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pay to her eight pounds a yeare, yearly, in maner as aforesaid but if my
wife shall marrie againe, then my will is that my too sons afore sd shall
pay unto their sd mother, forty shillings a yeare in mony yearly during her
lif, also I do give to my wife on horse and one Cow for her oune : (Item) I
do give to my son Thomas Chany to what he hath formerly had, one five
acre lott lieing in Roxbury comonly Called Boalyis lott, he setting of with
my executors four pounds in mony which I borrowed of him, and likwise
paying to them forty shillings in mony, that if he shall be [ ]

to discount sd four pounds in mony and to pay to my executors s*^ forty
shillings on that account, then I do give to my s^ son Thomas only forti
shillings to be paid to him in or as mony and the aforesaid five acre lott I
do leave in the hands of my executors to dispose of to pay debts as they
shall have occasion, (item) I do give to my son William Chany forty shil-


lings to be paid to him in or as mony: (Item) I do give to my son Joseph
four and twenty acres of upland and six acres of meddovv at my swampe
off the west ende of it, s'i tract of upland to be taken off the west side of
my land liing their, and six acres of the hither or south ende of my marsh
— and farther my will is that when my son Benjamin shall be to and twenty
years of adge, then my son Joseph shall have and injoy all my upland at
weady hill, accept twelve acres on the east side liing by the land of Icobad
Brown and also so much more of my swamp meddow as shall amount to one
half of it including the six acres formerly given him being the west side of
it that is to say one half of my swamp and meddow bouth cleared and un-
cleared also too acres more of my marsh joyning to the aforesaid [ . . . ]
six acres [ . . . ] also the west half of the orchyarde by the dwelling house
for the tearme of six years, also I do give to my son Joseph a libertie to
make his sider at the sider mill frely for the tearme of six years.

(Item) I do give unto my son Benjamin when he shall be full too and
twenty years of adge my dwelling house and barne and sider mill, orchyard
and all my land adjoyning theirunto, also twelve acres of upland at weady
hill joyning to the land of Ichabod Brown, and the west half of my swamp
meddow cleared and uncleared, and half of my marsh not before disposed
of, also my will is that my son Benjamin shall have good libertie to pass
over the marsh of my son Joseph at all times as he have occasion without
denial or molestation, and I do give to my son Benjamin all my unsalls for
husbandry (item) I do give to my son Nicolas flishington one small parcell
of land which his new house stands upon as it is bounded out and also
eight pounds more to be paid to him in or as mony (item) i do give to my
son James turner ten pound which shall be accounted part of the fifty
pound which I promised him when he married my daughter (item) i do
give to my son John Holbrook a lott within the bounds of Cambridge to
[. . .] more or less called ffrancisis lott and more ten pounds to be paid to
him in or as mony (item) i do give to my daughter jane Chany forty
pound to be paid to her in or as mony (item,) I do give to my daughter
hanah Chany forty pounds to be paid to her in or as mony (item) i do
give to my grandchild Hezaciah Turner if he live with my wife or my son
Benjamin untill he be one and twenty yeare of adge) forty pounds in or as
mony to be paid to him within too years after he cometh to be one and
twenty years of adge, accept my executors shall see good to put him to a
trade if so then my will is that he shall have but twenty pound paid to him
in time and maner as afore s^ : also my will is that my son Joseph shall pay
thurty pounds of the lagacies given in this my will, and that my son Benja-
min shall pay the remainder of the said lagacies, also my will is that my
sons shall have six years after my decease to pay the lagacies given in this
my will, moreover my will is that my wife shall have libertie to take what
room in the house she shall neade for her oun use, also what room in the
sailer she shall have occasion for to improve for her oun use without


molestation during her life in a st of widdowhood, also I do give to my
wife al my houshold stuff, for her use and to give and dispose of as she
pleaseth, also my will is that my son Benjamin shall keep for my wife one
horse and one cow for her use during her widdowhood, the rest of my
House not before disposed of I do leave in the hand of my executors to
pay debts or help pay lagacies as they shall se occasion and I do hearby
ordaine and appoynt my beloved wife jane Chany to be my executor and
my son Nicolas ffishington to be my executor with her to execute this my
will, in acknowledgment of this to be my last will and testament I do here-
unto sett my hande and scale this twenty third day of October in the yeare
of our lord one thousand six hundred and ninety three and in the fourth year
of the reygne of king William and queen Mary

Thomas Cheney (seal)
Signed and Sealed before

these witnessis

Thomas Oliver
Nathaniell Robins
Thomas Bellknap

Charlestowne Novemb'^ 6''^ 1693.

