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cy, and walk humbly with your God."



The Grand Chapter of Ohio held its annual communication at Columbus, on
the 14th Sept An unusually large representation was present, including twenty-
seven Chapters. At the opening of the session, the G. H. P., Comp. Wm. B.
Hubbard, made his annual official communication ; from which we make the fol-
lowing extract, and commend it to the attention of the reader :—

"The whole number of Chapters in this State, working under charters or dis-
pensations from this Grand Chapter, is twentynine ; and it is with much pleasure
that I am enabled to state that prosperity in an eminent degree pertains to all.

Care in the admission of new members — a better observance of the olden land-
marks, with rigid endeavors to see that none are admitted within the sacred veils
except such as have the Masonic ability and moral character requisite therefor,
together with a more strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the Order,
are the immediate causes of this general and marked improvement among your
subordinates ; and it is devoutly to be desired that this food work will progress,
and that the whole of Jthe Fraternity will continue to advance towards Masonic
perfection, until Royal Arch Masonry shall become synonymous with all the vir-
tues that alone can adorn man.

My Companions : — We live in a peculiar age, and we are even now on the
threshold of an important era, about developing itself in the history of the moral
world. "

The spirit of Masonry was at the first— when, as the servant of the Most High
and Holy One, Order was brought out of chaos, and Light was ushered upon a
new-born world. She was the handmaid of the second — when the sacred Temple
made by hands, was erected and dedicated to the Grand Architect of the universe
as the fit place for the indwelling of his audible spirit between the cherubim and
seraphim. And in the hands of him who M shapes our ends, rough hew them as
we may," Masonry and her subjects were present at the destruction of that first
and sacred Temple, — builded the new upon the ruins of the old — preserved and
perpetuated the Book of the Law, containing God's commandments on Mount


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Sinai to his creator* man — preserved and cherished among the Jews, and diffused
to an idolatrous world, the knowledge of the One true and living God, — and was
the instrument under Providence, o? preparing the mind of Jew and Gentile for
the third and greatest of all the preceding eras — the building and destruction of
that living Temple u not made with hands," now " eternal in the heavens."

A high and favored destiny has attended and now awaits the onward progress
of our Order. This age, as before remarked, is peculiar. It is the age of moral
reform — for rendering science and all her discoveries tributary to the improve-
ment of the creature man, in his social and moral relations. It is the age of so-
cieties and associations, numerous in number and names, for effecting the same

The rapid and extraordinary improvements in Mechanism are fast enabling
man, by the substitution of machine labor, to have more time than of old seemed
to be the lot of man to devote to the improvement of his mind and that of his
fellows, — whilst the means of diffusing light and knowledge have increased be*
yond railroad to lightning speed.

The time is coming — nay is fast approaching — when the whole human race
will be vastly elevated as intelligent, virtuous, and accountable beings — when na-
tions will no longer learn to war with one another — but when they will be like
families of kith and kindred in social and virtuous relations one with the other —
whilst knowledge shall, with steam and lightning speed, " run to and fro" through-
out the whole world.

Masonry has been present and aiding the advancement of civilization in all
times past, and she will be present in the perfection of that civilization in the

To us, as Christian Masons, it is as plain as the sun at its meridian height, that
Masonry was the handmaid in preparing the mind of Jew and Gentile for the re-
cognition of Him " who spake as never man spake," — and has ever since taught
us to worship at his shrine and to recognise Him as our Great Grand Commander,
high over all — the King of Rings and Lord of Lords.

Charters were ordered to be issued to three new Chapters, viz : Milford Chap-
ter, at Milford; Urbana, at Urbana, and Republic, at Republic.

The committee on foreign correspondence close a very excellent report, in
which they recapitulate the facts in the case of the pretended Grand Chapter of
Louisiana, with the following resolution :

Resolved, That this Grand Chapter decline entering into a correspondence with
the body in Louisiana styling itself the Grand Chapter of said State.

The report and resolution were adopted.

The Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Ohio, held its annual com-
munication at Columbus, on the 16th September, but no business of special inte-
rest was transacted, except to order that a Charter be issued for Franklin Council,
at Troy, Miami county, and to hear the very excellent Eulogy on the late Comp.
Hon. Thomas L. Hamer, by Comp. Death, which will be found on preceding

Our correspondent at Zanesville, under date of Oct. 23, writes as follows : —

" Tht Grand Lodge has just closed its session in this place. It has elected Br.
M. Z. Kreider, M. W. Grand Master; J. L. Vattier, D. G. M. ; J. N. Burr, S.
G. W.; K. Jarvis, J. G. W\; Timo. Griffith, G. Treas.; B. T. Smith, G. Secr'y.
All these went off unanimously. We had a large procession, — nearly four hun-
dred in the ranks. Br. Hubbard delivered the address, and the Grand Lodge was
closed in harmony, and with * Burns's Farewell. 9 "

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The Grand Chapter of the State of Indiana, held its annual communication
at Indianapolis, on the 24th of May last We make such extracts from the pro-
ceedings as are of general interest :

Comp. Carter submitted the following resolution, which, after some discussion,
was adopted:

Resolved unanimously^ As declaratory of the ancient landmarks of Masonry,
that any Masonic intercourse by Royal Arch Masons, with a Companion who is
under sentence of suspension or expulsion by a decree of a legally constituted
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, is highly improper and strictly forbidden.

