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omer ; a life of Edward lIL, folio, 1688 ; and
several poems, both in Latin and English ; and
died in 1712.

BARNES, Thomas, D. D., an English diKlen^
ing minister, of Manchester, and preceptor of an
academy at the same place, died in 1810.

BARNES, David Leonard, attorney of the
United States, for the district of Rhode-Island,
and judge of the same, died 1812.

BARNES, Robert, D. D., employed by Henry
VIII. ; afterwards incurring his displeasure. If
was burnt at the stake, 1540.

BARNEVELDT, John d'Olden, an able states-
man, of Holland, ambassador to England and
France, condemned on false charges, and exe*
cuted, 1619.

BARO, or B ARONI, Peter, a native of France^
who retired to England as a protestant, and re-
sided with lord Burleigh ; atterwards professor
of divinity at Cambridge, died after 1574.

BAROCHE, Frederick, a painter, of Urbino,
of great celebrity, died in 1612.

BARON, Bonaventure, a native of Ireland,
and divini^ professor at Rome, died 1696.

BARON, Michael, the Roscius of the French
theatre, bora 1652, died 1729. The father of
Baron also was an actor, famous for his talent
in declamation ; and the manner of his death
was singular : playing the part of Don Diego,
in The Cid, his sword fell from his hand, as the

fdece requires ; and kicking it from him with
ndignation, he unfortunately struck against (he
point of it, by which his little toe was pierced
It turned to a gangrene ; be refused to sufier
mnputation, and died 1655.
BARON, Hyacinth Theodore, a learned phy
, sician of Paris, died in 1758.






BARONI, Adrianne Basile, lister to Baeile
the poet ; greatly admired for her beauQr, wit,
and accomplishments.

BARONIUS, Ciesar, a Neapolitan Cardinal,
libraiian of the Vatican, and author of " Eccle-
siastical Annals, from A. D. 1, to 1198," bom
1538, died 1607.

BAROU DU BOBEIL, N., a distinguished law-
jrer at Lyons, put to death in 1792.

B AROZZI, .James, a skilful architect, of Mo-
dena, who succeeded Michael Angelo, as Uie
architect of St Peters, died in 1577.

BARRAL, Peter, an ecclesiastic of Grenoble,
teacher at Parib, and author of a bistcnrical dic-
tionary, died in 1772.

BARRE, Francois Pouillain de la, a native of
France, professor at Geneva, died in 1733.

BARRE, Lewis FrancoiseJos. de la, a native
of Toumay, author of some books on Antiqua-
rian history, &c. ; he died in 1738.

BARRE, Michel de la, of Paris, an eminent
player on the German flute, died 1744.

BARRE, Joseph, canon of St. Genevieve,
chancellor of the university of Paris, and au-
thor of a history of Germany, died 1764.

BARRE, Madame du, mistress of Lewis XV.,
of France, executed during tlie revolution in

BARREAUX, Jacques Vallee, a libertine of
Paris ; he was celebrated rather for his volup-
tuous life, ttian for the productions of bis pen ;
died 1673.

BARRELTER, James, a dominican friar,
eminent as a scientific botanist, died 1673.

BARRERE, Peter, a physician of Perpignan,
died 1755.

BARRETT, George, an eminent self-taught
painter, of Dublin, and a member of the Royal
Academy, died 1764.

BARRETT, William, a surgeon, of BristoI,and
author of a history of that city, died 1789.

BARRIERE, Pierre, a soldier who attempted
to assassinate Henry Iv. of France, but was de-
tected and broken on the wheel, lGu3.

BARRINGTON, John Shute, lord viscount,
a nobleman of considerable learning, and au-
thor of several books on relisious subjects, was
bom in 1678, and died in 1734.

BARRINGTON. Daines, son of the above,
a celebrated English lawyer, antiquary, and
writer on subjects of law, politics, natural histo-
ry, geography, and criticism, bom 1727, died
March 14, 1800. Ills writings are very nume-
rous, and many of them are in the Philosophi-
cal Transactions and the Archcologia; but
those which most distinguished him as an au-
thor were, his " Observations on the Statutes,
chiefly the more ancient," &.c. of which, two
4to editions were published in one year, (1766.)

