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timonial to the character of the work, but to express the gratification it
gives us, as it must give every true Mason, to see among the Brethren
a desire to acquaint themselves with the correct principles and usages of
the Order, for their practical guidance ; and, by collecting works for a
library, evincing that they justly appreciate the importance of studying
the treasured lore of Masonry, both to acquire a just comprehension of its
worth and to lead them to a correct use and exemplification of its teach-
ings. No Brother can, for the first time, read the works of Oliveh,
Hutchinson and Preston, without receiving increased mental enlight-
enment — nor without becoming a more accomplished Mason, if not a more
estimable man. A library, confined to works connected with Masonry —
its history, laws, usages and aim — not excluding those treating of the sub-
lime sciences to which some of its cardinal lessons refer, and with which
every Mason should be familiar, — is a most desirable, and not less credita-
ble, appendage to a Masonic Lodge ; and we hope the day may arrive in
our time, when a Lodge destitute of a library, and a Brother disinclined to
avail himself of its instruction, shall exist only as isolated and rare
exceptions to a general fact.

The Magazine should be enlarged ; and its interest could be enhanced
by more frequent illustrations and embellishments. But to do both or
either of these, would involve an expenditure not authorised by the present

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amount of subscriptions. As this shall be increased so shall our exertions
be to render the work more acceptable. Our present agents and other
Brethren can materially contribute to this end, by bringing the subject be-
fore their respective Lodges ; and, by so doing, they will confer a favor
which we shall be happy to acknowledge.
Boston, Nov. 1, 1847.



In accordance with the requirements of their respective Constitutions,
and with their adjournment in 1844, the General Grand Chapter and the
General Grand Encampment of the United Slates, assembled in the Senate
Chamber, in the city of Columbus, in the State of Ohio, on Tuesday, the
14th day of September last. . A sufficient number of members being


Was organized at 10 o'clock, A. M., as follows :
M. E. Rev. Paul Dean, of Massachusetts, G. G. H. P.

E. Joseph K. Stapleton, of Maryland, D. G. G. H. P.

u I. W. Crawford, of Connecticut, G. G. K.

u Ezra S. Barnum, of New York, G. G. S.

u Charles Gilman, of Baltimore, G. G. Sec'ry.

" Edward A. Raymond, of Boston, G. G. Treas.
Comp. Rev. Anson C. Clark, of Ohio, as G. G. Chaplain.

" Nathan B. Haswell, of Vermont, G. G. Marshal.

" Rev. James P. Donahoo, of Ohio, as G. G. Sentinel.

The General Grand Chapter was opened in ample form, with prayer by
the Rev. Grand Chaplain.

The reading of the record of the last triennial communication was dis-
pensed with, there being printed copies of the proceedings in the hands
of the members; and, on motion of Comp. C. W. Moore, Comps. Ham-
matt, of Mass., Ball, of Md., and Bell, of Ohio, were appointed a commit-
tee on credentials.

The General Grand Chapter was then adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M.


Was called to "order at 11 o'clock, A. M., and, there being the requisite
number of members present, organized as follows :

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M. E. Sir Archibald Bull, of New York, G. G. M.

E. Sir Joseph K. Stapleton, of Maryland, D. G. G. M.

u Sir Wm. H. Ellis, of Connecticut, G. G. G.

« Sir Wm. B. Hubbard, of Ohio, G. G. C. G.

" Sir and Rev. Albert Case, of Massachusetts, G. G. Prelate.

* Sir Wm. T. Gould, of Georgia, as G. G. S. W.

" Sir Ezra S. Barnum, of New York, G. G. J. W.

" Sir Charles Gil man, of Maryland, G. G. Rec.

" Sir Edward A. Raymond, of Massachusetts, G. G. Treas.

u Sir Charles W. Moore, of Massachusetts, G. G. Sw. B.

" Sir Joel G. Candee, of New York, G. G. SL B.

" Sir Simon W. Robinson, of Massachusetts, G. G. W.

" Sir James P. Donahoo, as G. G. Sentinel.

The General Grand Encampment was opened without ceremony.
Prayer by Rev. Sir Albert Case, G. G. Prelate.

The reading of the record of the last triennial communication was
omitted, there being printed copies of the proceedings in the hands of
the members ; and, on motion of Sir C. W. Moore, Sirs E. S. Barnum,
of New York, S. W. Robinson, of Mass., and B. Latham, of Ohio, were
appointed a committee on credentials.

