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1743, and d. March 18, 1812.


others were by the terribly fatiguing march toward Albany
after the Ticonderoga fight, so that he fell out of the ranks
and was reported " missing " when the troops reached Valley
Forge. To this circumstance we owe the following descrip-
tion, dated at Valley Forge Jan. 2, 1778 :




Color of hair

Color of eyes


5 ft. 8 inches




He must have resumed his place in a very short time, how-
ever, for he held his position and received pay for the full
time. Undoubtedly he suffered in that awful winter and re-
joiced afterward in the capture of Cornwallis' army at York-
town. The soldiers were paid in depreciated currency, and
the sum of $170.80 was paid him Jan. i, 1780 to make up
for the deficiency. The town of Antrim also considered its
veterans, and abated his taxes to the extent of $20.00. Dec.
30, 1777, he bought of Robert McClurg a tract of land " in
the Society Lands adjoining the town of Peterboro, N. H."
about 200 acres, for £100, and sold it the same day to
*' Sarah Cheney of Surry, Cheshire county, spinster." The
grantor " personally appeared" before Justice Daniel Lake
to attest his signature June 2, 1778. After the war Elias
bought of John McCoy, July 3, 1780, "a certain tract of
land lying in the north side of the Lot no. two in the East
range, originally owned by John Moffat Esq. and in the
town of Antrim, bounded as followeth : Beginning at a stake
and stones on the north east angle of James Clark's lot, then
running westerly by said Clark, one hundred and fifty rods
to a Birch tree marked, then south thirty two rods to a stake
and stones, then easterdly one hundred and fifty rods to the
line of Major Curtice farm, then north by said Curtice to the
bounds first mentioned ; and contains Thirty Acres."

He purchased of Major Raley, for £69, Dec. 10, 1785,
thirty six acres in Hillsborough, close by the Antrim line,
adjoining land of David Blanchard and Daniel McNeil, —
and sold the same to David Blanchard Dec. 27, 1788, for
£70. Jan. 26, 1786, he bought of Samuel Symonds for


£i6 — los. forty two and a half acres close by. Nov. i8,
1794 he purchased of Daniel Nichols, for 5 shillings 20 acres
adjoining land of Daniel Rogers ; of Adam Nichol, for 5
shillings, 3>^ acres, part of N.'s farm; of David Parker, for
5 shillings 6^ acres near at hand; and Oct. 8, 1796 he
added to his possessions a tract of 20 acres in the easterly end
of Lot 13, " for the sum of forty dollars, equal to twelve
pounds," by purchase of widow Mehitable Rogers of Ports-
mouth, N. H. He sold a tract to Bray Wilkins of Deering,
April 24, 1790, and another to John McCoy, March 24,
1803. His residence was near the " Cork Bridge," close by
the corner of Antrim, Hillsborough and Deering, and his
estates were in A. and H. so that he was, so to speak, a
citizen of both towns. His first wife bore him seven children,
and died when the eldest was less than eleven years old.
Soon after his second marriage he sold to John Stuart of
Henniker "the farm which I now dwell on," his wife
Deborah joining in the deed. They removed to Cabot, Vt.
then to Concord, Vt. He d. in 1816.


481. I. WILLIAM.n , ^, ,

^,,.^. ^ b. March 31, 1787.

482. II. ELIAS,^ J

483. III. JESSE,' b. Oct. 3, 1788.

484. IV. JOHN/

485. v. JOEL,'' b. March 19, 1791.

VI. SARAH,' b. Feb. 23, 1793, m. Jan. 15, 181 s, Benjamin Wells of

Hardwick, Vt., b. May 23, 1791, d. July 23, 1849. She d.
Jan. 26, 1878. Children: (i) Sarah A. Wells, b. Sept. 5, 1817,
(2) Amasa Wells, b. June 25, 18 19, (3) Rosetta Wells, b. Dec.
4, 1 82 1, (4) Benjamin F. Wells, b. Feb. 17, 1825, (5) Rev.
George L. Wells, b. Jan. 11, 1828, (6) Jesse C. Wells, b. May
20, 1830.

