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Moses, ^ Daniel,^ John,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John, i) b. in New-
buryport Aug. 21, 1866, m. Oct. 18, 1888, Ellen Condon,
dau. of Wm. and Susan (Sullivan) Pike, b. in N. May
10, 1866.

He is a silversmith ; his home is in Newburyport.

LAWRENCE BENNETT" b. June 30, 1889.

834. WILLIAM BAILEY,9 (William Bailey,^ Samuel,'
Moses,^ Daniel,^ John,* Daniel,^ Daniel, 2 John, 1) b. July 19,
1848, m. Feb. 23, 1874, Elizabeth, dau. of William and
Elizabeth Stockman. _„.. „

WILLIAM," b. July 4, 1874.

835. GEORGE WILLIAM,9 (William A. ,« William A.,'
Moses,^ Daniel,^ John,* Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ John, ^) b. in New-
buryport in 1854, m. in Worcester, May 29, 1879, Elizabeth
J. Vance, of Barnet, Vt.

I. GEORGE WILLIAM," b. Oct. 2, 1880.
II. EVA R. W.," b. June 8, 1890.

* Mrs. Cheney's father is in the seventh generation from Col. Robert Pike, and, in the maternal
line, in the ninth generation from Mr. Nicholas Noyes. Through her mother's mother she is a
descendant of Dr. James Pecker of Haverhill, a surgeon in the continental army.


836. JOHN EUGENE/^ (John Lorenzo,^ John,' John,^
Daniel,^ John,* Daniel,^ Daniel, ^ John, i) b. in Lowell Feb.
12, 1847, m. May 12, 1875, Ellen M., dau. of ex-mayor
Peter Morrell and Mrs. Lydia (Cobb) Neal of Lj^nn, b. in
Nordi Berwick, Me. Jan. 4, 1849. ^^ ^^^ educated in the
public schools of Lowell and the Lawrence Scientific School
of Harvard University ; was draughtsman for the Louisville
Bridge co. 2 years ; has been assistant civil engineer of the
city of Boston some time ; is a consulting engineer and expert
upon bridge-building and other structural work.


HERBERT NEAL/o b. March 17, 1876, a member of the class
of 1 899 in the Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard University.

837. CHARLES DANA,^ (Daniel,8 Daniel,' Nathaniel,^
Daniel,^ Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in Hillsborough,
N. H. March 17, 1846, m. i^*, Sept. 25, 1866, Helen M. Abbott.
She was killed by falling from a wagon on the way to church,
Sunday morning, July 14, 1867. He m. 2'\ Nov. 3, 1872,
Nancy Maria, dau. of David and Nellie (Dickson) Dickson,
b. in Boothbay, Me., June 22, 1849. ^^ ^'^^ ^ locomotive
engineer in the employ of the Boston and Lowell Railroad
Co. 18 years, and afterward had charge of stationary plants.
He resided in Charlestown. He d. Feb. 20, 1897.


I. MAUD MAY,io b. Aug. 22, 1874, d. April 18, 1886.

II. ELLA FLORENCE,io b. Aug. 28, 1877, m. Oct. 21, 1896,
Charles BenJajntJt Richards, son of Lewis and Mary (Durgin)
Richards, of Limerick, Me. He is a motorman, with the West
End Co. of Boston.

III. CHARLES HENRY,io b. Jan. 31, 1883, d. young.

IV. HARRY DANA,io b. Dec. 28, 1884.

838. ALDEN DEL AN 0,9 (Thomas,^ Jonathan,"^
Joseph,'' Daniel,^ Thomas,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in
Cambridge, Mass. Dec. 14, 1840, m. Nov. 5, 1863, Catharine
Barnard Lemon, b. in Andover, Oct. i, 1842. He follows


the business in which his father had so successful a career,
that of the manufacture of soap. Resides in Maiden.


I. EVA AUGUSTA w b. in Cambridge Jan. 9, 1865.

ir. CATHARINE MYRA,i« b. in Watertown Sept. i, 1872, m.
Nov. 10, 1896, Madison Mott Cannon.

