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IV. ABIGAIL,^ b. June 20, 1781.

V. BETSEY,6 b. Nov. 5, 1783, m. Joseph Button, d. July 26, 1822.

VI. P0LLY,6b. March 15, 1786.

119. VII. ELIJAH,6b. Aug. 3, 1788.
VIII. ELISHA,* b. Nov. 17, 1790.

46. JOHN,5 (Moses,4 John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) ^^ j^ Newton
Aug. 26, 1740, m. I®*, in Groton, April 6, 1763, Susannah,
dau. of Joseph Farwell, Jr. and Mary (Gilson) his wife, b.
in Groton Aug. 8, 1742. They " owned the covenant " in
the church together June 19, 1763, and the wife was "re-
ceived to full communion" July 26, 1767. The four oldest
children were baptized at Groton ; perhaps the others were at
Dunstable after their removal to that town. The wife passed
away Jan. 17, 1776. Hem. 2*^ Elizabeth [Betsey] Blodget.
She d. Nov. 26, 1787. He m. 3**, June 25, 1789, Elizabeth
dau. of Amaziah and Elizabeth Swallow. She d. in Charles
town June 6, 1826, aged 66.

A powder-horn which has come down in the family bears
the legend: "John Cheney his Horn. Cape Breton Taken
May 26, 1758." There is no record yet found which gives
the particulars of his service, but tradition strongly claims
that he was a soldier in the Louisburg campaign and used
this horn there. At all events he was a prompt patriot in the
Revolution ; was a sergeant in Capt. Leonard Butterfield's
CO., Col. Ebenezer Bridge's regt. of Minute-men, which
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Cambridge; left
place of rendezvovis April 28, 1775 ; service, 10 days. He
entered heartily into the movements of the citizens of Dun-
stable to raise troops, and himself rendered valuable service.


J^cA/n^ rA

We find him 2'^ lieutenant of Capt. Asahel Wheeler's co. and i^Uieut. of
Capt. John Ford's co. in Col. Jonathan Read's regiment July 11, 1776;
Marching from Chelmsford a fortnight later ; receipting for pay at Ticon-
deroga Aug. 28"^, Oct. 2*^, and Nov. 30'^, 1776, credited with 143 days
allowance, and discharged at Albany, N. Y. Jan. i, 1777. During the
autumn he and other officers were court-martialed for disobedience of
orders ; but he was " found not guilty," and " acquitted with honors,"
Nov. 2, 1776. [See Archives 55, 55 and t^, Wheeler's Orderly Book.]
He was afterward commissioned i^* lieut. of Capt. Nath. Lakin's co. of
Col. John Robinson's regiment, June 27, 1777, for six months, roll dated at
North Kingfston.


He was a man of public spirit and private virtues ; a most
worthy man in church and town affairs. He d. Feb. 23,

The first six recorded in Groton, the remainder in Dunstable.

120. I. J0HN,6 b. July 29, 1763.

n. SUSANNAH,^ b. May 27, 1765, m. Oct. 26, 1784, William
Parker, of Groton.

HI. MOLLYj^b. Sept. 23, 1767, m. Jan, 25, 1786, William Blodgett

of Dunstable,
iv. LUTHER,'^ b. April 2, 1770, d. in infancy.
V. TIRZA,6 b. March 17, 1773, d. in 1775.

121. VI. LUTHER,«b. July 7, 1775.

VH. SARAH,6 b. Feb. 25, 1778.

vni. REBECCA,^ b. April 3, 1779, m. March 16, 1806, John Lowell;
removed to Connecticut, d. Sept. 8, 1848.

122. IX. ISAAC,6b. Sept. 23, 1780.

X. ABIGAIL,^ b. Aug. 6, 1 782, mar. Henry Lowell, d. Nov. 26, 1867.
XI. BETSEY,^ b. Oct. 31, 1790, mar. Abijah Smith.

123. XII. KENDALL,6b. May 16, 1792.

XIII. RHODA,^ b. Dec. 17, 1800, m. Henry Lawrence, of Harvard ;

resided at Charlestown, Mass. and Manchester, N. H.

