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and 181 7, referring to his father, Daniel Cheney; his wife^
Betsey, signed with him.

HI. JOANNA,'' b. Jan. 27, 1797.

IV. HANNAH B.,'' b. in 1798; received from her father a tract of
land in Bristol, N. H. March i, 1827 ; d. in Chelsea, Mass., un-
married, Jan. 10, 1857.
V. MOSES,'' [placed in this line by inference from several circum-
stances,] m. in Bristol N. H. May 15, 1828, Rebecca, dau. of
Abner and Lydia Colby of Bridgewater, N. H. They joined
with other heirs of Abner Colby in quitclaim deed of rights &c.
Oct. 14, 1845.

86. JOHN,6 (Daniel,^ John,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.
in Newbury July 7, 1764, m. I'S Dec. 27, 1787, Mary
Waterman; m. 2*^, Nov. 30, 1797, Phebe Russell, who sur-
vived him. His residence was West Newbury. He d. in
July, 1833.



238. I. JOHN,'' b. April 19, 1788.

II. SARAH," b. Jan. 31, 1790, m. Dec. 30, 1818, Nathaniel An-
drews, of Rowley.

III. STEPHEN,' b. April 16, 1792.

IV. PHEBE RUSSELL," m. Nov. i, 1832, David Saunders.


87. DAVID,6 (Daniel,^ John,* Daniel,^ Damel,^ John,i)
b. in Newbury July 5, 1767. Hailing from Plymouth, N. H.
he entered his intention of marriage with Anna Worth, of
N. Nov. 10, 1792.

David Cheney of Hebron, N. H., yeoman, bought part of
Lot No. 7, 2^ Division, 2'' range, Feb. 17, 1797 ; and other
land in Hebron Oct. 31, 1799. Sold land in Bridgewater
and bought land on the East side of Newfound river in 1809.


239. I. DAVID,' Jr. in. MARY.'


88. NATHANIEL,^ (Daniel,^ Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. about 1754; m. in Hampstead N. H. July 28,
1777, Mary, dau. of Wait and Elizabeth (Sargent) Stevens,
b. in 1759. He began his married life at Hampstead, and
there his first child was born. His grandfather bequeathed
to him and his cousin shares in the township of " Perrys
Town," afterward called Sutton, N. H., and thither he be-
took himself after the Revolution. July 7, 1779, he sold to
Eliphalet Cheney of Plaistow, % of Lot 40 in the second
division in Perr^'stown, laid out originally to Capt. Daniel
Poor of Plaistow. He purchased from Elizabeth Stevens of
Hampstead land in P. and bought another tract about the
same time of Joseph Woodley, Feb. 17, 1781. He did good
pioneer service and lived long and well. He d. March 6,



I. WAIT STEVENS,^ b. Feb. ii, 1778. Resided awhile in
Deering, N. H. ; removed to Batavia, N. Y. D. without issue.

241. 11. DANIEL," b. June 19, 1780.

III. MARY,'^ b. Dec. 5, 1782, m. Jan. 29, 1799, Asa King, b. March
15) 1779; Children: (i) Nathaniel Cheney King, b. Feb. 20,
1801 ; (2) Sarah King, b. June 2, 1802; m. June 9, 1821,
Joseph Colby; (3) Polly King, b. Oct. 2, 1804; m. Steven
Nichols of Lawrence, Mass. ; (4) Eliza King, b. Jan. 6, 1807;
-— — m. 1823, Asa Aldrich; (5) James Albert King, b. March 24, 1809;
lost at sea, 1840; (6) Asa King, b. Oct. 9, 181 1 ; d. 181 2.
Asa King rem. to Whitefield, N. H.; d. there; Mrs. Mary
(Cheney) King d. Dec. 3, 1813.

242. IV. NATHANIEL," b. Feb. 6, 1785.

V. SARAH," b. Feb. 21, 1788; m. Sept. 24, i?>o'j, Israel Morrill,
of Warner, N. H. (his 2* wife); Children: (i) William Morrill,
b. Sept. 4, 1808, m. May 16, 1833, Eleanor A. Webb, of Ports-
mouth, Va. A superintendent of navy yard work in Norfolk)
Va. and Pensacola, Fla., active Mason and churchman ; (2)
Rosanna F. Morrill, b. Jan. 10, 181 2; (3) Thomas C. Morrill,
b. March 3, 1814, d. Nov. 24, 1840; (4) Mary C, K. Morrill,
b. Dec. 30, 1 818 ; (5) Sarah C. Morrill, b. March 3, 1820.