Sir Wm. H. Ellis, of Connecticut, announced the decease of the late
G. G. S. W., Sir Robert Smith, of New Humpshire ; whereupon, on
motion, the Jewels were ordered to be placed in mourning, and Sirs Jo-
seph K. Stapleton, of Maryland, Charles W. Moore, of Mass., and JoelG.
Candee, of New York, were appointed a committee to draft suitable reso-
lutions expressive of the estimation in which the deceased was held by his

The General Grand Encampment was then adjourned to 4 o'clock, P. M.

Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 14.


Assembled and was called to order at 2 o'clock, as per adjournment in the

The committee on credentials made a partial report. We give the mem-
bers present during the session, as follows :

Maine— Truman Bradford.

JVetc Hampshire— A. B. Young, (proxy.)

Vermont— N. B. Haswell.

Massachusetts — Chas. W. Moore, Rue] Baker, John B. Haromatt

Rhode Island— William Field.

Connecticut— Wm. H. Ellis, W. E. SanforcL

jSTew York— J. G. Candee, R. R. Boyd.

Maryland— W. Ball, E. S. Courtney.

District of Columbia— by Comp. Keyworth.

0/^— W. B. Hubbard, G. D. Hine, John Sayre, Thos. Bell.

Kentucky— Willis Stewart, Philip Swigert, Dempsy Carrol, A. G. Hodges.

Indiana— Isaac Bartlett, Abel C. Pepper, C. Moore, (proxy.)

Missouri— J. W. S. Mitchell.

Tennessee — Dyer Pearl, P. G. S. Perkins.

Digitized by VjOOQlC


Mississippi — William P. Mellen.
Georgia— Win. T. Gould.
Mabama— Sterling A. M. Wood.
Louisiana — Thomas II. Lewis.

The report was corrected and adopted ; after which the General Grand
Secretary submitted a detailed report of his official acts, and of matters
that had come under his cognizance, since the last triennial communica-
tion. On motion of Comp. Moore, the report and accompanying docu-
ments were referred to Comps. Moore, of Massachusetts, Hubbard, of
Ohio, and Pepper, of Indiana, to report what disposition should be made
of the several subjects embraced therein.

On motion of Comp. Ellis, of Connecticut, all R. A. Masons in the city,
of good standing, were invited to take seats in the G. G. Chapter.

The Gen. Grand High Priest read a brief communication, the substance
of which was, that although he had been called upon to perform but
few official acts since the last triennial meeting, he had not been unmind-
ful of the interests of the General Grand Chapter, nor of R. A. Masonry
in the country, and he felt great pleasure in reporting that both were in a
^highly prosperous condition.

The £. Comp. Stapieton, D. G. G. H. P., presented his report, from
which it appeared that since the last triennial meeting, he has issued Dis-
pensations for the establishment of eleven subordinate Chapters in differ-
ent sections of the country, and authorised the organization of one or more
Grand Chapters. We 9hall give the report in full hereafter.

The E. G. G. King and Scribe, (Comps. Crawford, of Conn., and Bar-
nura, of New York,) also presented their triennial reports, which, with the
report of the D. G. G. H. P., were, on motion of Comp. Raymond, of
Massachusetts, referred to the committee on the doings of the Grand Offi-

Comp. Haswell, of Vermont, presented a communication asking author-
ity to revive the Grand Chapter of that State, which was read and laid on
the table. [This communication was subsequently called up and consid-
ered, but the application not being in a constitutional form, the authority
was not granted.]

The M. E. G. G. High Priest then announced the following standing
committees :

On Finance— Comps. Hubbard, of Ohio, Gould, of Georgia, and Young, of

On New Chapters— Comps. Candee, of New York, Moore, of Massachusetts,
aud Mellen, of Mississippi.

On next Place of Meeting— Compe. Stapieton, of Maryland, Hubbard, of Ohio,
and Baker, of Massachusetts.

An invitation was received from the Grand Chapter and Encampment

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of Ohio, to unite in a public procession and ceremonies tomorrow morning
at 10 o'clock, which was accepted.

The General Grand Chapter was then adjourned to 8 o'clock Wednes-
day morning.


Was called to order at half-past 4 o'clock, P. M., and the record of the
morning session was read and approved.

On motion of Sir J. G. Candee, all Knights Templars in the city, of
regular standing, were invited to take seats in the G. G. Encampment
during the session.