The Grand Secretary laid before the Grand Chapter the following communica-
tion from the Grand Lodge :

To M. E. H. P. of G. Chapter of Indiana : — Below you have a resolution adopt-
ed by the Grand Lodge of Indiana* Your early and prompt attention is respect-
fully requested :

"Resolved, That a committee of five members be appointed on the part of the
Grand Lodge, to act with a similar committee on the part of the Grand Chapter,
to inquire into the expediency of procuring a site, in this city, for a Grand Ma-
sonic Hall ; and if, in their opinion, a site should now be secured, that they re-
commend such location, as in their judgment promises the largest amount of reve-
nue to the Institution in the way of rent, and that they report as early as practi-

Attest, A. W. Morris, G. Sefry.

On motion of Comp. Whitcomb, said resolution was concurred in ; and Comps.
Taylor, Colestock, Deming, Sopris, and King, were appointed the committee on
behalf of the Grand Chapter.

Comp. Carter offered the following resolutions, as amendments to the Consti-
tution :

Resolved, That the Constitution be so amended that the annual meeting of the
Grand Chapter shall commence at Indianapolis, on the Thursday preceding the
meeting of the Grand Lodge.

Resolved, That the annual dues from subordinate Chapters for membership,
shall be one dollar for each member.

On motion of Comp. Downey, the same was amended, by adding—" And that
the fees from the subordinate Chapters for exaltation, be increased to three dol-

Which amendments as amended were adopted.

Comp. Downey moved the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That it is expected that every officer of this Grand Chapter will regu-
larly and punctually attend upon the regular communications of the Chapter, un-
less unavoidable circumstances prevent such attendance.


The Grand R. A. Chapter of Kentucky held its annual convocation at Lexing-
ton, on the 30th of August last From the proceedings we copy as follows :

The G. H. Priest reported that, since the last Grand Annual Communication,
he had granted dispensations for the organization of four Chapters : one to be
called u Western Star," held at Elizabethtown ; one to be called " Washington,''
to be held at North Middletown ; one to be called " Flemingsburg," held at Flera-
ingsburg ; and one called " Paducah," held at Paducah.

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Comp. Monger presented the petition of a number of Companions, residing at
Covington, praying a Dispensation to form a new Chapter in Covington, recom-
mended by Maysville Chapter, No. 9 ; which petition was granted — the Chapter
to be called " Covington."

The committee on foreign correspondence, in their report, say — " Your com-
mittee regret that difficulty exists as to the legality of the bodies styling them-
selves the Grand Chapter of Louisiana and the Grand Chapter of Texas, but we
hope that all doubts upon the subject will be removed, and those be either recog-
nised or distinctly disavowed by the General Grand Chapter, which will shortly

The following resolution was adopted :

Resolved, That at the present session, and at all future sessions, three dollars
per diem be allowed to the representative or representatives of each Chapter rep-
resented in this Grand Chapter ; and that each of the Grand Officers and Past
Grand Officers be allowed one dollar and fifty cents each, per diem, whilst in at-
tendance, unless they be representatives.

The Grand Council R. and S. Masters of Kentucky, held its annual communi-
cation at Lexington, on the 1st of September last

The G. P. announced that he had granted Dispensations to Franklin Council,
at Franklin, Tennessee, and to Clarksville Council, at Clarksville, Tennessee,
since the last Convocation of the Grand Council of Kentucky ; and that said
Councils had returned to the G. Recorder said Dispensations, accompanied by
their work, praying for Charters: accordingly, Charters were directed to be pre-
pared and issued to said Councils.


The Grand Lodge of New Hampshire held its annual communication at Con-
cord, on the 8th and 9th of June last The session was an active one, and the
business brought forward indicates an increased and increasing prosperity in the
jurisdiction. The report of the committee on foreign correspondence, is an inter-
esting paper. The principal topic discussed is the establishment of a General
Grand Lodge ; and this portion of the report we should be pleased to copy, were
it not now out of season. We give below two or three interesting extracts from
the reports of the D. D. G. Masters :—


M In May I visited Hiram Lodge, No. 9. Though a member of this Lodge, I
may be permitted to express my gratification at its present prosperous condition.
Although the Brethren have not once, for many years, failed in holding their regu-
lar communications, yet they too often met only to part ; there Iwas wanting that
intensity of feeling which is necessary to the prosperity of our cause. But within
the last year, a very great revival has been effected. The older members are
taking a deep and active interest in their Masonic duties ; and both young and
old are seizing every opportunity for improvement in Masonic knowledge. The
amount of work done in this Lodge will be seen by reference to the returns ;
and I am happy to state that there are now indications of considerable acces-
sions to its numbers.

