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He enlisted in Co. D, 64th New York V. I. and served in
the War of the Rebellion.


He was wounded at the battle of Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862,
and d. on the first of June following.

849. SAMUEL HARVEY,9 b. May 17, 1856.

590. Dr. CHARLES DEPEW,^ (Darwin,- Enoch,^

Isaac, ° Nathaniel,'* Daniel,^ Daniel, ^ John, ^)b. at Canandaigua,

N. Y. Feb. II, 1855, m. Sept. 23, 1880, Eleanor Rouse, b.

Oct. 27, i860.

As a boy, Charles enjoj'ed good schools, and a home specially help-
ful to education, his mother having been a teacher before her marriage.
Leaving Canandaigua Academy at fifteen, he was placed with the leading
dentist of the town (Dr. A. G. Coleman) "to learn the business." After ad-
mirable training there, he took the course of the Philadelphia Dental Col-
lege, graduating in 1 877. He entered the principal dental office of Hoboken,
N. J., soon purchased the practice, and has gone on with success. Through
all his life he has greatly enjoyed mechanical studies and pursuits, and has
constructed many useful and convenient articles.

I. EDITH.9 b. June ro, iSSi.

II. ROBERT DEPE\V,9 b. May 11, 18S4, d. May 25, 1884.
m. CHARLES ROBERT,^ b. April i, 18S7, d. May 15, 1890.
IV. COLEMAN DEPEW,9 b. Sept. 4, 1S90.
V. HEZEKIAH,9 b. Aug. 3, 1892, d. March 11, 1893.

591. ALFRED CONSTANTINE,8 (Albert Gallatin,^
David, ^ Isaac, -5 Nathaniel,'* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,*) b. in
Groton, N. H. x\pril 15, 183S. He m. Jan. 20, 1864,
Adeline J., dau. of Samuel and Esther K. Hull. Three
sons and a daughter were born to them, all of whom died in
infancy. He d. July 13, 1893. From a New York journal
we clip the following notice.

Obituary. — Alfred C. Cheney, president of the Garfield National
Bank, died on Thursday night at the Crosb^^side Hotel, Lake George.
Mr. Cheney had not been well for the last six months, but his condition
was not considered serious. The exact nature of his sickness could not
be learned last night, but it is supposed that he suffered from kidney
trouble. His body will be brought to this city this afternoon, and the
funeral will be held some time on Mondav.


Mr. Cheney was born in Groton, N. H., fifty-six years ago, and came to
New-York when he was a small boy. He was first employed as an office
boy in a large dry goods establishment, and subsequently he became well
known in the dry goods business. He was better known, however, as a
banker. Besides being president of the Garfield National Bank, he was
the president of the Garfield Safe Deposit Company.

When the Nicaragua Canal Company was organized he was one of its
active promoters, and was elected president of the Nicaragua Canal Con-
struction Company. He was succeeded a few years ago by Warner Miller.

He was a member of Lafayette Post, and served in a New York regi-
ment in the war. He is well known in banking circles, and was noted for
his great business ability. He was a Republican, and was always active in
political campaigns.

The news of his death was sent yesterday morning by his brother, A.
O. Cheney, to ex-Congressman Burleigh, at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The
officials at the bank were much surprised to hear of Mr. Cheney's death.
They had not been informed that he was dangerously ill, and his sudden
death was a great shock to them.


592. WILLIAM HEATH,8 (Albert Gallatin,- David,^
Isaac,^ Nathaniel/ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Groton,
N. H. Jan. 29, 1840, m. Feb. 14, 1866, Cordelia Maria, dau.
of Dea. James Hunckins, of Ashland, N. H.

As a boy of seven he was left fatherless, and at fourteen
began to learn the business of farming, in a neighbor's house-
hold. At eighteen he was workincr in the U. S. warehouse
in Boston, Mass., and on the 25*'' of November, 1858, re-
ceived a spinal injury from which he never recovered fully.
After his marriage he began housekeeping at Laconia, N. H.,
where he was engaged in the livery stable business. In Feb.
1867 he removed to Sanbornton, N. H. where his son was
born. Removed to Poughkeepsie, N. Y. April 19, 1875,
and engaged in the Ice business. April 20, 1889 he re-
moved to Wyoming, and engaged in ranching in the then
new country.