The committee on credentials reported the following representatives as

present and entitled to seats :

Massachusetts and Rhode Island— M. E. Sir John B. Hammatt, Sirs Ruel Baker,
Wm. Field, Ammi B. Young, Charles Robbins.
New York— Sirs Ezra S. Barnum, R. R. Boyd.
Ohio— Sirs B. Latham, I. L. Vattier, J. N. Burr, J. C. Copelen.
Connecticut— Sir Wm. E. Sanford.
Georgia— Sir Wm. T. Gould.
Kentucky — Sirs W. S. Shipley, Boone Baily.
Virginia — Encampment at Wheeling, by its Commander, Sir W. B. Wilson.

The report was accepted and the Committee allowed further time.
The following standing committees were appointed :

On Doings of Grand Officers — Sirs Albert Case, of Massachusetts, Wm. Field,
of Rhode Island, and Wm. E. Sanford, of Connecticut

On Finance — Sirs Wm. H. Ellis, of Connecticut, J. G. Candee, of New York,
and Wm. B. Hubbard, of Ohio.

On Warrants— Sirs B, Latham, of Ohio, E. A. Raymond, of Mass., and Wm.
T. Gould, of Georgia.

On next Place of Meeting— Sirs E. S. Barnum, of New York, C. W. Moore, of
Massachusetts, and W. T. Gould, of Georgia.

A communication was received from the Grand Encampment and
Grand Chapter of Ohio, inviting the General Grand Encampment to unite
with them in a public procession and other suitable serviced, to take
place tomorrow morning, which invitation was accepted.

Sir Joseph K. Stapleton, as D. G. Grand Master, presented a report of
his official doings for the three years past ; from which it appeared that he
had granted Dispensations for five new Encampments, and issued his com-
mission for the consecration of two.

The G. G. Generalissimo, Sir Wm. H. Ellis, and Sir Wm. B. Hubbard,
G. G. C. G., respectively submitted reports of their doings since the last
triennial meeting. From the report of the latter officer, we learn that
in the discharge of the duty committed to him in 1844, he has effected a
settlement with the Encampments in Ohio ; and that he has felso granted
a Dispensation for the establishment of an Encampment at Pittsburg, Pa. ;
for which a Charter was subsequently ordered to be issued. He further

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reports that the Order in the West is generally prosperous and increasing
in numbers.

All the above reports were referred to the committee on the Doings of
the Grand Officers.

Sir N. B. Haswell presented a communication in relation to the En-
campments in Vermont, which was referred to the committee on War-
rants. A petition, presented by Sir Kt. Mitchell, praying for a Dispensa-
tion for an. Encampment at St. Louis, Mo., was referred to the same com-

The General Grand Encampment was then adjourned to 9 o'clock,
Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, Sept 15.


Assembled at 8 o'clock in the morning, as by adjournment. Prayer by
the Chaplain. The record of the proceedings of yesterday afternoon was
read and approved.

Com p. Moore, of Mass., from the committee to whom was referred the
communication of the G. G. Secretary, submitted a report, which was
adopted ; and, in accordance with the recommendations therein contained,
the Gen. Grand High Priest appointed the following committees :

On Royal Arch Masonry in Louisiana — Comps. C. W. Moore, Barnura, Ham-
matt, Raymond and Crawford.

On the Grand Chapter of Florida — Comps. Bradford, Wood and Say re.

On the Grand Chapter of Georgia. — Comps. Ellis, Carroll and Field.

On the Grand Chapter of North Carolina-^-Comps. Boyd, Lewis and Swigert

On the Grand Chapter of Missouri— Comps. Boyd, Hodges and Perkins.

On Conferring Unauthorised Degrees — Comps. Sanford, Stewart and C Moore.

On the Seventh Section First Article G. G. Constitutions— Comps. Candee, Hine
and Pearl

Com p. R. R. Boyd, of New York, submitted a communication in rela-
tion to San Felipe de Austin Chapter, and also the Grand Chapter of
Texas, which was committed.

At this stage of the proceedings, a resolution was offered, directing that
the third section of the charge given to a High Priest at his installation, in
relation to the number to be exalted at one time, should be literally con-
strued. After some debate, the resolution was withdrawn. The object
in moving it was lo abolish substitutes ; and the effect of it, if adopted and
enforced, would be to shut up half the Chapters in the country.

Com. Meilen, of Miss., offered a resolution to the effect that a Chapter,
until its officers have been duly elected and installed, under its charter, is
not entitled to be represented in the Grand Chapter. The resolution was
laid on the table, and subsequently called up and withdrawn, as not com-
ing within the province of the General Grand Chapter. The principle

Digitized by



embodied in the resolution is correct. We shall probably refer to it here*

Invitations were given by Comp. Wm. B. Hubbard, to the officers and
members of the G. G. Chapter, to attend a levee at his residence, in the
evening, — whereupon, (and that the members might unite in the public
ceremonies as proposed by the Grand Chapter and Encampment of Ohio,)
the Gen. Grand Chapter was adjourned to 9 o'clock, Thursday morning.


