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December, 1847, aged 77 years."

An older tombstone, belonging to the Johnstones of Back-Kerr, is


In the parish churchyard a handsome altar tomb, supported by
ornamental pillars, commemorates John Ross, a descendant of the
Rosses of Halkhead, in the county of Renfrew, who resided at
Dalton Park, and was much esteemed for his urbanity and public ser-
vices. Born on the 25th January, 1732, he married, 15th July,
1763, Margaret, daughter of Alexander Glendinning, of the Isle of
Dalton, by whom he had a large family. His present representa-
tive is John Ross Coulthart, of Ashton-under-Lyne, county of Lan-
caster. The following inscriptions are on the tomb :


"In memory of Margaret Ross, wife of John Eoss, of New House,
in Butterthwaite, and daughter of the late Alexander Glen dinning,
and Agnes Johnstone of the Isle of Dalton, who died on the 17th
day of January, 1867, in the 64th year of her age.

" Here also rest the remains of John Eoss, husband of the above
Margaret, who died on the 6th day of June, 1813, in the 81st year
of his age.

" Erected to their memory by John Eoss, their son, of Halifax,

In the churchyard, tombstones commemorate Michael Eoss, of
Aldgirth and Smallholmbank, who died 5th April, 1807, aged
seventy, and his wife Agnes Eae, who died 10th April, 1807, aged
sixty-five; also James Eoss, of Dormont, who died 27th November,
1815, aged eighty-two ; and Joseph Eoss, of Wellingborough, county
of Northampton, who died 30th June, 1815, aged seventy-four.
There are also tombstones and inscriptions to the memory of the
Bosses of Bridekirk.

An altar tomb celebrates Alexander Glendinning of the Isle, and
Agnes his wife, daughter of John Johnstone, of Graitney. The
Glendinning family were long connected with the parish. Their
present representative is Sidney Glendinning, late of Seedley, near
Manchester, whose father, Alexander Glendinning, of Ashgrove, in
the county of Kent, served the office of high sheriff of that county
in 1854. The inscriptions on the Glendinning tomb are

" To the memory of Alexander Glendinning, in Isle, of this parish,
who departed this life February 12th, 1785, in the 77th year of his

" Also Agnes Johnstone, his spouse, who departed this life on the
23rd day of July, 1792, aged 74 years."


A descendant of the Eosses of Halkhead, in the county of Een-
frew, is on his tombstone thus commemorated :


" To the memory of John Ross, tenant of the farm of Barnden-
noch, in this parish, who died on the 25th day of March, 1763,
aged 63 years."


In the parish churchyard members of the House of Coulthart
are on an altar tomb celebrated thus :

"Gulielmus Coulthart de Coulthart et Collyn arm. nominis
gentisque SUSB facile princeps nat. die Januar. vi. M.DCC.XXXIX.
denat. die Feb. xv. M.DCCC.VII."

"In hoc tumulo sepultus est Gulielmus Coulthart armiger
gentilium suorum et cognominum primarius Jacobi Coulthart de
Coulthart in Comitatu Wigtonise et de Largmore in seneschalsia
Kirkcudbright ex uxore Griselda Macturk filius idem atque heres
qui apud Westdenbie in parochia Dalton Feb. xv. An. M.DCCC.VII.
^Etat. LXVIII. diem obiit supremum.

" Una recondita est Jenetta ejusdem viri conjux et vidua Alex-
andri autem Macnaught de Milton Park in parochia Dalreensi filia
nata est Janetta Jan. xxiv. An. M.DCC.XLI obiit apud Collynhouse
in parochia Torthorwald Maii xviii. M.DCCC.XXXIL

" Intus etiam jacet Alexander Coulthart supra memorati Gulielmi
Coulthart et Janettse filius natus Alexander Junii xxi An.
M.DCC.LXIX. vixdum annos viginti egressus morte immatura
raptus est apud Turfrigg hujus ipsius parochiae die Julii xix. Anno

Of these inscriptions, the first surrounds the cornice of the tomb
in raised letters, and the three others are cut into the horizontal
tablet. The panels of the monument on the sides and ends are
adorned with armorial shields of the Coulthart family.


