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together with three acres of salt marsh, lying near the river,
" given me by my ffather's will, not yet set out to me."
April 5, 1725 he made a series of deeds of gift of his lands
to his wife and to his seven daughters ; there is no mention
of the son, Ebenezer, in any record we have seen, after the
record of his birth.

I. EBENEZER,* b. Nov. i, 1694.

n. MARY,* b, Dec. i, 1695, m. May 11, 1713, Thomas Dill,
ni. REBECCA,* b. Nov. 19, 1697, m. April 28, 1745, John MuUis.
IV. MEHITABEL,*b. Jan. 13, 1700-1, m. in Watertown, June i, 1725,

Benjamin Eames, of Hopkinton.
v. ABIGAIL,* b. June 30, 1703, m. Oct. 9, 1722, Thomas Brown,

VI. HANNAH,* b. , Int. mar. in Boston, Sept. 30, 1725, with

John Ellis.
VII. THANKFUL,* b. about 1707.
VIII. SARAH,* b. about 1709, m. Dec. 14, 1731, Daniel Burnap.

8. BENJAMIN,^ (Thomas,2 WiUiam,!) b. Jan. 29, 1675,
m. I'* his cousin Mary, dau. of Joseph^ Cheney of Medfield,
b. June 23, 1683 ; she d. Oct. 31, 1705. He m. 2^\ Nov. 14,
1706, Mary Harbert, who survived him and m. 2*^ Michael
Felshaw of KiUingly, Conn. She d. at Ashford, Conn.
May 15, 1760.

Benjamin Cheney resided in Cambridge. In 17 18 he
conveyed to his brother-in-law Josiah Cheney of Medfield
certain lands in Cambridge and all the interest which he or
the children of his "first wife, Mary Cheney, daughter of



Joseph Cheney, late of Medfield," might have in the estate of
her father. He d. July 13, 17 18.

He owned a homestead with house and barn, and 52^
acres of land, "bounded South, part on y® road leading to
Newtown and part on John Oldham, Westerly, part on Nath"
Oliver and part on Capt. Fuller, North on Josiah Bond and
y® heirs of Edward Prentice, on Amos Gates & a town high-
way, & East on y® town road leading from Cambridge to
Newtown." He also had 24^ acres of wood-land and pasture-
land, "lying between the barn and Wartertown road" &c.,
12 acres at "Weedy Hill," 9 acres of meadow at Weedy Hill,
2 acres and 130 rods of salt marsh on the south side of
Charles river. The appraised value of his estate was £948
at the time of his death; but a second appraisal, in 1726,
gave considerable larger estimates.

Administration on the estate of "Benjamin Cheney late
of Cambridge, yeoman," was granted to Mary Cheney, his
widow, Jan. 9, 1718-19. Guardians were duly appointed for
the children as follows : Josiah Cheney of Medfield for
Benjamin, Thomas, Mary and Hannah ; John Stedman for
Joseph, Ebenezer, Ruth, John and William. After Sted-
man's death the charge was given to Thomas, the second
son, and to Samuel Sparhawk. Joseph receipted for his
full portion on reaching his majority Nov. 2, 1731 ; Ruth,
for hers,— £115, July 4, 1736.

Thomas Brown contributes to the probate documents on
this estate; acting as attorney for his aged "grandmother
Cheney," Feb. 2, 1724, referring to " aunt Fellshaw " ; and
John Fessenden, at the same time, gives testimony to the
effect that his grandmother had boarded in the family of
Hezekiah Brown for some time during the lifetime of her
son Benjamin. Mrs. Felshaw, in her account, July 11, 1724,
charges the estate with money paid the College treasurer for
" the Intrist of £50 p. year annuity of 8^V' and for " keeping
my mother Cheney 6 years at 8^' py year." She also speaks
of " funeral charge for my daughter, deceased since her
father," referring, doubtless, to the youngest child, whose


name does not appear in town or church records. As was
often the case in "olden t3-me " the birth dates of these
children were not all recorded ; but various circumstances
enable us to determine some and to approximate closely to
others. children.

