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III. MARY,« b. Dec. 25, 1761, bapt. May 2, 1762, d. June 2, 1775.

IV. ASAHEL,6 b. Aug. 6, bapt. Oct. 4, 1763, d. June 11, 1764.

165. V. GE0RGE,6b. Dec. 20, 1771.

VI. CLARISSA,^ b. July 5, 1774, d. July 28, 1850, m. Dec. 20, 1795,
Joseph Pitkin, son of Elisha and Hannah Pitkin, and grandson
of Col. Joseph and Mary (Lord) Pitkin. He was b. April 7,
1772, and d. March 14, 1838. She d. July 28, 1850. Children:
(i) Hannah Pitkin, b. Sept. 11, 1796, m. George C. Skinner. (2)
EHsha Pitkin, b. Dec. 21, 1799, d. Jan. 18, 1821. (3) Clarissa
Pitkin, b. Jan. 26, 1802, m. Frederic Woodbridge. (4) Seth Lord
Pitkin, b. Feb. 28, 1804, m. Catharine Pitkin, d. Sept. 28, 1855.

(5) Nelson Pitkin, b. July 18, 1806, m. Mary Pope Perkins et als.

(6) Elizabeth Pitkin, b. April 24, 18 10, m. Austin C. Penfield.

(7) Mary Pitkin, b. Jan. 27, 1814, m. Joel B. Penfield.

VII. POLLY,^ b. May 19, 1781, m. Roswell Pitkin.

64. SILAS,5 (Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,^ John/) b. at
East Hartford, Ct. Tuesday, March 19, 1734, m. Nov. 12,
1766, Sarah Ely. They " ov^ned their covenant" in the East
Hartford church March 27, 1768. He d. Sept. 5, 1791, and
she m. 2^ Capt. Cone of Bolton, Ct. She was a dau. of
Capt. Richard and Margaret (Olcott) Ely of Lyme, Ct. b.
June 17, 1746. She d. March 17, 1817.


I. SARAH,6b. July 4, 1768, m. Horace Nichols j residence. Middle-
bury, Vt.

166. II. CALVIN,« b. June 19, 1770,

III. HANNAH,^ b. May 3, 1772, m. i^t Philo Gregory, and 2*

Joseph Sherwood J d. at Chester, N. Y.

IV. 0LIVE,6 b. March 16, 1774, m. Newton.

167. V. SILAS ELY,6b. Feb. 12, 1776.

65. MOSES,5 (Edmund,4 John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in
Newbury, Nov. 26, 1715 ; m. Oct. 23, 1740, Sarah Whiton,
of Rowley.


He bought a house and tract of land Dec. i8, 1754, " in
that part of Newbury called Byfield," and there he d. Feb.
21, 1759, " of a consumptive disorder."

He left but a small property ; and his wife, first having
petitioned for the appointment of her eldest son, Elias, as ad-
ministrator, Dec. 26, 1763, reconsidered the following year,
and thought she would attend to it, if, forsooth, it was
necessary for so ' ' little " an estate !


168. I. ELIAS,6 b. in Newbury Feb. 20, baptized in Byfield Feb. aS*!',

1 741-2.

169. II. MOSES,® bapt. in Byfield Sept. i, 1745.

III. SARAH,® bapt. in Byfield June 7, 1747, d. early.

170. IV. JONATHAN,® bapt. in Byfield March 5, 1748-9.

V. SARAH,® bapt. in Byfield Oct. 28, 1750.

VI. MARY,® bapt. in Byfield Nov. 26, 1752.

VII. EDMUND,® bapt. in Byfield Nov. 17, 1754; d. Oct. 12, 1758,
" of a fever, worms & y^ Canker humour."

VIII. RACHEL,® bapt. in Byfield April 10, 1757; d. Aug. 14, 1761.

66. NATHANIEL,^ (Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
in Newbury, Sept. 2, 1717 ; m. in Newbury, Aug. 19, 1741,
Lydia Bartlett, of Newbury. He lived at first in Newbury ;
then removed to Plaistow, N. H., in 1747, and there was an
" inn-holder." He bought land in Plaistow of Ebenezer and
Ruth White, in 1769 : and sold land in PI. to his son, Nathaniel,
in 1779.


