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studies to the point of admission to the bar.

Tenth Generation.

950. EDWARD ELDEN,io Elden Hartshorn,^ Cyrus,^
Israel,' Eliphalet,*^ Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Damel,^ John,i)
b. at Prospect, Me. March i, 1859, m. July 14, 1885, Eda
Pettingill of Portland, Me. b. July 14, 1861. He received a
common school education and entered the store of Roberts
and Hichborn, ship-builders and general merchants. After
two years, business diminishing, he took a year at the
Seminary in Bucksport, Me. and then engaged with his
uncle, Albert Harriman at Stockton, Me. Then followed
a period with Powers and Emerson of Orland, Me. when he
came to the Chenery Mfg. Co. of Portland, Me. where he
fills an important position. Is a Free Mason and a cordial
worker and honored officer in the M. E. church.

95 I . WILLIAM BELL,io (Edwin Montgomery ,9 Stephen
Harding,^ Israel,'^ Eliphalet,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^
Daniel,2 John,i) b. at Rochdale, la. March 21, 1874, ^-


at Dubuque, la. Nov. 6, 1896, Irene Emily Puffer, b. in
July, 1879.


SARAH BELL," b. April 21, 1897.

952. RUSSELL HAMILTON,io (Carlton Ruthven,*
Stephen Harding,^ Israel," Eliphalet,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,*
Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John, i) b. on the summit of the Santa Cruz
mountains, in Santa Clara co., CaL, May 28, 187 1, m. at
San Jose, Cal. Aug. 5, 1893, Minnie E. Meyer. He resides
at Santa Clara, Cal.

L LEWIS CARLTON," b. Feb. 10, 1894.
II. HAROLD RUTHVEN," b. Dec. 18, 1895.

953. FRANKLIN VANE,io (Alden Delano,^ Thomas,^
Jonathan,'^ Joseph,^ Daniel,^ Thomas,* Daniel,^ Daniel,^
John,i) b. in Watertown Jan. 22, 1875, m. Sept. i, 1895,
Maude Geraldine Banks. He resides in Maiden.



955. CHARLES ABBOTT,io (Moses,^ Moses,^ Elias,^
Ehas,« Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) b. in Ash-
land, N. H., Aug. 26, 1844, "^- Clara Imogene, dau. of
Chester and Amy Eliza (Waterman) Marcy, b. at Hillsboro
Bridge, N. H., May 4, 1846; she is a descendant of John
Marcy an early member of the Roxbury church and colony,
one of the 13 men who founded Woodstock, Conn. Charles
Abbott Cheney was educated at Phillips Exeter Academy
and Bates College. Became a partner of his father in Paper-
making. Removed to Boston in 187 1, and entered the house
of Dillingham & Co., was afterward associated with Marples
and Shaw; later with Briggs & Co. of New York, as their
Eastern agent. After that he carried on the business of
Paper Stock importation alone. He died after a very short
illness, July 26, 1895, leaving many to lament one so genial
and possessed of so many admirable qualities.



AMY MARCY,ii b. in Henniker, N. H., Sept. 5, 1867; was
married in Boston at Trinity church, by Rev. Phillips Brooks,
D. D., Dec. 2, 1885, to Henry Harris Aubrey Beach, M. D., a
son of Elijah and Lucy Smith (Riley) Beach, b. in Middletown,
Ct., Dec. 18, 1843.

When she was but three years old she gave striking indica-
tions of musical talent, and neighbors and relatives predicted a
remarkable future. She came to Boston with her parents at
the age of three years, and has continued to reside there. She
was placed under good teachers of the piano at an early age,
and developed so rapidly that at the age of sixteen she was able
to play, with full orchestral accompaniment, in Music Hall.
She continued to study with great fidelity, and while still very
young began to compose. A cadenza for Beethoven's C minor
concerto which she wrote was performed by the Boston Sym-
phony Orchestra; a grand mass in E flat was rendered in 1892
by the Handel and Haydn Society. The first composition by
a woman ever performed by the New York Symphony Orches-
tra under the direction of Mr. Walter Damrosch was Mrs.
Beach's " Marj' Stuart." By request of the managers of the
Columbian Exposition, she wrote the " Festival Jubilee," for
the dedication of the Woman's Building. " The King and
Minstrel," a ballad for male chorus and orchestra ; a " Ro-
mance " for violin and piano, and many other works have been
produced by her.

