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II. HULDAH,6 b. Sept. 9, 1767.

III. THOMAS,^ b. June 24, 1769.
89. IV. DANIEL,^ b. June 9, 1771.


90. V. ABIEL,^ b. Aug. 10, 1773.

VI. ELIZABETH,^ b. Aug. 27, 1775
VII. BENJAMIN,6b. Sept. 12, 1777.
VIII. NABBY,6 b. May 17, 1779.

91. IX. J0HN,6 b. Aug. 17, 1781.

X. HANNAH,6b. Nov. 19, 1783.

XI. WILLI AM,6b. Feb. 17, 1785.

XII. RUTH,6b. July 31, 1788.

49. WALES,^ (WilHam,4 WilliaiV William,^ William^)
b. in Mendon Aug. 31, 1732, m., Nov. 10, 1756, Sarah,
dau. of Jonathan and Lydia (Jones) Whitney, b. 1730, d.
Nov. 6, 1822.

Reputed a frugal, temperate, punctiliously upright man,
a kind neighbor. He lived in Milford just beyond the
" Whitney place " toward " Hayden Rov^ " ; he also owned
some property in Orange. He d. March 27, 1825.

In 1828, in the settlement of Wales' estate, the following
heirs sold their shares to Alexander : Nathaniel Cheney,
Esq., of Jamaica, Vt, with his wife, Hannah; David and
Betsey Cheney of " Irving's Grant"; Nathan and Ruth
Cheney and John and Lydia Corbett, of Orange ; Asa
Cheney, of Milford ; John and Polly Hero, and Aaron and
Emilia Hero, of Holliston.


92. I. J0SIAH,6 b. Aug. 9, 1757.

93. 11. NATHANIEL,«b. Oct. i, 1758.

III. SUSANNA,^ b. Dec. 5, 1760; m. Joel Thayer; resided in
Wyoming, N. Y.

94. IV. DAVID,« b. Feb. 25, 1763.

95. V. NATHAN,6 b. May 4, 1765.

VI. LYDIA," b. May 4, 1767; m. April 6, ly^G, Jolm Corbett, of

96. VII. ASA," b. Dec. 20, 1769.

97. VIII. AM0S,6b. Sept. 26, 1773.

IX. ANNA," b. April 21, 1777 ; m. March 25, 1798, Otis Butterworth
of Bellingham ; rem. to western New York.

98. X. ALEXANDER," b. Oct. 8, 1780.


50. CALEB,5 (William/ William,^ William,^ William,^)
b. in Mendon, Jan. 12, 1738-9; m. March 9, 1758, Mary,
dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Ammidown) Wheelock, b.
Dec. 31, 1738. A highly respected man and citizen; first
town clerk of Milford after its separate incorporation in 1780,
and one of the first board of selectmen. He is said to have
served in the French and Indian war. On the Lexington
alarm, April 19, 1775, he was lieutenant of the Second com-
pany of Mendon Minute-men, who marched to the scene of
conflict under Capt. William Jennison. The service was 11
days. His name appears in the list of men in Capt. Gershom
Nelson's co., dated July 19, 1776. He was also a sergeant
in Lieut. Seth Thayer's co., 3d Worcester Co. regt., com-
manded by Lieut. Col. Nathan Tyler ; marched to Provi-
dence, R. L, on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776; service, i mo.
15 days. He d. July 5, 1800 ; his widow d. March 3, 1814.
In the distribution of his estate Sept. 5, 1801, the heirs who
receipted for portions were these : the son Charles, with his
wife, Sarah ; daughters, Rachel and Elizabeth Cheney,
Mary Kimball, Hannah Carpenter ; and Daniel and Sally
Beals, grandchildren. Caleb, Jr., was the administrator.

When the widow died, she made the following bequests :
her golden necklace to her eldest daughter, Tryphena ; her
worsted combs [for carding] to her daughter. Relief ; her
third part of the meeting house pew to Olive ; the use of
her portion of the house to Elizabeth and Olive as long as
they should remain single ; and in the division of the remain-
der of the estate the portion of a daughter should be double
that of a son ! She appointed Calvin executor.


I. TRYPHENA,6 b. Nov. 13, 1758; m. Sept. 24, 1778, Oliver
Smith of Holliston,

99. n. ARTEMAS,« b. Oct. 12, 1760.