953. III. FRANKLIN VANE," b. in Watertown, Jan. 22, 1875.

839. IRA D.,9 (Joseph,^ Jonathan," Joseph, ^ Daniel,^
Thomas,* DanieL^ Daniel,^ John,i) b. in Bradford, N. H.
April 16, 1839, ^^^' Susan E. Gove, b. in Newport, N. H.
Feb. II, 1839. ^^ ^^ ^ justice of the peace in Lowell,


I. WILBUR A.,10 b. in Claremont, N. H. April 15, i860.
II. GEORGE V.,1^ b. in Claremont, N. H. Oct. 29, 1864.
in. FRED A.,10 b. in Claremont, N. H. Nov. 5, 1870.

840. GEORGE WILLIAM,^ (Lyman Harriman,^
William,' Jonathan D.,^ Daniel, ° Thomas,'* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in Weare, N. H. May 7, 1859, n^- March 23, 1889,
Emma A. Tavlor, of New London, P. E. Island. He is a
railroad man in Manchester, N. H.

841. JOHN FITZ,9 (Lyman Harriman,^ William,"
Jonathan D.,^ Daniel,^ Thomas,* Daniel,'^ Daniel, ^ John, ^ (b.
in Weare, N. H. Oct. 21, 1866, m. in June, 1889, Annie
Bathlein, a native of Germany. He is a fireman in Man-
chester, N. H.

I. GEORGE LYMAN,iob. Nov. 17, 1890.
n. HERBERT b. Aug. 8, 1892.
in. EMMA GRETCHEN,io b. June 17, 1894,
IV. HELEN LISETTE,io b. July 14, 1896.

844. HERBERT ELLSWORTH,^ (Edwin Lyman,^
Lyman," Jonathan D.,^ Daniel, ° Thomas,"* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) ^_ April 5, 1863, m. Feb. 23, 1887, Louise Estelle,


dau. of Spencer and Eliza (Goodrich) Child, of Cambridge
port, b. March 14, 1862.

He is a market-man in Boston, associated with his father,
in the firm of Cheney and Upham.

ALTHA b. Nov. 27, 1889.

846. HARLAN ISAAC,^ (Lucius Ingham,^ Zadoc,^
Giles,^ Duston,^ Thomas,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. at
Barre, Vt. Feb. 9, 1866, m. Ella Lillian, dau. of Simeon and
Cynthia (Leitch) Blanchard, b. at Corinth, Vt. Aug. 22,
1870. He resides at East Barre, Vt.

ESTHER VELMA,io ^^ Nov. 25, 1894.

847. REUBEN HOWARD,^ (Frederic Porter,^ Reuben
Peaslee,^ Giles, ^ Duston,^ Thomas,^ Daniel, ^ Daniel,^ John,i)
b. in Areola, Minn. Feb. 14, 1856, m. at Barton, Vt. Sept.
I, 1876, Nellie Adelaide, dau. of WiUiam Atkins and Mary
Squires, (Hoyt) Burroughs, b. in Glover, Vt. Nov. 3, 1855.

His parents, being New Englanders, returned with their
little ones to Glover, Vt. when he was but four years of age.
He was educated in the public schools, and after completing
that course entered a village store and ser.ved as clerk and
salesman two years ; then turned to railway service, be-
coming a clerk in the freight office at White River Junction.

In 1880 he was appointed Freight Division Agent, a
position which he filled satisfactorily until 1886, when he re-
signed, and opened a general insurance office at Barton. In
1887 he took his brother Fred. N. into partnership and
opened an office in Manchester, N. H. ; the firm were ap-
pointed state agents of the New York Mutual Life Insurance
Company in 1889 ; to this the agency for the state of Ver-
mont was added two years later. By great energy and
sagacity they have built up the business to a remarkably suc-
cessful point. Mr. Cheney is a member of several prominent
clubs, and of the Masonic fraternity.