He was elected justice of the peace in 1890, 1891 and 1896.
He became a Free Mason in Mt. Prospect Lodge, Ashland,
N. H. and was duly transferred to Casper Lodge at Freeland,
Wyoming where he now resides. Mrs. Cheney, was chosen
superintendent of schools from 1890 till 1894 for Natrona



CO. Wyoming, established a system of education that has
proved very efficient, and was thus the pioneer in a work of
far reaching value.

850. ALBERT GALLATIN,9 b. March 29, 1867.

593. ALBERT ORION,8 (Albert Gallatin,^ David,6
Isaac, ^ Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel, ^ John,i) b. in Groton,
N. H., Jan. 15, 1842, m. June 3, 1875, Caroline, dau. of
John V. and Jane E. (Bogardus) Adriance.

He worked on a farm until he was fifteen years of age,
then went into a store as a clerk and remained till the War
of Rebellion broke out. He promptly enlisted. May 7, 1861,
as a private in the 5"' N. Y. Vol. Infantry, and served 4
years and 4 months. He was promoted several times, the
last being on the battle-field in Virginia, when General Ord
elevated him from i** lieutenant to captain of the 127'*^ U. S.
colored troops.

Since the war Mr. Cheney has resided in Poughkeepsie,
N. Y. ; is in the Provision Supply business on an extensive
scale. Has served as alderman of the city, — now on his
third term ; is president of the Merchants' Association.

He is third " Captain Cheney" in direct line, his father
and grandfather having held the office in New Hampshire


I. HOWARD HEATH,9 b. Feb. 11, 1878.
II. ELIZABETH ADRIANCE,^ b. Nov. 3, 1880.

III. ALFRED C0NSTANTINE,9 b. June 28, 1883.

IV. CLARENCE ORION,^ b. July 10, 1887.
v. MARCY,9 b. April 4, 1890.

594. LEWIS HOWARD,^ (Albert Gallatin,' David,^
Isaac, ^ Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. at Groton,
N. H., Feb. 25, 1843, m. at Bloomington, 111. May 17, 1868,
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John and Nancy (Purdue) West, b.
at Piqua, O., Sept. 15, 1848, d. at Wagon Wheel Gap, Colo.,


July 13, 1892. She had just encamped, with a party of
friends, for a two weeks outing, when a shot from a target-
rifle accidentally struck and killed her. She was a woman
greatly loved, ready for every good work, and was greatly

Lewis Howard Cheney enlisted at the outbreak of the
Rebellion, in Co. D, 4*'' N. H. Vol. Inf. ; served as corporal
of his company at the siege of Fort Wagner, at Bermuda
Hundred, Cold Harbor, the siege of Petersburg, Fort Fisher,
and many other notable engagements. Was wounded at
Deep Bottom. Narrowly escaped death in the explosion at
Fort Fisher. Was Commissary sergeant when mustered out
at the close of the war. He removed to Illinois ; afterward
took up a Soldier's Homestead with a colony from Bloom-
ington. 111. and vicinity, at Monte Vista, in the San Luis
valley, Colo.


I. ORION HOWARD,^ b. in 1869.

n. ALFRED RANNEY,^ b. Feb. 4, 1884.

John,^ Gertie Lovisa,^ Walter West ^ and one other child d. in

595. JOSHUA HEATH,8 (Albert Gallatin,^ David,^
Isaac, ^ Nathaniel,^ Daniel, '"^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. at Groton,
N. H., March i, 1847, m. at Plainlield, 111. Nov. 5, 1876,
Charity L., dau. of John and Minerva (Smith) Bill.





596. LUTHER CUMMINS,8 (Jonathan H.,' Daniel,^
Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John, ^) b. Aug. 9,
1821, m. Dec. 18, 1844, B. A. Smith, of Belmont, (N. H.
or la.) Res. in Campton, N. H. and rem. to Bonaparte,
Van Buren co. la.




