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a will dated Aug. 2T, 1774, bequeathing to wife Mary, daughter Kath-
arine, wife of George Harper; grandson David Chamberlain: William
Ayer, executor.

James Boyd, Scotch-Irish settler, lived at Rutland, came to Wor.
1734, had at Worcester bv wife Jean: Samuel, b. Ian. 31, 173C;
John, b. July 15, 1738; James, Dec. 10, 1740; .\ndrew, b. April 20, 1743;
Margaret, b. Oct. 1, 1743; William, b. July 4, 1745; Thomas, b. Jan. 28,
1747-8; Joseph, b. March 17, 1748-9 ;' EHza, b. June 18, 1753. James
Bo3-d then of Holden was appointed guardian of .\lexander Boyd, son of
John Boyd of Boston, 1756.

Bovd, Andrew- (James^j, b. in Worcester April ".MJ, 1742; m. June
17, 1762, Molly Gray. Children, b. in Wor.: Mary, b. Aug. 27, 1764;
Samuel, b. Aug. 17, 1766; Betty, July 8 or 12, 1768.'

Samuel Boyd of Rutland and Oakham ; James of Rutland and Wor-
cester ; John of Brookfield and Samuel of Shelbourne, previously of
Rutland, were doubtless related.

Boyden. — Thomas' Boyden, b. in County Suffolk. Eng., came in the
ship Francis in 1634, lived at Scituate, came to Boston in 1650, removed
to Medfield, selling his land in what is now Brookline, and also land in
Boston. Later he went to Groton and thence to Watertown. His wife
Frances died in Boston March 17, 1658. He m. (3) Nov. 3, 1658, Han-
nah (Phillips) Alorse, widow of Joseph Morse. She d. Oct. 3, 1676.

Boyden, Thomas" (Thomas'), b. Sept. 36, 1639; d. iii Groton, Nov.
15, 1719; m. Martha Holden. dau. of Richard.

Boyden, Joseph^ (Thomas-, Thomas'), b. April 4. 1678. at Groton;
d. April 17, 1748, at Wor. He was selectman of Needham in 1721; was
keeping a tavern in Sutton in 1735 ; removed to Worcester in 1738, and
bought a tract of 100 acres on the south side, later called the "Old Boy-
den Place."

Boyden, Daniel* (Joseph-'-, Thomas-, Thomas'), b. March 1, 1708, at
Dedham ; d. Jan. 29, 1782, at Auburn. He m. Sept. 24, 1734. at Dedham,
Mehitable Mann, daughter of William and Bethia. He settled on a
farm in the south part of Worcester in 1740; joined the First church
and was selectman several years ; was one of the founders of the church
in what is now Auburn ; was one of the original proprietors of the town
of Guilford, Vt., and his son William was a pioneer in Dummerston,
Vt. His will dated in 1782, received the assent of the following heirs:
Mehitable, widow; Hezekiah, Daniel, William, James Boyden: Thomas
Jr. and Mehitable Baird ; Ebenezer Jr. and Esther Wellington; Israel
and Tryphena Stone ; Feb. 20, 1782. He bequeathed to wife Mehitable
and children: Daniel, William, James, Mehitable, Esther, Trvphena,


Darius (executor) and Hezekiah. Children, b. here: Hezekiah, b.
Nov. -^8. i;;jy: Daniel, b. Oct. :;^0, 1T41; Darius, b. Dec. 6, i:43; Wil-
liam, b. Jan. 1, 1:45-6: Esther, b. Dec. 23, i:47; Mary, b. May 17, 1751;
Tryjjhena, b. March \2. 1753; Janies. b. Nov. 20, 1758.

Boyden, Hezekiah' (DanieP, Joseph^ Thos.', Thos.'), b. Nov. 28,
i:31», at \yor. ; ni. .Sejit. 13, 1764, Elizabeth Green. Children b. here:
Mary, b. Feb. liJ, 1765; Elizabeth, b. Dec. 27, 1766; Hezekiah, b. Sep-
tember 14. 1768; Hannah, b. Dec. 3, 1770.

