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sent a substitute to the service. He was R. R. commissioner
for three years. In 1866, he removed to Manchester, N. H.
and became a dealer in paper stock and manufacturers sup-
plies. He also engaged in paper manufacture at Goffstown,
N. H. in the firm of Cheney & Thorpe. He is now at the
head of the P. C. Cheney Company.

Shortly after coming to Manchester he became prominent
in the Republican party and was elected Ma3^or in 187 1, one
of the marked features of his successful administration being
the introduction of the fire-alarm telegraph system. He de-



clined a renomination, but was chosen Governor in 1875 and
1876, wresting the state from the democratic part}'. In 1872
he was elected a trustee of Bates College, and founded a
scholarship in that institution. At the close of his guberna-
torial service, Dartmouth College conferred upon him the
degree of A. M. Gov. Currier appointed him senator in the
fall of 1886, to till out the unexpired term of Senator Austin
F. Pike, and in 18S8 he was one of the delegates-at-large to
the Republican national convention. Chosen a member of
the Republican national committee to succeed Hon. E. H.
Rollins, he was re-elected in 1892, and is still in that position.
In Dec, 1892, President Harrison appointed him envoy ex-
traordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Switzerland, at
which post he remained until June 29, 1893. Mr. Cheney
was one of the directors of the Peterboro bank when he came
to Manchester, and has been president of the People's
Savings bank of Manchester since its organization, 1874.
He is a member of Altemont Lodge, F. A. M. ; of Peterboro
Chapter No. 12, R. A. M. ; of Peterboro Lodge No. 15, I.
O. O. F. ; of Louis Bell Post, G. A. R. : of the Massachu-
setts Loval Lecrion, and of the Armv of the Potomac.
Although he has always been a liberal contributor to many
religious organizations, his membership is with the Unitarian


AGNES ANNIE,i« b. in Manchester, N. H., Oct. 22, 1S69,
married Chaties H. Fish, agent of the Cocheco Manufacturing
Co. of Dover.

894. EL IAS HUTCHINS,9 (Moses,^ Elias,' Elias,*^
Moses, 5 Edmund,* John,3 Peter,^ John,i) ^^ j^n. 28, 1832, m.
Susan W. Youngman of Peterborough, N. H., b. x\pril 11,
183 1. He fitted for college at New Hampton and Exeter
N. H. ; became a printer, and publisher of the Peterborough
Transcript. In 1855 he removed to Concord and took charge
of the New Hampshire Phoenix. In 1861, he purchased the
Granite State Press, and continued to publish it at Lebanon,


N. H. He represented the town of Lebanon in the legislature
in 1867, '68.


956. I.FREDERIC WILLARD,i» b. May 19, 1853, in Peterborough,
N. H. He was U. S. consul at Matanzas, Cuba, during the
administration of Pres. Harrison.

II. HARRY M.,10 b. March 8, i860, in Newport, N. H. He grad.

at Bates College; has wife and child; has been member N. H.

House of Representatives and Senate. Resides in Lebanon,

N. H.
in. SUSIE YOUNGMAN,io b. Dec. 23, 1863 ; d. Jan. 28, 1864.
IV. HELEN b_ Nqv, ^^ 1865, in Lebanon, N. H., m. in

Boston, June 19, 1889, George H. Kelly, b. in Canaan, N. H.

895. JOHN TIRRELL,9 (Person,^ Elias,' Elias,^ Moses,^
Edmund,^ John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. Feb. 25, 1830, m. \^\
Mary Briggs, of Holderness ; m. 2^^, Sylvania Severance of
Ohio. Was proprietor of hotels at Dixon, 111. and Grand
Haven, Mich. Colonel on Gen. Frank Blair's staff during
the War of the Rebellion. Res. Sioux City, la.

896. PERSON,^ (Person,^ Elias,' EHas,^ Moses,^ Ed-
mund,* John, ^ Peter,2 John,i) b. May 19, 1831, m. in Bristol,
N. H. Dec. 17, 1856, Harriet A., dau. of Samuel Burnham.
Was a paper-maker in Ashland, N. H. ; hotel proprietor in
Dixon, 111. in 1876, and mayor of the city.

