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married about 1847, in Indiana, Moth-
er was a sister of Ephriam Newport,
and they came to Olivet in 1869 togeth-
er. Our folks had 7 children. Sarah
E, who is now Mrs. McKay, living
here. Julius S. Elder, a farmer, of OH-
vet, Nohle G. Elder, a farmer address,
Osage City; Lyman Y. Elder, a farm-
er of Olivet; I'hos. G. Elder, a farmer,
of Arvonia; Lulie L. now Mrs. James
Laflerty, Osage City P. O.; Lettie Ann,
now Mrs. Levi Feltner, Olivet.

Father died Aug. 2nd, 1894, and is
buried here in the Alpine burying
ground. Mother lives with my sister,
Mrs. Feltner.

Old Settlers.

The J. 1). Soolc family, there were 3
boys and 8 girls. Sarah E. Soolc, now
dead, married Mr. Adams; Celia C.
Sooli is my wife, Mrs. Elder; Melisa A.
Sook, now Mrs. Walter M. Phinney, of
Lebo, son of Geo. Phinney of Over-
brook. Albert E. Sook married Mary
Phinney,lives in Olivet; John M. Sook,
single lives in Redwood, Minn; Henry
Sook, of Melvern, was a child by second

The Ephraim "Nbwpoiit Family

They took an 80 N W of Olivet. The
old Grandfather Newport came on in
a year or two and lived with them, but
in several years returned to Indiana
and died, iu Ephriam's family were
Lottie and Louie, twins, now about 29
or 30 years old. Lottie married Fred
Kurkondall, and they live with Mr
Newport, their address is Osage < ity.

Louie Newport married Oscar Ferris,
a neighbor, and they live at Barclay.
Urie Newport, the only son, now 2.iand
single, is a telegraph operator in -Se-
biaska or tiie west somewhere.
I HE L. W. PuwiiLL Family

IJe made his settlement on an 80,
north of Olivet about 1870 He was
married, but his wife diea about i878,
leaving him two boys, Charles and Kd
gar He afterward married Miss Eva
1 weed and lias two children by her,
Mena andEllis. Powell hasprospered
because he always attended strictly to

Lorenzo D Lafferty came about 187 1 .
They had two boys, James C Lafiferty'
who is about 41, and Charles Laflerty,
26, who married a Morton. Sarah Laf-
ferty, who has been dead 16 years, mar^
ried (ieorge Mann. Martha Lafferty
married Milton Edwards, who lives
here near the Alpine school house
here. Lydia Lafferty married Nate
Buck, and she died out in California-
Mary Lafferty married Will Kurton,
a mercliant of Melvern.

Jou.s- IUtok I-'amii.y.

He died here about 1875. Nathan
Buck was the oldest. .Mary Buck mar-
ried Med Van Gilder, and Melisa Buck
married .vnderson Foster, both are
dead. Chrislopher Buck is in (alifor
nia with Nate Huck. Frank Buck is
dead, and William Buck, Elijah
iled-ie's son in-law lives with tbem in

In some testimony given perhaps in
1)30.1870 about the county seat elec-
tion, Mr Bartels says that he came to
tlie site of Olivet about July, 1869.
There was no settlement for several
miies when he first cume.


Old Olivet's Population 1871.

Assesment Roll for the town of Olivet aud Bartell's Addition as
Returned by Sol Bower, Township Trustee, in 1871.

I have omitted the lot valuations which as a rule was generally
$5.00, with no personal property valujition on this paper.
The additional information, after the hyphen is information given
lately by Lem W. Powell, R. F. D. Osage City, Kan.

While the Trustee showed up the maus name for every parcel of
ground he had in Olivet, (sometimes 20 pieces) I have only given
it once. Copied from Co. Clerks Recor.ds, Oct. 1913. C. R. Green.

University Lands. A. J. BartelJs — ^Is dead.

Dr. W. C. Sweezy. — He is dead, Mrs. S. lives with her son Alvah
on the old home place. [This I am told embraces the larger por-
tion of old Olivet. I wrote Mr. Alva Sweezy, Olivet, for a historical
contribution about the family and place, without avail. C. R. G-.]