956. FRED WILLARD/*^ (Elias Hutchins,^ Moses,^
Elias,' Elias,^ Moses,^ Edmund,* John,^ Peter,^ John,i) j^^ [^
Peterborough, N. H., May 19, 1853, m. Nov. i, 1876, Cora
May, dau. of Nicholas Gilman and Mary Jane (Flanders)
Mead, of Concord, N. H.

Learned the newspaper and job printing business under
his father in the office of the Granite State Free Press, Leb-
anon, N. H. Fitted for college at Colby Academy, New
London, N. H., graduating in 1874. ^^ ^^ years of age he
joined the Baptist church, at 21 the Odd Fellows and later
the Free Masons. Immediately assumed management of the
Free Press, and was for several years its editor and propri-
etor. January, 1881, founded at Newport, N. H., the Re-


publican Champion, another weekly newspaper, Republican
in politics, of which he was seven years editor and proprietor.
January, 1889, engaged in fire and life insurance in Newport.
Removed to Concord, N. H., December, 1892, and January,
1893, was appointed Special Agent of the Capital Fire In-
surance Company of that city, and a year later was also
chosen Assistant Secretary. Served nine years in the New
Hampshire National Guard, as 2*^ Sergt. and 2^ Lt. Co. G,
(Lebanon), 3*^ Regt., and i** Lt. and Capt. Co. D, (New-
port), 2*^ Regt. Subsequently commissioned Inspector Gen-
eral on staff of Gov. Hiram A. Tuttle, with rank of Brig.-
Gen., but did not enter upon the active duties of the office on
account of his health. Was Private Secretary to Govs. Straw,
Cheney and Prescott, and Engrossing Clerk of the Legis-
lature of 1885. Was Town Clerk of Newport several years,
and Representative in the Legislature of 1889, ^^^ Chairman
of the Newport School Board in 1891-92.


I. MORRIS DUNN,ii b. Feb. 28, 1878, d. Mar. 16, 1878.
n. MORTON MEAD,ii b. April 28, 1881.

957. GEORGE LOCKE,io (George Arthur,^ Alfred,*
Samuel,' EHas,*^ Moses,^ Edmund,^ John,^ Peter,^ John,') b.
at Providence, R. I., March 9, 1857, m. Oct. 18, 1887, Har-
riet Carnes.

He graduated from Harvard University in 1878, B. A.,
and from Harvard Law School in 1881, L.L.B. Resides at
Deep River, Conn.


I. SARAH,ii b. Aug. 22, 1890.
II. BARBARA," b. Feb. 11, 1892.

III. JULIA De forest," b. March 22, 1894.

IV. HARRIET CRAWFORD," b. Oct. i, 1895.

958. FRANK CARLETON,io (Luther,^ Lyman King,^
Stephen Danforth," Thomas,^ Peter,-^ Edmund,* John,*
Peter,2 John,') b. in Nashua, N. H. Dec. 28, 1862, m. irt


Worcester July lO, 1883, Annie Laura, dau. of William
Dean, b. in North Brookfield Aug. 27, 1863.

He resides in New York city ; is chief Inspector for the
Board of Education.

ELLA MAY," b. in Worcester June 10, 1885.

959« FREDERICK WALDO,io (Thomas Carleton,^
Lyman King,^ Stephen Danforth,''' Thomas,^ Peter, ^Edmund,*
John,^ Peter,2 John,i) b. in Manchester, N. H. Aug. 28,
1855, m. I*', Nov. 25, 1880, Ada Mary Daniels, b. in
Charlestown March 11, 1859, d. March 26, 1886. He m.
2^, Aug. 22, 1888, Clara Anna Cutts, of Barre, Vt., b. June
13, 1858. Is with the well-known house of Hovey & Co.
in Boston.


