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nity of llunian Wbhes," and " The Life of
Savage,*') he brought forth " Irene,** a tragedy,
in 1749. Thb not meeting with the success that
he expected, he set about his " Dictionary.**
The execution of this cost bim the labour of
many years ; but he was amply repaid by tlie
fame which be acquired. During tbe reee»ea
a' ' - Ixnir, bt pnblbbed bb

putatkm of these worka
I iry degree of doctor of

li r of Dublin, wirieb was

s tbe aane degree ftom

C »ded bb**Idleiff." His

; - -. r , ^«« — «p^. , n taaselaa, PHnceof Abya-

JIN, of Udino, a celebrated painter, atlsinia,'* a beauUful Httle novel, in tfaa Xaatem
»oine, died in 156^. ||style, abounding with the moat Uiefbl mA mo


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ral maxims, wilted to the-Mverml condlttont of
hfe. Of hia political worki, wbieb followed at
dtaiant intervala, the poblic are more divided
•boot tbe merits : it ia, bowever, but fair to pre-
■uma that tbey were bis candid opinions upon
tbe sabjeotSf and, as sucta, deservinc of no cen-
soTB from the judgnient of impaitialitjr. Hb
last undertaking, " 1 be Uvea of tbe Britisli Po-
flla,** would akme bave been suAcient to 1m-
moctallae his name, as it by Ar excels any tbtng
ezecttted upon a similar plan, by others; and,
ihottgfa tbe critical remarks, in a few instancy,
liioonM>rate a little too much with political opi-
niooa, their general excellence must always give
tbem deserved celebrity. It is said, that he was
executing a second part of **■ Tbe Prince of
Abyasinia,** and was in hopes to have finished
h before Ua death, which event happened Dec.
13, 1784. Tbe editor of the " Blograpliia Dra-
BMtiea,'* after bestowing many Just enooiqiums
on tba gtoiiis of Dr J., says, It woukl be tbe
Ugbest injusciee, were I not to observe, that no-
ttJiig but that gentua can possibly exceed the
•xtaotof Us erudition ; and it would bo adding
a greater Injury to his still more valuable quall-
tiea, wart we lo stop bore ; since, together with
the ablest bead, he seemato have b^ possess-
ed of the very bast heart at piasent eilstinc.
Every line, every se&thnant, that issues from hitt
pen, tends lo the great eentre of aU his views,
the promotion of virtue, religion, and humani-
^; nor are Us actions leas pointed toward the
name great end. Benevolence, charity, and
platy, are the most striking features or his cha-
netar ; and while hIa writings point out to us
what agpod man ooght to be, his own conduct
aeli us an example or what he Is.'* A statue to
Dr. Johion*a memory has been erected in St
Paul's cathedral. In an East India newspaper
It with the ft»Uowing poetical picture of


Indian aflairs, in the colony of New-Tork
known for the great induenoe and authority he
acquired over thai ^ple ; he died In 1774

JOHNSON, Samuel, D. D., a native of Oon-
neciitui, distinguished aa the firat convert to
episcopacy in tbe colony, and afterwarda as
presiaent of King's ooUege, NeW-Yorlc; he died

JOHNSON, William Samati, LL. D., F. R. 8
son of tbe preceding, was an eminiem lawyer,
and for several years, agent of tba colony of
New- York, in England. He was afterwards a
judge of the supreme .court of Connecticut, a
delegate to congress, and to the oonvention
which formed the constitution of the United
States, and flrst aenator of the U. 8.. IVom Con-
necticut. He was also president of Columbia
college. New- Yorfc, for several yean. He died
at Stratford, in 1819, ag^ 93.

JOHNSON, Thomas, an eminent lawy«r, and
a firm patriot, of Maryland, governor of that,
state after the revolution, and afterwards aa aa-

*' Herculean strength and a stentorian voice,
Of wit a ftmd, of words a countless choice ;
In learning, rather various than profound,
In truth intrepid, In religion sound :
A trembling fnnw and a distorted sight.
But firm in Judgment and in genius bri^t ;
In oontroveray rarefy known to spare.
But humble as the publican In pray'r ;
Tn more than merited his kindness, kind,
And, tho' In manneia harsh, of friendly mhid ;
Deep tinged with melaneholv'a blackest shade.
And, tho* prepared to die. of death afraid.-
0uch Johnson waa— of him whh Justice vain.
When will this nation see bis like again.