Ephraim Newport, — Is living in Emporia Kan.

T, B-. Haslam, — Lives on Manhattan Av. Manhattan, Kan.

L. W. Powell, — Is oh his farm '2^ miles N. W. of old Olivet.

S. A. (or G.)Phinney.-rDied in Riverside California, at his son
Mont's, where hewent after the deatb of his wife in Ark.
D. H.Taylor, A. O. Brickman,-dead. Matilda Florence, Christian
Sauter, L. Deinke, Elvira Curry, P. Mueller, M. B. Ogden, O.J.
Armstrong, John Fested, L. W. Pingree, J. Bamsberger, C. W.

Whited,-dead. "E. Henrichs, Charles Graw, .. .Lindewald

Youn^stoWD, Frells, .:. .Sloves, Shefler, J. Bilbie, J.J

Parmer, S. Weber, . . Willetts, and VI. H. Hunt, so far have had
nQdnformation scarcely filed against H.eirnE^mes.

J.N. White,— moved to Ohio. H. I. Davis moved to Omaha Neb
. . . .Sodistrom, — Are both dead. D. \V. Umdenstock, — married
twice, lived last, 3 miles Nor,,h of Olivet, where his dan. Mrs. Mc
Cright lives yet. The parents are all dead.

Peter B. Hesler.— They are bolh dead.

J. R- Elder,— They are both dead, Ncble Elder, a son, lives at
Melvern Kan. J. Q. Sook,— died in .luue I'Jlo at Melvern. Mrs.
Sook died there the year bel'ore.

About 40 Individuals who owned froQi one to twenty lots each.



Sol Bowers, has a 2^ page Narrative in Vol 4 " Annals of Lyn-
don", pages 116 - 118, that covers nearly all his history up to about
1900. He came to the Sac & Fox Agency, by permission of Agent
Wiley the Spring of 1867, and started up a hotel. He waited until
the fall of '69 for the Sac & Pox lands to open and finally settled
on the Trust Lands, just beyond Olivet, buying out a Mr. Ham-
mond's rights. But not building and moving thereuntil the spring
of 1870. He lived there until 1885, serving 7 terms as Trustee and
two terms in the State Legislature, beside other offices, all before
his removal to Lyndon. While only 53 yrs. old, his physical infirm
ities rendered life on the farm unbearable. Buwer had a large cir-
cle of friends among the Olivet and Melvern Pioneers, Honest and
well educated he would have made a good Probate Judge in place
of Alec Blake, but he would not put himself forward.

See how he handles this N.S Brian matter that I wanted informa
tion about 1896. " Confidential; I have ever endeavored to put in
practice the fact that if I cannot say anything good of a person I
will with hold the bad. Now with reference to Mr. Brian; their
family and us visited together quite often. But it was only for the
respect we had for Mrs. B and children. While Mr. B was an ac-
comodating neighbor to me, and always friendly, for the irritable
treatment to his family, I could not have that respect for him
that I should like to hold towards my fellow man. He was a man of
average ability. Was elected Justice of the Peace in Arvonia Twp.
in 1871, was elected Trustee in Olivet twp. in 1874 or '75.

The poetry you refer to was published I think in the Lyndon
Signal, a paper of shorb life. The piece of poetry by Brian, was a
Burlesque on Osage City. As soon as the City was incorporated
they made the fight for tlie G-ounfcy seat, then at Burlingame, cla-
iming their oohre beds would be worth millions to the place. Mr.
Brian tried to show that the S. E- part of the county has had the
ochre color, (meaning the Indians,) for years with little benefit".
After Mr. Brian's death, Mrs. B moved to Wash. Ty. and md.
again- I do not know her address now. Solomon Bower.

Mrs. Bower died in Salt Lake City in 1897 and M. Bower down
in Texas about 1902. They lie beside each other in the Lyndon bu-
rial ground, while the mother and brother rest in Alpine Ceme'ry.


Charles Cochran's Narrative.