I. CHARLES W.,9 b. Oct. 3, 1845, d. Nov. 23, 1846.
11. GEORGE L.,9 b. April 28, 1848.

851. III. DANIEL W.,9 b. Feb. 11, 1851, m. Oct. 15, 1877, his second
cousin, Elizabeth J., dau. of Nathan Smith ^ and Rebecca L.
(Rice) Cheney.
IV. ALICE E.,9 b. Dec. 12, 1852.
V. EDWIN LUTHER,9 b; Oct. 17, 1854.

597. BRADBURY T.,^ (Jonathan H.," Damel,^ Na-
thaniel,'^ Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel, ^ John, i) b. in Sanborn-
ton, N. H., Feb. 26, 1833, m. March 26, 1856, Edith A.
Peirce. Resided in Overton, Neb. A shoemaker and


I. B. FRANK,9 b. Jan. 30, 1857.
II. ELLA L.,3 b. March 19, 1859.

III. HANNAH MAY,9b. May 17, 1861.

IV. ROSA A.,9 b. July 7, 1865.
V. WILLIAM T.,9 b. 1869.

598. EDMUND M.,8 (Jonathan H.,' Daniel,*^ Nathaniel,^
Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel, ^ John, i) b. in Sanbornton, N, H.
July 8, 1836, m. April 2, 1862, Sarah Carmean. Graduated
at Mt. Pleasant, la. Became teacher of Geology at Gales-
burg, 111. Resided afterward at Van Horn, Mo. A teacher
and farmer.


FLORENCE,^ b. June 26, 1867.

604. JOHN VANCE,8 f Simeon Pease,^ Moses,^ Nathan-
iel, ° Nathaniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Groveland,
N. Y. Dec. 29, 1848 ; m. in 1876 Abbie Cheney, dau. of
Charles Wesley and Elizabeth Ela (Cheney) Perkins, b.
Nov. 18, 185 1.

He was trained in the public schools of Dorset, Vt., at
Burton Seminary, Manchester, Vt., and at Temple Hill
Academy, Genesee, N. Y. where he graduated, valedictorian,
in 1866 ; read law in Woodstock, N. Y. three years ; was


admitted to the bar at Haverhill, Mass. and afterward at
New York city, where he began practice. He contributed
some verses to Scribner's Magazine at the suggestion of Dr.
Holland, then its editor. Seeking improvement in health, he
removed to San Francisco, Cal., where, for seven years, he
was librarian of the Free Public Library. While there
his literary faculties were finding expression, and his fame
as a poet and essayist was widening. In December, 1894,
he was honored with an invitation to take the position left va-
cant by the world-renowned Poole, in the Newberry Library
at Chicago. He accepted the offer and has done faithful ser-
vice. Meantime the press has brought out the following
works ; "The Old Doctor" ; "Thistle Drift" ; "Wood Bloom" ;
"The Golden Guess"; " Vinette" ; " A Redwood Idyll " ;
"Queen Helen and Other Poems"; and "That Dome in
Air". Part of the poems and essays in these volumes first
saw the light in " Scribner's", " The Chautauquan", " The
Overland" and other magazines. No student of the history
of the Cheney family will fail to recall the fact that great
pathos and fine sensibility existed in Mr. Cheney's grand-
father, who also showed the minstrel faculty on many occa-
sions ; that his father sung very sweetly "in numbers" as
well as in tone ; and acquaintances of his mother notice in
him the repetition of her spiritual insight and moral elevation.
Nought of this, however, can diminish the credit due to him
for the thorough scholarship and lofty artistic standards he
has individuall}^ achieved ; making his mark in poetry and
prose which has the spontaneity and liberty of a genius and
the acuteness and discrimination of a faithful critic.

Mrs. Cheney, showing fine musical traits in childhood, had
careful training at home, and then spent six years in Europe,
graduating from the Royal Conservatory of Stuttgart. She
is a very successful teacher of the Piano. She has also ex-
cellent literary attainments.


