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651. VII. SAMUEL GOWEN,s b. Oct. 9, 1838.

372. LUTHER," (John,6 John,^ Moses,^ John,3 Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Tyngtown, [now Wilton,] Me. May 28, 1798,
m. in Solon, Me, Oct. 23, 1821, Sally Pierce, b. in S. Jan.
17, 1802, d. Jan. 4, 1871. He resided in Solon, Me.; was
a farmer, an honest and highly respected citizen.

I. CAROLINE MATILDA.s b. Nov. 28, 1822, m. Nov. 28, 1839,
yohn Gray. Children: (i) Charles Luther Gray, b. Dec. 25, 1842,
d. Dec. 29, 1870, (2) Harriet Elizabeth Gray, b. July 8, 1846,
d. April 29, 1870, (3) John Sherman Gray, b. Sept. 15, 1849,
d. Jan. 22, 1872, (4) Charlotte Caroline Gray, b. Nov. 29, 1853.

652. II. JOHN P.,8 b. May 4, 1825.

III. HARRIET K.,s b. March 14, 1827, m. May 17, \%\Z, David
Patterson. Children: (i) jNIalon Patterson, b. May i, 1849,
(2) Olivia Patterson, b. April 2, 1852, (3) Sarah Patterson, b.
Aug. 10, 1854, (4) Horace David Patterson, b. May 28, 1858,
(5) Ellen Patterson, b. July 22, i860, (6) Mildred E. Patterson,
b. Sept. 9, 1870.


IV. SUSANNAH P.,8 b. March 4, d. Dec. 11, 1829.
653. V. HORACE W.,8 b. May 22, 1831.

VI. LUTHER P.,8 b. April 10, 1835, d. Nov. 11, 1847.
VII. MARTHA ANN,8 b. June 23, 1838, d. June i, 1840.

373. JOSEPH,^ (John,6 John,5 Moses,* John,^ Daniel.^
John,i) b. in Tyngtown, [now Wilton,] Me. April 30, 1800,
m. i^^ Fanny Ramsdell, of Lubec, Me. ; m. 2'^ Lydia Teague,
who d. Sept. 5, 1885.

He was a sailor and ship-carpenter. He loved travel, and
gratified his passion to a large extent. He spent a few years
in Sparta and Oconto, Wis. He d. in Orono, Me. May 30,



374. THOMAS,^ (Luther,6 John,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. at Wilton, Me. Sept. 17, 1799, rn. Nov. 30, 1826,
Lucinda Butterfield. He d. April 20, 1885.

375. ABIEL,7 (Luther,6 John,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. at Wilton, Me. Sept. 24, 1804, m. i^*, Nov. 9,
1830, Betsey Keyes ; she d. July 10, 1840. He m. 2"^,
Jemima Pease. He d. April 9, 1874.


WILLI AM, 8 m. his cousin Flora,^ dau. of Calvin'^ and Catharine
(Lawrence) Chaney.

376. LUTHER,7 (Luther,6 John,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. at Wilton, Me. April 29, 1809, m. Jan. i, 1833,
Mary Brown. He d. May 17, 1886.

6s7. I. OROMANDEL BEAN,^ b. Dec. 22, 1835.

II. ABBY,8 b. March 31, 1839, ^- April 10, 1859, /^^"'^ Miller^

Children: (i) John Walter Miller, b. March 27, i860, d. April
9, 1872,(2) Clara Eliza Miller, b. April 2, 1862, m. Dec. 6, 1883,
Willard E. Wilson; (3) Minnie Evelyn Miller, b. Feb. 14, 1868,
(4) John Walter Miller, b. Aug. 21, 1872, (5) Ferdie Ellen Miller,
b. July 3, 1875, (6) Leon Nelson Miller, b. April 25, 1880.