VII. LUCY,' b , m., Jesse Wells.

VIII. BETSEY,'' b. Feb. 20, 1800, m. T> tc. 22, 1817, John Hunter j
she d. March 10, 1878, at Albany, Vt. Children: (i) Frye
Hunter, (2) Elias Hunter, (3) Deborah Hunter, (4) Sophia
Hunter, (5) Luella Hunter, (6) Frank Hunter, (7) Eliza Hunter.


IX. CLARISSA," b. , m. Samuel Stiles, d. at Albany, Vt., June

28, 1878. Children: (i) Miranda Stiles, (2) Rev. Horace
Stiles, (3) Florinda Stiles, (4) Rev. Silas Stiles, (5) Joanna
Stiles, (6) Mary Ann Stiles, (7) Emily Stiles, (8) Clara Stiles, (9)
Franklin Stiles, (10) Julia Stiles, (11) Benjamin Stiles.

X. H ANN AH,'' b. March 5, 1805, m. Samuel Hill, d. March 29,
1865, at Littleton, N. H. Children: (i) Guy W. Hill, b. April
20, 1823, (2) Atlanta Hill, b. Sept. 10, 1826, (3) Cyrus Franklin
Hill, b. May 10, 1830.

XI. LEMUEL,^ d, in infancy.

XII. ROXANNA,'' b. , m. at Danville, Vt, Dec. 18, 1824, Calvin

Stiles. Children: (i) Stedman Stiles, (2) Riley Stiles, (3) Mar-
garet Stiles, (4) Hannah Stiles, (5) Hannah Stiles, (6) Esther

486. XIII. FRANKLIN,^ b. Dec. 18, 1812.

180. JESSE,6 (John,5 John,^ John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in
Sudbury Oct. 13, 1754, m. June 17, 1781, Anna, dau. of
Joseph and Judith (Mixer) Nichols of FitzwilHam, N. H., b.
in 1757, d. Oct. 31, 1823. He spent his youth in Framing-
ham. When the Revokition began he was ready to stand in
the defence of the Hberties of the colonies. He enlisted
April 23, 1775, as a private in Jonathan Whitcomb's co. of
Col. James Read's regt. Tradition tells that he took part in
the battle of Bunker Hill. He served again in Capt. Lawson
Buckminster's (2d) co., Col. Abner Perr3^'s regt. ; enlisted
July 28, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780; service, 14 days,
travel included, on an alarm at Rhode Island. He bought
land in FitzwilHam, N. H. May i, 1780, and the next year
married and made his home there. He and his wife
were admitted to the church Sept. 15, 1782. He bought
additional real estate there Jan. 27, 1783. But March 15,
1787, he bought land in the south part of Lincoln, and
April 17, 1795, a tract in Weston. Here he established
his family more permanently, and lived many years in peace
and comfort. July 20, 1827, he made his will, and left his
property to his son and to his grandson, Elias Barron
Cheney in equal portions, after devising certain sums as
annual payments to the church in Weston. In case of the


death of Elias under age his portion was to be divided
equally among his surviving brothers and sisters. The
young man lived to inherit his fortune, but survived only a
few years. Mr. Cheney d. Sept. 20, 1827.

487. JOSEPH,^ bapt. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Sept. 15, 1782.

181. ELIAS,6 (John,5 John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in
Sudbury, July 29, 1765. He was a " cordwainer."

He bought 16 acres of land in Sudbury of Josiah Goode-
now April 16, 1787, and perhaps other tracts unrecorded.
Hailing from " Mildenburgh in the state of Vermont," he
sold 20 acres of land in Sudbury with dwelling house and so
forth to James Dix, Jan. 9, 1793. Of his family we have
received no information.

182. JOHN,6 (Elias,5 John,* John,3 Peter,^ John,i) b.
about 1758. His father died when he was but six years old,
and he had to buffet life's waves. But he was brave. See
his Revolutionary record :

Chaney, John, Pownalborough. Return of men enlisted or drafted
into Continental Army from Col. Joseph North's (2d Lincoln Co.) regt.,
dated Gardnerstown, Feb. 2, 1778; residence Pownalborough ; enlisted for
town of Braintree ; also^ list of men mustered in York Co. by Joseph
Bragdon, Jr., Muster Master, dated Jan. 12, 1778; Capt. John Langdon's
CO., Col. Henry Jackson's regt. ; enlisted by Sergt. Henry Stilphen.

