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III. MARY ELIZABETH,^ b. Dec. 25, 1829, d. Oct. 24, 1830.

IV. DELIA R0SELVIA,8 b, Aug. 25, 1834, d. March 17, 1849.

410. BENJAMIN,^ (Elisha,*^ Benjamm,^ Benjamin,^
Peter,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in Berlin, Conn. Aug. 11, 1808, m.
i^\ Adelia Blinn, 2'\ Rebecca G. Noggle, 3'^ Helen Fountain.
He had two children by his first wife and five by his second.
He worked with his father and brother at clock-making in
Conn, but removed to Beloit, Wis. where he resided many


69s. I. FRANCIS A.,8 b. Sept. 21, 1831.


IV. MARTHA A.,8 m. G. L. Clark of Green Lake, Wis.

698. V. JOHN 0,8 b. Aug. 18, 1842.

699. VI. DAVID N.,8 b. Jan. i, 1844.
vn. MARY J.^

41 I. CHARLES [CHAUNCEY?],7(Russell,6Ben3amin,5
Benjamin,^ Peter,^ Peter,^ John,i) ^^ jn Thetford, Vt. March
21, 1801, m. in Groton, N. Y. Sept. 26, 1824, Mary Ann
Hicks, b. in Schoharie, Pa. July 3, 1806. He lived for a
while at Ithaca, N. Y., then in Emerald Grove, Wis. ; re-
sided in Janesville, Wis. till he was 86 years old, when he
removed with his son Frank to Passadena, Cal. where he d.
April 27, 1889. He was a member, first of a Congregational
church, afterward of a Methodist ; was also prominent in the
Odd Fellows and Masonic fraternities.


I. CHARLES CHAUNCEY.O ^ ,, ^ ^ ,, ^ ^ o

Vb. May 6, d. Nov. 5 and 6, 1825.


ni. CHARLOTTE ANN.s b. Nov. 23, 1826, m. at Geneva, Wis.
Sept. 29, 1 841, W. E.Jones, b. at Cortland, N. Y. May 20, 1825.
Children: (i) Charles Jones, b. at Johnstown, Wis. April 14,
1850, (2) Eugene Jones, b. Aug. 15, 1853.
700. IV. CHAUNCEY JAMES,^ b. Aug. i, 1828.

V. CLARINDA MARY,^ b. Feb. 22, 1830, d. June i, 1830.



VI. CAROLINE MAUDE,8b. May 26, 1831.
VII. CORDELIA ANN,8b. Feb. 14, 1S33, d. Nov. 22, 1834.
VIII. GEORGE WASHINGTON.^ b. Dec. 27, 1834, d. Sept. 14,

701. IX. ALONZO EDWARD,* b. Nov. 9, 1836.

X. WILLIAM RUSSELL,^ b. Feb. 4, 1839, grew to manhood, en-
listed in the 12'^'^ Illinois Battery of Artillery and served against
the Rebellion; died of fever in Memphis, Tenn. Aug. 24, 1863.
XI. CHARLES HENRY,* b. July 9, 1841 ; he also gave his life in
the defence of our Union, being a member of the 2'^ Wisconsin
Regt. belonging to the celebrated " Iron Brigade ; " was wounded
through the lungs and taken prisoner at the battle of the
Wilderness. He died in prison May 12, 1864.
XII. FRANCES JANE,* b. Oct. 3, 1846, m., April 11, 1871, Frank
M. Brow7i, of Clayton, Wis. They live on a farm near Neenah
P. O., Clayton, Wis.

702. xiii. FRANKLIN A.,* b. Oct. 3, 1846.

XIV. MARTHA MALVINA,* b. May 6, 1S50, d. March 31, 1866.

4 1 2. GEORGE," (Russell,*^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter,2 john,i) b. Aug. 22, 1802, m. Susan Fassett. They
lived on a farm near Brooklyn, Conn.


II, NANCY JANE,* m. a Mr. Kifuball viho d. in the army, leaving
one child, Nellie Kimball, b. about 1859.

4 1 3. RUSSELL," (Russell,^ Beniamin,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter,2 John,i) b. in Thetford, Vt. April 28, 1811, m. May
10, 1838, Martha Lea, youngest dau. of Benjamin and
Martha (Lea) Fowle.