658. III. ROSCOE M.,8b. Feb. 20, 1843.

IV. PERFENDA M.,^ b. July 3, 1844, m. Nov. 17, 1870, Dr.
Henry Reynolds. Children : (i) Carl H. Reynolds, b. April 26,
1 87 1, (2) Ralph W. Reynolds, b. Nov. 9, 1878, (3) Elsie M. Rey-
nolds, b. Dec. 14, 1884.

v. LURIMAN,8 5_ Aug. 26, 1846, m. May 17, 1873, Anna Briggs,
Child : Lottie M.^

VI. ESTHER C.,8 b. Jan. 25, 1849, m. Nov. 30, 1871, Nelson H.
Alden. Children: (i) Stella E. Alden, b. Jan. 6, d. Jan. 23,
1874, (2) Harley R. Alden, b. July 4, 1876. Residence, Auburn,

659. VII. JOPHANNES,« b. March 25, 1852.

377. CALVIN," (Luther,'^ John,^ Moses,* John,^ Damel,^
John,i) |3_ in Wilton, Me. May 21, 1814, m. Oct. 25, 1839,
Catharine Lawrence.

I. FLORA EMMA,8 m. her cousin, William^ Cheney.

378. FARWELL,' (Luther,^ John,^ Moses,* John,^
Daniel,2John,i) b. at Wilton, Me. Feb. 20, 1818, m. May
25, 1855, Hannah B., dau. of Jesse Fletcher.

He was a soldier of the Republic in the War of the
RebelHon; was mustered into Co. C of the lo**" Me. Vol.
Inf. Aug. 14, 1862, was taken prisoner at Gettysburg, Pa.,
and d. at Culpepper, Va. March 10, 1864.

379. THOMAS FARWELL,' (Isaac,^ John,^ Moses,*
John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Washington, N. H., Feb. 12,
1807 ; m. i®% Dec. 8, 1832, Matilda Leonard, of Boston, b.
Jan. 24, 181 1 ; m. 2*^, Dec. 30, 1847, Fanny, dau. of Silas
and Lucy Parkhurst of Dunstable, b. March i, 1819; she d.
June 2, i860. He m. 3*^, Nov. 27, 1865, Mrs. Caroline W.
Sargent of Manchester, N. H. He was a very worthy man,
filled many offices of trust and responsibility in town, and
was very much respected. He d. Feb. 5, 1897.

I. MATILDA FRANCES,8b. June2i, 1833, d. Jan. 31, 1845.

660. II. CHARLES LE0NARD,8b. March 17, 1844.


380. ISAAC,7 (Isaac,6 John,^ Moses,^ John,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Washington, N. H., April ii, 1809; rem. to
Portsmouth, N. H. ; d. Dec. 22, 1880, m. in Boston Dec. 6,
1850, Susan Leavitt, b. in Gardner in 1820. He resided at
Portsmouth, N. H. ; d. Dec. 22, 1880.


38 I . JOHN BLODGETT,7 (Isaac,^ John,^* Moses,* John,^
Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Washington, N. H., Nov. 22, 181 1 ;
m. Oct. II, 1837, Cynthia, dau. of Silas and Jane (Kelsey)
Fisher, of Washington N. H., b. in Newport, N. H., Jan.
25, 1815. Resided in Groton, N. H. d. Jan. 21, 1887.


HARRIET ELIZABETH,^ b. in Washington, N. H., July 8,
1838, m. Darwin Keyes ; resides in Groton.

382. ASA SWALLOW,^ (Isaac^ John,^ Moses,* John,^
Daniel, 2 John,^) b. Aug. 26, 1818, m. i**, at Stevens Point,
Wis. Sarah A. Anthony, m. 2'\ at Grand Rapids, Wis. Oct.
16, 1859, M^^y Esther, dau. of Samuel and Rosanna Stain-
brook, b. at Meadville, Pa. Oct. 11, 1837, ^- Nov. 29, 1895.

When about 21 years of age he went west, working his passage on canal
boats and lake schooners, till he reached Chicago; then made his way
thro' the woods to Grand Rapids, Wisconsin. He resided here many
years, part of the time running a -ferry-boat across the river to Centralia,
where his house stood, but carrying on lumbering the greater part of the
time. For several years he carried on a hotel at Stevens Point, Wis. but
was burned out with a total loss, and returned to the lumber business at
Grand Rapids. In 1872 he sold his place and bought a farm at New
Chester, Wis. He now resides with his daughter at Westfield, Wis.