Boyden. Darius'' (Danl.\ Jos.". Thos.', Thos.'). b. here Dec. 6,
1743. d. ^larch 16. 1783, m. Dec. 16. 1773, Lavinia Brown. He was a
soldier in the Re\olntion. His widow m. Phineas Towne and had by
him three children. Their children, b. in Wor. : Priscilla, b. Aug. 26,
1774: Alvin, b. Sept. 7, 1775; Asa, b. March 4, 1777; Polly, b. Nov. 34,
177!). at Ward (now Auburn). F)Orn at Ward: Esther, b. Dec, 1781;

Lavina, b. Se])t. ".'!*. i:)S3. m. Chase. Children and heirs: Alvin,

Priscilla, Asa, Polly, Esther, Lavina. Thomas Baird was appointed
administrator of the estate of Darius and the estate was distributed to
the heirs [une 4, 1 7!)3.

l^.oyden, Daniel'' (DanieP, Jos.', Thos.-, Thomas'), b. Oct. 20. 1741,
here; m. here June 7, 1764, Rebecca Barber. He removed in 1766 or
17()8 to Guilford, \'t. ; served in the Revolution; d. in Guilford, .\ugust
29, 1813. The two eldest children were born here, the others in Guil-
ford: Daniel, b. March 22, 1765; Levi, b. Oct. 16, 1766; Rebecca, b.

June 11. 1768; Ebenezer. b. Aug. 18, 1770; Lydia, b. May 27.

Tryphena. b. Feb. 22. , m. Uriah Rogers; Mar}-, b. June 1, ,

m. Silas Baker, Mehitable, b. Fel). 27, i;8(), m. Asa Bowen : Azulia, b.
.Aug. 18, 17 82, m. David Rice.

Boyden, John* (Joseph', Thos.-, Thos.'), was a lieutenant in the
French and Indian War. lived as early as 1740 on Pakachoag Plill, now
Aulnirn. His son Samuel was father of Samuel. Joseph, Jebal and
Lewis, residents of Auburn and Oxford. Samuel Boyden of Auburn
m. Dec. 1. 1791, Sally Curtis, daughter of Samuel Curtis Sr. • Children
of John and Elizabeth, 1). at Wor.; Peter, b. Julv 28. 1745. soldier in
Rev., d. July 28. 1:77 ; John. b. Jan. 7. 1747-8; Elizabeth, b. July 30,
1750; Hannah, bapt. Mav 13, 1753; Hannah, bapt. Mav 4, 1755: Joseph,
bapt. Dec. 11, i;5:: Do'Uy, b. Aug. 10, i:60; Samuel', bapt. March 20,
1763: Darius, bapt. Sept. 'l, 1765.

Breck. — Dr. Samuel Breck* (Rev. Robert% b. 1682, of Marlborough,
John-. Edward'), was b. at Marl. May i:. 172;i; m. Elizabeth Cooley of
Springfield in 1744. He was for a short time a surgeon in the Pro-
vincial army, and from 1745 to 1747 practiced in Worcester. He after-
ward went to Windsor, Ct.. later to -Sheffield, where he was "much
esteemed." He died in Springfield. A])ril 23, 1764. His house here
"on the common southeast from the meeting house," was purchased by
the town .Sept. 25. 17 17. and was afterward the residence of Rev. Thad-
deus Maccarty. Children b. here: Nathaniel, b. -Aug. 11, 1745; Eliz-
abeth, b. June'6, 1747 ; Anne, b. June 10. 1749.

Brewer. — John Brewer, b. in Eng. about 1620: settled in Cambridge
as early as 1644; removed to Sudbury 1646.

Brewer, John- (John'), b. in Cambridge Oct. 10, 1642; d. Jan. 1,
1690-1; m. Elizabeth Rice. dau. of Henry and granddau. of Edmund
Rice. She d. in Feb. 1693. They lived in Sudbury.