In 1785, residing in Boston, he bought his mother's and his
sisters' shares of his father's Sudbury property, and sold the
whole to John Goodenow. He returned to Maine after the
Revolution. When he was " 61 years old," living in " Lin-
coln CO. Me.," he received a pension, which was annually
paid until his death, Sept. i, 1827. We have no account of
his family.

I 83. RALPH,6 (Ralph,5 John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
in Wiscasset, Me. July 22, 1775, m. Polly Decker. Resided
in Wiscasset, Me.



I. NANCY/ m. Davidson. iv. ALDENJ

II. MARY,'' m. Erskine. v. DANIEL.^

III. SUSAN/ m. Crooker. vi. SARAH.^

VII. LYDIA/m. Arnold; residence, Augusta, Me.

I 84. JOSEPH,^ (Ralph,5 j^hn,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
about 1780, m. Abigail Williams. Resided at Alna, Me.



491. V. LEMUEL.'^

492. VI. CYRUS,T b. April 27, 1824.

I 85. BENJAMIN,^ (Ralph,5 John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i)
b. Sept. II, 1782, m. Sept. i, 1805, Eunice Jackson.
Residence, Wiscasset, Me.


I 86. JOHN,6 (Ralph,5 John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b.
Nov. 23, 1786, m. Betsey Turner. Resided in Whitefield,


I. EPHRAIM,^ b. Dec. 29, 1809.
11. ANGELINE,'' b. Sept. 23, 181 1.

III. SERENA,^ b. April 25, 1814.

IV. JOSEPH T.,'' b. Aug. 19, 1817.
V. CORDELIA,^ b. Nov. 16, 1819.

VI. ALBION P.,'' b. Feb. 28, 1822.
VII. ELIZABETH,'^ b. Oct. 14, 1825.
VIII. HUDSON B.,7 b. Oct. 22, 1827.

187. WILLIAM P.,6 (Ralph,5 John,* John,^ Peter,2
John,i) b. Jan. 16, 1788, m. Jan. 28, 1816, Betsey Decker
of Wiscasset, Me., b. July 2, 1793 ; she d. June 29, 1836.
Residence, Whitefield, Me. He d. Dec. 23, 1858.


I. ELIZA ANN,T b. March lo, 1817.
II. NANCY,^ b. Sept. 30, i8r8.

III. WILLIAM/ b. April 6, 1820.

IV. SUSAN,^ b. Oct. 18, 1821, d. Nov. 15, 1827.

495. V. JOHN MARSHALL,'? b. July 25, 1823.

496. VI. ISAAC,^ b. Oct. 5, 1825.

VII. HARTLEY/ b. March 25, 1828.
VIII. ASBURY/ b. Nov. 1830.

188. EPHRAIM S.,6 (Ralph,5 John,* John,^ Peter,2
John,^) b. May 19, 1792, m. i^*, Hannah Bailey; m. 2**,
Margaret Parker ; m. 3'^ Susannah Parker. Resided at
Wiscasset, Me.

I 89. THOMAS,^ (Ralph,5 John,* John,^ Peter,2 John,i)
b. March 20, 1794, m. Elizabeth Bolden. Resided at Wis-
casset, Me.


Seventh Generation.

200. ISRAEL,^ (Eliphalet,6 Joseph,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^
Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Wells, Me. about Aug. 19, 1779, m.
(published Oct. 10, 1805,) Priscilla Goodale, of Wells, b.
Dec. 31, 1781, d. Oct. 24, 1843.