I. MARY,^ b. April 21, 1701, d. in infancy.

19. n. BENJAMIN,^ b. Sept. 7, 1703.

ni. MARY,* 1 ^ ^

^■b. Oct. 23, 1705.


Mar}' * m. her cousin Henry, son of Thomas Cheney, June 22,
1726. [See 13.] Hannah,* m. Capt. Zacchariah Goodale,
[Goodell.] He was born in Pomfret, Conn. Nov. 29, 1701,
and m. before 1726. She d. between the decease of her brother
Thomas in 1777 and the year 1795. Children: (i) Zachariah
Goodale, Jr. who m. his cousin Hannah, dau. of Henry * Cheney,
[see No. 13], (2) Hannah Goodale, m. Benjamin Shepherd, (3)
Susannah Goodale, m. Joshua Holt, (3) Esther Goodale, m.
Zebadiah Ingalls, (4) Sarah Goodale, m. Mr. Sikes, (5) Alice
Goodale, m. John Sessions, (6) Mary Goodale, m. Mr. Goit, (7)
Penelope Goodale, m. Joseph Griggs, (8) Zeruiah Goodale.
[This list of daughters is given in the final distribution of Col.
Cheney's estate, in 1795.]

20. V. THOMAS,* b. about 1708.

21. VI. JOSEPH,* b. Nov. 2, 1710.

vn. EBENEZER,* b. about 1711, d. about 1731.

VIII. RUTH,* b. about 1713, m. Nov. 7, 1740, EHas Mason, of Cam-
bridge. Children: (i) John Mason, (2) Ruth Mason, who m.

Ainsworth and was a widow in 1795, (3) Mary Mason,

who m. Stephen Greenleaf, (4) Rachel Mason, who m. Francis
Worthington. John Mason resided in Charlton in I78i,andthe
Worthingtons in Henniker, N. H.

22. IX. JOHN,* b. about 1715.

23. X. WILLIAM,* b. about 171 7.

XI. A daughter, b. in 17 18, d. before 1724.

9, H^UCSL^ CSuHM^ WILLIAM, 3 (William,^

p WilHam,!) b, Aug. 3, 1666*,
m. Margaret . She d. April i, 1740. She and her

*Thisis the date of birth of William son of William ^ of Roxbury and Mendon, who has been
assumed by Ballou and others to have been the father of the Mendon man. All probabilities favor
this theory ; yet it is not positively demonstrated.


husband were both members of the church. His name
first appears on a list of persons taxed for the support
of the minister in Mendon in October, 1695. The town
voted, March 5, 1705-6, to give him " liberty to leave some
land on Magor Miscock and take some instead neer to Seth
Chapin's house, neer to the road leading to Sherburne."
He received another grant April 13, 1706. We copy the
following from the Proprietors' Records of Mendon.

" William Chetiy

forty Acres of Timothy Winters fourth devission of Land Now
William Chenys As Appears by A deed of sale baring Date January : y®
iitii 1704/5 and Acknowed before Josiah Chapin Esquir Aprill. y?. 8"' 1706.
Aprill 1 3^1^ 1 706 Laid out to William Cheny forty Acres of Timothy
Winters fourth devission And butted and bounded as followeth thirty four
Acres Laid out upon A hill A little eastward from Seth Chapins Land :
Easterly upon the swamp Lott of benjemin Wheton and all other sids upon
Comon Land Laid out with Alowanc for A hyway through it Leading To
Sherborn Laid out two Acres for one by Josiah Chapin & James Lovit comite

April \i^^ 1706 Six Acres More of the Aboves*^ forty Acres: Laid
out A joining to the North end of Seth Chapins Land bounded southerly
on sd Chapins Land Westerly upon the Land of John Jones Northerly
upon the Land of benjemin Wheton Laid out with Alowance for a hyway
of three Rod wide Leading to Mago Miscok: Laid out with Alowanc two
Acres for one by Josiah Chapin & James Lovet Comite."