I. CHARLES ASA,8 b. Oct. 26, i860, d. Oct. 23, 1872.
n. ANDREW JACKSON,^ b. June8, 1862; is a popular salesman
in a clothing store at Maiden, and a cordial worker in the M. E.
church and Epworth League.

ni. ISAAC A.,8 b. Feb. 2, 1864, d. Jan. 30, 1871.
IV. WILLIAM HENRY,8 b. April 4, 1866; is a photographer, re-
sides at Westfield, Wis.


V. EDiMUND CHRIST0PHER,8 b. Nov. 11, 1867. Res. at Fort
Smith, Ark.
653. VI. ORA SWALLOW,^ b. June 16, 1869.

VII. PHEBE ROSINA.s b. Oct. 24, 1870, d. Nov. 7, 1S72.
VIII. LEVI SAMUEL,* b. Dec. 29, 1871. Res. at Hot Springs, Ark.
IX. JOHN WHAT,8 b. June 24, 1873. Res. at St. Louis, Mo.

X. CATHARINE,* b. Oct. 9, 1874, m. Leon Ray Perkins, of West-

field, Wis., a son of James Woodburj' Perkins, who was born in
Warner, N. H. Sept. 16, 18 14, and Mary Almira Atkins, b.
March 12, 1844.

XI. JAMES ELVIN,8b. Sept. 19, 1876, d. Feb. 12, 1877.

XII. MARY ESTHER,* b. Feb. 21, 1S79. •

383. WILLIAM FARWELL," (Isaac,'^ John,^ Moses,^
John, 3 Daniel,^ John,i) b. Jan. 12, 182 1, m. July 4, 1846,
Clarissa jVR-ra, dau. of Thaddeus and Rachel (Wright)
Davis, of Tyngsboro. Resides in Dunstable.


I. CLARA FRANCES,* b. Dec. 31, 1S46, m. June 9, \'^'$>\, James
A. Davis. Res. Dunstable.

II. ELLA JOSEPHINE,* b. Dec. 29, 1847, d. July 7, 1863, in

III. WILLIE ALONZO,* b. Dec. 4, 1851, d. in infancy.

IV. EMMA JANE,* b. Sept. 2, 1853, m. Nov. 21, 1S74, Nathaniel

A. Kendall. Child: Emma Catharine Kendall, b. May 31,

664. V. WILLIAM EVERETT,* b. July 6, 1856.

665. VI. GEORGE WARREN,* b. April 28, 1858.

384. EDMUND WHITEMORE," (Isaac^ John,^ Moses,^
John,^ Daniel,- John,i) b. April 11, 1823, m. Aug. 2, 185 1,
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Guy and Salome (Coombs) Adams
of Lowell, Vt., b. Sept. 16, 1832. He resided in Nashua,
N. H. in Greenville, (then Mason Village, N. H.) and after-
ward at Somerville, Mass. He was in the livery stable busi-
ness. He d. at Bethlehem, N. H. Sept 16, 1895.


666. FREDERIC EUGENE,* b. in Nashua, N. H. Oct. i, 1855.


385. CHARLES AUGUSTUS,^ (Isaac^ John,^ Moses/
John, 3 Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Dunstable Sept. 2, 1830, m. in
Boston July 7, 1857, Hope Brown, dau. of Samuel and Polly
(Brown) Covell, b. in Wellfleet March 23, 1832, d. Nov. 15,
1894. He has been prominent in the manufacture of Sew-
ing Machines and in the Express business. Has resided in
Chelsea for upwards of 30 years.


(i(>']. I. JOSEPH EATON.s b. in Boston Sept. 21, 1861.