243. VI. ISAAC,'^ b. Aug. 19, 1790.

244. VII. TIMOTHY,'^ b. June 21, 1793.

245. VIII. THOMAS,'' b. Oct. 6, 1796.

246. IX. SILAS,^ b. May 17, 1798.

247. X. CALEB," b. July 24, 1800.

89. JOSEPH, 6 (Daniel,^ Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in 1755, m. Elizabeth [Betsey] , b. in Oc-
tober, 1755, d. at Henniker, N. H. Sept. 12, 1854. He was
enrolled, "of Hampstead, N. H.," in April, 1776, in Capt.
Thos. Cogswell's co. of Col. Baldwin's regt. ; also in the
same troop Jan. 28, July 30, and at Trenton Dec. 31, 1776,
and Jan. i, 1777. " Furnished his own arms." His brother
Jonathan was in the same company. They served in im-
portant campaigns. Signed an order for " travel allowance
from Trenton to Londonderry^" payable to Samuel Middle-
ton ; dated Haverhill, Feb. 14, 1778. He followed his father


to Goffstown, N. H., and there received a deed of land
from him March 3, 1792. Dec. 26, 1792, he purchased of
Peter How a tract of land in " New Bradford." Dec. 29,
1795, he sold land in Goffstown to his brother Daniel, his
wife Elizabeth joining in the deed. They sold a tract to their
son, Joseph Cheney, Jr. June 10, 1824. He d. in Bradford,
N. H. Jan. 22, 1827.


I. " A child of Joseph Cheney, 3 years old," d. at Hampstead,
Jan. 7, 1781.

n. JOSEPH CHENEY,^ 12 years old, at Joseph Kimball's, killed
by the turning over of the cart, Oct. 12, 1801. [Hampstead

248. m. JONATHAN,^ b. Aug. 24, 1782.

IV. SALLY,'' m. Gardner Davis, of Bradford, N. H.

249. V. JOSEPH,'? b. in 1799.

VI. LYDIA,^ m. Whitcher Wheeler, of Bow, N. H,

VII. BETSEY,^ m. Moses Morse, of Newbury, N. H.

VIII. SUSAN,'' m. James Sargent, of Bradford, N. H.

90. ENOCH,s (Daniel, 5 Thomas, * Daniel, ^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. 1757-8, m. in Goffstown, N. H. Dec. 28, 1780,
Susanna Pattee. He was a private in Maj. Bodwell's
Methuen company of Minute men, April 19, 1775, and served
5^ days. He enlisted from Danvers, " after the resolve of
April 20, 1778," for 9 months, being " 20 years old, 5 ft. 6
inches high," and " of dark complexion," and was mustered at
Fishkill Aug. 9, 1778, into the Continental army. Enoch
Cheney of Methuen, Mass. bought of Cutting Marsh land in
Perrystown, " in the west of Chiarsarge Hill," in the province
of New Hampshire Sept. 27, 1779, and sold it Nov. 20, 1779.
Later, hailing from Weare, N. H. Enoch Cheney bought of
Oliver Hardy of W. land in Henniker, N. H., Sept. 11,
1784, and sold land in Weare same day to Esther, wife
of Oliver Hardy. June 29, 1791, he purchased a tract in
Bradford, N. H. ; and sold land in Warner Nov. 16, 1799,
and land in Bradford, Feb. 2, 1793 and land in Henniker


(which was then his residence) June 5, 1804, his wife joining
in the deed, and bought land in Bradford, N. H. of Jonathan
D. Cheney, a portion of Lot 61. Sept 22, 1810, haiHng from
Chelsea, Orange co. Vt. he sold this tract back to J. D. C. No
further information obtained.

9 1 . JONATHAN DUSTIN,6 (Daniel,^ Thomas,* Dan-
iel,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. probably at Hampstead, N. H.,
about 1759, m. Lavinia Ward.

