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Foi 55S. ^j)_ bj JP%iit Thing fliall amount to Inftitution and In-


I. nplp^ Provifion of the Pope 10 a«5 mi 3!nffitUtiOlU 1 1 I). 4' 7^.

1 i3»

2. And when tljC ClCrfe 10 put in Execution bp fOTCC Of tl)E lc)rOW-

fion, It fijaU beais mi Jnuuctioii li)? Jforcc otttje "BxM. n 3|)»4.

3. A Parfon, Vicar, or Chauntery Priell may be admitted and infti-
tuted he not knowing it. As if the Patron fends to the Eilhop to admit
his Clerk, and he agrees to it; and if the Bifhop fays, in the Abfcnce of
the Clerk^ to J. N. I admit thee to the Church of D. in the Name of the
Clerk, this Admilhon is an Inftitution though the Clerk be ablent- but
there he may refufe, becaufe he was abfent at the time &;c. Br. Quare
Impedit, pi. 155. cites 32 H. 6. 2S. by a Do6lor of the Law.

4. Where a Recovery is m ^ta. Imp. and the Bifiop upon Prefentment
will admit and inltitute his Ckrk, and he is sndrufed, and this without
any W rit to the Billiop, This is good, as well as a Man may enter
without an Habere facias feilinam after Recovery. Hutt. 66. the third
Refolution in the Cafe of Rud v. Bilhop of Lincoln.

(D. b. i) Admlflion, Inftitution, or Indu6^ion. Good,
yind the Effdi thereof.


jErfona Ecclelis numquam dicitur Iinperfonata ante Indu£tionem j

nee habet Jus in Re, fed ad rem, -ante Induftionem. D. 221. b,

pi. 19. cites Hill. 38. E. 3. Per Thorp.
But it was 2. Note that a common Perfon may have ^iiare Impedit againft ano-
Ir*^' T»^S ^h^''? though his Clerk was not indu61:ed j For the Entry is there, Q^uod
ofMio^fon admiffus &Ini!itutus fuit. Br. Quare Impedit, pi. 1. cites 22 H. 6.27.

does not lie

ivithout InduBion ; For he fhall allege the Efplees, as in Great Tithes and Small Tithes &c. Br. Qi^nrc I cites 12. H. 6.27 S. P. to. cites S. C. & 33 H. 6. 24.— S. P. S;.

cites 22 H. 6.25.

The Clerk 3. The Incumbent has no Remedy for the Profits , nor can he try his
hTvet'hc ^'•^^'^' ^^^^ t"(i"^^f!on. Per Popham. Cro. E. 653. Hill. 41. Eliz. C. B. in
Profits be- ^^ ^afe of Quarles v. Fairchild.
fore Induc-
tion, hwllhcOrtiwayy ^hiUfeijUffler xVitm. Per Nichols J. Roll. R 46[.Parch. 14 Jac. in Cam. Scacc in

the Cafe of Colt V. Glover Inftitution intitles the Parfon 10 the fpiritiial Profits as O )lations Sec.

before Induftion, .and he is liable to be filed for uegleCtinf^ ibeCuie, but he cnn v:t fue for Greail'/lhes ,
For thev are TcmJor.U. u Mod.46. pi. 12. Pafch. 1705 B K, Anon.

4. Ad-

Prefentation. ^^ 5 y

4. Admifiion, Initicution, and Induction without a Prefentation is -void. ?■ P. Ad-

6 Rep. 29. b. Trin. 44 Eli.. B. R. Green's Call-. ^^^^^^^

Cro. J. 252. Mich. S. Jac. B R. Iglinffon li. Cockit, and cites S. C. S. C. Cro. C. 99. 100 Mich.