He resided in that portion of Mendon which was afterward
incorporated into Milford, and carried on his large farm
amid the hardships and dangers of the time.

Here is one of the deeds of land he sold, which is recorded
at Boston, Mendon being then included in Suffolk county.

" William Cheney, Sen^ of Mendon in the county of Suffolk within his
Majties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England husbandman "
sold to "Seth Chapin jun'' of Mendon," Sept. 17, 1725, for the sum of
" fourty pounds," "One Messuage or Tract of Land situate lying and being
in Mendon in the county aforesaid containing by estimation twenty six
acres be it more or less butted and bounded beginning at a heap of Stones
near the sd Cheneys now Dwelling house by the Southwest end of two


Rocks by the Road side one of them standing up a edge out of Ground a
few feet No*'^ from the other then bounded Westerly upon the Land of the
Grantor with a strait line to the Land of the Grantee to a heap of Stones
about three Rod & one pace West from a black Oak tree upon the end of the
hill being a North Easterly Corner of the Land of the Grantee then bound-
ing Southeasterly upon the land of Joseph Sumner by a various line of
marked trees to a Chestnutt tree on the east side of a little pond hole
sworn [p]e so continuing by marked [trees] to A White Oak tree with a
heap of stones at the root the s<^ tree standing near the path that leads
through s'i land to Benj* Haywards Southerly from the Swamp that runs
thr5 s<^ Land then running by mark trees to a black Oak tree upon a Ridge
hill upon y® East side of A little Swamp that comes out South from the
main Swamp.

then turning a little & running to a White oak tree at the Land of
the Grantee by the brook side that comes through Sumners Land
then bounded so East by the Swamp & Land of the Grantee home to the
Road that leads to SherDourne to a White Oak tree being a North Corner
then bounding Norwesterly upon s'^ Road to A white oak tree marked upon
the side of the Hill by the wayside so running by the Roadside to another
White oak tree so to a heap of Stone by the wayside near a heap of Rock
North from s*i Rocks so running to the first bounds being A Westerly
corner the land above mentioned lyeth South side of Sherbourne Road."
Margaret Cheney, wife of William Cheney, signed the deed with him.
Margaret White and William Cheney, Jr. were witnesses.

They conveyed a portion of their estate to their son
William, June 24, 1730, and another part to their son
Ebenezer at about the same time. William, Sen. and
William, Jr. both signed a petition of residents on the
Easterly side of Mill river to be formed into a new precinct
or town, Nov. 25, 1741 ; which resulted in the formation of
the church and precinct of Milford at once, and its incorpo-
ration as a town in 1780. (Between 1741 and 1780, there-
fore, the names Milford and Mendon were both used for that
locality.) He d. Jul}' i, 1753. He was a man of excellent
character and much esteemed by all who knew him. In
1750 a member of the Milford church was disciplined for
intoxication and for "casting vile reflections" at Mr.
Cheney ; and the pastor took occasion to record his opinion
of Mr. Cheney as an "honourable and aged" man.


I. MARGARET,* b. Aug. 30, 1695, m. White.

II. SARAH,* b. Feb. 15, 1698-9, m. April 28, 1720, John White, son

of Thomas White, of Mendon.
III. HESTER,* b. June 17, 1701.

24. IV. WILLIAM,* b. Feb. 7, 1703-4.

25. V. EBENEZER,* b. Nov. 20, 1706.
VI. ABIGAIL,* b. Sept. 21, 1709.

I O. BENJAMIN,^ (William,2 Williami,) b. in Dorchester
May I, 1677, m. Feb. 22, 1699, Martha, dau. of WiUiam
and Mary Royal, b. Sept. 6, 1679; ^^^ ^- ^^g- 21, 1767.
He resided in Dorchester. He had a share in the township
of Ashburnham in the right of a younger brother who fell
in the campaign of 1690 ; but never went to occupy it. He
was a " cordwainer." He d. Dec. 17, 1737 ; the widow sold
her homestead to her son Jacob, Jan. 17, 1758. He is the
only one of the children we are able to trace.


