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herself very useful.

For more than sixty years she was a member of the Congregational
church, beloved and helpful. She was meek, patient, pleasant, a remark-
ably strong character. The last time she went out was on the Fourth of
July, the day her patriot father helped to prepare for and defend ; and her
heart was loyal to the republic ; she took great interest in the overthrow of
the Rebellion and the maintenance of the Federal Union. Her departure
was in peace and hope. " All is bright and pleasant," she said just before
she fell asleep in Jesus.


411. I. CHARLES CHAUNCEY," b. March 21, 1801.

412. II, GEORGE,^ b. Aug. 22, 1802.

III. BELA,'' b. Dec. 7, 1804.

IV. ALLEN," b, March 4, d. April 19, 1807.

V. MARTIN,^ b. May 22, 1809, d. Dec. 31, 1823.

413. VI. RUSSELL,' b. April 28, 181 1.

I 59. ABIEL,6 (Abiel,5 Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,2 John,i)
b. in East Hartford, Conn. Jan. 6, 1754, m. in Chatham,
Conn. Feb. 20, 1776, Prudence, dau. of Jonathan and EHza-
beth (Shepard) Penfield, b. June 18, 1754. He made a pur-
chase of land in his native town in 1782, and resided there,
at least until 1792.


420. I. ABIEL,' b. Feb. 11, 1777.
II. LUCY," b. April 17, 1780.

III. CHARLOTTE," b. Dec. 26, 1781.

421. IV. CHARLES," b. Jan. 15, 1784.

V. PRUDENCE,^ b. May 29, 1786.

422. VI. ASAHEL," b. Jan. 6, 1792.


161. DANIEL,^ (Abiel,^Benjamin,4Peter,3Peter,2John,i)

b. Oct. 28, 1760, m. . He bought and sold considerable

real estate, loaned money, &c. Is called "Captain" in a
deed in 1807. Hed. before June 6, 1822, when the executor
of his estate discharged a mortgage in his name.


428. m. DANIEL.^

IV. SUSAN,'' m. Aug. 10, 1820, Bidkley Johnson Davis, 2X Chat-
ham, Conn.

I 64. TIMOTHY,^ (Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,^
John,i) b. in Orford parish, Conn. Oct. 8, 1758, m. i^*, July
3, 1787, Rhoda Skinner, b. July 28, 1768, d. March 10,
1802. He m. 2'\ Nov. 17, 1802, Elizabeth Clark, b. Oct.
13, 1774, d. April 5, 1852. He d. Nov. 7, 1838.


434. I. JOEV b. Nov. 9, 1787.

II. DANIEL,'' b. April 19, 1790, was drowned in New Haven
harbor May 30, 1805.

III. BETSEY,^ b. Sept. 23, 1791, m. John Wyllys, d. Jan. 12, 1871.

IV. RHODA,'' b. Dec. 5, 1794, m. Sylvester Blish,

435. v. TIMOTHY,^ b. Feb. i, 1797.

436. VI. HALSEY,'' b. June 30, 1799.

VII. HARRIET,'' b. June 12, 1801, m. David C. Andrews, and had
Children : (i) Malcom Andrews, and (2) Daniel Andrews. She
d. in Oct. 1862, in Illinois.

437. vm. HORACE,^ b. March 10, 1802.

IX. CLARISSA,'' b. May 11, 1804, m. Marcius Hutchifts; shed.

Sept. 24, 1883.
X. AUSTIN DANIEL,'' b. April 13, 1808.
XI. WALTER PITKIN,'' b. Sept. 2, 1809.

xii. JANE ELIZABETH,^ b. Jan. 26, 181 1, d. at South Manches-
ter, Conn. Oct. i, 1885. She was a successful teacher of chil-
dren, and that in ways quite original ; her method was much
like the "Kindergarten" plan which Froebel afterward de-


XIII. MARY PITKIN,- b. Feb. 9, 181 3.

XIV. CYRUS HOSMER,'b. Aug. 14, 1S15, d. Jan. 21, 1843.
XV. CYNTHIA MARIA,' b. Sept. 12, 181 7, d. Dec. 15, 1895.

165. GEORGE,^ (Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,^
John,i) ^_ [^ Orford parish, Conn. Dec. 20, 1771, m. Oct.
18, 1798, Electa, dau. of Deodatus and Esther (Wells)
Woodbridge, b. Jan. 2, 1781, d. Oct. 12, 1853; her line of
descent was Deodatus,^ Russell,^ Rev. Samuel,'* Rev. Benja-
min,-^ Rev. John,- of Newbur}-, Rev. John,* of Stanton,
England. His home was at South Manchester, Conn.