I. ELIZABETH,® b. May 21, bapt. at West Newbury church May
27, 1744.

II. RICHARD,® b. Jan. 27, bapt. Feb. 2, 1745-6.

171. m. RICHARD,® bapt. Oct. 11,1746-7.

172. IV. NATHANIEL,® b. in Plaistow, N. H. Dec. 17, 1748.

V. ABIGAIL,® b. in Plaistow, N. H. Aug. 26, 1751.

67. EDMUND,5 (Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in
Newbury May 15, 1719, was published Dec. 30, 1738, to


Hannah Carpenter, but no record of mar. has been found;
he m. in Newbury Oct. 9, 1740, Susanna Middleton, b.
in 1713, who lived to be the mother of five daughters; she
d. May 18, 1753, " of malignant pleurisy." She was a mem-
ber of the Byfield church. He m. 3*^, in Bradford, Aug. 12,
1756, Rebecca Hardy. He resided in Byfield parish.


I. MARY,6 bapt. March 6, 1742-3.

n. D0R0THY,6 b. Oct. 28, 1744.

m. SUSANNA,« bapt. Nov. 29, 1747.

IV. MEHETABEL,6 bapt. Feb. 11, 1749-50, m. Oct. 11, 1770,
Stephen Blasdell.

V. KEZIA,6 bapt. Jan. 12, 1752.

68. PETER,5 (Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. j^ the
Byfield parish, Newbury, April 3, and bapt. April 9, 1721,
m. in Bradford, April i, 1742, Rose Hardy.

They lived in the eastern part of Bradford, now Boxford ;
were " received to full communion" in the Second Parish
church Aug. 27, 1742. Richard Hardy sold a tract of land
to his " neer Kinsman, Peter Cheny " Feb. i, 1744. Peter
and Rose quitclaimed land, with John and Esther Wool, to
heirs of John Atwood, May 17, 1768.


I. BETTY,6 b. Oct. 9, 1743, m. Nov. 10, 1763, Jesse Rollins of

II. SUSANNAH,6 b. Nov. 29, 1746, m. Oct. 16, 1766, in Newbury,
John Cheney.

III. HEPHZIBAH,*' b. Nov. 13, 1749, i"- ^^c. 5, 1776, Thomas
Smith of Rowley.

173. IV. TH0MAS,6b. Sept. 29, 1758.

174. v. SAMUEL,« bapt. Dec. 19, 1762.

175. VI. JAMES,^ bapt. Jan. 11, 1767.
VII. bapt. Jan. 11, 1769.


69. JOHN,5* (Edmund,* John,^ Peter,2 john,i) b. in By-
field — Rowley, bapt. Sept. 23, 1733, m. i^\ Oct. 16, 1766,
Susanna, dau. of Peter ^ Cheney of Bradford, m. 2^, June 5,
1773, Mary Smith, of Rowley, m. 3*^, March 16, 1790,
widow [Susanna] Honyford. He d. Jan. 16, 1818. He
had a homestead with 5 acres of ground in Newbury, 6 acres
in another place; 12 acres of peat meadow and woodland in
Rowley, and 10 acres of pasture land in Bradford ; one small
building standing on the highway ; two pews in the gallery
of Byfield meeting-house, and many articles of personal
effects; which were appraised at a little less than $2,000.
The widow's dower was set off in March ; and Feb. 6, 1827,
the remainder was divided to the children (except Jacob who
is not mentioned in the probate documents.)

All baptized July i , 1 792 ; the dates of their birth not recorded.
I. DEBORAH,^ m. [published June 26, 1802,] Enoch Mooers, of

n. MOSES,® d. April i, 1830; estate adm. by Enoch Moody in

m. ENOCH,® d. April 9, 1843.
176. IV. JACOB,® b. in 1775.