BARRINGTON, Samuel, son of lord B., a
distinguished admiral in the British navy, died

BARROS, or DE BARROS, John, a native
of Viseo, preceptor to the princes of Portugal,
afterwards governor of St. George, nn the Afri-
can coast, and treasurer of the Indies, under
king Juan. He wroto a liistory of the Indies,
and died 1570.

BARROW, Isaac, an eminent mathematician
and divine, bom in London, 1630. When the
Kinfr advanced Dr. B. to the dignity of master
of Trinity College, Cambridge, his majesty was

E leased to say, ** he had given it to the best scho-
ir in England ;" and he did not speak from re-
port, but from his own knowledge. The doctor
being then his chaplain, be used often to oon- <

verse with him, and, in his humorous way, to
call him an ** unfair preacher,** because he ex-
hausted evei7 subject, and left nothing for other*
to say after him. In 1675, he was chosen vice-
chancellor of the imiversity. Tliis great and
learned divine died of a fever the 4th ctf May,
1677. and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

BARROW, Isaac, a native of Spiney Abbey,
Usbop of Sodor, Man, and St. Asaphs, died

BARRY, Girald, a native of Pembrokeshire,
a clergyman, and author of a history of the con-
quest of Ireland ; he died after 152J5.

BARRT, James, an Irish lawyer; he was a
baron of the exchequer, chief justice of the
king*s bench, and afterwards tord SanOy of tlw
peerages ; he died 1673.

BARRY, Spranger, an eminent English actor,
cotemporary with, and a powerful rival of, Mr.
Garrick, bom in Dublin, 1719, died in London,
Jan. 1774. His peculiar advamages were de-
rived from a fine person, melodious voice, and
pleasing address ; and his performances in amar
tory characters were peiiiaps never excelled.

BARRY, James, an eminent painter, was
l>om at Cork, in Ireland, 1742 ; and having early
discovered great genius for the art, he was pa-
tronized by Mr. Burke, aiid brought to London,
where he became a pupil to Sir Joshua Rey-
nolds. When Mr. Burke came into administra-
tion with the marquis of Rockingham, he sent
Mr. Barry to Italy, at his sole expense. After
visiting; all the celebrated schools of the conti-
nent, m which he occupied three years, Mr.
Barry retumed to London ; and in 1775, pub-
lished " An Inquiry into the real and imaginary
Obstractions to the Acquisition of the Arts in
England.** About two years after this, he yas
elected a Rmral Academician, and in l'4B6made

Erofessor of painting to the Royal Academy;
ut in 1799, on an alleged addiction to demo-
cratical principles, was removed from that of-
fice. He seems soon afterguards to have taken
di^[ust at society, from wliich he retired into a
wretched obscurity, living unattended, and half
starved, tiil some ftiends raised about 1000/.,
with which they purchased an annuity for him ;
but before the first quarter's payment of it be- .
came due he died, Mar. 22, 1806, and was inter-
red in St. Paul's cathedral. His greatest effort
of art is a series of allegorical jrictures, which
be painted gratuitously for the great room of tho
Socie^ of Arts, in the Adelphi.

BARRY. George, D. D., an eminent Scctch
divine, author of a history of the Orkneys, died

BARRY, John, first commodore in the Ameri-
can navy ; he possessed great courage, was a
patriot, and Christian, and died 1803.

BARSUMA, or BARSOMA, metropolitan
author of several books in Syriac

BARTAS, Guillaume de S^JIuste du, a French
poet of Monfort, in Armagnac, died 15S0.

BARTH, John, a native of Dunkirk, who, by
his bravery and skill, rose to a high rank in the
French navy ; he died in 1702.

BARTHE, Nicholas Thomas, a native of
Marseilles; he was author of some dramatic
pieces, and died 1785.

BARTHELEMI, Nicholas, a Benedictine of
the 15th century, and author of some devotional
Latin poems.

BARTHELEMI, the Nertor of French Mte-
rature, and author of the *^ Travels of Ana-
cbarsis in Greece," died Blay4, 1795. Durliif




tbe domination erf" R(4»espierre, Uk« moft other
men of learning, he was imprisoned ; when,
notwithstanding tiis great age (upwards of 80)
and infirmities, instead of siniiing under the ri-
gour with which he was treated, he exerted him-
aelf in consoling his fellow-sunerers. Soon af-
ter tbe fall of Robespierre, he was released, and
allowed a pension. In tbe " Memoirs of the
Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres,'*
ftre preserved many of his papers, illustrating
Greek literature.

cao, of Lisbon, archbishop of Braganza, died
in 1590.

seph, a French medical writer, and professor
•f medicine, and chancellor of that faculty, in
Che universi^ at Montpelier ; he died 1806.