440. I. GEORGE WELLS,' b. Oct. 22, 1799.

11. JOHN,' b. Oct. 20, 1801, d. unm. Aug. 20, 1885.

441. III. CHARLES,' b. Dec. 26, 1803.

442. i\'. RALPH," b. Jan. 13, 1806.

443. v. SETH WELLS,- b. Nov. 26, 1810.

444. VI. WARD," b. Feb. 23, 1813.

445. VII. RUSH,' b. April 25, 1815.

446. vm. FRANK,' b. July 5, 181 7.

IX. ELECTA WOODBRIDGE,' b. Sept. 8, 1821, m. June 11,
1845, Richard Goodman, Jr., of Hartford, Conn, who was b.
July 28, 1818, and d. Dec. 19, 1896. Children: (i) Richard
Goodman, b. April 2. 1846, (2) Rosalie Cheney Goodman, b.
Oct. 29, 1848, (3) Electa Lilian Goodman, b. Oct. 15, 1859.

I 66. CALVIN,6 (Silas,5Benjamin,* Peter,3Peter,2John,i)
b. June 19, 1770, m. Dec. 28, 1797, Lovina dau. of William
and Lovina (Bingham) Wilson ; Mr. Wilson "served four
terms" as a Revolutionary soldier, and d. March 31, 1807,
ae. 52 ; his widow d. Aug. 8, 1848, ae. 93. The grave-
stone of Calvin Cheney at South Manchester, Ct. says he
d. Dec, 12, 1842, aged 72.


I. SARAH MARIA,' b. Jan. 7, 1799, m. William Porter, of Gov-
entry, Ct. Children: (i) William Porter, (2) Erastus Porter, (3)
Sarah Porter, (4) Francis Porter, (5) Ellen Porter, (6) Harry
Porter, (7) Thomas Porter, (8) Elizabeth Porter, (9) Marj' Porter.


n. MARY,'' b. Feb. ii, iSoi, m. George Wells Cheney, q. v.

in. EMILY,'' b. Feb. 8, 1803, m. Henry Francis, yiho was for many-
years town clerk of Hartford, Ct. Children: (i) Elizabeth
Francis, (2) Adelaide Francis, (3) Mary Francis, (4) Rebecca
Francis, (5) Henry Francis, (6) Rosalie Francis, (7) Emily

IV. ELIZABETH,' b. Dec. 16, 1804, d. Dec. 3, 1828 ; m. Dr. John
Hubbard. Child : Elizabeth Hubbard, m. John C. Mather.

447. V. WILLIAM ELY,'' b. Oct. 7, 1806.

448. VI. CALVIN NELSON,'' b. Sept. 22, 1808.

vii. ELECTA,'' b. April 9, iS\^,m. M.A. F. Harrison, of Rochester,
N. Y.; she d. Dec. 16, 1888.

167- SILAS ELY,6 (Silas,5 Benjamin,^ Peter,^ Peter,^
John,i) \y^ atManchester, Ct. Feb. 12, 1776, m. Polly Youngs
of Waterbury, Ct. He d. at Litchfield, Conn, in September,

[Some doubt as to the entire accuracy of the names and
relationships included.]



II. MARY YOUNGS'' ; became a school-teacher, and on her way to
a school in North Carolina met the since famous Horace Greeley
at a boarding-house in New York city. He went to the South
to make her his bride, and she became an important factor in
his eventful career. The life of Horace Greeley is about to be
re-written by his daughter, Gabrielle (Mrs. F. M. Clendenin).

449. in. EDWARD P.''

450. IV. SILAS E.''

168. ELIAS,6 (Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,2 John,i)
b. in Newbury Feb. 20, 1741-2, m. i*% Sept. 7, 1762, Jane
Plummer at Rowley; m. 2'^ March 9, 1768, in Newbury,
Ruth Jackman of Byfield, who d. Feb. 19, 1774; m. 3 '^ June
8, 1774, Hannah Pike, also of B. He enlisted March 7,
1781, in Capt. Chamberlain's co., Col. Davis' regt. and
"marched for Rhode Island"; time of service, 11 days.
He resided first in Byfield — Rowley, and, about 1785 removed
to Campton, N. H. ; owned land also in Londonderry and


Chester, N. H. Removed to Thornton, N. H. and became
a prominent citizen and church officer. "Mrs. Cheney the
elder died Jan. 14, 1832." " Mr. Cheney died March, 1832."