XIV. MARINDA,^ b. Aug. 13, 1805, remained single; d. in Feb. 1889.


47. MOSES,5 (Moses,* John,3 Daniel,^ John,i ) b. in New-
ton, Feb. 28, 1764, m. July 4, 1782, Lucy, dau. of Capt.
Ichabod Dexter, b. June 6, 1762, d. May 20, 1833. He d.
April 7, 1833. He was a farmer and carried on a saw-mill
and grist-mill at Newton. He removed to Orange about
1790. He is mentioned on the Orange records, ("Moses
Cheney, junior,") as one of the residents of the second school
district of that town in 1791. He was a town officer on
occasions, one of the assessors, &c.


I. MILLY,^ b. March 24, 1784, m. David Holden,6..M2itc\\ 18, 181 7
II. SAMUEL," b. March 11, 1786, d. in March, 1796.

124. ni. LUTHER,6 b. May 9, 1788.

IV, HANNAH," b. Oct. 24, 1789; m. Nathaniel Parmeter.
V. ABIGAIL," b. March 18, 1792; m. Nathan Parmeter.

125. VI. MOSES," jr., jr., b. May 22, 1794; m. Feb. 4, 1823, Ruth, dau. of

Nathan and Ruth (French) Cheney, (Descendants of William of
Roxbury, 95, iii.) Removed to Potsdam, N. Y.
VII. LUCY," b. Aug. 13, 1796, d. in infancy.

126. VIII. SAMUEL," b. Sept. 17, 1797.

127. IX. JOHN,"b. Feb. 26, 1802.

128. X. EDWARD THURBER,"b. July 31, 1804, m. July 30, 1825,

Mary Johnson, who d. Aug. 10, 1883. He was an eclectic
physician; rem. to Liverpool, N. Y. ; d. June 28, 1884.
XI. RHODA," b. Sept. 27, 1806; m. April 3, 1825, Adatns French.

48. DANIEL,^ (William,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. jn
Newton Oct. 30, 1749, "^- ^^ Waltham May 14, 1780, Mary
Miller. He resided at Newton, though he gained proprietary
rights in Sudbury Vt. which he sold, Feb. 2, 1779, to " Asa
Smith, formerly of Weston, Mass., but now resident in Clar-
endon, Vt." He served one day at Cambridge on the Lex-
ington Alarm ; seems * to be the man who was a private in

* Cheney, Daniel. Private, Capt. Caleb Kimball's co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's regt. of guards;
enlisted Nov. 13, 1777; service to April 3, 177S, 4 mos. 22 days; company detached to guard Gen.
Burgoyne's army at Winter Hill.

Chaney, Daniel. Private, Capt. Samuel Waterhouse's co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's regt. of guards;
marched from home March 30, 1778; service, 3 mos. 9 days, at Winter Hill; company detached
from militia to serve until July 3, 1778.

Cheney, Daniel. Private, Capt. Stephen Jenkins's co.. Col. Jacob. Gerrish's regt. ; enlisted
Oct. 14, 1779; discharged Nov. 22, 1779 ; service, i mo. 20 days, travel included ; company detached
from militia of Suffolk and Essex counties to reinforce army under Gen. Washington.


Capt. Lawson Buckminster's (2*^) co., Col. Abner Perry's
regt. ; enlisted July 28, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780;
service, 14 da3'^s, travel included, on an alarm at Rhode
Island. [See Appendix, Revolution.] He d. Dec. 27, 1831.

I. BETSEY,6 b. March 17, 1781, d. in infancy,
n. BETSEY,6 b. March 3, 1782, m. Dec. 20, 1810, Walter Mc-

III. POLLY,^ b. June 12, 1786, m. Jan. 10, 1814, David Young, of

49. WILLIAM,^ (William,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.
April II, 1752, m. April 25, 1782, Sarah Bartlett. Resided
in Newton. He marched on the Lexington alarm and served
I day in Capt. Fuller's co. He was also in Nathan Fuller's
CO. of Col. W". Bond's regt. " in the 8 months service " ; was
at Prospect Hill Oct. 29, 1775 ; he also served at Winter Hill
from July 2, 1778 in Nathan Sargent's co., Jacob Gerrish's
regt. and was discharged July 17, 1778; time, 15 days.
Corporal, Capt. Isaac Gage's co., Lieut. Col. Joseph Webb's
regt.; marched Sept. 5, 1781 ; discharged Dec. 3, 1781 ;
service, 3 mos. 10 days, near West Point ; company detached
from Col. Dana's regt. to reinforce Continental Army for 3
months. Roll sworn to in Middlesex co.

