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beloved past Grand Masters has beeu called from his earthly labors. The Hon-
orable Lemuel Whitney, of Brattleburo', who was Grand Master of this Grand
Lodge from A. L. 5819 to A. L. 5822, has gone down to the tomb, at the ripe age
of eightytwo, full of years and honors. He die I at Brattleboro' early in April
last On the 10th of the month of February preceding, this worthy Brother thus
expressed himself in a letter addressed to our past Grand Master Has well.

"I am happy in learning that some of the Fraternity yet possess the nerve to
revive an Institution so deserving patronage, arising from her correct and philan-
thropic principles.

" None but an honorable man ever ought to be admitted to the privileges of the
Order. 'Tis honor makes the man. Caution your secular Lodges on the admis-
sion of candidates ;— keep the Institution pure and uncontaminated— better blot
ten than admit one unworthy member.

" It would be gratifying to me to visit your Grand Lodge, but my age, I fear,
will deny me that pleasure, (being now over eightytwo years of age,) but to use
the language of the poet,

« Where distance sits on tongue* a tie,

The pen and paper must supply."

These are the words of an old Grand Master, who in a few days after they
were written, passed away from earth. They are words of wisdom from the
gTave. Let us not forget their admonitions.

• ••••«•• •

There can hardly be a doubt in the mind of any well informed Mason that it
was the moral and Masonic duty of those to whom were entrusted the interests
of the Order in Vermont, to revive and re-establish it, as soon as it could be done
with a due regard to its welfare and a rational prospect of success. We received
the Institution from our predecessors, as we believe, in its purity. We apprecia-
ted the value of the principles it inculcated. As social beings, we felt the bene-
ficial effects of our organization ; as men of benevolence and philanthropy, we
saw and rejoiced at their influence upon the world. With these convictions, we
did not feel at liberty to consign it quietly, as a doomed victim, to the storms of
fate. With the most painful apprehensiors, we saw the fires dying away upon
its altars, and so far as human power could perceive, the hour appeared to be near
at band, when the last flickering flame upon the last of our altars was about to
vanish forever. But with warm and grateful hearts to the Supreme Architect of
the Universe do we realize the fact, that we were not doomed thus to behold the
total destruction of our mystic temple. While that last flickering flame quivered
towards extinction, the very soul of Masonry seemed burning within us. As if
with one common consent, our energies arose to action : the flame expired not.
Nursed by the hands of a feeble few, and blest from on high, it was re-kindled
in hope, and now shines abroad, a renewed altar-flame, glorious in its brightness;
a beacon-light to the hopes and hearts of the desponding; a monument of con-
firmed faith to those who doubted uot that He who filled the first temple with his
glory, would ever remain the protector of all who relied upon his Providence and
adored his name.

Purged of the " hay, wood and stubble" which adversity revealed to us, the true
flame of Masonry is proudly extending itself, and all true Masonic hearts are feel-
ing its influence and rising responsive to its power. It is among our highest du-
ties as Masons and moral men, to perform our mission for good, by laborng to
promote and extend the glorious work. Our noble State, rich in all that can at-
tract the eye or elevate the soul, — the soil of civil, political and religious freedom;
a State where the school house, the academy and the college hold triumphant
sway ; where art, science and learning find a weleome home ; was certainly not
the appropriate spot where an Institution appealing to the noblest impulses of the
human race should find its grave.

Digitized by VjOOQlC


I call the attention of the Grand Lodge to the necessity of placing at the dis-
posal of the Grand Officers, if possible, the means of procuring some Masonic
books. Some standard works are, in existing circumstances, highly desirable.
We occasionally observe matter spread before the world, on what is claimed to
be Masonic authority and usage, into which we should like to have the means of
examining at original and acknowledged sources.