Brewer, John^ (John^ Johni), b. in Sudbury Sept. 29, 1669; m.


Mary Jones and lived in Watertown, Weston and Sudbury ; owned a
. saw mill and gristmill.

Brewer, Josiah' (Jolin\ John-, John'), m. Dec. 31, 1T2-1, at Weston,
Hannah Woolson. Will dated at Worcester Sept. 19, 1768, pr. Nov. 14,
1768. bequeathed to wife Hannah; children — Josiah, Beulah, John, Han-
nah Jones, Lytlia, Mary Crawford and Aihble; grandchildren — Phinehas,
Joel, Solomon, Isaac, William and L.ucy Jones, children of deceased
daughter Hannah Jones.

Brewer. John-^ (Josiah\ John-', John-, Juhn\). b. May 26, 1T43, at
Weston; m. June 1, 1769, Martha Graves.

Brewer, DanieP (John'', John-, John'), b. Aug. 4, 1701-, had at Wor.
by wife Phebe : Samuel, bapt. Jan. 7, 1732-.').

Brewer, SamueF (DanieP, John'', John-, John\), bapt. Jan. 7, 1732-3,
had at Wor. by wife Mehitabk- : Archibald, h. Oct. 20. 1761 : Elizabeth,
b. Dec. 5, 1763.

Brewer. John'^ (Joseph^, John'. John'-'. John'), ni. June 17, 1769,
in Wor.. Martha Graves of Weston and had at Wor.. fosiah, b. May
11. 1770.

Bridges. — .SainueP Bridges, the first of the family here, probably
came from Alarblehead, a descendant of Edmund', the immigrant, of
Andover, Ipswich and Alarblehead. He m. at Wor. March 1, 1757,
Mary Goodwin. Children, b. at Wor.: .Samuel, b. Nov. 22, 1757;
Marv, b. Aug. 20, 1759; Ebenezer, b. Sept. 13, 1761; William, b. Feb.
21, 1767; James, b. Nov. 15, 1768; Benjamin, b. Sept. 5, 1774; Joseph,
b. Nov. 13, 1776.

Samuel Bridges of Worcester, son of John and Mary, was b. at
Marblehead, Feb. 29, 1741-2, bapt. at Marblehead July 25. 1 T42 ; nomi-
nated Roger Sprague for his guardian June 24, 1765.. He was presum-
ably living with his uncle Samuel Bridges in Worcester.

Samuel Bridges', first mentioned, left a will, dated May 30. 1790,
proved Aug. 6. 1799, bequeathing to wife Mary; children — Samuel, Eb-
enezer. William, Joseph; to Annis, wife of his son Ebenezer.

Brooks. — Capt. Thomas' Brooks, born in England, settled in Wa-
tertown and was constable there ; moved to Concord in 1638 ; deputy to
the General Court, 1642-43-44-50-54. He died Mav 21, 1667: his wife
Grace d. May 12, 1664.

Brooks, Dea. Joshua'' (Thomas'), a tanner, lived in what is now
"Lincoln; m. C)ct. 17, 1653, Hannah Mason, dau. of Cajjt. Hugh.

Brooks, DanieP (Joshua", Thomas'), b. Nov. 15, 1663, lived in Con-
cord; m. Aug. 9, 1692, Ann Merriam. He d. Oct. 18, 1733. His will,
Jan. 6, 1728-9, bequeathed to wife Ann and children John. Mar\- Wheeler,
Ann Jones, .Samuel and Job.

Brooks, Dea. John' (Daniel", Joshua", Thomas'), b. Felj. 1, 1702;

m. Lydia , and lived in Acton. Had sons: Charles, m. Nov. 24,

1757. Mary Hajigood of Marlborough; d. in Princeton, 1798; Samuel
and Nathaniel, who settled in Worcester.

Brooks, Capt. SamueP (John', Danl.', Joshua", Thos.'), m. March
14, 1755, at Concord, Hannah Brown of Carlisle. They had here: .Sam-
uel, b. June 10, 1755. His will, July 1, 1817, bequeaths to wife Hannah;
to son Samuel the Taylor farm in the east part of Wor., bought of
Theophilus W'heeler; to John C. Butler, son of the present wife of his
son Samuel; residue to grandchildren. (See biography of Walter
Frederic Brooks).