BARTHIUS, Gaspard, of Brandenburg, an
elegant scholar, and perfect master of most for-
eign languages, died 1658. *

BARTHOLiN, Gaspard, professor of Latin,
of medicine, and afterwards of divinity, at Co-
penhagen, died 1629.

BARTHOLIN, Thomas, son of Gaspard, pro-
fensor of mathematics and of anatomy at Co-
penhagen, afterwards librarian to tbe univer-
sity, and physician to the king of Denmark : he
died 16tJ0.

BARTHOLIN, Thomas, son of the above.
|m>fes8or of law and history at Copenhagen, and
counsellor to the king; he died in 1690. His
three brothers were also professors of the uni-
versity <^ Copenhagen, and their sister was an
eminent Danish poetess.

BARTHOLOMEW, St, one of the apostles,
Who preached the gospd in Ethiopia, Lycaonia,
and the Indies.

BARTHOLOMEW, the Martyr, a kind and
benevolent Christian, and archbishop of Braga,
died 1590.

BARTLET, John, minister of St Thomas,
near Exeter, and author of some divinity

BARTLETT, Josiah, a physician in New-
Hampshire ; he was a member of the continen-
tal congress from that state, and a signer of the
declaration of independence, and was after-
wards governor of the Mate ; he died 1795.

BARTOLI, Cosimo, of Florence, resident of
duke Cosmo at Venice, in the 16th century.

BARTOLI, Daniel, a Jesuit of Ferrara, set-
tled at Rome, where he wrote several historical
works in Italian ; he died in 1685.

BARTOLO, a lawyer of eminence, professor
of law atPissL and counsellor to Charles IV.,
died 1359.

BARTOLOCCI, Julius, a Cistercian monk, of
Naples, and Hebrew professor at Rome, died

BARTOLOZZI, Francesco, a very eminent
engraver, bom at Florence, in 1728. In 1764 he
came to England and worked for the printsellers,
partlculariy Mr. Boydell. In 1769 he was cho-
sen a member of the Royal Academy. The
new mode of stippling, or engraving in the red
chalk manner, now burning fashionable, gave
BartotosEi ample employment, and he executed
In that way many hundreds of prints. The finest
of all his works, perhaps, are the Marlborough
Gems, and the prints for Boydell's Shak.
speare. In 1803 he went to Ltebon, on an invi-
tation from the prince regent of Portugal, who
allowed him a pension ; and there he died in
March, 1815.

BARTON, Benjamin S., M. D., an eminent

iphy8idaa,of Philadelphia. He was appointed
professor of natural history and botany, and af
terwards of Materia Medica, in the univer*
sity of Pennsylvania, and succeeded Dr. Rush,
on his death, as professor of the theory and
practice of medicine ; he died In 1815.

BARTON. Elizabeth, commonly called " The
holy Maid of Kent," was a religious impostor
in the reign of Henry VIIL, and executed at
Tyburn, April 90, 1534.

BARTRAM, John, a distinguishetf botanist,
bom in Pennsylvania ; he was elected Ameri-
can botanist to George IIL, and died in 1777.
Linnaeus pronounced him " the greatest natural
{botanist in the world."

BARUCH, the prophet, tbe friend of Jere-
miah, he was author of a book not received as
canonical, either by Christians or Jews. He
went to Babylon with the Israelites in their cap

BARWICK, John, a native of Westmoreland,
distinguished for his zeal in the royal cause ;
and his attachment to Charles I. and II. ; he
was afterwards dean of Durham and St Paul*s.
and died 1664.

BARWICK, Peter, a brother of the dean, aa
eminent physician ; he supplied Uer\'ey*s doc-
trine of the circulation of the blood, and diod

BARZERINI, aMahomedan writer.

BAS, Le, a French engraver of eminence,
died 1765.

BASCHI, Matthew, founder of a new wdet
of Franciscan capuchins, died 1553.