The home where he was born was an old-fashioned. New England
dwelling-house, built upon a knoll, with an orchard in front, and an apple
tree near by, planted years before by the father. The road past the house
ran directly to the Connecticut river, a distance of two miles. In the hall
stood a tall wooden clock, the father's handiwork. He knew, as a little
child, the stor}' of his father's intemperance and its disastrous effects ; and
he was hearty in his resolution that he would never be a slave to alcohol-
So he voluntarily took the solemn pledge of total abstinence, and sacredly
kept it all his life. He worked at stone wall building till a severe strain


compelled him to take less heavy work. One winter he made a trip over
the mountains to central New York, with " Old Billy " and a sleigh ; but
the snow failing, he was compelled to complete his journey on horseback.
Though but a lad he was entrusted with quite a sum of money by a neigh-
bor. His musical abilities began to develop about that time. He was
a member of the Thetford Brass band, playing the trombone. Here is
the bill for it — receipted.

" 1834. Russell Cheney in aj^ with Graves & Co. Dr.
Dec. 18. To a Tenor Trombone $15.00

Received Payment by Jacob Graves.
Winchester, Aug. 24, 1835. Graves & Co."

He was sixteen years old before he discovered that he could sing, but he
developed a voice of unusual sweetness and power. In 1836 he removed
to New York, and spent three years at Oakfield, in Genesee co. He taught
singing-school in Pine Hill, Batavia, Caryville and Alabama, N. Y. and in
the last-named was married. He engaged in farming and teaching for
five years ; then removed to Wisconsin, prospecting for a suitable locality
before bringing his family. A journal which he kept gives full accounts of
his journey. In regard to Chicago he wrote : " The inhabitants still think
[1843] this will be the emporium of Illinois, but I should think, if I lived
there, that ' hope deferred maketh the heart sick '."

The journey to Wisconsin was made in June, 1843, in a covered wagon,
carrying his mother, his wife and son Loren along with him. He made his
home at Yorkville, Racine Co., for two years, then removed to Emerald
Grove, in the beautiful and fertile Rock Prairie. Only three families were
there before them; on every side was the unbroken prairie; the howling of
the wolf was often heard by night and the graceful, fleet-footed deer was
frequently seen by day.

He obtained from Government one of the best farms in what came to
be known as one of the best farming regions in the state. In the earlier
years he taught singing-school. Often, in dark nights, a candle was placed
in an upper window of the house that he might be guided safely home by
its light.

He was a man of public spirit, interested in every good enterprise, espe-
cially in the religious well-being of the community. He was a member of
the Congregational church in Emerald Grove, one of its first trustees, and
chairman of the committee for building the first house of worship. Thirty-
three years later was chairman of the committee that had charge of erecting
a finer and more commodious structure. He came to be one of the best
known laymen in the state ; his songs were always welcomed in the largest
religious gatherings. For twelve years he visited alternate Sabbaths the
county poor farm, eight miles from his home, singing, holding service, and
distributing religious reading among the inmates. He was a delegate to


the National Council at Boston in 1865. Was entertained by Mrs. Sprague,
mother of Hon. E. S. Tobey. She became so much interested in his poor-
house work that she kept him well-supplied with papers for the work as
long as she lived. He also attended the great meeting of Young Men's
Christian Associations at Indianapolis where Mr. Moody first met Mr.

During the war he and family relatives formed an Old Folks Concert
company to raise money for the families of poor soldiers, " Father and
Mother Cheney " taking prominent parts. This company kept its organiza-
tion for nearly twenty years, and helped many a good cause. Mrs. Cheney
had a clear, strong alto voice and often sang duets with her husband.
Fifty-three years they sang together, and their voices seemed to grow riper
and richer with the years. They sung at conventions of religious bodies,
and at revival services in various places. During the last summer of his
life the aged couple assisted their son Russell L. in Gospel Tent Meetings in
Central Wisconsin. His voice retained its clear, sweet quality to the last.
He d. at his home in Emerald Grove, Wis. April 17, 1891.


704. I. L0REN,8 b. Aug. 7, 1840.

II. CHARLES,^ b. Sept. 19, 1842, d. April 26, 1843.

III. SUSAN,8 b. March i, 1845, d. March 14, i860.

IV. ELIZABETH,^ b. Oct. 7, 1847, m. June 16, 1875, Eugene Wil-

son Z<?w^//, a hardware merchant of Janesville. Child: Susie
Eugenia Lowell, b. June 6, 1877.