VI. SUSANNA,® m. Dec. 2, 1824, John W. Jewett, of Rowley.

70. TRISTRAM,^ (John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in
Weston, Oct. 14, 1726, m. in Sudbury Nov. 28, 1745, Mar-
garet, t dau. of Edward Joyner. He grew up in the toil-

* Cheney, John, Newbury. Private, Capt. Jacob Gerrish's co., which marched on the alarm of
April 19, 1775, to Cambridge; service, 6 days; also, Capt. Jacob Gerrish's co., Col. Moses Little's
(17th) regt. ; muster roll dated Aug. i, 1775 ; enlisted April 24, 177s; service, 3 mos. 14 days; also,
company return [probably Oct., 1775] ; age, 31 yrs.; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in
money dated Dec. 30, 1775.

t Margaret Joyner was received to the Sudbury church June 9, 1745. It has been stated again
and again that Margaret Joyner's mother was a daughter of Noah Clap ; and also that Tristram
Cheney's mother was one of that family. But the latest investigations of Rev. W. F. Cheney show
that William Joyner, the only child of Edward named in Dea. Clap's Will, was the husband of
Hannah Bowker, whose mother is positively known to have been Sarah Clap, dau. of Noah. This
would make a foundation for the mention of " William and Hannah Joyner " as " my grandchildren "
by the good deacon; while the record of Tristram's birth at Weston and the full particulars of his
mother's subsequent death and his father's second marriage to Mary Clap, utterly dispel the theory
of his being a descendant of the Clap family.


some but invigorating life of a family on the frontier, and
became a very vigorous and stirring man. He showed such
manly qualities that Dea. Noah Clap, the father of his step-
mother, (who had the care of the child from an early age)
came to consider him almost as a son, and made him executor
of his will. He was possessor of quite a farm in Sudbury;
but after settling the Clap estate he struck out into the wilder-
ness as his father had done before him. Sept. 26, 1759, ^^
a deed to Ashbael Moore of a " right in the well" of Noah
Clap's former homestead, he is described as "Tristram
Cheney late of Sudbury in the county of Middlesex, husband-
man, but now of Massachusetts in the county of Worcester."
He had removed to the tract set apart for the Dorchester
soldiers who had served in the campaign of 1690, which was
first yclept " Dorchester-Canada," and afterward evolved into
the town of Ashburnham. With him there went his wife
and her brother, William Joyner, (whose wife was Hannah
Bowker, a grand-daughter of Noah Clap,) with their little

Into this settlement Tristram Cheney put his whole soul,
and was recognized as a leader. One of the first board of
selectmen in 1765 ; moderator of town meeting in 1767 ; a
member of the church, by letter from Sudbury, in 1763 ; a
tithing man, a deacon, and on important committees, he stood
for all that was good and true. x\fter ten years however he
removed to a still more distant region. He passed up. North-
ward, across the state line and beyond the elevated Monad-
nock settlements : and selected a charming tract in the valley
of the Contoocook, in the township of Antrim. The meeting-
house of Hillsborough was, however, the nearest ; so it was
not sti'ange that he joined the brethren there in organizing a
church, Oct. 12, 1769; and was chosen one of its deacons at
the outset. The records of that church were burned in a
dwelling-house many years ago ; so that we have no par-
ticulars of his life there. As the years passed he was identi-
fied with Hillsboro' people in most respects ; but the destruc-
tion of the earl}' town records, also, deprives us of details


of the f amilj'^'s life during many years. He removed in 1798
to Walpole, N. H. and about 1805 to St. Johnsbury, Vt. He
purchased property and resided in West Concord, Vt. ; died
in Dec. 1816.


I. ELIZABETH,^ b. Sept. 3, bapt. 7, 1746; m. Nov. 20, 1770,
Timothy Wood, of Ashburnham.

177. II. JOHN, 8 b. April 29, bapt. May 3, 1749.

178. m. WILLI AM,6 b. Feb. i, bapt. April 13, 1750.

IV. MARY,6 b. Dec. 31, bapt. Jan. 5, 1751 — 2.

V. SARAH, « b. Jan. i, bapt. Jan. 13, 1754.

VI. SUSANNA,6 b. May 2, 1759, m- in Hillsborough, N. H. in

May, 1776, David Blanchard.

179. VII. ELI AS, ^ b. Oct. 14, bapt. Nov. 9, 1760. '

7 I . JOHN,5 (John,* John,3 Peter,^ John,i) b. in Weston
March 22, 1727 — 8, m. in Framingham Dec. 11, 1753,
Hannah Eaton, of Sudbury. He sold to his brother Tris-
tram, Oct. 19, 1750, land in Sudbury, " which my honoured
father bought of Noah Clap in 1740." He sold his home-
stead in S. for the sum of £1052, Nov. 16, 1754, to " Braddyl
Smith of Weston." April 22, 1755, his name is signed to a
petition of the settlers in the Kennebec valley, in Maine,
asking for protection against French and Indian attacks ; his
brothers Elias and Ralph also signed. How long he stayed
in Maine does not appear. But he bought 30 acres of land
near White Pond in Concord and made his home there before
many years ; and deeded this homestead to his son Jesse,
April 13, 1784.