In full, 2i pages long, will be found on pages 9 to 12 Vol 4 An-
nals of Lyndon. Mr. C was born in 1833, and when he came on to
the Sac & Pox Reservation in 1860, was so much in advance of its
opening that he settled in Coffey Co, 2 miles south of where he
lives now. But 54 years in one neighborhood, ought to entitle him
to the title of an "Old Settler". In 1896 I found it expedient to
publish his history among the first. I do not wish to duplicate it
very much here, the Indian So co nut story, and list of Cochran's
Early Day neighbors only being given.

The Sac& Pox Indians, Soco nut's Band, dwelt in the days of
the 60's all along Prog and Long Creeks. They were honest and
would work some, hoeing, cutting up corn, etc. Every year when
they picked up to go on their annual hunts, they always wanted to
leave their trinkets, extra provisions and a lot of plunder in Char-
lie's care. He says; my house was small I could only accommodate
them sparingly. Old So co nut the chief, was rather behind one fall
in getting off, and came with some hampers made out of rawhide
filled with dried corn and beans, for their next season's consump-
tion. If I took aU this stuff it would almost turn me out of doors,
but here was where he wanted to leave it, and he was as firm in
his begging as I in refusing. Finally he says, "Nice house white
man got, you take 'em; me die: me never come back, maybe; you
keep 'em." This was a new argument to me, and I had to give in
and take his 3 boxes of dried corn and beans that were so delight-
ful for succotash.

One Sunday as Lem Warner and family were hurrying to get
off to Sunday school, an old Indian came up and begged for a chic-
ken and some potatoes for his sick squaw. After some pleading on
the one side and hesitation on the other, Lem concluded that the
easiest way out of it was to give him what he wanted. So he caug-
ht the chicken, wrung it's neck and gave it to him. What was
Lem's surprise to have the old Indian denounce him as a Sabbath
breaker in the following terms: "You whitey man kill chicken on
Sunday, you work Sunday, no good." We can imagine the indian
policy pursued there afterwards. Lem. P. Warner a brother in
law of Charlie Cochran's lived a half mile west then, but later be
came the well known Melvern merchant.


Mr. Cochran now in his eighties on his farm 4 miles south of Ol-
ivet, I guess has outlived nearly all his neighbors of the 60's who
were grown men then. Here is his list 18 yrs. ago; Jesse Schreck
and sons, John and Robert, Abram and Alec Wilson at Plymouth
each with a large family. Wm. Boland, The Billy Francis family.
Frank and Elmer Calkins, C. C. Scott, Fred Schroder, W. L. Nea-
lly, and some who are gone. It was all settled below Cochran in
1869, for his was the last farm on Frog creek adjoining the line of
the Diminished Reserve. His 5 children are given by name in the
narrative of 1896. Charles B. Cochran, his youngest son now 40
yrs. old, runs their large farm, and while death has visited Char-
lie's family, yet the old New Englander is there yet.

Lemuel F. ^Varner.


Ichabod Warner, the father of the above was born about 1804 at
Bolton Ct. md. 1829 to Lucy Foster born July 25 1804, probably in
Barkhamstead Ct. Lemuel F. born Sept. 1832 and Harriet E. were
fruits of this union. Mr Ichabod Warner died early in life. Mrs. L
Warner then md. Ebenezer Strong, of Hebron, Ct. about 1840.

The Warner family continued to live there until 1855, When they
removed to the neighborhood of Bloomington lU. Lem P. Warner,
was married there at Hebron, Ct. to Cedalia A. Bean from Maine.
Mr. Warner late in life use to talk with me much on antiquarian
subjects. He had a pair of gold sleeve buttons, quaint old Spanish
or French design, that had belonged to his Great grandfather of
Colonial Days 1740 or '50, who was of either Spanish descent or
had traveled in Spain before the Revolution.

Among Lem Warner's neighbors in 1856 in 111. was a young school
teacher from New Hampshire by the name of Charlie Cochran.
The next year Mr. C md, Harriet E. Warner, and the lives of these
two families run together. The mother, Mrs. Strong, lived with
one and the other of these children out here in Kansas, the rest
of her life, and it was a long one, for she was alive in 1899 at the
age of 95, living at Charlie Cochrans in Olivet twp.