JOHNSON, Thomas, a London apothecary,
and the beat herbalist of his time, died hi 1644.
JOHNSON, Samuel} LL. D., a member of
or from North Carolina, af-

terwards a Judge of the supreme court; and go-
vamor of that state ; he died in 1816.

sodate Judge of the supreme eourt of tbe Uni-
ted States; he died in I8I9.

JOHNSTON, Dr. Arthur, a physician, but
morr eelebrated as a Latin poet, was bom at
Aberdeen, in 1567, of wblcb university he af-
ter w a nh became principal; he died at Ox>
ford, in 1641. His '* Epigrams," and v^on
of the ** Psatans," are axcdlent.

JOHNSTON, Charles, born in Ireland, was
bred to tbe bar ; but, being exceodingly deaf, be
relinouishM that profession. In 1760, be pub-
lished " Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Oui-
iita;" a politleal Romance, in which aHthb
scenes ana characters were sketched from real
life. This was followed by " The Reverie ; or,
a Flight to the Paradise of Fools ;" the " Histo-
ry of John Juniper, Esq., a(ias Juniper Jack,"
iLC. A^. In 1783, Air. Jo4ins»on went to India,
where be died about 1800.

JOHNSTON, Gabriel, governor of thacokmy.
of North CaroUna, died in 17B8. His adminis-
tration contributed to the increase and prosperi-
ty of the colony, and to the advancement of
learning there.

JOHNSTONE, James, a Scotch physician,
difftingubhed for his treatment of a malignant
fever, at Kiifdermincter, died in 1803.

JOHNSTONE, George, one of the oommia-
sioners seat to treat with America, during tiw
war ; he died In 1787.

JOINVILLE, John Sieur de, aa eminent
French statesman, and author of " The Hlstotr
of St Louis," a very cnrioua imd Interesliaf
piece, died in 1318, aged 90.

J0L060BH, a Av^ch bard, who, flrom 1370
to 1490, was in tbe court of Owen CHendowr.

JOLY, Guy, known by bis long and fkithftil
Attachment to tlie famous cardinal de Rhets,
whom he attended both in his prosperity and
adversity. He wrote'' Memoirs of bis Times,"

JOHNSON. Shr Nathaniel, governor of the fVom 1648 to 1065; which, as Voltaire expresses
' ^taesep*

it, <* are to these of the cardinal, what t
vaht is to the master.''

JOLY, Claude, a )Piench eodesiastle, who
died in 1700.

JON AH, tbe flfth of tbe minor pbopheis, waa

cokmy of South Carolina, m 1706. He display-
ad giaat at>lilty and Judgment in defeadlng the
colony fhnn the Pranch and Indians; he died

JOHNSON, Edward, an inhabitant of Maa-I

atehnaett^ anther of a work.entltlad '* TheUsent to deooance Judgmi

Wonder Working Provldftneeor81on's8avioQr,Udied about 761 B. Cf.

iB Naw-Bnriiand, ftom ton to 1698." H JONAS, Anagrimua, a teamed Icalandar,

JOHNSON, Robert, the last pfoprietary go-Uwho nequlrsd a great reputation fbr astronony
TanoroT SoMh Carottna, in iTlO, aftarwnrdiHandthescleneea,dtodin1640, attbeagaof M.
aMolatad to tba same once by the crown; heU JONAS, Jusnn, a fhmous proiastant divlna
dtei fa 1735. Hand polemical writer, In Germany, bom tai Thn-

JOH1VBON, Sir William, anpvtoteodaDt iiT filagta, in 1403, died in 1555.


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JONATHAN, aon of Saul, and ihe faithful
mend of Dairld, wai slain in battle by the Pht-
4istiiNM, 1055 B. C.

JONATHAN, a general of the Jcwa, and bro-
ther of Judas Maccabeus, was a valiant mmn
and cruellr Put to death, 144 B. C.

J0NE8, WiUiam, an English divine, of learn
ing and piety, whose works are highly esteem-
ed : he died in 1801.

JONES, Jeremiah, a dissenting divine, and
author, died in 1724.

JONES, John, a Benedictine monk, educated
'Bt Oxford, was made vlcar-genenU of his or-
der, and died in 1636.

JONES. David, a native .of Wales, wrote
some poetical pieces, and died in 1780.

JONES, John, a Welch antiquary, who was
employed 40 years, from 1500 to 1630 in collect-
ing Welch MSS.

JONES, Rice, a Welch poet, di^ in 1801
^ JONES, John, a drainatlc writer, in the rei^
of Charles I.