Brooks, Nathaniel" (Jolin% Danl.", Joshua", Thos.'), b. 1741; sol-


dier in the Revolutiuii : lived in Wor. ; d. here Feb. 3, 1838, and had
here by wife Mary: Xathaniel, b. Aug. 8, 1768; Ephraim, bapt. JlUv
14, 1771 ; Ephraim', b. June 5, 17:^; Silas, b. Sept. 1, 1773; Mary, b. Oct.
5, 177C; Joel, b. July .27, 1779; John, b. Jan. l'^, 1783: Samuel, b. April
2, 1785; Jonas, b. Nov. 20, 1788.

Brown. — Ichaijod Brown, one of the founders, lived in Cambridge.
He sold land in Wor. Oct. 7, 1717, to Benj. Flagg. He d. in Cambriage
in 1728.

John Brown of W'atertown bought land here May ."), 1730, of Na-
thaniel Jones of Falmouth, now Portland, Maine.

Ebenezer- Brown of Cambridge sold land here May 2, 1717. to Ben-
jamin Flagg Jr.

Col. Samuel Browne of Salem bought land here June 17, 1 72.J, of
John Smith of Boston and more land Oct. 1, 1723, of Palmer Goulding.
Col. Browne was b. in Salem Oct. 8, 1669 ; his son Samuel was b. in
1708. (See Essex Antiquarian, Vol. NVIIl, p. 160).

Brown, Thomas^, and wife Bridget, pioneers of Concord.

Brown, Thomas' (Thomas^), m. Ruth Vinton.

Brown, Thomas-^ (Thos.^, Thos.^), m. Hannah Potter. ;

Lt. Luke* Brown (Thomas^, Thos.-, Thos.^), b. Concord, Nov. 3,
171-t, came from Sudbury to Wor. before 1750 and kept the public house
that was burned Christmas Eve, 1824. It stood near the first jail. He
acquired considerable wealth by speculating in public land.^. It was
while on a journey to New York for the purpose of purchasing the town
now called Newfane, Vt., that he caught the smallpox. He died a few
days after he returned and his body was buried on the north side of
the Jo Bill road leading west from what is now Salisbury street. Report
said he had few friends, was avaricious and was not conscientious in
money-making schemes. The monument to his memory was in 1827
lying on the surface of the ground near his grave, and was broken and
defaced. The epitaph : "Here lies buried the remains of Lieut. Luke
Brown, who having taken the infection of the small pox at New York,
and died of the same after his return home, viz: April 14, 1772, aged
58. Buried here to prevent the spreading of the infection."

In the French war he was lieutenant of a detachment of men from
Col. John Chandler's regiment under Capt. John Curtis, marching to
the relief of Ft. William Henry in 1759.

His wife Elizabeth Lydia, d. Aug. 11, 1751, aged about 27 y. (g. s.).

Ch. b. here: Hannah, b. Sept. 21, 1742; Samuel, b. Oct. 28. 1743;
Elizabeth Lydia, b. Feb. 10, 1744-5; Luke, Aug. 26, 1746: Eunice, b.
Aug. 9, 1748.

Lieut. Brown was appointed guardian of his own children, Nov.
9, 1760, viz: Elizabeth Lydia, over 15 y., great-grandchild of William
Johnson ; Samuel, Luke Jr., 14 y., and Hannah, 18 y.