^ -" / T CHILDREN.

180. I. JESSE,6 b. Oct. 13, 1754.

II. ABIGAIL,® b. Dec. 21, bapt. 23, 1759; "^- i^ Sudbury Jan. 2,

1 78 1 , Josiah Stone.
m. DANIEL,6 b. Oct. 1763.

181. IV. ELIAS,6 b. July 29, 1765.

72. ELIAS,5 (John,4 John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in Sudbury,

May 17, 1734 ; m. Sybil . He rem. to Pownalborough,

since called Wiscasset in 1750, and d. there in 1765. His


estate was administered on April 24, 1765, by his widow,
Sybil. The inventory was rendered May 2, by Jonas Fitch,
John Barker and Stephen Marson. The appraisal was but
£64 : 10 : 4. After his death she m. Ahiathar Kendall; and
they joined with her daughters, Sybil and Elizabeth in sell-
ing to "John Cheney of Boston " all their interest in land in
Sudbury which Elias had inherited from Noah Clap, (his
mother's father) ; this deed bore date of Aug. 16, 1785.

In 1755 we find him joining with "John Cheney" and
others in a petition to the General Court for special measures
of protection for the Kennebec region.


182. I. JOHN,6 b. about 1758.

n. SYBIL,6 b. about 1760. m. ELIZABETH.^ b. about 1764.

73. RALPH,5 (John,4 John,^ Peter,2 John,i) b. in George-
town, Me. Oct. 4, 1750, m. i®* July 3, 1772, Lydia Grover
of Georgetown; she d. in 1785. He m. 2*^, Aug. 2, 1785,
Anna Jarvis dau. of Thomas and [Anna] (Jarvis) Oliver,
of Pownalborough. He learned the trade of ship-building
in its various branches. He enlisted Sept. 27, 1779, in
Capt. John Blunt's co., Maj. William Lithgow's regt., in
" a detachment to defend the frontiers of Lincoln county,"
and was discharged Nov. 10, 1779. May 24, 1784, he
bought a tract of land in Pownalborough [Wiscasset] , which
he sold in 1795. Sept. — 1789, he purchased a tract in
Balltown [Whitefield] . He lived some time in that part of
Georgetown which is now Bath. While on a fishing voyage
was taken ill with bilious colic, and d. on Salter's island
Aug. 19, 1826 ; was buried in Georgetown.


I. J0HN,6 b. May 13, 1773, d. in July, 1774.

183. n. RALPH,6b. July 22, 1775.

III. POLLY,« b. Nov. 8, 1777 ; m. John- Decker.

184. IV. JOSEPH," b. [1780.]


185. V. BENJAMIN,^ b. Sept. 11, 1782.
VI. SUSAN,^ d. in infancy.

186. VII. WILLIAM P.,6b. Jan. 16, 1783.

187. viii. J0HN,6b. Nov. 23, 1786.

IX. ANNA,6 b, Aug. 8, 1788, m. Frederick Hatch.
X. BETSEY,6 b. April, 1790, m. Daniel Hatch.

188. XI. EPHRAIM S.,6b. May 19, 1792.

189. XII. THOMAS,^ b. March 20, 1794.

XIII. SUSANNAH, 6 b. Feb. 23, 1796, m. George Whitehouse.

XIV. SARAH,^ b. June 25, 1799, d. in 1813.

XV. EUNICE,^ b. April 29, 1801, m. Enoch Whitehouse,

74. NATHANIEL CARTER,^ (John,^ John,^ Peter,2
John,^) b. on an island in the limits of Georgetown, Me.
April 2, 1752, is said to have m., Aug. 16, 1780, Lydia
Grover, and removed to Rhode Island.

Channey, Nathaniel. Private, Capt. Benjamin Lemont's co., Col.
McCobb's regt. ; enlisted May 6, 1781 ; service to Dec. i, 1781, 6 mos. 24
days, near Penobscot river; also^ receipt dated Camp Coxhead, June 8,
1 78 1, for musket, etc., given to Capt. Benjamin Lemont.