I. JOHN,*b. Oct. 21, 1700.
II. BENJAMIN,* b. July 24, 1703, d. in infancy.

III. DEBORAH,* b. July 12, 1704.

IV. BENJAMIN,* b. Feb. 7, 1706.

V. JACOB,* b. Oct. 16, 1709, d. young.

VI. MARY,* b. Dec. 26, 171 2.

VII. SAMUEL,* b. May 9, 17 16.

26. VIII. JACOB,* b. May 24, 1719.

I I . JOSIAH 3 (Joseph,2 William,i) b. in Medfield July 27,

1685, m. ist, Hannah , who d. April 22, 1717 ; he m.

2d, Hannah, dau. of Ebenezer and Hannah (Clark) Mason,
widow of Mr. Smith. He was a resident of Medfield. He
travelled as far as Warwick, or, at least, had land assigned
him there in 1737, — Lot No. 8; but he did not remove
thither. He drew lots in Sturbridge at the laying out of the
town, but did not live to use them. Feb. 22, 1754, he deeded
to his son Timothy his homestead and certain lands — " as a


part of his portion of my estate ;" — and on the same day
conveyed lands in Medfield and Walpole to his twin sons,
Samuel and Simon. He was a member of the church and
had all his children baptized in their infancy. He d. in 1754.

I. ELIZABETH,^ b. Sept. 21, 1707,111. Peter Taft.of Uxbridge.

27. n. JOSEPH,* b. Aug. 18, 1709.

in. HANNAH,-* b, Feb. 13, 1710-11, m. in Boston April 11, 1734

John Taft, of Uxbridge.
IV. MARY,* b. May 7, 1713, m. Nov. 24, 1738, Jonathan Lovell.
V. ESTHER,* b. June 29, I7i5,m. in Boston, Sept. 25, 1733, Joshua

Armsby, of Medfield.

28. VI. JOSIAH,* b. Feb. 15, 1723.

VII. EBENEZER,* b. May 30, 1735, became a weaver; resided in
Sturbridge ; d. in early manhood, and by will bequeathed his
property to his brother, Josiah Cheney, of Holden, his sister
Rhoda and his brother Timothy of Medfield, Jan. 13, 1755.

29. VIII. TIMOTHY,* b. Oct. 10, 1726.

30. IX. SAMUEL*, 1 ,

>b. Jan, 22, 1729-30.


Simon died in 1 755. His will, dated May 23, proved Nov. 28 of
that year, left his property to his brothers Samuel, Timothy,
Josiah and Ebenezer and his sister Rhoda. The History of Med-
field says he served in the French and Indian war.

XI. RHODA,* b. Feb. 13, 1733-4, m. in Dedham, June 2, 1 761, Job


XII. ELIPHALET,*! f d. early.

>b. Aucr. 3 1736, i ,

XIII. SILENCE,* J * •^' ^-^ ' [d. same day.

12. EPHRAIM,3 (Joseph,^ William^), b. Oct. 19, 1696,
m. i^\ Hannah ; m. 2'^, in 1726, Anne, dau. of Solo-
mon and Mary (White) Clark. He lived in Medfield. He
built a grist-mill in the east part of the town, and had a share
in a saw-mill on the same stream. He was a selectman in
1738 and 1759. H^ ^^^ ^^^ '^^^^^ "Hannah" sold to Lt.
Eleazer BuUard of Medfield 80 acres of woodland and swamp
in Dedham, June 24, 1720, and he sold a tract in Walpole
to James Gerauld, Sept. 11, 1727. He d. Oct. 30, 1759.