I. HORACE FREDERICK," b. in Boston June 28, 1882.

II. FLORENCE ROWENA," b. in Boston Oct. 11, 1883, d. April
25, 1896.

m. RALPH THEODORE," b. Jan. 20, 1897.

960. CLINTON LYMAN,io (Thomas Carleton,^ Lyman
King, ^Stephen Danforth,'^ Thomas,^ Peter, ^ Edmund,* John,^
Peter, ^ John,^) b. in Manchester, N. H. Dec. 16, i860, m.
Nov. 8, 1886, Julia Appleton, dau. of Henry P. and Abby
M. Bailey of Dorchester, b. in Weymouth in 1864.
He is a confectioner in Boston.

PAUL WARREN," b. Oct. 10, 1895.

96 I . CHARLES CLAYTON,io (William Joseph,^ Wil-
liam Riley ,^ William,''' Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,* John,^ Peter,^
John,i) b. in Stowe, Vt. Dec. 9, 1864, m. in Greensboro, Vt.
Feb. 28, 1890, Hattie Simonds. He resides at Craftsbury,

962. REUBEN WELLES,io, (William Joseph,^ William
Riley, s William,'^ Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,* John,^ Peter,^


John,^) b. in Stowe, Vt. Oct. 23, 1875, m. in Albany, Vt.
Aug. 8, 1892, Ida Udall, of Craftsbury, Vt. They reside
at Morristown, Vt.

963. ARTHUR LEWIS,io (George Arthur,^ William
Riley,^ William,^ Elias,^ Tristram,^ John,^ John^ Peter,^
John,i) b. April 15, 1867,01. Aug. 21, 1890, Emma Mossey.
Is a druggist at Morrisville, Vt. in the firm of Hall and

GUY ARTHUR.ii b. Jan. 17, 1892.




Alpheus Cheney graduated from Dartmouth College in 1795, hailing
from " Southbridge." Became a Lieutenant in the U. S. Army. Resided
at Painted Post, Steuben Co. N. Y. Resided at or near Osceola, Tioga
CO. Pa. in 1810 or thereabout, and held local offices, was said to be of
Lebanon, Pa. at sale of lands between 1820 and 1830.

Benjamin Cheney m. Polly Hunting. Children, b. in Needham.
I. Betsey, b. Sept. 11, 1805. 11. Benjamin, iii. Edmund Snow, b. Nov. 27,
1807. IV. William, b. March 8, 1810.

Benjaimin Cheney of Medfield, carpenter, and Esther, his wife, mortgaged
a tract of land in Medfield (which Esther had received that day) June 30, 1835.

Charles O. Cheney m. in Attleborough July 14, 18 16, Olive Daggett,
also of Attleborough.

1. Clark Cheney, a resident of some town in Canada, m. Leona Orton.
One of their seven children was John Gale.

2. John Gale Cheney, b. June 15, 1834 in East Hawkesbury, Canada,
m. in Malone, N. Y. June 4, 1859, Margaret Ann, dau. of Patrick Hunter,
b. in Belfast, Ireland May i, 1840. Has resided in Malone, Bangor, and
Brushton, N. Y. and Cleveland, O. Children, i. Abel Nelson, b. March
10, i860. II. John Sylvester, b. Aug. 7, 1861. iii. Jennie Ann, b. June 12,
1864, m. Dec. 23, 1882, John Ragans, b. in Cleveland, O. Sept. 10, 1861.
Children: (i) William John Ragans, b. Sept. 20, 1883, (2) Samuel Gale
Ragans, b. Dec. 6, 1885. iv. Ida, b. Sept. 18, 1866, m. Aug. 29, 1885,
William Ragans, who was b. in C. Aug. 30, 1859. Children: (i) Walter
Henry Ragans, b. June 3, 1886. (2) Nellie May Ragans, b. Nov. 16, 1887.
V. Nellie Maud, b. Sept. 22, 1873.

3. John Sylvester Cheney, b. at Brushton, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1861, m. in
Cleveland, O. Dec. 23, 1882, Mary Morrocks, b. in England May 30,
1862. Residence, Cleveland and Mansfield, O. Children: i. William John,
b. Sept. 30, 1883. II. Harry, b. Oct. 22, 1891.