In the early spring of 1860, a little colony was organized there in
111 for Kan, about 15 persons forming it. Warners, Cochrans, Ros-
merrys and others. The trip of 450 miles by land to Baldwin was


made in six weeks. Cochran in his narrative of this settlement in
Kan. has covered the life of the Warners in Olivet. Mr. Warner
being disabled from war service, staid and looked after the homes
while Cochran went to the War.

It might have been 1871, that the Warners removed to Melvern
and entered the mercantile business. I am not posted about this.
I use to trade with them some after 1880, and.I use to seethe old
Sac&Fox squaws of Mokohokp'sBand, ti^ading there a Jot, they
liked Warner and his wife. They always kept their word with him
The bucks worked out and allowed the squaws to buy living with
some of the earnings. Mr Warner was telling me once the idea the
Indians had of Uncle Sam's mail facilities. Two or three squaws
came to him one day with a letter, which they wanted to send in
haste to some one up at the Nemaha Agency in N. E. Kan. They
had the idea that if stamped at both ends the letter went double
quick. Warner was P. M. then as well as storekeeper at Melvern.

Mr. Warner served a short time in the Price Raid, of Oct. 1864 in
Co. A 16th Kan. S. M., and in late yrs. was made a G. A. R.

Their only child Chester M. Warner was born in 1858 before they
left in. And by 1896, the firm was L. P. Warner & Son. Mr. War-
ner was a pleasant man, easy to approach, with good judgement
in his business. Hence he was elected County Commissioner from
his District in 1901, serving one term.

Nov. 1902 Mrs. L. P. Warner died. This was a great blow to the
husband, She fiUed an important place tlaere in the Melvern soci-
ety, She was buried in the Melvern Cemetery. When over at Wav-
erly Reunion of Ohio folks along about tliis time, held out a mile
or two East of Waverly on the James claim, Mr. VV. told me that
his brother in law Mr. Bean had settled on the claim about 'GO and
that he, (Warner) had gone there in the early 60's and put uid hay
for Bean, boarding at the nearest settler's 4 miles away.

In 1904 Mr. Warner married Mrs- Sadie Booth — and took in tlie
Louisiana Purchase Exposition as a wedding trip. While she was
younger I expect than his son Chester, I never hear! but wiiat it
was an agreeable relation all round. , They had previously closed
out the mercantile business.

But Mr. Warner was not to enjoy his new relation long, After
some months illness he died April 8 1905. At this writing Chester
M. Warners home is Hidalgo, Hidalgo Co. Texas, (on Rio Grande)

Whose short sketches are found respectively on pages 91 and 102.

-••' 41

Olivet's First Settlers.

In 1879 a Historical map of Olivet Twp. gave names of every oc-
cupant, and owner, throughout the 66 sections composing the twp.
I believe Olivet has the same boundary line now, as then. But not
quite the area of vacant land. For in a hot summer day then, I left
O. S. Starr's afoot across the vacant Olivet prairie, a stretch of 5
miles the first tiling being encountered on the Osage City trail,
^ without house or drinking water. C. Clark being the first.

My list commences with the north end of Olivet, Twp. 17 R. 15 E
Land with house, Z , Land vacant, v . 1879. By C, R. G.

Sec. 7, R. Mc Doagal the n. w. « , L. A. and D. Hendricks, the

ecist half, v Ellen Dawson ^ and B. J. Laybourn the s, w. i a>
" 8 , J, W. Wrigt n. w. v , J. P. Hedges v and E, Mabson v the n.

e. i, H. J. Mc Master Z fhe s, w. C. Clark the s. e. ^
" 9 , AU held by E. Gillen and E, C. Buchner v .
" 10 , M. H. Burkett S the n. e. Rest of sec J. W. Wright, v ,
" 15 , J. M. Chambers, n. e. v , Rest of sec. J, H. Wright v ,
" 16 , J. W. Wood V n. w. Rest of sec. J, W. Wright v .
" 17 , C. Clark v the n. e. R. S. Stevens the n. w. and s. e. v ,

Jake Voglesang, 40 a ^ , and Annie Buck, 120 a 'Z the s. w-
" 18 , R. S, Stevens all the sec. v ,

" 19 , Davis & Jones 28 a ^ out of n. w- J' W. W. balance of sec v.
" 20 , Tom Mc Kay, 40 a " , E. Newport, 40 a S out of .s. e.