705. V. RUSSELL LEA,8 b. Feb. i, 1850.

428. DANIELJ (Damel,6 Abiel,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter, 2 John, 1) m. in Hartford, Conn. Feb. 14, 1832, Sarah
N. BidwelL They resided in their native town of Chatham,
Conn. He was an efficient man, a constable at some times.


I. HARRIET,^ b. in 1837, m. June 16, 1^60, John Hall, a quarry-
man, b. in 1804, residing in Portland, Conn.

II. MARY,8 b. in 1845, "i. May 26, 1871, Samuel H. Emmons, a
farmer, of East Haddam, Conn.

434. JOEL,7 (Timothy ,6 Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter,2 John,i) b. in South Manchester, Conn. Nov. 9, 1787,
m. . He d. May 5, 1823.

720. HENRY.8


435. TIMOTHY/ (Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,*
Peter, ^ Peter, ^ John,i) b. in South Manchester, Conn. Feb.
I, 1797, d. Jan. 17, 1828.

436. HALSEY,7 (Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter,^ John,^) b. in South Manchester, Conn. June 30, 1799,
m. AdeHne PameHa, dau. of Tliomas and Prudence (Hub-
bard) BHsh.


I. PRUDENCE HUBBARD,8 b. Feb. i, 1827,111. Williain Ellery

Hart^ who d. Jan. 24, 185S. Children: (i) Ida Adeline Hart,
b. June 2, 1850, d. Feb. 3, 1853. (2) Richard William Hart,
b. Oct. 3, 1851, d. May 12, 1858.

721. n. THOMAS BLISH.^ b. Dec. 2, 1828.

722. m. EDWARD HALSEY,* b. April 29, 1832.

723. IV. GEORGE WELLS,8 b. Dec. 15, 1833.

724. V. CHARLES SYLVESTER,^ b. April 2, 1836.

VI. HARRIET ELIZABETH,^ b. June 23, 1838, m. Jatnes W.

VII. ADELINE L0UISA,8 b. Feb. 10, 1842, m. Charles Beckington.
Children: (i) Mary Beckington, b. July 11, 1867, d. Aug. 19,
1867. (2) Alice Beckington, b. July 30, 1868.

vm. EMMA JANE,^ b. Sept. 8, 1848, m. Edward M. Vail. Chil-
dren: (i) Sidney Percy Vail, b. Oct. 13, 1867, (2) Walter Cheney
Vail, b. Sept. 17, 1871, (3) Edith Vail, b, Aug. 28, 1873,(4)
Richard Hart Vail, b. May 24, 1875.

IX. ELEANOR MARIA,^ b. July 3, 1850, m. Jacob Weidmann, of
Paterson, N. J. Child: Esther Weidmann, b. Nov. 9, 1871.

437. HORACE,^ (Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,^ Peter,^
Peter,^ John,i) b. March 10, 1802, m. Ruth, dau. of Ebenezer
Hills, of East Hartford.


I. MARY ANN,8 m. W. L. Ciantmngs.

II. HORACE,8 d. at the age of 15 years.

72s. III. CARLOS LYMAN,s 1 b. in Manchester, Conn. Dec. i, 1829.


727. V. RALPH SC0TT.8


440. GEORGE WELLS,' (George,^ Timothy ,5 Ben-
jamin,^ Peter, ^ Peter,^ John,^) b. at South Manchester, Ct.
Oct. 22, 1799, m. Nov. 2, 1824, Mary," dau. of Calvin^ and
Lovina (Wilson) Cheney, b. Feb. 11, 1801. He was highly
esteemed for his upright character and much respected by
his fellow citizens. He held the offices of Town Clerk and
Justice of the Peace from 1828 till his death. His decisions
were so just and equitable that no appeal was ever taken in
a case once decided by Esquire Cheney. He d. Dec. 20,


728. I. GEORGE WELLS,« b. Aug. 18, 1825.

729. n. JOHN SHERWOOD,s b. April 14, 1827.