I. MARY,' " Molly,"" bapt. May 15, 1763, m. in April, 1789, Silas

Fox, of Thornton, N. H.

II. JANE," ["Jenny,""] b. in 1765, m. March 19, 1792, Charles

Cook Lunt, of Thornton, N. H.

451. m. EBENEZER," b. in 1767.

452. IV. ELIAS,'^ bapt. April 23, 1769.

453. V. PAUL JACKMAN," bapt. Jan. 6, 1771.

VI. RUTH," bapt. May 9, 1773, m. Abner Colby. Children: (i)

William Colby, (2) Samuel Colby ; resided in Thornton, N. H.

VII. HANNAH," m. Pettee.

vm. SARAH,^ [" Sally" "], m. Mc Arthur,

454. IX. SAMUEL," b. March 12, 1778.

X. LYDL'^.," d. unmarried in 1806.

I 69. MOSES,6 (Moses,5 Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i)
bapt. in B^-field, Sept. i, 1745, m. Jan. 22, 1770, Eunice Bur-
bank of Rowley. In 1769 he purchased land and a " full-
ing mill" at Crawley's Falls in Brentwood, N. H., and
another lot with a share in a sawmill in 1774. He bought
land in Newbury in 1781 ; he and his wife sold 14 acres of
marsh in Salisbury " at a place called the Barbaries " Aug.
15, 1782 ; bought a tract in Nottingham N. H. in 1786 and
one in Deerfield, N. H., in 1787. He removed to Notting-
ham, where we find his residence stated in a deed of a tract
he purchased March 18, 1793. He was a man of sagacity
and character, respected and trusted.

I. ELEAZER BURBANK,^ b. Oct. 8, 1770.

II. SARAH," b. Oct. 24, 1772.

III. GREENLEAF," b. Feb. 25, 1775.

IV. EUNICE," b. March 4, 1777.
V. MERCY," b. April 3, 1780.

VI. BETTY,^ b. Jan. 11, 1783.


170. JONATHAN,^ (Moses,^ Edmund,^ John,3 Peter,^
John,i) bapt. in Bylield March 5, 1748-9, m. i^\ Sarah

, who d. in 1790. He m. 2'S [Int. March 9, 1790,]

Hannah Hannaford of Rowley. Enlisted May i, 1775 in
J. Gerrish's co., Col. Moses Little's regt. and served 3
months and 8 days. His name was placed on the U. S. Pen-
sion Roll of Essex co. May 21, 1833, the annuity commenc-
ing Mar. 4, 183 1 ; he was recorded as 86 yrs. old ; the pen-
sion was $23.33 P^i" annum. He d. in Newbury (Byfield)
Feb. 4, 1836, leaving only two children, Mark and Jonathan ;
who placed on the Probate records certain testimony to the
facts that they were his sons and heirs and entitled to receive
the arrears of pension then due him. Joseph Cheney and
Benjamin Crombie made affidavits in evidence.


458. I. MARK," b. Oct. I, 1773.

ir. ABNER MOOERS," b INIarch 15, 1780, m. March 16, 1800,
Lois Hanaford, of Rowley.
460. m. JONATHAN," b. Aug. 6, 1792.

171. RICHARD,^ (Nathaniel,^ Edmund,^ John,^ Peter,2
John,i) -^^ jj^ Newbury Jan. 27, 1744-5, m. June 13, 1770,
Anna Chase of Haverhill. [Ann, dau. of Ezra and Judith
(Davis) Chase, was b. in Haverhill July 29, 1745-] Richard
Cheney enlisted July i, 1775, and was enrolled in Capt.
Samuel Stewart's co. " for 51 days billeting " ; was a sergeant
in Dowe's co. of coast guards at Great Island, Piscataqua
river, Nov. 5, 1775 ; he receipted Oct. i, 1776 at Camp Mt.
Washington for money due prior to Jan. i, with other mem-
bers of Capt. Gilman's co. of the 4*^ regt. He afterward
resided at Newport, N. H. ; m. a dau. of Caleb Atwood. He
lived on the S. Clark farm, on East mountain.