668. n. FRED AUGUSTINE.^ b. in Chelsea Aug. 29, 1870.
I *

386. HENRY,^ (Luther,6 Moses,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. at Orange, Oct. 14, 1808, m. i^*, March 31, 1834,
Elizabeth Albertina, dau. of Willard Caryl of Barnard, Vt.
b. July 31, 1809, d. at Burlington, Vt. May 13, 1845. He
m. 2**, Aug. 16, 1847, Isabella Juliette Caryl, a sister of his
former wife, b. Aug. 19, 1817, d. in Detroit, Mich. March
26, 1875.

He was principal of the academy at Fredonia, N. Y. from Oct. 1831
about seven years ; professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry at the
University of Vermont in 1838. Resigned in 1854 and engaged in foundry
business with his brothers at Ogdensburg, N. Y. In 1859 became principal
of the Detroit High School, just beginning, and filled the office acceptably
until 1863 when he was elected librarian of the Detroit Public Library- in
which he continued till 1878. He left a good reputation as an educator.
Hed. Feb. 22, 1885.


\. FRANCES,^ b. July 23, d. Sept. 21, 1835.

n. LUCIA ELIZABETH,^ b. Nov. 13, 1837, m. Oct. 20, 1870,
Edward Mason, of Detroit, Mich, who d. April 16, 1877.
Children: (i) Lucia Isabella Mason, b. Sept. 5,d. Sept. 23, 1871,
(2) Henry Cheney Mason, b. April 13, 1874, (3) Lucia Anna
Mason, b. June 11, 1875.

670. m. LUCIAN CARYL,8 b. Feb. 19, 1840.

IV. HENRY,8 b. June 6, 1843, d. April 20, 1844.

671. V. HENRY ALLEN,8 b. July 4, 1848.

VI. EDWARD SEYMOUR,* b. March 13, 1853, d. Dec. 31, 1856.

672. VII. LUTHER WILLARD,8 b. Dec. 26, 1854.


387. ALLEN/ (Luther,^ Moses,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. at Barnard, Vt. Aug. 8, 181 1, m. i^\ Susan Ange-
lina, dau. of Willard Caryl, b. in Barnard Vt. March 31,
181 1, d. at Ogdensburg, N. Y. Oct. 15, 1850. He m. 2'^ in
May, 1853, Candace Coan, dau. of David Rumsey, b. in
1826. As a boy of 18 he went to Ogdensburg, N. Y. to be
a clerk for his uncle E. B. Allen ; at an early age went into
business for himself in hardware and foundry manufacture.
Was at Detroit, Mich, from 1867 till 1872 manufacturing
agricultural implements and machinery, then went to Worth-
ington, Minn, and became a farmer. He was for many years
a ruling elder in the Presbyterian church. In the month of
February, 1873, he was active and prominent in securing
the organization of the Westminster Presbyterian church in
Worthington. He exercised the office of ruling elder in that
church with great wisdom and faithfulness. He was always
in his place in the church, Sunday school, prayer meeting
and all other places where christian duty called him unless
prevented by bodily infirmity. But valuable as was Mr.
Chaney's service, he was more to the church and community
in what he was, as a man, in his kindly ways, and his ex-
emplary life. He was not only a just but also a lovable man.
His memory will be blessed indeed. He d. Dec. 20, 1892.


I. JULIA MARIA,8b. March i, 1841.

n. CATHARINE RUMSEY,^ b. Aug. 5, 1854, m. June 19, 1873,
Julius A. Town; d. July 17, 1890.

m. ALLEN MILLER,^ b. March 16, 1856.

IV. DAVID RUMSEY,8 b. Jan. 18, 1858.

v. ROBERTA VAN VALKENBURG,^ b. Aug. 20, i860, m. Dec.

30, i^go, James Mackay j resides in Worthington, Minn.
VI. WILLIAM,8 b. Feb. 10, 1865.