897. THOMAS PERKINS,^ (Person,^ Elias,^ Elias,^
Moses,^ Edmund,* John,3 Peter,^ John,i) b. Feb. 24, 1833, m.
Mary Elizabeth Keyes of Ashland, N. H. Was lieut. in the
d^"^ N. H. V. I. in the War of the Rebellion. Resided some
years in Ashland N. H. Superintendent of Railw^ay mail
service in Boston in 1881.

I. OLNEY S.,10 b. Oct. 7, 1856, d. June 9, i860.
n. RODNEY W.," b. Dec. 29, i860.

III. JONATHAN MORRISON,i»b. Dec. 15, 1863.

IV. ALICE MAUD,io b. May 15, 1866.
v. HARRY A.,i« b. Nov. 20, 1870.


VI. ADDIE S.,!" b. May 26, 1872.

vn. GEORGE BANGS.^o b. Nov. 6, 1873; d. Nov. 9, 1879.
VIII. ANNE b. Dec. 5, 1876.

SAMUEL THOMPSON,^ (Person,^ Elias,^ Elias,^
Moses, ^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. Jan. 23, 1835,
m. Addie Moulton, of Lake Village, N. H.

Was sergeant of co. — in the 12*^ N. H. regt. in the War
of the Rebellion.

899. DANIEL PERKINS ,9 (Person,^ Elias,7 Elias,'' Mo-
ses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,^) b. July 27, 1840, m.
Henrietta Rowell, of Salisbury, N. H.

In the War of the Rebellion he was in the 12*^ N. H. regt.
three years, promoted to a lieutenancy ; participated in every
battle in which his regiment took part.

900. GEORGE ARTHUR,^ (Alfred,^ Samuel,^ Elias,«
Moses, ^ Edmund,* John, 3 Peter,^ John, 1) b. in New Salem,
N. H. Aug. 25, 1828, m. March 22, 1853, at Providence,
R. I. Sarah Bucklin, dau. of Rufus and Minerva (Sutton)
Greene of P. In 1849 he went as supercargo in one of Mr.
Greene's ships to the East coast of Africa, remaining there
until i860, except as he made occasional visits to this country.
One of these visits was brightened by his marriage and by
the company of his bride on his return to Africa. In i860
they removed to Essex, Conn., where he engaged in the
business of manufacturing piano keys and other ivory goods,
etc. The firm was Comstock, Cheney & Co. ; later an in-
corporated company was formed, of which he has been presi-
dent since 1878.


I. ARTHUR BARNARD w b. in Zanzibar Jan. 8, 1854, d. in
Providence, R. I., July 21, 1858.

II. CRAWFORD GREENE," b. in Zanzibar March 13, 1855, m.
Oct. 18, 1882, Harriet Stevenson.

957. III. GEORGE LOCKE,!** b. at Providence, R. I. March 9, 1857.

IV. MAUD,!° b. in Essex, Conn. Aug. 2, 1861, m. William Gray don


902. SAMUEL,^ (Alfred,^ Samuel,^ EHas,^ Moses,^ Ed-
mund,* John,^ Peter, 2 John, 1) b. in Boston July i8, 1842, m.
in 1867, Sarah L. Chapman of Westbrook, Conn. He served
in the 44*^ Mass. Vol. Inf. in the War of the Rebellion. Is
a manufacturer of piano keys and action and of ivory goods,
at Ivoryton, in the town of Essex, Conn.