" Israel Chancy " he always wrote his name, went to Lunenburgh, Vt.
as a youth and began housekeeping, after his marriage, on the farm with
his father. They kept a dairy of 35 cows, and made 60 pounds of cheese
a day during the season ; they raised fine horses and fat hogs for the
market ; had a large orchard and raised a great variety^of produce. About
1828 he bought another farm, nearer to the Connecticut river, on which he
built a fine house and barns, which he supposed would be his home for
life. But in 1836 he made a visit to Illinois and Wisconsin in company
with two neighbors, which made him discontented with the narrow, stony
fields of New England. So, after careful preparations, he sold his property
and joined in an association called " The New England Company " whose
object was to make a new " New England " at Beloit, Wis. His share


was on Rock Prairie, two miles from the centre. He started the first of
June, 1838, with large wagons built for the purpose and with selected
horses, — " two four-horse teams," — travelled prosperously all the way to
Buffalo ; took steamer to Toledo, then completed the journey. Sometimes
it required some skirmishing to find food for the party at night in a region
of scattering settlers ! but the six weeks and a half passed pleasantly, on
the whole. Two of his sons had preceded him ; built a slab shanty, four
rooms long ; bought two cows, and arranged rather better conveniences
than the average pioneers possessed. Before long he got lumber from
Chicago and built the first two-storj' dwelling-house in the place, which is
still standing. His neighbors threatened to fine him because he also
brought chairs from Chicago for this new house ! The entire family settled
at Beloit, except Stephen, who made a home at Mt. Morris, 111. To each
child the father gave a good building-lot and a cow ; and a five-minutes
walk would take him to each of their houses. He was about 5 feet,
9 inches tall, well built, erect, "with sandy brown hair, blue gray eyes,
regular features, with Grecian nose." He was a man of strong purpose,
unquestioned integrity, great kindness of heart, dignified in manner, prompt
in speech yet never aggressive and rarely moved to anger. He d. March
19, 1862.


500. I. CYRUS,8 b. about June, 1806.

II. CALVIN CURTIS,^ b. in June, 1807, m. Rebecca Moore. He
was a successful merchant in Lunenburgh, Vt. while very young.
He joined the U. S. army during the Mexican War; became an
officer ; had part in the capture of several important posts. He
went to Texas after the war to locate claims, and died there.
III. HAZEN,* b. Aug. 22, 1808, d. in Colorado, Jan. i, 1877. When
22 years of age he resolved to obtain a liberal education, and,
leaving the farm, applied himself to the work. He graduated from
Williams College in 1836, having founded the Natural History
Society of the College, as a monument to mature student zeal.
He practised law in Lancaster, N. H. and then followed his
father and family to Beloit, Wis. in which place he continued
in his profession and other matters for many years. He visited
Europe in 1857-8. In i860 he went to the Pike's Peak region,
not merely for gold but for relief from chronic asthma, and
spent sixteen years there in comparative health. He was a
loyal son of his Alma Mater, and the first subscriber to the
foundation of Beloit College ; a man of simple, tender heart
and of manly strength of character. " I mean," said he, " that
my heart shall never grow narrow." His memory is cherished
by a wide circle of friends.


IV. MERIBAH MARION.s b. Aug. 31, 1810, Lunenburgh, Vt.
Feb. 3, 183s, Holland Moore, b. in Lancaster, N. H. March
31, 1808, d. in Mapleton, Kan. Sept. 19, 1858, a descendant of
the McGregors who were among the founders of Londonderry,
N. H. and of William White an early settler at Haverhill, Mass.
Children: (i) Webster Porter Moore, b. in Lunenburgh, Vt.
July 4, 1836, m. Oct. 6, 1864, Ellen Matilda, dau. of John and
Ann (Mclntyre) O'Neil, of Clinton, Wis. who d. at Quincy, 111.
Feb. 8, 1887. They had a dau. Florence Ann Moore, b. July
7, 1874, m. Sept. 4, 1894, Walter E. Williamson, son of Henry