388. LUTHER NORMAN,' (Luther,^ Moses,^ Moses,*
John, 3 Daniel,^ John,i) i^^ ^^ Barnard, Vt. Oct. 5, 1818, m.
I**, May II, 1850, Elizabeth Mina Danforth, b. at Barnard
Sept. II, 1817, d. at Ogdensburg, N. Y. Dec. 18, 1854. He


m. 2"^ April, 1856, Harriet Ellen Lyman, b. at Royalton, Vt.
Oct. 28, 1829.

Resides in Ogdensburg, N. Y.


I. ELIZABETH,^ ["Lillie"], b. March 4, 1851, d. Feb. 19, 1858.
II. HARRIET,^ b. July 12, 1857.
ni. CORNELIA ALLEN,^ b. Nov. 10, 1861.
IV. MARY CHARL0TTE,8 ["Minnie"], b. June 19, 1867.

389. Rev. LUCIAN WEST,' (Luther,^ Moses,^ Moses,"
John,^ Daniel,^ John, 1) b. in Barnard, Vt. Oct. 16, 1822, m.
i^*' at Royalton, Vt. May 11, 1854, Happy Temperance, dau.
of Jonathan and Tempe (Skinner) Kinney, b. at Royalton
Feb. 6, 183 1, d. at Mankato, Minn. Feb. 3, 1873. He m.
2^ at Bay City, Mich., Sarah dau. of Grow and Mary
(Skinner) Blodgett, b. at Newfane, N. Y. April 17, 1830.

He fitted for college at Burlington, Vt. Entered the University in 1840,
graduating in 1844. Studied law in Ogdensburg, N. Y. for six months,
then returned to Burlington and took charge of a fitting school for boys.
Continued in this for three years, pursuing law studies at the same time in
a school of law conducted by Judges Bennett and Peck. Delivered the
Masters oration and took A. M. degree in 1847.

Changing his plans, he entered Andover Seminary in 1848, graduating
in 1 85 1. Was ordained and began preaching at Heuvelton, N. Y. in
Autumn of that year. Served churches in New York, at Pulaski and Rut-
land, until May 1872, when, on account of his wife's health, he removed to
Minnesota. Served churches in that state in Mankato, Waseca, Granite
Falls, Morristown and Medford from 1872 until 1893. At the time of
retiring from the pastorate he had been longer in service than any other
Congregational pastor in Minnesota. During portions of his ministry he
labored with much acceptance as an evangelist. For many years he has
been a member of the Board of Trustees of Carleton College.


I. EDWIN T.,8 b. March 15, 1855, d. at Heuvelton, N. Y. Aug.
25, 1856.

673. II. LUCIAN WEST,8 b. June 26, 1857.

III. NEWCOMB KINNEY,8 b. April 4, 1863, d. in Waseca, Minn.
July 9, 1 88 1.


390. GEORGE,' (Elisha,6 Elisha,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^
Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Princeton Oct. 27, 1814, m. Susan
M . He d. Sept. 16, 1849.

CHILDREN, born in Holden.
I. GEORGE FREDERICK,^ b. June 28, 1840.
n. EDWARD FERDINAND,^ b. Sept. 12, 1843, d. March 28,

m. HERBERT L.,8 b. June 23, 1845.

392. HENRY ISADORE,' (Stephen,^ Elisha,^ Joseph,*
Joseph,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Clinton Jan. 19, 1848 (twin
with Henrietta Isabel,) m. Jan. 18, 1872, Georgia A. Ware
of West Gardiner, Maine. Resides at Clinton.

675. I. FRED GILBERT,^ b. Aug. 17, 1874.

II. CLIFTON WALTER,^ b. May 18, 1878.

III. HAROLD WARE,8 b. Aug. 22, 1884.

IV. HENRY STANLEY,8 b. Sept. 29, 1890.

396. LORENZO LANE,' (Lorenzo,^ James,^ James,*
James,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in South Gardner Aug. 10, 1839,
m. I'S at Keene, N. H. Oct. 21, i860, Cynthia Elizabeth
Bigelow, b. in Medford, Mass. in 1839, *^' March 17, 1862.
He m. 2^ Aug. i, 1869, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John N.
and Eliza A. (Davis) Kelly, b. in Boston Jan. 10, 1846. She
is a well known and acceptable worker and speaker in the
Woman's Christian Temperance Union ; is president of the
Boston branch of the Union, and highly esteemed.