I. JANET VANCE,9 b. Dec. 30, 1876.
n. EVELYN HOPE,^ b. Sept. 19, 1881.




605. ALBERT BAKER,^ (Simeon Pease," Moses,«
Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,'^ Daniel,^ Daniel, ^ John,i) b. in West
Rupert, Vt., March 30, 1852, m. Elizabeth Harris, dau. of
William Crandall and Frances Elizabeth (Sheldon) Hatch,
of West Rupert. After careful training in music, along
good lines, he became teacher of the Voice and the Piano at
the Irving Institute, San Francisco, CaL, in his 21** year. He
also studied with the celebrated tenor, Owen. He returned
to Vermont and taught at Rutland. Thence he came to the
Emerson College of Oratory, Boston, where he is now a pro-
fessor. Through all these years he has also delighted many
audiences with his very meritorious singing and plaving. He
has recentl}^ issued a little book which commands the respect-
ful attention of all musical people ; in which he sets forth a
lofty theory of singing. The title of the work is "The


I. ELIZABETH,^ b. Jan. 26, 1S91.
II. RUTH,9b. May 13, 1S93.

611. AMOS BURNELL,s (Ephraim,' Ephraim,'^ Eph-
raim,^ Timothy,'^ John,^ Daniel, ^ John,i) b. in Rutland, Vt.
Dec. 14, 1823, m. at Stockbridge, Vt, Oct. 2, 1843, Lucy Lyon
Chamberlain. He lived at Rutland until 1852. He served
in the 87"' N. Y. Vol. Infantry in the War of the Rebellion ;
was badly wounded at Antietam. Died at Manchester, la.
Mrs. Cheney m. 2'^ at Rochester, Vt. Jan. 17, 1866, Stephen


I. WILLIAM EDWIN,9 b. Jan. 24, 1S45; left his home at the
opening of the War of the Rebellion to enlist in the Federal
army, and was seen once, by an acquaintance, wearing uniform
and stating that he had enlisted ; but the name of the regiment
was not learned and no word ever came back concerning him.

852. H. ORLANDO ALPH0NS0,9 b. June 2S, 1846.

853. III. THOMAS JEFFERS0N,9 b. Sept. 27, 1847.

IV. ELVIE LUCY,9 b. Nov. 3, 1849, d. at Fort Scott, Kansas, Nov.
20, 1871.


V. EMMA LAURA,9 b. June 7, 1852, d. May 27, 1896. She was
killed by the awful cyclone of May 20, 1896, at St. Louis, Mo,
in the ofifice of the Sawyer Mfg. Co. which was demolished by
the tempest.

612. AUGUSTUS BYRON,8 (Lucius Augustus,^ Tim-
othy,'^ Timothy,^ Timothy,'* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. at
Syracuse, N. Y. Aug. 7, 1829, m. i^\ Dec. 9, 1858, Sarah
A. Green, who d. at Syracuse ; m. 2'^ widow Anna (Law-
rence) Loucks.

He is a farmer, near Syracuse, N. Y.

I. CARRIE,9 b. i860, d. in July, 1870.

III. NELLIE,9 b. March 12, 1865.

IV. LILLIAN OLIVETTE,«b. Feb. 10, 1867.
V. GE0RGIANA,9 b. Oct. 20, 1869.

6 I 3. LUCIAN HARRISON,^ (Lucius Augustus,' Tim-
othy,*5 Timothy,^ Timothy,'* John,^ Daniel, ^ John,i) b. at
Syracuse, N. Y. Oct. 9, 1831, m. Dec. 23, 1857, Frances
Ceha, dau. of Lyman R. and Hannah (Smith) Averill, of
Geddes, N. Y., b. June 16, 1836, d. March 2, 1888.