SARAH,6 m. Edward Trask.

75. JOHN, 5 (Ichabod,4 Eldad,^ Peter,2 John,i) b. in

Bradford Oct. 6, 1748, m. Mary . He resided awhile

in Bradford. Removed to Methuen. Purchased of Moses
Sargent a tract of land in Londonderry, N. H. Sept. 18,



I. HANNAH,6 b. in Bradford Dec. 31, 1773.
II. MARY,6 b. in Methuen Aug. 25, 1776.

III. BETSEY,« b. in Methuen April 23, 1778, int. mar. with Paul

Stickttey of Rowley, June 15, 1810.

IV. JACOB SMITH,6 b. May 17, 1780.



Sixth Generation.

76- ELIPHALET,6 (Joseph,^ Daniel/ Daniel,^ Damel,2
John,i) b. in Wells, Me. about 1752, m. [published at Wells
Sept. 26, 1772,] Ruth, dau. of Stephen, Jr. and Ruth
(Sampson) Harding, b. in Arundel [Kennebunkport] Me., d.
at Lunenburg, Vt. Jan. 17, 1782. Stephen Harding, Sen., was
the first ferryman over Kennebunk river from Wells to Arun-
del, near the sea-shore, an important man. His father, Israel
Harding, was a Baptist preacher and a blacksmith, said to have
come from Providence, R. I. to Wells, Me. before 1670.
Eliphalet Chaney resided at Sanford till about 1795, when he
removed to Lunenburgh, Vt. He was a farmer. He d.Jan.
14, 1829.

I. SARAH,'^ m. N'athaJiiel Herrick.

II. POLLY," b. . m. March 14, i'jgg,/osiah Kimball.

III. HANNAH," b. m. Joftathan Emery.

200. IV. ISRAEL," b. Aug. 19, 1779.

201. v. DANIEL," b. Jan. 8, 1785.

202. VI. JAMES."

77. JOSEPH,^ ( Joseph,5 Daniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Wells, Me. July i, 1759, m. [published in Wells June
16, 1781,] Isabella Littlefield, b. in 1763. The descendants
of this couple were 11 children, 42 grandchildren, 47 great-
grandchildren, and so on !

He enlisted in the Revolutionary army, May 19, 1777, and
served in Capt. Abel Moulton's co. of Col. Jonathan Tit-
comb's regt. at Rhode Island, till July 18, 1777, 2 months,
16 days, travel included. He enlisted May 9, 1780, and
was appointed corporal in Capt. Daniel Clark's co. of Col.
Joseph Prime's (York co.) regt. ; was discharged Dec. 8,
1780 ; " company raised for defence of eastern Massachusetts."
He purchased of Dependance Littlefield, Jan. 5, 1786, a
tract of land in Sanford, Me. and bought many other tracts


in succeeding years, part of them being timber lands. He
removed in 1786 to Sanford, and resided in its northeastern
quarter, about a mile from the present Springvale R. R.
station, toward Alfred, not far from the river Mousam. He
built substantial farm buildings, some of which are still
standing, and cultivated broad acres. But his principal busi-
ness was lumbering, — the cutting and hauling and sawing
of logs into various sorts of lumber, for home use and for
sale in neicfhboring towns. He donated the land for the
erection of the first school-house in his district, which was
called the " North district" in the town report of 1822. He
d. of "spotted fever" Nov. 14, 1815. His widow m. 2^
[pub. March 29, 1824,] Henry Stevens of Shapleigh. She d.
Feb. 25, 1849.


I. OLIVE,'^ b. in 1782, m. [published Aug. 19, 181 1,] Nathaniel

n. ESTHER/ b. in 1785, m. [published March 21, 1814,] Anthony
Taymor of Alfred; d. Feb. i, 1852,

204. m. JOSEPH/ b. Aug. 10, 1788.


205. v. BENJAMIN/ b. in 1792.