JONES, Inigo, a celebrated English architect,
bora in London, in 1578, died in 1653. His abi-
lities in all human sciences surpassed most of
his age. His designs and buildings were many
and Imporiant ; but for an account of these we
mast refer the reader to Campbell's" Vitravius

JONES, John, a medical writer, born in
Wales, died in 1580.

JONES, Sir WiHiam, Judge of the kinc's
bench, hi the relcn of James 1.,-andCharlee I.

JONES, Sir Tliomas, a Judge of the king's
kenob, under Charles II. and James U.

JONES, WlUiaoli, one of the last of those
genulae mathematicians, admirers, ^d cotem-
poraries of Newton, who cultivated and tm
proved the.aciences in the present century, (ia-
ther to Sir William Jones. was bom in An^esey,
in the vear 1680, and died in 1740.

JONES, Henry, a native of Drogheda, in Ire-
landi and no mean dramatic poet, though ori

Snally a Journeyman bricklayer, died very poor,
i 1770. His principal performance, " The
Karl of Essex," a tragedy, appeared in 1753.

JONBSjGrifflth, bom in London, in 1731, died
In 1786. This gentleman was many years edi-
tor of the London Chronicle, of the Daily Ad-
vertiser, and, we believe, of the Public Ledger,
ta the ** Literary Maeazlne,*' with Johnson,
and In the ^' British Magazine,'* with Smollet
and Goldsmith, his anonymous labours were of
ten associated. His modest mind sfamnk from
IHiblic attention ; and hb labours were most
frequently directed to the improvement of the

Jonnger and more untutored classes of man-
ind. His translations from the French are
very numerous, but cannot now be traced.

JONES, Sir William, one of the Judges of
the supreme court of Judicature, in Bengal, and
an excellent poet, to whoee translations we are
indebted for many beautiful effusions of the
Persian nraae, was bora In London, In 1746, and
died In 17M, at the premature age of 48. En-
dowed by nature with a mind of extraordinary
vigour. Sir William, by unwearied industry.
•Ided ny superior genius, succeasfiilly explored
Ihe bidden souiees of Oriental sdence and lite-
ratnie; and his attainments in tUs interesting
WaDch of learning were such as to make him
fltf beyond aU competition, the. most eminent
Qrieatal aeholar, In tlile, or perhaos any oUier
-•Ce. Uyillke many other eminent Uterary eha-
racteri of the age. Sir William was a sinoere
ahd pious Chrlsdan; Instead of laboorlng by Ids


writings, to propagate the doctrines of infidelity
as has been a favourite practice with some mo-
dern philosophers of reputation, he was desir-
ous to lend the Scriptures hiit utmost support :
and, in one of his latest annual discourses to
tfie Asiatic Society, he has done more yo give
validity to the Mosaic history of the creation
than has been done by the researches of any co-
temporary writer. The following epitaph, wrir
ten by and for himself, is equally admired t<l
its truth and its elegance.

" Here was deposited

the mortal part of a man

who feared GOD, but not death ;

and maintained independencOi

but sought not riches;

who thougut none below hUn,

but the base and unjust ;

none above him but the wise and viituoni ;

who loved his parents, kindred, (Hends,

and country :

and having devoted his lift to their lerviee,

and the improvement of his mind,

rensned it calmly,

giving glory to his Creator,

wishing peace on earth,

and good will to all his creatoies,

• on the day of

in the year of our t '

VONES, Richard, a Wekhman, and an ia
genious author, died in tlie 17th century.

JONES, David, speaker of the colonial at*
serobly of New- York, and a Judge of the an
preme court of that state, died in 1775.

JONES, Thomas, an English dlrlne, eminent
as an instructor of mathematics, at Cambridge,
died in 1807.

JONES, Johnf aul, a native of Scotland.who,
aAer being engaged in the merchant service of
Great Britain, came lo America, at the com-
mt>ncement of the revolution, and received a
lieutenants commission in the navy of the Uni-
ted States. He was soon after uromoted, and.
as captain of the Ranger, and anenvardsof the
Bonne Homme Richard, fought battles and gain-
ed victorie8,which gave him reputation through-
out Europe, and which, for tlieir desperation,
have seldom been equalled. He also annoyed
the enemy's merchant vessels in every sea.
After the peace, be was, for a time. In toe ser-
vice of Russia. He died at Paris, in 1793.

JONES, John, M. D., an eminent physician,
of New York, afterwards iwrofcssor of surgery
in King's collefe ; he died In 1791.

JONES, WiUiam, speaker of the house of
assembly, and governor of the state of Rhode-
Island, died in 1823.

