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houses. His integrit}^ in business transactions was never


386. I. HENRY,^ b. Oct. 14, 1808.

387. n. ALLEN,^ b. in 181 1.

m. JULIA MARIA," b. Dec. 5, 1814, d. Aug. 26, 1816.

388. IV. LUTHER NORMAN/ b. Oct. 5, 1818.

389. v. LUCIAN WEST,^ b. Oct. 16, 1822.

VI. EDWIN THAYER," b. Dec. 2, 1828; drowned Sept. 24, 1846.

I 26. SAMUEL,^ (Moses,5 Moses,^ John,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Orange Sept. 17, 1797, m. Mar}- Ann Pierce. He was
a farmer at Colton, N. Y. He d. July 9, 1879 ^^ Holly
Wood, N. Y.


I. SAMUEL," b. June 15, 1826.
II. MARY L.,'^ b. Sept. 20, 1827.

III. EVELINE L.,^ b. July 6, 1829.

IV. EMILY ANN,T b. May 8, 1831.

V. EDWARD THURBER,'? b. May 19, 1833.
VI. RICHARD B.,T b. Sept. 9, 1835.
VII. SARAH J.," b. Oct. 23, 1837.

I 27. J0HN,6 (Moses,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b.
Feb. 26, 1802 ; m. Harriet, dau. of Levi Thurston, jr. of
Orange. He resided at Potsdam, N. Y. ; d. July 23, 1873.


I. JULIA ANN/ b. July 20, 1827 ; d. Sept. i, 1834.
II. JOHN H./ b. Aug. 16, 1832.
III. NATHANIEL P.,'' b. Aug. 25, 1838.

131. ELISH.V (Elisha,5 Joseph,4Joseph,3 Daniel,2 John,i)

b. May 2, 1787, m. Isabella . He received a portion of

the property of his brother Artemas in 1826. He was a
blacksmith, resided in Princeton some years, and there his
children were born. He d. in Holden Feb. 18, 1845.

390. I. GEORGE/ b. Oct. 27, 1814.
II. SARAH," b. Jan. 15, 1818.
III. HANNAH/ b. Sept. 22, 1819.

I 32. JONAS STONE,6 (Elisha,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. May 8, 1792, m. Nov. 15, 1818, Clarissa Cunning-
ham. He was a blacksmith ; lived in Newton. He inherited
something from his grandfather whose name he bore. He
d. Nov. 17, 1819. His estate was administered upon by his
widow, Jan. 12, 1820, and she was made the [legal] guardian
of their only child, Abigail ; she m. 2"^, Jonathan Wheeler,
March 3, 1822.



133. AMOS S.,6 (Elisha,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ Daniel,2
John,^) b. Sept. 27, 1793, m. May 5, 1823, Mary Holmes
Morse. He was a cabinet-maker ; resided in Roxbury. He
d. before Oct. 2, 1847, when his daughter Caroline M. was
appointed administratrix of her widowed mother's estate.
W". S. Leland was guardian of Artemas F., and Tillson
Williams of Amos P. The latter settled with his guardian
when he became of age. May 24, 185 1.

I. CAROLINE M./ m. Angjistus S. Bzcnker.

II. ARTEMAS F.," m. Ellen M. . He d. Nov. 27, 1892.

ni. AMOS P. ^


135. STEPHEN,^ (Elisha,5 Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Worcester Jan. 16, 1804, m. in Marlborough
May 8, 183 1, Elizabeth Buffum, dau. of Baxter and Eleanor
(Wheeler) Fay, b. June 24, 1814. He was a foreman in
the carding department of cotton factories. He resided
in several towns, Clinton, Grafton, Burrillville, R. I. and
Royalston. He d. Feb. 8, 1853.


I. MARY ANGELINE,^ b. April 7, 1834, m. May 15, 1853,

Roger Franklin Jerfnain. Son : Frank Orville Jermain, b. Feb.
27, i860.

n. GILBERT AUGUSTUS,'^ b. Sept, 2, 1836, d. at Frederick,

Md. Oct. I, 1862.
ni. HIRAM DENNIS,'^ b. Sept. 4, 1841, d. July 31, 1861.