He d. July — , 1786. His widow d. Jan. 31, 1803.

129. JONATHAN,«b. July 10, 1783.

50. ELISHA,^ (Joseph,* Joseph,3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Newton July 18, 1757, m. i'*, Jan. 18, 1781, Elizabeth Eddy,
b. in 1759; she d. Dec. 26, 1790. He m. 2*^, July 21, 1791,
Sarah, dau. of Dea. Jonas Stone. She d. Oct. 5, 1800.
Her father bequeathed a portion of his estate to her children
in 1805, amounting to about $200 apiece above costs of ad-
ministration. He m. 3*', Abigail [Nabby] , who d. at

Royalston March 13, 1816, aged 51 years. Elisha Cheney
was a private in the co. of Capt. Jere. Wiswall in Col. Hatch's
regt. at the Lexington alarm, and served 4 days ; afterward


was drummer in the same company when it " marched by-
order of Gen. Washington at the taking of Dorchester
Heights" March 4-9, 1776. He resided some years at
Royalston ; kept a tavern ; in later years removed to Wor-
cester ; there he died May 25, 1806.


1. MARY,6 b. Dec. 26, 1781.

n. SARAH,6 ["Sally"], b. June 29, 1783, m. March 17, iSri,
Stephen Keyes.

130. m. JOSEPH,^ b. Oct. 19, 1784, m. in Worcester Aug. 31, 1808,

Sarah Merrifield. Was residuary legatee of his brother
Artemas in 1826.

IV. BETSEY,« b. April 2, 1786.

131. V. ELISHA,6 b. May 2, 1787.

VI. EBENEZER,6 b. Sept. 9, 1789, d. April 17, 1795.
VII. ANNA,8 b. Dec. 13, 1790.

132. VIII. JONAS ST0NE,6b. May 8, 1792.

133. IX. AMOS S.,« b. Sept. 27, 1793.

X. ARTEMAS,*^ b. Jan. 10, 1795. He was a merchant; he was
buried in Cambridge May 24, 1826. In his will he made be-
quests to his " brothers " Amos and Ebenezer, his " half-
brothers " Joseph and Elisha, and his half-sister, Mrs. Sarah
Keyes ; also to Gen. Ebenezer Cheney and to Henry H. Childs,
son of his business partner, Nathan Childs of Cambridge.
He made his half-brother Joseph residuary legatee.
XI. SUKEY,6 b. Sept. 9, 1796.
XII. EBENEZER,6 b. March 23, 1798.

XIII. NABBY,6 b. in 1799, d. July 11, 1800.

XIV. NABBY,6 b. March 4, 1802, d. Dec. 16, 1803.

134. XV. STEPHEN,^ b. Jan. 16, 1804.

XIV. NABBY B0WKER,6 b. July 31, 1805, d. Feb. 27, 1806.

•51. Gen. EBENEZER,5 (Joseph,4Joseph,3 Daniel,2John,i)
b. May, 22, 1759, "^- ^^* Nov. 19, 1782, EHzabeth dau. of
Caleb and Esther (Townsend) Kingsbury* of Needham.

* Dec. 24, 1806 he made deposition to the fact that his wife, Elizabeth, was a daughter of Caleb
and Esther (Townsend) Kingsbury, and that Mrs. Kingsbury was a sister of Gregory Townsend, a
native of Needham, who^had recently died at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Asa Kingsbury, a brother of
Mrs. Cheney, was administrator of the estate of Gregory Townsend, and it was a part of that adminis-
tration to secure evidence of the relationships of his heirs.


She d. Dec. 17, 1803, and her fortune, — a legacy, — in-
vested in a Bank of England annuity of £457:2:8, was
administered upon by him Dec. 9, 1808. He m. (2*^)
April 30, 1805, Abigail Wood. He served as private in Capt.
Abraham Pierce's co., Col. Eleazer Brooks's regt. of guards ;
joined Jan. 13, 1778; service to April 3, 1778, 2 mos., at
Cambridge. Also in Capt. Joseph Fuller's (2d Newton) co.,
Col. Thatcher's regt. ; marched to Cambridge Sept. 2, 1778,
to guard British troops; discharged Sept. 4, 1778; service,
3 days; also. Private, Capt. Edward Fuller's co., Col. Wil-
liam Mcintosh's regt. ; entered camp March 19, 1778 ; dis-
charged April 16, 1778; service, 29 days, at Roxbury ; roll
dated Newton. Also in Capt. Samuel Healy's co., Col. John
Jacobs (Light Infantry) regt.; enlisted Sept. 22, 1779; ^^^"
charged Nov. 21, 1779; service, 2 mos. 6 days, travel in-
cluded, at Rhode Island. Roll sworn to in Middlesex co.