In the churchyard a tombstone commemorates the great-grand-
father and great-grandmother of John Irving of Boreland, in the


parish of Punscore, a collateral descendant of the Irvings of
Bonshaw. It is inscribed thus :

"Margaret Charteris, spouse to George Irving, died 1746."

On an adjoining tombstone inscriptions commemorate the
following members of the same family, viz. :

" Christopher Irving, Buttertliwaite, died 2nd March, 1798, aged
83 years.

"John Irving, his son, died 20th March, 1782, aged 21 years.

" Mary Irving, his daughter, died 20th April, 1782, aged 11

" Mary Palmer, his spouse, died 20th December, 1807, aged 81




In the churchyard a handsome obelisk, of Craignair granite, com-
memorates John Tait, master of the grammar school. Son of John
Tait of Miltown Park, parish of Dairy, and his wife Jane
McNaught, a descendant of the McNaughts of Kilquhanity, Mr. Tait
was celebrated for his classical and mathematical acquirements. His
monument is thus inscribed :

" Erected to the memory of John Tait, 43 years parish school-
master of Buittle, by old pupils and friends, in testimony of his
public usefulness and private worth.

" During a period of unexampled progress in the art of teaching,
he steadily kept pace with improvement in that profession which
to his last hour he adorned. He died 27th January, 1857, aged 66


A tombstone is thus inscribed :

" This stone is erected by James Coulthart, in memory of Grizel
McTurk, his spouse, who died 14th July, 1767, aged 66 years.

" Also of James Coulthart, son of Andrew Coulthart, and grand-
son of the said James Coulthart, who died 10th February, 1771,
aged 6 years."

On the tombstone is presented a curiously sculptured shield,
bearing the arms of Coulthart and McTurk impaled thus: On the
dexter a fesse between two colts in chief, and one in base courant,
for Coulthart; and on the sinister a hunting-horn stringed, for



In the churchyard a tombstone belonging to Robert Watson, who
died 15th June, 1839, aged seventy-seven, has the following metri-
cal inscription :

" Three years in trouble I endured the rod,
But in affliction I was loved by God ;
For God in mercy had decreed the cup,
Therefore I willingly did drink it up."

Robert McMillan and his sister Mary have on their tombstone
these lines :

" Dear is the spot where Christians sleep,

And sweet the strains that angels pour ;
Oh ! why should friends in anguish weep ?
For they're not lost, but gone before."

On a vertical tombstone, having a skull and cross-bones carved
on one side, and a nearly obliterated inscription on the other, Mar-
garet Heron is thus commemorated :

" Here lies Margaret Heron, daughter of Patrick Heron, of Heron,
who was married to George Gordon, of Troquhain, Sept. 21, 1726,
and died Aug. 13, 1742, aged 44 years."

The Rev. Dr. Lamont, an eminent minister of the parish, is on
a handsome monument thus commemorated :

" Sacred to the memory of David Lamont, D.D., minister of this
parish, who having been always distinguished by talent of a very
high order, a candid and charitable disposition, and a temper
peculiarly amiable, died on the 7th January, 1837, in the 84th year
of his age, and 63rd of his ministry."




In the parish churchyard a tombstone belonging to Provost
Broadfoot, and bearing date 1783, pf5sents these lines :

" The tender parent with the child here laid,
Their sacred dust commingles with the dead ;
Immortal souls have winged the shining way
To the pure regions of eternal day."

On his wife's tombstone, Bailie McKelvie has inscribed the
following :

" While dwelling here she led a virtuous life,
By rich and poor esteemed a loving wife,
Discreet and kind was ever to the poor,
And sent no person hungry from her door."

John McGuffog, who died 12th April, 1780, aged twenty-one,
is thus commemorated :

" Though born with genius, well improved by art,
Blest with an honest uncorrupted heart,
Bloom'd just to cheer us with a transient ray,
And close at morn the short enduring day ;
Surprise us for a moment with delight,
And then for ever vanish from our sight."