VI. PRISCILLA/ b. Nov. 19, 1794, m. March 20, 1823, Edward
Goodwin J d. Sept. 14, 1874.

VII. DORCAS/ b. April, I796,m. [published Aug. 12, 1821,] Jotham
Wilson of Sanford, Me. She was left a widow when her
children were small, and cared for them so wisely as to earn
their grateful love and win the respect of her neighbors. She
lived to be one of the oldest residents of Sanford, and d. July
19, 1882. Children: (I) Samuel Wilson, b. Nov. 23, 1822, d.
Jan. 23, 1832. (2) Horace Wilson, b. Dec. 8, 1824, m. in 1858
Lucy B. Whiting of Waltham. He d. May 26, 1896. (3)
Bradford Wilson, b. Feb. 8, 1827, m. Salome J. Stiles ; resides
in Acton, Me. (4) James E. Wilson, b. May 15, 1829, m. Oct.
28, 1855, Sarah J. Chick; d. Feb. 17, 1871. (5) Mary E.
Wilson, b. Aug. i, 1831, m. June 12, 1859, Nathan J. Dame of
Boston, Mass. now one of the honored conductors of the Eastern
division of the Boston and Maine R. R. ; they reside at Salem.
(6) Abbie A. Wilson, b. Aug. 3, 1835, m. May 3, 1858, Charles
H. Frost of Sanford, Me.


206. VIII. JAMES,'' b. Oct. 9, 1797.

IX. ISABELLA^ b. in 1800, m. March 11, 1824, Hiram Lord;
d. April I, 1868.

X. BETSEY," b. , m. Jan. 2, 1825, Theodore Trafton of

Alfred, Me.

XI. CHARLOTTE,'^ b. , m. in 1833, David Davis, of Lebanon,


78. BENJAMIN,^ (Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in Wells, Me. May 9, 1763, m. [pub. in W. May
31, 1783,] Eunice Hubbard. He was a Revolutionary soldier,
mustered into service at Wells, July 3, 1779, by Nathaniel
Wells ; term of service expired Jan. i, 1780. A " Benjamin
Chaney of Sanford, in the district of Maine," designated as
''corporal'," received from the U. S. government, a grant of
land located in the territory of Illinois, Jan. i, 1818.

79. JAMES,*^ (Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Wells, Me. bapt. April 7, 1765, m, i**, Dec. 26, 1797,
Mercy Littlefield ; m. 2**, April 26, 1816, Abigail Littlefield.
He bought real estate in his native town in 1808 and in 1819.
He d. in June, 1846.


210. I. JOSEPH,^ b. in 1799.

211. II. JAMES,^ b. Sept. 18, 1801.

212. III. J0HN,7 b. Sept. 13, 1803.
IV. DORCAS,'^ b. June 21, 1805.

213. v. IRA,'' b. Feb. 15, 1807.

VI. TEMPERANCE,^ b. July 27, 1816.
VII. HIRAM,"' b. Aug. 25, 1818; d. in 1841.

214. VIII. HORACE,^ b. Nov. 17, 1820.

80. JOHN,6 (Joseph,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.
in Wells, Me., bapt. May 25, 1767, m. (Intent, recorded at
Wells June 23, 1792,) Joanna Cousins. He removed to
Lunenburg, Vt. Was killed while at work in a well, about
the year 1800.



215. I. JOSEPH."

216. II. HENRY," b. in Wells, Me. Nov. 18, 1783.

217. III. THOMAS.'' 218. IV. IRA.T

8 I . SAMUEL,6 (Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Wells, Me., bapt. June 28, 1772, m. (Int. recorded in
Wells, Feb. 8, 1794,) Mary Grant, also of Wells. He pur-
chased land in Wells in 1808, 1816 ; sold lands in W. at
various times, one tract to his son Samuel March 20, 1828.


I. DANIEL,' b. Oct. 2, 1796; was published in Wells, April 10,
1 81 8, to Mary Peasley; pub. to "Hannah Chaney of Liming-
ton, Me." May 19, 1820.
II. OLIVE,' b. May 20, 1798.

220. III. EBENEZER,' b. Feb. 19, 1800.
IV. SAMUEL,' [birth not recorded.]

221. V. ASA,' b. May 2, 1804.

222. VI. JACOB,' b. Feb. 21, 1806.
vn. HANNAH,' b. Jan. 10, 1808.

VIII. MARY,' b. April 11, 1810.
IX. ELIZABETH,' b. March 31, 1812. "Betsey Chaney" m. Jan.
5, 1833, Calvin Littlefield.

223. X. JOTHAM,' b. Jan. 9, 1815.

XI. HOSEA,' b. Oct. 14, 1818; removed to South Berwick, and
sold land in Wells Oct. 25, 1858.

82. REUBEN, 6 (Reuben,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in Wells, Me. bapt. July 26, 1767, m. Martha J.

