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bhn of the crown, in 1410.

ROBERT, king of France, sumamed the
Wise, or the Devout, succeeded his father Hugh
Capet, in 996. He refused the crown of toe
empire, and of Italy, preferring to reign over his
native dominions, and to devote himself to the
bt&ppiiiess of the French people. He died in

ROBERT of France, count d'Artois, brothei
of St Louis, reftised the empire of Germany,
oilbred him by pope Gregory IX., and accompa-
nied bis brother to the Holy Land, where he
behaved with great valour ; be was killed at the
batUe of Massourah, In 1250.

ROBERT, count d'Artois, called the Good,
or the Noble, son of the preceding, distinguished
himself in an African expedition, and against
the English and the Flemings. He was kUled in
• battle with the latter, In 1303.

ROBERT of Anjou. succeeded his father,
Cbaries the Lame, on the throne of Naples, in
1309. He died respected by bis subjects, and by
foreign powers, in 1343.

ROBERT the Magnificent, duke of Norman-
dy, was poisoned on bf s return ftom a pilgriih-
•ge to the Holy Land, at Nicola, in Bithyuia.


He was sncceeded by bis son WiOiam the Coo>
qoeror, in 1035.

ROBERT, sumamed Short Sbankf, son of
VlMlliam the Conqueror, duke of Normandy,
displayed great valour in the Holy Wars ; but
on his return,be found himself deprived not on-
ly of the throne of England, but of Normandy,
by hhi brother Henry, who detained Itfm a pii-
soner until his death, in 1134.

ROBERT BRUCE, a Scotch nobleman, who
disputed the throne with John Baliol. By tbe
aid of England he was deposed ; but afterwards
appearing amonc his countrymen, he was una-
nimously elected king, and maintained liis ele-
vation by nis valour. He defeated tbe English
at the famous battle of Bannockbnm, and died
in 1329.

ROBERT, Nicholas, an eminent painter, of
Lancres, whose birds and plantson vdlum, were
much admired ; he died in 1684.

geof^apher of eminence, died in 1766.

ROBERTELLO, Francis, professor of rheto-
ric and philosophy, at Padua, and author of
Commentaries on the Greek and Latin poets,
died in 1567.

ROBERTS, Barre Charles, an eminent £ng-
Ush scholar, died in 1810.

ROBERTS, Peter, an English divine, eml
nent as a writer on theological and other sub-
jects, died in 1819.

ROBERTS, Charles, of Virginia, remarkable
for lon^eviw ; he died in 1796, aged 116.

ROBERl^ON, WiUiam,D. D.,an eminentdl-
vine, bom in Dublin, afterwards settled in Soot-
land, and died in 1783.

ROBERTSON, George, an eminent EqgUsh
landscape painter, died in 1788.

ROBERTSON. Dr. WUliam, principal of tbe
university of Edinburgh, and hi8tori<mapber
to his majesty, of Scotland, born in I7S1, and
died in 1793. His histories of *' Charles V.,**
of " America," and of " Scotland," win long
continue to be read with jrfeasure, aud impress
future ages with respect for tbe memory of tbe

ROBERTSON, Joseph, an eminent English
clergyman, author of a translation of Telema-
chus, and other works, died in 1803.

ROBERVAL, Gilles Personne,^eur de, au-
thor of a Treatise on Mechanics, was prof^aor
of mathematics at Paris, and died In 1675.

ROBESPIERRE, Maxhnilian Isidore, a revo-
lutionary monster, of France, was bore at Arras,
of a poor family, in 1750. At an early period
of the French revolution be became the chief
of the jacobins, and at length obtained tbe su-
preme command in Prance. A confederacy was
formed against him, and he was arrested in tbe
national assembly, and executed in July, 1794.

ROBIN HOOD, captain of a notorious band
of robbers, who infested tbe forest of Sherwood,
in Nottinghamshire, and ftom thence made ex
cursions to many parts of England in search of
bob^. He died in 13«7.

ROBINS, Benjamin, an English matbeiBiti-
clan of great geiuus and eminence, bom la 1707,
and died in 1751. He was engineer-general to
the East India Company ; wrote " New Princi-
ples of Cruimery;" and is considered as tbe real
narrator of k>rd Anson's " Voyage round the

ROBINSON, Tankred, a distinguished pby
siclan, author of an Easy on Natural HMoiy.
died In 1748.