Rest of sec, belonged to R. S. S. v ,
" 21 and 23 R. S. S. v, Sec 22 J. W. W. v,
" 24 A. B. Trumbull the n. e. S > Rest of sec- R. Stevens v ,
" 25 , J. W. W. v , Sec. 26 and 27 R. S. Stevens v ,
" 28 W. R. Ferris and M.S. Wetherell each an 80 of n. e. v,

J. W. Wright the rest of sec. v,
" 29 , W. R. Ferris S , and M.S. Wetherell v 80 each, n. e. i ,

J. Steer the n. w. Dis't No 84, Pant Teg S. H. stood on this sec.

N, Roads & O. Weaver 80 each s. w. v , J. W. Wright the s. e. v
■' 30 A Welch settlement. H. and T. Lewis 240 ^ in east half, also

J Steer 80 v . D. M. Griffith « n. w. D. Jenkins ^ s. w.
" 31 W. T. Jones v, n. w. H. J. Phillips v n. e. J. W. W, S; half v:
" 32 W: Mann 80 v G: R: Mann 240 Z west half: A, and R, G, King

80 a ^ n, e, R, S, Stevens the bal of sec, 240 a v ,

"■ 42

" 33 J J Farner v , L. W. Powell, ^ each an 80, n. w. , Q, B. Det-

wiler V n. e. J G Slonecker and R S Stevens v S. half sec.
" 3i C L Carrier 80 v out of n. w. , R S Stevens bal of sec.
" 35 E C Chapman v all the sec.
" 36 of Twp. 17, J W Wright v whole sec.

Land vacant = v , land with house on = ^ .
Sec. 1 The n. e. G W Johnson ■ 90 a. T J Smith ^ 60 a. the s. e.
S Smith ™ . s. w. is J W Jones™ . N. w of 1 and n. e. of sec. 2 J.
M. Sweezey v .This is where the Niles Family came later to live.
Sec. 2 L Compton v s. e. , T. B. McGregor v the s. w., J. McKee

118 V and T J Smith 44 a ™ in n. w. J M Sweezey the n. e.
" 3 Embraced then by Olivet town plat. Names have been given.
" 4 80 a out of s. e. .i Olivet town plat. J B Severance ™ 30 a. and

H. Hindman 50 a ^ in the s. e. H Blankenship v 80 a in n. w.

J W Wright 240 a v out of west half.
" 5 C T Coleman 2 and Sol Bower ^ each 80 a in s. e. , EC Ch-
apman V l20 a, M J Edmund ^ 40 a in n, e. P A Brown v the

n. w. Bonny and Delage v the s. w.
" 6 J W Wright whole sec.

" 7 E A Jones north half v. J Sodistrom; " s. e. , L Karn v s. w.
" 8 J A Whitaker, v 154 a n. w. . Alpine cemetery 6 a n. w.

R J Gillean v n. e. J L Lewis ^ 62 a , L D Lafferty 141 a ^ ,

A M McCauley 43 a " , L S Griggs 73 a™ , all in south hall.
" 9 J W Smith whole sec. The M. B. G. river twisted thro Sec. 8.
" 10 A part of Olivet town plat. See page 36, names there in 1871.
" 11 J Q Sook ™ n. w. H M Sook v n. e. M d C runs thro the two

N Kribble s. e. ^ , W M Wyeth v 119 a, R S Stevens v 4l a s. w.
" 12 J McKee v n. w. , J Wilson v 40 a, G W Johnson " 40 a and

F Cramer 80 a ^ all in n, e. , J Sheerer s. e. ^ , W A Madaris v

40 a, E Fisher 40 a g , M Kirkpatrick 80 a g all in s. w.
" 13 north half V R S Stevens. MJ Markley ™ 80 a, and Lucy'