The few Masonic works to which the Grand officers have access, consist only
of such as the accumulations of years have accidentally placed in the private li-
braries of your past and present Grand Masters. Masonic books fill no place on
the shelves of the booksellers of Vermont. They can only be procured abroad.
They are necessary for the information ot the Grand officers, and the honor of
this Grand body. The sum required for the purchase of those of immediate ne-
cessity, will not be large, and it is hoped that measures will be taken at this com-
munication to supply this want and enable us readily to investigate all subjects of
importance which may arise. I cannot for a moment doubt that a sense of what
is due to ourselves, and a just pride to have your Grand Officers as well informed
Mason ically as those of any other Grand Lodge, will be sufficient motives to pro-
duce an accomplishment of this desirable object. Other State Grand Lodges
have extensive Masonic libraries. The time has arrived when ttys Grand Lodge
should, for its own credit, begin to form one.

With pain, I have to communicate to the Grand Lodge the decease, since our
last annual communication, of our Grand Marshal, Br. Henry Thomas, of Bur-
lington. Bro. Thomas lived and died a true Mason, and his memory will long be
kindly cherished by the Craft.


Sherburne, March 17, 1848.
Ba, Moore, — The following notice and resolves have been greatly neglect-
ed by the committee chosen for that purpose, and if this is in season, I wish it
may be published in the next number of the Magazine.

Very respectfully, yours, Eow'd Holbeooi.

Died, at Sherburne, Sept. 12th, 1847, Dea. Micah Leland, aged 68. Dea.
Lelnnd was initiated into the mysteries of Freemasonry, in Middlesex Lodge,
at Framingham, Dec. 15th, 1812, and elected Master of the same Lodge, Nov.
22d, 1825. As a neighbor, a citizen, a Christian and a Mason, he was highly
and justly esteemed. His townsmen manifested their estimation of his char-
acter and their confidence in him, by electing him to fill important offices in
the town, and sending him as their Representative to the General Court. In
his public services and private transactions, he was guided by strict integrity
and a conscientious regard to duty. Under a deep conviction of moral ac-
countability, and that all his actions were under the inspection of the " All-
seeing Eye," it was his aim "to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with
his GodV His death was sudden. In health and vigor of body and mind, he
was violently seized with fever, which, in a few days, extinguished the lamp
of life, and filled many breasts with sadness and sorrow. By this event, his
family have been deprived of a kind and faithful husband and father ; the town
of a highly respected and useful citizen ; the church of a worthy communi-
cant and a valuable officer, who found the greatest satisfaction in the path of
Christian duty ; and the Masonic family of a Brother who was " good and
true f one who was ever interested in the honor and prosperity of Masonry,

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and who did not not forsake her in the days of persecution. When the " love
of many waxed cold," and not a few apostatized and lent their aid to a. vain at-
tempt to overturn the Institution, the subject of thin notice was not ashamed
of his relationship to the Fraternity, nor afraid to vindicate the innocence nnd
moral worth of Masonry whenever they were assailed. May his example and
sudden exit, stimulate his surviving Brethren and friends to fidelity, diligence
and promptness in discharging the duties of life, so that if they should be
called away suddenly, ns he was, they may he found u worthy and well quali-
fied" for admission into that glorious temple " not made with hands," where
the true and the faithful will rest from their labors and enjoy their reward.

The following preamble and resolves were adopted at a meeting of Middle-
sex Lodge :

Whereas, it has pleased our Master in Heaven, to remove our worthy and
beloved Brother, Micah Leland, from the Lodge below to the Celestial Lodge
above, there, as we hope and trust, to be clothed in righteousness and invested
with the jewel of eternal glory, — Therefore,

Resolved, unanimously, by the members of Middlesex Lodge, that we will
cherish the remembrance of the moral worth and valuable services of our de-
parted Brother; and that we tender our kind sympathy and condolence to his
bereaved widow and children, and would invite them to seek consolation in
contemplating the character of their deceased friend, and the mercy and good-
ness of that Father in heaven who chastens in love.

Resolved, That the Secretary be directed to enter the foregoing notice and
resolve upon the records of the Lodge, and to transmit a copy of the same to
the bereaved family of our deceased Brother ; also to the Editor of the " Free-
masons' Monthly Magazine," for publication in that work.