By these rhymes James Bell commemorates his wife :

" I loved her for her virtues here,

But God doth part the dearest ties,
The loan from God, the dust, lies here ;
The spirit's safe above the skies."




The collegiate church was founded in 1398 by Archibald the
Grim, Earl of Douglas. Against the church wall, under the east
window, rests a fragment of a large double incised slab. It is of
Bothwell stone, about four feet long and three broad. Divided into
two compartments, the upper presents a circle enclosing a cross
with triangular headed limbs, between which are four small circles
in low relief. Of the lower compartment the dexter half presents
a plain surface ; the sinister represents a rudely incised shield, bear-
ing the Moray stars, and its lower extremity prolonged into a two-
handed sword, pointing downward. It is conjectured that the stone
celebrates William or Walter de Moravia, both of whom flourished
in the thirteenth century.

Within the church two large monuments in floral architecture
commemorate James, Marquess of Hamilton, and Archibald
Douglas, Earl of Forfar. The latter died of wounds received at the
battle of Sheriffmuir* in 1715.


P. 465, 1. 2. John Orr, of Barrowfield, died 16th December,

* For these particulars in connexion with Bothwell parish, we are
indebted to a Paper contributed by Mr. Joseph Bain to the Society of
Antiquaries of Scotland. (Proceedings, vol. viii., pp. 395, 403.)


P. 465, L 23. For Banner, read Banner ; and in following line for
Brevet-Major John Anstruther read Major John Anstmther Mac-

P. 477, 1. 17. Michael Scott, author of " Tom Cringle's Log,"
was a native of Glasgow.

P. 485, 1. 13. For life of Professor Thomas Thomson, M.D., the
distinguished chemist, see vol. i., p. 135. The professor was interred
in the Necropolis, Glasgow ; he has no monument in the Dean
Cemetery, Edinburgh, as has been stated inadvertently.



At St. Fort in this parish is the ancient burial-vault of the old
family of Nairne, of Sandford, owners of the estate from the four-
teenth century till about the year 1717. The founder of the House
was Alexander Nairne, of Sandford, Lyon King of Arms, and
Comptroller of the Household of James II. At the entrance of
the vault a freestone slab, dated 1647, with the family arms, and
the initials A. N., has the following inscription :

" Stvip . low . poore . sovle . and . mone . for . sinne . Cry .
vp . to . Christ . to . bring . the . in That . vhen . the .
bodie . is . lovdged . heir . Thov . may . inioy . his . preasence .
deir . Vntil . the . day . of . the . gryte . cal . When . we .
mvst . rys . to . Jdgmente . al . Then . rewvnytit . we . shal .
be . To . prais . the . glorivs . Trinitie."

Alexander Nairne, thus commemorated, obtained a crown charter
27th July, 1633. His son, Sir Thomas Nairne of Sandford, was
Lieutenant-Colonel of Horse and member of the Committee of War


in 1649. On the Restoration he was fined 1,800. The estate of
Sandford, or St. Fort, is now the property of John Berry, Esq., who
in 1870 was served heir of line to Sir Thomas Nairne.



In this churchyard was formerly interred the family of Wyse or
Wise, of Mains of Thornton, Kincardineshire, and now of Hillbank,
Forfarshire. On the tombstone of a member of the House who
died in 1710 are inscribed these lines :

" Here lyes a person while alive
His worth I cannot weall describe,
He was reliever of the poor
And needy called at his door ;
Therefor I hope he doth not miss
For his reward, eternall bliss."

The individual commemorated was a near relative of David
Wise, of Mains of Thornton, an opulent and benevolent gentleman,
who at his death bequeathed funds for behoof of the poor in the
parishes of Lunan, Montrose, St. Cyrus, and Lauren cekirk. He
married in November, 1681, Margaret, daughter of Alexander
Nairne, of Pitbuddo, by whom he had two sons and three daughters.