4. Abel Nelson Cheney, b. in Bangor, N. Y. March, 10, i860, m. in
Cleveland, O. April 29, 1880, Jennie Hardwick, b. in C. Oct. 11, 1859.
Resides in Cleveland, O. Children: i. Nelson, b. April, 1883. 11. Howard,
b. Dec. 24, 1887. in. Marguerite, b. June 26, 1893. .

Edgar O. Cheney of Buffalo, N. Y. gives the following outline.

His great-grandfather, name unknown, removed from Vermont to Free-
dom, Cattaraugus co. N. Y. with children, Moses, Hurd, Aaron and two
daughters. Of these Moses m. "Jemima Streeter of Bridgewater, Vt."
Children : Moses, Eunice, Mary, Joshua, Joseph, all b. in Freedom, N. Y.
Moses, being killed by a falling tree, was buried by the side of his parents
near Sandusky, N. Y.

Joshua had children: (i) Edgar O., b. Oct. 12, 1843, (2) Helen, b. Aug. 2,.


James Cheney, a merchant at Headcorn, co. Kent, England, a native of
Biddenden, Kent, m. Elizabeth, and had children: (i) Richard, (2) James,
(3) William, (4) Charlotte, [m. King,] (5) George, (6) Mary Ann, (7) Edward,,
(8) Stephen, (9) Rainsley.

(7) Edward is in business in Chicago, 111. ; his son Frank L. is a lawyer
in that city.

(8) Stephen is a manufacturer of Gray Iron Castings at Manlius, N. Y..
having in partnership with him his son Walter W.

John Crawford Chaney, a lawyer in Washington, D. C. contributes the

A man by the name of Cheney or Chaney owned a farm on the Susque-
h«,na river in Pennsylvania and maintained a ferry, sometime about 1750.
He removed, in company with a brother, to a point west of Pittsburg, Pa.
and then to Columbiana CO., Ohio, not far from 1780. He had children:
I. John, II. Johnson, iii. James, iv. William, v. Polly, vi. Betsey.

II. Johnson m. Mary Brooks. Children: (i) John, (2) Aaron, (3) Ma-
tilda, (4) William, (5) James, (6) Johnson, (7) Sylvanus, (8) Mary.

(5) James, b. Aug. 22, 1823, m. Nancy, dau. of Samuel Crawford, of
Elkton, O. Children: [i] John Crawford, [ii] Sylvester, [iii] Mary Ellen,
[iv] Indiana Belle, [v] Matilda Jane.

[i] John Crawford m. Dec. 24, 1876, Ella M. Saucerman, of SulHvan,
Ind. Children: (i) Dirrelle Erskine, now a student in Wabash Coll., Craw-
fordsville, Ind. (2) Zoe Ethel,

'■^Joseph Chenee,''"' mariner, " master of the good ketch called the Pellican,
of Boston, burden fifty tons or thereabouts, now riding at anchor in the
Harbor of the said Boston, taking in her lading of Logwood, Sugar & Pel-
tery, bound hence for the port of London," gave the usual bond Oct. 11,
1 67 1. His signature is clear. He used the seal of the notary, Edw. Raw-^
son, — a common fashion of the times.

"■John Cheney oi the island of Antigua, merchant," resident within the
bounds of Boston, Oct. 12, 1727, transacted considerable importing and..


exchange business had suits in Boston court, &c. wrote a fine hand. He
signed a letter [in court files] at Antigua, March 2, 1728/9, and we have
no evidence that he came back to New England.

Lellen Sterling Cheney, professor of the department of Pharmacy in the
University of Wisconsin, at Madison, Wis., is son of Thomas B. and Mary
of Essex, O., where he was b. Dec. 28, 1858. His grandfather, John who
m. Sarah , was one of the sons of Ebenezer, who came from Con-
necticut, and moved into Union co., O., about 1830. [See p. 84.]