ROBINSON, Anaitida, an ntaoA ftag^

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tflnfer, who beeame aftenrardt coonten of Pe-
tarborongb, by mtnryiog tbe earl, and died in

ROBINSON, Robert, an EngUih divine, who
pubttabed a translation of '* 8aurin*s Sermons,"
and an *^ Essay on tbe Composition of a Ser-
mon,** was born in 1735, and died In 1790.

ROBINSON, Mary, an elegant English poet,
dramatist, and novelist, was Docn in 1756, and
died in 1800.

ROBINSON, Richard, a native of Yorkshire,
prebendary of York, afterwards bishop of Ki^
lala, and archblsbopof Armagh, In Ireland, and
created a peer, by the tiUe of baron Rokeby ; be
died in 1794.

ROBINSON, Moses, a member of the United
States senate, from Vermont, and governor of
that state : he died in 1813.

ROBINSON, Jonathan, chief Justice of the
stale of Vermont, and afterwards a senator in

congress from that state ; he died in 1819.

ROBINSON, John, a distinguished Engusn
clergyman, pastor of the English church at Ani-

■terdam, and afterwards at Leyden, and died
there, in lOSS.

ROBINSON, Dr. John, a mathematician, pro-
fessor of natural philosophy, and afterwards of
chymiAry, at Edinburgh, was bom in 1730. Be
wrote *' Elements of Mechanical Philosophy,"
and died in Edlnbnrgb, in 1803.

ROCHEFORT, William de, a distinguished
French writer, died in 1788.

ROCHEFOUCAULT, Francis, duke of, an
ingenioos French writer, bom in 1613, and died

ROCHESTER, John Wllmot, earl of, a very
licentious wit and poet, in the reign of Charles
II., bom in 1648, and died in 1680.

James, a French dramatic writer of merit, dl^
at Paris, in 1800.

RODGERS,John, D. D., a distinguished Ame-
rican clergyman, pastor of a preslmerlan church
in New. York, died in 1811.

RODNEY, George Brydges, a most brave and
successful E^Ush admiral, bom in 1718, '
died in 1703.

RODNEY, Csear, of Pennsylvania, one of
the signers of the declaration of Independence.
RODOLPH, duke of SwaUa, was elected
king of Germany, in 1077, by some German in-
surgents. He was soon after killed in battle.

RODOLPH I., of Hapsburg, sumamed the
Clement, emperor of Germany, made war with
the king of Bohemia, and obtained with victory,
the oeasion of several of his provinces; he died
in 15291.

RODOLPH n. son of MazimlUan H., king of
Bohemia, Hungary, and the Romans, and elect-
ed emperor in 1576. He was a weak and irrsao-
hite monarch, and suffered his kingdom to be
invaded by the Turks, and afterwards divided
by his brother, without courage to oppose the
one, or spirit to repress the other. He died in

ROE, sir Thomas, an eminent statesman, aenii
as ambassador bv James I., to the court of thd
great mognl, to that of the grand slgnlor, and af-
terwards to Sweden ; during his absence, lie
made vahuUe collections of H8S. in the orien-
tal lancuages, which he presented to the Bod-
leian liDrary. He was afterwards a memlier of
parliament and a privy counsellor, and died in


Dauphin of France, afterwards professor of as-
tronomy at Copenhagen, and engaged in the sor-
vlce of ChrisUan V. ; he died in 1710.
^ ROENTGEN, N., a German artist, who was
(employed by Catherine of Russia, in erecting the
palace of Petersburg, died at tiie close of the 18th

ROEPEL, Conrad, a painter, bom at the
Hague, whose fruit trees and flowers were much
admired : be died in 1748.

ROESTRATEN, Peter, an eminent portrait
painter, of Haorlem, flourished about lOTO.

ROGER, first king of Sicily, conquered Apu-
lia, Calabria, and afterwards waged successful
war against the Eastern empire : lie died in

ROGER, Charles, an eminent prtaiter at Paris,
In the 16th Century.

ROGER, Joseph Louis, a physician, of Straa-
burg. died in 1761.

ROGER, prior of Hexham, author of a His-
tory of the Campaign of the Scotch Army onde*
king David, aboutIl38.

ROGERS, John, an eloquent and zealoua
English divine, who suffered martyrdom at the '
stake, at Smithfield, in 1555, in the persecuting
reign of Mary.

ROGERS, John, D. D., a disUngOished Eng-
lish divine and controveralal writer, canon and
sub-dean of Wells, and afterwards promoted to
the living of St. Giles, London ; he died in 1799.