I. ARTHUR C.iob. in Centerbrook (Essex) Conn. Sept. 6, 1868.
II. HARRY €.,10 b. in Ivoryton (Essex) Conn. May 20, 1877.

904. CHARLES WILLIAM,^ (Joseph Pike,^ Samuel,*^
Elias,6 Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. at Beloit,
Wis., June 21, 1840, m. in Cambridge, Georgianna Martha,
dau. of James Edmund and Martha Jane (Ward) Frye, of
Wellington, Me., b. in Brighton, Mass., June 15, 1869. He
was a very efficient business man, connected with Mr. Ken-
nedy and the N. Y. Baking Co. of Cambridge ; a member
of Pilgrim Congregational church, also a member of the
order of Odd Fellows and of the "Royal Arcanum." He
was prominent in political circles and was elected to the city
government; had a great many friends. He d. after brief
illness March 11, 1897.

DOROTHY,io b. April 12, 1897.

905. JOSEPH PIKE,9 (Joseph Pike,8 Samuel,^ Elias,^
Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in Roxbury July
29, 1843, m. Jan. 20, 1866, Lucretia Elvira Merriam, b. in
Sterling July 10, 1845. They reside in Worcester. Mr.
Cheney was educated at Derby, Vt. and Stanstead, Canada.
Came to Sterling, Mass. in 1864, to Worcester in 1866, where
he has since resided. Was a wheelwright twenty-two years,
and a merchant since. Member of City Council 1886-7 ;
representative to Mass. Legislature 1888 and 1889. Trustee
of Worcester Academy. A deacon and clerk of the Pleasant
St. Baptist church since 1874, ^^^ prominent in Sunday
School work.



I. FRANK WESTON w b. July 24, 1869.
II. GERTRUDE MAY,io b. May 14, 1873.

906. EDWARD MORRIS, 9 (Joseph Pike,^ Samuel,"
Elias,6 Moses,5 Edmund,^ John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. at Sher-
brook, Canada, June 19, 1845, m. i^\ in Worcester, Sept. 7,
1866, Barbara King, b. in Ireland in 1841, d. in W. Dec. 2,
1870. He m. 2*^, June 19, 1873, Mary T. Connelly, b. in
li eland. children.

I. ELLEN" b. and d. Nov. 18, 1869.
II. CHARLES WILLIAM,io b. March 21, 1874.

III. EDWARD MORRIS,i» b. June 22, 1876, d. Feb. 17, 1895.

IV. MARY ELLEN," b. April 25, 1878.

V. JOHN J.,10 b. July 9, 1884, d. Dec. 28, 1887.

907. AUGUSTUS JACKMAN,9 (Moody,^ Mark,'
Jonathan,^ Moses, ^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter, ^ John,^) b. in
Georgetown, March i, 1837, m. Sybil A. Sinclair, b. in
Hillsdale, Mich., Aug. 22, 1837. He graduated from
Dartmouth College in 1857 and entered the educational field
in the west. Was teacher and superintendent of schools ;
was elected Supt. of Schools of Walworth co.. Wis. in i860,
and resigned to take command of a company of teachers and
others in the 40*" Wis. Vol. Infantry. Is general agent for
G. & C. Merriam & Co., publishers of Webster's Diction-
aries &c. at Chicago, 111. child

LAFAYETTE MOODY," b. Nov. 4, 1884.

908. LUTHER 9 (Lyman King,^ Stephen D.," Thomas,'^
Peter,5 Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) ^^ [^ Deny, N. H.
Nov. 27, 1828, m. i^\ Oct. 3, 1854, Lydia C. Winn of
Nashua, N. H. He m. 2'^ in Worcester Oct. 31, 1881, Mrs.
Helen M. (Chapin) Wilder, b. in Walpole, N. H. in 1839.
He is a machinist. Has resided in Deny and Nashua, N. H.
and Clinton and Worcester, Mass. Served in the U. S. Navy
in the War of the Rebellion, on the " Circassian," enlisted
Jan. 20, 1865.



I. ELLA ISABEL,!" b. in Nashua, N. H. June 3, 1858, m. in
Worcester, Jan. 26, 1885, Albert Henry Winslow, b. in Put-
nam, Ct.