I. HANNAH," b. Feb. 26, 1773.
II. ABIGAIL,'' m. Reuben Haven.

III. JUDITH,'' xa.. Jonathan Maxjield oi Goshen, N. H.

IV. MEHITABLE,^ m. Reuben Cutis.


I 72. N A T H A N I E L,6 (Nathaniel,^ Edmund,* John,^
Peter,2John,\) b. in Plaistow, N. H. Dec. 17, 1748, m., March
9, 1780-1, Betty Key, of Haverhill. He had a deed from
his father in 1779, ^^ land in Plaistow. Both he and his
father signed a petition in 1786 for the union of Plaistow,
Atkinson and Hampstead in a representative district. He
served in the defence of Piscataqua river in the Revolution,
being in Capt. Dowe's co. at Goat Island, Nov. 5, 1775 ; the
roll stated that he was from Plaistow. From the circumstance
that Col. Thomas Nixon's (6"') regt. had some Essex co.
men, and from the reported age of the soldier, it may be
fairly concluded that this is the person specified in the two
extracts from Mass. Archives here following, and in those
from the Pension Bureau at Washington, D. C.

Cheney, Nathaniel. Private, Capt. John Spurr's co.. Col. Thomas
Nixon's (6th) regt. ; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan.
20, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; ^z/so, return of men in service on or before
Aug. 15, 1777, dated Camp near Peekskill, Feb. 16, 1779; also, muster roll
for May, 1779, dated Highlands; enlisted Jan 20, 1777; enlistment, 3

Cheeney, Nathaniel. Private, Capt. John Spurr's co., Col. Thomas
Nixon's (6th) regt. ; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan.
I, 1780, to Jan. 20, 1780; reported discharged Jan. 20, 1780; also, return
for clothing for 1 780, dated Peekskill.

Cheaney, Nathaniel. Private, Massachusetts Continental line, was
placed on Roll, March 25, 1819. His pension dates from April 14, 1818.
He died Jan. 19, 1832. In a deposition made. May 27, 1820, it is stated
that he was seventy-five years old and residing at that time in the town of
Foster. At the time of his application it is set forth that he was a resident
of Coventry, District of Rhode Island, and that he was a private in the
regiment commanded by Col. Nixon of the Massachusetts line for a term
of three years. His pension was eight dollars a month.

The following is a verbatim copy from one of the papers
in the case :

" I Nathaniel Cheaney, in the District of Rhode Island, on sworn oath,
do declare and say that in the year 1777 I enlisted as a private soldier in
Captain John Spurr's company and Colonel Nixon's regiment in the Con-
tinental Army of the United States and 6th regiment Massachusetts line
for three years, in which service I continued the above mentioned time,


when I received a regular discharge, but said discharge is now lost. I

further depose that I am now in reduced circumstances and stand in need

of the assistance of my country for support.

Attest by counsel. his

Nathaniel X Cheaney."


Another original paper reads thus :

" I certify that Nathaniel Cheaney, an old Revolutionary soldier, did, in
the year 1777, enlist for three years in my company in the Continental
Army in the 6th Massachusetts regiment, and served his time out as a good
and faithful soldier.

John Spurr, then Captain in said regiment.

Providence, April 11, 1813."

I 73. THOMAS,^ (Peter,5 Edmund/ John,^ Peter,2Johni,)
b. in Bradford Sept. 29, 1758, m. June 3, 1779, Hannah Dan-
forth of Bradford, b. in 1759.

Private, Capt. Moses Nowell's co., Col. Titcomb's regt. ; arrived at
Providence May 4, 1777 ; discharged July 4, 1777 ; service, 2 mos. 9 days,
travel included.

He enlisted Sept. 30, 1777, in Capt. Nathaniel Gage's co., Maj. Gage's
regt.; was discharged Nov. 6, 1777; service, i mo. 9 days, with Northern
army ; also, his name is in a descriptive list of enlisted men dated Jan. i ,
1 782 ; age, 23 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft. 8 in. ; complexion, light ; hair, light ;
occupation, cordwainer; birthplace, Bradford; residence, Bradford; en-
listed June 15 (also given June 5), 1781 ; joined Capt. Benjamin Heywood's
CO. (6th) regt. ; enlistment, 3 years ; muster roll for Aug., 1 781, dated Peeks-
kill ; also, muster roll for Sept., 1781, dated Camp at Bald Hill; also,
muster roll for Oct. and Nov., 1781, dated Highlands; also, muster rolls
for Dec, 1781-March, 1782, dated Huts, New Boston; also, muster roll for
May, 1 782 ; term of enlistment unexpired, 24 months 4 days.