. Resided in Limington, Me. There he purchased a

tract of land April 4, 1794, and another March 18, 1818. He
sold land in the same town in 1831 and 1843, his wife deed-
ing her right of dower in the latter instance.

225. DANIEL.'

84. MOSES,6 (Daniel,^ John,^ Damel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Newbury Jan. 9, 1758, m. in Newburyport Dec. 22,
1785, Sarah Sawyer, b. March 22, 1764, d. July 13, 1849.


He served in Capt. Moses Nowell's company from July 22
to Nov. 19, 1776, " 4 months and i day" and from Nov. 20,
1776, to Jan. I, 1777, at Plum Island; also from Sept. 28 to
Dec. 31, 1778, in Capt. Oliver Titcomb's co. of Col. Cogs-
well's regt., "detached for fortifying a post at Boston."
Probably it was he who was a mariner on the ship " Amer-
ica," June 9, 1780, "from Portsmouth, 20 years old, of light
complexion, 5 feet, 3 inches high." He was placed on the
Pension list of the U. S. in May, 1833, the pension to date
from March 4, 183 1, being reported "76 years old" ; he
received $96.00 per annum. He bought land in Newbury-
port May 9, 1788; was a " housewright." He d. Dec. 20,
1839. Moses Cheney of Newbury, Mass. joiner, bought
land in Dorchester, N. H. Feb. 4, 1782, of Peter Oilman,
Jr. which he sold Sept. 28, 1788, to Junia Ingraham, Jr. of D.


I. ELIZABETH PARSONS,'' b. in November, 1786, d. Dec. 26,

231. n. EDWARD,^ b. May 8, 1788.

m. SARAH SAWYER,'^ b. June 26, 1790, m. Nov. 29, 1818,
George Curtis^ d. within a brief time.

232. IV. SAMUEL,'' b. March 17, 1793.

V. MARY,'' b. Feb. 4, 1795, [d. early?]

233. VI. WILLIAM ANGIER,' b. June 27, 1797.

VII. MARY WHEELER,^ b. Sept. 28, 1799, m. Nov. 25, 1826,
George Curtis.

234. VIII. CHARLES,'' b. July 22, 1802.

235. IX. MOSES,' [birth unrecorded.]

85. DANIEL,^ (Daniel,^ John,4 Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Newbury April 17, 1761, m. i^* in Chelsea, Nov. 16,
1788, Hannah Payne of Chelsea. He m. i^ (Intention filed
in Newbury Dec. 25, 1789,) Susannah Badger. He resided
in Concord in 1788, and in Bristol, N. H. in 1820. He en-
listed June 29, 1777, in Capt. Silas Adam's co. of Col. Tit-
comb's regt. and served 2 months ; afterward served in Col.
Jacob Gerrish's regt. " on detached guard duty for General


Burgoyne's army," and at Winter Hill, closing his service
Nov. 3, 1779. He enlisted in Capt. Staples Chamberlain's
CO. of Dean's regt. March 7, 1781, and marched " for service
in Rhode Island"; time 11 days. His name is on the list
of U. S. pensioners residing in Grafton co, N. H. in 1833,
("73 years old,") for service " in Mass. militia." [See Ap-
pendix, Revolution.]

Daniel Cheney of New Chester, N. H. sold land there
April 24, 1789, making reference to his " deceased wife's"

He deeded land in Bristol to his daughter, Hannah B.
Cheney of Bristol, March i, 1827, and other lands to his son
Daniel, reserving life use of the same, which Daniel con-
veyed to "his parents Daniel and Susanna Cheney" for
their life use.


236. I. DANIEL/ m. at Londonderry, N. H. Feb. 29, 1816, Mahala

Cobb. He is called a resident of Wendell, N. H. Mahala quit-
claimed her rights in a certain tract of land to John Edmunds,
Dec. 9, 1830.

237. n. ENOCH.'^ He sold land in New Chester, N. H. in 1809, 1810

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