Underbill ^ 80 a in s. w. M Abbott^ s. e. Plymouth S. H. on it,
" 14 M J Markley v 80 a in s. e. R S Stevens v rest of sec.
" 15 all R S Stevens v,Sec 16 J W Wright v some years later the

E. &0. R. R. went thro and Aurora & Olivet 2nd were started.
" 17 E A Jones v south half. The n. w. J H Stokesberry ^ . 135 a

L. S Griggs i 23 a. Street&Wilson v 57 a, C P Munger v 70a,

"-■" .■:■ - ■ - ' iV ■ '■":■■'" ■ A'6 ■■ , ■ ■■■ - " ■■■:-■ ; ::'/-=;;

and N K — V 10 all in n. e. The M. D. C. flows thro this Qr.
" 18 J Stokesberry ^ n. w. G W Blackman v s. e. J L Garver

V s. w. J W Jesse ^ and the stone S. H. ^ Dis't No. 24 n. w.
" 19 J W Wright v west half, and H S Benjamin east half v.
" 20 Lucy E, Underhill v n. e. R S Stevens v bal of sec.

" 21 and 22 property of J W Wright v,

" 23 S E 'Robertson 100 a v, and S B Wilson 60 a v the n. w.
A M AVilson ~ n. e, R S Stevens south half of sec.

" 24 N. half V R S Stevens, s. e. W J Parks ™on Frog Creek.
N S Brian ^ s. w. also on Prog Creek-

" 25 C Harriman ™ n. e. E U and B P Calkins ~ n. w. S. i R S S.

" 26 6 occupants, In the s. e. C Tilford 80 a ™ and S. H. Dis't 29 '
P Schroder 80 a v also in s. e. Calkins 80 v, and H Selig ^ have
the n. e. R Rissen 60 a ^ , and — Schroder 100 a ^ , n. w,
C C Scott ^ the s. w. Prog Creek flows thro this sec.

" 27 B E Newell 106 a v , Alice Newell, 106 av , R Newell 106 a

V , all west half of sec. r Annie Lee v the east half.

" 28 J W Wright all. Sec. 29 N E Smith 80 a v, H Pillman 80 v_.
n. e. R S S bal. of 29 and all sec. 30 R S Stevens.

" 31 W T Jones v n. w. H J Phillips v n, e. J W W. v south half.

': 32 and 33 v R S Stevens.

'• 34 Bead of Prog Creek, M Stevian ^ n. w. CM Warner 80 a v;
— Graham, 80 v s. w. L. P. Warner ° 120 a H. E. or Charlie
Cochran 120 a g and D. Williams v 80 a, made up the south half.

" 35 H E Cochran v n. w. R S Stevens v bal of sec.

" 36 P J Marshall v north half sec, this had Long Creek on it.
J Vinton 80 a | , E J Schreck 120 a j^ , J P Schreck 120 a v,

" all in south half of sec. I drove a party of Eastern folks down
to Schreck's Pord June 1883 to see the camp ox some 20 Sac &
Pox Indians. Their dress was that of the wild sons of the for-
est, the boys up to 16 stark naked when in camp. Thev were a
part of Mokohoko's Band, which were all moved for good to
the Indian Ty. Novem- 1886. The early settlers of Olivet, knew

these 100 more or less Indians very well, and will testify to their

strict honesty and sobriety.

This brings us on to the Coffey Co, Line and END of Olivet Twp.