IV. JOSEPHINE ADELV b. Aug. 2, 1844, m. Dec. 8, 1867, Louis
Laville Stone. Children : (i) Orra Laville Stone, b. in Wor-
cester May 27, 1873, (2) Ina Cheney Stone, b. in Clinton Jan.
16, 1880.

392. V. HENRY ISADORE,^ 1 , „ „ f

^^ ^ b. Jan. 9, 1848. {

VI. HENRIETTA ISABEL,'] [ She resides in

Clinton, with her mother. Has taken great interest in the

preparation of this family history, and loaned to the writer that

ancient Bible with partial record of the family, referred to in

the article on p. 227.

136- JONATHAN HOMER,6 (Ebenezer,^ Joseph,^
Joseph,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Newton Aug. 21, 1811, m.
Sept. 15, 1833, Sarah Ann Bailey, dau. of Martin and
Eunice (Turner) Burr, of Boston. He resided in Roxbury.
He carried on the business of ship-chandlery, in Boston,
owning largely in vessels, particularly in the trade with the
West Indies. He was energetic and prosperous in business,
kind and affectionate in his personal relations and in his
family. He d. May 27, i860. His widow d. Nov. 9, 1872.


I. HENRY H0MER,7 b. June, 1834, d. Dec. 3, 1841.

II. SARAH MARIA,^ b. Oct. 29, 1836, m. June 14, 1869, i/t?;/.

Charles Russell Train of Lowell, (his second marriage). He


was born in Framingham Oct. i8, 1817, son of Charles and
Hepzibah H. Train. He graduated at Brown University in
1837 ; studied law and became eminent in his profession; was
a member of the Mass. legislature in 1846, and represented
the state in Congress from 1859 to 1863 with marked ability.
He d. July 29, 1885. Child: Arthur Cheney Train, b. Sept. 6,
1875. "Mr. Arthur Cheney Train was married in St. Bar-
tholomew's church New York city, April 20, 1897, to Miss
Ethel, dau. of the late Benjamin P. Kissam and a niece of the
late Mrs. W. H. Vanderbilt. The wedding was a beautiful
one attended by many distinguished people. The bride and
groom will reside in the Ernest Longfellow house in Cambridge,

III. EUNICE HARRIET^ b. Aug. 28, 1838, m. June 6, 1865,

Franklm N. Thatcher, of Boston.

IV. FRANCES ANN,T d. in very early childhood.

V. JONATHAN HOMER," b. Nov. 2, 1844, m. in Boston, Oct. 5,
1 87 1, Ellen F. Bartlett, dau. of Francis F. and Eleanor Kingman.

137. ROYAL,6 (Ebenezer,5 Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Newton, July 6, 1822, m. at Pembroke, Nov.
30, 1848, Augusta, dau. of Luther and Susanna (Stetson)
Briggs, b. Aug. 7, 1827. She is a gr. gr. dau. of Dr. Jere-
miah Hall who was a member of the Provincial Congress,
and a surgeon in the Revolutionary army. Her mother's
father was Capt. Isaiah Stetson, who commanded a ship in
Federal service during each of the wars with England.

Mr. Cheney was one of the rare mechanics of Mass. who
could be trusted with the care of a locomotive in 1842, and
few men ever ran so many miles with so small a number of
accidents. Forty-four years he ran a passenger train from
Worcester to Nashua ; and has done other noteworthy ser-
vice, growing in intelligent comprehension of the work as
science has progressed. He and his wife have their home in

SUSAN ELIZABETH,^ b. at Fitchburg, May 24, 1851, d. at
Pembroke Sept. 25, 1851.

142, Rev. MARTIN,^ (Joseph,^ James,^ Joseph,^ Dan-
iel,2 John,i) ^3^ j^ Dover Aug. 9, 1792, m. i'', in 1813 Anna,


dau. of Fleet Brown of Foster, R. I. ; she d. in 1817. He
m. 2*^, in 1S19, Nancy Wilbour; he m. 3'^ March 4, 1833,
Lydi a Sheldon.