III. MARY,^ b. Sept. 28, 1762; m. July 7, 1781, Jonatha7t Kimball.

IV. RELIEF,^ b. Aug. 12, 1764, m. June 25, 1784, Enos Beal.

100. V. CALVIN,6b. April 26, 1766.

VI. ELIZABETH,^ b. May 21, 1768 ; d. Jan. 4, 1810.


loi. VII, CALEB, jr.,6 b. April 3, 1770.

VIII. OLIVE,^ b. April 14, 1772; m. Sept. 2. 1790, Asa BeaL
IX. RACHEL,^ b. March 24, 1774 ; m. Oct. 4, 1810, Satnuel Wilson.
of Upton.

102. X. CHARLES,«b. Aug. 22, 1776.

XI. HANNAH,*^ b. Nov. 7, 1778 ; m. Elisha Carpenter oi Attleboro.
XII. SARAH, 6 b. Dec. 8, 17S0; m. April 20, 1814, Samuel Lackey
of Upton.

51. EBENEZER,5 (William,* William,^ William,^ Wil-
liam, i) b. in Mendon, July 10, baptized July 19, 1741, m.
i^S March 18, 1760, Abigail Thompson; she d. in Warwick,
Jan. 16, 1776, aged 41. He m. 2'\ [published Oct. 18,
1776,] Hannah Gould ; she d. Oct. 10, 1828, aged 70. He
served in the French and Indian War ; enlisted from Mendon
April 27, 1760, in Capt. William Jones' co. ; was dis-
charged Nov. 26, 1760, after 30 weeks service. Roll dated
at Boston, Feb. 25, 1 760/1. He was a sergeant. [Archives
Vol. 97, p. 384.] He was received to full communion in
the church of Milford (formerl}^ part of Mendon) Aug. 30,
1767. After a few years he removed to Warwick, where he
was at one time a member of the board of selectmen. The
town of Warwick was divided in 1783 and the portion in
which the Cheneys and Goodells resided was called Orange,
and incorporated in 18 10. This fact accounts for some
statements made elsewhere. He stayed in Orange and took
rank as a leading citizen, a town officer in several instances.
He and his wife sold in 1798 and 1824 lands in Framingham
which had belonged to her relatives by the name of Learned.
Mr. Cheney d. in Orange Nov. 14, 1828.

I. ELiJAH,6b. Sept. 14, d. Oct. 18, 1760.

103. II. EBENEZER,« b. Sept. 7, 1761.

104. III. ELIJAH,^ b. April 9, 1764, bapt. May 13, 1764, "on his mother's

account," because the father had not then joined the church.
IV. ABNER,^ b. Nov. 10, 1765 ; graduated from Dartmouth College
in 1 796 ; taught, the following year, the Academy at Charleston,
N. H., where he won great respect, and gave much promise of


usefulness. But he died at the close of the year. An inspection
of the inventory of his effects shows us his Greek Testament and
other tokens of Theological study, and books of literary cast ;
along with a bass viol and books of vocal and instrumental
music. Evidently he had a versatile, talented nature, and was
one who might have been widely beloved and greatly useful.
Great was the mourning, we learn, over his early death. But
surely one so in harmony with the True, the Beautiful and the
Good, must find place and field in His loved Father's higher
realm !
V. SIMEON,'^ bapt. Dec. 29, 1767, d. in infancy.
VI. J0ANNA.6 ]3_ April 16, bapt. April 24, 1768, m. i^t, May 10,
1786, Zina Goodell, (Joseph, ^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ Zechariah,"^
Robert,^ of Salem,) b. March 25, 1765, d. March 29, 1814. She
m. 2'i Seth Ellis. She d. April 28, 1862, at the advanced age
of ninety-five. Of her thirteen children four have lived to be
over ninety and four others over eighty years of age. Children :
(i) Joanna Goodell, b. Nov. 12, 1787, m. Moses Smith, and had
children, [i.] Orena Smith, [ii.] Chandler Smith, [iii.] Sylvia
Smith, [iv.] Calista Smith, [v.] Warren Smith; Mrs. Smith
d. Sept. 27, 1884. (2) Zina Goodell, b. Aug. 15, 1789, d. in
infancy. (3) Zina Goodell, b. July 6, 1 790, m. Polly Woodward,
and had children, [i.] Moses Goodell, [ii.] Mary Goodell, [iii.]
Zina Goodell, [iv.] Diana Goodell, [v.] Joseph Goodell, [vi.]
Jonathan Goodell, [vii.] Elvira Goodell, [viii.] Catharine
Goodell. (4) Abigail Goodell, b. July 19, 1792, d. July, 1884,
m. Peter Cheney, her mother's cousin; see No. 115. (5) Joseph
Hopkins Goodell, b. May 10, 1794, d. Nov., 1881, m. Melinda
Wilmarth, and had children, [i.] Joseph Goodell, [ii.] Alfred
Goodell, [iii.] Mary Goodell. (6) Hannah Goodell, b. June 22,
1796, d. Sept. 10, 1880, m. David Wilmarth, and had children,
[i.] Orena Wilmarth, [ii.] Diana Wilmarth, [iii.] Laura Wil-
marth, [iv.] Admiral Wilmarth, [v.] Martha Wilmarth. (7)
Divine Goodell, b. Oct. 28, 1797, m. David Perry, and had
children, [i.] Sarah Ann Perry, [ii.] Divine Perry. (8) Orena
Goodell, b. Sept. 29, 1799, d. Aug. 12, 1801. (9) Calista
Goodell, b. June 28, iSoi, d. in 1871, m. Emery Harrington,
and had children, [i.] Calista Harrington, [ii.] Leander Har-
rington, [iii.] Sarah Harrington, [iv.] Zina Harrington, [v.]
Lyman Harrington, [vi.] Joseph Lysander Harrington.