By y^ Honourable James Russell Esq. M"^ Thomas Oliver, Nathan^
Robbins & Thomas Belknap the wittnesses subscribed personally appear-
ing made oath that they were present and saw y^ subscriber Thomas China
sign & seal and heard him publish and declare y^ within to be his last will
^■nd Testament & that then when he so did he was of good understanding
& of a disposing minde.

Jurat Coram

Sam^ Phipps Reg^ Jas. Russell.

March 4, 1794/5, the widow and Mr. Fessenden presented
the inventory of the estate, taken by Thomas Oliver, Lt.
James Trowbridge and Joseph Griggs.

An inventory of the estate of Thomas Chany laity of Cambridg Dis-
ceaced as apprised by us whose names ar under written.

(imprimis) wearing apparrell 005 00 00

one bed with the furniture belonging to it 008 00 00

one trundle bedd with too blankets and one sheat to it . . .
nine lether Chears ii- : 7^- : three wainscott chears 6"^ : . . .
too tables i^: one looking glass 3^ : one table Carpitt 2*:6f^:
one window Curtaine : 2®: too pare of sheets i^: in books i^:
more one f ether bedd and boulster one[riedge]and on sheet
and bedstead :4i: one Chest 5^ : wooUin yarne i^: sheps
wool i^: 10 s; 006 15 00














more one bedstedd bedd and boulster 1^:58; three Chests i^ : 002 05 00
to flax and hempe, toe, and toe yarne i^ : 10*: to ould iron 8^ :

ould sithes sikles 8® : 002 06 00

Indian Corn 1 4I : rie 4^ : 10® 018 10 00

more one bedsted and Coard 5^ : one table frame 4* : spinning

wheele 3^: 000 12 00

to brass 5I : to peuter 3^ : one iron pott and tramill 6* : fire
pan and tongs 3^ : one pare of Cobirons 3^ : one spitt
f ander and dripping pan 6® : too ould iron potts 2^ : one

settle 58 one table and eight Chairs i o* : 6"^ : 009 1 5 06

one kneeding trough 3* : one Churne 3*. Chees Moats and
bouls 2*: too pales 2^: five bushills of aples 2^: four

sider barrills 48 ; ould tubs and lumber 10* : 001 06 00

too iron barrs i o^ : six augers 6® : three hoes one spade 2^ : 6*^ :
one beetle and wedges 3^ ; too axes one fro one ads 4* :
more in Carpindry tools 4* : too ditching spades and stone

hamer 48 001 13 00

more fifteen bushills of barly and too bushills of rie . . . . 002 09 00
four oxen 12I: seven Cows 14^: too haffers 3^: too Calves i^:
10*: eight sheep 2^ : too horses 7^ : eight swine, seven

shotes 9I : 048 i o 00

one Carte and wheels with other utensills for husbendrie . . 006 00 00
one gunn, one sword i^: one sute of armor, one pipe 10* . . 001 08 00
one dwelling house, and barn, and sider mill and seventy acres

of land and orchyards theiron 290 00 00

Sixteen acres of marsh i^: per acre 412 00 00

Sixty acres of upland at weady hill 1 20 00 00

twelve acres of fresh meddow 8^ : pr acre 096 00 00

one six acre lott at roxbury 020 00 00

one lott Called francisis lott to acres and half 005 00 00

one ten acre lott toward the foils 005 00 00

1064 00 00

Lt. James Trowbridge ) ^^^^^^ qU^^^

Joseph Griggs )

The date of his death is not recorded.

The widow lived in Cambridge among her children and
grandchildren, amply provided for ; a part of the time her
home was with her grandson, Hezekiah Turner. A busi-
ness statement signed by her July 13, 1724, is her latest
memorial; and a reference to July 29, 1724, in the probate
papers of her son Benjamin seems to imply that that was the


date of her death. She must have been very aged, for it
had been sixty-nine years since her marriage ! Her age
would render it conceivable that she might have been either
a sister of Theodore Atkinson of Boston, or a daughter of
Thomas Atkinson of Concord. But no evidence has 3^et been
discovered to settle the question of her family connections.