I. ROYDEN WINTHROP," b. April 29, 1S78.
II. MARY LOUISE,io b. Aug. 25, 1879.

III. CLINTON HOWARD" b. Sept. 5, 1881.

IV. FREDERICK WILLIAM,io b. Feb. 4, 1884.
V. RUBY LUCILLE," b. March 2, 1885.

VI. STEWART," b. Dec. 23, 1891.

848. FREDERICK NELSON,^ (Frederick Porter,^
Reuben Peaslev,' Giles, ^ Duston,^ Thomas/ Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John/) b. in x\rcola, jNIinn. July 9, 1858, m. Lula Irene,
dau. of Henr}' and Zaphira (French) Davis, b. in Glover,
Vt. April 20, 1858.

After a orood common school education he entered the
store of O. D. Owen at Barton, Vt. for general work. He
rapidly rose in the confidence of his employer and became
book-keeper, buver and leading salesman. After five years
the firm made him manager of a branch store with increased
salary and commissions. Five years of this led up to the time
when his brother invited him to join in a partnership for the
Insurance business in the city of Manchester, N. H. And
there his good qualities and good efforts have been blessed
with success ; so that the Life Insurance Company the firm
represent has attained magnificent results.

The brothers live in Manchester, and also have a summer
residence at Willoughby Lake, Vt.

RUTH IRENE," b. Nov. 4, 1SS4.

849, SAMUEL HARVEY,9 (Enoch M. W.,^ James P.,^
Enoch,^ Isaac, ^ Nathaniel,"^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,^) b. in
Amit}', N. Y. May 17, 1856, m. Jan. 17, 1880, Zilpha Ann
Redding, b. in Hantsport, N. S. May 24, i860. Resides in

I. WILLIAM WALDEN," b. June i, 1881.
n. GOLDIE MAY," b. Oct. 21, 1883, d. April i, 1895.


III. FRANKIE JEMIMA," b. May 29, 1886, d. July 19, 1889.

IV. LULU ABIAH.^b. Nov. 14, 1889.
V. HARVEY EARL,io ^^ May 14, 1895.

850. ALBERT GALLATIN,9 (William Heath,^ Albert
Gallatin/ David,^ Isaac,^ Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John, 1)
b. at Sanbornton, N. H. March 29, 1867, m. at Pough-
keepsie, N. Y. May 3, 1886, Sarah M. Purcell, a native of
Germany. He w^as educated at the Military Academy in
Poughkeepsie, and removed in May 1886 to Freeland, Wyom-
ing, where he has engaged in the business of stock-raising.


I. RUBY "b. Aug. 5, 1888.
II. NELLIE,io b. July 26, 1890.
III. WILLIAM HEATH,io b. Feb. 11, 1893.

860. ORLANDO ALPHONSO,9 (Amos Burnell,^ Eph-
raim,^ Ephraim,^ Ephraim,^ Timothy,* John, ^ Daniel,^ John, ^)
b. at Rutland, Vt. June 28, 1846, m. i'*, at Rochester, Vt.
Sept. 6, 1876, Ella A. Fassett, who d. in May, 1880. He
m. 2'^ Dec. 25, 1882, Ida May Burckhalter, who d. in May,
1883 : had no children by either of these marriages. He m.
3*^, at Fort Scott, Kan. Hattie Ida, dau. of Richard C.
Anderson,* Aug. 11, 1886. At 13 years of age he " worked
for his board, clothes and schooling." In 1868 he entered
as a student into the law-office of K. A. Webber of Rochester,
Vt. still paying his own way. March 3, 1872 he removed
to Fort Scott, Kan. whither his grandfather and his brother
Thomas Jefferson had previously gone. He was admitted
to the law firm of Burden & Martin the same year. In 1875
he was elected a justice of the peace for the city, and twice
re-elected. He was elected (on the Republican ticket)
Probate Judge of the county in 1880, serving three full terms.
Has been a U. S. commissioner. He received in 1892 the

*Mr. Anderson enlisted as a private in Co. K, 4th regt. Missouri State Cavalry, Sept. 28, 1862.
Was promoted, step by step, till commissioned 2d Lieutenant; "handsome, popular and brave in
service," is his record.


appointment of special agent of the U. S. treasury depart-
ment, to reside in New York city, but declined because he
preferred to remain in Kansas. He is a member of the
Board of Education ; has been a member and one of the
trustees of the Congregational church some years.