He served in the War of the Revolution, being in Capt.
Thomas Cogswell's co. of Col. Baldwin's regiment (26*^)
and rec'd pay for services (as per roll) April, 1776. He
was in Runnels' co., Nichols' regt. in Stark's brigade July
10 to Sept. 19, 1777, and in Reynold's co. of Col. Peabody's
regt. from Jan. i to Dec. 31, 1778. Was recorded as one of
those who " furnished their own arms," mentioned as being
from Hampstead, N. H. He removed to Henniker, then to
Bradford, N. H., where he bought part of Lot 61, beside his
brother Enoch. Was a noted bear hunter, a good trapper
and fisherman as well as a farmer. He sold his homestead
and some land in Warner to his son Daniel for $500, Dec. 9,
1818. A fowling-piece which he owned and used is now in
possession of his great-grandson, George W. Cheney. He
d. Jan. 25, 1838, "aged 79."

Family tradition gives the following account of him.

Being very short he had to put on an extra pair of stockings and place
several layers of paper in his boots in order to come up to the military
standard ! He and a tall comrade, Colby, were once sitting down by a
stone wall, eating some delicacy they had " drawn " from the country, when
quite a number of Hessians came up on the other side of the wall. Colby
(of New London, N. H.) jumped upon the wall and ordered the Hessians to
surrender, blending with the demand an order to his imaginary army to lie
still if the Hessians made no resistance. Then the two Yankees received
all the enemies' weapons and marched them into camp ! After Burgoyne's
surrender his army, on its march to Boston, required much food, and whole
neighborhoods often joined to feed the captives and the American soldiers
who guarded them. On one of these occasions, when Mr. Ward's orchard
was the dining-room, with bean-porridge pots dangling from the trees and


other odd things to see, Lavinia Ward, a young girl, watching from a cham-
ber window saw among the guards the gallant who afterward won her
heart and hand.


253. I. DANIEL,'^ b. Feb. 20, 1793.

254. II. STEPHEN,^ b. Oct. 20, 1795.

255. III. WILLIAM,'^ b. Aug. 8, 1797.

IV. LYDIA,'^ b. in 1799, "^- Sylvester Ward.

256. V. JONATHAN,^ b. Oct. 20, 1802.

257. VI. EBENEZER,' b. March 4, 1805.

vn. HANNAH M.,'^ b. April 28, 181 1, m. at Bradford, N. H. Sept.
28, 1835, Nicholas Rowell. Children: (i) Mary A. Rowell, m.
Sept. 25, 1 861, at Wilmot Flat, N. H. Thomas Roby. (2) Ira F.
Rowell, m. at Cornish Flat, N. H. in January, 1864, Rachel A.

258. VIII. CALVIN,'^ b. July 27, 181 2.

259. IX. LYMAN,^ b. Feb. 27, 1815.

X. SIMON,^ b. about 1818.

92. DANIEL,6(Daniel,5 Thomas,^ Damel,^ Damel,^ John,i)
b. about 1768, m. April 30, 1789, Patty Wheeler of Goffs-
town, N. H.

He received a deed of land in Goffstown from his father
July 12, 1790. He removed to Fishersfield, [now^ Newbury,
N. H.] where he sold a tract of land June 9, 1806, and a
Goffstown tract to Caleb Mills of Dunbarton, N. H. June
16, 1807. He bought more land in Fishersfield of Robert
Lane April 27, 1808, and sold lands in the same township in
February and March, 1824, his wife " Patty" signing with
him. He was a man of intelligence and executive ability, es-
teemed and honored by his neighbors, a town officer, &c.
There is documentary evidence of this before the writer in
the certificate of a young lady school-teacher. Miss Ruth
Baker, dated "Fishersfield August 6^^ 1811," and signed
clearly by " Elijah Peasley " and " Daniel Cheney," " Select-
men of Fishersfield."

It is said that he " removed to Ticonderoga" in the state
of New York, not far from 1825.



Said to have been ten, concerning whom we have been able to learn par-
ticulars about only two, viz.

I. JOHN/ who became a celebrated guide in the Adirondacks.
II. PATTY,'^ who m. John Morse, and resided at Newbury, N. H.
she d. June 9, 1895. Children: (i) Harriet Arvilla Morse, (2)
Martha Jane Morse, (3) Benjamin R. Morse, (4) John Lawson
Morse, (5) Mary M. Morse, (6) Sarah M. Morse, (7) Arthur T.
Morse, (8) Hannah M. Morse, (9) Emma C. Morse, (10) Ardelia
S. Morse, and three others who died young. Of these Benj.
R. Morse resides in Newbury, N. H. and John L. Morse in
Beverly, Mass. Arthur T. Morse m. in Bradford, N. H. Nov.
26, 1 861, Louise C. Hart, and has George Hart Morse, b. May
23, 1871 and Arthur Anthony Morse, b. May 28, 1875.