Brown, Luke^ (Luke'', Thos.^, Thos.-, Thos.^), was b. 1746, d. in
Wor. Nov. 6, 1776, in his 31st y. (g. s.) ; m. Jan. 17, 1769, in Hardwick,
Mary Adams. He kept the public house known as the "Hancock
Arms," the meeting place of the patriots here before the Revolution. It
was located on Lincoln st. nearly opposite the old gas works. He suc-
ceeded his father, but became intemperate. Children b. here : Luke,
bapt. Oct. 18, 1772; Elizabeth, bapt. Aug. 23, 1772; Eunice, bapt. Dec.
4, 1774.

Brown, Lt. SamueP (Luke*, Thomas^, Thomas-, Thomas^), b. Oct.
28, 1743, d. here May 25, 1785, (g. s.) in his 42d yr. He was selectman 1781-


8"i-8.'>. He was a nieniber ui the American Political Society, a ^\ hig
organization formed in I'iV-i to resist the British crown : member of Capt.
Timothy Bigelow's com])any that marched on the Lexington alarm ;
first lieiit. of Capt. Josiah Fay's company, Col. Jona. Ward's regt., ITI.J,
adjutant under Lt. Col. Benj. Flagg on the alarm at Bennington, ITTT.
The town record gives marriage of Samuel Brown and Mary Flagg at
Wor. Nov. 2.J, Kli.j. (Should the record be Abigail Flagg?) By wife
Abigail, Lt. Samuel had at Wor.: Elizabeth, b. March 6, ITOT, d. June
23, i::(i, (g. s.); Samuel, b. Dec. (i, 17(j8: Luke. bapt. Oct. 18, ITT'^;
Abigail, h. March 14, i:;;i; Lvdia. b. Feb. 24, KT:); John, b. Feb. IT,
1::: ; Elizabeth, b. Oct. 3, KTl't; Arad, b. Jan. 6, 1782, d. Aug. 31, 1782,
(g. s. ); Arad, b. July 24, 1783.

Nicholas' Brown, son of Edward of Inkburrow, Worcestershire,
Eng., settled in Lynn about 1(538 and rem. to Reading: was a mariner;
d. Apr. '). 1673; wife Elizabeth.

Brown. Joseph- (NicholasM, b. in Reading, I)ec. 10. 1647; m. May
2ii. 1674, Elizabeth Bancroft, dau. of Thomas.

Brown, Nicholas* (Josejih-, Nich.'), b. at Reading, Sept. 22, 1677;
m. there ^Liy 22, 1700. He came to this town about 1740. Their son
James was li. ^Lar. 23, 1710.

Brown. James* (Nicholas-', Joseph-, Nicholas'), w-as b. ^L^r. 23,
1710-1, d. at Wur. Jan. 11, 1778. in his 67th yr. (g. s.). His wife Rebecca
(Eaton) d. at Wor. Feb. 26, 1756, in her 42d yr. (g. s. ). The will of
James was dated Jan. 6, 1778, allowed Feb. 5, 1718, after a contest.
Heirs: Mar\- Hersey, wife of Nathan of Leicester; Rebecca, wife of
Gardner Earle : Sarah, m. John White; Lydia, wife of Joshua John-
son; Anna Mower, wife of Thomas. (See p. (i Mower Geni. They
also had a son Thomas.

Brown. Thomas'' (James*, Nicholas'', Joseph-, Nicholas'), d. at
Wor. Dec. 11, 1776, in his 40th yr. (g. s.); buried on the Common.

John Brown, m. Molly, dau. of Ignatius and Elizabeth Goulding;
she d. Feb. 13, 1787, aged 20 yrs. 13 d. (g. s.), buried on the Common.

I)avid Brown died here, Oct. 11, 1816, aged 48 y. ; he was a car-
penter by trade. His daughter m. Ichabod \\'ashl)urn. His widow-
Lucy, d. Feb. 20, 1823, aged 47 yrs. (g. s. ). Their dau. Eliza, d. Sept. 14,
1808'. aged 1 y. 4 m. 18 d. (g. s.") ; their daughter Lucy. d. May 31. 1819,
aged lit y. ( g. s. ).