In 18 1 5 he entered with his eldest brother into the grocery
business in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; they were also engaged in
mackerel lisherv ; but misfortune was their lot : sickness over-
took the elder, and they abandoned their schemes. His wife
died the next spring. After a few 3^ears he entered the min-
istrj^ ; did some evangelistic touring ; was ordained at Olney-
ville, R. I. April 28, 1825. He was highly esteemed by the
communities where he labored. His Life, by Rev. Geo. T.
Day, was published by George H. Whitney of Providence,
R. I. in 1853.

He d. Jan. 4, 1852, greatly honored, and his memory is



u. LOUISA," b. at Johnston, R. L July i, 1821, m. May 19, 1842,
Cornelius Soulc Siveetlaitd, of Johnston, b. Feb. 23, 181 5. He
was a Carriage Maker. He d. Aug. 12, 1878, Mrs. Sweetland
d. Sept. 25, 1892. Children: (i) Seaburj' J. Sweetland, b. May
24, 1843, d. Sept. 26, 1844.

(2) Cornelius Soule Sweetland, Jr., b. July 15, 1845, m. Sept.
16, 1869, Mar}- Hawkins Anthony, who was b. Dec. 6, 1845 :
their children are [i] Louisa Anthony Sweetland, b. June 21,
1 87 1, and [ii] Harold Anthony Sweetland, b. Aug. 29, 1886.
Mr. CorneHus S. Sweetland, Jr. is a banker, residing in Provi-

(3) Frank Harrison Sweetland, b. Dec. 22, 1847, d. Oct. 6,

I 45- CYRUS,6 (Cyrus,5 James,* James,^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Holden Aug. 21, 1823, m. Rebecca Sawyer.

Removed to Concord, N. Y. and remained some 3'ears ;
returned to Mass. Went to California on the discovery of
gold, and spent some years there. Died soon after returning.
[Hist. Concord, N. Y.]



146. JOHN MILTON,6 (Hezekiah,^ James,* James,^
Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Lincoln Aug. 29, 1797, m. Louisa P.
Hosmer of Stow, Oct. 17, 1833. He entered Harvard Col-
lege in 18 1 7 and graduated with distinction in 1821. He
became a lawyer ; resided in Concord ; was cashier of the
Middlesex Institution for Savings ; a gentleman much re-
spected. He d. Feb. 13, 1869.

I. CAROLINE FRANCES,^ b. Nov. 20, 1834.
n. ELIZABETH WELLS CUMMINGS," b. Oct. 31, 1836.

147. LORENZO,^ (James,^ James,* James,^ Damel,^
John,^) b. in Phillipston, Nov. 12, 1806, m. i^*, Catharine
H. Sawyer of Templeton, who d. March 4, 1833. He m.
2'\ Lurena Lane, b. Nov. 4, 1808, d. Nov. 4, 1856. He
m. 2'\ Sarah (Gay) Greenwood of Hubbardston, b. Jan. 28,
1814, d. Nov. 15, 1884. He was a boot and shoe manufac-
turer ; a man of intelligence, industry and thrift. He accu-
mulated a competence, and enjoyed much during his declin-
ing years. But his neighbors gave him the praise of being
scrupulously honest and regardful of others' rights ; so that
they esteemed him highly. Lurena Lane, his second wife,
mother of Lorenzo Lane and Charles Algernon Cheney, met
with a tragic end, her clothing having caught fire from a
broken "fluid" lamp; after excruciating torture she died,
showing a calm, Christian spirit through all the dreadful suf-
fering. This took place on her forty-eighth birthday. Mr.
Cheney d. in South Gardner May 15, 1883.

396. I. LORENZO LANE,'^ b. Aug. 10, 1839.

n. CHARLES ALGERNON,'^ b. May 17, 1847.

I 49. CYRUS,6 ( James,5 James,* James,^ Daniel,^ John,i)

b. in Phillipston May i, 1818, m. Nancy R. . He

resided in Athol.


399. JAMES,'^b. 1846.


151, BENJAMIN,^ (Benjamin,^ Nicholas,^ Peter,^ Peter,^
John,^) b. in Newbury Feb. 27, 1763, d. in Rutland, Vt.
Sept. 7, 1850. Enlisted for 3 j^ears or the war in the
Rowley contingent Feb. 28, and was mustered into service
March i, 1781 ; his receipt — "Benjamin Cheney, Jr.", for
town bounty, — is on file.