BASEDOW, John Bernard, professor of mo-
ral (Mlosophy, at Soroe, in Deninaric, Trnm
which he was expelled for irreligion : be died

BASHUYSEN, Henry James Van, prnfcn-
sor of ecclesiastical history and tl)c orii-ntal
languages at Hanau, and afterwards of divinity
at Berlin, died 1756.

BASIL, St., bishop of Ccsarea, persecuted
bv Valens, for refusing to embrace Arianism,
died 379.

BASIL, an Arian, bishop of Ancyra.

BASIL I., a Macedonian. Being but a com-
mon soldier, he was taken prisoner by the Bul-
garians, from whom, however, be escaped, and
solicited alms to support him on a journey to
Constantinople, where he became emperor of
the East Dreaded by his enemies the Saracens,
whom he frequently van(][uisbed ; and beloved
by his subjects for bis justice and clemency ; he
died in 886.

BASIL n., emperor of Constantinople, a va-
liant ^t cruel and inhuman prince, died 1035.

BASIL, an impostor, who disturbed Constan-
tinople, by pretending to be Constantine Ducas,
for which he was burned alive, after 934.

BASIL, a physician, who became head of a
sect called Bogomiles, in Bulgaria, and was con-
demned for his heresies.

BASILIDES, a sectary of Alexandria, in the
3d century, who enjoined five years silence on
his followers.

BASILICES, brother of Verina, the wife of
Leo I., emperor of the East; he seized and re-
tained the throne a short time, during which the
valuable library of Constantinople, containing
130,000 volumes was burnt ; he died 47a

BASILOWITZ, Iwan, a hero, who laid the
foundation of the Russian empire, and first as-
sumed the name of Czar, died 1.584.

BASINE, wife of the king of Thuringia, who
left her husband to espouse ChiMeric I., (u




France, as the bravest man of his day ; ibewasllphy, for the great mental ac4|uiremeiit8 dii-
^ ^ ^..__._ ,.. ^ played in her lectures on that subject, and d»-

motber of Clovis the Great.

deacon of Leicester, author of '* Sermons,*'
" Latin TranslaUons from the Greek," &c. ;
be is supposed to have introduced the Greek
numerical figures into England. He died 1232.
BASIRE, Isaac, D. D., archdeacon of
Northumberland, and chaplain to Charles I. .
afterwards prebendary of Durham : be died

BASIRE, James, an eminent English engra
ver, bom Oct 6, 1730, died Sept. 6, 1802. He
was many years engraver to the Royal Society
and to the Society of Antiquaries.

BASKERVILLE, John, an ingenious English
letter-founder and printer, famous for the beauty
and elegance of his tvpes and editions ; bom at
Wolverly, in Worcestershire, 1706, died 1775.

BASKERVILLE, Sir Simon, knight, obtained
by bis skill as a physician, in London^ distinc-
tion, the lionour of knighthood, and muncnse
wealth ; he died 1641.

BASN AGE, James, a French refugee in Hol-
land, author of *^ A History of the Jews," died

BASN AGE, Henry, an advocate of the par-
liament of Rouen, who, upon the proscription
of the protestants, in France, fled to Holland,
where he died, 1710.

BASNAGE, Benjamin, a protesAant, author
of a treatise on the church, and deputy from
the French churches to Scotland, in the reign of
James VL, died 1652.

BASNA6E, Anthony, son to the above, mi-
nister of Bayeuz ; he was imprisoned for his re-
ligion at Havre de Grace, and afterwycls fled to
Holland, where he died in 1691.

advocate of Rouen, eminent for eloquence,
died 1695.

BASNET, Edward, dean of St Patrick, in
Ireland, in 1537, afterwards privy counsellor.

BASS, Edward, D. D., a scholar and divine :
he was first bishop of Massachusetts, and died
in 1803.

BASSAN, James Du Pont, a' painter, bom
1510, in tlie village of Bassajio, in the republic
of Venice. He had great success m landscape
and portraiture; and has also drawn several
night-pieces ; but it is said he found great diffi-
culty in representing feet and hands, and for this
reason those parts are generally hid in his pic-
tures. Anibal Caracci, when he went to see
Bassan, was so for deceived bv the representa-
tion of a book, drawn upon the wall, that be
went to lay hold of it. The pieces of this painter
are spread over Europe ; he died at Venice, 1592.