(10) Abner Cheney Goodell, b. at North Orange Feb. 9, 1805,
m. at Cambridge Aug. 2, 1829, Sally Dodge, dau. of Aaron and
Eunice Haskell, of Ipswich b. at Providence, R. I. Feb. 5,
1804, d. at Salem Nov. 25, 1891. Children: [i.] Sarah Dodge


Goodell. b. at Cambridge June 3, 1830. d. Oct. 7, 1881, [ii.]
Abner Cheney Goodell, Jr., b. Oct. i, 183 1, has been president
of the N. E. Hist. Genealogical Society, [iii.] Oliver Dodge
Goodell, b..Jan. 29. 1833, [iv.] Eunice Dodge Goodell, twin
with preceding, d. Sept. i, 1847, [v.] Zina Dodge Goodell, b.
at Ipswich Oct. 7, 1834, [vi.] Joanna Dodge Goodell, b. at
Salem, May 19, 1838, [vii.] Mary Dodge Goodell, b. at Salem
Sept. I. 1840. m. Capt. Lawrence G.Ward ; has ver\- kindly fur-
nished the foregoing details of the Cheney-Goodell family at the
request of the compiler. On the recent ninety-second birthday
of :Mr. Abner Cheney Goodell the Salem News published a
notice of the gentleman from which we clip the following.

" The subject of this sketch went to Boston in February, 1826,
and worked at his trade in Brighton and Cambridgeport. He
became acquainted with his wife at the latter place, and after
his marriage, built a house in which his four eldest children
were bom.

Being of an extremely ingenious and inventive turn of mind»
he soon attracted the attention of Professor Treadwell and
Dr. Grenville. who were interested in machinery. For the
former, he perfected the design of the first printing press which
printed on both sides at the same time, and which afterwards
became the foundation of the Hoe press. He also invented the
present cracker machine for Isaac Lum of Cambridgeport,
He also discovered a process for preparing steel and copper
plates for engravers, in which he was ver}- successful. This
work was perfected and carried on at Ipswich, whither he had
moved, having sold out his homestead at Cambridgeport. The
demand for these plates ceased, and he went back to Cam-
bridgeport in I S3 6. Before he returned, he worked at the
Byfield cotton factory, and in the Lowell machine shop, where
he helped to build the first locomotive run on the Boston &
Lowell railroad.

At Cambridgeport and at Boston he resumed his work on
printing presses. He was in the employ of Otis Tufts of
Boston, whose place was on Bromfield Street. He agreed with
Mr. Tufts to do certain difficult work by the piece, which he
accomplished at home by the use of machiner\' of his own in-
vention. He was thereby able to do in two days what had
formerly taken him a week. In April, 1837, Mr. Goodell came
to Salem and commenced to work for Increase Hill at the
machine shop which stood on the present site of the Naum-
keag Steam Cotton mills. At this place, he worked on the
first electric motor ever constructed. This was the invention of


Dr. Charles Grafton Page, and it was afterwards run between
Baltimore and Washington, D. C. In less than a year, Mr.
Hill failed, and Mr. Goodell looked in vain for work in Boston.
He returned to Salem, and finding Joseph Arrington making
white lead kegs, by hand, he bargained with him to make a
machine to saw the staves, turn the heads, and cut and punch
the hoops. This work was accomplished, and the product was
a great labor-saving machine. For this machine, he received
$40, taking his pay in groceries.