Was called to order at half-past 9 o'clock, A. M. Prayer by the G. G.
Prel-te. The record of yesterday's proceedings was read and approved.

The committee on Credentials made a further report, which was ac-

A petition for permission to organize a Grand Encampment in the State
of Kentucky, was presented in behalf of the three Encampments in that
State, and referred to the committee on Warrants.

Sir W. B. Hubbard invited the members of the G. G. Encampment to
meet him at his residence in the evening. The invitation was accepted.

After the discussion of some incidental and unimportant matters, the
Gen. Grand Encampment was adjourned to Thursday morning, at 11
o'clock, in order that the members might unite in the public procession to
which they had been invited by the Grand Encampment of Ohio.

Thursday, September 16.


Assembled by adjournment at 9 o'clock, in the morning, and proceeded to

Comp. Candee submitted a report on the 7th section of the 1st article
of the Gen. Grand Constitutions, which was adopted. We were not quite
attentive enough when this report was read, and are consequently in some
doubt as to its tenor. We think, however, it recommended a deduction of
the fee for a Charter for a new Chapter to fifty dollars, instead of ninety
dollars, the sum now charged.

The General Grand Secretary offered a second report, which was com-
mitted — so much of it as related to finances, to the committee on that sub-
ject, and the balance to the committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers.

Comp. Ellis, from the committee on the Grand Chapter of Georgia,
offered a report recognising the regularity of that Grand body, which, after
proper explanations from the representative from Georgia, was unani-
mously adopted.

Comp. C. W. Moore, from the committee on R. A. Masonry in Louisi-
ana, submitted a report, which was unanimously adopted. We had not

Digitized by VjOOQlC


time to make a copy of the whole of this report ; and cannot therefore, at
present, lay it entire before our readers. In our next number we may do
so. The report concludes with the following preamble and resolutions :

Whereas, at its triennial communication in 1844, this General Grand Chapter,
after a patient and careful examination of all the facts in the premises, did unani-
mously declare that the body formerly known as the Grand Chapter of Louisiana,
had become extinct ; and that authority over the territory thus vacated, could be
legally exercised only by this General Grand Body : And whereas, the irregular
association of individuals, then as now, styling themselves the ** Sov. Grand Royal
Arch Chapter" of Louisiana, in defiance of the authority of this Gen. G.and Chap-
ter, continue to hold their sessions and keep up their organization, and for pur-
poses of deception, assume not to understand the action of this Grand Bodjfr.Jiad
at its triennial communication aforesaid, as impeaching their legality as a Grand
Royal Arch Chapter; but insist on the regularity of their organization, and con-
temptuously denounce the doings of the responsible officers of this Grand body
as arbitrary and u without warrant or authority" : Therefore, that there may not
hereafter be any room for misunderstanding in the case, it is hereby unanimously

Resolved, That there is not at this time, any constitutional and legally author-
ised Grand Royal Arch Chapter in the State of Louisiana.

Resolved, That the association holding its meetings in the city of New Orleans,
and assuming to exercise the functions and authority of a Grand Chapter of Royal
Arch Masons, is an irregular and unauthorised Masonic body ; and it is hereby
disowned and repudiated, as spurious, clandestine and illegal.

Rtsolved, " That Masonic intercourse, as well public as private, is hereby in-
terdicted and forbidden" between Royal Arch Masons and Grand and Subordi-
nate Chapters, owning allegiance to, and in correspondence with, this General
Grand Chapter, and the aforesaid spurious association, its adjuncts, and all Royal
Arch Masons acknowledging the authority of the same.

Resolved, That the General Grand Secretary be instructed to forward an attest-
ed copy of the preceding preamble and resolutions to Mr. F. Verrier, the acting
Secretary of the aforesaid illegal association of Masons, at New Orleans.

Comp. C. W. Moore also submitted the following report, which was
unanimously adopted :


The committee on so much of the report of the General Grand Secretary as re-
lates to Holland Chapter, in the city of New Orleans, find, from the documents in
their possession, that the Charter of said Chapter has been either lost or stolen,
and that the Dispensation under which it has been working for the past year, ex-
pires by the terns of its own limitation, with the present session of this General
Grand Chapter. They therefore respectfully recommend, that the General Grand
Secretary be authorised to execute a new Charter, to take the place of that which
has been lost, and that he make no other charge for the same than the usual fee
of his office.