ROGERS, Woods, an English clrcumnavlgar
tor, and writer of his Voyages round the globe ;
he died in 1733.

ROGERS, Nathaniel, a descendant of the
martyr, was minister at Ipswich, Mass. ; he died
In 1655.

ROGERS, Ezekiel, first minister of Rowley,
Mass.. died In 1661.

ROGERS, John, a native of England, came
to America when young, and in 1682 was chosen
president of Harvard college ; be died in 1684.

ROGERS, WiUlam, D. D., a baptist clergy-
man, professor of English and oratory in Uie
University of Pennsylvania ; he died in 1824.

ROGHMAN, Roland, a distinguished land-
scape painter, of Amaterdam, died In 1686.

ROHAN, Henry, duke of, peer of France,
bom in 1579. He distinguished himself as •
warrior against Lewis XIII., and also as apoliti-
cal writer ; hedied of wounds received In bal-
Ue, in 1638.

ROHAULT, James, a French phUosopblcal

id polite writer, bora in 1090. and died in 1675.

tive of ViUefranche, removed eariy in life to
Rouen, where he was soon noticed for his know-
ledge of commerce and political economy, and
for his writings. He was afterwards a minister

of Lewis XVf., and'a favourite of the people for
a time, but was at length proscribed and fled
fhHn Paris. He committed suicide hi 1793.

ROLAND, Mary Jane Phillpon, wife <3t the
preceding, was a woman of strong mind, and
eminent for her knowledge of the arts, her wit
and learning. During her hnsband's elevadon
she assisted him in the transaction of his busi-
ness, and her house was the rssort of the learn-
ed, the powerftil, and the intriguing. She waa
guillotined u an accompUee of the Giroodiais,


ROLAND D*ERCEVILLE, B. 6.. a learned
and popular man, and prssldent of tne parlia-
ment of Paris, fell a victim to the revolution,
ROEMER, Oiaoa, a Danish astronomer, who te 1794.
waa appointed teacher of mathematica to VUt\ BOLE, MIcbael, an «min«u French.nathtr


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m«tician, aathor of a tre«Use on Algebrm, and
died in 1719.

ROJLLIN, ChariM, a Frencbman, ninioufi for
doqueoee and skill in Uie belles lectres, and as
an author, was bora in ]<i61, and died in 1741.

ROLLINS, Reinbold Henry, a German phi
loiofflst, author of Lives of PhUocophers, Poets,
Itc, published in 1700.

ROLLO, a Norveaian chieftain, who obtained
the sovereignty of Normandy with the title of
duke of Normandy, in 912 ; he was the ancestor
of William the Conqueror, and died about 933.

ROLLOCK, Robert, a native of Scotland,
appointed by king James VI., the first principal,
and profesaor of divinity, in the university or
Edinbunb ; he died in 1001.

ROLT, Richard, a miscellaneous and dra-
matic writer, died in 1770.

ROMAINE, Rev. WUliam, an emhient and
▼eiy learned English divine, born in 1714, and
died in 1795, having published many valuable
Uieolo^cal works.

ROMANELLI, John Francis, a painter, bom
•t Viterbo, patronised by the pope, and elected
head of the academy of St. Luke, died in 166S.
HIi pan Urban, was also eminent an a painter,
and died In 1683.

ROMANO, Julia, an eminent Italian his-
torical painter, and architect, and disciple of
Raphael; be was bom at Rome, in 1493, and
died in 1546.

ROMANUS I., emperor of the East, was
raised to dkitlnction, by saving the Hfe of the
emperor Basil. He afterwards married a daugh-
ter of Oonauntine X., who raised him as his
associate to the throne. After ^zhiMttng ereat
military talents, united with humanity and be-
nevolence, he was banished to a monastery, by
hiiion Stephen, and died in 948.

ROMANUS U., the Younger, emperor of the
East, a worthless, and effeminate prince, who
died In consequence of his debauchery and in-
temperance, in 963.

ROMANUS HI., emperor of the Bast, raised
himself to the throne, by marrying the daughter
of Constantino the Younger, in 1038. He was
poisoned, and strangled at the instigatioii of his
wife, in 1034.

ROMANUS IV., suraamed Diogenes, wai
taken prisoner, by a Turkish general, in 1071,
and generoasly set at liberty by him. On his
return to Constantinople, he fbund his throne
usurped by Michael, the son of his predecessor,
who defeated him in a sulMiequent baUle, took
hhn prisoner, and^iut out his eyes, which caused
hii death, in 1071. '

ROMANZOFT, N., marshal de, a Russian
general, disttngulsbed as one of the greatest
warriors of the age in which ha Uved. He
defisated the Tnrks at the battle of Ruth, leav-
ing 100,000 of their army on the field ; be died
about 1787.