m. MARY ELIZABETH,^ b. April 24, 1829, m. May 27, 1858,
John H. Piatt of New York, b. Nov. 19, 1827; he was son of
William Barnes and Sarah (Stoutenburgh) Piatt, of Rhinebeck,
N. Y. He d. at Manchester, Ct. Aug. 2, 1886, Children: (i)
John Cheney Piatt, b. Jan. 25, i860, m. May 15, 1891, Frances
Marie Wright. Children: [i.] Mary Cheney Piatt, b. June 12,
1893, [ii.] John Cheney Piatt, Jr. b. Aug. 5, 1895, [iii.] Gardiner
Scudder Piatt, b. Dec. 19, 1896. (2) Charles Adams Piatt, b.
Oct. 16, 1861, m. i^*, April 10, 1886, Anne C. Hoe, who d.
March 18, 1887; he m. 2^, Mrs. Eleanor Hardy (Bunker).
Children: [i.] Sylvia Piatt, b. Sept. 30, 1894, [ii.] William
Piatt, b. Feb. 6, 1897. (3) Richard Goodman Piatt, b. March
26, 1863. (4) Elizabeth Piatt, b. Oct. 2, 1865, m. May 27, 1890,
Francis M. Jencks, of New York. Children: (i) Elizabeth
Jencks, b. Dec. 8, 1892, (2) Eleanor May Jencks, b. Nov. 18,
1896, (5) William Barnes Piatt, b. May 16, 1868, d. July 16, 1892.

IV. CHARLES ELY,s b. Jan. 9, 1831, d. March 9, 1853.

730. V. WILLIAM HENRY,8 b. May 21, 1833.

VI. EMILY FRANCES,^ b. Jan. 23, 1836, m. Oct. 30, 1861, Philip
W. Hiidson, son of Melancthon Hudson, of Oakland, Ct.
Children: (i) May Hudson, b. Aug. 20, 1865, d. in Florida in
June, 1882. (2) Richard Melancthon Hudson, b. Oct. 9, 1868,
now living in Texas. (3) Emily Cheney Hudson, b. June i,
1871, d. in Paris Jan. i, 1895.

731. VII. JAMES W00DBRIDGE,8 b. Feb. 9, 1838.

VIII. CAROLINE WAITSTILL,s b. Feb. 9, 1840, m. Feb. 26, 1858,
William E. Hudson, son of ^vlelancthon Hudson, of Oak-
land, Ct.


44 I . CHARLES , ' (George,^ Timolhy,^ Benjamin,^ Peter,^
Peter,2 John/) b. Dec. 26, 1803, at South Manchester, Conn.,
m. i®S Oct. 21, 1829, Waitstill Dexter, dau. of Mason and
Mary Brown (Howell) Shaw, of Belchertown, b. at Boston
Oct. 17, 1809, d. at Mulberry Grove Farm, Mt. Pleasant, O.
April 6, 1841. He m. 2^, Sept. 15, 1847, Harriet A., dau.
of Henry Bowen, of Providence, R. I., b. there Nov. 28,
181 1, d. at South Manchester, Conn. Jan. 12, 1870. It was
said by those who observed closely that Mr. Charles Cheney
was a thorough gentleman and a most systematic business
man. He took an important part in organizing the Silk
Manufacturing Company which he and his brothers founded
at South Manchester, Conn, in 1836. He d. June 20, 1874.


I. FRANK DEXTER,8 b. at Providence, R. I., Aug. 7, 1830, d.
Aug. 28, 1 83 1.

732. n. FRANK WOODBRIDGE,^ b. at Providence, R. I., June 5,

ni. MARY H0WELL,8 b. July 13, 1834, d. May 18, 1836.
IV. SARAH SHAW,8 b. Sept. 13, 1835, d. June 20, 1836.

733. v. KNIGHT DEXTER,8 b. at Mt. Pleasant, O. Oct. 9, 1837.
VI. ANNA WELLS,8 b. June 26, 1840, d. Aug. 10, 1841.

442. RALPH,' (George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter,2 John,i) ^^^ ^t South Manchester, Ct. Jan. 13, 1806, m.
Oct. 14, 1833, Jerusha D., dau. of Stephen B. Goodwin, of
Wethersfield, Ct. b. April 11, 1811, d. Sept. 16, 1869. They
adopted two children of Mrs. Cheney's sister, Mrs. Lucy
(Goodwin) Robbins. He was fond of agricultural pursuits,
and devoted most of his life to farming. He was also inter-
ested in the development of the Silk industry, and a partner
with his brothers in that business.