93. THOMAS,^ (Daniel,^ Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in Londonderry, N. H. Nov. 3, 1774, was m.
Nov. 10, 1801, to Charlotte, dau. of Capt. Peleg and Han-
nah (Johnson) Ewell, by Rev. Moses Bradford of Frances-
town, N. H. She was b. Sept. i, 1781, d. March 4., 1869.
Capt. Ewell was a ship-master, making foreign voyages,
many years. Retiring from the sea he sought complete
change, and found an enjoyable home among the high-
lands of Hillsboro co., N. H. He was b. Oct. 19, 1739, and
Hannah Johnson was b. Jan. 16, 1846. Her parents were
Samuel and Hannah (Lane) Johnson ; the latter's mother,
Wealtha Bradford, was a great-grand-daughter of Governor
Bradford of Plymouth Colony. Thomas^ Cheney removed as
a boy with his parents to Goffstown, N. H. and resided there
until about 1807. He purchased land in Deering in 1805,
and within two years made his home there. He also resided
in Manchester. He d. Sept. 17, 1862, and was buried in

I. THOMAS,^ b. Oct. 2, 1802, d. at 13 years of age.
11. CALVIN,''b. Aug. 13, 1804.

III. HANNAH,^ b. June 16, 1806, ra.. John Gile, of Nottingham,N. H.

IV. CHARLOTTE,' b. Sept. 8, 1808, m. Henry Appleton, of Deer-

ing, N. H.


V. ELIZA J.,' b. May 12, 18 10, d. in infancy.

270. VI. LUTHER,^ b. Aug. 20, 1812.

271. VII. BRADFORD," b. June 25, 1814.

272. VIII. JOHN,'^ b. Aug. 22, 1816.

273. IX. CHARLES WILLIAM,^ b. Aug. 29, 1818.

X. ELIZA JANE,^ b. Nov. 19, 1820, m. Luther Ladd, of Bow, N. H.

274. XI. CLEVELAND JEFFERSON," b. Feb. 20, 1823.

XII. HARRIET MARIA," b. April 16, 1826, m. John Boody, of

94. ELIPHALET,6 (Duston,^ Thomas,* Damel,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Plaistow, N. H., Dec. 5, 1756, m. at Hamp-
stead, N. H. Nov. 23, 1780, Mary Ela. She was received to
the church there and baptized Feb. 18, 1781. He enlisted at
Plaistow, May i, 1775, in Capt Jere. Gilman's co. of Col.
John Nixon's regt. ; in a compan}^ return dated at Winter Hill ;
Sept. 30, 1775 he was reported on furlough; gave an order
for a bounty coat or money Dec. 25, 1775 ; receipted for wages
Dec. 1776. One of the pay rolls which contains his name is
dated North Castle, Nov. 9, 1776.

July 7, 1779 he bought j{ of lot 40, in the second division
of Perrystown (Sutton, N. H.) laid out originally to Capt.
Daniel Poor of Plaistow, of Nathaniel Cheney. He was one
of the petitioners for the incorporation of Sutton, N. H. May
21, 1783.

In 1833 h^ was receiving a U. S. pension for services in
the Massachusetts line, "being then a resident of Jefferson
CO. N. Y. reported as being 63 years old " at the issue of the
pension in 1819.

97. DUST ON, 6 (Duston,5 Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b_ in Plaistow, N. H., March 2, 1769, m. i"* Polly
Chase ; m. 2*^ Jan. 24, 1820, Ruth Gile : she outlived her
husband, and left quite a legacy to the Baptist church, at her
death in 1862. He was a farmer, at Plaistow, N. H. He
d. before April 7, 1845, when his will was admitted to



275. I. SAMUEL,^ b. Dec. 4, 1791.

II. NABBY,'' b. July 14, 1794 ; m. John Tucker.

III. RACHEL,'' b. Dec. 13, 1797; m. Laban Heath.

IV, POLLY,' b. June 2, 1802, d. young.