This led to his making similar machines, which were built in
a shop in the rear of Frothingham's stove store on Front Street.
Before these were completed, the Eastern railroad corporation
employed him to build the first engine lathe in their repair shop,
which was the beginning of the present extensive works. From
that day he was never without employment. With the new
business, came to him demands for exercise of his ingenuity in
inventions, among which was a machine for cutting and split,
ting shoe pegs, and one for rolling tin tubes. He also manu-
factured tools, such as augers for boring through logs used for
water conductors and pumps. "

Mr. Goodell is now living with his dau. Mrs. Ward, in Salem.

(II) Elbridge Gerry Goodell, b. May 21, 1807, m. i^t, Sept. 17,
1829, Rebecca Read, dau. of Benjamin and Olive (Read) Dar-
ling, b. July 19, 181 1, d. May 29, 1824. He m 2*^, Jan. 8, 1835,
Phebe H. Snow, b. Aug. 7, 1805, d. Dec. 15, 1843. He m.
2^, April 3, 1844, Marcia Maria Pickett, b. &ecf^i8is, d.
Nov. I, 1885. He has been a mechanic, an inventor of many
labor-saving machines in connection with wood-working machin-
ery. Although he has sustained a number of serious accidents,
he has come through them all with remarkable vigor. He has
reached the age of ninety years, as three of his sisters and one
brother have done. Resides at Richmond, N. H. Children:

[i.] Olive Goodell, b. at Troy, N. H., Aug. 22, 1830, /

(living, 1897, at Amherst, Mass.) m. at Ware, Mass., May 11, ^/)ty'^-^
1 85 1, Samuel Morse (a descendant of Calvin,'^ Phillius,^ John,^
Ezra,^ Ezra,^ John,- Samuel,^) a farmer, residing in Ware on
a farm reclaimed from the forest by his grandfather; has
represented his town in the legislature. Children : (a)
-p Carrie Maria Morse, b. May 15, i8l^4, d. Aug. 5, 1867. ^'-^/^ '"^
(b) Willard Samuel Morse, b. June 12, 1856, m. June 12,
1879, Anna Bathsheba, dau. of Isaac Montgomery and Sarah
Jane (Vaughan) Fisher, of Seaford, Del., b. June 14, 1857.
Mr. Morse resided from 1873 to 1896 in Colorado, Nevada
and Arizona, becoming familiar with ores of the precious



metals and the science as well as the art of crushing, sepa-
rating, smelting, amalgamating and refining them. Has been
at the head of various Milling and Smelting works. Is a
member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers and
the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical
Engineers. Is at present General Manager of the Huatla
Santa Ana Mining Company, at Huatla. State of Morelos,
Mexico. Has kindly furnished the particulars for the sketch
of his grandfather's family. Has one child. Willard Vaughan
Morse, b. at Seaford, Del., Oct. 3, iS|^.<^7(c) Calvin Henry
Morse, b. Sept. 13, i860, m. Nov. 14, 1889. Adelaide L., dau.
of John and Josephine (Gantley) Sanderson, of Athens, N.
Y., b. Jan. 14, 1866. They have two children, Josephine
Olive Morse, b. Sept. 4, 1890, and Carl Gantley ^lorse, b.
Nov. 19, 1S92. (d) George Goodell Morse, b. May 23,
1866, m. Nov. I, 1888. Emma G., dau. of Benjamin Wilbur
and Anna (Lord) Blackwood, of Robbinston, Me., b. March
I, 1866. They reside at Aspen, Colo. Have one child,
George Goodell Morse.— (e) Bradish Phillius Morse, b.-r-^-y ' ■
March 16. 1871. m. ;\Iarch 17, 1S92, Cora Bell. d. of Joseph
O. and Elizabeth A. (Barnes) Wild, of Palmer. Mass., b. in
Holyoke, Sept. 12. 1S72. [ii.] Loese Goodell, b. at Swanzea,
N. H.. May 23, 1834. m. Dec. 4. 1853, Amos Adams Tucker,
son of Simeon and Leta (Adams) Tucker of Charleston.
They have one child, Alice Rebecca Tucker, b. April 27,
1855, who m. March 20, 1879, Walter J. BoUes, and has
Arthur Walter Bolles. b. Dec. 20, 1879, and Raymond Tucker
Bolles, b. July 3, 1881. [iii.] George Elbridge Goodell, b.
Dec. 6, 1843, d. Feb.i^, i860.