Bruce. — Bruce. Elisha' (Roger-, John' of Marlborough) settled here,
returned to Southborough. He had here by wife .Silence : Jotham, b.
Apr. 13, 1720; Rebecca, b. ]\Iarch 6. 1722; Hepsibah. b. in Southborough,
Dec. 30. 172."); Elisha, b. 1731.

Buck. — Peter Buck, b. 17.jO, came here and in 1^6(;, when he was 16
yrs. old. had Joseph Blair ajipointed his guardian ; fames McFarland
surety on the bond. His father, Peter Buck, was "late of Boston."
The Boston records give no clue to his ancestry, and from his asso-
ciation with Blair, it is presumed that he was .Scotch-Irish. By wife
Jemima he had here: James, b. Sept. 18, 1781: Jared, b. Oct. 18, 1783.
The family left town about this time.

Bull. — Isaac Bull of Worcester, a carpenter, was granted land Nov.
5, 1686; recorded Oct. 20, 1713. He bought land here Jan. 4, 16,s6-7.
four lots adjoining land of Isaac George and Digory Sargent, from
William and Joan Weeks. The family did not join tlie permanent set-
tlement, however.


Bullard. — Robert^ Bullaid, b. in Eng. in 1509, died in Watertown,
April 34. 1(J39 ; his widow Anne ni. Henry Thorpe.

Bnllard, Benjamin- (Robert^), b. in Eng. about 1634; was brought
up by one of his father's brothers in Dedham ; settled soon after 1655
in Sherborn ; one of the founders of the town and church, a leading cit-
izen. He d. Sept. 7, 1689; m. (1) Martha Pidge, dau. of Thomas and
Mary; (2) 167T, Elizabeth Thorpe, dau. of Henry^

Bullard, Benjamin-' (Benj.-, Robert'), b. March 1, 1670, in Sher-
born, d. about 1760: lived in what is now Holliston. He m. Tabitha

Bullard. Jonathan* (Benj.'', Benj.=, Robert'), b. Oct. 24, 1706; d.
at Barre June 4, 1784. He removed from Sherborn or Bellingham to Wor-
cester in 1748 ; was afterward a member of the Holden church ; later went
to Barre. His wife Sarah died at Sherborn, April 3, 1739, and he m. again,

Sarah who d. at Barre, Apr. 21, 1795, aged 85 y. Of his children,

Sarah and Samuel are recorded in the Wor. births. Children : Jona-
than, b. Oct. 21, 1734, d. Sept. 30, 1824, at Hancock. N. H.; Sarah, b.
March 14, 1738-9 (recorded at both Sherborn and Wor.); Samuel, b.
April 21, 1743. m. Sarah Barbour from Worcester, lived at Barre and
Hancock (See p. 49 Hist, of Sherborn); John of Barre; Isaac (?) of

Bumstead. — Samuel Bumstead, son of Thomas of Boston, was b. in
Wor. March 3, 1776. There was a Capt. Thomas of Boston, officer in
the Revolution. The family did not stay in Worcester.

Burr. — Benjamin' Burr, one of the founders of Hartford. 1635 ; died
March 3. 1681. (See p. 230 old Burr gen.).

Burr. Thomas- (Benjamin').

Burr. Hon. Peter" (Thomas-, Benj.') (Harvard 1690), was' in the
magistracy from 1703, twenty-one years; judge of probate for Fair-
field County, Ct. : judge of Superior Court of Ct. 1711-17, and 1722 to
his death Dec. 25, 1724.