276. V. DUSTON,' b. Jan. 2, 1805.

277. VI. EPHRAIM GILE,' b. Nov. 19, 1820.

VII. MARY (" Polly "y b. Nov. 9, 1822 ; m. John Colby,

278. VIII. GILES,' b. May 30, 1825.

98. GILES,6 (Duston,^ Thomas,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Plaistow, N. H., Sept. 4, 1771, m. i'*, Hannah Peasley.
m. 2*^, Hannah Kimball. He removed to Washington, Vt.
and was a farmer there.


279. I. DANIEL,' b. Oct. 24, 1792.

280. II. JESSE,' b. March 17, 1794.

281. m. ZADOC,' b. Nov. 9, 1800.

282. IV. HENRY.'


283. VI. REUBEN PEASLEY,' b. May 10, 1803.

VII. BETSEY,' b. Aug. 10, 1808, m. Feb. 4, 1829, George Washing-
ton McAllister., who was b. March 20, 18 10, d. Sept. 17, 1866.
She d. Nov. 17, 1876. Children: (i) Martha McAllister, b.
July 8, 1 83 1, d. Sept. 19, 1834, (2) Jeanette McAllister, b. Feb.
9, 1833, d. Sept. 13, 1834; (3) David M. McAllister, b. March
7, 1835, (4) George W. McAllister, b. July 3, 1837, m. Aug. 11,
1867, Emma G. Pepper; (5) Martha J. McAllister, b. May 12,
1844, m. April 6, 1864, Harry V. Barron; (6) Fred M. Mc-
Allister, b. Jan. 7, 1846, m. Nov. 27, 1867, Ellen M. Downing;
(7) Giles C. McAllister, b. Jan. 19, 1849, "^^ i" 1880 Anna
Ackerman; (8) Charles Henry McAllister, b. Dec. 22, 1851, m.
Nov. 27, 1879, Eva M. Seaver ; he is Postmaster at Washing-
ton, Vt.

VIII. SMILAX,' b. May 6, 181 1, m. Sept. 30, 1832, Wait S. Smith.
Children: (i) Shubael C. Smith, b. June i, 1835, grew to man-
hood and died in defence of the Union, slain in battle in
Virginia, October, 1861 ; (2) George F. Smith, b. Oct. 19, 1836,
d. May 15, 1876, (3) Henry Smith, died in infancy, (4) Marshall


Smith, d. in infancy, (5) Daniel Peaslee Smith, b. Mar. 2, 1839,
m. Dec. 31, 1865, Julia Huntington, served in the War of the
Rebellion, had children, Julia, Ernest, Lena B. and Lizzie
Smith, (6) Marcia M. Smith, b. Nov. 6, 1843, m. March, 1870,
Mark Warner, (7) Cyrus H. Smith, b. Aug. 7, 1845, a soldier in
the War of the Rebellion, m. Eunice Lyman Smith, (8) Effie S.
Smith, b. June, 1847, m. Dec. 31, 1866, T. F. S. Thurber, (9)
Minnie O. Smith, b. June, 1850, m. July, 1868, Fred Caldwell,
d. Aug. 1892, (10) Ida M. Smith, b. May, 1855, m. Nov. 1875,
Oscar Hall, d. April 15, 1S76.




286. XI. JAMES.'' 289. XV. QUINCY.'^



99. PETER,6 (Thomas,^ Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Plaistow in 1770, m, June 18, 1795, Sally, dau.
of Jonathan Davis, b. July 22, 1774. She d. Oct. 10, 1851.
He was of Sutton, N. H. Purchased land in S. of Jacob
Mastin Sept. i, 1806. " A neat, tidy farmer, a good neigh-
bor and worthy citizen." He d. April 13, 1849.


290. I. PHILIP,'^ b. March 10, 1796.

II. SALLY,^ b. May 7, 1797 ; d. 1813.

m. MATTHEW,^ b. Nov. 2, 1802.

292. IV. LEVI,'' b. Aug. 13, 1807.

V. WILLIAM,'' b. Nov. 19, 1808, m. Pamelia Watson; d. Aug. 17,

103. ISAAC,6 (Isaac,5 Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in Groton, N. H. Feb. 25, 1769, m. Sarah, dau.
of Stephen and Abigail Ames, [See Appendix, Ames.] b. in
Ashburnham Dec. 23, 1772, d. May 21, 1837. He was an
esteemed citizen of Groton, N. H. a deacon of the Congre-
gational church. He d. May 7, 1853.