958. II. FRANK CARLETON,io b. at Nashua, N. H. Dec. 28, 1862.
III. CARROLL MATTHEW," b. at Clinton Feb. 27, 1877.

909. THOMAS CARLETON,9 (Lyman King,^ Stephen
Danforth,' Thomas,^ Peter,^ Edmund,^ John,^ Peter,^ John/)
b. at Derry, N. H. Sept. 11, 1831, m. I'S May 4, 1853,
Rachel E., dau. of Garry and Martha Jane (Dunbar)
Tomkins, b. in Goshen, Conn. May 30, 1831, d. Oct. 24,
1881 ; m. 2'\ in Lynn May i, 1884, L. Jennie, dau. of
Thomas and Lois Ham, b. in Shapleigh, Me. in 1841. He
is a machinist. Served 3 years in 1^^ N. H. Battery of
Artillery in War of Rebellion. Resided at Manchester, N.
H. some time ; resides now in Dorchester.


959. I. FREDERICK WALDO,i« b. Aug. 28, 1855.

960. II. CLINTON LYMAN,iob. Dec. 16, 1S60.

9 I 2. CHARLES HENRY,9 (Henry Augustus,^ Stephen
Danforth,' Thomas,^ Peter,^ Edmund,^ John,^ Peter,^ John,i)
b. at Concord, N. H. March 10, 1850, m. Dec. 25, 1880,
Agnes, dau. of Alexander and Jane McDonald of Godfrey,
111. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald came from Daley, Scotland,
to the U. S. in 1856; he d. Nov. 15, 1894. Mr. Cheney
has been almost a quarter of a century in the locomotive and
other departments of the C. & A. R. R. Resides in Chicago.

ROBERT AUGUSTUS, i" b. Oct. 3, 1881.

913. NORMAN M.,9 (Norman M.,^ Joseph,' James,^
Peter,5 Edmund,"^ John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. at Needham,
Sept. 29, 1846, m. June 23, 1873, Euretta N. dau. of
WiUiam and Lydia A. (Scott) Ravatt of Middleton, N. J.,
b. at Chapel Hill, N. J. April 26, 1856.



I. MARY M. w b. at Newark, N. J. May 16, 1874.
II. EURETTA,io b. at Fairview, N. J. Jan. 3, 1877.

914. CHARLES,^ (Roswell,^ Rufus,' John,^ Tristram,^
John,* John,3 Peter,^ John,^) b. at Springfield, Pa., April 21,
1853, m. in Phelps, N. Y., April 20, 1882, Cora Peck, dau.
of Lewis and Sarah Long (Peck) Phelps, b. at Phelps, N.
Y. Aug. 12, 1855.

He resides at Cleveland, O. ; is vice-president of the
Vincent-Barstow Co., dealers in furniture &c.

I. LOIS LOUISE,!" b. Nov. 25, 1885.

II. RUTH,io b. Oct. 13, 1887.

915. WILLIAM,9 (William H.,s William,' William,<5
Tristram,^ John,* John,3 Peter,^ John,i) b. Oct. 22, 1832, at
Newport N. H. : m. March 5, 1867, Cornelia W. Walcott,
of Minneapolis, Minn. He graduated at Williams college,
in 1853 ; was in business with his father until 1861 ; rem. in
1864 to Minneapolis, Minn, where he still resides. Has
been in Real estate and insurance business most of the time.
Is also secretary of the Humane Society.


WILLIAM b. Nov. i, 1867, grad. in 1889
from the University of Minnesota and in 1892 from the Medical
Dept. of the Univ. of Michigan. Was house surgeon in Grace
Hospital, Detroit, Mich. 18 mos. ; is a practising physician in
Minneapolis, Minn.

918. WILLL\M JOSEPH,^ (William Riley,^ William,'
Elias,® Tristram, 5 John, 4 John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. at Stowe,
Vt. May 8, 1838. m. Aug. 8, 1862, Fannie dau. of Reuben
G., and Amanda (Sanborn) Sherwin, b. June 13, 1843.

He resides at Albany, Vt. ; is a farmer. He gave his ser-
vice to the Republic in the War of the Rebellion, serving in
the nth Vt. Vol. Inf. 2 yrs., 10 months and 17 da3's. Has.
taught singing-school a good deal.



