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as water? Begin to think that the relation itself is
inconsistent with mortality. That the very idea of
friendship, with its component parts, as honour,
fidelity, steadiness, exists but in your single bosom.
Image yourself to yourself, as the only possible friend
in a world incapable of that communion. Now the
gloom thickens. The little star of self-love twinkles,
that is to encourage you through deeper glooms than
this. You are not yet at the half point of your eleva-
tion. You are not yet, believe me, half sulky enough.


Che King'9 Frenchman. A Chronicle of the Sixteenth
Century. Brought to light and edited by WILLIAM
HENRY JOHNSON. i2mo. Cloth, extra, gilt top. $1.50.

What is more noticeable than the interest of the story itself is Mr. John-
son's intuitive insight and thorough understanding of the period. While the book
is Weyman in vigorous activity, it is Dumas in its brilliant touches of romanti-
cism. Boston Herald.

Mr. Johnson has caught the spirit of the period, and has painted in Henry
of Navarre a truthful and memorable historical portrait. The Mail and Express
of New York.

Ductina Of a 0enUl9* By M. E. FRANCIS (Mrs.
Francis Blundell), author of "In a North Country Vil-
lage," "A Daughter of the Soil," etc. I2mo. Cloth,
extra, gilt top. $1.50.

An admirable novel ; a pure, bright, pleasant, sparkling, wholesome, inter-
esting story of musical taste, talent, and life. The idea is a oeautiful one itself,
and it is well carried out in the structure of the story. Literary World.

A novel that does n't sound a hackneyed note from beginning to end. . . .
One of the brightest, happiest, and most infectious of the numerous stories that
have a musical basis. Boston Herald.

Freshly told and charmingly conceived. Very delightful reading, and, in
these hurried and high-strung days, a genuine refreshment. Boston Transcript.

Cbe Count's Snuff -BOX* A Romance of Washington
and Buzzard's Bay during the War of 1812. By GEORGE
R. R. RIVERS, author of "The Governor's Garden,"
"Captain Shays, a Populist of 1786," etc. Illustrated
by Clyde O. De Land. I2mo. Cloth, gilt too. $1.50.

A well-conceived and well-told story, from which the reader wilfget an excel-
lent idea of society and manners in the nation's capital nearly a century ago.
Boston Transcript.

Will rank as one of the successes of the year if there is any faith to be put
in a capital story in a frame fashioned of our own rugged history. Denver

Gacb Life Unfulfilled* By ANNA CHAPIN RAY, author
of "Teddy, Her Book," etc. i6mo. Cloth, extra.

A novel of to-day, dealing with American life. Its principal charactars
are a young girl studying for a musical career, and an author. The scenes
of the s'ory are laid in a Western summer resort and in New York.


Ftessarf. JI Romance of Palestine* By HENRY
GILLMAN. Crown 8vo. 600 pages. Cloth, gilt top.

The author of this powerful romance lived in Palestine for over five
years, and during his residence there had unusual and peculiar advantages
for seeing and knowing the people and the country, enabling him to enrich
his story with local color, characteristics, and information not found in any
other work of the kind on the Holy Land. The pwi-portraits of the people
are studies made upon the spot, and the descriptions of Jerusalem and
^he surrounding country are word-pictures of the land as it is to-day, and
therefore of special value.

A biblical, patriarchal, pastoral spirit pervades it. Indeed, the whole book
is saturated with the author's reverence for the Holy Land, its legends, tradi-
tions, glory, misery, its romance, in a word, and its one supreme glory, the im-
press of the Chosen of God and of the Master who walked among them. The

Mr. Gillman has certainly opened up a new field of fiction. The book is a
marvel of power, acute insight, and clever manipulation of thoroughly grounded
truths. There is no question that it lives and breathes. The story is as much of
a giant in fiction as its hero is among men. Boston Herald.

The impression made by reading the book is like that of witnessing a great
play, its scenes are so vivid, its characters so real, its surrounding horizon so
picturesque, its setting so rich and varied. Philadelphia Item.

Sielanha: a forest picture, and Other Stories.

By HENRYK SIENKIEWICZ, author of " Quo Vadis,"
"With Fire and Sword," etc. Translated from the
Polish by JEREMIAH CURTIN. Uniform with the other
volumes of the Library Edition of Sienkiewicz. Crown
8vo. $2.00.

This new volume by the most popular writer of the time includes the
shorter stories which have not before been published in the uniform Library
Edition, rendering it the only complete edition of his works in English.
It comprises six hundred pages, and contains the following stories, dramas,
etc. : Sielanka, a Forest Picture ; For Bread ; Orso ; Whose Fault, a Dra-
matic Picture in One Act ; On a Single Card, a Play in Five Acts ; The
Decision of Zeus ; Yanko the Musician ; Bartek the Victor ; Across the
Plains ; The Diary of a Tutor in Poznan ; The Lighthouse Keeper of
Aspinwall ; Yamyol (Angel) ; The Bull Fight ; A Comedy of Errors ; A
Journey to Athens ; Zola.