At a meeting of Concord Lodge, No. 58, at Tarboro*, N. C, the following
resolutions were adopted :

Whereas, it hath pleased the Great Grand Master and Supreme Architect
of the Universe, to call from labor to refreshment, and from servitude to re-
ward, our distinguished fellow-citizen and Brother of " the mystic tie," Col.
Lewis D. Wilson, who departed this life on the 12th of August last, in Mexi-
co, in command of the 12th Regiment, of U. S. Army, nobly bearing his coun-
try's flag in n foreign land, —

Resolved, That we, the members of "Concord Lodge," do sincerely mourn
the death of our esteemed Brother, and that we will put the Lodge in mourn-
ing, and each member wear the usual badge of mourning thirty days.

Resolved, That in the death of our distinguished Brother, not only the Ma-
sonic Fraternity, but our common country has sustained a great loss.

Resolved, That the citizens of his native county having selected him for
their representative in the State Legislature for more than thirty years, and the
Senate having selected him as their Speaker, are great compliments to him as
a statesman.

Resolved, That his leaving his seat in the State Legislature, repairing to his
county, rallying around him near two hundred of the noble youths of Edge-
combe, to go forth with their gallant leader, to offer themselves a sacrifice upon
their country's altar, are great compliments to his patriotism.

Resolved, That his having been elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
N. Carolina for a full constitutional term, is a great compliment to his Masonic

Digitized by VjOOQlC


Resolved, That the bequest in his last will and testament, bequeathing an
estate estimated at from $40,000 to $60,000, to the poor of his native county,
Edgecombe, is the cup-stone to his moral and Masonic edifice, and shows that
Christian benevolence abundantly abounded in his heart. And in conclusion
we say, " Well done, good and faithful servant," and hope that thou hast en-
tered into eternal joys.

Resolved, That the determination of the citizens of Edgecombe to bring his
remains home, and erect over them a monument, shows that though he be
literally dead, yet he lives and greenly flourishes in the hearts and affections
of his countrymen. Job* F. Speight,

Lewis Bond,
Commitiu of Concord Lodge.

At a special meeting of the members of Pen tucket Lodge, holden in Masons'
Hall, in Lowell, Oct. 2, 1847, the following preamble and resolutions were
unanimously passed :

Whereas, it has pleased an all-wise Providence, in his inscrutable dispensa-
tions, to call from our midst our beloved Brother and Worshipful Master,
Jesse Phelps, — lie it therefore

Resolved, That in this melancholy event, our community has sustained the
loss of an industrious, enterprising and public-spirited citizen, society the walk
of an upright and honest man, and Masonry u worthy exemplar of her princi-
ples, fulfilling, as he did, his various social and domestic duties under the
promptings of a noble and generous heart

Resolved, That as a token of respect and esteem for our Brother and W.
Master, and as a further testimonial of our grief at his loss, we wear the usual
badge of mourning for the space of thirty days.

Resolved, That we tender to his afflicted widow and relatives, in this truly
distressing dispensation, the warmest sympathies of our hearts.

Resolved, That a copy of this preamble and the accompanying resolutions,
be furnished the bereaved family of our deceased Brother, and placed on the
records of our Lodge; and that they be published in the Freemasons' Maga-
zine at Boston. Attest, Colburn Blood, Jb*, Sec

At a special meeting of the members of Neosho Lodge, No. 81, at their
hall in Neosho, Mo., Feb. 2d, 1848, on the occasion of the death of their worthy
and esteemed Brother, Thomas Shannon, the following resolutions were unan-
imously adopted :

Resolved, That while we cherish the recollection of our deceased Brother
and friend, we sincerely deplore his loss to the Fraternity, to his family, and
to his country. In the walk of life which it was his lot to fill, affability and
justice eminently marked Ilia character, and shone conspicuous in the circle in
which he mingled. Though unobtrusive in his maimers, he was firm and
resolute in principle, and faithful in the discharge of every duty.

Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with his afflicted widow, family and

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be enclosed to his widow, tind
that they be published in Moore's Masonic Magazine, at Boston.

J. T. Pennington,
Setfry of Neosho Lodge, JV6. 61.

Digitized by VjOOQlC





M. W. R. Smith Lee, G. Master.
R W. Paul B. Riiifj. D G. M.

14 Joshua B. Taylor. S. G. W.

" John Stewart, J. G. W.

44 Levi Cook, G. Tr>as.

11 James H enton. G. Sec.

44 A C. Smith, G. V. and Lect.

" Re? E. M. Crippin O. Chap.

W. Thoa. Cook, S G. D.

" R. B. Loomis, J. G. D.

14 VV. S. Brown. G. Marshal.

M Jno. E. Schwarz, G. Sw. B.

• Madiaon Cook, G. Pursuivant.
Seneca Caswell, G. Tyler.


M. W. B. B French, G. M.

R. W. Geo. C. Thomas, D. G. M.

" E. Whittlesey, G. S. W.

11 D. M. Comb, G. J. W.

44 Roliert Clark, G. Treas.

" Chaa. S. Frailey, G. Sec.


M. E. Freeman Bradford, G. H. P.

E. Thomas S. Bowles, D. H. P.

" John C. Humphrey, G. King.

" Nelson Rack ly ft, G. Scribe.

41 Oliver Gerrish, G. Treas.

" Arthur Shirley, G. Sec.
Rev. Comp. Cyrus Cummings, )

Cyril Pearl, ( G.

James Pratt, [Chaplains.

Gersaom F. Cox, J
3omp. Moody F Walker, G. Marshal.

44 Henry H Boody, )

M Is«ac Ingersoll, I ~ a,.-,-,!.

14 Alex H. Putney, > G ' «« w wda.

" Willism Allen, J

41 Isaac Davis, G. Sentinel.



E. Smith Lee, Th III. G M.
John Mulled, III. D. G. M.
Jeremiah Moors, 1*1. P. C. W.
Wen. M Lister, C. G.
WoiJ Ives.G.S.
John A I my, Treas.
H. N. Church. Rec.
S. Caswell, Sent.


Caleb Fenner, W. Master.
Charles H. Skiff, 8. W.
Moses Difkinson, J W.
Benjamin Beecher, Jr., Treas.
E G. Storer, Sec y.
Francois Turner. S. O.
Jalios Tyler, J D.
I»aac Tattle, Tyler.


M. W. Ansel Humphreys, G M.
R. W. J. P. Lancaster, G. S W.

44 Pearley Jackson. G. J W.

11 John Hawkins, G. Treas.

44 T. S. Parvin,G. Sec'ry.

Eliphalet G. Siorer.G Com.
William II. Ellis, Genera iissimo.
George Shumway, Capt. Gen.
Samuel Bishop, Treas.

A. C. Bahcocfc, Recorder.
Francois Turner, Prelate.
R. Fitzgerald, S. W.
Fred. Croswell, J. W.
Henry Beecher, St. Bearer.
E.J. Alunsell, Sw. Bearer.

B. Beecher, Jr., Warder.
A. T. Colt, 3d Guard.
E. Robinson, 2d "

W. Lyon, 1st "
I. Tutile, Sent.


John Mullelt, H. Priest.
Wm. M. Lister, King.
N. B Carpenter, Scribe.
Jamps Fenton. C. H.
G. W T adleigh, P Soj.
N J. Smith, R. A C.
W. J. Ives, M. 3d Veil.
Albert Marsh, M 2d Veil.-
Joshua Turner, M. 1st Veil.
E. Rood, Treas.
H. N. Church, Secretary.
S. Caswell, Sentinel.


Wm. M. Lister, W. Master.
H. JV. Church, S. W.
J. S. Abbott. J. \V.
John E. Schwarz, Treas.
Eardley Ives, Sec'y.
John Pa I ton, S. D.
J Grueber, J. D.