I. MARGARET,^ b. Nov. 26, 1656, m. in Cambridge, in 1673,
Nicholas Fessende7t, one of the most efficient and prosperous men
of the young town. Born in England, he came hither to help his
childless uncle, John Fessenden, who made him his heir.
Nicholas Fessenden was a man of large sagacity, often in town
ofifice, greatly respected; he d. Feb. 24, 1 718-9; his wife d.
Dec. 10, 1717 ; both lie buried near the old church in Cambridge.
Children: (i) Jane Fessenden, b. Oct. 25, 1674, d. July 24, 1676;
(2) Hannah Fessenden, b. Aug. 27, 1676, d. Sept. 1676 ; (3) John
Fessenden, b. Oct. 4, 1677; (4) Nicholas Fessenden, b. Jan. 12,
1680, grad. Harv. Coll. 1701, register of Probate, Master Gram.
Sch. Cambridge; d. Oct. 5, 1719; (S) Thomas Fessenden, b. and
d. 1682; (6) Thomas Fessenden, b. Aug. 12, 1684, res. Lexington*;
(7) Margaret Fessenden, b. Jan. 22, 1686; (8) Jane Fessenden, b.
April 22, 1688, m. Jan. 10, 171 1, Samuel Winship ; (9) Mary
Fessenden, b. Oct. 28, 1689, m. June 15, 1 71 2, Joshua Parker ;
(lo)Ebenezer Fessenden; (i I) William Fessenden; (12) Joseph Fes-
senden, bapt. Jan. 17, 1696; (13) Anna Fessenden, bapt. Jan. 9,
1697 ; (14) Benjamin Fessenden, bapt. June 15, 1701, grad. Harv.
Coll. 1 71 8, ordained at Sandwich Sept. 12, 1722, d. Aug. 7, 1746,
an eminent minister.

5. n. TH0MAS,3 b. Dec. 25, 1658.
ni. MEHITABEL,3 b. Feb. 20, 1660.

IV. JOHN, 3 b. in 1662, d. in Cambridge Aug. 6, 1689, " aged 26".
This young man seems to have begun life hopefully, and formed
pleasant friendships. But a sad end came. One evening he was
riding out with several young friends, one of whom was John
Hancock (who soon after became minister at Lexington), when

* The sixth child of Nicholas and Margaret (Cheney) Fessenden, Thomas, had, by wife Mary
Locke, a dau. Elizabeth who mar. John Pierce, Jr. of Dorchester. Among the descendents of this
Pierce-Fessenden line are the late Rev. John Pierce, D. D., of Brookline; Mr. William Blake
Trask, of Dorchester, the distinguished genealogist ; Mrs. Benjamin Pierce Cheney, of Boston ;
Col. Albert A. Pope, "the founder of the American Bicycle Industry " ; Alexander Pope, the ani-
mal painter; and the compiler of this book.


they met an African servant of Mr. Andrew Gardner's, who bore
the pleasant name of Robin. For some reason young Cheney
left the party and followed Robin, and was soon heard taking
part in a wordy wrangle. Hancock went to calm the tumult;
Cheney was berating Robin, while the latter was protesting against
unfair threatenings. But the quarrel went on till Cheney struck
the negro ; and, in self-defence, Robin snatched up a stake from
the ground and felled his antagonist with a blow : then stood,
astounded and grieved at the result. Three days later Cheney
died. Of course a trial had to take place, in which young Han-
cock gave straightforward testimony ; the jury pronounced it man-
slaughter, not willful murder, and Robin was discharged.

6. V. WILLIAM,^ b. June 30, 1663.

VI. MARY,3 b. April 17, 1665, m. Sept. 24, 1684, John Holbrook, of
Roxbury, b. in 1664, d. Sept. 26, 1735 ; she d. April 24, 1751.

VII. JANE,3 b. June 5, bapt. June 13, 1667, m. March 6, 1693, Thomas
Belknap, of Woburn.

7. VIII. JOSEPH,^ b. Feb. 16, bapt. Feb. 19, 1670.

IX. HANNAH,^ b. July 6, bapt. July 13, 1673.

8. X. BENJAMIN,^ b. Jan. 29, bapt. Jan. 30, 1675.

XI. EBENEZER,3 b. Nov. 2, bapt. Nov. 3, 1678, d. Nov. 17, 1689.

3. WILLIAM,2 (Williami), b. , made his home in

Medfield on lands which his father had acquired in the
early laying out of the town when it was a part of Dedham.
He afterward resided in Dorchester. He d. in Sept. 1681,
bequeathing his property to his widow and her sons. Only
two of his children lived to maturity and had families.