Gen. Cheney was very active in the incorporation of the
South Burial Ground in 1802, and in the erection of the
"new meeting-house" in 1803-5. His son, Mr. Royal
Cheney has in his possession a commission issued by Gov.
Caleb Strong June 10, 1806, appointing " Ebenezer Cheney
Esquire" "Brigadier General of the First Brigade in the
Third Division of the Militia of this Commonwealth " of
Massachusetts. On the back is the certificate of Nathan
Fuller, justice of the peace, of Gen. Cheney's taking the
qualifying oath, July 17, 1806. He was a representative to
the General Court from 1808 to 1817. He was a member
of the Committee of the General Court which produced the
Remonstrance against the Embargo Act in 1808 ; may have
written the document. He was a delegate to the Consti-
tutional Revision convention in 1820. He d. Feb. 27, 1853.


I. EBENEZER,« b. May 12, 1784, m. Maria Joy of Charleston
S. C. He removed to South Carolina; was a merchant. A
son, Stockton,'^ entered the Confederate army and died during
the war. He returned to Newton in war time and died there.


II. LUCRETIA,6b. May 15, 1786; m. Jan. 13,1818,111 Newton,
Charles Hastings, of Boston.

III. ELIZABETH KINGSBURY.e b. April 24, 1806; m. Nov. 3,

1825, Daniel Rice, of Dedham.

IV. JULIA ANN MARlA,^h.]M\y \/^,\SoT,rci.Satnuel B.Cheney.

He d. Feb. 4, 1844.

V. HENRIETTA ROGERS,^ b. April 25, 1809; d. Nov. 5, 1825.

136. VI. JONATHAN HOMER,« b. Aug. 21, 181 1.

vii. NANCY CURTIS,6 b. March 26, 1813, d. in Worcester March
17, 1861.

viii. ABIGAIL HALL,«b. March 26, 1815; m. Fuller.

IX. SUSAN,6b. Junes, 181 7.
X. MIRA,6b. March 16, 1819.

137. XI. ROYAL,« b. July 6, 1822.

138. XII. RUFUS ELLIS, ^ b. July 22, 1824, m. Aug. 19, 1852, Elizabeth

Graham, dau. of Edward Underhill, b. in Rochester, N. H. in
1828. He was a machinist.

52- JAMES,s (James,4 Joseph,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. June
28, 1749.

James Cheney, of the fourth parish in Dedham, marched
on the Lexington alarm, serving 3 days. This "fourth
parish " became the town of Dover after the Revolution. In
its records we find that "James Cheney" received from the
town, May 5, 1778 "twenty eight pounds, for one hundred
and fifty Days guarding Burgoyns troops." " James
Cheeney " is put down as lieutenant in the 3*^ Mass. regt.
Jan. I, 1777 ; and still in service in January, 1780.

He was living in 1802 at the distribution of his father's
estate ; but I find no evidence of his having married.

JOHN,^ (James,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in New-
ton April 6, 1755, m. in N. Nov. 26, 1789, Hannah Adams.
His home was in Dover, formerly the "Fourth Parish in
Dedham." He enlisted in Capt. Ebenezer Battles co. on
the Lexington alarm and served 11 days. Again, under the
same captain, March 23, 1778, in Col. W™ Mcintosh's regt.
he served at Roxbury 15 days. He was corporal of Cutting's
CO. of the same regt. i mo. 16 days, at Rhode Island, from


Aug. I, 1778. The town of Dover voted £5, 2 shillings
apiece to him and 8 others, May 22, 1778, for services ren-
dered previous to that date. He seems to be the John Cheney
who joined Capt. Jas. Mann's co. of Col. Bullard's regt. on
the " Bunker Hill Alarm," June 15, 1775, and the person who
enlisted at Natick (adjoining town) in Capt. Caleb Brook's
CO. of Col. Nicholas Dike's regt. Nov. 27, 1775. The name
of John Cheney appears on the Natick tax-list for 1775 and
neither before or afterward. In the treasurer's book he is
credited also with having "served one turn at Dorchester
Heights, two months," July 30, 1776, for which he received
£2, 8 shillings. The record of this service was made in
1778, when the town took action to pay its defenders. John
Cheney and " Susanna" his wife joined in a deed of land
with other heirs of Benjamin and Sarah White, Aug. 6, 1795.