Ephraim Cheney's Will, dated March 17, 1758, was presented for pro-
bate Dec. 14, 1759 by his widow Ann, the executrix. He gave to his wife
all the lower rooms in the dwelling house, the grist mill and suitable lands
annexed ; to his three daughters, Sarah, Ann and Hannah, the use of " the
chamber " as long as they remained single ; and directed that his wife's
" dowry of thirds " should be divided equally among all his children after
her death. There were so many persons who came forward with claims,
however, that the estate yielded little but care, in spite of all the good
miller had wrought. The widow's dower was, however, set off by com-
missioners Nov. 13, 1760. July 29, 1765 she reported to the court that
she had sold " by publick Vendue " the house, barn, mill and land, and
placed the proceeds of the sale, one hundred and sixteen pounds, in the
hands of Seth Kingsberry and Nathan Clark, who were to pay her interest
thereon and pay the principal to the children after her death. The
final account was closed Jan, 9, 1767.


I. SARAH,4 b. Dec. 16, 1727; m. Dec. 27, 1762 Nathaniel Sterns
of Douglass.

31. II. LEVI,^ b. Jan. 21, 1729-30.

III. RACHEL,* b. Aug, 10, 1732 ; d. Dec. 6, 1750.

IV. EPHRAIM,* b, Nov. 30, 1734; d. Oct. 5, 1749.
V. ANNA,* b. Sept. 30, 1736 ; d. June 10, 1762.

VI. HANNAH,* b. April 24, 1739.
VII. JOSEPH,* b. Aug. 29, 1 741 ; d, Jan, 6, 1741 — 2.

32. VIII. JOSEPH,* b. April 17, 1743.

IX. MARY,* b. Nov. 5, 1746 ; d. May 3, 1747.
X. MARY,* b. Oct. 24, 1748 ; d. in 1753.

33. XI, EPHRAIM,* b, Sept. 18, 1750.

Fourth Generation.

I 3, HENRY/ (Thomas,3 Thomas,^ William,^) b. in Rox-
bury about 1690, m. in Boston June 22, 1726, his cousin
Mary, dau. of Benjamin ^ and Mary (Cheney) Cheney, of
Cambridge, b. Oct. 23, 1705. He was a farmer and resided
in Roxbury. He d. Dec. 22, 1737 ; the wife d. Feb. 16,


1739. His estate seemed pretty large, appraised at £2015,
15s., iid. ; but many expenses reduced the amount divided.
All the sons died before maturity or soon after, leaving
Hannah and Mary only in 1778 to inherit the portion of Col.
Thomas Dudley's estate which fell to their mother who was
his sister.


I. HENRY,5 b. Sept. 26, 1726, d. July, 1750, bequeathing his prop-
erty to his housekeeper and her son.

n. THOMAS,^ b. April 28, 1728, d. before 1747.
ni. MARY,^ b. Nov. 30, 1729, d. Aug. 28, 1733.
IV. MARY,5 b. Feb. 17, 1732, d. Nov. 18, 1735.
V. BENJAMIN,^ b. Dec. 24, 1734, d. Dec. 23, 1739.
VI. HANNAH,^ b. March 8, 1735, m. Oct. 6, 1760, Zechariah Good-
ale^ Jr. of Pomfret, Conn. Children: (i) Frederick Goodale, (2)
William Goodale, (3) Elizabeth Goodale, (4) Matilda Goodale,
(5) Lucinda Goodale, (6) Mary Goodale, (7) Samuel Goodale,
(8) Lucy Goodale, (9) Harvey Goodale.

VII. MARY,5 birth not recorded, was the principal heir of her uncle,
Rev. Thomas Cheney, of Brookfield in 1714, and one of the heirs
of her uncle Col. Thomas Cheney of Dudley, in 1778. In the
meantime she married Joseph Shaw.