9. I. WILLIAM,3 b. Aug. 3, 1666.
10. n. BENJAMIN,^ b. May i, 1677.

4. JOSEPH,2 (William 1,) b. in Roxbury, June 6, 1647, m..
1st, March 12, 1668, Hannah, dau. of John and Margaret
Thurston. She d. Dec. 29, 1690. He m. 2d, July 21, 1691,
Mehitabel, dau. of John and Jane (Damon) Plimpton, who
had been the wife of Ephraim Hinsdale, and had daughters,
Experience and Mehitabel Hinsdale ; after Mr. Chene3^'s death
she married a 3d husband, Dea. Jonathan Adams, Dec. 12,


Joseph Cheney removed to iNIedtield soon after his father's
death, and spent his hfe there, identifying himself with its
history. He appears to have been a very upright and ex-
cellent man. He and his second wife were " received to full
communion" in the church Sept. 26, 1697. He d. Sept. 16,


In the Xame of God Amen on the Fifteenth day of September 1704.
I Joseph Cheany of Medfield in X: Engl'^ Husbandman, being very Sick
and weak of Body, but of perfect mind and memor}-, and calling to mind
that it is appointed for aU men once to dye. Do make and constitute this
my last Will and Testament. And first of all and principally I do reccom-
mend my Soul into the hands of Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and my body
to the Earth, to be buried in decent manner, at the discretion of my
Exectrs And as for Such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God
to bless me in this life, I do will, bequeath, demise and dispose of, in Such
manner as followeth. Item I do will and bequeath unto my well beloved
Daughter Margaret BuUard Such things as she hath already received, "\''izt :
Two Cows, a Bed and Beding, household Stuff and wearing Apparel, all
Amounting to the value of Twenty three pounds, four shill! which the sd.
Margaret BuUard shall have forever, for her whole share in my Estate.
Item I do will & order That all mj' just Debts and funeral charges be paid
out of my Estate, and to that end I do will and impower mj- Execut"^ to
make Sale of Four Acres of Meadow in Dedham bounds, lying on Stop
River, and to give a firme Title of the Same forever, for to pay Debts.
I do also will That one Cow be pd. to Mehittabel Hinsdell. Item I do
will & bequeath unto Mehittabel Cheany, my Dear and loveing Wife, One
Third part of aU my houses and Lands, during the Terme of her life,
and One Third part of all my personal Estate, to be at her dispose for-
ever. And as for my other Estate, both real and personal Estate, I do will
and bequeath the same unto the rest of all my Well beloved Sons and
Daughters, to be equally divided to them and to their lawful Representatives,
if any of them shaU be dead, excepting my Daughter the said Margaret
BuUard. who hath already received her portion, provided also that my eldest
Son Josiah Cheany shall have two shares or a double portion and also
my daughter Mehittabel Morse haveing already received fourteen pounds,
shaU receive fourteen pounds less then her Single Share. And as for my
Wifes Dower or Thirds in the houses and Lands, at the Expiration of her
Term it shaU be alike divided as afores'^ The said division of my
whole Estate shall not be made until my son Ephraim Cheany shall come
to the Age of Twenty one years, but my whole Estate both personal and
real Estate shaU be in the Improvem^. of my Exect^ herein named, for


the bringing up and education of such of my children as are under age,
until such time as the sd. Ephraim Cheany shall be at the said age ; And
also what building and enlargem*: in building upon the Land that belongs
to my Estate before the time of the sd. division, as my said Son Josiah
Cheany shall make, he shall have them for his own. And I do make and
appoint my loveing and dear Wife the s*^ Mehittabel Cheany, and my Son
the said Josiah Cheany, to be Executors of this my last Will and Testa-
ment. And I do revoke and disallow all other, and former Wills and
Testaments, Eexec? Legacies and bequests made by me, Ratifying this
and no other to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I the said Joseph Cheany have hereunto set my

hand & seal the day and year above written.

Joseph Cheany [seal]
Eleazer Wheelock

John Thurston

'— Henrv Adams.