Geor^Da'vie, \ Slewardi -
S. Caswell, Tyler.


Henry T Backus, W. Master.
AmosT. Hail, S.W.
W. J. Ives, J. W.

Joshua Turner, Treas.
G. Matt Williams, Sec'y.
G. Wadleigh, S. D.

N. J. Smith, J. D.
S. Caswell,
Luciua Thompson,
& Caswell, Tyler.

> Stewards.

Digitized by VjOOQlC




0*A correspondent writing from Jackson,
Bliss., says—" In no city in the Union is Ma-
sonry in a more flourishing condition than in
this. With a population of about three thou-
sand, (black and white,) we hare an En-
campment, Council, Chapter and two Lodges.
And we hare recently finished a splendid
hall, with an express view to the accommo-
dation of the Grand Lodge, which now holds
its sessions at Natchez."

ht post ant.— The Grand Lodge of Eng-
land, at its quarterly communication in
September last, authorized the substitution
of the words " free man*' for " free born,"
wherever the former expression occurs in its
ritual. This change has been made mainly
with a riew to meet the wishes and necessi-
ties of the Lodges in Antigua, Jamaica, and
other British colonies. The fact is impor-
tant, and we may hereafter refer to it again.

(CT Brethren visiting London, will find ex-
cellent accommodations at the new Masonic
Hotel, recently opened by Br. Bacon, in
Great Queen street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. It
is connected with the " Freemasons 1 Tav-
ern," where the meetings of the Grand Lodge
are held.

KTTbe Grand Lodge of England has au-
thorized the purchase of certain freehold
houses and premises, adjoining their present
property on Great Queen street, London, at
a cost of eight thousand pounds sterling.

$9»The Lodge at HarrisonTille, Van Bo-
ren county, Mo., have offered a reward of
one hundred dollars, for the apprehension of
the murderer of John Hubble, formerly a
resident of that county, and a member of
Prairie Lodge.

D»Tbe M. W. Br. Ralls, G. M. of Mis-
souri, now Colonel in the volunteer service,
has organized a Lodge at Santa Fe.

f^The publication of the interesting obit-
uary notice, by our correspondent at Pepper-
ell, is necessarily deferred till next month.

03-The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
was opened at 9 o'clock on the morning of
the 27th ult., for instruction in ihe lectures
and work ; and in the evening, for the in-
stallation of its officers. The attendance wie
large, and the work and ceremonies passed
off to general acceptance. We have not room
for particulars this month.

. OChThe inquiries of our correspondent at
Jackson, Miss., shall receive attention in our
next. Also, those of our correspondents at
Mansfield, Ohio, and Cayuga, Miss., and
several others on hsnd.

Q7 We have a large amount of matter on
hand, some of which has been long prom-
ised, that shall receive attention as fast as
we can find room for it. The intelligence
furnished by our valued Irish correspondent,
is among ths matter reluctantly excluded
from this number.

f^We have been waiting for an opportu-
nity to make a few notes on oar late excur-
sion to the West, but have not yet been able
to find one, from a press of other matter.
Our acknowledgments are due to several
Brethren on the route, and particularly at To-
ronto, in Canada. We hope soon to be able
to attend to this matter.

i^T Thomas R. A. Chapter has recently
been revived, and removed from Princeton to
Fitchburg, in this State. Its officers were
elected and installed on the 14th alt. Hon.
David Wilder, late State Treasurer, was in-
stalled as H . P. The prospect* of ths Chap-
ter are encouraging, and its affairs are in sale
and competent hands.

The Landmarks.— Brethren to whom we
have furnished the Jhrti vol. of the " Land-
marks," by Br. Olifer, can have the $econd
vol., by sending their orders forthwith.

F6a Sals— A complete set of this Maga-
zine, siz vols., in good condition. Price,
•16, unbound ; or 820, bound.