He graduated at Albany Normal School July 2, 1852, as
valedictorian of his class ; adopted the profession of teach-
ing. Taught in his native state, also in Illinois, and at
St. Louis, Mo. In 1872 was appointed Vice-principal of
the state Normal School at Warrensburg, Mo., and the next
year organized a Normal School (state) at Cape Girardeau,
Mo. and became its first principal. This position he occu-
pied until his accidental death at Rose Hill, Lee co. Va.
July 14, 1876, while in attendance upon the Harvard Summer
School of Geology.


I. ROBERT CARLYLE,9 b. Dec. 29, 1859, at Syracuse, N. Y.,
d. Aug. 13, i860 at Joliet, 111.
862. II. LYMAN AVERILL,9 M. D. b. at Joliet, 111. Jan. 26, 1861,
grad. at the Medical Department of the University of New York
in 1882. Is a practising physician in the city of New York.



863. III. GEORGE NELS0N,9 b. at Baldwinsville, N. Y., April 26,

1862; grad. at the Universit}' of Missouri. Is a lawyer in
Syracuse, N. Y.

864. IV. JEROME LUCIUS,^ b. at Baldwinsville, N. Y. June 18, 1S63.

V. JAMES HARRISON,^ b. at Baldwinsville, N. Y. Sept. 15, 1865,

grad. at the State Normal School, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

in 18S4. Became a school-teacher. Was superintendent of

schools at Bonne Terre, Mo. at the time of his death, Aug,

31, 1889.

VI. MARY ELLEN,^! fd. Nov. 5, 1874.

} b. Dec. 3, 1S66, ^ , „

VII. MYRA ELMA,9 J ^ [d. Nov. 13, 1874.

VIII. CLARA ADELIA,9b. Nov. 18, 1 871, at Webster Grove, Mo.
d. Nov. 30, 1872, at Warrensburg, Mo.

614. EDWARD ALONZO,8 (Lucius Augustus/ Tim-
othy,^ Timothy,^ Timothy/ John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in
Syracuse, N. Y. Oct. 2, 1840, m. Sept. 26, 1867, Hattie
Reisinger, b. Aug. 13, 1841. He is a carriage-trimmer,
residing at Syracuse, N. Y.


MABELLE RHESA,^ b. Jan. 4, 1870.

615. CLARENCE CHAPMAN,^ (Horatio Nelson,'
Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Timothy,* John, ^ Daniel,^ John, ^) b. at
Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 19, 1834, ^^'^- ^^■^ Chicago, IlL June
16, 1874, Emma Clark, dau. of Philo Curtis and Robah C.
(Willard) Weaver, born in the state of New York Jan. 15,
1843. He passed his boyhood in Albany, N. Y., and
remained with the Exchange Bank a dozen years — with pro-
motions. In 1864, in conjunction with Mr. Charles Knick-
erbocker of Albany, he started the Western Bank Note
Company of Chicago, 111. and is today its president.

I. KATE NELS0N,9 b. at Chicago, 111., Oct. 7, 1875.
II. NELSON WEAVER,^ b. at Chicago, 111., Nov. 23, 1878.
m. ISAAC GERALD,9 b. at Chicago, 111., July i, 1881.

6 I 7, GEORGE HIRAM,8 (Hiram Littlelield," Eliakim,^
Timothy,^ Timothy,* John,3 Daniel,^ John, ^) b. at Rutland,


Vt. March 21, 1832, m. Aug. 23, 1858, Ellen Reynolds, b.
at Jamestown, N. Y. Sept. 15, 1839. -^^ ^ merchant.

I. WILLIAM HENR\7b. Oct. 18, i860.
865. n. FREDERICK EDWARD," b. April 19, 1862.

6 I 8. HENRY WARNER,^ (Hiram Littletield,' Eliakim,^
Timothy,^ Timothy,^ John,^ Damel,^ John,i) b. at Rutland,
Vt. June 19, 1840, m. Nov., 1865, Jane Eliza, dau. of Chris-
topher M. and Narcissa B. (Clark) Dave}^ of Fair Haven,
Vt., b. at Rutland May 13, 1845. He is a merchant in

I. FRANCES CAROLINE,9b. Nov. 18, 1866.
II. LOMA CLARK,9 b. June 22, 1868.
HI. MARY CURTIS," b. Feb. 14, 1870.
IV. LUCY DARY," b. May 7, 1872.
V. JENNY," d. in infancy.
VI. GRACE MINOT," b. Aug. 11, 1877.
VII. MARION AGNES," b. July i, 1879.
VIII. ALBERT EDWARD," b. July, 1882.