5 Car. in Call- of ^tcpln'llSl). |>Ottfr, and lays it was rcfolvcd accordingly. Anno SJac. in C. B.— S. C.

cited Arg. Gibb. 5;. Palch, i Geo. z. B. R. in thsCafe of the Kinc; v. tlie Archbiflicp of Arma{Th

and cites Cro. J. 252. Hunfton v. Cocket. S. C. cited Gibb. ;4. But lays tiiat it is- to be undcrftood, tliat
they do not put the rightful Patron out of Poflcllion, but tliat he may at any Time prcfent or bring
Quare Impedit, and lb it is taken in Lord Hobait 501, 3:2. wliich proves that it^uilGon anD COClutt'Sf
Cafe, which is founded on (HJrCfn's Cafe miftook that Kefolution ; therefore though tlie King niiglit not-
vithftandmg fuch CoHation cither prcfent or remove tlie Incumbent by (^uarelnipedit, any time during
the Lifeof kicli Incumbent, yet itdoes by no Means follow, that the CoUatee was not acomplcat Incum-
bent during his Life if not removed, and cites Cro. £. 207 . 240. Dy. 295 , 294

5. l[a. Gijt he made to a Parfon lefore Induftion, it is good. Arg.
Goldsb. 163. in the Cafe of Robins v. Prince.

6. Il'he a/u'!jl)'Co/iJbjt of Patrofj dfjd Ori1ina;y before Induction, it is
good. Arg. Goldsb. 163. in the Caie ol Robins v. Prince.

7. Before Indu£lion he is not Patron toalllntents ; For aGr^tJt of yln-
«,'///_)' before Tnduftion is not good. Per Gawdy. J. Goldsb. 163. in the
Caie of Robins v. Prince Cites PI. C.526.

8. He, who is inltituted, !?/^j cuttnnto the Gkbe Land before ladiiffic}!, ^/rf before
and has Right to have it againlt any Stranger. Per Coke. Roll. R. 192. . „ r";"^*^'"" c-
Pafch. 13 jac. B. R. in the Cafe of Hitching v. Glover. /J^^/c'bThe "

Glebe, nor
can he receive any Tithes as Incumbent. Watf. Comp. Inc. Svo. 241. cap. 15. cites 2S E. 5. 9. 26' H. 3.
cap. 15. cites S.C. & 5S E. Sc 5, 4 & 22 H 6. 27.

0. By Inflituion the Incumbent has Officinm^ but Eaicficium comes by Inftitution
Induaion. Per Doderidge. J. Poph. 133. Mich. i^JacB. R. in Rone s ^^'^^^ [^';,=
Cafe. Souls, but

the Tempo-

ralties pafs by Induct ion, Arg PI. C. 528. in the Cafe of Hare v. Bicldey Watf. Comp. Inc. Svo,

cap. i5.citesS.C. & 38 E. 3. 4. & 22 H.6.27.

10. By Inftitution hahetCitram Ammarum^ the Words of the Inftitu- S- P. Goldsb.
tion being Inllituote habere Curam Animarum, Curam tuam, &ineam; ^''J- "r']f
So that Curatus implies a Parfon Inltituted. Per Doderidge J. which (,jj,^^° "'
Whitlock J. & Crew Ch. J. agreed 3 Bulf. 310. Mich, i Car. B. R. Prince.

in the Cafe of \V"rothmeal v. Gill.

1 1. It v\as held. That Letters of Infiitiition feahd mth mother Seal than ^" p^^''"^-
that of the Biiliop of the Diocefe, and viade out of the Diocefe were good ^^^. ^''■g ^
enough ; For the Seal is not material, it being an Aft made ol the Inltitu- j,, (^^^^ ^f
tion, and the ^\'^iting and Sealing is but a Tellimonial thereof, which j};fati) ij.
may be under any Seal or in any Place; But they would ad vile. Cro. C. iDrpti fays,
242. Hill. 9 Car.'B. R. in the Cafe of Cort v. the BiHiop of St. Davids. ^^fcouft''^

that Letters of Inftitution muft be under the Epifcopal Seal,

12. A Prefentation may he-without I^/J-ttution and Indatiion, the Billiop
being Party. Relbhed. Cumb. 302. M'ich. 6VV^ & M. B. R. in the Caie
of the Queen v. the Bilhop of London and Dr. Birch.

(D b. 3) AdmifTion, Inftitution, or Indu6lion. Tnnhk
ho'w 5 And Ptwijhment of Refufwg them.

I. A DmilTion and Inftitution fhail be try'd hythe Ordinary, but In-
±\^ diiBion fliall be made by the Archdeacon, and fhail be tried
iPfr Pais. Br. Qiiare Impedit. pi. 155. cites 32. H. 6. 28.