David, the eldest son, predeceased his father ; he died in Novem-
ber, 1712, aged twenty-two. A square stone at the west door of the
church denotes his place of sepulture. The family of Wise
is of Norman descent. A chief of the House commanded the
force by which the Lord of Lome was defeated at Brander-awe
in Argyllshire, and afterwards fought in the patriotic army
of Bruce at Bannockburn. Several branches of the family
acquired lands in the counties of Aberdeen, Nairne, Kincardine,
and Forfar. In the middle of the seventeenth century the repre-


sentative of the Kincardineshire branch was Alexander Wyse,
or Wise, of Mains of Thornton. He was father of David Wise
formerly named, and grandfather of Alexander Wise, of Lunan,
whose second wife, Margaret Strachan, was descended from the
Strachans, Baronets, of Thornton. Their grandson, Thomas
Alexander Wise, M.D., of Hillbank, is the present representative
of the family.


Abbey Craig, 33.
Abbotshall, Parish of, 65.
Abercrombie, Alexander, 59.
Abercrombie, of Birkenbog, 362.
Abercrombie, General, of Glasshaugh, 278.
Abercrombie, Parish of, 67.
Abercrombie, Thomas, of that Ilk, 67.
Abercromby, Baroness, 59.
Abercromby, Gen. Sir Ralph, 59.
Abercromby, George, Baron, 60.
Abercromby, George Ralph, Baron, 61.
Abercromby, George, of Tullibody.
Abercromby, Sir Alexander, 58.
Abdie, Parish of, 66.
Abel, Rev. George, 319.
Aberdalgie, Parish of, 145.
Aberdeen, Parish of 302, 310.
Aberdeenshire, 302 346.
Aberdein, Alexander, 275.
Aberdour, Parish of, 310.
Aberdour, Parish of Fife, 69.
Aberfoyle, Parish of, 146.
Aberlemno, Parish of, 193 195.
Abernethy of that Ilk, 358.
Abernethy, Parish of, 363.

Aberuthven, Churchyard of, 146.

Aboyne, Parish of, 311.

Adam, George, 4.

Adam, Rev. James, I.

Adam, Right Hon. "William, 95.

Adam, Robert, Architect, 4.

Adam, Robert. 262.

Adamnan, n.

Adams, Dr. Francis, 273.

Adamson, Henry, 181.

Adamson, John, 48, 191.

Adamson, Provost James, 181.

Adamson, Principal, 181.

Addison, Rev. George, D.D., 243.

Adrian, Bishop, 74.

Ailsa, Archibald, 1st Marquis of, 209.

Airlie, Clementina, Countess of, 207.

Airlie, David, 7th Earl of, 206.

Airlie, David, 8th Earl of, 207.

Airlie, Earls of, 274.

Airlie, Margaret, Countess of, 207.

Airlie, Noble Family of, 199, 206.

Airlie, Parish of, 195.

Airlie, Walter, 6th Earl of, 206.

Airth, Parish of, 22.

Albany, Robert, Duke of, 92.

Albert, Prince, 178, 272, 310, 314, 346.

Alexander I., 88.

Alexander III., 89.

Alexander, Bishop John, 54.

Alexander, Charles, 44.

Alexander, David, of Prtskellie, 200.

Alexander, Edward, of Powis, 47.

Alexander, Major, of Tauochy, 361.

Alexander, Margaret, 335.

Alexander, Mrs. Esther, 232.

Alexander, Professor Andrew, 232.

Alexander, Rev. John, 54.

Alexander, Rev. Roderick, 6.

Alexander, Sir James Edward, 47.

Alexander, Sir William, 43.

Alison, James, 263.

Alison, Sir Archibald, Bart., 35, 263.

Alister, Cam, 326.

Allan, John, 44.

Allardice, James, 246, 283.

Allardice, Robert Barclay, 246, 283, 284.

Allardice, Sarah Ann, 246, 283.

Allardyce, Mrs., of Dunnottar, 310.

Alloa, Parish of, 5261.

Alness, Parish of, 385.
2 E



Alpin, Burial-place of Clan, 147.
Alpin, Kinu'. 266.
Alva, Parish of, 23.

