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Holy thoughts on a God made man; or, the mysterious Trinity prov'd : also reasons given, that the wise creator fram'd not the universal all, only for the benefit of this earthly globe, but likewise fo online

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' H O L Y

Thoughts on a God
Made Man;

O R,

The Myflerms Trinity Prov'd;


Reafo^s giveriy That the Wife Creator Fram'd not
tlic Vniverfal Jlly only tor the Benefit of this
Earthly Globe^ but likewife for many other Worlds,

S.uhlime Co/Jteniplations on the U,^lhnited Bounds
of Glory ; and feveral other Curious Subjects worthy of
Note, particularly Exprcfs'd in the Table of Contents.

Is added an ESSAY on the Mind of Man, with an After-
HsfleHlon on the Final Period of all Human Intentions.

i^ '^, ' . > -

Bytl^'AuthoTot^^^ MEDITATIONS

^ of A Divine SouL

Hebrews I. 2. God hath in theje hfl days jpk^n to us by his
SoUy xvhom he hath appointed Heir of all things^ and by vphvm
he alfo tnade the iVorlds.


Printed by R. E. and Scld by T. Parkhurft at the Bible and thrCc
Crowns Cheapftde ; B. Aylrner at the three Pigeons Cornhil ; J. Robthfon
at the Golden Lien, and R. Simnfon ?.t th.'- Harp St. PauPi Churcb-Jard,
W. Rogers at fh'^ Sun Flatjirea j E.RumbMl at the Poll-Houfe Covent-
Garden ; F. Tbompfon St. James's Sireet near Piccadilly ; and J. Keijey
two Doors beyond the Wh.te Swan Nero-Street. 1704.

T H F.


THERE are fo many Volumes al-
ready Extanc, that explain the Sta-
tutes ofHeaven in a Learned Style,
and fo few which ferve to move the Af-
fed:ions in a familiar Language, that I have
purpofely wav'd making any long Expli-
cations on the feveral portions of Scripture
I recite^ and foon fall in with my main De-
ifign, which is to wing the mod pure Dc-
fires beyond the Verge of fenfual Pleafures,
and give the Soul as it were a Breathe in
the Air of Blifs 5 that it may the better
conceive what it fliall enjoy, when it comes
to lay down its burden of Flefli, and behold
God in all his Tranfcendent Perfe6tions.

If it be the Lot of thefe my Works to
meet with fome Rafli and Inconfiderate

A % Spirits,

rhe T(FiEFAC E. ^
Spirits^ as I fear they will, who are for
falHng out with me before they underftand
any thing of the matter, more than a flight
view of the Table of Contents, or a care-
lefs fcan on here and there a Page, and
proceed fo far as to clamonr againft them 3
faying, What myfterious Subjects are here
ftarted 3 and what ftrange kind of Dodrines
are theie, that fcarce treat of any thing elfe
but new Worlds^ unfeen Stars^ and prodi-
gious Planets ; of innumerable Suns, vaft
Vacuums, and empty Spaces 5 of a Trini-
ty and Unity, MyfteriouOy refiding in eve-
ry pare of a Human Perfon, with many-
other Speculative Notions of Things, re-
lating to we know not what Ufe, Defign,
or Purpofe,

However^ notwithffcanding all this un-
gentcel Ufage, and hard Cenfures, I fhall
chear my felf up with this mighty Conli-
deratioa, That as their Paffions cool, and
they come to make a farther fearch, they'll
modeftly Blufh, and chide down their rafh
Diftafte, if not be fo ingenuous, as -to cry
out, witii a Worthy Perfon in our Age in


the like Cafe : What aifd me to be fo par-
tidy as to Judge before I heard -^ to Condemn
ere I examined 3 and to execute Vifgrace on
a Vain fur?)ii/e 5 /tnce upon an impartial fur-
Vey, all is agreeable to Holy Writ^ and I find
my felf in an unaccountable Error ?