Under the seventeen titles one finds almost as many aspects of the genius of
Sienkiewicz. Detached from the intricacies of an elaborate composition, figures,
scenes, and episodes become far more effective. New York Times.

In Taill* By HENRYK SIENKIEWICZ. Translated from
the Polish by JEREMIAH CURTIN. i6mo. Cloth, extra.


A love story of modern Poland, by the author of " Quo Vadis," not
before translated. The scene is laid at Kieff, and university life there is

"Che Story of GO9ta Berling* Translated from the
FLACH. i2mo. Cloth, gilt. $1.75.

When "Gosta Berling" was first published in Sweden a few years
ago, Miss Lagerlof immediately rose into prominence, and, as Mr. E.
Nesbit Bain writes in the October " Cosmopolis," " took the Swedish
public by storm."

The sagalike treatment and almost lyric mood of " The Story of Gosta
Berling " render its form in keeping with the unusual character of the book
itself. The harshness of Northern manners enables Miss Lagerlof to
probe human life to its depths ; and with the effect of increasing the weird
power of the whole, a convincing truth to nature is intermingled with the
wild legends and folk-lore of Varmland.

There is hardly a page that does not glow with strange beauty, so that the
book exerts an unbroken charm from beginning to end. The Bookman.

Something Homeric in its epic simplicity runs through the history of the
deposed priest. The opening chapters engage the attention at once by their
mystic realism. Time and tht Hour,

I am the King. Being the Account of some Happenings
in the Life of Godfrey de Bersac, Crusader Knight By
SHEPPARD STEVENS. i6mo. Cloth, extra. $1.25.

A fresh and invigorating piece of reading. Nashville A merican.

Characterized by those graceful touches which belong to true and pure
romanticism. Boston Herald.

It has the straightforwardness of the old-time story-teller. St. Louis

"Che Duhe's Servants* H Romance* By SIDNEY

HERBERT BURCHELL, author of " In the Days of King
James." I2mo. Cloth, extra. $1.50.

A highly successful romance, of general interest and of creditable workman-
ship. London Athenaeum.

pastor Naudie's 'Young 3Hife By DOUARD ROD.

Translated from the French by BRADLEY OILMAN.
I2mo. Cloth. $1.25.

M. Rod's new novel is a study of French Protestantism, and its scene

is laid in La Rochelle and Montauban, the two Huguenot strongholds. It

was first published in the " Revue des Deux Mondes," and at once achieved

success. " M. Rod's work," says Edmund Gosse in the "Contemporary

Review," "whether in criticism or fiction, always demands attention."

" The Catholics," says a writer in " Literature," "praise the book because

they find in it arguments against their adversaries ; the Protestants, while

protesting that the author, because he writes in the clerical Gaulois, is none

>, read it to discover personal allusions to their spiritual guides."


"Che Kinship of Souls. H Narrative* By REUEN
THOMAS. i2mo. Cloth, extra. $1.50.

The author of this work is well known through his connection with
the ministry. The volume gives an account of a trip made by a philo-
sophical professor, his intellectual daughter, and a young theological stu-
dent, including descriptions of various portions of England and Germany
visited by the persons of the narrative. The undogmatic way in which the
author discusses theology and philosophy will interest the serious-minded.

King or Knave, fclbicb Olins ? An old Tale of Hugue-
not Days. Edited by WILLIAM HENRY JOHNSON.
I2mo. Cloth, extra. $1.50.

This is a sequel to the author's successful romance of the time of
Henry of Navarre, entitled "The King's Henchman." Much of its in-
terest centres in the personality of the famous Gabrielle d'Estr^es and the
efforts of Henry of Navarre to obtain possession of the throne of France.

"Che JMiracles of Hnticbrist. By SELMA LAGERLOF.
Author of " The Story of Gosta Berling." Translated
from the Swedish by PAULINE BANCROFT FLACH.
I2mo. Cloth, extra. $1.50.

This second important work from the pen of the successful author of
" Gosta Berling," which has created such a strong impression, will be
widely read. "The author." says a reviewer in " Cosmopolis," "has
chosen the Etna region of Sicily as the theatre of her story, and the result is
a masterpiece of the highest order, a chef-d'oeuvre which places the
young author in the front rank of the literary artists of her day. The
merits of ' Antekrists Mirakler ' are so superlative that a lesser eulogy
would be inadequate. ... It is worth while to learn Swedish to read this
astonishing book. All who hunger after true poetry may here eat, drink,
and be satisfied."

H Boy in the Peninsular <8ar. The Services, Adven-
tures, and Experiences of Robert Blakeney, a Subaltern
in the 28th Regiment. An Autobiography. Edited by
JULIAN STURGIS. With a map. 8vo. Cloth, gilt top.
In the pages of this book will be found a spirited picture of an

English soldier's life during the Peninsular War, with the allied armies

against Napoleon's generals.


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