961. I. CHARLES CLAYTON,iob. Dec. 9, 1864.

962. II. REUBEN WELLES,io b. Oct. 23, 1875.

9 I 9. GEORGE ARTHUR,^ (William Riley,^ William/
Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,'^ John,^ Peter, ^ John, i) b. Nov. 25,
1842, m. Oct. 2, 1865, Alice, dau. of John and Electa
(Schofield) Poor. He served in the War of the RebeUion,
in the 4th Regt. Vermont Vol. Infantry. Is a farmer at
Morrisville, Vt.


963. I. ARTHUR LEWIS,io b. April 15, 1867.

n. ALMA BERTH A,io b. July 24, 1868, m. Daii. A. Wilder,
Brattleboro, Vt., d. Dec. 13, 1895. Children: (i) Gleason
Cheney Wilder, (2) Wallace William Wilder.

III. FRANK LESTER,io b. Oct. 31, 1884.

921. ALBERT HENRY,^ (William Riley,^ Winiam,^
Elias,® Tristram,^ John, ^ John, ^ Peter, 2 John, 1) b. Sept. 14,
1855, m. Florilla dau. of Charles Warner and Flora Isabella
(McCuin) Chapin.

He lives on the farm his father formerly tilled. Is also
a singing-school teacher, and veiy active in the work of the
church, of which he is a deacon.


I. WALTER ALBERT,!*' ^ July 4, 1879, is pursuing his studies
at St. Johnsbury, Vt.

n. MYRA FLORILLA," b. July 2, 1888.

ni. HAROLD LESLIE," b. June 15, 1890.

922, BENJAMIN PIERCE, Jr.,^ (Benjamin Pierce,8
Jesse, ^ Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,"^ John,^ Peter,^ John,^) b. in
Boston April 8, 1866, was graduated from Harvard Univer-
sity in the class of 1890. He entered the Market National
Bank of Boston and became one of its directors. He was
associated much with his father in the varied interests of his
extensive property, and on his father's decease in 1895 he
became, as his father had devised, one of the executors of



the estate, in fact the managing trustee. He is a director of
the Old Colony Trust Company, the Boston Safe Deposit
Co., the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, the Mexican Central,
the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis R. R.s, the North-
ern Railroad of New Hampshire, The San Diego Land &
Town Co., the Manchester N. H. Mills, etc.

He belongs to the Algonquin, the Boston Athletic, and the
Art clubs of Boston and to other organizations.

He resides in Boston.

923. CHARLES PAINE,^ (Benjamin Pierce,^ Jesse,'

Elias,^ Tristram,'^ John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,^) b. in Boston

Dec. 20, 1869, m. at New Britain, Conn., April 27, 1893,

Mary Ward, dau. of Edwin Bradbury and Charlotte M.

(Ward) Lyon, b. in New Britain, Conn., Dec. 24, 1868.

He fitted for College at St. Paul's School in Concord,

N. H. He was not particularly robust, but, feeling that a

good physique was an important factor in the composition of

a manly man, he gave much attention to athletics, especially

to rowing, and received much benefit therefrom. He made

excellent progress in his studies ; was admitted to Harvard

University in 1888, and graduated in 1892. He was a great

favorite with school-mates and instructors, ready to give the

best that was in him to whatever he felt had a claim upon

him. He was cheerful, fond of the bright and pleasant ; he


" A heart at leisure from itself,"

full of all manner of helpful impulses, so that his classmates
loved him, and cherish many memories of his disinterested-
ness. He rowed with his class crew, and left a good all-
around record.

Soon after graduation he entered the Market National
Bank of Boston, of which his father was a director, and went
to work modestly in a subordinate position. In May, 1893,
he entered the employ of Spencer, Trask & Co., Boston;
and in October following joined with Messrs. William Blod-
get and E. P. Merritt former members of the firm in estab-


lishing the Banking house of Blodget, Merritt & Co. ; in
this partnership he continued till the time of his death.