I. ORLANDO ANDERSON,io b. Aug. 28, 1887.
n. ETHEL/o b. June 24, 1890.
ni. ALBERT JEFFERSON.i" b. June 20, 1895.

86 I . THOIVL\S JEFFERSON,^ (Amos Burnell,^ Eph-
raim,' Ephraim,^ Ephraim,^ Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,^ John,^)
b. at Rutland, Vt. Sept. 27, 1847, m. i**, in Carlyle, 111.
Oct. 14, 1868, Sarah Ann, dau. of Moses Twiss of Trenton,
111. b. June 3, 1849. ^^ ™- ^''' ^^ ^^- Louis, Mo. March 7,
1883, Nancy Joan, widow of R. B. Williams, and dau. of
Abner D. Clark of Woodburn, Ky. b. in Simpson, Ky.,
Sept. 17, 1852. Facing poverty in boyhood, he obtained an
education and went to Illinois as a school teacher before his
majority. In 1866 he removed to St. Louis, Mo. and learned
the trade of painter and decorator, beautif3-ing many of the
finest churches in that city and vicinity. Resided about a
year at Atchison, Kansas, and returned to St. L. About
the year 1869 rem. to Fort Scott, Kan. where he lived until
1877. He moved his effects to Tampa Bay, Fla. and had
his family follow by public conveyance ; but yellow fever
and other reverses drove him back to St. Louis. Went to
Belleville, 111. and was proprietor of the Hinkley House.
While there patronized a young man who had invented a
" Rug Machine," and started the Coe Mfg. Co. the enlarged
business of which led him back to St. Louis. In 1894 he
sold his interest in the firm and joined with a Mr. Scott in
the manufacture of Automatic Albums or show-cases, and in
Jan. 1896 bought out Mr. Scott, continuing the business
under the name of The Cheney Company. He now resides
and carries on the business in Chicago, 111.



I. MABEL,io b. May 3, d. June 3, 1870.

II. EMMA ELY," b. Feb. 25, 1871, m. Feb. i, 1894, Arteinas A.
Lovejoy, at Indianapolis, Ind.

III. MURVELLE COOPER,io b. Nov. 26, 1872.

IV. CLAUDE," b. Jan. 24, 1884.

V. ORLANDO ALPHONSO," b. April 19, 1885.
VI. BESSIE," b. Dec. 27, 1886, d. March 5, 1892.

864. JEROME LUCIUS,9 (Lucian Harrison,^ Lucius
Augustus/ Timothy,^ Timoth}^,^ Timothy,* John,^ Daniel,^
John,^) b. in Baldwinsville, N. Y. June 18, 1863, m. June 4,
1889, Mary Frances, dau. of Eben M. and Frances A.
(Kent) Shorey of Syracuse, b. Sept. 7, 1866 at Clark's
Mills, Oneida co. N. Y. He graduated at the State Normal
School, Cape Girardeau, Mo. in 1880. Studied law in the
office of his uncle, Wm. P. Goodelle, Syracuse, and was
admitted to the bar in 1883. He is associated with Hon.
Horace White, state senator, in the law firm of White &
Cheney, Syracuse.


I. JAMES LUCIUS," b. June 14, 1890.
II. KARL SHOREY," b. Dec. i, 1S91.

865. FREDERICK EDWARD, M. D.,^ (George Hiram,«
Hiram Littlefield," Eliakim,^ Timothy,^ Timothy,* John,^
Daniel, 2 John, 1) b. at Rutland, Vt. April 19, 1862, m. April
19, 1894, in Rochester, N. Y., Grace Cartwright, b. at
Cleveland, O. Feb. 8, 1873.

Resides in Boston. Is an oculist, surgeon to the Mass.
Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary and Assistant in Ophthal-
mology at the Harvard Medical School, and has also a large
private practice.

^ ^ CHILD.

ROBERT CARTWRIGHT," b. at Boston, Jan. 15, 1895.

870. E D WA R D P A Y S O N , jr.,9 (Edward Payson,^
Josiah," John, 6 John,^ Moses,* John,^ Daniel, ^ John,^) b. Aug.
22, 1858, in Montreal, Canada, m. Dec. 14, 1882, Jessie H.,


dau, of Geo. F. and Mary E. Downes, b. in Boston, Mass.
Residence, Moline, 111.