Burr, Rev. Isaac* (Hon. Peter", Thomas-. Benj.'), b. 1694 (1698 in
Lincoln) ; graduate of Yale, 1717; m. Mary Eliot, daughter of John, a
merchant of Windsor, Ct. He was called to the pastorate here Feb. 10,
1825, accepted, received a settlement of £200 with an annual salary of £80;
was ordained Oct. 13, 1725. His ministry was long and peaceful until
near the end, when there was trouble about his salary due to deprecia-
tion in money. His health failed and at his own request a council was
held in Nov., 1744. and in accordance with the judgment of that body
he was dismissed in March, 1745. After his dismissal, he removed to
Windsor. Ct. The coming of Whitefield to Wor. was in a measure
also cause of the friction between pastor and people. In Nov., 1744, he
was called to Windsor, Ct., where he preached until he died in 1752. He
was "learned, eloquent and faithful." Children: John Eliot, b. in Wor.
Jan. 29, 1 727-8 ; Isaac : Samuel ; Jonathan : Mary ; Prudence ; Lois
m. Talmadge Bishop ; Thomas, b. in Wor. Nov. 17, 1743.

Mr.' Burr bought of John and Susanna Harris of Middletown, Ct.,
Jan. 20, 1725-6, two-sevenths of the land of Daniel Henchman, undivided.

Butler. — Stephen' Butler, b. in Eng. : came about 1640 with his
mother Mary and settled in Boston.

Butler, James- (Stephen'), m. Grace .

Butler, James-' (James^ Stephen'), b. in Boston Aug. 21, 1688. He
was one of the founders and owned what was afterward called the Ranks
farm, the farm of Elijah Hammond on Mooreland St., and other lands.


Butler never occupied his land, his death and that of his wife Abigail,
preventing him. His son James, b. Dec. 4, 1T18, sold the Ranks farm in
1737 to Joseph Wiley of Oxford and Eleanor Wallis, widow: he was 3
Loyalist; fled to Halifax; spent his last days in what is now Millbury.

Byfield. — Nathaniel, son of Rev. Richard of Long Ditton, Eng
owned land here early. He was b. in Eng. IG.jlJ. was in Boston 1074; ni
Sarah Leverett, dau. of Gov. Leverett ; was a member of the Artiller)-
Co. ; settled in Bristol ; judge : speaker of the House 1G93 ; d. June 6,
1733. John Smith of Boston deeded to Col. Xathaniel Bytield of Bos-
ton, land here Dec. 29, 17"29. The family probably never resided here.

Buxton. — William Buxton, m. June S, K7"). Marv ^Ldian. He was
a soldier in the Revolution in Capt. John Cutler's cnmiiany, Col. Luke
Drury's regt. IT.Sl. He bought land here in K^') of Robert Cook and
William Mahan : sold land to Cook at the same time and to Stephen
Hawes in 1790. Children b. here: Alarv. b. lulv 'iU. 17:."); Sarah, b.
July 17, 1778: Canada, b. March 29, KSO:' William, b. Oct. 16,
1782; Phebe, b. Sept. 24. 1784: Hannah, b. Mav :!1. KS(j ; Timothy, b.
May 29. 1788; Betsey, b. April 11, 1790.

Caldwell. — William Caldwell from Dunboe parish. Co. London-
derry. Ireland, was one of the Scotch-Irish settlers, coming to this coun-
try in 1718. aged -'U y. He m. .Sarah Morrison. He d. in Barre. 178:5.
He bought land here of Moses Leonard on the road from Lake (Juinsig-
amond to the Jonas Rice place. Feb. 1."). n2G. and of Moses Leonard of
Brookfield land in common Dec. .">. 1T21I. He had sons lames and fohn.

George Caldwell of Rutland m. in Wor. Ian. 29, 1707, Elizabeth

John- Caldwell (William'), m. Jan. 8. ];40. in Wenham (record in
Wor.) Elizabeth Perkins of Wenham.

Seth Caldwell of Barre. m.. March i:!. 1^82. Mary Jones at Wor.

Caldwell. .Sherift Willianr'. grandson of William', was sheriff of the
county, 1793 to 180.5. His wife Charlotte d. Aug.. 180.5. She was a sis-
ter of Francis Blake. He died July .5. 180.5. aged 52 yrs. following an
attempt at suicide. On account of ill health and mental dej^ression he
cut his throat, but recoxered from the wound. The Ijirth of one child,
George Smith, Dec. 12. 1795, is recorded here.