(12) Diana Goodell, b. June 22, 181 1, d. in 1814. (13) Jon-
athan Goodell, b. Nov. 19, 181 2, d. Feb. 6, 1849, ^- Almira
Richardson, and had one child, Wyman Richardson Goodell.
VII. SARAH,6 b. Feb. 9, 1770. d. in 1779.
VIII. and IX. Infants of brief life.

X. ABIGAIL,^ b. . m. Sylvatiiis Holbrook.

105. XI. DANIEL,^ b. Jan. 7, 1774.
XII. HANNAH,^ b. Aug. 8, 1777, m, Asa Kneeland.

XIII. SARAH.s b. in 1780. m. Jan. 11, 1798, Ebenezer Eddy.

106. XIV. JOHNV b. Dec. 29, 17S1.

XV. BEULAH,^ b. Jan. 26, 1785, m. June 14, 1801, Abijah Eddy, d.

April 3, 1853.
XVI. SUSANNAH,6 b. May 10, 1786, m. Seth Ellis, Jr.

107. XVII. MARK,« b. Sept. 29, 1788.

vrf"\.C.. ">^'*


io8, xvin. LUKE,^ b. Dec. 27, 1790,

XIX. LYDIA,«^ b. July 13, 1793, m. in 1813, Ja7nes Knowlton.
109. XX. I\IATTHEW,6 b. Feb. 13, 1795.

XXI. SILENCE,6 b. Dec. 5, 1800.
XXII. MARY,6 b. Aug. 7, 1803, m. May 13, 1822, Hiram Woodward.

52. WILLIAM,^ (William,4William,3William,2 William,!)
b. in Mendon May 18, bapt. July 10, 1746, m. Dec. 6, 1770,
Hannah, dau. of Micah Bowker, of Hopkinton. He is said
to have been a man of many good qualities. He lived in
Mendon. In the Revolution he was a private in the " 2*^
company of Mendon" April 19, 1775, in service at Cam-
bridge and Roxbury ; service 12 days; also corporal in Capt.
Samuel Warren's co. of Read's 20th regt. May 8, 1775 ; re-
ceipted for a " bounty coat" at Roxbury Nov. 21, 1775. He
was sergeant-major of Col. Patterson's regt. the 15*^ con-
tinental infantry Jan. I, 1776, list of men in Col. Wheelock's
Orderly Book, dated Headquarters, Ticonderoga, Oct. 7,
1776; reported promoted to Ensign, vice Ensign Johnson,
advanced. He was 2"^ lieutenant of Tisdale's co. of Greaton's
regt., the 3*^ Mass., appointed Jan. i, 1777 ; was " regimental
adjutant" Nov. 11, 1777. Resigned Aug. 28, 1780, but was
mentioned on a roll of the regiment Oct. 6, 1780. He re-
ceived a pension of $37.95 ^er annum from April 14, 18 18.
He d. Sept. 10, 1829; his wife d. Sept. 21, 1827.


no. I. SILAS, ^ b. Aug. 22, 1771.

n. COMFORT,^ b. Jan. 15, 1774.
in. CHL0E,6 b. Jan. 5, 1776.

111. IV. JESSE,6b. Jan. IS, 1778.

112. V. WILLIAM,6b. Feb. 4, 1780.

VI. CLARISSA,6b. March 22, 1782.

113. vn. J0HN,6b. Aug. 7, 1784.
vni. CYRENE,6 b. Feb. 9, 1787.

53. LEVI,5 (Winiam,4 William,^ Winiam,^ William,i) b.
Nov. 23, 1756, bapt. Jan. 2. 1757, m. i'', Mary dau. of
John and Thankful (Underwood) Hill, of Mendon, bapt. Jan.



i8, 1756; she d. May 12, 1819, and he m. 2'\ in Warwick
Jan. 20, 1820, Sarah Ballou, who outHved him and d. July
19, 1862, aged 82. He d. April 11, 1847. He was a resi-
dent of Warwnck at the time of his first marriage in 1772.