619. ALBERT LOREN,8 (Loren Barney,' Hiram,^
Timothy, 5 Timothy,* John,^ Daniel, ^ John,i) ^_ i^ Greenwich,
R. I. in 185 1, m. Sept. 3, 1879 Fannie E. Williams of Pitts-

He went with his parents to Glens Falls, N. Y. when 8
years of age ; at 23 was foreman of the " Republican "office ;
has published, successively, the Bridgeport (Conn.) Weekly
Eagle, the Long Island News Letter, Bab3don (L. L)
Budget, Sayville (L. I.) News, and is now editor and pub-
lisher of the Brookl3'n Record.


620. ALBERT NELSON,^ (Albert Nelson,' Hiram,^
Timothy, 5 Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. at Glens


Falls, N. Y. May 3, 1847, m. Oct. 10, 1872, Mary Louise,
dau. of Enoch Huntington and Elizabeth Josephine (Beach)
Rosekrans, b. June 4, 1847. Her father was of the Connecti-
cut family of Huntingtons, and her mother a granddaughter
of John and Elizabeth (Belknap) Warren descended from
William^ Cheney of Roxbury through the Belknaps.

Albert Nelson Cheney, Jr., studied at the Glens Falls
Academy, at Great Barrington and Pittsfield, Mass., and
graduated with honors from the Alexander Military Institute
in 1865. In 1868 was fuel agent of the Bridger division of
the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1870 began the study of the
propagation of fish by artificial methods at Richland, N. Y. ;
and, combining this knowledge with his practical observa-
tions in the Adirondacks and elsewhere, began to write on
the subject and on kindred themes for various periodicals.
The U. S. government placed him on important commissions,
and his native state recognized his worth.

Mr. Cheney has made a very great success as a Fish
Culturist. The state of New York has magnificent lakes,
ponds, streams and forests, with a very wide variety of
creatures fit for food. To ascertain the habits and needs
of these various "fish, flesh and fowl," and become famiHar
with the best methods of protecting and propagating them up
to the point where they are ready for the hungry citizen or
the sportive hunter and fisherman is a high art. Mr. Cheney
has been entrusted with the superintendence of this extensive
business for long years, and has wrought wonders. His
fame is not confined to the Empire State ; but readers of
"Forest and Stream" and kindred publications know his
facile descriptions and valuable essays ; they know him in
England and Scotland as well as in these States and in
Canada ; he has set the pace for fish propagating, and taken
high rank as administrator of a business which the public
appreciate more each year. His office is at Alban}^, his
home at Glens Falls.

BEATRICE R0SEKRANS,9 b. Sept. 29, 1874.


621. WILLIAM HAIGHT,8 (Albert Nelson," Hiram,«
Timothy,^ Timothy,'* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. at Glens
Falls, N. Y. Oct. 21, 1850, m. July 2, 1879, Clara Adelia,
dau. of George W. and Adelia (Washburn) Perry, b. at
Sing Sing, N. Y. Feb. 26, 1855. He was educated at Glens
Falls and White Plains, N. Y. ; graduated from Dartmouth
College in 1873 ; looked toward the profession of civil engi-
neering, but after a year entered the service of the Glens
Falls, and continued with them about six years. The Home
Insurance Co. of N. Y. then engaged him, and for sixteen
years he has been with them at the metropolis.

Is also of a literary turn, and clever at the poetic art.