4 X z. In-



2. InduSlion i.s triable bj the Cotmtrj\ and not by the Biiliop. PI. C,
529. b. in the Cafe of Hare v. Bickley — cites 21 E. 4.7. & 33.
A. fucdii 3. Matters of Induction, and the Validity thercot, are triable at Com'

^H.iiT /w/'f- j^j^,j i^.ju and not in the Spiritual Court. Bull". 179. Trin. 9 lac. Holt's

mA I'cndiiig ^^''^•
it B. was

Iiiltitiitcd and Induced, and A. fued B. in the Spiritual ("ouvt to Remoie him, and a Prohibition waj
prayed, becaufc he (rannot llic for tlie fame Caufe Duplici Foro ; and zdly, Becaufe it is a Suit after In-
duction, and upon this lall Point the Court granted a Prohibition. Lat. 205. Trin. 5 Car. (Jlivcr v,

It was ad- 4. IftheBifliop refufes to give Inftitution, the Clerk may have a
judged, that (,)!(are Iiiiptdtt, or Dtipks G^acrcla to the Archbilhop tor it, but AiSlion
di? cii^'^k" ^"^i- Cafe will not lie againlt him. Roll. R. 64. in Cafe of Powle v.

againlian Godlrey.


who refufes to induft, but not againft the Ordinary wlio refufes to inftitute; becaufe there a Quarc

Imped it lies, or Duplex Querela before the Metropolitan. Mo. S^^J. pi. iizij. Mich. 12 Jac. Pole v.


If the Archdeacon refufes to induft a Clerk &c. he fhall have an Aftion upon the Cafe. Cited li
Rep. 12S. as Fit7,h. 47 H. 6. S. and affirmed for good Law by all the Court, and that with this a-
"rees 26 H. 8. 5. a. True it i>, that it is held in 58 H. 6. 14 that in luch Cafe he fhall have Remedy
againft the Archdeacon to punifh him, butfavingthe Opinion there, they cannot award him Damages
in Juch Cafe, but he fliall recover tliem at Common Law. 12 Rep. 128.

(E. b) ReJjg?iatto?i. By whit fp'onh it may be.
This in the I. npi^e tJBorii Refignare 10 not tijc pcopcc Ccmi of t!jc laiy for

Margin IS J|_ EcfiSmitiOll, but Renuntiare, Cedere, auD Dimittere HtC tlje

Ihc Cafe of ufiiai %mm of Rcfin;natia»» D» 13 €1 294. b*

Walrond v.

Pollard And Ibid. 294. a. Marg. pi. 6. cites Hill. 20 Jac. B. R. ^paitf t)ilO V). (Kaper, where

the Civilians held, that Refignare is not a good Word of Rellgnation, but the Judges Contra.

2. Jfil Prebendary gives Grants, Renders and Confirms to the Or-
dinary his Prebend, and the PolTelfions appcrtatumg tljCTCtO, tO IpiltlE
attll to Hold to him and his Succellbrs in Fee, aad fUbjCCtSS anU fub-
mits to him Omnia f ura bP tCafOtt tljCtCOf Qualitercunque acquilita,

tbofc wmM arc fiifiicicnt anti amountinn; to a Ecfujuation, tljo'
tljc proper JBorbgi arc nottljercuu p» 13 CI. 294- b.

3. A Relignation was made, and afterwards in the fame Inftrument a
'^'■i'^^-^o'^'^f- Condition was infcrtcd, declaring it void, if A. or B. were not admitted"
cftesS C.'^'^y Allentof the Biihop within 6 Months. The BiHiop within the 6

Months refufed to accept the Prefentation. It was inlilted, that it is a-
gainft the Nature of a Relignation to be Conditional, and that it muft
be Abfolute, Sponte, Pure, and Simpliciter, and that this is an Aft judi-
cial to which a Condition cannot be annexed i And Judgment wasaf"
terwards given accordingly. Ow. 12. 34 Eliz,. C. B. Gay ton's Cafe.