Anderson, Alexander, of Canducraig, 345.
Andrew, Bishop, 92.
Anderson, Elizabeth, 354.
Anderson, George, Luscar, 109.
Anderson, George, M.P., 110.
Anderson, James, Justiciary Clerk, 323.
Anderson, Lord Provost Alexander, 346.
Anderson, Major John, of Candacraig,345.
Anderson, Major of Montrave, 139.
Anderson, Matthew, 108.
Anderson, Peter, 186.
Anderson, Professor Adam, 183.
Anderson, Rev. James, 354.
Anderson, Rev. John, 364.
Anderson, Rev. William, 346.
Andrew, Major, of Tanochy, 361.
Angus, Archibald, 105.
Angus, gth Earl of, 288.
Angus, Mary, Countess of, 51.
Annand, Alexander, 320.
Anstruther, Easter, 71.
Anstruther, Gen. Robert, 67.
Anstruther, Lieut. Henry, 69.
Anstruther, Sir Philip, 67.
Anstruther, Sir Ralph A. 67.
Anstruther, Wester, 73.
Appin, Parish of, 14.
Arbirlot, Pariah of, 196.
Arbroath, Parish of, 197.
Arbuthnot, Alexander, 271.
Arbuthnot, Bailie Robert, 260.
Arbuthnot, Hugo de, 271.
Arbuthnot, John, M.D., 342.
Arbuthnot, Noble House of, 271.
Aibuthnot, Parish of, 271.
Arbuthnot, Robert, of Scots mill, 342.
Arbuthnot, Sir William, 342.
Arbuthnot, Viscount, 204.
Archibald, Andrew, 214.
Archibald, John, 121.
Ardchattan Priory, 6.
Areskine, Rev. Henry, 41, 96.
Argyle, Ducal House of, 9.
Argyleshire, 6 16.
Argyll, first duke of, 7.

Argyll, Marquis of, 9.

Arkley, David, of Clepington, 262.

Arkley, Peter, of Dunninald, 208.

Armstrong, John, M. B. , 403.

Armstrong, Mrs. of Sark, 404.

Armstrong, of Mangerton, 404.

Armstrong, Rev. Robert, 403.

Armstrong, Rev. William, 403.

Armstrong, of Sorbietrees, 405.

Arnhall, Proprietor of, 276.

Arnot, Rev. Robert, D.D., 107.

Arnot, Sir John, 85.

Arnott, Charles, 286.

Arnott, David Leith, 287.

Arnott, Ellen, 286.

Arnott, James, 286.

Arnott, James Leith, 286.

Arthur, King, 173.

Ascog, Churchyard of, 5.

Assynt, Parish of, 392.

Atchison, James, Martyr, 276.

Atheist, A Professed, 98.

Athole, Dukes of, 34, 150, 151, 160, 173.

Athole, John, Marquis of, 376.

Auchterarder, Parish of, 146.

Auchterhouse, Parish of, 199.

Auchterlony, Sir James, 281.

Auchterless, Parish of, 312.

Auchtermuchty, Parish of, 74.

Auldbar, Chapel of, 193.

Badenoch, Dr. James, of Whiteriggs, 287.

Badenocb, Wolf of, 159.

Baillie, Colonel, 176.

Bain, Joseph, Esq., 413.

Pa'rd, Alexander, of Ury, 284.

Baird, Andrew, of Auchmedden, 3101

Baird, George, of Auchmedden, 310.

Baird, Sir David, 175.

Bairds, of Newbyth, 310.

Bairds, of Saughtonhall, 310,

Bairds, The of Auchmedden, 310.

Bairds, of Ury, 279.

Bald, Alexander, 57.

Bald, Robert, 57.

Balf our, Bailie James, 217.

Balfour, Catherine, 131.



Balfour, David, 131.

Balfour, Henry, 139.

Balfour-Ogilvie, Col., 229.

Bilfour, Provost David. 131.

Balfour, Eev. Peter, 62.

Baliol, Edward, 160.

Ballantyne, Rev. John, 279.