He removed to Orange at an early stage of its corporate
existence ; was enrolled among the farmers who resided in
the " second school district" in 1791 ; was in offices of trust;
selectman several times, town-clerk in 1816.


I. ESTHER,^ b. Oct. 2, 1779 ^ "^^ ]^^^ -o> 1S03 Benjamin Mayo.
n. MARY,« b. July 29, 1784.

114. ni. LEVI,'' b. April 29, 1787.

115. IV. PETER.e b. Sept. 5. 1789.

116. V. rSTEPHEN,«b. Jan. 30, 1795.

VI. [ LOIS,® b. Jan. 30, 1795, m. Jan. i, 1816, Alexander Wheelock.

117. VII. ALEXANDER,6b. Aug. 17, 1797.

vni. AZULA PARKHURST,« [URSULA,®] b. Jan. 11, 1821 ; m.
Oct. 12, 1854, Franklin E. Goddard.

118. IX. PRESS0N,6b. July 11, 1823.

54. Lieut. JOSEPH,^ (Joseph/ Josiah,3Joseph,2William,i)

b. in Killingly, Conn, about 1742, m. i'^ Mary ; m. 2^

[published May 7, 1764] " Merscilva " Lyon, of Holland
[South Brimtield,] who d. Nov. 2, 1787 ; he m. 3*^,
Priscilla (Gore) Rice, who survived him. He resided in
Sturbridge. He was a sergeant in Capt. Parker's co. of
Col. Warner's regt. April 19, 1775 : served 14 da3^s. He
was second lieutenant of Capt. Joseph Sibley's co., Col.
Danforth Keyes' regt. from June 27, 1777, six months to
Jan. I, 1778; this service was in Rhode Island. He d.
about 1818 ; his estate was probated July 8, 18 18, and division
made to his wife and three surviving children.


I. REYNOLDS,^ b. Feb. 17, 1765.
11. MATILDA.s b. Dec. 18, 1766.
HI. ALPHA,<5 b. April 27, 1769.
IV. CHLOE,« b. May 5, 1774.
V. MARY,6 b. July 15, 1776.

55, REUBEN,^ (Joseph,* Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William,i) b.
in Killingly, Conn, in 1744, m. Olive Day. Resided in
Sturbridge. He enlisted Sept. 26, 1777 in Capt. Benj.
Freeman's co. of Col. Jona. Holman's regt. ; served 24 days
in the Northern Department, under Gen. Gates ; marched
from Sturbridge Sept. 27, 1777-


I. SARAH,6b. Feb. 13, 1766.
n. WILLARD,6 b. Jan. 22, 1767.
ni. LUCRETIA,6 b. Aug. 9, 1768 ; m. Thompson.

IV. JONATHAN,^ b. Jan. 26, 1770; d. same day.
V. BENJAMIN,^ b. Nov. 28, 1770; d. same day.

VI. MATILDA,6 b. July 6, 1772; m. i^^, Jere. Brackett j m.
2*1, Scott.

56. NATHAN,^ (Joseph,* Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William,i) b.
in Sturbridge Oct. 7, i754» ni- July 3, i777) Lavinia, dau. of
David Shumway, b. in Sturbridge Aug. 26, 1759, d. Aug.
9, 1826. In 1810 he removed to Canandaigua, later to
Martinsburg, and finally to Richmond, also in the state of
N. Y. where he d. in July, 1826. He enlisted Dec. 10,
1776 in Abel Mason's co. of Col. Jona. Holman's regt. and
served 22 days at Providence, R. I.


I. PATIENCE,*' b. Oct. 9, 1777, m. Blanchard and rem. to

Richmond, Ind.

119. n. PENUEL,« b. May 17, 1779.

in. ALICE,« b. Aug. 22, d. Sept. 26, 1781.

120. IV. WALTER,6 b. Feb. 9, 1783.

V. AMARYLLIS,^ b. Oct. 22, 1788, m. Jan. i, 1816, Edward

Johnson of Martinsburg, N. Y. ; d. July 9, 1850.


121. VI. EPHRAIM WARREN,6 b. jui^ 30, 1794.
VII. NANCY,^ b. Dec. 30, 1796, d. Jan. 9, 1797.
VIII. ABIGAIL,*^ b. Jan. 21, 1799, m. Nov. 17, 1831, Edwin Cadwell.