4. One that had a Do/iative made a Relignation thereof by the
Words (deEcclc^a.) Per tot. Cur. this Relignation extends to all the
Polleffions ; For as the Donation to the Church extended to invelt him
with all the Poflellions, fo the Relignation extends to the fame. Cro. J.
63, 64. Pafch. 2 Jac. B. R. Fairchildv. Gayre.

(F. b)

Pixfentation. 359


(F. b) To .v.hom it may be. ;|s°'£-

pi. 1.

ixCflSnatiOlI OUgljttO be to the immediate Ordinary, mitl HOt For it is a

to tije uietiiatc )i)rnuuirp. D» 13 €i. 294. in iui,xtio, ttpiid [juem fertinere dignofcitur Confrni aih. Godolph. Rc]\ 2'?4.

cap. 2i. S. 5. S. P. Dod. ot Adv. Si. Lett. 1 5. • A Kcfij^nation (elpcciLilly of a Benclici

with Cure) cannot be made to void the (lime by the folc Adt of the Incumbent, but the Ordinary mill:
for that End alio accept it, and declare the Church void ; and till then the Patron's >;ew Prercntation
will be null ; and the Rcafon of the Law in this Cafe is partly becaule the Ordinary is to give Notice
of a Reliipiation to the Patron, and that he may prcfcnt again, and if he do not within 6 Montlis afccr
Notice, that the Oi-din.iry may provide for the Chuich ; but more efpecially, I fuppole, becaule the
Bifhop having Cure of all Souls v.ithin his Diocels, is to fee that the Paltors to whom he has commi:-
ted, aiid who have undertaken die Cure, and in whom thereby the People iiavc an InterelT, do not
without a rcaforable Caufe leave their Charge ;. that it be not for Money &c or to live a Lay^Conver-
lation, which he is not to futicr. VV^atf Conip. Inc. Svo. 6b'. cap. 5,

2. ^ Prebendary CiimiOt rcrttTU to the Kins;, bCCilUfC tI)OttlXl) IjC bC Watf.Comp.

ti)c fuprcme ©rnuuu)), pet ijc is not tbc luinictiuuc £X-t5maii>,nno Ijc s^o. « c..p.
10 not tioimn to mt' Jl^otice totljc x^xm ajj tijc ©rBtiiari) ougijt, .t„d u;,,, ^■
itor can uuikc eoitation of ijimfcit, but ougijt to jjiticntto tije ©rm= ;>,4jt?ou
nan'* D*i3€U294.b» i^f^A'- .

* S. p. Dod. of Adv. 81. Left. 15 Refignation U the Kinn by a Dean of Well.. clcarip nurccD.

t''ei'e- 2. 3,t ruUncumbcnt ot a Church, with Cure un^icr 81. per Annum,

, takes a lec'ond Benefice with Cure, in tUijlCl) Ije 1^3 illfO JnHltUtC'O autl

^ ,tute°;'f 2T indufted, 'm iDliitl) tije firff n \joig nsauift tlje patron, fo ti);it De

H. 8. a Man Uiap iitdfCUl", bUt belore Prelentation the Archbilhop by Force ot tljC

^;f;«..; a Pc- t|)c €;tatutt to take aiuap tijc iStefcutment of t|)c l£3atron, tijo' it tsj vaiere fl j^oicatuc 1,'j) jfotcc of tijc €311011, niiQ uot bp Jr'orcc of tlje ^ta^

i,theSpm- fjjj.^, gf- 21 H. 8. jfOt bv the Canon tl)C fitft ToCUCftCC U)a0 fO W^,

Zd the' tijat tf)c i3atron mnx'ot lja\3C jsrcfentcti before anp DepvilMtion , ann
jMeaning of totitfurc aftcv fuclj tjtiuic as tijC patron ijan poiuec to prcfcnt, tfjis
the Law was pouict caiiiicit bc tai^ctt atoip bp a Licence, 'Wm> 14 Car> 15, E.
to help one ^jfj^f^^ £^/^w/^ aiin tljC King, m jjBrit Of €txot upon a IttDgnient
chaphiln ?o in a3ank in £iuarc JntpeBit, U)l)erc it luas fo ati)iir!n;cn upon a iOt -

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