ROMBOUTS. Theodore, a successful histori-
eai painter, of Antwerp, died in 1637.

ROME, DE L*IBLE, John Baptist, a native
of France, distlngaisbed by bis devotion to the
•ludy of mineralegy and natural history, and by
hto Writhifi on those subjects ; be died in 1790.

SOBfEYN, Tbeodoricas, an eminent Ameri-
eaa elergiriun, settled at Sobeaeetady, New-
Tork, and protasor of theology in the reformed
Diiteb chitrch ; he died in 18M.

ROMBYN, John B.. D. D., bob of the pre-
codtaii, pastor of apMsWterian ehnich in New-
York, where he died hi 1835.

ROMILLY, John, an tofeiiioaf mtdiairie and

RO _

(clockmaker, of Geneva, author of the article
in the Eocvclopedia, on clockmaking, and other
writings, died in 1796. His son, John Edme,
was a Calvinistic minister at Geneva and Lou-
don, and the IViend of d'Alembert, Rousseaut
and Voltaire ; be died in 1779.

ROMILLY, Sir Samuel, a learned Enalish
pleader at ihe chancery bar, and a most enl%bt-
ened and effective member of the house of com-
mons, was born in 1757. On the death of his
wife, he became delirious, and destroyed him-
selfin 1818.

ROMXEY, George, a celebrated English paint-
er, was bom in 17^1, and died in 180^

ROMULUS, the founder, and first king of
Rome, dif'd 715 B. C, alter reigning 38 years.

RONCALLI, Christofano, ahiioorical painter,
of Pomerania, died Hi 1636.

RONDELET.WUIiam,a distinguished French
physician and anatomist, died in 15G6.

KONSARD, Peter de, a French elegiac and
epigrammatic poet,of a noblefamily,died in 1585,
aged 61.

RONSIN, Charles Philip, an active and vio-
lent partisan of the Frenoh revoluti6n, minister
of war, and commandei of the revolutionary
army, he was guillotined In 1794.

ROODSEUS, John Albert, an eminent por-
! trait painter, of Holland, died in 1674.

ROOKR, sir George, a brave English admTtaV
died in 1706.

ROOKE, Laurence, a dintinguisbed English *
astronomer and Keometrician. was professor of
astronomy, and afterwards of geometry, at Gre-
sbam college, where he died in 1663.

ROOME, Edward, an English dramatic wri-
ter, died in 1739.

ROORB, James, a native of Antwerp, distin-
guished as a historical painter, died in 1747.

ROOS, John Heiidrick, an eminent portrait
ond landscape painter, t)f Ottenbnrg, bora in
1031. His two sons and his brother, were also
respectable artists.

ROOT, Jesse, a member of congress from
Connecticut, and an officer in the revolutionary
army, was afterwards chief Justice of the su-
preme court of that sute. He pubUshad two
volumes of Law Reports, and died in 188.

ROGUE, John de la, author of travels in
Arabia Felix, Palestine, Syria, 4cc., died at
Paris, in 1745.

RORENMULLER, John George, a German
divine and crit^, professor of divinity at Er-
langpn ; he died in 1815.

ROSA, Abba Cariera, a Venetian lady, cele-
brated for her talents in crayon palntinf and
miniature, died in 1755.

ROSA, 6sIvator,apahiter. SeeSALVATOR.

ROSAMOND, daughter of Walter de Clif&nt,
lord Hereford, known In history as tlie beau-
tiful mistress of Henry 11^ was poisoned by his
queen. ^

ROSCIUS, Quintns, a Gaul by bhrth, a cele-
brated comedian, died 61 B. C.

ROSCOMMON, Wentworth DUIon, eari ot,
an English poet and criUc, died in 1684, aged 51.
He powessed the merit of being the only moral
writer in the days of Charles H.

ROSE, George, an Enadsb statesman, presi-
dent of the board of trade, and treasurer of the
navy, was distingnlsbed for his great indnstry
and application to busine», and for his writlhgs
on various subjects; lie died in 1818.

ROSE, Samuel, an English lawyer, author of
a Life of Goldsmith, and adltor of^Comyn's Re>
pom and Digest ; be died in 1804.