Royal Cheney, b. in Derby, Vt. June 18, 1840, m. i^', Sept. 1862, Electa
J. Gardner of Bradford, N. H. She d. in Newton, Mass. Aug. 17, 1867.
He m. 2'^i, Dec. 8, 1872, Kate S., dau. of William and Mary E. (Davis)
Graves, of Washington, N. H., b. Feb. 9, 1851. He engaged in civil
engineering and construction of railroads ; was entrusted with some im-
portant matters in the building of the Canadian Pacific R. R. in British
Columbia. Has since resided at Washington, N. H. [See p. 413, 751.]
Children: (i) Ernest, b. and d. in 1866, (2) Bertha J., b. in Newton, June,
1867, (3) Loria A., b. in Somerville, April 21, 1875, (4) Ernest G., b. in
Naugatuck, Ct. April 14, 1879, (5) Adah G., b. in Somerville, Aug. 19, 1880.

Royal Cheney, of Still River, m. March 22, 1893, Helen F., dau. of
Ephraim and Mary (Haskell) Whitney, b. April 7, 1854.

Theseus Apoleon Cheney, historian, b. in Leon Cattaraugus co., N. Y.,
16 March 1830: d. in Starkey, N. Y. 2 Aug., 1878. He was a student at
Oberhn in 1849-50, founded the Georgic Society and Library, and devoted
himself to the study of the history of southern New York. He published
"Report on the Ancient Monuments of Western New York" (i860),
"Historical Sketch of the Chemung Valley" (1866), "Historical Sketch of
Eighteen Counties of Southern and Central New York" (1868), " Laron ";
" Relation of Government to Science," and "Antiquarian Researches." In
a petition to Congress March 23, i860, he stated that he was a son of Lucy
Whiting, dau. of Caleb Whiting, Jr., and alleged the services of his great-
grandfather, Caleb Whiting, Jr. and of his grandfather, Caleb Whiting in
the Revolution, claiming compensation therefor. Petition denied.

William Cheetiy, (so he wrote his name,) was an early settler in Middle-
town, Ct. Made freeman and deputy to the Court in 1657, a commissioner
seven years, ensign of Middletown training-band in 1667; possessed large
estate. Had no son, but sent to England for a nephew, Benjamin Hand,
of Little Bourton, co. Oxford, to come and be his heir, avowing that he
would leave nothing to any of his relations by the name of Cheeny. He
made a will Sept. 17, 1704, dividing the estate between Benjamin Hand
and Cheeny, Ambrose and Eunice, the children of his deceased step-son
John Clark. He d. soon after, and litigation ensued. We afterward hear
of Benjamin Hand in Guilford, Conn.

William Fendoti Cheney, b. in the vicinity of Charleston, S. C, Feb. 22,
1776, m. Elizabeth Rivers Bealer, b. Feb. 25, 1787, d. July 13, 1833. He


removed to Louisiana about 1808, with brothers David and Hampton, and
bought of the Lidians and of the Government an extensive tract of land
which was named for him Cheney ville. He served as a colonel in the war
of 1812. He d. Jan. 21, i860. His son William Franklin, b. Oct. 24, 1818,
m. Matilda Ann Pearce, had seven children, one of whom, George Morgan,
b. July 14, 1862, m. April 14, 1886, Fannie Marshall and resides at Cheney-
ville. David Cheney left a son Oscar who lives at Alexandria, La. Hampton
Cheney left a son, Hampton J. who is postmaster of Nashville, Tenn.


Cheneys in the Revolution j from Massachusetts. The State Archives
have been carefully indexed for the period of the War of Independence,
and this index is being published in a series of volumes. The pages con-
taining the names Chaney, Chany, Channy, Cheeny, Cheney, Cheny, &c.
have been kindly shown to the compiler by the Secretary's assistants
having the work in charge ; and have enabled him to verify what he had
previously copied from the MS index. In applying these records to the
various members of the Massachusetts families, however, the writer must
admit that he has not always been completely certain that he was giving
records to the right men ! Especially in the case of the Johns, Daniels,
Thomases and Williams, great caution had to be exercised. Where he
found absolute evidence he has quoted it ; but in all other cases he sub-
mits the case to wiser heads for re-examination.