He was ambitious to make a name and record for himself
by his own exertions, not relying solely on famih' name and
fortune ; and began at the bottom of the business ladder, per-
forming cheerfully whatever duties were allotted to him.
He had a high standard of business honor and integrity, was
uniformly courteous and gentle in manner ; and even in
business relations manifested so man}^ lovable qualities that
he inspired not merely respectful but affectionate feeling for
himself in the minds of all who were closely associated with

He was, at the same time, a brave, resolute man. What-
ever he determined to do he pushed vigorously ; when any
difficulty came he was firm and calm. He could oppose
what he thought was mean or wrong ; and he never flinched
or showed cowardice when trouble came.

His friends were often chosen among men older and more
conservative than himself, the artist and the scholar as well
as the successful business man ; for he loved the companion-
ship of those who had achieved something.

It was when gathering facts regarding the career of his
father, in September, 1895, that Mr. Cheney first became
interested in the subject of family history. He felt that
to collect and perpetuate records of events throughout the
history of the Cheney family was one way in which he,
personally, might contribute something of permanent value.
In that spirit he authorized the creation of this book, desiring
to have exhaustive research for material made, both in this
country and in England. He took great interest in the
progress of the compilation. And when he was passing out
into the Land of the Immortals he made arrangements to
secure the completion and publication of the work.

And this is only one of many ways in which the harvest of
his generous life will be reaped by others.

He resided in Brookline. He also built on The Middle
Brewster, one of the islands in Boston Harbor, a summer


cottage called " The Capstan," where he spent many happy-
hours. He took great delight in yachting and in outings of
various sorts. He travelled widely ; visited Europe twice
with great enjoyment.

All who were intimate with him love to speak of him as a
^^ clean " man, with a fine sense of the pure and the true.

He was a hero in his struggles with the disease — tuber-
culosis — which fastened on him in the summer of 1896, and
took every measure which seemed to him wise to overcome
it. With high business standing, large wealth, home-friends
who were still more prized by him, and a wide circle of
admiring acquaintances, life offered great attractions to him.
But never did he speak a word of discouragement or bewail-
ing. He thought rather of others ; his self-control and
absence of irritability, the quiet bravery in which he passed
his last weeks at Colorado Springs, left a deep impression on
all who were about him or knew of him.


I. CHARLES WARD,io b. at Brookline April 28, 1894.
11. RUTH,io b. at Brookline Oct. 2, 1895.

m. WILLIAM HALSALL,io b. at Colorado Springs, Colo., Jan.
IS, 1897.

924. FRANKLIN PIERCE,^ (James Steele,^ Jesse,^
Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,^ John,^ Peter, ^ John,^) b. in Man-
chester, N. H. June 26, 1851, m. Jan. 4, 1883, Harriet
Josephine Robinson.

He is agent of the U. S. and Canada Express Co. at Man-
chester, N. H.

BENJAMIN PIERCE,9 (James Steele,^ Jesse,^
Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. at Man-
chester, N. H. May 30, 1854, "^- Margaret Kelley, b. July
12, i860.

He' is connected with the Pacific Cotton Mfg. co. of Law-



I. FRANK PIERCE,io b. Aug. i, 1879.

II. ALICE MARY,io b. Aug. 19, 1883.
in. AUGUSTUS STEELE/o b. Oct. 2, 1884.
IV. BENJAMIN OSGOOD/ob. April 26, 1886.

V. LUCY WHITTEMORE,io b. May 6, 1895.

928. LEWIS HIRAM,9 (William,^ John,' Elias,^ Tris-
tram,^ John/ John,^ Peter,2John,i) b. May 30, 1848, m. Alma
Currier. children.


929. ALBERTUS A.,^ (Augustus G.,^ Joel,^ Elias,^
Tristram,^ John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. Sept. 30, 1862,
m. Jan. 11, 1888, Ida Lyon.

PAUL E.,10 b. May 19, 1892.
MAURICE L.," b. July 21, 1894.