Upon the whole^ God is my Record,
That I was ever fo averfe from all im-
found Principles, and erroneous Opinions,
that I incontinently refused them any En-
tertainment in my mod Retired Thoughts,
and would not fufier them to be recited in
my Prefence with the leaft Approbation 5
much lefs did I ever prefume to crowd
them into any of my fludied Works : Not
but that I own, and exprefs it wich the
greateft fatisfaction to my fclf, That when
any thing happily penetrated into my purer
Thoughts, v^/hich I knew to be in no wife
prejudicial to Chrift's Reveal'd Religion, or
injurious to any Community of Chriflians 5
but in ail cafes agreeable to Scripture^ Rea-
fon, and Philofophy ^ and tending to the
Confutation of Atheifm, Deifm, and Pror
phanenefs, the three reigning Sins of the

Times ^

The f(IiEFJCE.
Titties 5 as alfo for the better Eftablifliing
of wavering Minds more and more in their
mofl: holy Fakh: I made them known, and
took care to carry my Arguments as far
as Triuh, Juftice, and Right would bear
me out 3 as I have here again done, but
with all poffible Circumfpedion, left
I fhould give Offence to the Weak and
Fro ward.

I am fenfible, many will be apt to

flrange at it, that I fo luddenly beget and

bring forth another Volume, fince my laft

is as yet fcarce Twelve Months Old. I

anfwer, becauie I am very ambitious to

make the moft I can of a fliort Life, in

regard that Time glides on apace^ and it

can't be long e're my Forehead begin to

wrinkle, my Hair change Gray, my Voice

tune low, my Eyes become dim, niy

Knees tremble, my Joynts grow ftifF, my

Hands fhake, my Pencil drop, and I fetch

a figh and die : When I fhall be to alt

things here, as if I had never been 3 lying

ufeleis, as if I had never breathed 5 and

difreoarded, as one that never aded the


part of a Rational Being j and laid afide
as ofFenfive to the Livings or as if the
Righteous car'd not for me^ but banifii'd
me for ever from their Prefence.

Come hither then any one of my dear-
eft Friends to the fide of my Tomb, un-
cover my Sepulchre, open my Coffin,
turn afide my Shroud, and fay to me,
Move thyLips^ and Til prefent thee with a
Delicious Cordial of Pearl . unclofe thine
Eyes, and 111 fliew thee a charming Beauty j
rear up thy Head^ and it (liall be incircled
with a Crown of Mafly Gold $ ungrafp
thy Hand, and I'll plant therein a Royal
Scepter 5 put ofF thy unfeemly Gar-
ments, and ril drefs thee in gorgeous
Apparel 5 rife up from off thy hard
Floor, and Til fet thee in a Velvet Chair
of State 3 advance but one ftep^ and the
World fliall be at thy Command. Alas!
all thefe Propofals v/ould not be fuffici-
cnt to make me ftir, or caufe me to take
any notice of the offered Preferments 5
but I fliould appear deaf, as if 1 heard

A 4 not.

77;e ^(IlEFACE.
not, remain ftill as if I were carelefs, and
feem referv'd for fome better proflFers, and
more durable Enjoyments • then the hour
will be, when I flhall Compofe no more
Mid-night Thoughts for ever, indite no
more Effays on the Sufferings of Jefm for
ever^ or Pen down any Divine Sentences
again 3 fo that what I dp muft be c]uick!y,
or not at all

Doubtiefs, from the Premifles rpy Rea-
der will be apt to infer, That I am tranf-
ported with Joy upon account that my
late Volume met with fuch univerfal Ap-
plaufe among the Serious and Good 3 I an-
fwer, True it is, lam very glad, and think
I ought to fliew fome more than ordinary
appearance of Satisfadtion • and why i be-
caufe the whole Trinity in the Heavenly
Regions are pleas'd when a Prodigal re-
turns, and all the Angels in Glory ihout
forth with Joy, upon the Converlion of a
Sinner. 7 he blifsful Regions of the new Je-
rufalan eccho'd again with refounding Tri-
umphs, when the Holy Jefus pronouncM


The (p(IiEFA C E.

jthefe words to the Converted Thief on the
Crofs, This day j})alt thou he with me in
faradife, 1 he Prophets of old envoU'd
it in the everlafting Archives, when their
Prophecies were fulfiird, and their Sove?-
raign Creator's Decrees obeyed. The A^
poftles of a meek Redeemer recorded it,
when three thoufand Souls were Converted
at one of their Sermons^ and a Perfecuting
Saul became a Suflfering Ghriftian : The
Fathers of the Primitive Church^Regifter'd it
in their Divine Writings, when any of their
Auditors became Profelytes, pr were added
to the number of the Faithful. 0^-