I. MARY,8 m./. Alder Ellis, of Chicago, 111.; d., 1885.

734. II. RICHARD 0TIS,8 b. March i, 1841.


443. SETH WELLS,^ (George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,*
Peter,^ Peter,^ John,^) b. in Manchester, Conn. Nov. 26,
1810, m. i^\ in Sept., 1847, Emily Woodbridge, dau. of
Horace Pitkin, of Manchester, b. Feb. i, 1825, d. May 11,
1850. He m. 2"^, in Boston, May 19, 1853, Ednah Dean,
dau. of Sargent Smith and Ednah Parker (Dow) Littlehale,
b. June 22, 1824. He was a person of delicate constitution,
a great admirer of the beautiful. Most of his life was spent
in travel and the study of engraving and oil-painting. He
produced many portraits and paintings which are highly
prized to-day. He worked with his brother John in engraving,
beginning with home-made tools, rising to command the re-
spect of the artistic world. Baker's Boston Edition of
Dickens, and certain reproductions of Washington AUston's
works are among their famous productions. He d. Sept. 10,
1856. His widow, Mrs. Ednah Dean Cheney, is very widely
known and admired as a writer and lecturer.

MARGARET SWAN,^ b. Sept. 8, 1855, d. Sept. 22, 1882.

444. WARD, 7 ( George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^
Peter,^ John,^) b. Feb. 23, 1813, m. Caroline Jackson, b.
March 20, 1816, d. April 4, 1865. He d. March 22, 1876.
He was a man of great executive ability, of splendid physique
and personal magnetism, much beloved by all who came in
contact with him in business or the social circle. He took an
active part in the introduction of the Chinese Mulberry (Morus
Multicaulis) into this country, and the raising of silk worms.
In company with his brothers he built the Mt. Nebo Silk Mill
at South Manchester, Conn, in 1836, from which has grown
the large and successful business now carried on in that


735. I. L0UIS.8
n. ALICE.8

736. ni. ARTHUR,8b. Jan. 14, 1837.


445. RUSH/ (George,« Timothy,^ Benjamin/ Peter,^
Peter,^ John,i) b. at South Manchester, Ct. April 25,
1815, m. Sept. 28, 1847, JuHa Ann, dau. of Horace W.
and Bridget (Grant) Goodwin, from Chattris, England, b.
May 8, 1824; she d. Feb. 6, 1867. He d. June 7, 1882.
He possessed inventive talent and capability in the application
of mechanical principles to manufacturing ; and thus con-
tributed a very important element to the building up of the
Silk manufacture, in which he was engaged most of his life.

I. ANNE WELLS,8 b. Sept. 26, 1849.

737. n. HARRY GRANT,^ b. July 30, 1852.
m. LOUISE/ b. Sept. 8, 1856.

738. IV. ROBERT/ b. March 2, 1859.

446. FRANK,' (George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,^ Peter,^
Peter, 2 John, 1) b. July 5, 1817, m. June 8, 1853, Susan J.,
dau. of Daniel C. and Susan (Jarvis) Gushing, b. at Prov-
idence, R. I. May 9, 1827. A natural mechanic, he joined
with his brother Rush in the invention and construction of
machinery which made the family business successful. He
was a hard worker, one for whom working men who came in
contact with him had great respect. He lives to see the
great expansion of the enterprise, and to enjoy the fruits of a
worthy life.


I. KATHARINE SEDGWICK/ b. Aug. 2, 1854, m. March 24,
1880, Gustavus Farley^ Jr., son of Gustavus and Amelia Fred-
erika (Newman) Farley, of Cambridge, b. at Chelsea July 4,
1844. Child: Frank Cheney Farley, b. at Yokohama, Japan,
Nov. 30, 1880.
n. MARY,8 b. Sept. 28, 1855.
ni. ALICE BARRETT,8b. Feb. i, 1857.

739. IV. FRANK,8 b. Aug. 14, i860.

740. V. PAUL BARNARD,8 b. June 28, 1867.

447. WILLIAM ELY,7 (Calvin,^ Silas,^ Benjamin,*
Peter,3 Peter,^ John,i) b. at South Manchester, Ct. Oct. 7,


1806, m. Clarissa, dau. of Ezekiel and Sally Preston; she d.
Nov. 28, 1857, ae. 48. He resided some time in Ashford,
Conn, and there he d. April 15, 1884, ae. 77.


741. JOHN H.8

452. ELIAS,' (Elias,6 Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,2
John,i) b. in Rowley April 16, bapt. 23, 1769, m. i**, Sarah
dau. of Gershom and Anna (Pearson) Burbank, of Camp-
ton, N. H. b. Nov. 26, 1766; she d. Jan. 8, 1800. He m.
2^, widow Mary Prescott, of Thornton, N. H., b. Jan. 12,
1766; she d. Jan. 20, 1840. A worthy man, a farmer, re-
sided in Thornton, N. H. See a sketch of the family by his
son Moses. He d. Nov. 13, 1805.