399. JAMES,' (Cyrus,*^ James,^ James,* James,^ Daniel,^

John,i) i3_ in Athol, 1846, m. i'*, ; m. 2'^, Aug. 6, 1885,

Adelaide A. Simonds, b. in Rudsban, Vt. in 1855.

402. CHARLES COX,' (Abel,^ Benjamin,^ Nicholas,*
Peter,3 Peter,^ John,i) b. [at Holderness, N. H.?] Feb. 10,
1796, m. i*S Jane Leffingwell, b. June 30, 1803, d. Nov. 3,
1828; he m. 2'\ Oct. 17, 1829, Abigail Whitlock, b. Sept.
10, 1805, d. Sept. 14, 1830; he m. 3'^ March, 1832, Livonia


Kidder, b. in 1806, d. Oct. 30, 1843; he m. 4*^^, March 7,
1877, Jane Ann Baker, b. April 9, 1818, now living in Car-
son City, Mich. He went in his youth to Rutland, Vt. ;
afterward spent a while in Canada. At length he established
himself in Willsboro, Essex co., N. Y. He was a farmer
and also a cabinet-maker. He d. April 28, 1857.


682. I. CHARLES/ b. July 28, 1823.

n. MARY JANE,8 b. June 20, 1825, m. Abel Stafford. Children:
(i) Ira C. Stafford, (2) Dyer W. Stafford. She d. March 7,

ni. JULIA, 8 b. Oct. 14, 1827, d. June 21, 1829.

IV. GEORGE A.,8 b. Sept. 22, 1833, d. May 2, 1854.
V. HENRY G.,8 b. March 13, 1836, d. Nov. 6, 1893.

VI. JULIA A.,^ b. Jan. 16, 1838, m. March 3, 1865, George A. Lee,
i*t sergeant of the ii'*' U. S. Infantry, residence, Keese-
ville, N. Y.
VII. ELLEN C.,^ b. March 28, 1840,01. Dec. 3, 1862, Charles Tappan
Lyon, resides in Springfield. Children: (i) Harriet Newell
Lyon, b. Oct. 24, 1863, (2) Charles S. Lyon, b. Aug. 20, 1865,
(3) Bertha Orlean Lyon, b. March 24, 1867, m. Oct. 30, 1895,
James Edward Rogers, (4) William Cheney Lyon, b. June 11,
1869, d. Feb. 21, 1870, (5) Chauncey Wood Lyon, b. Sept. 26,
1876, (6) Mary Ellen Lyon, b. Sept. 6, 1879.

683. VIII. ARTHUR 0LIVER,8b. Nov. 13, 1842.

IX. ISADORE E.,8b. Jan. 20, 1845.
X. FRANCES A.,8 b. Sept. 7, 1848.
XI. CASSIUS,^ b. Jan. 25, 1853.

403- BENJAMIN,^ (Abel,6 Benjamin,^ Nicholas,* Peter,^
Peter, 2 John, 1) b. in Holderness, N. H. He resided a while
at Sudbury, Vt. then made his home in Rutland, Vt.



404. GERSHOM,' (Abel,^ Benjamin,^ Nicholas,* Peter,^
Peter, 2 John, 1) b. in Holderness, N. H. about 1801. Gershom
Cheney and Mrs. Aletta (Weeks) Pierce were married at
Clarendon, Vt. Oct. 10, 1843. Resided in Rutland, Vt. He
d. Jan. 31, 1897.