A. and (Robinson) Williamson, of Quincy, 111. (2) Ann

Louisa Moore, twin with preceding, m. at Beloit, Wis. Feb. 14,
1861, Wayland Whiting Wood, b. at Clinton, N. Y. Aug. 25,
1835, son of Elisha and Lucinda (Gridley) Wood, of Clinton,
N. Y., d. March 8, 1867. She d. Jan. 14, 1866. Child : Jennie
Webster Wood, b. Aug. 10, 1862, m. Sept. 2, 1885, Francis
Avery Chapman, b. at Sublette, 111. Oct. 15, 1859, son of Henry
CoUins and Marion (Baird) Chapman of Lemoine, 111. (3)
Abby Jane Moore, b. Dec. 18, 1838, at Beloit, Wis. m. Oct. 2,
1859, William Barstow Strong*, b. at Brownington, Vt. May 16,
1837, son of Hon. Elijah Gridley and Sarah Ashley (Partridge)
Strong, and a descendant of " Elder John Strong," the well
known Northampton colonist. Children: (i) Fred Moore
Strong, b. at Janesville, Wis. May 9, 1861, m. at Chicago, 111.
April 23, 1885, Ella Lynde, dau. of Henry Howard and Mary
(Nichols) Ross, b. in Chicago; he grad. Yale in 1882; has
children: [i.] Leila Griswold Strong, b. April 23, 1886, [ii.]
William Barstow Strong, 2^, b. May 17, 1889. (2) Ellen Smith
Strong, b. at McGregor, la. Jan. 27, 1867, m. June 7, 1887,
George Albert Burdett, son of Horatio Stearns Burdett. of
Brookline, Mass. b. June 17, 1856. Their home has been in
Brookline and Newton Centre ; Children : [i.] Elizabeth Martin
Burdett, b. July 31, 1889, [ii.] Ellen Moore Burdett, b. March
26, 1893, [iii.] Sylvia Strong Burdett, b. Dec. 12, 1895. (3)
William James Henry Strong, b. at Council Bluffs, la. Oct. 16,

♦William Barstow Strong came to Beloit, Wis., from Montpelier, Vt., in 1851. After a course
in Bell's Commercial College, Chicago, paid for with money earned by farm work, the young
man began railroading at the age of eighteen as telegraph operator and station agent at Milton,
Wis. By steady advancement he rose in the service successfully filling every position until 1S81 he
became President of The Atchison, Topeka, & -Santa Fe Railroad, at that time the largest railroad
system in the world. He is considered by competent judges one of the ablest railroad executives in
the service or out of it to-day. His wide experience has made him master of every detail of practical
railroad management and his connection with many of the largest systems has made him acquainted
with all the best ideas in railroading. He retired from active service in i8go but his advice and
assistance in matters of business and finance are continually sought and his leisure is full of kindly
help to all.


1869, grad. Boston Latin School, 18S9, and colonel of school
regiment: Eastman Business Coll.; Harvard, A. B., 1893.
Resides at Partridge Farm, Beloit, Wis.

501. V. ISRAEL CHAPIN,8 b, in January, 181 1.

502. VI. STEPHEN HARDING,^ b. Dec. 4, 1812.

VII. FAIRFIELD SOLON, « b. Nov. 5, 1814, d. unmarried, June 12,
vin. LUSENA,^ b. Nov. 10, 1816, m. March 22, i^^2, Rice Dearborn,
b. in Nov. 1814, d. Dec. 27, 1866. Children: (i) Horace Dear-
born, b. Feb. 5, 1843, d. June xo, 1881, (2) Marcia Dearborn,
b. Feb. 22, 1844, m. Dec. 8, 1872, John Foster, b. March 10,
1845. (3) Mary Dearborn, b. May 5, 1845, m. March 27, 1872,
Andrew Hutchison, b. Aug. 27, 1843. (4) Henry Dearborn, b.
July 23, 1846, d. April, 1880. (5) Clara Dearborn, b. Nov. 22,
1850, d. Jan. I, 1872. (6) Wilbur Dearborn, b. July 4, 1853, d.
Oct. 10, 1887.

IX. AZUBAH LANG,8 b. Aug. 22, 1818, m. Sept. 1844, Joseph
Harrison Carr, b. May, 181 3, d. Aug. 17, 1892. Children: (i)
Joseph Irving Carr, b. June 6, 1849, d. July, 1850, (2) William
Henr\' Carr, b. April 13, 1854, d. Jan. 27, 1887.

This young man deserves a definite memorial. At fourteen
he joined the Congregational church and kept his faith and
character clean and strong. He grad. from Beloit College in
1877 ; studied law at Columbia Coll. N. Y. ; read in the office of
Ewing & Southard and was admitted to the bar in 1884. He
was court reporter at Phoenix, Arizona two years ; but a severe
cold he took in New York culminated in his death. His parents
were with him in his last days. The members of the bar at
Phoenix and his class at Beloit placed on record their high
esteem for him. His body was laid in the cemetery in Beloit,
with fitting services.