Ballardie, Thomas, 72.

Ballingal, Thomas F., 140.

Ballutheron, Sculptured Stone at, 251.

Balgonie, Lord, 114.

Balmerino Abbey, 75.

Balmerino, Parish of, 75.

Balmuto, Lord, 295.

Balquharn, Laird, of 313.

Balquhidder, Parish of 147.

Banchory Devenick, Parish of, 271.

Banchory Ternan, Parish of, 272.

Banffsbire, 347 362.

Banner, Major Robert M., 414.

Barclay, Anne, 282.

Barclay, Colonel David, of Ury, 281, 282,

Barclay, David, of London, 280.

Barclay, David, of Mathers, 281.

Barclay, David, of Tough, 108.
Barclay, George, of Mathers, 281.
Barclay, Robert, Author of "Apology," 282.
Barclay, Thomas, of Mathers, 281.
Barclay of Tolly, 350.

Barclays of Towie, 346.

Barclays of Ury, 279, 284.

Barclay, "William, 350.

Barnard, John, of Ar dross, 101.

Barrie, John, 255.

Barron, Mrs. of Barren Hall, 69.

Barron, Lieut. David, 222.

Barry, Parish of, 200.

Barton, Rev. Angus, D. D., 403.

Baxter, Captain Alexander, 212.

Baxter, David, no.

Baxter, Edward, of Kincaldrum, 244.

Baxter, James, 1 10.

Baxter, John, 346.

Baxter, Sir David, Bart., 221.

Baxter, William Edward, M.P., 244.

Beat, Rev. William, 104.

Beaton, Archbishop James, 93, 126.

Beaton, Cardinal David, 103.

Beaton, Peter, 61.

Beattie, Alexander, 293.

Beattie^George, poet, 299.

Beattie, James, Lit, D., 309.

Beattie, James Hay, 309.

Beaufort, Lady Jane, 179.

Beaumont, Richard B., 75.

Begg, Robert, 231.

Bek, an English Churchman, 36.

Belhelvie, Parish of, 312.

Bell, Bessy, 175.

Bell, Henry, 19.

Bell, John, Author of " Travels," 24.

Bell, Rev. William, 163.

Bell, Thomas, comedian, 164.

Belliduff, Tumulus at, 173.

Bellie, Parish of, 363.

Bellie, Patrick, 292.

Benholme, Parish of, 274.

Bennie, Rev. Dr. Archibald, 42.

Ben vie, Churchyard of, 243.

Berkeley, Alexander de, 280.

Berkeley, David de, 280.

Berkeley, Theobald de, 280.

Berkeley, Walter de, 180.

Berrill, Anna, no.

Bervie, Parish, of 275.

Bethune, Alexander, 66.

Bethune, Gen. Sir Henry, 101.

Bethune, House of, 103.

Bethune, James, M.D. , 84.

Bethune, John, 66.

Bethune, John, of Kilrenny, 103.

Bethune, Sir John L., Bart., 101.

Beton, Dr. John, 12.

Betson, James, of Kilrie, 105.

Betson, Wilson, of Glasmount, 105.

Berry, John, of St. Fort, 415.

Bisset, George, of Lessendrum, 318.

Bisset, Mauiice George, of Lessendrum,


Bisset, Sir John, 183.
Bisset, Bishop William, 319.
Black, Admiral William, 71.
Black, Archibald, 5.
Black, Captain James, 71.
Black, James, 242.
Blackadder, Col. John, 45.



Blackadder, Family of, 194.

I Hack lord, Parish of 149.

Blackwell, Principal, 309.

Blackwood, Rev. James, 140.

Blaikie, Provost James, 310.

Blair Athole, Parish of, 150.

Blair, Dr. Hugh, 134.

Blair, Rev. Robert, 70.

Blair, William, of Balgillo, 263.

Blair's College, 295.

Boindie, Parish of, 347.

Borthwick, Lord, 400.

Borthwick, Parish of, 400.

Borthwick, Sir John, 93.

Borthwick, Sir William, 400.

Boswell, Alexander, 139.