Private, Capt. David Goodwin's co.. Col. Cogswell's regt. ; enlisted Sept.
22, 1778; discharged Dec. 31, 1778; service, 3 mos. 11 days; company
detached to guard and fortify posts at and about Boston.

He receipted for bounty Aug. 9, 1781 ; signed an order for wages due
him April 26, 1784. Received a pension in Rockingham co. N. H. for
service " in the Massachusetts line," which was continued to his widow
after his death.

He bought land in Derryfield, N. H. in 1795 ; re-
sided at Londonderry, and Derry, N. H. in 1805. In the
burying-ground at Derry is a stone inscribed with his name
and the record of his death, Jan. 18, 1838, at the age of 79.


Geo. W. Pinkerton was administrator of his estate. The
widow passed away March 14, 1841. Her home was with
her son William in her old age.


462. I. STEPHEN DANFORTH," b. Feb. 25, 1781.
II. SALLY,'^ m. Dec. 31, i%o\, John Major.

III. POLLY," m. Jan. 28, 1^02, John Major.

463. IV. WILLIAM,^ b. in 1784.

464. V. THOMAS,^ b. in 1789.

VI. ELIZA,' m. March 29, 1808, Elisha Taylor.
VII. BETSEY,'^ m. Dec. 12, 1822, Savory Bancroft.

I 74. S AMUEL,6 (Peter,5 Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i)
bapt. at Bradford Dec. 19, 1762, m. i*', in Rowley, Dec. 9,
1783, Abigail Joseph, of Rowley. M. 2'\ in the same place,
Nov. 2, 1797, Judith Dole, of Rowley; she d. June 17, 1844.
He enlisted from " the East Parish of Bradford" [since Box-
ford and Groveland] ; marched June 25, arrived at Spring-
field July I, 1780, under command of Capt. Phinehas Parker ;
his description was "17 years old, 5 feet, 8 inches high,
light complexion"; " passed muster" Oct. 25, and was dis-
charged Dec. 5, 1780. He served in Capt. John Fuller's
CO. of Col. Gamaliel Bradford's regt. He re-enlisted for
3 years April 9, 1781, and receipted for bount}^ paid by the
town. He received a pension of $96 a year for service " in
the Massachusetts line." He was one of the inhabitants of
Bradford, N. H. who petitioned for a " half-shire "at West
Hopkinton, June i, 1791. He spent some years at Henniker,
and at Washington, N. H. He d. at Warner, N. H. Oct.
5, 1841.

I. EBENEZER," b. about 1784, m. in Bradford, N. H., Dec. 24,

1805, Phebe Cressy, and had sons, Ebenezer,^ Jr. and Savory.^
11. MARIA," b. June 14, 1798, m. Oct. 4, 1818, John Severance, of
Washington, N. H. ; she d. in Tilton, N. H. Aug. 3, 1883.

465. III. GEORGE W.," b. Aug. 21, 1800.

I 75. JAMES,6 (Peter,5 Edmund,* John,^ Peter,2 John,i)
bapt. in Groveland Jan. 11, 1767, m. in Bradford, Sept. 9,


1788, Hannah, dau. of Samuel and Ruth (Hardy) Boynton,
b. in Bradford, Feb. 12, 1771. He removed to London-
derry, N. H. and afterward to Waterville, Vt. The follow-
ing list of children which has been furnished for the " Gene-
alogy," fails to tell the husbands of Hannah and Lydia.

I. LYDIA/ b. Dec. 3, 1789, d. Oct. 10, 1809.

466. n. JOSEPH,^ b. April 5, 1791.

ni. RUTH,'^ b. Aug. 21, 1793, d. Sept. 26, 1804.

IV, HANNAH/ b. Aug. 10, 1795, m. Aug. 3, 1824, d. Aug. 29, 1851.