I. J0HN,6 b. Nov. 9, 1790.

n. OLIVE,6 b. July 18, 1792; d. at Dedham May 28, 1857. Her
will devised all her property to D^. Jeremy Stinson in trust for
her niece, Fanny Jane Pond, for her life use ; then to Mary Hill
Towne or her children. James Cheney of Flatland, N. Y, and
Sally Houghton of Saugus, Mass. consented to the probate.

ni. HANNAH,6b. May 2, 1794, m. John Wade, d. in West Rox-

IV. FANNY,6 b. July 22, 1796, m. !»* John Frost of Dedham.
Children: (i) Mary Hill Frost, b, Dec. 10, 1821, m. John Her-
rick Towne of Salem, July 10, 1842, (2) George Henry Frost, b.
Jan. 16, 1823, m. !«', Olive C. Pond, and had Mary Cheney
Frost, Charles Henry Frost and George Edmund Frost; m. 2'*,
Nov. 28, 1855, Susan M. Pond, sister of his former wife, and
had Everett Preston Frost, Herbert Adelbert Frost, Walter
Eugene Frost, Nellie M. Frost, and Henry Adelbert Frost; (3)
John Frost, b. Jan. 2, 1829, was drowned Aug. 3, 1843.
v. JAMES,6 b. .

VI, SALLY,6 b. , m, Houghton.

54. JOSEPH,^ (James,* Joseph,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. 1761 ;
m. [Int. entered] March 23, 1782, Susannah Wadsworth.
He enhsted in Capt. Battle's co.. Col. Mcintosh's regt. Dec.


II, 1776, and served 19 days at Castle Island. His home
was in the fourth parish or precinct of Dedham, afterward
incorporated as Dover. There we find the record May 5,
1778 that " An order was granted to James Cheney, Joseph
Cheney and Nathaniel Mellen for one hundred and fifty
Days guarding Burgoyns troops, twenty eight pounds each."
This was in Capt. Mayr's co. of Col. Brook's regt. from Nov.
4, 1777, onward. He bought 12 acres of land in Dedham
April 20, 1793. Mortgaged a tract in Dover in 1802 and
cleared it in 1805. His name was on the U. S. Pension
roll in Hillsboro Co. N. H. in 1819 and in that for Norfolk
CO. Mass., April 12, 1833, having a pension of $37.98 per
annum. He sold a tract of land in Dover in 1798 and
another in 1813, his wife signing with him.

He sold land in the westerly part of Dedham to his daughter
Polly Richards, Jan. 29, 1828, which he had bought of
John Fisher.

He died at the house of his son, Rev. Martin Cheney, at
Olneyville, R. I. in 1834.


141. I. J0SEPH,6 d. in Providence, R. I., in March 181 7.

142. n. MARTIN,6b. Aug. 29, 1792.

m. POLLY,^ b. April 2, 1796, m. Ira Richards of Dedham. Chil-
dren : (i) Lewis Richards, (2) Selina Richards, (3) Fanny Rich-
ards, (4) Ira Richards.

IV. LUCY,6 b. at Dover Nov. 9, 1800, m. Dec. 29, 1825, Jonathan
Munroe Wilmarth. Children: (i) Ellen Cheney Wilmarth, b.
July 6, 1827, m. in July, 1850, Daniel Nettleton ; children:
[i.] Lucy E. Nettleton, b. May 27, 1851, m. April 12, 1881,
Arthur C. Bradley; resides in Newport, N, H.; [ii.] Fred.
H. Nettleton, b. Feb. 12, 1861 ; (2) Ann M. Wilmarth, b.
Nov. 3, 1829, m. Q. A. Gilmore ; (3) (4) and (5) d. in infancy ;
(S) Thomas W. Wilmarth, b. Sept. 3, 1843. Mrs. Lucy
(Cheney) Wilmarth d. March 21, 1851.