By trade, he is a pattern maker. In civil affairs, he
served one term on the Board of Supervisors of Rock Island
County, Illinois, and two terms of two years each in the
Board of Aldermen of the City of Moline, 111. He is an
industrious, thrifty, and reputable citizen of that city ; and
the offices to which he has been elected were not sought by
him, but were voluntarily bestowed by his fellow-citizens.

I. JESSIE F.,10 b. Sept. 28, 1884.
n. RUBY MAE,io b. July i, 1890.
m. RAYMOND EDWARD,^" b. Aug. 15, 1894.

87 I . CHARLES POST,9 (Charles,^ Charles Cox,^ Abel,^
Benjamin,^ Nicholas,^ Peter, ^ Peter, ^ John,i) i^^ ^^ Keeseville,
N. Y. May 20, 185 1, m. in New York city June 21, 1882,
Maria Louise Phair, b. March 4, i860, d. June i, 1896. He
was educated in the public schools of New York city and in
the College of the city of N. Y. For six years was with the
Domestic Sewing Machine company. In 1876 entered the
employ of the Methodist Book Concern of N. Y. city as
assistant cashier. Was business manager of " Our Youth,"
1886-1890. Since May, 1891, has been auditor and ac-
countant for the Missionary Society of the M. E. Church.
He resides in Elizabeth, N. J. and is assistant superintendent
of St. James M. E. Church Sunday School.

I. RUTH BOLTON,io b. June 6, 1883.
n. CHARLES PAUL WESLEY," b. Oct. 12, 1884.

873. FRED BLANCHARD,9 (Francis A.,8Benjamin,7
Elisha,^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,'* Peter, ^ Peter, ^ John,i) b. in
Roscoe, 111. Oct. 21, 1868, m. June 10, 1891, Gertrude


RALPH FRED,io b. July 5, 1892.


874. FRANK BENJAMIN,9 (Alfred David,^ Benjamin,'
Elisha,^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,* Peter, ^ Peter,^ John, 1) b. Feb.
I, 1858, m. Aug. 2, 1882, Florence M. Gladery. They
reside in Greene, Butler co., Iowa.


I. RENA LOIS," b. Jan. 29, 1884.

II. ALFRED GLADERY.iob. Feb. 5, 1S86.

III. WILLIAM HAROLD," b. Nov. 16, 1887.

IV. CLAIR EUGENE," b. Jan. 12, 1889.
V. DAMON," b. June 10, 1891.

875. Rev. benjamin ROYAL,^ (Loren,^ Russell,"
Russell,^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,* Peter, ^ Peter,^ John,^) b. at
Emerald Grove, Wis. July 18, 1869, m. Sept. 3, 1896, Ida,
dau. of Edward R. and Sophia (Hutchinson) Persons, b.
at East Elma, N. Y., May 17, 1867.

He taught school at Corwith, la. and at Johnstown Center,
Wis. in 1887 and 1888 ; graduated from Beloit College in
1891 ; spent two years in business in Minneapolis, Minn. ;
graduated from the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1896.
Was called to the pastorate of the Congregational church of
Berlin Heights, O., Oct. 10, 1896, and ordained there Nov.
16, 1896.

877. CHARLES HERMAN,^ (Charles Sylvester,^ Hal-
sey,' Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter, ^ Peter,^ John,^)
b. Sept. 6, 1866, m. Aug. 3, 1892, Mary Slocum, dau. of
George Francis and Harriet Elizabeth (Slocum) Rich.


I. ELEANOR MARSHALL," b. in San Bernardino, Cal. May

21, 1893.
II. A DAUGHTER, b. in South Manchester, Conn. April 22, 1897.

878. WALTER LYMAN,9 (Cornelius Lyman,^ Horace,^
Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter, ^ Peter,^ John,^) b. in
Manchester, Ct. Oct. 13, 1859, "^- April 12, 1886, Adelaide,



dau. of Dr. Monroe and Jane Sophia (Pinks) Atkinson, of
Meadville, Pa., b. May 10, 1859.

He is in business in Meriden, Conn., connected with the
Wilcox Silver Plate Co.