He received pension of $96 _/!'^;' aniiwn, commencing April
6, 1818. The following extract from the Rutland Herald
gives interesting particulars.

Capt. Cheney came into Vt. and settled in the north part of Rutland in
1793, where he cleared up a farm and lived in the enjoyment of the liberty
he fought so hard to earn, with a large and happy circle of children and
grandchildren around him until nearly all his old companions in arms had
fallen around him. The title of Capt. he obtained from the command of a
company of miHtia in times when it was no small credit to be a soldier.

Fond of relating stories of the revolution he made himself agreeable to
all — an obliging neighbor, — a true friend, — a useful citizen.

It was not until 1840, under the ministry of Rev. Mr. Mitchell, that Capt.
Cheney became a soldier of the Cross ; and it is remarkable how powerful
an influence the Christian faith exerted upon him. Against the fears and
almost remonstrances of his friends, fearing for his health, he laid aside the
cup of which he had sometimes taken too freely, and ever after strictly
adhered to the total abstinence pledge. His religious impressions made
in old age, he related with the same vividness that he did the exciting
scenes of the revolution, impressed upon his memory in the ardor of youth.
How tender his conscience, how fearful of doing wrong, — how diligent in
studying the Bible and in performing religious duties is known to all who
were familiar with the last years of his life. May every survivor of that
patriot band to whom we are indebted for these peaceful firesides, — for this
liberty, — these institutions, — this widely extending government — die with
the consolations of the same cheering hopes of a blessed immortality.


I. NAOMI," m. Lyman Saimders.

401. II. JAMES,'^ is said to have married and had several children,

152. ABEL, 6 (Benjamin,^ Nicholas,* Peter,^ Peter,^
John,i) b. in Rowley, bapt. at Byfield April 10, 1768, m.

Nancy . Was a joiner. Resided in Holderness, N. H.

Sold a lot (100 acres) for £45 to Edward Evans of Plymouth,
N. H. Jan. 14, 1794. After his wife's death Charles Cheney


of Rutland, Vt., Benjamin Cheney of Sudbury, Vt., Nancj
Cheney of Holderness, N. H., and Eliza, Mary and Gershom
Cheney, minors, by their guardian, Robert Cox, sold to Levi
Drew their rights in a certain tract of land in Holderness,
they being heirs of Nancy Cheney, late of H. July 4, 1827,
Jane Cheney of Rutland, Vt. one of the daughters of the late
Abel and Nancy Cheney of Holderness, N. H. sold all her
interest in their estate.


402. I. CHARLES COX,'^ b. Feb. 10, 1796.

403. H. BENJAMIN.^ V. MARY.7

m. NANCY.T 404. vi. GERSHOMJ


153. SAMUEL,6 (Benjamin,^ Nicholas,* Peter,^ Peter,^
John,^) b. in Byfield Parish on the borders of Newbury and
Rowle3s Mass. March 8, 1768, bapt. May 6, 1769, m. i^^
Chloe Manley, b. Oct. 2, 1779, d. June 26, 1824. He m. 2*^,
May 7, 1826, Clarissa Deming. He was a farmer; resided
in Rutland and Hubbardton, Vt.


405. I. WILLIAM ALONZO,^ b. Dec. 31, 1806.

II. MARY,^ b. May 12, 1808, d. Sept. i, 181 1.


y b. Auo^. 20, 181 2.

406. IV. LEONARD.'' J

Clarissa was m. June 8, 1848, to Herman C. Brinkerhoff., of
Springvale, Wis. She bore the trials and privations of a new
country with patience. She never gave pain to any of God's
creatures. The teachings of her home tended toward the good.
She died, loved and respected by all who knew her, on the
morning of Dec. 23, 1884, and was buried in the beautiful
cemetery on Wedge's Prairie, in the township of Waupun.
Her only son bears this testimony: " She was a good mother."
Child: Francis Brinkerhoff, b. March 20, 1849, ^"^ Springvale,
Wis. Has spent nearly all of his life on the farm. Was
educated in the district school at home, in the public schools of
Brandon, Wis. and at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, la. He
taught school a number of terms, has been master of Brandon
Grange, deputy of Hope Lodge, I. O. G. T., recording steward