57. JOSIAH,5 (Josiah,4 Josiah,^ Joseph,^ William,i) b.
April 18, 1753, m. April 4, 1775, Lydia Gleason.

He "marched from Holden on the Lexington alarm," in
Capt. James Davis' co., Col. Doolittle's regt. ; served 19)^


121. J0SEPH,6 b. Aug. 15, 1775.

58. SIMON,° (Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ WilHam,!) b. in
Holden Nov. 14, 1755.

He marched on the Lexington alarm, and served 1 1 days
in Capt. Chenery's co. of Col. Smith's regt. He was drafted
for service at or near New York Sept. 16, 1776; hired
Abiather Failes of Walpole as a substitute. Was one of the
Medfield militia who marched to Rhode Island on an alarm,
July 22, 1777.

59. SOLOMON CLARK,5 (josiah,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^
WilHam,!) b. in Holden June 27, 1758, m. May 6, 1783,
Molly Estabrook. She d. May 9, 1843, aged 83 yrs. He
enlisted Aug. 19, 1777 in Col. Flagg's regt. and marched to
Hadley on an "alarm"; served 5 days. Enlisted Sept. 5,
1777 and served till Dec. 9, 1777 in Capt. Samuel Hubbard's
CO., Col. Job Cushing's regt. Was a private in Capt.
Nathaniel Harrington's co., Col. Abijah Stearns's regt.; en-
listed March 31, 1778; service, 3 mos. 2 days [probably at
Rutland]. Roll dated Holden. Again enlisted July 31, and
served till Sept. 14, 1778, in Joshua Whitney's co., in Josiah
Whitney's regt.

Resided in Holden. He d. April 26, 1826. In his Will,
which was dated May 20, 1824, and was presented for pro-
bate June 6, 1826, he remembered his wife, Molly ; son John,
daughter, Betsey Stratton ; and James and Delia, children of
his deceased son, Simon Cheney. He named his son John



123. I. JOHN,« b. Oct. 14. 1784.

124. II. SLMON,« b. Jan. 14, 1787.

III. BETSEY,® b. April 18, 1790 ; m. July 3. 1814, Josiah Stratton.

60. EBENEZER,5 (Josiah,* Josiah,^ Joseph,2 William,^)
b. in Holden March 14, 1763, m. Feb. 26, 1792, Lydia
Calhoun, of Petersham ; she d. April 4, 1859.

He enlisted from Holden July 12, 1780, in Benj. Hay-
ward's CO. of Col. Nixon's regt. being " 17 yrs. old, 5 ft. 8
inches high, of light complexion"; was discharged Dec. 14,
1780. His autograph signature to pay roll is in Archives

51,520. He was also in Jos. Eliot's co. of Wm. Thomas'
regt. in service at Rhode Island, Aug. 19 to Dec. i, 1781.

He removed from Tiverton, R. I. to Chesterfield, N. H.
after the Revolution, and there received a pension for his
services; d. April 7, 1847.


125. I. EBENEZER,6

126. II. J0SIAH,6

in. LYDIA,6 b. (in) 1802 ; d. May 19, 1853.

127. IV. CLARK,6

128. V. SIM0N,6


130. VII. NATHAN,6
vin. ELEANOR,^

6 I . JOSEPHUS,^ (Josiah,* Josiah,^ Joseph,2 William,i)
b. in Holden Aug. 11, 1777, m. April 23, 1799, Polly
Ha3^den, of Grafton. She d. Aug. 3, 1809. He d. March
7, 1810.

He lived in Holden.

I. PHILO J0SEPHUS,6 b. April 22, 1803, d. Sept. 30, 1805.
II. TAMAR,® b. Nov. 24, 1804, m. Feb. 6, 1823, Franklin Thompson.
m. LETITIA,6 b. March 25,1807.


62. EBENEZER,^ (Timothy/ Josiah,3Joseph,2 Williami)
b. June 29, 1780; m. June 3, 1806, Hannah, dau. of Benja-
min and Milly (Rhodes) Plimpton, b. Nov. 21, 1784.

He purchased land in Medfield Oct. 29, 1803, and rec'd
of his father another tract "for love and good will," Jan. 30,
1806. Still another tract he purchased Dec. 19, 1804. He
sold his whole farm, 60 acres, to Seth Ellis Feb. 9, 181 1.
In 181 2 he bought the Capt. Oliver Capron place in Rich-

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