Richard Cheney., Stockbridge, served in Major's co., Sprout's regt. in
Continental Army, Jan. i, 1777; reported prisoner from July 6, 1777. On
muster Roll of Brewers co. in Brewer's regt. at Valley Forge, Jan. 23, 1778.
Not identified.

New Hampshire records of the Revolution were easily applied to the
right men. Those of other states have not been searched to any extent,
except the following.

Cheneys of Connecticut in the Revolutiofiary A rmy. From the Official Roll.

Ansel, enlisted Sept. 11, 17S0, in the 2)^ Conn, regt.; was discharged Dec.
12, 1780.

Daniel, enlisted as fifer June 10, 1776, was discharged Nov. 16, 1776;
prisoner at Fort Washington. Regiment not stated.

Daniel, enlisted July 24, 1780; was discharged Dec. 9, 1780. Regt. not
given. [See p. 80, No. 38 and 38, I.]

Ebenezer, enlisted April 28, 1777, for 3 years, in Allen's co. of the 3^ regt.
Was discharged May 28, 1880. [See 43, p. 84.]

Elijah, enlisted May 12, 1775, in Capt. Ephr. Manning's co. from Wood-
stock, in the 3*^ regiment. Col. Israel Putnam. Discharged Dec. 6, 1 775.
Re-enlisted May 22, 1777, in Cliff's co. of the 3*1 regt. Des. Jan. 19,
1778. Received a pension in 1818. [See No. 36, iv, p. 79.]


John, enlisted from Colchester in Capt. E. Bulkley's co. on the Lexington
Alarm ; served 20 days. Enlisted in Gift's co., 3<^ regt. Feb. 17, 1777,
for 3 years. Des, Aug. 23, 1778. [See p. 79, No. 36, vii ]

Joseph, served from April 2 to Dec. 31, 178 1 in Riley's co. of Webb's regt.
Sept. 7, 1 78 1, receipted for i month's pay, $6.60. "A Connecticut
pensioner, residing in Vermont," received a pension in 1818. [See
p. 67, No. 23, 47.] [See Hist. Salisbury, Vt.]

Penuel, of a Massachusetts family, residing in Windham co.. Conn. Sur-
geon. [See p. 72.]

Samuel, from New London, served 8 days on the Lexington Alarm. En-
listed May 6, 1775, in the s^^ co. of the 6'^'^ regt., Col. Parsons; was
discharged Dec. 17, 1775. Served in Capt. Wales' co. from Sept. i,
to Nov. II, 1780. [See Additions and Corrections below.]

Thomas, enlisted May 29, 1775, in Capt. Ephr. Manning's co. of the 3^
regt.. Col. Israel Putnam; was discharged Dec. 15, 1775. [See p. 67,
No. 44.] Enlisted May 26, 1 777, in Brown's co. of Col. John Durkee's
regt. for 8 months; was discharged Jan. 15, 1778. [See p. 80, No. 72.]

Timothy, was Captain of a company in Lt. Col. George Pitkin's battalion
from the town of Hartford on the Lexington alarm ; served 6 days.
The following minute is found in the Conn. Public Records for Dec.»

" Upon the memorial of Timothy Cheeney, showing to this Assembly that in consequence
of an order from the Captain General of this state he marched in the month of August last
with the company of militia under his command to the relief of the Continental array then in
New York; that after his arrival at New York aforesaid he was directed by his Honor the
Governor, signifyed to the commanding officer of the regiment to which he belonged, that it
was necessary he should be released from said service that he might make granulating sieves
for the purpose of making powder &c. ; that he accordingly did return home by said permit
&c. and was in said service the space of three weeks, and that his name was omitted to be in-
serted in the pay-roll made up for said company, and so without any fault of his he has lost
the wages and allowances justly his due &c. ; prajdng that allowance may be made him &c. as
per memorial &c." The petition was allowed. [See p. 278, No. 63.]

Waldo, corporal, enlisted May 11, 1775, in Manning's co. (the 7*'^) of Col.

Israel Putnam's regt.; was discharged Dec. 14, 1775. [See p. 79, No.

36, in.]
William, enlisted from Ashford in the 5"^ co. of the 3*^ regt.. Col. Israel

Putnam, May i, 1775, and was killed June 17, 1775, at Bunker Hill.