Cameron. — Duncan Cameron. Scotch-Irish settler, bought land in
the County Goi^e between Wor. and Sutton, where he was living. .Sept.
26, 1766. of John Smith Jr. He m.. May 8. 17G6, Mary Smith. "dau. of
John. Children, b. here: Mary, b. May 11, 1768: Rebecca, b. Feb.
4, 1771: Daniel, b. March 24. 1773.

Carlisle. — James Carlisle settled in Worcester before March 22. 17.5-5,
when he bought land here of Joseph Smith of Wor. He was here May,
17G4, when he bought land in Spencer of Richard Beers of .Spencer. He
m. Sept. 25, 1757, Lydia Jackson of Wor. Children 1). here: James,
bapt. June 29, 1759;' John, liapt. June 24. 1759: William, 1). Aug. 30,
1761; Lydia, b. Jan. 1, 1764.

Carruth. — William Carruth was a half-brother of John, who lived in
Marlborough and Northborough. They came from the north of Ire-
land. William lived in Westborough April 22. Klo, when he l)ought
of Daniel Rand of Shrewsbury land in that town. He was here Dec. 6,
1753, when he bought land in Barre of Jonas Clarke of Boston. He died
in Barre, 1799, his son Samuel being executor of his estate. By wife
Margaret he had at Wor.: Jennet, b. Oct. 2, 1748; John, b. Mav 26,
1751; Margaret, b. Aug. 12, 1753.


William Carruth of Wor., son of John, had Thaddeus Fay appointed
guardian, Sept. 28, 1772; John Carruth and Nathaniel Greenal of North-
borough were sureties.

Chadwick. — John' Chadwick and his brother Charles' were the first
settlers of the family. Charles died without issue. John was b. in Eng.
1601 ; d. at Maiden' 1681.

Chadwick, John- (John'), was b. 16.51-2 at Maiden, legatee of his

uncle Charles; lived in Watertown ; m. Sarah . He kept a tavern

in 1693-4 at Watertown. Will, Ian. 31. 1710-1.

Chadwick, John'' (John-, John'), b. April 9, 1681, m. Mar. 19, 1701-2,
Hannah Barstow who d. in Wor. May, 1732, aged 53 vrs. She was b.
Jan. 20, 1679.

Chadwick, John' (John\ John-, John'), b. 1702, died at Wor. July
17, 1768. aged 66 yrs. (gravestone on common). He m. Hannah,
, who d. at Wor. May 4, 1752, aged 53 yrs. Children b. at Water-
town and Wor.: Hannah, b. April 13, 1722; Lydia, Nov. 1, 1723, m.
Thomas Adams; Abigail, b. Nov. 24, 1725, m. Col. Benj. Flagg; John
and Elizabeth (who m. Flagg), b. Jan. 11, 1728-9; Lois, b. March

7, 1729-30, m. Asa Flagg; Eunice, b. Nov. 21, 1731, m. Phinehas Glea-
son; Susanna, b. 1733, m. Nov. 6, 1749, Matthias Stone; David and
Jonathan, b. Mav 4, 1737 at Waltham ; Thomas, b. at Wor. Oct. 18, 1741.

Chadwick John"- (John', John', John-. John'), b. Jan. 11. 1728-9. He
d. Sept. 3, 1763 (g. s.) 36 y. ; m. Nov. 16, 1749, Lydia Gale; m. (2) Nov.

8, 1756, Sarah Johnson. Children, b. W^or. : Hannah, b. Sept. 5, 1750;
Lydia, b. ^larch 27, 1752; Daniel, b. April 4, 1754; Eunice, b. April
29, 1756. By wife Sarah: Sarah, bap. Oct. 2, 1757; Sarah, b. Jan. 20,
17(il; Isaac, ^larch 15, 1779, soldier in Revolution.

Mrs. A (?) Chadwick, widow of John; she d. Dec, 1766,

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