467. V. JAMES/ b. Oct. 9, 1797.

VI. SALLY/ b. Feb. 2, 1800, d. March 20, 1823.
vn. ANDREW/ b. Oct. 14, 1802, d. Oct. i, 1804.

468. VIII. PETER/ b. Oct. 13, 1804.

469. IX. BOYNTON/ b. Sept. 30, 1806.

X. LYDIA/ b. June 16, 1810, m. Jan. 4, 1829, d. April 8, 1872.

470. XI. ABNER JONES/ b. Feb. 28, 1815.

I 76. JACOB,6 (John,5 Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i)
b. in Byfield in 1774, m. in Reading Nov. 19, 1799, Nancy,
dau. of Simon and Mary Nichols, b. in R. in June, 1776, d.
Feb. 9, 1864. He was a shoemaker, owner of some real
estate. He resided after he came to maturity in Reading,
and there he died Aug. 22, 1838.


I. NANCY/ b. Dec. 3, 1800, m. March 19, 1820, Ebenezer E.
Eames of Reading.

471. II. SUMNER/ b. Jan. 9, 1805.

III. ALECTA/ b. June 27, 1807, m. Nov, 10, 1828, Sumner Weston
of Reading.

472. IV. JOHN/ b. Feb. 21, 1814.

I 77. JOHN,« (Tristram,^ John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
in Sudbury, Mass., April 29, baptized May 3, 1749, "^- ^^
Hillsborough, N. H. in May, 1776, Abigail Corkin. Aug. 2,
1777, he bought 40 acres of land, part of Lot 47, in Hills-
borough. In 1782 he removed to Keene, N. H. ; to Wal-


pole, N. H. in 1797 or 1798, and remained till 1805, when
he removed to St. Johnsbury, Vt. Perhaps he also went
with his sons to Bridgewater, or Dalton, N. H.


I. JOHN," Jr. m. Lucretia ; they bought and sold land in

Dalton in 1803, 1805, &c.

II. ABIGAIL/ TO.. Elijah Drury of Girard, Pa.

474. III. TRISTRAM,^ bought land in Dalton, N. H. in 1803.

475. IV. RUFUS,^ b. May 4, 1789.

476. V. ROSWELL,'^ b. at Keene, N. H., May 17, 1789.

178. WILL I AM, 6 (Tristram,5 John,* John,^ Peter,^

John,^) b. in Sudbury Feb. i, 1750, m. Rebecca . He

passed his youth in Ashburnham.

His first residence of which we know, after reaching ma-
turity, was Acworth, Cheshire co. N. H. He bought a tract
of land in the adjoining town of Marlow Sept. 18, 1778, and
soon after made his home in one of the neighboring villages —
Alstead, where he spent the remainder of his days. He was
a Revolutionary soldier ; on the roll of Capt. Samuel Can-
field's CO. in Col. Benjamin Bellow's regt. July 3, 1777, and
Sept. 21, following, in Ashley's co. among troops "who
went to reinforce the Northern Continental army at Saratoga
under command of General Gates." He enlisted "from
Marlow," July 16, 1779 for one year, receiving £60 bounty
and "billeting money." His signature to a receipt is in N.
H. Rev. Rolls, Vol. 2, p. 642.

He d. July 15, 1802. His widow and son William admin-
istered on his estate June 29, 1803.


478. I. WILLIAM,' b. Aug. 9, 1776.

479. II. " LEWMAN,"" b. Aug. 20, 1778.

III. LUCY,Tb. May 9, 1781.

IV. MARGARET,'' b. Aug. 10, 1783.

V. LAURA," [«Lor>'"],T b. Aug. 11, 1785.

480. VI. AMASA,'b. Dec. 31, 1787.

VII. REBECCA,'' m. in March, 1806, John Lowell, of 'Washington,
N. H.


I 79. ELIAS,6 (Tristram,^ John,^ John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
in Sudbury Oct. 14, 1760, m. i^' Lucy, dau. of Joshua and
Sarah (Burge) Blanchard,* b. in Hollis, N. H. June 4, 1760 ;
she d. in 1797-8, and he m. 2'^ June 6, 1799, Deborah, dau.
of Lemuel and L3^dia (Flint) Winchester | of Antrim, b.
April 19, 1777 at Amherst, North Parish, now Mt. Vernon,
N. H. She d. Jan. 30, 1854, ^^ Albany, Vt. As a stripling
of 17 summers he enlisted " for three years or the war" Dec.
I7» 1 777' ^^d was mustered into the company of Capt.
Elijah Clayes in the Second N. H. regiment. He followed
the fortunes of that remarkable regiment in New York, New
Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. He was overcome, as many