I. HANNAH," b. June 25, 1792, m. Jan. 11, 181 1, Moses Hunkins
of Sanbornton and Groton ; shed. Feb. 14, 1833.

II. ISAAC,'' b. April 6, 1794.

HI. STEPHEN AMES,'' b. May 17, 1796, resided in Groton till
Nov. 12, 1850, when, with wife Jerusha, he sold his farm and
" removed to Minnesota."

IV. SALLY,'' b. April 8, 1798, m. Henry Cummings brother of
Jotham (below).

V. LEONARD,'' b. March 11, 1800; m. Hannah .remained

in Groton at least until April 20, 1847, when he and his wife
and his brother David and his wife sold land there to their
brother Russell.

VI. DAVID,' b. April 20, 1802; m. Betsey F. ; had no


320. VII. LYMAN,' b. April 16, 1804.

VIII. RUSSELL,' b. April 22, 1806, m, Hannah .

IX. MARY,' b. Sept. 24, 1808, m. Jan. i, 1833, Jotham Cummings^
(son of Henry Cummings who was b. Dec. 5, 1768, d. Aug. i
1820,) bom at Groton, N. H. March 19, 1804, d. Jan. 8, 1893 ;
she d. Oct. 23, 1895. Children: (i) Emily Jane Cummings, b.
Nov. 7, 1833, m. Nov. 7, 1852, Luther H. Clark, resides in
Hardwick, Vt. ; (2) Sarah Jerusha Cummings, b. May 25, 1835,
m. Wm. George Piper, resides at Vineland, N. J. ; (3) George
Jotham Cummings, A. M., b. July 6, 1838, m. July 26, 1869,
Lucy E. Hardy, has child, Lucy Webster Cummings, b. March
6, 1875 ; is principal and professor of preparatory department
of Howard Univ., Washington, D. C. ; (4) Mary Emeline
Cummings, b. Sept. 8, d. Dec. 11, 1840; (5) Charles Wilson
Cummings, b. Aug. 20, 1846, m. May, 1873, Emily E. Merrill;
res, Warren, N. H.

322. X. WILSON,'' b. June 9, 1810.

XI. LUCY,' b. April 20, d. Aug. 12, 181 8.

104- ENOCH,6 (Isaac,5 Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Damel,^
John,^) b. in Groton, N. H. Dec. 3, 1770, m. Aug. 31, 1796,
Polly, dau. of John and Mary (Ford) Crawford, b. in Oak-
ham, Dec. 31, 1778. (John Crawford was b. Jan. 7, 1739,
and Mary Ford wash. Aug. 2, 1744.)


He graduated from Yale College in , received the

degree of M. D. from Albany Medical College in 1816. He
resided in Wilmington and Bern, N. Y. and settled on the
** Academy Tract in the township of Bristol, Ontario co.
N. Y. — then a wilderness, practising his profession and act-
ing as land agent. He buffeted with many difficulties, but
laid foundations for those who should come after. He had
thirteen children. He d. Nov. 7, 1827. His widow, doubly
afflicted by his death and the loss of property through defec-
tive titles, struggled bravely on, and the children helped to
make their way. She lived to see much joy and success in
their lives, and died at Canandaigua, N. Y. Oct. 4, 1841.

As keepsakes of Dr. Enoch Cheney, his grandson Dr.
Charles Depew Cheney of Hoboken, N. J. has a pair of
leather "saddle-bags," containing in one side a number of
phials, with dried residuum of their original contents, and in
the other side numerous packages of herbs, powders and
roots, also showing " a general flavor of mild decay." He
also has an ancient "turnkey" with wooden handle for the
extraction (or destruction) of teeth, and a corkscrew of pe-
culiar design ; the veritable diploma from Albany Medical
School, dated Oct. 8, 1816, and a certificate of membership
in the Medical Society of the county of Ontario, N. Y. July
13, 1819. A memorandum-book with many a doleful recipe
and directions for preparing extracts, powders and decoctions
direct from Nature's resources; notes of bills due, etc. and
scraps of family history. A leather-bound book, "The
Death of Abel," published in 1793, quaintly marked as
"Enoch Cheney's book " in 1794.