55. ASA,^ (Nathaniel,^ James,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Sutton, Oct. 10, 1779; m. Abigail, dau. of Caleb and
Elizabeth Kendrick. He bought land in Needham Nov. 13,



1810. May 18, 1822 he joined his wife in a conveyance of
her share in her mother's estate for $501. He returned from
Needham to Sutton in 1822, where Benj. Stack sold Mrs.
Cheney a tract of land for $250. He d. Nov. 10, 1825 ;
the widow administered on his estate Nov. 17, following.
Jonathan Day was appointed guardian of Elizabeth, and
Lauren Kingsbury of Hemy, Harriet and Charlotte. The
widow d. in 1845.


I. ABIGAIL,^ b. March 19, 1807 ; m. Michael Mcintosh.
n. ELIZABETH,6 b. July 5, 1810 ; m. Davis C. Mills.
m. MARY,6 b. Jan. 16, 1813 ; d. Dec. 9, 18 18.

rv. SALLY,«b. Aug. 22, 1815 ; was killed by the accidental dis-
charge of a gun Feb. 28, 1822.

56. JOSEPH,^ (Nathaniel/ James,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.

May 26, 1781, m. Charlotte . He was a carpenter;

resided in Leicester.


LAURA A.,6 b. 1824; m. in Worcester, April 23, i860,

Amasa Wheelock, of Spencer, b. 181 8.

57. CYRUS,^ (James,4 James,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
1766, m. i^S Mary (" Polly ")— . She d. Feb. 29, 1820 ; he
m. 2^, Oct. 24, 1820, Mrs. Betsey Smith, also of Phillipston.
Was deacon of the church in Holden. [Damon's Hist. Hol-
den, 73, 142.]


I. MARY,« b. in Phillipston Jan. 4, 1816; m. Jan. 24, 1837,
Leonard Brown, of P.

n. HARRIET,^ b. in Phillipston Feb. 25, 1817.

HI. P0LLY,6 b. in Phillipston Dec. 22, 1821 ; m. Sept. 16, 1841,
Charles H. Baker.

145. IV. CYRUS,« b. in Phillipston Aug. 21, 1823.

V. SARAH,^ b. in Phillipston Sept. 7, 1825 ; m. Rev. Aiken;

went in 1853 to Syria as a missionary.
VI. RO\VENA,« b. in Phillipston Nov. 12, 1827.


58. HEZEKIAH,^ (James,4 James,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.
Aug. 4, 1771, m. i^*, March 18, 1796, Sally Swan, of Gerry;
she d. in Concord April 2, 1806, aged 28. He m. 2'^, (pub-
lished April 9, 1808) Hephzibah Mulliken, of Concord.


146. I. JOHN MILTON,« b. Aug. 29, 1797.

II. SALLY,^ m. Rev. Benjaium Frothingham Emerson; survives,
at an advanced age ; resides at Amherst, where her step-son,
Professor Emerson, is an honored instructor in the College,
m. ELMIRA.6 iv. ELIZA.e

59. JAMES, 5 (James,* James,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. Aug.
28, 1773, m. Elizabeth Seaver. He resided in Phillipston.


147. I. LORENZO,«b. Nov. 12, 1806.

148. II. JAMES HENRY,6 b. July 21, 1813 ; resided in Maynard.

149. III. CYRUS,^ b. in Phillipston May i, 1818, d. in Athol May 9, 1891.
IV. SARAH,6 b. Sept. 27, 1815, d. Oct. 7, 1815.

60. BENJAMIN,^ (Nicholas,* Peter,^ Peter,2 John,i) b.
in Newbury, April 13, 1725, m. Nov. 6, 1753, Judith Holman.
When a young man he went up into New Hampshire for a
while; was one of the residents of " Souhegan West" who
protested against the conduct of non-resident proprietors,
Jan. 27, 1748. He bought atractof land in Rowley in 1765,
other tracts in Newbury at various times ; and received one
in Newbury, house, barn, 30 acres of land, &c. from his
father, Nov. 26, 1773, for " love and one hundred pounds in
money." These tracts he sold and removed to Londonderry,
N. H. While at Byfield he suffered the loss of four chil-
dren in one sad month ; but he lived to have others and
tojind morning follow night. He served in Samuel Water-
house's CO., Jacob Gerrish's regt. 3 mos. and 4 days from
March 30, 1778, in a regiment on guard duty at Winter Hill ;
enlistment expired July 3, 1778.