I. GEORGE HAROLD PERRY.a b. April 7, 1880.
u. EDITH ADELIA,9 b. Dec. 24, 1881.

623. FREDERIC AUGUSTUS, 8 (Albert Nelson,'
Hiram,6 Timothy,^ Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. at
Glens Falls, N. Y. Feb. 11, 1859, m. at Troy, N. Y. Nov.
30, 1887, Bess Stevens, dau. of George Dana and Sabra
Ann (Stevens) Wotkyns, b. in Troy, N. Y. April 16, 1862 ;
she is a great-grand-daughter of Alexander Watkins of Pom-
fret, Conn., a soldier of the Revolution in Col. Huntington's
regiment, and his wife, Hannah, dau. of Edward and Anna
(Sumner) Ruggles, through their son George Watkins of
Walpole, N. H. She is also a direct descendant of Mary
Eliot, a sister of the " Apostle, John Eliot." Her father was
a prominent banker of Troy, N. Y.

Mr. Cheney is an electrical and mechanical engineer, one
who entered that field when the electrical industry was in its
infancy. He has designed and superintended the erection of
a number of lighting and power stations, and has been an
officer and manager of large corporate interests. Has given
much attention to the electrical transmission of power for
mining, railway and manufacturing purposes. He is at
present general manager of the Elmira Municipal Improve-
ment Co. of Elmira, N. Y.


ELIZABETH WOTKYNS,^ b. Sept. 11, 1892.

625. PRENTISS DANA,8 (Murray," Prentiss Dana,^
Timothy,^ Timothy,* John,^ Daniel, ^ John,^) b. at Stockton,
N. Y. Aug. 2, 1836, m. i^*, at Jerseyville, IlL where he still
resides, July 6, 1859, Catharine M. D'Arcy ; she d. April 23,
1877. He m. 2'\ March 16, 1887, Annette Higbee. He is
a dealer in real estate.

ALEXANDER M.,^ b. Sept. 18, 1868.

626. GILEx\D PICKETT,^ (Murray,' Prentiss Dana,^
Timothy,'^ Timoth}^,* John,^ Daniel, 2 John, 1) b. at Jerseyville,
111. March 24, 1838, m. May i*S 1861, Emily Caroline, dau.
of Hon. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Crull) Plowman in Sanga-
mon CO. 111.

Resides at Lyons, Boulder co. Colo. Has stone quarries
which he operates.

Born in Sangamon co. 111.

I. CHARLES MURRAY,^ b. Oct. 3, 1862.
II. HENRY EDWARD,9 b. Feb. 6, 1864.

III. MARY CAROLINE,^ b. Dec. 4, 1865, m. Dec. 4, 18S6, in Den-

ver, Col. Edgar JVorman Green, b. in Morgan co. 111., Dec. 23,
1858. Child: Norma Caroline, b. July 4, 1890.

IV. JONATHAN PLOWMAN,^ b. Dec. 10, 1873.

627. BYRON MURRAY,8 (Murray,^ Prentiss Dana,^
Timoth}',^ Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. at Jerseyville,
111. Sept. 2, 1840.

He is a lawyer. Resides at East Chicago, Ind.

628. CHARLES H.,s (Murray,- Prentiss Dana,^ Timo-
thy,^ Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,'^ John,^) b. at Jerseyville, 111.
Jan. 29, 1845, m. Nellie Wilcox. He resided at Virden,
111. ; d. Oct. 18, 1895.




629. JOHN GEORGE,8 (Murray,^ Prentiss Dana,^ Tim-
othy,^ Timothy,^ Johii,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. at Jerseyville, 111.
April 6, 1852. Resides at Lyons, Colo.

630. WILLIAM,^ (Murray," Prentiss Dana,^ Timothy,^
Timothy,'* John,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. at Jerseyville, 111. April
I, 1856.

He is a farmer. Resides at Lowder, Sangamon co. 111.

635. SEYMOUR HOWARD,^ (George Allen,' Sam-
uel,^ Edward,^ Timothy,"* John,^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. at Fort
Covington, N. Y. June 27, 1832, m. Sept., 1865, Mary Ade-
laide Grinnell, b. at Vandalia, Mich, in 1845. He has re-
sided in Fond du Lac, Wis. many years, where he is a

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