Olathe Kan. July 1914 C R. Green.

u ■

G Burton Olivet Co.H57 Ind- Inft
G L Boyd " " D 7 111 "

H S Clafflin " " D 12 Mich Inft

Chas Cochran '' " P 12 Kan " 1st Lieut-

Mansfield Ewing Melvern Co M 8 Ind Cav
Wheeler Gilgess Osage City Co F 2 Wis
E B Glasgow Olivet " A 128 Ind Inft Q- M- S-

W R Goodell Melvern '' B 10 111 Cav
L S Griggs Olivet " D 66 Ind Inft

Wm Godsey Osage City " I 49 Mo
H V Hewes Olivet " L 6 Va Cav

J W Jones Ohvet Co E 167 O V 1
J W Jessee " " K 8 111 Inff Sergt

L D Lafferty " " K 53 Ind "

J W Laybourn Osage City Co D 3 Ohio Inft
A J McKelvey Olivet " D 12 Mich "

E McKelvey " " C

15 '■

T B Niles Melvern " A

55 Ind " Corp

D McMillen " "A

20 "

T B McGregor Ohvet " B

140 " " 1st Lieut.

E Newport Osage City " H

82 "

Julius Plaunty " " G

1 U- S- Engineer an artificer ■

L W Poweh Osage City Co G

116 0- V Inft

A P Spencer " " C

99 lU " 2nd Lieut

J M Stebbins Lebo '' D

18 0. V, "

W C Sweezey Ohvet " -

140 Ind " Surgeon

Fred Schroder Ohvet U- S Navy, ships; Satilhte, and Preborn

CO Scott " Co G

9 Kan- Cav

T J Smith " " K

2 Neb " Corporal,

Jake Voglesang Osage City Co E 162 O" V, I,
Walter Waldie, " " F 5 Penn Arty.

J H Stokesbery Co C 79 Ih Inft, died Apr, 22 1885,
NoahKriebel " I 44 Ind " " Mar 28 1887,

Removals from Olivet wtp from 1883 to'89
S Bohmau, 99 & J.R Meek 65 111, J H Bangs 1st Neb Cav, N Y
Buck 40 Ind, S W Mundy 1st Tenn Cav, A M McCauley 81st Ind.
L S VanGilder 28 Mich, and Sol Bower 2nd Iowa Cav, are all.


Kx Soldiers of Melvern twp 1889

There is quite a list of them. In 189i the Melvern G. A. R.
Post only sent in the names of 28. and many errors in the table.

Two or three from that table are given with the 1889 list below
C. C. Catlin, who is yet alive, helped make this list 25 years ago.

The P. O. address in all cases but four was Melvern. ■
W T Appier Cq. I l4 Kan. Cav

G W Briner " H 138 Pa. Inft

AFMO'Brian " A 2 W Va "

L A Boone " K 98 111. Mt'd Inft Corporal
D B Brink " B 13 " Inft
Alec Crawford " D 27 N. Y. "

" A 13 " H. Arty

Morgan Cockrell '■ E 16 Kan Cav
James Campbell Drum Major 42 Inft Mo. S. M.
John Cavender Co G 8 la. " Corporal
A Clark " G ,2 Mo. Cav Mo. S. M.

C C Catlin " B 121 N. Y. Inft

" G 1st " " Cav
E Duffield. " H 12 Kan. Inft
A W Dole " A 9 " Cav
Joe Farley " P H la. Inft lost an arm

E Failor " K 64 O. V. I.

George Garvin " G 10 W Va. Inft corporal
R R Glass " D 13 Conn. Arty
Timothy Hicks " L 5 Kan. Cav
R J Harper " D 39 Iowa Inft corporal
J G Hutcheson " F 54 Ind
A W Huffman " H 66 O. V. I,
Ed Hunter " G 91 111. Inft Sergeant

Alec Hutcheson " L 21 Ind. "
David Hutcheson ■' - 17 Ind Light Arty
T M Hicks " B 15 Kan. Inft,

" " '• L 5 " Cav.

B. B. Hill " P 47 Ind. Inft.

J W Ingalls " F 2nd O. Art'y.


Edwin Judd " C
Thomas Jones Co F
Nich Kaufman " I
Wm Lamdin " E
A L Lanning " D
W J Mavity " C
F W Mundy " C

8 111 Cav.
14 Kan. [nft.





O. V. I.
111. Mt'd Inft.


Geo WMc Mullen " K 26 Ind.

B B Marsh " E

T C McNabb " A
J W McNulty " K
J W Neal " C

O F Overman " B
H H Opdyke " P
Isaac Perkins " K
George Perkins " I
B G Prather " G


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