BASSANDYNE, Thomas, a Scotchman,
known as a printer, died 1501.

BASSANI, James Anthony, a Jesuit of Vi-
cenza, an eloquent preacher, distinguished by
Pope Benedict XIV. ; he died in 1747.

BASSANI, John Baptiste, an admired Italian
composer in the Htb century, master to Corelli.

BASSANTIN, James, a Scotchman, who ac-

Juired reputation as a teacher of mathematics at
aris, died 1568.

BASSELIN, a fuller, of Vire, in Normandy,
in the 15th century, known for his popular songs
and ballads.

BASSET, Peter, chamberlain to Henry V..
and author of an account of the expeditions or
that prince.

BASSI, Laui^, wi/b of Joseph Verati, was
honoured with the degree of doctor of yhiloto-

tinguished as possessing every amiable virtue:
she died in 1778.

BASITH, Khaiath, a Mahometan, auttior o#
a treatise on prayer.

BASSOMPIERRE, Francois de, maieehal cf
France, of a distinguished family of Lorraina,
a courtier and ambassador of Lewis XIII. ; b«
was confined ten years in the Bastile by the
duke of Richelieu, during which time be wrote
his memoirs; he died in 1646.

BASSVILLE, Nicholas John Hugon de, ann
bassador from France to Rome, where be was
stabbed 1793.

BASSUEL, Peter, a distinguished surgeon
and lecturer of Paris, died 1757.

BASTA, George, known as a warrior in the
service of the duke of Parma, and afterward!
of the emperor, in Hungary, died 1607.

BASTARD, Thomas, a poet and preacher of
England, of considerable learning, died 161*8.

BASTON, Robert, a Carmelite monk, poet
laureat, and public orator, at Oxford, died 1310.

BASTWICK, Dr. John, a physician, who
was severely fined and imprisoned for his writ-
ings against the clei^, but during the civil wars,
recalled to London, and indemnified for liis suf-

BATE, John, D. D., prior of tbe Carroelitee
at Toric, distinguished lor his learning ; be died
in 1439.

BATE, George, physician to Charies I., then
to Oliver Cromwell, and afterwards to Charles
U. ; be died 1669.

BATE, Julius, a friend of Hutchinson, author
of a defence of his system, and of some valuable
pieces of criticism, died 1771.

BATECUMBE, WiUiam, a mathematician}
who Uved about 1420.

BATEMAN, William, bishop of Norwich,
and founder of Trinity-nail, Cambridge, also
ambassador to the court of Rome,, died 1534. <

BATES, William, D. D., chaplain to Charles
n., a non-conformist divine of great learning,
and the intimate friend of the first men of the
kingdom, died 1699.

BATHALMIUSI, an emhient Mahomedan
writer, of the family of AU, died 481 of tbe be-

BATHE, Henry de, a Justice of the common

Eleas. and afterwardschief justice of the King's
lench under Henry UI., died 1261.

BATHE, WUHam, an Irish Jesuit, rector of
an Irish school, at Salamanca, and a writer on
music and divinity, died 1614.

BATHURST, Ralph, a Latin poet, physician
and divine of Trinity College, Oxford, after
wards dean of Wells, and vice chancellor of tbe
university ; he died 1704.

BATHURST, Allen, Eari, an English noble
man of distinguished abilities, bora November
16, 1684. To uncommon talents be added many
virtues, integrity, humanity, and generosity:
and to these virtues, good breeding, pt^teness,
and elegance. His wit, taste, and learahig, con-
nected him with all persons eminent in that
way, as Pope, Swift, Addison, &c He died at
his seat, near Cirencester, Se^iember 16, 1775,
in his 9l8t year.

BATONI, Pompeo, an eminent painter, of
Lucca, ennobled by the emperor Joseph, for hii
distinguished merit. One of his most valuable
pieces, the death of Mark Antony, is now
owned in Hartford, Conn. ; he died 17B7,

BATSCH, Augustas. John George Chart



a botanist, of Jena, was professor of philosophy
in the university or that place, and founder and
TO-esldent of a society for the study of natural
likory; he died 1803.

B ATTA6LINI, Mark, IMiap of Nocera and
Cesena, died 1717.