* BLANCHARD. Thomas' Blanchard came from England in the ship Jonathan in 1639,
Bought land at Braintree and lived there some [time. In 1651 he bought land at Charlestown, where
he resided until his death, May 21, 1654. The name of his first wife, who died in England, is not
known. His son Samuel,^ b. in Eng. Aug. 2, 1629 was elected constable in 1657 in Charlestown,
joined the church Sept. 11, 16S1, owned considerable real estate ; removed to Andover before 1690,
was collector of taxes, etc. He m. ist. Mary, dau. of Seth Sweetser of Charlestown, who wasb. in
1637 and d. Feb. 20, 1668-9. Their son Jonathan, 3 b. in Charlestown May 25, 1664, m. May 26, 1685,
Anna, da. of John Lovejoy of Andover, who d. Feb. 29, 1724. He d. in 1742, will prob. Nov. 15,

1742. Benjamin,'' b. in Andover, Feb. 14, 1693, m. Dec. 29, 1718, Mary [prob. dau. of Na-
thaniel and Dorcas Abbot]. He and his wife Mary (Abbot) Blanchard joined the Andover (South)
church, Sept. 27, 1719, and were dismissed to form a church at Hollis, N. H. April 3, 1743. He
bought land on the west side of Shawshin river Nov. 30, 1710, and sold lands and rights in 1742 and
1748. At the latter date he was living in the western part of Dunstable, N. H. He was one of the
founders of Hollis, N. H., one of its first town officers, etc. Joshua, 5 b. in Andover May 28, 1726
went with his father to N. H. and made his home in Hollis.

He m. Dec. 23, 1747, Sarah, dau. of John and Sarah (Taylor; Burge [or Burges] of Chelmsford,
and received from his father Dec. i, 1747, a present of a homestead in Hollis, where he resided.
Sarah Burge was b. in Chelmsford May 28, 1728. Her mother, Sarah, was dau. of Abraham and
Mary (Whitaker) Taylor, of Concord, and was b. Oct. 13, 1696. Abraham was son of William and
Mary Taylor, and was b. Nov. 14, 1656. Sarah Burge's father, John, was a son of John and Tryall
(Thayer) Burge, b. Oct. 20, :688. Tryall was a dau. of Shadrack [" Sydrick"] and Mary (Barrett)
Thayer, b. in Braintree Feb. 7, 1656-7, granddaughter of Thomas and Margery (Wheeler) Thayer
[" Tayer"] who were married April 13, 1618, in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England, and came to
Braintree, Mass. at an early day. Shadrack, their third son was baptized at Thornbury May 10, 1629,
and d. in Braintree Oct. 19, 1679.

John Burge born about 1655, was son of John Burge, Senior, by a wife, whose name is unknown
to the present writer. It is recorded that John Burge, Senior and Grissell Gurney of Braintree were
married by Capt. Gookin of Cambridge July 3, 1667. .She was successively wife of Thomas Jewell,
Humphrey Griggs, and John Gurney, .Senior, of Braintree, Henry Kibbee of Dorchester, and " last
of all wife to John Burge, Senior, of Chelmsford ! "

The /i>-/«fe(/ records of Braintree give Gurney's name as Clieny ; but the highly esteemed copyist
of those records, Mr. Samuel A. Bates, wrote it correctly on his MS. copy, and somehow the error
fastened itself on the book in the process of publication. Grizzell was not a Mrs. Cheney then ; only
a step-mother of one of the ancestors of Lucy Blanchard who married Elias Cheney of Antrim !

t Lemuel Winchester was b. in Tewksbury May 13, 1740, and d. in Amherst, N. H. Jan. 17, 1841,
having passed beyond the century mark. He was a son of Isaac and a grandson of Elhanan Winches-
ter and Mary Taylor, of the line of John Winchester, who came from England in 1635, settled first
at Hingham. Lemuel was a corporal in Josiah Crosby's co. at the battle of Bunker Hill, and after-
ward a sergeant. Was in Col. James Reed's regiment in 1779 and 1781. Lydia Flint was b. Aug. 35,

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