Jan. 2, 1704-5 the executors presented the following

"INVENTORY of the Estate of Joseph Chany late of Medfield "
deced, as it was made Decem^^the 14**^: 1704. by y® Subscribers hereunto.

Imp''*: his Wearing Clothes, Books, Arms & Ammunition . £• A-'- — : —

Beds, Bedsteads, Beding, Table Linnen & Linnen Yam . . 13 „ 13

Pewter ware, brass ware & Iron Ware in the House . . . 3 » 14
Tables, Chests, Chairs, Spinning Wheels, Killers & other

Wooden ware and Earthen ware 2 „ 14

Cart Irons, plow Irons, horse Tackling, Chain and other

Iron Tools for husbandry 3 „ —

Come Sack, flax, hemp and wool & other Lumber . . . i „ 13

Grain of all Sorts 5 „ —

5 Cows, nine young Cattle, a mare. Sheep & Swine ... 32 „ —

The buildings & home Lott 88 „ —

5 Acres of Meadow in Center meadow 25 „ —

15 Acres of Course meadow by the Mill brooke & Seven

Acres of Land Adjoining 18 „ 10

3 Acres of Course Meadow more by the Mill brook ... 3 „ —

13 Acres of Land in Black Swamp Dividend i „ 6

3 Acres of Meadow in Dedham bounds, near Cranbry Mead. 7 „ —

4 Acres of Meadow bott™. in Dedham bounds by Stop River 10 „ —
268 Acres & 3 Roods, & 8 Rod of Woodland in Dedh™ :

bounds 20 „ —

Known Debts due from y® Estate ^16 „ — „ — . . . . ^239 „ 1 1 „ 6
Henry Adams, Eleazer Wheelock, Sam" : Barbur.

Hannah, "spinster," sold " 14 acres, 17 rods," of her portion of the land to
Jonathan Plimpton, March 6, 1719.




1. HANNAH,3 b. Jan. 11, 1668-9, d. early.

II. MARGARET,^ b. Oct. 27, 1670, m. June 25, 1691, Joseph

III. PRUDENCE,^ b. Sept. 7, 1672; d. Jan. 17, 1685.

IV. JOSEPH,^ b. Aug. 29, 1674; d. young.

V. SUSANNAH,^ b. Feb. 22, 1676; d. Jan. i, 1690.

VI. MEHITABEL,^ b. July 10, 16S0; m. Nov. 19, ijoo, Jeremiah

VII. MARY,^ b. June 23, 1683 ; m. her cousin Benjamitfi Cheney., of

11. VIII. J0SIAH,3 b. July 27, 1685.

IX. PRUDENCE,^ b. Sept. 14, 1687; m. Dec. 30, 1708, Gershom

X. MELITIAH,3 b. Oct. 14, 1690, m. March 31, 1718, Henry
Amidon of Oxford. Children: (i) Jacob Amidon, (2) Mehitable
Amidon, (3) Meltiah Amidon, (4) Henry Amidon. The latter
lived at Willington, Conn, and was captain of a company in
the Revolution. [Com. by Mr. F. C. Best of Chicago, 111.]

XI. HANNAH,^ b. Aug. 25, 1692; d. May 16, 1694.
XII. JOSEPH,^ b. Aug. 31, 1694; d. unmarried, Jan. 6, 1717-18.

12, XIII. EPHRAIM,8 b. Oct, 19, 1696, bapt. Aug. 3, 1697,
XIV. HANNAH,^ b. July 2, 1699.


Third Generation.

5. THOMAS,3 (Thomas,2 Williami), b. Dec. 25, i6^8;
m. in Roxbury, Sept. 24, 1684, Hannah Woodie, b. in IJ58,
d. June 5, 1720. He was a merchant, residing in Roxbury.
He " ow^ned the covenant" in the Roxbury church April 13,
1684; his wife was received to " full communion " in Feb-
ruary, 1687.

He d. March 7, 1717. His will, dated Jan. i, 1716-17,
was proved March i8"\ following, and his widow, Hannah,


and his sons, Ebenezer and Henry, were admitted as execu-
tors. In it he provided that his wife should have all the
comforts of the home for her life-time ; thirty pounds apiece
he left to his two sons, Thomas and John ; the latter was to
receive the bulk of his " upon his freedome from his Appren-
ticeship " ; to his daughters, Margaret Tucker and Hannah
Butler, he left ten pounds each, and to his unmarried daughter,
Millicent, fifty pounds. His sons, Henry and Ebenezer, were
to take his lands, and "all his rights at Woodstock," and
pay the legacies named. In a codicil he adds " an acre of
land at Gardners Corner" and "rights at Woodstock" to
John's share ; and adds two cows to the portion of his daugh-
ter Millicent.