JONG, Ludolph de, a Dutch painter of emi-
nence, died in 1697.

JONGHE, Baldwin, or Junius, a Frandacan
monk, and the author of eeveral works, died In

JONIN, Gilbert, a Jeauit, known as an emi-
nent poet, died at Tournon, in 1638.

JONSIU8, John, a naUve of Holstein, am^aa
elegant writer, died in 1650.

J0N80N, Benjamin, a celebrated English
poet, bora in Westminster, In 1574. He wafe
bred a bricklayer, but went afterwards to Sl
John's coUege, Cambridge ; where, however,
' ' conHnoance wae abort In proportion to Urn
_^ juces, whkh would not Mippqr the deeaii
convenieitces of a learned eaae. In thU exl-
ftnce he toned hit Nwagliia upoa/tbe pinr

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JO ^

: hifl iDcMnation and geniui lay to com*
podtioaa for tbe stage ; and be bad the example
of Bbakspeare, wbo bad taken tbe same courae,
to the Mke difficoltles, with miccenr. The first
Blur Jooflon printed was the comedy entitled
" Every man in hie bnmour ;" after which he
prodnced a play regularly every year, for some
years soecessively. In 1619, on the death of
l)«nieL be succeeded to tbe vacant laurel ; and
tbia office obliged him to provide the Cbrisimaa
diveialon of a masque: accordingly, in his
works, we have a series of these and other en-
tertainments of a like kind, most of which were
mesented at court from 1615 to 16SS. He died
I* 1637, and was interred in Westminster Abbey.
Over his grave is a common pavement stone,
and on it are engraven these words,


JOHNSTON, John, a polish naturalist, tra-
velled over Europe, and died in 1675.

JORAM, king of Israel, 896 B. C; he was
alain 884 B. C.

JORAM, king of Judah 889 B. C. ; he died in
885 B. C. ^

JORDAENS, James, an eminent painter of
the Flemish school, bom at Antwerp, in 1593,
died in 1678. He improved under Rubens, for
whom be worked, and from whom he drew bis
best principles.

JORDAN. Sir Joseph, an English admiral, by
whose extraordinary valour, the Dutch Were
defeated at tbe battle of Solebay, in 1672. >

JORDAN-,Cbarles Stephen, a Prussian writer,
Mgbly esteemed by Frederick the Great; wbo
erected a monument to bimi with this inscrip-
tion, " Here lies Jordan, the friend of the mu-
tes and of tbe king.** He died in 1746.

JORDAN. John Christopher^ privy coun-
feUor to the king of Bohemia, waa an eminent
antiquary, and died in 1740.

JORDAN, Dorothea, an eminent EngU^ ac ,
tress, was the daughter of Capt. Bland, of a
most respectable family in Ireland. Her mother
iloped with her father *, they both todk to the
atage; and our heroine was bom among the
*J%eBpian corps. As an actress, she commenced
lier career in Dublin: but soon quitted that for
Tate Wilkenson*s York company ; where she.
soon diatinauiahed herself so much as speedily
to attract toe notice of the London managers.
Slie died at St Cloud, in France, in 1816; and
was indebted! we believe to the kindness of a
casual EogUsh traveller for a 4ecent interment.
The obscuriQrof her retreat, vad the penury in
which she ended a life that had led to much

JO ■

JOBBP^. son of Jacob and Rachel, waatbt
Ikvourlte or bh fkther. In Egypt he rose to be
|tbe govemor of tbe countnr, and died 1636 B. C.

JOSEPH, husband of Mary, the mottier of
Jesus Christ, was of the tribe of Jodab, and of
tbe lineage of David.

JOSEPH, of Arimathea, a coanaeOor, and
disciple of our Saviour.

JOSEPH I., 15Ch emperor of the bouseof
Austria, was crowned king of Hnnga^, In 1687,
elected king of the Romans, in 10M>, and sue-
ceeded to the empire ef Germany, in 1705 ; b«

JOSEPH n. ,emp«ror of Germany, was dected
king of the Romans, in 1764, abd crowned em-
peror tlie following year; he was a benevolent
monarch. Imt too fond of Innovation ; be died
in 1790.

JOSEPH, king ofPortugaljOf tbe Braganaa f^
mily .ascended the throne in 1750,and died in 1777.
His reign was turbulent and unfortunate.

JOSEPH MEIR, a learned rabbi, was born
in Prance, in 1496, and died in ISM.