of the M. E. church, town clerk, supervisor of schools, and is
now chairman of the board of supervisors of the town. He is
proprietor of a stock farm, raising registered Short Horn cattle,
Berkshire hogs, and Merino sheep. He m. in April, 1874,
Nancy Jane Grinnell of Waupun, Wis. and has children: [i.]
Francis H. Brinkerhoff, b. Aug. 23, 1876, [ii.] Edith E. Brink-
erhoff, b. Dec. i, 1878, [iii.] David W. Brinkerhoff, b. May 28,
1881, d. March 3, 1883, [iiii.] Arian J. Brinkerhoff, b. Dec. 21,
1883, [v.] Mary C. Brinkerhoff, b. July 18, 1886, [vi.] Bessie
H. Brinkerhoff, b. May 4, 1890, [vii.] Neil Brinkerhoff, b.
March 29, 1894.
V. SAMUEL," b. June 15, 1814, d. Jan. 15, 1816.
VI. MARY,T b. April 28, 1816, d. Jan. 8, 1822.

VII. SAMUEL." b. Oct. 18, 1818; he was a carpenter, worked in
various places in Vt. N. Y. and Wis. Remained single, and d.
in Rutland, Vt. June 25, 1881.

407. vm. BENJAMIN,'? b. Sept. 7, 1822.

155. ELISHA,6 (Benjamin,^ Benjamin,'^ Peter,^ Peter,^
John,^) bapt. in East Hartford, Conn. Jan. 11, 1770, m.
Olive, dau. of Jedidiah and Sarah (Wilcox) North, of Berlin,
Conn. b. in 1773. She was in the sixth generation from John
North, an early settler of Farmington, Conn. One of her
nephews, Simeon North, was a professor and afterward
president of Hamilton College, N. Y. Elisha Cheney fol-
lowed the family trade of clock-making.

Tradition says he "cut out the wooden cogs with his penknife"; cer-
tainly the methods were simple, and the ingenuity had to be very great, to
produce such excellent timepieces as some of the old " Cheney clocks "
without machinery, or with very poor tools. Simeon North, Mrs. Cheney's
brother, established a pistol manufactory at New Britain, Conn, and Elisha
Cheney made the screws for the pistol locks ; and there in New Britain
July 3, 1 80 1, Mr. Cheney bought of North, for the sum of $103, a small lot
of land, " containing 9 rods, 20 links," '• lying West of Joseph Crofut's
land, in Worthington, on the East side of Berlin." Later he moved out to
the top of a high hill, which is still known as " Cheney Hill." The pros-
pect from the eminence is beautiful, with Mts. Higbee and Lamentation in
the distance. The house was of a single stor)', painted red. Rooms were
added from time to time till it had more gables than any other house in
town. It was burned in 1891. Mrs. Wright of Oberlin, O. remembers
visiting the homestead in her childhood. She describes Mrs. Cheney as


" a kind, motherly woman, who did all in her power to make every one
happy." They removed to Lima, N. Y. about 1835, and thence in a few
years to Roscoe, 111. Letters written to relatives in Conn, are still pre-
served, which give particulars of the journey West, with the many hard-
ships and adventures on the way and in the starting of a new home,
including tales of numerous deer, wolves and other wild creatures seen
every day.

The father died July 2, 1847. The mother died March 6,
1849, ^^ small pox. Both are buried in the Roscoe cemetery.

" Elisha Cheney

died July 2, 1847,

ae. 78 years.

Sweet is the sleep our father takes
Till in Christ Jesus he awakes."

" Olive, wife of Elisha Cheney

died March 6, 1849,

ae. 77."