405. WILLIAM ALONZO/ (Samuel,^ Beniamin,^
Nicholas,* Peter,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in Rutland, Vt. Dec. 31,
1806, m. in Hubbardton, Vt. Feb. 4, 1834, Sophronia, dau.
of Abraham and Lavinia (Robinson) Resseguie, b. April 27,

His first home was in Hubbardton. In 1836 they removed to Wisconsin,
making the journey (of three weeks) by canal-boats and lake schooners and
poor roads connecting. They made a home in the western part of Racine,
" hewing off the logs for the floor of the cabin a little smoother on the
upper side," and " chinking " the cracks in the walls. Ten years of pioneer
toil and comfort there ; then they removed to Springvale, Fond du Lac co.
where Mr. Cheney bought a farm of 300 acres, built a good log house,
moved in Nov. 3, 1845, and there they resided until his death, which
occurred March 27, 1888. He was a music teacher in early manhood, and
gave instruction to a military band stationed at Fond du Lac, Wis. during
the early days of the War of the Rebellion. An earnest Methodist, and
very hospitable, he entertained great numbers of the preachers of that
denomination. As his home was on the old military road from Green Bay
to Fort Winnebago where settlers were seven or eight miles apart, he also
" entertained " many strangers, some of whom were governors and other
men of rank; as well as many incoming settlers. His widow still resides
at the old home.


690. I. JEROME B0NAPARTE,8 b. Aug. 26, 1835.

II. MARY ENAROY,8 b. Feb. 14, 1838, at Waterford, Wis., m.
Sept. 30, 1872, Austin A. Taylor, of Rutland, Vt. ; she d. July
7, 1889.
HI. SOPHRONIA ELIZABETH,^ b, Oct. i, 1839, m- I'S Williatn
Henry Beidelman, b. Oct. 30, 1838. He served in the Union
army, and was fatally wounded by a bursting shell before Atlanta,
Ga. Aug. 22, 1864. Child: Clement DeWitt Beidelman. She
m. 2*1, June 3, 1866, Cyrenus Johnson Hall, of Caldwell, Wis.,
son of James P. and Susan Hall, b. at Londonderry, Vt. May
25, 1839, d. at Eureka Springs, Ark. April 13, 1893. Children :
(i) Mary Ellen Hall, b. Aug. 27, 1869, is a teacher; (2) James
William Hall, b. Feb. 6, 1872 ; he grad. from Central Normal
College, Great Bend, Kan. and d. Nov. 27, 1896, just as he had
finished a month as assistant teacher at Hoisington, Kan. A
young man of fine Christian character and excellent abilities.
(3) Clyde Cyrenus Hall, b. Aug. 27, 1874; a printer. (4) Gilbert
Cheney Hall, b. March 4, 1878.


691. IV. JOHN ROBINSON^, b. June 4, 1841.

V. SARAH JANE,8 b. Jan. i, 1845, m- Nov. 11, 1862, Addison P.
Fowler, Jr. (his mother being Mary (Putnam), of Waupun,
Wis. She d. Feb. 15, 1897. Children: (i) Clifford Clyde
Fowler, b. in Fredericksburg, la. May 30, 1867, m. Alice Olive,
dau. of George and Mary (Davis) Rogers, of Ladoga, Wis.
April 3, 1889. Child, Lottie May Fowler, b. Dec. 5, 1891.
Residence, Springvale, Wis. (2) Minnehaha Fowler, b, Sept.
15, 1869.

692. VI. CHARLIE ADDIS0N,8 b. May 4, 1856.

VII. CHLOE LUELLA,8 b. Oct. i, i860, m. April 8, 1891, William B.
Jaques, son of Robert and Isabella (Mitchell) Jaques, of Albion,
111. They live at Ladoga, Wis.

406. LEONARD,^ (Samuel,^ Benjamin,^ Nicholas,*
Peter,^ Peter,2 John,i) b. at Hubbardton, Vt. Aug. 20, 1812,
m. Jan. i, 1836, Abigail R., dau. of Benonia and Martha
(Raymond) Griffin, b. Nov. 30, 1813. She died in the
town of Waupun Jan. 27, 1867. After his marriage he
settled in Brandon Vt. where he worked at his trade of shoe-
making for several years. In May, 1846, he moved with
his family to Wis. and settled on Wedge's Prairie in the town
of Waupun, where he resided until his death, which occurred
Sept. 27, 1865.