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ROSEWELL, Thomas, an eminent diasenl-
In; clergyman in England, was educated at
Oxford : lie died in 1091.

BOSLNUS, John, a learned German author,
and preacher or the cathedral, at Naumberg, in
Saxony, died in 1GS6.

RO^I, Barnaby Firmin da, a French dra-
matic writer, diAtingnlshed himself atthe revo-
lution, 1^ his writints in ftrourof the unfortu-
nate king, for whicn he was condemned and
executed in 1793.

ROSS, AlexaDdcr, teacher of an Enptisb
grammar scliool, and chaplain to Charles 1., and
author of tome religious tracts, died in 1654.

ROS8, Alexander, a Scottish bishop and vol-
ominous writer. He wrote " A View of all
Religions,'* and died in 17W, aged 80.

ROSS, David, an eminent English actor, died
in 1790, aged 63.

ROSS, John, D. D., bishop of Exeter, died

ROSfi, George, a member of congreaa from
Pennsylvania, in 1776, and a stgner of the de-
claration of Independence.

ROSSI, John Victor, or JANUS NICIUS,
ERITHRiCLS, a Roman, of noble birth, who
devoted himself to literary pursuits ; he died
In 1647. His writings were voluminous.

ROBSI, Jerome, a native of Ravenna, physi-
cian to Clement VHI., died in 1607.

ROSSI, Bernard Marie de, a theological pro-
fessor to the dominicans of Venice ; he wrote
on historical and antiquarian subjecu, and died
in 1775.

ROSSLTN, Alexander Wedderbnm, earl of,
an eminent English lawyer, appointed solicitor
and attorney general, and cre^ed baron Lough-
borough, and made chief-Justice of the common
pleas, afterwards one of the ministry, and chan-
cellor ; lie died in 1805.

ROSSO. Le, or MASTER ROUX a self-
taught artist, of Florence, who acquired cele-
brity as a painter, died in 1541.

ROTARI, Peter, a celebrated portrait and his-
torical painter. o(^ Verona. He was patronised
bv the imperial family at St. Petersburg, in 1756.
The time of his death is not known.

ROTGANS, Luke, a native of Amsterdam,
who, after being engaged two years in the wars
of Holland, retired to his country seat, to devote
himself to poetry. His epic poem in eight books,
Is admired by the Dutch ; he died in 1710.
ROTHENAMER, John, an eminent historical

Eiinter, of Munich, patronised Inr tlie emperor
odolph n. ; he died in 1604.
ROTHERAM, Dr. John, an English physi
oUn, and experimental philosopher, died In 1787.
ROTHERAM, John, an English divine and
theological writer, died in 178&

ROTHMAN. Christopher, astronomar to the
landgrave of Hesse, died in 1593.
ROTRON, John de, a distinffulahed poet, dra-
' iuate orDreux, who lost

ffiatic writer, and magisuatt
'his life in consequence of administerlhs to the
aecessltiea of the poor^ during tlie prevatence of
an epidemic disease, in 1650.

RO .

, , ^ hi the royal botanical gardto at Paris
died in 1^. .

ROUILLB, Peter Julian, a Jesuit, of Tours,
professor of theology and philosophy to his order,
died at Paris, in i740.

iiOrs, Francis, a violent f^atlc of the com-
monwealth, speaker of Barebone's parliament,
and a flivourite of Cromwell, who maide him pro-
vost of Eton : he died in 1659.
^ ROUSE, John, author of a Chronicle of the
Kinn of England, and other works, died in 1491.

ROUSSEAU, James, a disthiguished French
painter, bom at Paris, in 1630, and died in Lon-
don, in 1693.

ROUSSEAU, John Baptist, an inustriona
French poet, bom at Paris, in 1669, died in 1741.

ROUSSEAU, John James, a celebrated phi-
losopher, and most eccentricgenius, bora at Ge-
neva, in 171 1, and died in 17^ /

ROUSSEL, WUIiun, a Benedictine, of Cpu-
Iches, in Normandy, who devoted himself to
literary pursuits at Rheims, died in 1717.

ROUSSEL, Peter, a disUnguished writer and
phyiician, ofFrance, died at Cbateaudun, in 1803.

ROUX, Augustin, a native of Gascon/, who
took his degrees in medicine at Bonrdeaui, au-
thor of Memoirs of Chymistry, 4tc ; he died in

ROWE, Nicholas, an English dramatic poet
and translator, bom in 1673, died In 1718. He
wrote 8 plavs, and gave the public an edition of
Shakspeare^s works, to which he prtfixed an
account of that great man's life.