14. Rev. THOMAS,* (Thomas,^ Thomas,^ William,^)
b. in Roxbury about 1690, m. i^% Dorothy, dau. of Mr.
Joseph and Lydia (Marshall) Hawley, of Northampton;
m. 2'^ May 22. 1746, Mary, dau. of Rev. John Cotton of
Newton, b. Dec. 7, 17 19.

He graduated from Harvard College in 171 1. Taught
school at Medfield six months, for "£12 and his diet";
studied theology, and began the work of the ministry.

He was called to the church in Brookfield and ordained
there Oct. 16, I7i5,the church organization being completed
the same day. There he preached the Gospel and ministered
to the spiritual needs of young and old for thirty-five years.
He was held in high esteem, and left an honorable record.
His pastorate covered a period of hardship and toil and fear-
ful Indian troubles. But he was ever sympathetic toward his


people and a good friend to them in every way. The follow-
ing petition which is on file in the office of the Secretary of
the Commonwealth at Boston, addressed to the governor of
the Province, is an interesting memorial of the good man.

" May it Please Your Honour

I would by These humbly Intreat your Honour would think of our poor
afflicted Town, and that your Honour would please to Grant our Town
some Garrison Soldiers. I would beg your Honour not to be troubled that
I take upon me to request this favour of you for my People, for their In-
terest & welfare in a great measure is mine ; and if they cant have some
Help ; by reason of the danger of the Enemy they will not be able to Im-
prove their Lands & so not able to Live themselves nor to pay me my
Sallery, and several of my People desired that I would write a line to your
Honr in their behalf. This S^ with hearty Thanks for the care Your
Honour hath taken of us and with hearty wishes of all Prosperity upon
your Person Family and Government is from your Dutifull and obedient
Brookfield May 25/1725

^ilumo^ (Qmwv

He d. Dec. 11, 1747. His will, dated Nov. 2, 1747, was
admitted to probate Dec. 31, following. In it he bequeathed
one half his estate to his wife ; to his niece, Mary Cheney,
daughter of his brother Henry, he left the other half when
she should arrive at the age of eighteen years or at her
marriage ; then to her issue, if any ; otherwise to his
nephew Henry Cheney, and then to his eldest son, lawfully
begotten. He gave Mar}" also a silver tankard and six silver
spoons which he had before his second marriage : he pro-
vided that she should be educated with a part of her inheri-
tance ; " and, that she maybe set off Decently when she shall
enter into marriage estate." He appointed his wife and Rev.
John Cotton of Newton executors of his will, but the latter
declined on account of the distance of his home from Brook-
field — a great way for an aged man at that period — and
Mrs. Cheney was authorized by the court to act alone. His
books were appraised at £145 ; and the remainder of his
estate, including 369 acres of land, " 2 negro men and one


negro woman," and various other helps and impediments
made up a total of £5031-19^-6'^ The first account of
administration was rendered May 10, 1748 ; before the second
account was rendered the widow had become the wife of
Joseph Pynchon, Esq. whose name was joined with hers in
the later papers. She d. in 1784.

I 5. Lieut. EBENEZER,4 (Thomas,^ Thomas,^ William, i)
b. in Roxbury Dec. 5, 1699, m. i^*, Dec. 25, 1729, Elizabeth,
dau. of Rev. Thomas and Elizabeth Palmer, of Middle-
borough. She d. April 17, 1769, and he m. 2*\ May 14,
1772, Mrs. Abigail (Winchester) widow of Ebenezer Stone.
He joined the church Oct. 4, 1730; purchased a tract of
land Sept. 6, 1731 ; bought his brother John's homestead in
1757, and about the same time purchased the property of
his (unmarried) sister Hannah, then residing in Boston. He
was a large landholder, both in Roxbury and Middleborough.
He d. March 24, 1780.