And farther, high and mighty Empe-
rours generally caule the Silver Trumpet
to be founded with a loud Alarm, and
the Drums to beat a point of War,
when an Heir apparent is born to their
Imperial Thrpne, or their own Birth-day
is Celebrated with the ufual Solemnities :
Potent Monarchs command Illuminations
to be made, when their Plenipotentiaries
have concluded aif'Honourable Peace, or


The T^llEFJCE.
their Forces lately fubdu d a Province ; lU
luftrious Princes fliew an uncommon Vi-
vacity of Spirit, when an Exprefs arrives
that a Town is added to their Territories,
and haughty Invaders have fneak'd out of
the Field of Battel : Valiant Generals of Ar-
mies give Diredions for their Artillery to
be Difcharg d all round the Lines, when a
Victory is obtain d^ and the Enemy defeat-
ed : Brave Admirals of Royal Navies ga-
ther in the bloody Flag, and hang out their
flying Pendants^ when a Tyrant's Squadrons
are driven back and put to flight : To con-
fide, the induftrious Farmer appears re-
viv'd, when he beholds his Seed fprouting
forth in great abundance, and all his La-
bours turn to much Increafe.

Then why fliould any feem difpleas'd
with me, for finging Praifes with my befl:
AfFedionsj fince I have fo many undoubt-
ed aiTurances, that, thro' the Divine Grace,
my mean Works have wafted many a wea-
ry Soul over the boifl:erous Surges of Folly,
to the ftill and fafe Halbour of Reconcilia-

V^e f %EFACE.
don with God 5 and already fenc many Spi-
rits triumphantly up to Heaven, where they
are now at reft ? No : I can no m.are ceafe
to take delight upon thefe Refledions, or
fay, I am not pleas'd, than my Right Hand
can reach the lofty Sky, when I hold it
upwards, or my little Finger turn a Moun-
tain topfie turvy, only by putting it under
fome hollow part of its Bottom : Nay, I
can no more conceal fuch real fatisfadion
from my felf, than my Thoughts can Di-
vine what another Man thinks, when I
am altogether ignorant of his Affairs 5 or
I can drown the World with a fd^
of my Penitential Tears : No, no • my
Soul is of a far nobler Extradion, and my
Mind more gracioufly difpos'd, than to
knit the Brow when Tranfgreflbrs Amend,
or to be forry at Heart when Offenders

But fome may fay, from whence does
all thisExtafie proceed, and to what pur-
pofe IS it continu'd ? I anfwer, 'Tis not the
Refuk of Vanity of Spyrit, but of Sincerity


of Affediorij it docs not fo much appear
in the vifible Countenance, as in the fecret
RecefTes of the Mind : For the Ahuighty
carv'd me not out after his own Image, to
be proud, vain-glorious, or ambitious ^
to be popular^ noted, or rever'd 5 to be
feen, carefs'd or admir'd 5 but to be hum-
ble, meek, and lowly . to be conceal'd,
not known, or much regarded 3 to be
mean, defpicable^ and rejeded : There-
fore let none take it amifs, or think e're
the worfe of thefe my Works, becaufe I
tell them,Men were not fent into this World
for fo mean and narrow a Defign^ as to pre-
fix their Names to a Title-Page, or Re-
cord to Pofterity what Figure they make in
Church or State, or even to mention the
Univerfity, College, or School, where they
learnt their imperfect Knowledge of things
in 5 but to be as ferviceable as they can to
the Commonwealth, endeavouring at the
lame time to be no more obferv'd in pub-
lick, than an Hermit that never converfes
with any body but himfelf 3 and valuing the
empty title of Praife, ho more than a chafte


Virgin regards the lafcivious Carefles of a
deformed Fool.

But here perhaps many may fay, doubt-
lefs all this pretended Humility is exprefs'd^
becaufe the Author is a Perfon that has no con-
fiderable Endowments, natural or acquirM,
neither is he well defcended, or poffefs'd of
any real or perfonal Eftate, and therefore
he is fo deilrous to be conceal'd. I anfwer.
As for my Natural Genius and acquired
Parts, I readily own their Deficiency, nei-
ther fhall I go about to vie cunning with
my Neighbours in that refped: 3 and as to
my Birth, it is neither Noble, nor ignoble'3
but for what relates to my Worldly Incomes,
I think them fufficiently large to bear my
neceffary Expences to the Charnel-Houfe
of Death, without being burdenfome to
others, or ever incumbering my felf with
any Publick Affairs.