I. MARY,'' b. Nov. 10, 1797, m. March 19, iSid,, Alvin Penoyer of
Canandaigua, N. Y. d. Dec. 25, 1855. Child: Laura Penoyer,
who m. George Higley.

n. ABIAH,^ b. Nov. i, 1799, d. July 3, 1867.

ni. MELINTHIA,^ b. Sept. 26, 1801, m. June 25, 1822, Fordyce
Willis ton.


323. IV. JAMES P./ . . . b. July 2, 1803.

324. V. DAVID ■^ b. June 5, 1805.

VI. NANCY,'^ b. June 28, 1807, d. Feb. 15, 1881.
VII. MARTHA J b. Aug. 10, 1809.

325. VIII. ENOCH," b. Dec. 9, 1812.

IX. ALMIRA ESTHER,^ b. Feb. 17, 1815, m. Sept. 26, 1843,
William H. Crawford^ of Oakham; she d. Dec. 6, 1878. Chil-
dren: (i) Persis Crawford, b. Oct. 13, 1844, m. i^t Charles M.
Prosser ; he d. in 1878, and she m. 2'^ Austin B. Bush of
Springfield Feb. 15, 1892. (2) Mary L. Crawford, b. July 4,
1846, m. June 30, 1868, Lasell L. Jones. Child: Lula A. Jones,
b. Oct. 30, 1870, m. Edward D. Lee of Worcester.

326. X. DARWIN,^ b. March 8, 181 7.

327. XI. WILLIAM C.,^ b. March i, 1819.

XII. EMELINE DELIGHT,^ b. June i, 1822, m. April 22, 1850,
Bickford^ of Victor, N. Y. Child: Frank Bickford, re-
sides at Cortland, N. Y.
XIII. LOUISA,'^ b. Jan. 31, 1824, m. Benjamin Bateman,

I 05. Capt. DAVID,6 (Isaac,5 Nathaniel,* Damel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) ]3_ -y^ Groton,.N. H., Oct. 11, 1778, m. Lovisa, dau.
of Eleazar and Mary (Bradish) Ball; she d. Sept. 18, 1839.
He d. Aug. 22^ 1856.

He lived on the original home place of his father in Groton,
N. H. His wife vvras very talented, and taught her eldest son
surveying, and similarly aided in the other children's edu-


329. I. ALBERT GALLATIN,^ b. July 9, 1803.

330. II. LEWIS,'^ b. March 20, 1808.
III. ROXANNA,'' m. Foster.

331. IV. PRESTON.'^


332. VI. DAVID,'' b. Aug. 21, 1813.

I 06. DANIEL,6 (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. June 26, 1770, m. i** March 15, 1801, Lucy, dau.
of Oliver and Elizabeth (Melcher) Calef, b. in Exeter,



N. H., Feb. 19, 1778; she d. March 15, 1829, and he m.
2*^, Dec. 20, 1829, Catharine Cummings ; she m. 2^ Samuel
Calef, and d. Sept. 23, 1858, aged 77.

He resided first in Sanbornton, N. H. then in Campton,
N. H., and d. at C. Dec. 18, 1849.


334. I. JONATHAN H.,7 b. June i, 1802.

n. OLIVER/ b. about 1808.

III. RUTH/ m. Benja7nin Stokes Tuttle, whose sister Lydia m.
Jonathan H. Cheney.

107. Rev. MOSES ,6 (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^
Daniel,^ John, ^) b. in Haverliill Dec. 15, 1776; m. in San-
bornton, N. H. Jan., 1800, Abigail, dau. of Moses and Ruth
(Leavitt) Leavitt, b. in Exeter, N. H., March i, 1781.
As a child of 4 years he came with his parents to Sanborn-
ton, N. H.

He was greatly moved by the death of his oldest child in
1803, and became a peculiarly enthusiastic Christian. He
learned the trade of joiner, but took prominent part in re-
ligious meetings ; and after a course of study at Gilmanton
Academy, entered the ministry in the fellowship of the Free
Will Baptists. He resided in New Durham, Gilmanton and
Brentwood, N. H. and from 1824, in Derby, Vt. Became
a Calvinist Baptist after twelve years ministry. Was versa-
tile, popular, yet strong-minded and vigorous. A man of
great power for good. He d. in Sheffield Vt. Aug. 9, 1856.
Mrs. Cheney d. in Derby, Vt. April 12, 1862.

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