930. WILMOT R.,9 (Augustus G.,^ Joel,^ Elias,^ Tris-
tram,s John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. at Albany, Vt. March

26, 1865, m. Dec. 3, 1890, Nellie M. Pike.

EVELYN N.,10 b. March 27, 1892.

93 I . JOSEPH FRANKLIN,9 (Gilbert Nichols,^ Joseph,^
Jesse,*' John,^ John,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in Sterling
Feb. 28, 1832, m. June 12, 1862, Mary A., adopted dau. of
Thomas B. and Sarah E. (Murray) Foster, b. in Boston in

He resided in Somerville and in Boston. He d. in Wes-
ton, in May, 1874. children.

I. FRANK GILBERT," b. in Boston May 17, 1864, d. in Somer-
ville Nov. 21, 1873.

II. HATTIE AMANDA,io b. Dec. 25, 1865.

in. WILLIAM PAGE,io b. Sept. 21, 1874. Resides in Somerville;
is in business in Boston.




932. GEORGE GILBERT,^ (Gilbert Nichols,^ Joseph/
Jesse, ^ John,^ John/ John/ Peter/ John/) b. in Weston, July
19, 1839. "^- ^^''^y 27 ' ^8^8^ Mary A. King, of Weston.

He enlisted in co. I, 35th Mass. Vol. Infantry in 1862 ;
was discharged for disability Jan. 14, 1863. He was one
of the original members of St. Anne's church, Lincoln, and
an officer in it. He d. Dec. 22, 1890, at Weston.


EMMA MARIE,!" b. at Weston, March 7, 1874, resides in

933. Rev. NATHAN GILBERT,^ (Benjamin Franklin,^
Joseph,' Jesse,^ John,^ John,"* John,^ Peter, ^ John,^) b. in
Weston Sept. 29, 1840, m. i^% at Bareilly, India, Jan. 24,
Lucilla H. Green, M. D., who fell under the cruel stroke of
climatic disease, and d. at Naini Tal, India, Sept. 30, 1878.
He m. 2"^, in New York city, Nov. 19, 1888, Elizabeth, dau.
of Rev. John Pegg, of the N. Y. East Conference of the
M. E. church and Grace (Gilbert) his wife ; who was b.
July 10, 1859.

Mr. Cheney fitted for college at Wilbraham Academy and
graduated from Wesleyan Univ. Middletown, Conn, in 1869.
Was ordained deacon by Bishop Simpson in Keene, N. H.
April 15, 1866, and ord. elder at Bridgeport, Conn. April
14, 1872. He organized the South Park M. E. church,
Hartford, Conn, and continued there three years ; pastor of
the John st. church. New York cit}'-, 1872-1875 ; was ap-
pointed pastor of the English church at Naini Tal, India, in
1876, and continued there six years ; pastor of the N. Y.
avenue church, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1882-1885 ; presiding elder
of the N. Y. East Conference six years ; pastor of St. John's
church. New Rochelle, N. Y. four years ; and has been
pastor of the East Pearl st. church in New Haven since
April, 1895.

934. Hon. WILLIAM ATWELL/ (Benjamin Frank-
lin,^ Joseph," Jesse, ^ John, ^ John,* John, ^ Peter, ^ John, i) b. in
Weston, Mass. Feb. 18, 1848, m. Annie Elizabeth Skinner.


He fitted for the mijiistry but decided that it was not the
truest vocation for him, and entered the study and then the
practice of the profession of the law. He removed to Cali-
fornia ; was elected county judge of Plumas co. in 1878 ; in
1880 was chosen state senator and served for three sessions ;
was elected to the office of judge of the supreme court, in
which he remained six years. Has a good reputation as a
jurist, but now devotes himself to practice.

He has lectured widely on Law and Philosophy, and has
made some tours as a political orator.

Mrs. Cheney is a well-known writer and is actively inter-
ested in reform and missionary movements.


HARVEY b. Jan. 5, 1872, has just completed his law

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