ROWE, Elizabeth, an English lady, famous
fdr her fine parts and writings, In verse and
prose, bora in 1764, died in 1737. She is chiefly
celebrated for her '* Friendship In Death, in 90
Letters from the Dead to the Living ;'* and Iter
" Letters Moral and Entertaining.'*

ROWE, Thomas, the husband of the preced-
ing, died in 1718, in the S6th year of his ate. He
commenced a translation of Plutarch's Lives,
[which he did not live to finish.

ROWE, Thomas, educated at Oxford, min-
ister of Litchet, in Dorsetshire, afterwards a
dissenting clergyman, died in 1698.

ROWE, John, a popular English preacher,
settled hi Stafibrdshire, and afterwards in Lon-
don, died in 1677.

ROWLAND, Henry, author of a History of
the Island of An^esey, died in 17S8.

ROWLAND, David S., an American divine,
pastor of a congregational church at Windsor,
Coim. : lie died in 17M»

ROWLEY. Samuel, a dramatk writer, in the
reign of Charles I. of England.

ROWLEY, WUliam, an eminent draroatie
writer, and an actor, cofemporary and hi friend-
ship with Shakspeare, Jonson, &c.


ROWLEY, Dr. William, a physician, and a
copious writer on medical subjects, unfortu-
nately opposed himself to vaccination. He died
in 1B06, aged 63.


bey. He was bora at Lyons, in France, Ihu went
over to England. He had also a tura for poetry,
and wrote satires in French verse, died In 17«L

ROUCHBR, J. A., a disdnguisbed French
poet, bora at MontpelUer, was guiUotined for
the freedom with which be spoke of the atrod-
ties of the French revolution, In 1794.

ROURLLE, William Francis, lecturer on

A^YT^-fii^v, John, an able mathematician,

.. author of a compenolous system of Natural

ROUBILLAC, Francis, a most eminent sculp- Philosophy, died in London, in 1771.

r, whose chief works are in WestnOnster Ab- ROX AN A, the daughter of Oxyartas, a Per-

sian prince, and a prodigy of beauty, was mar*
ried to Alexander the Great, and had a son aAer
his deiuh ; iMith mother and sen were put te
death bv Cassander, 333 B. C.

ROXl^URO, WUliam, M. D. an eminent
botanical writer, of Ayrshire, went to India,
where he became keeper of the Botanical Gar-
den, at Calcutta. Be died at Edinburgh, in 1815.

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ROY, Julian 1e, a native of Toon, dlsdn
guisbed for liii great mechanical knowledge,
died in 1759.

ROTBE, George, D. D.^ an eminent EngUab
divine, chaplain to king William, provost of
Orial college, and dean of Bristol, died in ITOa

ROYSB, John, A. M., a popular preacher,
under Cromwell, died in 1083.

ROZEE, N., a lady of Levden, who excelled
In the uee of her pencil, bat Ihilihed her pictaree
with lilk floei, instead of colours ; she died in

ROZIER, Francis, D. D.. an ecclesiastic, prior
of NanteuU, distinguished for his attachment
to the study of agruulture, botany, chymistry.
and natural history. Killed during the siege of
LyoniL by the buistingof a bomb, when in bed,

RUBENS, shr Peter Paul, prince of the Flem-
ish painters, born in Ui77. He was sent by
Isabella, ambassador to En^and, to negotiate a

Seace with Charles I., in 1630. The king knighted
im for painting the banqueting-house. He died
In 1640.

RUBENS, Albert, son of the preceding, go-
vernor of the Low Countries, died in 1657.

RUCCELLAI, John, an ecclesiasUc, of Flo-
rence, of illustrious birth, ambssMkdor from pope
Jam X., to Francis I., afterwards governor of
8t.Ansek>; hediedinl596.

RUCCELLAI, Bernard, a native of Ftorence,
in the 15th century, author of " BeUum Itall-

RUDBECK,- Olaus, professor of medicine at
UmsI, died in 1702.

RUDDIHAN, Thomas, an eminently learned
Scotchman, author of a Latin grammar, with
valuable notes ; he was bom in 1674, and died
in 1757.

RUDING, Rogers, an English divine, author
of '* Annals of the coinage of Britain and its
dependencies ;** he died in 1890.

RUE, Charles de la, a Benedictine monk,
eminent for hiii knowledge of Greek and He-
brew, died in 1739.

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