I. CLARISSA," b. Feb. 5, 1794, m. Feb. 19, 1818, Josiah Savage,
b. March 8, 1795, d. Dec. 17, 1857. She d. Nov. 25, 1874.
Children: (i) Harriet Newell Savage, b. Aug. 11, 1819, d. May
23, 1 88 1, m. Noah Smith of Berlin, Conn, and had children,
[i] Laura Fidelia Smith, b. June 28, 1840, [ii] Walter Elliott
Smith, b. Nov. 13, 1842, [iii] Harriet Savage Smith, b. June
18, 1845, [iiii] Emma Josephine Smith, b. May 25, 1848, [v]
Clara Cheney Smith, b. May 11, 1850; (2) Elliott Savage, b.
Jan. 6, 1822, d. Feb. 26, 1880, m. June 13, 1848, Sarah Foot
Southmayd, lived in Berlin, Conn., and had children, [i] Clara
Elizabeth Savage, b. April 9, 1849, [ii] Edgar Camp Savage,
b. Feb. 20, 1851, [iii] Leonard Southbridge Savage, b. May 13,
1854, [iiii] Mary Harriet Savage, b. Dec. 24, 1855, [v] Emily
Savage, b. Sept. 29, 1857, [vi] Horace Southbridge Savage, b.
March 27, 1861, [vii] Henry Elliott Savage, b. Feb. 8, 1863,
[viii] Walter Hubbard Savage, b. Oct. 16, 1867, [ix] Alfred
Birge Savage, b. Jan. 4, 1870; (3) Joseph Anderson Savage, b.
Feb. 3, 1827, d. in June, 1889, m. June 20, 1855, Mary Maria
Henson, b. Dec. 20, 1829, and had children, [i] Laura Emeline


Savage, b. Oct. 23, 1857, [ii] Joseph Willard Savage, b. July

18, 1859, [iii] Mary Ada Savage, b. April 26, 1868, [iiii] Clara
Mabel Savage, b. Sept. 24, 1872.

409. II. OLCOTT,'' b. May 27, 1795,

III. POLLY,'^ b. Dec. 11, 1796, m. Oct. 8, 1826, Richard Cowles of

Southington, Conn., and Lima, N. Y., being his second wife.
Their children were : (i) Joseph Cowles, b. Sept. i, 1827, d. Jan.

19, 1829, (2) Mary E. Cowles, b. Aug. 21, 1829, m. Davis Arm-
strong, (3) Eliza W. Cowles, b. May 25, 1831, m. John Hay-
dock, (4) Benjamin Cheney Cowles, b. June 11, 1836, m. Sarah
Hull, and had children, (5) Harriet M. Cowles, b. Aug. 25, 1839,
d. March 15, 1876 ; Mrs. Polly (Cheney) Cowles d. Dec. 3, 1839.

IV. HARRIET,^ b. Dec. 23, 1798, m. Oct. 13, 1819, John North, of

Berlin, Conn. b. Dec. 25, 1796, d. Aug. 8, 1872, She d. May 2,
1889. Children: (i) Orrin Lyman North, b. Aug. 16, 1820, m.

Dec. 10, 1849, Ellen , and had children, [i] Harriet Maria

North, b. in Feb. 1848, [ii] Mary Ellen North, b. Dec. 25, 1849,
[iii] Maggie North, b. Feb. 20, 1851, [iv] Isaac North, b. Jan.
ID, 1854, [v] John Edmund North, [vi] Sarah Elizabeth North;

(2) Elisha Cheney North, b. Jan. 29, 1822, d. April 25, 1844;

(3) Isaac North, b. Sept. 10, 1823, m. June 14, 1847, Elizabeth
Lounsbury, resided in Chicago, 111., they had children, [i] Emma
Louise North, b. March 31, 1848, [ii] Charles Augustus North,
b. Jan. 7, 1850, [iii] Annie Elizabeth North, b. Nov. 17, 1855,
[iiii] William Henry North, b. April 10, 1859; (4) John North,
b. Feb. 8, 1825, m. Abigail Austin, and had children, [i] John
Austin North, b. July 13, 1852, [ii] Sarah Maria North, b.
Aug. 15, 1854, [iii] Medora North, b. Jan. i, 1858, [iiii] Caleb
Lindsley North, b. Dec. 29, 1859, [v] Alice Hale North, b.
Dec. 14, 1861, [vi] Franklin Bill North, b. Feb. 19, 1867;
(5) Harriet Maria North, b. Nov. 18, 1826, (6) Olive Cheney
North, b. Sept. 14, 1828, m. April 4, 1851, Samuel Andrus, and
had children, [i] Hattie Estelle Andrus, b. and d. in 1855, [ii]
Katie Louise Andrus, b. April 22, 1856, m. George B.Jones,
[iii] Mary Elizabeth Andrus, b. Sept. 22, i860, m. John H.
Webber, [iiii] Emma Augusta Andrus, b, Aug. 27, 1864, m.
Dr. Eugene Mead ; (7) Sarah Ann North, b. Sept. 12, 1830, m.
March 28, 1854, Francis P. Bill, and had children, [i] Bertha
Maria Bill, b. Feb. 22, 1856, [ii] Edwin Bill, b. and d. in 1858,
[iii] Frankie Bill, b. and d. in i860, [iiii] Fred Roswell Bill, b.
in 1863, [v] Dwight Howard Bill, b. July 4, 1867, [vi] Edith
Howard Bill, b. July 10, 1871 ; (8) Elizabeth Jane North, b.
Nov. 13, 1832, m. 18', Oct. 3, 1854, John Edwards, and had five