JOSEPH. Ben Gorion, a Jewish biflorian,
who flourished in the 10th century.

JOSEPH, of Paris, a capuchin, and confidant
of Richelieu, di^ in 1638.

JOSEPH, Father, an apostate monk, wbo
raised 6000 banditti in 1678, to extirpate tbe ca-
{tholic religion In Hungary

JOSEPHUS,. Flavius, the ancient bislorian
of the Je^s, bora at Jerasalem, A. D. 37, died
in ga. His " History of the Jewish War and
the D^truction of Jerusalem,** hi 7 lK»ks,waB
compoeed at tbe command of Vespasian, and
is singulariy interesting and afiecung, as tbe
historian was an eye-witneei of all thai be re-
lates! St Jerome calls him " tbe Livy of the
His '* Jewish AnUqultles,** «»

bigiier expectations,-very much interested and
astonlsbed tbe public

JORDAN, Tbomas, a dramatic writer, in tbe
reigQ of Charles I. Langbaine speaks of him as
bavingbeen an actor also.

JOkD AKO^'Uca, an eminent Italian painter,
waa bora at Naples, in 1632, died in 1705,

JOBDEN, Edwardian English physiclainand
as author, died in 16S.

JORN ANDES, a GoU^ author in tbe time of



JORTIN, Dr. John, a learned Enclista divhie
sad eceleeiaatical historian, bom in London, in
laoe, died in 1770. His chief works are. " Dis-
cottiaea eoneeming tbe Truth of the Christian
Reltakm;** ^« Misoellaneoos Observations upon
Avtfiora, indent and modem;** "Remarks
upon Eccledastieal History,** " Life of Eras-
nui ;** and " Remarks upon tbe works ef Eras-

books,.writtf>n in Greek, are a very noble work:
we havp al8oadi9cour8e " upon, the M ar t y r d om
of the Maccabees ;** which is a master^piece of
eloquence, for he was certainly a great orator, as
well as a great historian.

JOSHUA, tbe son of Kun, and soccessor of
Moses, in conducting the Israelites to Canaan •
be died 1434 B.C.

JOSIAH, king pf Judah, 641 B.C.| died 6l0 ^

JOflSELTN, John, a native of GreatBritain,
Iwbotame lo America in 16Q3, and wrote an
account of New-England, Ice. As a historian
he is not esteemed vrorthy^ of great credit

JOUBERT, Francis, a priest of Montpelier,
contltaed in the Bastile, tot his attachment to the
Janse'niata ; he died in 1763.

JOUBERT, Laurence, a French physician
and medical writer, boro at Valence, In 1580^
died in 1582.

JOUBERT,BartbokNiiewCatbarlne,a French
general of great celebrity, second Id comrnaad
under Buonaparte in tbe conquest of Ita^, waa
killed at tbe battle of Novl, in 1790. .

JOURDAIN, Amable BrecbUlet, an oriental
Ischolar, distinguished for bis attaiim^ts in tbe
study of tbe eastem languages, diod in 1818.

JOUS8R. Daniel, a French lawv«r,who wrote
some valuable works, died in 1781.

JOUVENCT, Joseph, a French |e8uit, mo-
fessor of belles-letters at Caen, and a writer,
died in 1719.

JOUVENBT, John, a French painter, whoie
plecos are esteemed, oled in ITIT*.

JOV1ANU8, Flavius Claud, a Roman empe-
ror, elected by tbe army after tlie death of Julian
tlM Apostate, in 303. He at first refused, saying,

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tbtl iM woalduot command idolatroii« ■oldieri
ba^ ofoa an aMuranc« tbot tbey would embrace
ChrifmBitiri be accepted the throne, immediate-
ly A«t up all tbe pagan templee, and forbade tbeir
gawlftrw -^t he did not long e^}oy the dlsnity to
wMeh bli oierit bad railed turn ; being >anoc«ted
ta bti bed by the fumet of a fire which had been
made to dry the chamber, in 364, in the 33d year
of his age, and 8th iponth of hii reign.

JOVINIAN, a monk of Milan, who becaaie
the head of a aect,.and died' in condequenee ef
hie debauchery, A. D.^406.

JOVIUS. Bttiedictaa, brother of the hlKtoriaa,
known aa a poet and histoiical vrriter.

JOVIUS, Paa(, an Italian Giovio, well known
by hia Uatoriea, was bf ni at Como, in Italy, in
1483, and died in 155S.