I. RUTH,* m. Simeon L. Gordon.

745. II. MOSES,* b. Jan. 31, 1793.

III. SALLY,* m. Thomas Blaisdell.

IV. ELIZA,* m. Nathaniel Chandler.

746. V. PERSON.*

747. VI. OILMAN C*


453- PAUL JACKMAN," (Elias,^ Moses,^ Edmund,*
John, 3 Peter,2 John,^) b. at Thornton, N. H., bapt. Jan. 6,
177 1. Residing in Littleton, N. H., he bought 75 acres,
part of Lot No. 61, in that township, Aug. 6, 1793-

454. SAMUEL," (Elias,6 Moses,° Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^
John,i) b. in Thornton, N. H. March 12, 1778, m. Mary,
dau. of Capt. Treadwell of Ipswich, b. Feb. 28, 1784. He
was a farmer, residing first in Thornton, and, after 1814, in
Derby Line, Vt. He d. Sept. 20, 1829; Mrs. Cheney d.
Aug. Is, i8s7.

^ -^ -" CHILDREN.

750. I. ALFRED,* b. Dec. 29, 1804.

751. II. ELIAS,* b. June 28, 1806, m. and had children at Derby Line,

Vt. ; d. Nov. 14, 1881.
III. SAMUEL,* b. May 14, 1808, d. Aug. 15, 1869. No issue.


752. IV. JOSEPH PIKE,8b. June 12, 1811.

V. MARY,^ b. Aug. 21, 1815, m. Horace Emery ; d. Jan. 28, i860.
VI. SALLY,8 b. April 14, 1818, d. Jan. 20, 1848.
VII. CHARLES,^ b. Dec. 24, 1821, d. unmarried in Dec. 1843.

458. MARK,' (Jonathan,^ Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^
Peter,2 John,i) b. in B3^field Oct. i, 1773, m. i^*, June 10,
1799, Mary, dau. of Joseph and Lois (Tenney) Pike ; he
m. 2**, June 7, 1808, Sarah, dau. of Benj. and Dolly (Tenney)
Pike [See Tenney Genealogy]. He resided in his native


I. SAMUEL PIKE,8b. June 10, 1800, m. June 17, 1829, Sarah,
dau. of Henry Dole.

753. 11. LUTHER,8 b. Jan. 24, 1802.

III. MARY,8 b. Dec. 4, 1804, m. Moses How, who was b. Aug. 26,
1795. Children: (i) Charles Edwin How, (2) Lucy Mary How,
b. Sept. 26, 1834, m. George H. Dole, resides in Haverhill.
Their son Charles Dole m. Sept. 8, 1891, Eliza Noyes, of At-
kinson, N. H. and has George Elmer Dole b. July 24, 1893, and
Howard Noyes Dole, b. July 5, 1896.

754. IV. M00DY,8 b. June 7, 1809.

V. GREENLEAF,® b. Nov. 11, 181 1 ; was educated for the minis-

try, and was pastor of the Congregational church at Brooks,
Me. a short time ; j-eturned to Byfield in poor health, and d. in
1855, disappointing many hopes.

VI. HENRIETTA MARIA,^ b. May 19, \Z\i,xa..Jewett Smith.
VII. JOHN PIKE,8 b. Feb. 22, 181 7, d. Oct. 8, 1819.

460. JONATHAN,' (Jonathan,^ Moses,^ Edmund,*
John,3 Peter,2 John,i) b. in Byfield Aug. 6, 1792, m. i**, May
25, 1813, Mary Andrews, b. in Beverly July 16, 1792 ; she
d. May 15, 1833. He m. 1^ March 17, 1834, Catharine P.
Floyd, of Newbury, b. Aug. 16, 1816.


I. SALINA PLATT,8 b. Nov. 8, 1813; d. Dec. 4, 1816.
II. ALMIRA PLATT,8b. Nov. 14, 1816.
TSS' in. ARIEL PARISH,^ b. Sept. 27, 1818.