I. ALANSON G.,8 b. Sept. 11, 1837, d. Sept. 11, 1843.

II. EMELINE S.,8 b. July 4, 1843, d. April 6, 1856.

III. MARTHA A.,8 b. Sept. 15, 1845, m. March 22, 1862, Charles

Ambrose Datiforth, son of Alanson and Elizabeth (Ward) Dan-
forth, b. in Chaut. co. N. Y. Nov. 6, 1842. They resided on
her father's farm until Oct. 1873, then rem. to Brandon, where
they remained till 1886, then to Fond du Lac, Wis. where he d.
April 16, 1892. Child: Minnie A. Danforth, b. Dec. 12, 1865,
at Waupun, Wis., m. Charles W. Hargraves, son of Matthew
and Rachel (Eckles) Hargraves, b. in Ripon, Wis. May 2, 1862.
He is largely interested in sheep business at Lusk, Wyom.
Child : Lloyd Danforth Hargraves, b. Jan. 4, 1895.

IV. HARM0NY,8b. Dec. 8, 1849, d. April 11, 1856.
V. JOSEPH G.,8 b. June 29, 1853, d. April 23, 1856.


407, BENJAMIN,' (Samuel,^ Benjamin,^ Nicholas/
Peter,^ Peter,^ John,^) b. in Hubbardton, Vt. Sept. 7, 1822,
m. Oct. 24, 1849, Sarah A. dau. of Jesse and Harriet (San-
derson) Tenney, of Orwell, Vt., b. Oct. 11, 1827.

After his mother's death, when he was about two years old, he was
brought up with a cousin, Mrs. Lyman Sanderson, in the adjoining town of
Sudbury Vt. At the age of fifteen he was converted and joined the Congre-
gational church of Sudbury ; was many years superintendent of the Sun-
day School of that church, and has always been active in church matters.
At 22 he went to Wis. and bought one quarter section (80 acres) and pre-
empted eighty more of government land, in what is now known as Wedge's
Prairie in the township of Waupun, Wis. He was the pioneer there. He
afterward resided in Springvale and Ripon, Wis. He returned to Orwell,
Vt. to care for his wife's parents. In 1872 went back to Wisconsin, and
has resided in Ripon and Brandon. Has been largely engaged in horticul-
ture and in bee-keeping. Has been town treasurer.

I. ELIZA JANE,8 b. July 17, 1851, d. March 31, 1856.
II. HARRIET AUGUSTA,8 b. Jan. 16, 1856, in Orwell, Vt. Re-
sides with her parents. Is an active worker in church and the
temperance cause.
693. III. EDWIN JUDS0N,8 b. Nov. 21, 1858.

409. OLCOTT,- (Elisha,6 Benjamin,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^

Peter,^ John,^) b. in Berlin, Conn. May 27, 1796, m. Oct. 2,

1822, Harriet M. Blinn, b. Jan. i, 1804, d. March 19, 1869.

He worked in the clock factory with his father until about 1835, he
bought his father out, and carried on the business for a number of years.
While he lived in Berlin Conn, his shops which stood near the house were
just over the Middletown line ; and the Cheney Clocks were therefore marked
" Middletown." A bond is extant in which Henry A. Miller contracted to
furnish Olcott Cheney in monthly instalments, $1,000 worth of clock-
faces, " equal in quality and workmanship to Jerome and Darrows clock-
faces." Olcott Cheney spent his last days in Beloit, Wis. where he and
his wife both died. He d. in October, i860.


I. EMMA ANN, 8 b. Nov. i, 1823, d. Aug. 20, 1841.

n. JANE VANDUSEN,8 b. Oct. 9, 1825, m. May 2, 1844, Marvin
Hill. Children: (i)aninfantdaughter,(2)ByronBlinnHill,b.Oct.
19, 1846, (3) Belle Griswold Hill, b. Sept. 10, 1858, (4) Emma
Maria Hill, d. at two years of age. Mrs. Hill d. March 3, 1890.

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