BATTELY, Dr. John, fellow of Trinity Col-
lege, and ctiaplain to the primate Sancxofidied

BATTEUX, Charles, a French philosopher,
fnrofessor of philosophy in the royal ccdiege,
member of the French academy, &c., eminent
for his erudition, and his private virtues, and
author of several worlu on classical literature
be died 1780.

BATTIE, Dr. William, a physician of emi-
Bencc in Uxbridge and London, author of seve-
ral works on medical subjects, died 177d.

BATTISHILL, Jonathan, an eminant musi-
cal composer, who added to profound know-
ledge, great taste, and a fine imagination. His
'* Kate of Aberdeen" will be celebrated (among
numerous other of his compositions;) as long as

Eire melody shall be admired in this country,
e was bom in London, May, 1738, and died at
Islington, December 10, 1801.

B AUAB, a learned Mahomedan, died 413 of
the hegira.

advocate of the parliament of Paris, died 1722.

BAUDET, Stephen, an eminent French en-
graver, of Blois, died 1671.

BAuDIER, Michael, a native of Languedoc,
Ustoriographer of France under Louis XV.

BAUDIN, Peter Charles Lewis, a native of
Sedan, a member of the French national assem-
bly, and of the convention. He was a man of
great firmness and moderation, and died 1799.

BAUDIUS, Dominique, a native of Lisle, and
advocate of the parliament of Paris, author of
■ome Latin poems, and died 1613.

BAUDOIN, Benedict, a divine of Amiens,
author of a dissertation on the shoes of the an-
eients, in 1615.

BAUDORI, Joseph du, a native of Vannes ;
educated among the Jesuits, died 1749.

BAUDOT, de JuiUi, Nicholas, of Vendome,
a historical writer of some merit, died 1759.

BAUDAUIN, emperor of Constantinople, vid.

BAUDOUIN, John, a soldier in the armies of
France, and translator of Sallust, Tacitus, &^c.
died 1650.

BAUDRAND, Mich. Anton, an ecclesiastic,
of Paris, author of a " Dictionaire (Seograph-
Ique'* of merit, died 1700.

BAUDRICOURT, Jean de, a marechal of
France, distinffulsbed under Charles VIII. at the
eonquest of Naples. His father introduced the
fkmous maid of Orleans on the public stage.

BAUHINUS, John, a physician of Amiens,
afterwards of great expectation at Basil, died

BAUHINUS, John, son of the preceding,
physician to the duke of Wirtemburg, a medi-
cal writer at Basil, died 1613.

BAUHINUS, Caspar, professor of botany at
Basil, and physician to the duke of Wirtemburg,
died 1634.

BAULDRT, Paul, a native of Rouen, profes-
lor of sacred history at Utrechu died 1706.

BAULOT, or BEAULIEU, James, who tra-
velled through Europe as a lithotomist, and
operated with great success. The city of Am-
sterdam had a medal struck in honour of this
Aauiane man; be died 1730.


BAUME, James Francis de la, canon of a'
church at Avignon, author of a poem called the
Christiade. died 1757.

BAUME, Nicholas Auguste de la, a marechal
of France, who served in Germany with great
reputation, died 1716.

BAUME, James de la, a Jesuit of Paris, died

B AUMER, John William, professor of medi<
cine at Erfurt, and a writer on the natural his-
lonr of the mineral kingdom, died 1788.

BAUMOARTEN, Alexander Gottlieb, profes-
sor of philosophy at Halle, and afterwards at
Frankfort, died 1776.

BAUR, John William, a painter and engraver
of Strasburg, died I&IO.

BAUR, Frederick WiOiam Von, a Hessian
soldier in the pay of Britain, made a genera] and '
ennobled by FrcMlerick U. of Prussia, and after-
wards an able engineer and mechanic in the
service of Russia ; he died 1783.

BAUSCH Abu Giafar, a Mahomedan writer,
died 546 of the h^ra.

BAUSSIRI, a Mahomedan poet, highly ee-
teemed by the followers of Mahomet

BAUTRU, a celebrated wit, and one of the
first members of the French academy, was liom
at Paris, in 1588, and died there in 1665. Once,
when he was in Spain, having been to see the
famous library of the Escurial, where be found
a very ignorant librarian, the king of Spain
asked him what he had remarked. To whom
Bautru replied, that " the library was a very

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