IV. SALINA PLATT,8 b. Aug. 22, i82i,m. Geo. P. Spofford.
V. JOHN B0ARDMAN,8* b. June 23, 1823.

756. VI. ALFRED PIKE,8 b. Jan. 31, 1826.

757. VII. GARDNER SPOFFORD,^ b. Feb. 26, 1828.

VIII. ELIZA WILLETT,8 ["Mary Eliza" «] b. Feb. 26, 1831, m.
Moses Spofford.

462. STEPHEN DANFORTH,' (Thomas,^ Peter,5
Edmund/ John,^ Peter, ^ John,^) b. in Bradford, Feb. 25,
1781, m. Orpha Washburn, b. in Westmoreland, N. H. Sept.
5, 1786. He resided at Coit's Gore and Cambridge Vt. and
Londonderry and Deny, N. H. He d. in Goffstown, N. H.
Aug. 17, 1865 ; Mrs. Cheney d. at G. Aug. 17, 1868.

I. TH0MAS,8 b. Jan. 31, 1804.

759. II. LYMAN KING,8 b. Sept. 7, 1806.

III. ORPHA,^ b. Aug. 10, 1808, m. Enoch Ciimmings. Children:

(i) Enoch Cummings, (2) James Cummings, (3) Eliza Cummings,
(4) Hannah Cummings, (5) Fanny Cummings, (6) Charles Cum-
mings, (7) George Cummings.

IV. REBECCA WASHBURN,8 b. Aug. 26, 1810, m. John Mann.

760. V. ZERAH WASHBURN,8 b. Sept. 5, 1812.

VI. HANNAH DANF0RTH,8b. Feb. 20, i8is,m.^^j^ji^c/«/yr^
of Goffstown, N. H.

VII. RACHEL WASHBURN,8 b. May 7, 181 7, m.John Cuminings.
Children: (i) Elizabeth Cummings, (2) Ann Cummings, (3)
Orpha Cummings, (4) Christina Cummings. Res. Manchester,
N. H.

761. vm. STEPHEN,8 b. May 23, 1819.

IX. MARY BELL,8 b. June i, 1821, m. George Barrett of Goffs-
town, N. H. Child, Herbert Barrett.

762. X. SAMUEL ARMSTRONGS b. May 27, 1823.

763. XI. HENRY AUGUSTUS.^ b. Jan. 30, 1826.

764. XII. SALATHIEL WASHBURN,^ b. Aug. 15, 1828.
^eS. XIII. WILLIAM WALLACE,^ b. Oct. i, 1830.

463. WILLIAM,' (Thomas,^ Peter,^ Edmund,^ John,^
Peter,2 John,i) b. 1784, m. Aug. 3, 1811, Sophey Boyes of

* John Boardman Cheney had his name changed to John Osceola Brown ; d. Dec. 13, 18S6.


Londonderry, b. in 1790. She d. Oct. 26, 1846. Sept. 30,
1808, Joseph Danforth and WilHam Cheney bought land in
Londonderry. He resided in Derry, N. H. Was a famous
dealer in horses. The name " Cheney Village " was given
to a group of buildings near Derry depot where he and others
of the name dwelt. He d. Oct. 26, 1850. In his will pro-
bated Nov. 13, 1850, he made bequests to his sons, George
W. and Barrett H. Cheney and his daughters, Adaline, wife
of William Crombie, and Sophia wife of John L. Pollard,
of Nashua, N. H.



n. ADALINE,^ m. William H. Crombie.
IV. WILLIAM OLIVER,^ b. in 1825, d. Nov. i, 1847.

V. S0PHR0NIA,8 m.John L. Pollard oi Nashua, N. H.

464. THOMAS,^ (Thomas,^ Peter,^ Edmund,^ John,^
Peter,^ John,^) b. in Londonderry, N. H. in 1789, m. at L.
Dec. 31, 181 1, Sarah Alexander, b. in 1789. She d. March
24, 1862. He d. June 7, 1864; is buried in the Baptist

I. HANNAH JANE,8b. i8i2,m.i?.G^. fr>^zV/^wtfr^,d.Sept.7, 1846.
n. L0UISA,8 d. Nov. 27, 1851.

465- ' EBENEZER,7 (Samuel,^ Peter,^ Edmund,* John,3
Peter, 2 John,^) b. about 1784, m. in Bradford, N. H., Dec.
24, 1805, Phebe Cressy.

He resided in Bradford, N. H. many years.

465.2 GEORGE W,7 (Samuel,^ Peter,^ Edmund,* John,^
Peter,2 John,i) b. in Henniker, N, H., Aug. 21, 1800; m.
Hannah, dau. of Joseph and Rhoda (Pearsons) Bailey, b.

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