His name is on the bronze tablet at the park in Charlestown. [See

p. 67, No. 23.] This is undoubtedly William,* son of Benjamin,^ b.

in Cambridge about 1718 ; whose patriotism drew him to the scene of

conflict at the outset, and who " bravely fought and nobly died " in

the first pitched battle of the Revolution.
William, enlisted in the s^^ (New London) co. of the 6"^ regt., Col. Parsons,

May 6, 1775, and was discharged Dec. 10, 1775. [See p. 67, No. 46,

and p. 80, No. 74.]


William, was in Capt. Marcy's co., of Windham co., in the 6"^ Battalion of
Wadsworth's Brigade, Col. Chester, raised in June, 1776. Served in
New York and New Jersey.

William, apparently of Woodstock, enlisted Aug. 15, 1781. [See pp. (>'j
and 74.]

CHENEYS WHO held commissions in the u. s. volunteer service

[Official Army Register, Parts 1-7.]

The Rolls of separate states would furnish many more names ; but it has
not been possible to search these.

Alfred D., 1^ Lieut. 95"! 111. Inf. 15*11 Feb. 1865.

Allison W., i»' Lieut. 3o'i» 111. Inf. Resigned Sept. 18, 1864.

Alonzo, I St Lieut. S'l Mich. Inf. Oct. 18, 1864.

Alonzo E., i^t Lieut. 2o"i Wis. Inf., July 9, 1863.

Amhurst B., i^ Lieut. 218* Mich. Oct. 17, 1864.

' Capt. 40*11 Wis. Inf., June 8, 1864.

Augustus J., \ Capt. 49'ii Wis. Inf., June 8, 1865.

Brevetted Major for meritorious service.

Benjamin F., i^t Lieut. R. Q. M., (f^ Iowa Cav., May 3, 1864.

Benjamin H., Ass't Surgeon 41^* Ohio Inf., Res. Aug. 22, 1864.

Carlos E., i^' Lieut. — N. Y. Cavalry, 1865. (Not mustered.)

David F., i^t Lieut, (f" N. H. Inf. Dischg'd Nov. 30, 1864.

Davis H., i^t Lieut. 13"! Wis. Inf., June 17, 1865.

Dexter E., i^' Lieut. 57"! Mass. Inf., killed at Petersburg July 19, 1864.

Edward M., i«' Lieut. 33"* Mass. Inf., July 29, 1863.

Edward S., Capt. i2"i R. I. Inf. Dischgd. Jan. 17, 1863.

Frank W., Lt. Col. i6*i» Conn. Inf. Disch'gd. Dec. 24, 1862.

George H., Capt. 14*11 Me. Inf. Dischgd. Feb. 3, 1864.

George N., Capt. 33'^ N. Y. Inf. Resigned Jan. 22, 1862.

Harrison, Major, 154*11 N. Y. Inf. May 21, 1S65.

James W., Capt. 49*11 111. Inf. Mustered out March 22, 1865.

Jasper B., i^t Lieut. 8*ii N. Y. Cavalry. Dischgd. Dec. 5, 1864.

John, i^* Lieut. 34*11 Iowa. Awaiting muster Aug. 15, 1865.

John T., Maj. i^* 111. Light Artillery. Promoted to this position March
I, 1864, from Capt. of Battery F, 111. Light Art. Resigned Aug. 25, 1864.

Joseph, Capt. 151^* Ohio, May 13, 1864.

Laban C, Chaplain 4*11 Ohio Cavalry. Dischgd. July 17, 1862.

Lewis, i^* Lieut. 8*ii Maryland Inf. Dismissed Sept. 23, 1863.

Matthew B., Capt. 154*11 N. Y. Inf. Dischgd. July 26, 1864.

Nathan C, i^* Lieut. 8*ii Vt. Inf. Died of wounds, Oct. 31, 1864.

Newell, Capt. 9*11 N. Y. Cav. Mustered out Oct. 25, 1864.
Perley J. C, 2^ Lieut, i^* Vt. Cav. Dischgd. June 12, 1864.

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