(3) Walter Everett Carr. b. April 20, 1856, m. June i, 1892,
Marion Morgan, b. March 27, 1858.

X. CAROLINE,^ b. June 9, 1824, d. Nov. 13, 1858, m. in 1841
Hiram HilL b. in 181 7, d. March, 1885. Children: (i) Bennie
C. Hill, b. Nov. 22, 1842, m. Aug. 6, 1890. Hattie L. Edgerton,
b. Feb. 26, 1871: Children: [i] Ruth Anna Hill, b. May 15,
1891, [ii] Marcus R. Hill, b. Jan, 2, 1893, [iii.] Jesse Edgerton
Hill, b. Sept. 21, 1894, [iv.] Marie Esther Hill, b. Dec. i, 1896.
(2) Anna Kitten Hill, b. Nov. 29, 1845, m. June 14, 1867, Edward
B. Sackett, who was b. in May, 1832. Child: Barton Sackett,
b. Dec. 13, 1882.


XI. LOVISA,^ b. July 15, 1822, m. March 22, 1842, William C.
Dyer, b. in N. H. April 27, 1818 ; d. Aug. 16, 1887. Mrs. Dyer
has contributed much to our knowledge of this branch of the

Children: (i) Walter Cargail Dyer, b. Jan. 19, 1843, m. Nov.
24, 1880, Gertrude Adolphina Ryder, b. Sept. 19, 1854;
Children: [i.] Adolph Ryder Dyer, b. Jan. 25, 1882, [ii.]
Walter Cheney Dyer, b. Oct. i, 1885 ; (2) Arthur Elisha Dyer,
b. June 1 1, 1845, m. July 8, 1879, Lizzie Scott Jones, b. Nov. 4,
1854; Children: [i.] Arthur Edwin Dyer, b. Jan. 19, 1882,
[ii.] Josephine Russella Dyer, b. March 5, 1885, [iii.] Scott
Cheney Dyer, b. Sept. 24, 1889, [iiii.] Russell Jones Dyer, b.
July 26, 1892. (3) John Nelson Dyer, b. Aug. 7, 1848, d.
Oct. 13, 1856.

20 1 . DANIEL,' (Eliphalet,6 Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^
Daniel,^ John, ^) b. at Sanford, Me. Jan. 8, 1785, m. Sarah,
dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Chesley) Thompson, b. in
Conway, N. H. April 25, 1784. She d. in Lunenburgh, Vt.
Aug. 29, 1865. He was a farmer, owning a farm of four
hundred acres in Lunenburgh, Vt. He d. March 25, 187 1.


I. ALMIRA,8 b. , m. March 28, 1834, Samuel Bell, of Lunen-
burgh, Vt. Children: (i) Vernon Bell, b. Aug. 27, 1837, resides at
Minneapolis, Minn. (2) Webster Bell, b. Aug. 22, 1839; served
as a signal officer in the Civil War ; was taken prisoner twice but
escaped; m. Geneva Mitchell of Hebron, Me.; d. Oct., 1891.
(3) Henry Bell, b. Oct. 28, 1845, m. Emily Smith, of Monroe,
N. H. and have son Otis J. Bell, b. Nov. 3, 1878. (4) Fred W.
Bell, b. Feb. 27, 1852, m. Nellie Plummer, resides at Minne-
apolis, Minn. Children, Nellie Bell and Kate Bell. Mrs. Almira
(Cheney) Bell d. April 17, 1852.

n. EBENEZER THOMPSON,^ b. May i, 1815, d. in Brown-
ville, Texas.

503. m. GEORGE CHESLEY,8 b. Dec. 29, 181 7.

IV. SARAHETT,8 b. March 14, 1821, m. March 22, 1840, Levi
Moor, and had one child, Sarahett Moor, b. Jan. 28, 1841, d.
Aug. 25, 1871, who m. Charles H. S. Powers, of Newry, Me.
Children: [i] Rev. Levi Moor Powers, b. March 21, 1864,
[ii] Charles Chester Powers, b. Feb. 2, 1866, d. Jan. 10, 1873,
[iii] Marietta Powers, b. Jan. 9, 1870. Mrs. Sarahett (Cheney)
Moor d. March 8, 1841.