children, four of whom died very young, the fifth, Julia Orpha
Edwards, b. April 24, 1864, m. C. H. Aspinwall; Mrs. Edwards
m. 2<i, Dec. 24, 1879, Luther Piper, resides at Berlin, Conn.!
(9) Louisa North, b. May 31, 1836, d. Sept. 14, 1839, (10)
William Henry North, b. Sept. 18, 1838, d. Sept. 16, 1839.

V. ORRY,'' b. Feb. 5, 1804, m. Walter W. Warner, and lived at
Roscoe, 111. Children: (i) Lucy A. Warner, b. Sept. 17, 1826,
m. William Richardson, (2) Frederick W. Warner, b. Sept. 28,
1828, m. Amelia Birdsall, (3) Orry Warner, d. in infancy, (4)
Mary J. Warner, b. July 3, 1833, m. S. O. Wood, of Beloit,
Wis., (5) Josephine A. Warner, b. July 15, 1835, m. A. P.
Brown, (6) Sarah Elizabeth Warner, b. Sept. 2, 1837, also
m. A. P. Brown.
VI. OLIVE,'' b. Feb. 7, 1804, m. Norris Wilcox, of Berlin, Conn.;
They removed to Harmony, Wis., where they died in 1891 and
1895 respectively, and were buried at Roscoe, 111. Children:
(i) William Henry Wilcox, b. July 27, 1835, d. March 9, 1887,
(2) Augustus Elon, b. May 4, 1838.
410. VII. BENJAMIN,'' b. Aug. 11, 1808.

I 56. RUSSELL,^ (Benjamin,^ Benjamin,'^ Peter,^ Peter,^
John,^) b. at East Hartford, Conn. Jan. 12, 1772, m. at
Springfield, Mass. Oct. 6, 1800, Nancy Collins, dau. of a
Revolutionary soldier, it is said, b. Aug. 22, 1774, d. Aug.
24, 1863.

In his youth he learned the family trade, the art of clock-
making, and became a skillful workman. He removed to
Thetford, Vt. and resided there until the year 181 1, when he
left his wife and children and returned to Connecticut.

A passion for intoxicating drink ruined his life, though it did not ter-
minate it. After a lapse of 21 years a Russell Cheney, believed to be this
man, married Myra Roper June 24, 1832, at Southington, Conn, and they
united in a deed of land Sept. 22, 1834. Sept. 23, 1845, Russell Cheney
conveyed land to Cordelia Fenner, with buildings and "all his personal
estate." It is thought he died soon after.

Meantime Mrs. Nancy (Collins) Cheney, with sad but brave heart, did
heroic work for her six boys. She did the work of a tailoress, making
men's clothing; she earned an honest living and held the high respect of
all who knew her. Her youngest child, the babe who was born shortly
after her husband's desertion, proved by no means a permanent burden,
for he was a helpful boy, and his house became the home of her declining


years. She was a woman of great fortitude. In 1856, when she was 82
years old she had an attack of an acute disorder, usually fatal, a check of
circulation in one of her feet, accompanied with violent pain ; soon a black
spot appeared, and mortification thus begun threatened to involve the
whole body. When the physician mentioned that amputation of the limb
might save life, though it involved great chances of fatal result, especially for
one 82 years old ! she offered to have the experiment made, and it was
done. She lived seven years longer. Though deprived of the whole limb
she would work herself about the house in a little rocking-chair, and made

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