The committee on Warrants submitted their report, a portion of which
was adopted and the balance recommitted, with instructions. The report
recommended the granting of charters in all cases where dispensations
had been previously issued. In considering the report, a debate arose on
the true construction of the 7th section of the 1st article of the Constitution,
which we may hereafter notice.

Comp. Sanford offered a report on the subject of conferring irregular

degrees, contrary to the prohibitions of the 9th sec. of the 1st art. of the

Digitized by VjOOQlC


Gen* Grand Constitution. Read and laid on the table. The report was
subsequently taken up and adopted. It prohibits R. A. Masons, as such,
conferring unconstitutional degrees. We shall give the report in our next.

Comp. Boyd, from the committee on the Grand Chapter of Missouri,
offered a report, recommending that whatever informalities may have oc-
curred in the organization of that Grand body, be passed over, and that it
be recognised as regular and legal. Comp. Mitchell, of Missouri, was
heard in behalf of the report ; which, after debate, was adopted, as we be-
lieve, without a dissenting vote.

Comp. Boyd alsQ offered a report recognising the Grand Chapter of
North Carolina, and requiring an amendment of its Constitution, the na-
ture of which we do not now recollect ; but will give the report hereafter.
The report was adopted.

Tomorrow morning, at 9 o'clock, was fixed for the election of officers.

The Gen. Grand Chapter was then adjourned till the afternoon.


The committee on the Grand Chapter of Florida reported, recommend-
ing that the G. Grand Officers recognise that Grand body, whenever it
shall furnish evidence to the Gen. Grand Secretary of its regularity.
The report was adopted.

Comp. Mellen, from the committee on the Grand Chapter of Texas, re-
ported against the legality of that body, and against its being recognised
by the Gen. Grand Chapter. Report adopted.

The committee on next place of meeting, reported in favor of Boston.
The report, after debate, was adopted.

The G. G. Chapter was then adjourned till tomorrow.


Assembled after the adjournment of the Gen. Grand Chapter, and pro-
ceeded to business.

Sir Kt. Case, from the committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers,
offered a report, which was laid upon the table. [This report was subse-
quently taken up and adopted. It will be noticed hereafter.]

Sir Kt. Gould offered the report of the committee on Warrants, which
was adopted. The report authorised Charters to be issued to the Encamp-
ments that had been working under Dispensations.

On motion of Sir Kt. Sanford, the G. G. Encampment voted to go into the
election of officers, as the first business tomorrow.

The 5th section of the 3d article of the Gen. Grand Constitution was
amended so as to require the approbation and consent of the Encampment
nearest his residence, before a candidate can be received in any foreign

Digitized by VjOOQlC


Sir Kt. Stapleton, from the committee on the subject, reported as follows :


It having been announced to this Gen. Grand Encampment, that Sir Knight
Robert Smith, of Portsmouth, N. H., late Gen. Grand Sen. Warden, has de-
parted this life, it becomes us to bow submissively to the mandate of the Supreme
Grand Master, and to be instructed by his providence.

Besohed, That while we lament the loss of our late Sir Knight, Robert Smith,
we will endeavor to cherish a remembrance of his virtues — his Masonic zeal and

Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the family of the deceased, and with
the Fraternity of which he was a worthy member, in the loss of the husband and
of a worthy Sir Knight.

The resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Adjourned to 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Friday, Sept. 17.


Was called to order at 8 o'clock. Prayer by the Grand Prelate. The
record of yesterday's proceedings was read and approved.

Sir Kt. Gould, from the committee on Warrants, reported, that a Char-
ter be granted to St. Louis Encampment, No. 1. The report was accept-
ed. This is the first Encampment in Missouri.

The committee to whom the subject had been referred, reported that
the Grand Encampment of Virginia, was not a legally organized body,
and recommended that all intercourse between it and the Grand and sub-
ordinate Encampments recognising the authority of the Gen. Grand En-
campment, be suspended. The report was adopted.

The same committee, through their chairman, Sir Kt. Case, reported a
resolution authorising the re-organization of the Encampment at Fayette-
ville, N. C. The report was adopted.

The Grand Encampment then resolved itself into a committee of the
whole, for the choice of officers.

Sir Kts. Hammatt, of Mass., Sanford, of Conn., and Gould, of Georgia,
were appointed a committee to collect and report the ballots. The tellers

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