882. WELLS WADSWORTH,9 (George Wells,^
George Wells,' George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter, ^
Peter,2 John,i) b. May 30, 1857, m. April 19, 1887, Lucy
Compton Street.

GEORGE WELLS,io b. Aug. 9, 1888.

883. LOUIS RICHMOND,^ (George Wells,^ George
Wells, ^ George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter, ^ Peter, ^ John,^)
b. April 27, 1859, m. April 16, 1890, Mary Alice, dau. of
Lucius and Eliza (Trumbull) Robinson.

ELIZA TRUMBULL," b. April 19, 1893.

887. WALTER BOWDEN,9 (William Henry,^ George
Wells," George,^ Timothy,^ Benjamin,* Peter,^ Peter,^ John.^)
b. at South Manchester, Conn. April 13, 1864, m. April 25,
1889, Lilian, dau. of Preston Brady and Julia Church (Ire-
land) Spring, b. in New York City March 15, 1866.


LILIAN BOWDEN/o b. Sept. 7, 1896.

890. OREN BURBANK,9 (Moses,^ Elias,^ Elias,^
Moses, ^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter, ^ John,^) b. in Holderness
(now Ashland,) N. H., Dec. 10, 1816, m. i*' Jan. 30, 1840,
Caroline Adelia, dau. of James and Betsey (Dearborn)
Rundlett, of Stratham, N. H. She d. in June, 1846 ; he m.
2*^, in August, 1847, Nancy St. Clair, dau. of Rev. Thomas
and Rebecca (Pease) Perkins, of New Hampton, N. H. ;
she d. Feb. 21, 1886. He m. 3'^ July 5, 1892, Mrs. Emeline
(Stanley) Burlingame, of Pawtuxet, R. I.

He prepared for college at New Hampton, N. H., and
entered Brown University in 1835 ; but, after one term, en-


tered Dartmouth College, where he was graduated in 1839.
His Alma Mater at a later day made him Doctor of Divinity.
During his College course and afterward he taught in public
schools and academies; he began to preach in 1842. Was
pastor at Lebanon, Me. six years, and at Augusta, Me. five

It was in his study at Augusta Sept. 22, 1854, that he received intelli-
gence of the burning of the building of the Seminary at Parsonsfield, Me.
the oldest academical institution under the management of the Free Will
Baptist denomination, with which he was identified, and instantly conceived
the project of founding, at a more eligible site, a school which should reach
a far higher stature ; and forthwith began a campaign to secure that result.
He gained the approval and cooperation of his church associates at the
annual meeting the following month ; secured a charter from the legislature
in the succeeding winter ; and " The Maine State Seminary " was located
in Lewiston, Me. June 27, 1855. A year later the corner-stone of its first
building was laid; another year passed, and Sept. i, 1857 the first term of
school opened, with 137 students. In 1863 Benjamin E. Bates, of Boston,
gave a generous endowment and the institution was re-incorporated as Bates
College. Mr. Cheney secured funds from many donors ; taught, preached,
canvassed, planned; obtained worthy assistants, trustees, professors, stu-
dents, buildings. Bates was the first college in New England to give equal
advantages to men and women ; and has earned honorable repute as a place
of thorough training and the development of the noblest qualities. The
theological seminary of the Free Will Baptists was drawn from New
Hampton, N. H., to Lewiston, Me., and became a department of Bates
College, under the title of The Cobb Divinity School. Sept. 22, 1894,
having completed 40 years of service for the institution, from its inception
to its ripe stature. Dr. Cheney resigned the office of president which he had
filled from the beginning of its organic life.

Besides founding Bates College Dr. Cheney obtained from Mr. John
Storer of Sanford, Me. $10,000 to endow a college at Harpers Ferry, West
Virginia, and secured buildings there from the U. S. government for the
school. He was also active in promoting the organization of the academ-
ical institution at Pittsfield, another denominational school. He resides at
Pawtuxet, R. I.