And tho' I live as it were obfcure, un-
heard of, and not much regarded • yet it
is my peculiar Choice, as being what I al-
ways aim'd at, aad fuch a Retirement as I


can t but fancy the moft licentious Libertine
will afpire to^ when he has Read over thefe
Sheets with a ferious Confideration, and a
due regard to the Trudis therein contairi'd.
For I can truly affirm (without any often-
tation or regard to Deceit) That the very
Compofing of the feveral Subjeils, has fo
wean'd me from a mortal State^ and carry'd
my AfFe6lions above any thing I here be-
hold, that fliould my Soveraign offer me
her Court for a place of Refidence, her No-
bles honour me with their repeated Vifits,
and her Domefticks favour me with their
conftant Attendance, I would modeftly re-
jed: thefe ad vantagious Propofals with a firm
Refolution. And indeed, I would much ra-
ther chufe ftill to continue in my obfcure
Manfion, where I have nothing elfe to do
but to rife as foon as Day breaks, or the
Sun is up, and looking out at the Cafemenc
of my Windows into the adjacent Gardens,
Fields, and Woods, hear a few melodious
Hymns warbled forth by many fmall Con-
gregations of the Airy Inhabitants, gathered


The ^^EVACE.
together to offer up their Morning Sacrifi-
ces, to him that protects their Young Ones
by his Providential Care, and Weaves their
furr'd Garments in his own Loom : After-
wards entering my Study, I flhuc the Door,
and learn in all things to imitate thofe pretty
winged Quirifters in their innocent Praifes,
Flights, and Anthems 5 then to my ftudi-
ous Thoughts, 'till Nature calls for a Re-
frefliment, or I think it is time to Drefs,
and take a lonely Walk in the verdant
Meadows, there to behold with aftonifli-
ment feme part of the wondrous Works
of the wide Creation 5 as the Sun, Moon,
and Stars- Hills3Plains,andVallies5 Springs^
Brooks, and Ponds 5 Shades, Clofes, and
Walks 3 Cattel, Fowl, and Fiflh5 Trees^
BlofToms, and Fruits ; Flowers, Corn, and
Grafs 5 Herbs, Roots, and Seeds 5 with
many other curious Prcdudions of Nature:
When the Day is paft, and the Evening
Twilight hid, I return home, fay my
Prayers, and lay my felf down to Sleep*
till at laft the days of my Pilgrimage being


come to a happy Period, i meekly bow the
Head and expire, with alTured hopes to'
rife again at the great Audit, and to enter
the glorious Manfions of a bound lefs Eter-
nity 3 where all that follow the Inftru6lions
herein contain'd, will in due time certain-
ly arrive.

And thus I take leave to bid all my fe-
rious Readers an hearty Farewel^ expelling
to meet many of them on the Ipacious
Plains of 5/ow-Hill 5 where they v/ill then
know mCj and I fhall have the happinefs
to be intimate with them: All which may
the great God JehoVah fully accomplifli,
for the Merits of a bleeding Jefus^ and
Creator made Man^ to fave the Works of
his own Power 5 and may all that believe
a Trinity, own a Godhead, and acknow-
ledge an Unity of the Divine Perlons, una-
nimoiifly fay^ in the Terms of the moft
excellent Kicene Creed, Glory he to God the
Father^ Maker of HeaVen and Earth • to the
only begotten Son of God ^ begotten of his Fa-
ther before all Worlds • and to the Holy Ghofl
the Lord and giyer of Life, Amen, Amen,
Amen. CHAP.

1 1 ]


The vanity of all Sublunary Enjoyments,

RO U S E up, my languid Soul, revive my
fainting Spirits, in order to be raptuj)
in Divine Contemplations ; for now it is
time to think of God, and make a Truce
with Heaven, fince all things here below are
empty y njAin^ and of no tntr'mfick Vdue : Then^
why fhould'll: thou, my Darling Soul, lye bask-
ing in 'the lewci Tents of Folly ^ or continue in the
deceitful Embraces- of carndPleafures ! Are there
any Arguments fufficiently Efficacious to per«
fwade thee to abide in the lonefome jhddes of vi-
cious Hcihiis^ or tread the crooked f^ths that lead
to endlefs Ruin

Online LibraryCharles PoveyHoly thoughts on a God made man; or, the mysterious Trinity prov'd : also reasons given, that the wise creator fram'd not the universal all, only for the benefit of this earthly globe, but likewise fo → online text (page 1 of 33)