Brs. C. H. Foster, of Monroeville, and
Rufns C. Torrey, of Claiborne, Ala., are au-
thorized agents for the Magazine and Trestle

O* Br. El ward M. Gantt is our author-
ized agent for the Magazine at Selma, Ala.

Digitized by VjOOQlC



Etuamjittunta, tofyupuv* attir fto&sjea,


A. W. POLLARD, Merchant Tailor,

No. 6 Court Street,
F*. 1,1848. BOSTON.





(TTH. & 6. will attend to collections. [Mar. 1848.

Exchange Hotel, Pittsburg, Pa.

THE Subscriber has taken the EXCHANGE HOTEL, Pittsburg, Pa., where he
will be happy to tee all bis old friend*, and the public generally. The house is situ-
ated in a centra] part of the city, and is bandy to the Steamboat and Canal Landings.




JYbs. 91 and 93 Brattle Street,

B3»CHAM8ER FURNITURE, made from the bbst seasoned stock, and painted in
the following styles— Beautiful China White, with Gold Ornaments j Landscape Flowers ;
Scrolls ; Plain line j Imitation of Black Walnut ; Mahogany j Oak } Maple ; Rose- wood,
and Bird's-eye Maple.

CHAIRS— of tbe following patterns: French Rush Seat Cottage ; Italian Rush Seat Cot-
tage ; N. T. Pattern; Mahogany, Black Walnut, and Maple Cane Seat Arm Chairs; Ital-
ian Cane Seat. Mahogany, Black Walnut and Maple Chairs j Common Cottage Chairs ; half
size Cottage Chairs: Cottage lop, Rocking, and Nurse Chairs; Oval top, Common Cane
and Wood Seat Stools, of all kinds.

Ladies* Tea Chairs j Children's Cane and Flag Seat Chairs; Hard Wood and Common
Office Chairs— all patterns.

Oilt and Bronzed Iron Brackets, constantly on hand.

Particular attention said to Boxing and Matting Furniture for shipping.

Oct. i, 1847.


No. 7 Haskin's Building, opposite the tlead of Hanover Street,

(BrBaitifBRs, Aprons, and every variety of painting for Lodges, Chapters, Ac, exe-
cuted to order, with neatness and despatch.

DT A set of paintings in frames, for Blue Degrees, including a Master's Carpet, on
hand, and for sale. Frfcer reasonabU. ly. Oct. 1, 1847.

Digitized by VjOOQlC



For sale by the Editor of this Magazine, 21 School Street,


Historical Landmarks of Freemasonry, by Rev. George Oliver, D. D. 2d vol.0vo.





with olates, 750 pnges,

fB from n Freemason's Note Book,

naina or the Early Masonic Writers, to be completed in 5 vols,
by Dr. Oliver. Two volumes havo been received. Price per vol.
story of Initiation, 8vo. . . . . .

" '< of Freemasonry in Knsland, from 1889 to 1841, 12 mo.

" ntiquities of Freemasonry, 8vo.

" gns and Symbols,

u :osonic Institutes,

« " Principles,

** Schismnc. of R. A. Degree, (Sewed,)

*« Insignia of * l " u

• Preston's Illustrations, with additions and notes, sad history of

Masonry in England, continued to 1841,
•* Ashe's Masonic Manual .....

" Hutchinson's Spirit of Masonry, .....

Pool's £ .rmons, ........

Blograp? leal Memoir of Hon. Mrs. A Id worth, the Female Freemason, (sheet,)
Brief HUtory of the Witham Lodge (Eng.) ....

Sermon, by Br. T. T Huverfield, .....

Percy's three Masonic Sermons (bound,) .

Dakeyne'a Masonic Sermon, •••...

Grylfr u u


Hon. Min. Aid worth, in Masonic costume, splendid aqoatint,
George IV 7 in Masonic costume, (original cost $10,)

$6 75


8 50



2 50





1 OQ

$5 00
2 00
2 50
1 00

Earl of Moira, splendid, (original cost $&,)
Rev. George Oliver, D. D. (plain,)

u " " India paper,

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