504. V. CHARLES JAMES,8 b. March 24, 1823.

505. VI. NATHAN CLUFF,8 b. April 19, 1826.

VII. LOVEY TH0MPS0N,8 b. Feb. 20, 1829, d. Nov, 25, 1876.

202. JAMES,'^ (Eliphalet,6 Joseph,^ Daniel/ Damel,^
Danielj^John,^) b. at Sanford, Me. in Nov., 1789, m. Keziah
Gage, b. in 1786, d. April 5, 1867. They passed their lives
at Clinton, Me. He was a farmer.


I. MARY,8 b. Feb. 181 7, d. Feb. i, 1822.

506. n. LYMAN,8 b. in 1820.

204. J O S E P H ,7 (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^
Daniel,2 John,i) b. in Wells, Me., Aug. 10, 1788, m. Mary

. He was associated with his father and brother Benjamin

and others in lumbering and saw-mill business. Died in the
prime of life, April 3, 1821. Nov. 8, 1822, the widow deeded
certain lands to her husband's mother and brother. She m.
2^, Dec. 5, 1824, Enoch Lord of Sanford.


507. I. DANIEL,8 b. Oct. 23, 1814.

508. 11. JAMES,8 b. June 18, 181 8.

205- BENJAMIN,' (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^
Daniel,^ John, 1) b. in Wells, Me. about 1792, m. [int. Sept.
16, 1816,] Eleanor Hill of Sanford.

He was a partner with his father and brother Joseph in the
saw-mill and lumbering operations. If he was the Benjamin
Chaney of Sanford who received a "Military grant" of
land "in the territory of Illinois," Jan. i, 1818, he must
have been a soldier and a corporal in U. S. service in the
war of 1812. He d. Feb. 15, 1864.


509. JOSEPH NELS0N,8 b. in 1817.

206. JAMES,' (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^
Daniel,^ John,^) b. at Sanford, Me. Oct. 9, 1797, m. i**
Nov. 26, 1822, Elizabeth, dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail


Bayley, of Newburyport. She d. May 13, 1858. He m.
2*^, Mrs. Eliza Pettingill of Newburyport. He came to
Newburyport on reaching his manhood and found employ-
ment in Cotton mills. Here he resided until well along in
life, when he removed to the West ; and after several years
he returned, but did not long survive. He d. June 19, 1878.


I. ELIZABETH BAYLEY,^ b. Dec. 10, 1823, m. Feb. 7, 1850,
Capt. George W. Hale of Newburyport. Children: (i) Sidney
Hale, (2) Mary Gardner Hale, (3) Caroline Brooks Hale,
n. ABIGAIL ANN PILSBURY,* b. Aug. 7, 1825, m. July 23,
1845, Riifiis M. Yale, son of John R. and Jane Yale. Resi-
dence, Boston.

510. m. JAMES WILLIAM,^ b. Oct. 22, 1826.

511. IV. GEORGE AUGUSTUS,^ b. Aug. 4, 1832.

V. HARRIET ANN FRENCH,^ b. Sept., 1835, m. Betijamin
Warren Ordway.

512. VI. CHARLES EDWARD,8b. June 5, 1840.

2 I O. JOSEPH,^ (James,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ Dan-
iel,2 John,i) b. in Wells, Me. about 1799, m. i** [pub. in
Wells, Me. Feb. 14, 1824] Sophia Allen. He was m. 2'^, by
Rev. Jonathan Greenleaf, Nov. 29, 1824, to Lovey Hilton.
He d. Jan. 3, 1843 ; Mrs. Chaney d. Oct. 2, 1868, aged 62.

I. ABNER,8 b. May 30, 1826. | Purchased land in Wells to-

il. WILLI AM,8 b. March 19, 1828. J gather in 1849.

III. S0PHR0NIA,8 b, June 17, 1830, m. [int. rec. March 22, 1830,]

Daniel McCrillis.

IV. J0SEPH,8b. Dec. 16, 1832.

v. DOROTHY ABIGAIL,8b. N0V.4, 1834.

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