In his will, dated Feb. 3, 1780, he gave to his wife,
Abigail, the life use of a house and lot in Roxbury, " now
in possession of Henry Payson," and the use and improve-
ment of one half of his lands and buildings in the town
of Middleborough, Plymouth county ; reserving to his son
Samuel Cheney the right to cut twenty cords of wood a year
from a certain tract there ; other minor provisions for her
comfort are specified. To his daughter Mary, the wife of
John Morey, he bequeathed the final ownership of all his
Middleborough property, on her quitclaiming to his estate all
her rights in the Roxbury property whether derived from
himself or from her mother Elizabeth Cheney, deceased.
Samuel, his son, was made heir to the property in Roxbury
and elsewhere, excepting that specified for the widow and
daughter, on condition of his yielding to the estate his rights
derived from his mother, Elizabeth ; and the personal estate
went to Samuel, he paying expenses of settlement. The
will was admitted April 7, 1780, and the executor's account
was rendered April 20, 1789.



I. ELlZABETH.^b. Oct. i, 1730, d. Aug. 11. 1742.
II. THOMAS, = b. April 22, 1734, d. Aug. i, 1742.

III. HANNAH,^ b. Aug. 5, 1736, d. Aug. 11, 1742,

IV. SARAH,^ b. Sept. 10, 1738, d. Feb. 11, 1739.

V. EBENEZER,^ b. Oct. 19, 1740, d. Aug. 22, 1742.
VI. MARY,5 b. Sept. 16, 1743, m. Sept. 9, i"] 6%, John Mory.
34. vii. SA?kIUEL,5 b. Dec. 25, 1746.

I 6. JOHN,-^ (Thomas,3 Thomas^ William, i) b. in Rox-

bury, m. Mary . They owned the covenant in the

Roxbury church in Feb., 1724. His father left him some-
thing in the way of property, specifying his " rights in the
town of Woodstock." Sept. 16, 1725, he bought a house
and land in Brooklield of Joseph Jennings. x\pril 26, 1727,
hailing from Western, [Warren,] he sold to his brother Ebe-
nezer his homestead in Roxbury, "near Gardner's Green,"
an acre and a half of land, with buildings, etc. He resided
in Western until his death in 1770.

The estate of "John Cheney, late of Western," was ad-
ministered May 25, 1770. It consisted of real estate lying
in the towns of Western, Rutland and Brooklield ; a fine
plan is on lile at Worcester, giving the location of the various
tracts. The valuation of real and personal estate was £2500,
in round numbers. His son, Thomas, administered at first ;
after his death the widow, Mary, continued the trust. The
widow's thirds were made over to her in 1771, and distribu-
tion of the balance was made to the following heirs : the
surviving children, Thomas, John, Mary Rich, Elizabeth,
Sarah Rice, Hannah, ]Martha and Lucy; giving to Thomas
a double portion. Thomas was appointed guardian of the
three younger daughters, who required supervision all their
lives. Death followed upon death: John, Jr., passed away
in 1772, Thomas and Elizabeth in 1776, and Sarah about
the same time : so that a reduced circle received the estate of
the father in 17 78. Finally, Jan. 4, 1785, that which was


left of the mother's dowrj' was divided among the follow-
ing : Mary Rich ; Hannah, Martha and Lucy Cheney ; the
heirs of Sarah Rice, namely Cheney Rice, Thomas Rice
and Molly Rice ; Hannah Gleason, the widow of Thomas
Cheney ; and Rachel Hodges, the second daughter of Mary


I. THOMAS," m. Hannah ; he d. in 1776 without issue; his

widow m. 2<i, Joseph Gleason.

II. J0HN,5 m. in Sturbridge, May 30, 1764, Marj- Shumway ; d. with-
out issue in 1772.

III. MARY,° m. Thomas Rich.

IV. ELIZABETH,5 d. 1776.

V. SARAH,5 m. Edward Rice. Children: (i) Cheney Rice, (2)

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