JOYBUSE, Anqe de, a duke and admiral of
Franee, and » favourite of Henry IH. ; he^died

JOTEU8B, Francis de, brother to the pre-
eeding, was an able minister of Henry IIL and
IV.,^ Lewis XUI. ; be died in 1615.

JOYNER. WiUlatai,or Lyde,an English writer,
wiM aasbraced popery, and died in ITW.

JUAN, George, a Spaniard, knight of Malta,
known as an able mathematician ; 1^ died at
Midiid, la 1773.

JUBA, king of Mauritania, was driven fhmi
bla kingdom vy Caaar, and destroyed himself

JUBA, soQ of the preceding, was carried
nisoner to Borne by Casar, but under Augustus,
M cKOvered hts dominions.

JI70A, Hakkadish,Qr the Saint, a rabbi, cele-
brated fbr Ills learning and riches, who lived in
tba tbae of the emperor Antoninus, and was
tbfi Arteod.aod pteceptor of that pirinoe. He
celleB>Bd, about 91 years after the destruction oT
the ToBpipla, in a book which he called the
*'Nis&a," the constitutions and traditions of
tba jMviah iMglstrates and doctors #ho pre-

JUDA, Lao, son of a priest of Alsace, was
wen ikiltod in Habraw, and died minister of
Zurich, In 1S49.
JUDA-CHING, a rabbi, of Fez, of the 11th

__ JU

Tiberius. She was banished by the latter for
her debancheries.

JULIA, the daughter of Titos : her ebarae-
ter was infamous.

JULIA DOMNA, the with of the ompcrar
Severus, was well skilled in philosophy and the

JULIAN, the Roman emperor, commooly
styled the Apostate, because he proftssed Chris-
tianity b^qre he ascended the throne ; after
which he openly embraced paganism and perae-
cuted the Christians. He was killed In banla

JULIAN. St aiehblshopof Toledo^ author of
a work against the Jews, died In 6M.

JULIANA a singular charaster of Norwloh,
who in her seal for mortification, confined bar-
self between four walls ; she Ihred la tba time of
Edward 10.

JULIEN, Peter, one of the best statuaries
that France ever possessed. His I

a marble statue of Poussin. His bathing nymph,
in white marble, and the statue of La Fontaineu
are considered as his chefs d*0Buvres. Re die!
at Paris, in 1805, at an advanced age.

JULIO, Romano, an Italian painter, the
disciple of Raphael, with whom he was a par-
ticular /avounte, died In 1546, leaving hnmortal
prooft of hts great abilities.

JULIUS I., pope and saint, waa eleeiad
pope In 387, and died in 358 ; he was a man of
loaminc and piety.

JULtUS iCpope, called before Julian da la
Royere, equally distinguished for his warlllce ex-
ploits and poHUcal negotiations, was bora at
Arbizala, in 1440. and died in 1513. He built the
famous church of St. Peter at Rome, and waa a
generous patron of the polite arts.
. JULIUS IIL, Johil Marie da Moot, a native
of ArexKo, was elected pope In 15S0. Bedia-
solved the council of Trent, where he orealded
in the name of Paul IIL, and died In 15H.

JUNCKER, Christian, an able medaHit, waa
bom at Dresden, and died In 1714.
JUNCTIN,or OUINTINO, Franela,aa Itallaa,
and a Carmelite, who qnlttad the calhoUe for

, , the procestant religion, and settled in Fraaoa,

,»h». «f •» A*.ku <i<»«i<%n^r» Aodlf^here "he died in 1580.

JUNGERM AN, Godflrey', professor of law at


r Je-

f an







B or

a of

Leipsic, died in 1610.

JUNGERMAN, Lewis, brother to the pre-
ceding, disitnguished for workf on botany aod
natural history, died in 1653.

JUNGIUS, Joachim, profosMir of awtbeau-
tics at Gloaven, died In 1657.

JUNILIUS, a bishop of Austria la the 6ch

JUNIUS, Adrian, a learned Dotcbnaii, aad
author of numerous works } he died la 1575.


JUNIUS, or DU JOHN, Ftaacls, profleasar
of divinity at Leyden. His. best known warfc
is a Laan version of the Hebrew Bible, be died


. JUNIUS, Francis, or Fraaeois du John, bora
at Heidelberg, In 1560, died in 1677. He waa
highly disdnguished for his skUl and roeaiebsa
in the Anglo-Saxon and Gothic laagaagaa.

JUNTA, Thomas, a Dhvsieian orVeiBieei mi
an anther, died in the i6th century.

JUNTAS. Thereweretwo of the naaie* prin-

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