredith line passed " 80 rods on Wm. Harper and Nathaniel
Cheney's line," Aug. 24, 1782. Afterward he sold house,
barn and 60 acres of land to Wm. Harper for £127, los, in
Lot 42, and lived on Lot 3, of the i^* division. Lived a
long life. He received a pension for Revolutionary service ;
d. Aug. 3, 1833. His wife d. Jan. 12, 1832.


106. I. DANIEL,® b. June 26, 1770.

n. ELIZABETH.® b. June 11, 1772 ; m. Sept. 16, x'jf^Z, Noah John-
son Sefiter, of Holderness, N. H.

107. ni. MOSES,® b. Dec. 15, 1776.

rv. HANNAH,® b. March 19, 1779; m, i^t Cumtnitigs, 2^


v. ABIALL,® b. June 21, 1781 ; m. Ford.

VI. MOLLY,® b. Aug. 28, 1783 ; m. Searles.

vn. NATHANIEL,® b. Aug. 20, 1785 ; d. June 19, 1806.

108. vni. ISRAEL ELA,® b. June 10, 1788.

IX. REBECCA,® b. Oct. 4, 1790 ; m. Oct. 28, 181 3, Ebenezer Bart-
lett of Compton N. H.

42. JOHX,5 (John,4 John,3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. about 1733
m. I** in Dedham, March 12, 1766, Ruth Hill, of Sherborn ;
m. 2^ Nov. 25, 1772, Martha Taft, of Sutton. In his Will,
dated Sutton, Sept. 9, 1773, he made bequests to his wife,
his father, and to his children Rhoda and Ruth (" articles
which had belonged to their own mother.") Jonathan Foster
of Douglass was the executor. Prob. Oct. 23, 1773.


I. RHODA,® b, in Dedham, March 13, 1767.
II. RUTH,6b. March 15, 1770.


43. EPHRAIM,5 (Timothy/ John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Newton, Aug. i, 1741, m. i^*, Oct. 21, 1762, Elizabeth
Wild, m. 2*^, Jan. 15, 1767, Bathsheba, dau. of Ebenezer
and Ruth Segur, b. April 10, 1747. He enlisted at Warwick
early in the spring campaign of 1775 ; received pay at
Cambridge June 20, 1775 ; was a member of Capt. Dexter's
CO. of Col. Woodbridge's regt. from Aug. i, 1775. 3 months
and 8 days. , ^ J

He enlisted again May 10, i777» and served to July 10,
1777, in Capt. Moses Harvey's co. of Col. David Wells'
regt. and marched from Athol to Bennington ; the roll is
dated at Montague. Enlisted from Athol in Capt. Thos.
Lord's CO. of Col. Nathan Sparhawk's regt. Aug. 21, 1777,
and served 10 days, "including 5 days travel." Once more
he enlisted Sept. 13, i777» in Greenleaf's co., Col. Job
Cushing's regt. and served at the taking of Gen. Burgoyne ;
returned from Tarry town, N. Y. to Athol, Mass. Was
discharged Nov. 29, 1777- He resided in Roxbury a while
after marriage ; removed to Cambridge, then to Stow and to
Lancaster, and afterward to Warwick ; later to Clarendon,
next to Rutland, Vt. and finally to Brandon, Vt.


109. I, EPHRAIM,*' b. in Roxbury May 25, 1767.

n, RUTH,6 b. in Stow Aug. 7, 1769.

ni. HANNAH," b. in Stow July 22, 1771.

IV. BATHSHEBA,6 b. in Stow June 8, 1773.

v. ABIGAIL," b. in Stow April 14, 1775.

VI. EBENEZER," b. in Lancaster, Oct. 29, 1778.

VII. SILAS," b. Feb. 22, 1780, d. May 13, 1786,

no. VIII. JOHN," b. in Clarendon, Vt. Oct. 4, 1782, m. in Shrewsbury, Vt,
Aug. 9, 1 818, Abigail Eastman.

IX. ANNE," b. in Clarendon, Vt. July 28, 1784.

x. POLLY," b. in Rutland, Vt. Aug. 28, 1786.

XI. BETSEY," b. in Rutland, Vt. Sept. 30, 1788.

XII. JERUSHA," b. at Brandon, Vt. Jan. 29, 1792, d. April 9, 1793.


44. TIMOTHW (Timothy,* John,3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Newton Oct. 18, 1745, m. Nov. 16, 1767, Susanna Cook, of
Needham, b. Oct. 8, 1743, being then a resident of Marl-
borough. He moved several times during his early married
life. He had a large family of large children. Used to joke
about his " forty two feet of boys." Maintained a good char-
acter and did efficient work through troublous times. He was
a brick and stone mason ; built the first brick house in Rutland,
Vt. The church records of Lancaster register the baptism
of four children of " Timothy Cheney who owned the cove-
nant at Stow." He removed finally to Rutland, Vt. ; re-
sided on the Main St., where many of his descendants have
since been born; he d. Feb. 19, 1807. The widow d. June
9, 1836, at Addison, Vt.


I. SUSANNAH," b. Dec. 7, 1768, d. unmarried,

n. EN0CH,6 b. Nov. 23, 1770.

111. III. TIM0THY,<5 b. Sept. 12, 1773, bapt. at Lancaster Aug. 7, 1774.

112. IV. ELIAKIM," b. Sept. 2, bapt. at Lancaster Sept. 10, 1775.

113. v. ABEL,« b. Dec. 2, 1777, bapt. at Lancaster Jan. 4, 1778.

114. VI. ABNER," b. June 6, bapt. at Lancaster June 18, 1780.

115. VII. HIRAM,6 b. May 29, 1783.

116. vm. PRENTISS DANA," b. Jan. 14, 1786.

45. EDWARD,5 (Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.
in Newton Dec. 3, 1752; m. in Stow, Jan. 9, 1772,
Abigail Hale of Stow, b. May 29, 1752. He was then re-
siding in Marlborough ; but soon his residence changed, for
"Edward Cheney," marched from "Harvard" in Isaac
Gates's co., of Col. Asa Whitcomb's regt. on the alarm of
April 19, 1775, and sefved 4^ days. He bought land in
Dublin, N. H. Aug. 18, 1777 and resided there a while ;
then went to Brandon, Vt. He bought of Robert Muzzy,
July 8, 1783, for £20, the lands which had been originally
laid out to Aaron Brown, and there he spent the remainder
of his life. He was a deacon of the Baptist church and a


man of excellent repute. He d. Jan. 24, 1813 ; his widow
d. March 19, 1841.


117. I. SAMUEL,^ b. in Stow Jan. 11, 1772.

II. DORCAS,^ b. in Stow July 8, 1773; ^- Ephraim Cheney^
her cousin, d. Aug. 17, 1821.

118. ni. EDWARD,6 jr., b. Sept. 18, 1777.

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