Boswell, John Irvine, of Balmuto, 295.

Boswell, Provost Henry, 108.

Both well, Earl of, 101.

Bothwell, Patrick, Earl of, 396.

Botriphnie, Parish of, 347.

Bourtie, Parish of, 313.

Bowie's aisle, Stirling, 43.

Brechin, Parish of, 202.

Brewster, James, 209.

Brewster, Rev. George, D.D., 140.

Brewster, Sir David, 209.

Bridge of Allan, 35.

Broadfoot, Provost, 412.

Brodie, Alexander, sculptor, 3ia

Brodie, Alex., of Brodie, 371.

Brodie, Andrew, martyr, 164.

Brodie, David, of Brodie, 371.

Brodie, Rev. Joseph, 371.

Brotherston, Rev. Peter, D.D., 56.

Brougham, Lord, 95.

Brown, Bailie George, 213.

Brown, C. R., Esq , 34.

Brown, Charles, 113.

Brown, John, 112.

Brown, Principal, 309.

Brown, Rev. James, 104.
Brown, Thomas, martyr, 125.
Brown, William, martyr, 276.
Bruce, Alexander, of Airth, 72.
Bruce, Alexander, 335.
Bruce, Alexander, of Rennet, 61.
Bruce- Gardyne, of Middleton, 238.

Bruce, House of, 61.

Bruce, James, 232.

Bruce, James C., of Balcrystie, 102.

Bruce, James, The Traveller, 32.

Bruce, James, of Innerquhomery, 334.

Bruce, John, no.

Bruce, Michael, 143.

Bruce, Onesiphorus Tyndal, 99.

Bruce, of Longside, 334.

Bruce, Rev. Alexander, 48.

Bruce, Rev. Rohert, 31.

Bruce, Robert, of Kennet, 61.

Bruce, Sir Alexander, 1 14.

Bruce, Sir Robert, 23.

Bruce, Sir William, 113.

Bruce, The Hon. Col. Robert, 95.

Bruce, William, of Earlshall, 114.

Bryce, Rev. Patrick, 204.

Buchans, of Auchmacoy, 329.

Buchan, Earl of, 159, 199.

Buchan, Thomas, of Auchmacoy, 329,


Buchanan, Dugald, 152.
Buchanan, George, 29.
Buchanan, of Leny and Cambusmore, 151.
Buchanan, Mrs. Catherine, 181.
Buick, William, martyr, 24.
Buittle, Parish of, 410.
Burgh, Aylmer de, 92.
Burleigh, Baron, 62.
Burnes, James, 288.
Burn, John, 32.
Burns, Rev. John, 98.
Burns, The Poet, 63, 168, 288.
Burntisland, Parish of, 77.
Burnett, Archbishop, 202.
Burnett, Gen. William, 272.
Burnet, Rev. Robert, of Sauchine, 273.
Bute, 1st Earl of, 4.
Bute, Marquis, of, 4.
Bute, 3rd Earl of, 4.
Buteshire, 15.
Byron, Lord, 321, 394

Cabrach, Parish of, 348.
Cairnie, Monument of, 102.
Caithness, Earls of, 396.



Callander, Barons of, 27.

Callander, Parish of, 151.

Callender, Rev. Richard, 28.

Callender, Rev. Alexander, 28.

Cambuskenneth Abbey, 49.

Cameron, Angus, of Firhall, 355.

Cameron, Col. John, 380.

Cameron, James, of Ballenlish, 355.

Cameron, Major John, C.B., 358.

Cameron, Fennel, 352.

Cameron, Sir Ewen of Fasfern, 380.

Cameron, Une, 282, 283.

Campbell, Baron, 85.

Campbell, Captain of Skipness, 8.

Campbell, of Carradale, 15.

Campbell, Colin, of Invergregor, 378.

Campbell, Colin, of Kilmartin, 300.

Campbell, Francis Garden of Troup, 336.

Campbell, Helen Cuming, 365.

Campbell, Isabelle, 149.

Campbell, John, of Glenorchy, 192.

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