954. I. HORACE RUNDLETT,i° b. Oct. 29, 1844, grad. at Bowdoin
College in 1863, studied law at Harvard Law School, practised
in Boston. Was assistant district attorney of Suffolk co. three
years; d. at Philadelphia, Pa. Dec. 13, 1876, His only child,
Elizabeth Chace ^^ Cheney, is at present a student in Wellesley



II. CAROLINE.i'' b. July 30, 1848, m. Charles Herbert Swan of
Providence, R. I., a son of James G. Swan Esq. now of Port
Townsend, Wash. Air. Charles H. Swan is a civil engineer.
Was long in the service of Providence, R. I., being sent at one
time to Europe in a commission to investigate the best sewer-
age systems. Has since been in the engineering corps of Bos-
ton, employed both in the department of sewers, and in Subway
construction. Children: (i) Charles Herbert Swan, Jr., grad.
Bates Coll. and Harvard Law School; is a lawyer in Boston ;
has just produced a work on " Monetan,- Problems and Re-
forms." (2) George Loring Swan, (3) Horace Cheney Swan, (4)
Arthur Eugene Swan.

m. EMELINE," b. Jan. 23, 1850, m. /. Frank Boothby, of Lewis-
ton, Me.

89 I . MOSES,9 (Moses,8 Elias,' Elias,^ Moses,^ Edmund,*
John,^ Peter, 2 John, 1) b. in Holderness (now Ashland) N. H,
June 28, 1822, m. i'\ May 10, 1843, Rebecca Rundlett.

He removed to Henniker, N. H. in 1864, where he manu-
factured paper and also carried on a farm. His wife died,
and he m. 2*^, Oct. 26, 187 1, Martha, dau. of Parker and
Martha (Savage) Smith, b. in Henniker July 19, 1841.

955. CHARLES ABBOTT.^ b. in Ashland, N. H. Aug. 26, 1844.

892. CHARLES GILMAN,9 (Mose-,^ Elias," Elias,^
Moses, ^ Edmund,'^ John,^ Peter, ^ John,i) b. in Holderness,
now Ashland, N, H. Julv 8, 1826, m. Oct. 25, 185 1, Sarah
E., dau. of Obadiah Smith of Holderness.

Mr. Cheney graduated at Dartmouth College in 1848, read
law in the othce of Nesmith & Pike of Franklin, and com-
menced practice in 185 1 ; but his health failing, he was
obliged to relinquish it, and accepted the office of cashier of
the Peterborough Bank in 1854. -^^ ^^'^^ ^ representative to
the legislature. In 1862, his health failed entirely and he was
obliged to resign. He d. at Hillsborough Bridge Nov. 13,

ALBERT P.,10 b. Feb. 2, 1853 : d. March 8, 1S62.


893. PERSON COLBY, 9 (Moses,^ Elias,^ Elias,
Moses,^Edmund,^ John,3Peter,2John,i)wasb. Feb. 25, 1828,
in Holderness, N. H. m. i*\ May 22, 1850, S. Anna, dau. of
Samuel Morrison Moore, of Bronson, Mich., she d. Jan. 7,
1858 ; he m. 2"'\ June 29, 1859, ^'"s. Sarah (White) Keith,
dau. of Jonathan White, one of the earhest manufacturers of
Lowell, and his wife, Sarah Goss. Mrs. Cheney has been a
leader in Manchester Society for years, and both her public
and private charities are numerous. She has been for sev-
eral years president of the Woman's Aid and Relief Society
of Manchester.

Mr. Cheney was educated in the academies at Peter-
borough and Hancock, N. H. and Parsonsfield, Me. His
father being engaged in the manufacture of paper, he early
became acquainted with the details of the business, and in
1845 assumed the management of the paper-mill at Peter-
borough. In 1853 he became a member of the firm of
Cheney, Hadley & Going,

Mr. Cheney early became interested in politics, and repre-
sented the town of Peterborough in the legislature in 1853 and
1854. He entered ardently into the events of i860 and 1861,
and zealously aided and promoted the preparation of his state
for the great struggle to maintain the Union. In due time he
offered his personal services, and in August, 1862, he was ap-
pointed quarter-master of the 13th Regiment, N. H. Vols.,
Col. A. F. Stevens. In Jan., 1863, he was seriously ill, and
after three months sickness was compelled to resign ; but he

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