Woodstock was then included in Suffolk county of the
province of Massachusetts Bay ; afterward the tract was
divided and helped to form a group of towns ; while the
name clung to the portion which fell within the borders of


I. MARGARET/ b. April 8, bapt. April ii, 1686, m. Jan. 10, 1711,
Ebenezer Tucker, of Roxbury.

n. THOMAS,"!

^ b. Sept. 16, bapt. Sept. 18, d. Sept. 20 and 27, 1687.


IV. HANNAH,*b. March 14, 1688-9, m. Simeon Butler, Sept. II, 1712.

13. v. HENRY,* b. about 1690.

14. VI. THOMAS," b. about 1692.

VII. MELLICENT," b. June 15, 1693.

15. VIII. EBENEZER," b. Dec. 5, 1699.

IX. SAMUEL," b. March, 1701, d. Nov. 29, 1704.

16. X. JOHN," b. about 1703.

6. WILLIAM,^ (Thomas,2 William,^) b. June 30, 1663, m.
in Roxbury, May 24, 1686, Rebecca Newell, who survived
him and m. 2"^, June 18, 1706, Josiah Sabin.

William Cheney " owned the covenant " in the Roxbury
church April 13, 1684. His life was not marked by special
events. He d. March 25, 1695, and his child Abiel was
born a few weeks later. The widow administered on the


estate which was appraised at £292. William Marean was
appointed guardian of his son William, and John Holbrook of
Abiel. Thomas had the lands on condition he would pay
suitable cash equivalent to his brothers and sister. By his
death and that of Rebecca within a few years, the whole
property came to the two younger sons.


1. THOMAS,* b, Jan. 29, bapt. Feb. 5, 1687, d. unmarried, April
20, 1 714. He served in the Expedition against the French; and
we have an interesting page of his history in Massachusetts

" We the subscribers of full age Testifie and say That on the Third Day
of October Last We were Ordered on board the Sloop Speedwell for a
Cruise under Command of Eleazer Moses Lieut . of the Province Gaily and
Going out of the Mouth of Port Royall Harbour We saw a Small Vessell
after which We Gave Chase upon w*''^ sd Vessell was immediately Run a
Shore and Set on fire and Left by the men y* were on Board And when we
came up with her found her to be a French Ketch from Penopscott One —
Casteen Comd"^ or Owner Loaden with Beaver And after some time the
ffire being put out the sd Ketch was Brought off and Hailed a Long side
the sd Sloop Speedwell and there on Loaded of her Cargoe w"'' Contained
between Forty & ffifty Bundles of Beaver Severall Bundles of Seale Skins
and Many other Loose Skins Some Bundles of Otter three Small Ffrench
Guns & Four Baggs of Ffeathers.

Boston New England. Tho. Cheney

Novm^r I St. 1 710.

Rich<i R Bethune


John Gilbert is uncertaine ^ David Balch

to the quantety, Bever, feathers &c: David Bedle

Ebenezer Henderson uncertaine of William Trow

the quantety or number of the Nehemiah [Backer]

Baggs of feathers. Joseph J William


Sworne the day, & year, above John + Gilberts

before mee, mark

Jer: Dummer, J. Peace. Ebenezer henderson

Joshua [Elward]


n, REBECCA,* b. Aug. 3, 1690, d. June 17, 1706.

17. ni. WILLIAM,* b. Dec. i, 1692.

18. IV. ABIEL,* b. May 21, 1695.


7. JOSEPH,^ (Thomas,2 William,^) b. Feb. i6, 1670, m.
Rebecca, dau. of Nathaniel and Mary (Braside) Robbins,
b. Jan. 6, 167 1-2. He resided on the south side of the
Charles river in Cambridge.

Feb. 28, 1697, Joseph Cheney gave to "Jane Cheney my
Loveing mother the widow & Relict of my ffather Thomas
Cheney late of Cambridge, aforesaid Deced and my Brother
in Law Thomas Belknap of said Cambridge glover ", a
mortgage of forty four acres of upland and eight acres of
meadow, in Cambridge, on the south side of the Charles river,

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