I. JUDITH,6 bapt. Sept. 8, 1754, d. June 6, 1761.
II. MOLLY,^ bapt. Dec. 12, 1756, d. June 12, 1761.

III. ABIGAIL,^ bapt. Feb. 4, 1759, d. June 30, 1761.

IV. BENJAMIN,6 bapt. Sept. 28, 1760, d. June 25, 1761.

151. V. BENJAMIN,6b. Feb. 27, 1763.
VI. JUDITH,6 b. Aug. 9, 1764.

152. VII. ABE L,s bapt. April 10, 1768.

153. VIII. SAMUEL,^ bapt. May 6, 1769.

154. IX. GERSH0M,6b. May 13, 1770.

6 I . BENJAMIN,^ (Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
in East Hartford, Conn. " Sept. 8, 1725, Wednesday," m.
Deborah, dau. of Nathaniel and Hannah (Pitkin) Olcott.
They "owned the covenant" in the East Hartford church
Dec. 31, 1758. He was a clock-maker, as was his brother
Timothy. He resided in East Hartford until the close of the
century, when he removed to Berlin. He d. May 15, 1815.
Mrs. Cheney survived him, and d. Nov. 3, 1819, aged 80



155. II. ELISHA,^ bapt. Jan. 11, 1770.



V. SUSANNAH,^ m., Asahel Colton of Chicopee, as his second
wife; shed. Feb. 11, 1810.

156. VI. RUSSELL,6 b. Jan. 12, 1772.

VIII. ALLEN,^ b. 1775, d. March 7, 181 5, " ae. 40."

62. ABIEL,5 (Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,2 John,i) b. in
East Hartford, Conn. "Thursday," May 18, 1727, m. July
7, 1748, Esther Andrews. He was a boat-builder and re-
moved to a point on the east side of the Connecticut river now
included in Portland, but within the limits of Middletown till


1767, then of Chatham until 1841. He was one of the se-
lectmen of Chatham upon its incorporation and in other
offices afterward. Owned considerable land at "Wangum
meadow " and vicinity.


157. I. CHARLES,« b. July 31, 1749.

158. n. BENJAMIN,«b. Sept. 13, 1751.

159. m. ABIEL,6b. Jan. 6, 1754.

160. IV. J0EL,6b. Aug. 22, 1756.

V. ESTHER,6 b. Aug. 15, 1758.

161. VI. DANIEL,6 b. Oct. 28, 1760.

VII. RUTH,6 b. May i, 1762, m. Sept. 21, 1775, David Bates of
Portland, Conn.; he was b. June 24, 1754 and d. Oct. 21, 181 1.
Children: (i) Charles Bates, b. June 22, 1776, (2) Hannah
Bates, b. Dec. 9, 1778, (3) Ruth Bates, b. May 13, i78o,m. Oct.
6, 1 798, Samuel Hall of Chatham, Conn., (4) Esther Bates, b.
April 24, 1784, (5) Errick Bates, b. July 4, 1784, d. Oct. 20, 181 1.

162. vm. AMOS.6 IX. BETSEY.«

63. TIMOTHY,^ (Benjamin,^ Peter,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
at East Hartford, Conn. Monday, May 10, 1731, m. I'S Jan.
19, 1758, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel and Hannah (Pitkin)
Olcott, b. in 1738, d. April 4, 1786. He m. 2*^, May 9, 1787,
Martha, dau. of Matthew and Martha (Perkins) Loomis, and
widow of Lemuel White of East Hartford, b. March 2, 1740,
d. Jan. 28, 1803. Timothy Cheney "acknowledged his
covenant" and thus united with the East Hartford church
Oct. 27, 1758, and his children were duly baptized in their

His home was in the " Five Miles " district, which became
entitled " Orford " first, and incorporated as Manchester,
later. He was clerk of "Orford Ecclesiastical Society," at
its establishment in 1792. He rendered good service in the
militia of his town, was elected captain, and was detailed by
request of Gen. Washington, tradition says, to make powder-
sieves for the army ! He d. Sept. 27, 1795*



164. I. TIMOTHY,^ b. Oct. 8, bapt. Oct. 29, 1758.

II. ELIZABETH,^ b. Nov. 21, 1759, bapt. July 6, 1760, d. Oct.
9, 1787.

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