During the past year the Brethren have most of the time met weekly for in-
struction ; and consequently they have made great improvement From thirty
to forty members are usually in attendance at the regular communications, and it
is not unusual for visitors to come the distance of from ten to twenty miles,
and even from the adjoining State of Vermont. Masonry, in this section, is on
the increase, and opposition to it is completely dead."

Clanmont, June 7, A, L. 5847.

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At the last annual communication of this Grand Lodge, I was appointed D. D.
G. Master over Lodge No. 32, at Meredith Bridge, the only Lodge embraced in
my District As a member I have attended its meetings several times within
the last year. The number of its members for some years past has been small,
but their zeal and persevering attachment to the principles and landmarks of the
Order, have outlived the blind but fierce opposition which, for a season, raged
against Masons and Masonry ; and they have now tho satisfaction to witness the
most favorable indications of the future growth and prosperity of their Lodge,
When persecutions were the fiercest and denunciations the loudest against Ma-
sonry, the members of this Lodge fitted up a commodious and convenient Hall,
where monthly communications have since been held with general regularity.
Since the last annual meeting of this Grand Lodge, two members of the Lodge
have been admitted, and several applications are now pending for initiation."

Mardiik Bridge, June 8, A. L. 5847.


" As District Deputy Grand Master over Lodges 14, 31, 35, and 43, 1 respect-
fully report :

That on the 3d day of December last I visited Warner Lodge, No. 35, it be-
ing the day of their Annual Communication. 1 found the Brethren assembled
in their Lodge in due season, where I met them and examined their records,
which I found kept in Masonic style and order. After the regular business of
the Lodge, I passed some time in imparting to them Masonic information, which
was well received by the members. This Lodge still retains its well known
high character. They are interested hi the true improvement of the Craft, and
exercise truly Masonic hospitality. They deserve the warmest approbation.

I visited Aurora Lodjje, No. 43, at Henniker, at their annual communication,
on the 30th day of April I was present at the election of their officers, and ex-
amined their records, which are kept in excellent form. Many of their members
are expert lecturers ; and all seem to have the welfare of our honorable and
beloved Institution at heart

I visited King Solomon's Lodge at their annual communication on the 26th day
of May. At the request of the Brethren, I presided in the Lodge, and attended
to the duties of electing and installing the officers for the present year. The re-
cords of this Lodge are well kept ; and the members are courteous and hospita-
ble, and appear to possess the genuine principles of Freemasonry. This Lodge
has done much work ; and 1 anticipate the arrival of the time when the lustre of
its implements will awake the prosperity of the Lodge, and betoken the good of
the town and vicinity where it is located.

On the 27th day of May, I visited St Peter's Lodge, No. 31, at Bradford, it be-
ing the day of their regular monthly communiaation, and of the election of offi-
cers. I attended the election and installation of officers, and examined the records,
which I find well kept There are indications of a return of business in this
Lodge, as in former days. As I am a membeer of this Lodge, I may be excused
from encomiums. Yet I may be permitted to say, that the members of this Lodge
are generally well versed in Masonic science, and that, as a body, they are eco-
nomical, endeavoring to keep in remembrance,' and to observe the tenets of our
profession, and the perfect points of our entrance.

Freemasonry, standing firm upon its own unshaken foundations, has been able
to resist all the hostile and malignant attacks which have been made upon it. It
has suffered nothing from those assaults, except a short recess from labor in some
of the Lodges. But this trouble has passed, charters are called for and restored,
doors are unlocked, archives opened, and work resumed. I have no doubt of the
future prosperity of our venerable Fraternity."

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At a Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, held on
the 9th of June last, the Committee to whom had been referred the subject of a
General Grand Lodge, made the following report, which was adopted :

The Committee to whom was referred so much of the Grand Master's address
as related to the establishment of a General Grand Lodge, have met and deliber-
ately discussed the subject referred to them, and freely interchanged their opin-
ions thereon. There was a decided difference of opinion among the committee ;
but a majority of them agreed — and in conformity to their opinion the committee

Report :
That it is inexpedient to form a General Grand Lodge, — and that, therefore, it
is not expedient that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts should send a delegate
to the Convention to be holden at Baltimore in September next

Augustus Peaboby/
James A. Dickson,
John B. Hammatt,
John J. Losing,
F. E. White,
Mem. — I signed the above report in deference to my highly respectable
ciates on the committee, because it expresses the views of all of them. But 1
believed, and still decidedly entertain the opinion, that a General Grand Lodge,
with limited and carefully defined powers, might be formed with great benefit to
the Craft, and that we ought to be represented at the proposed Convention, what-
ever may be the result of its deliberations. Augustus Peabodt.

The following amendment of the Constitutions was adopted Sept 9, 1846 :
Ordered, That Section 10, Part IV. of the Constitutions, be amended by sub-
stituting $6 00 instead of $4 00, as the annual fee of each subordinate Lodge to
the Grand Lodge ; and $5 00 instead of 93 50, as the fee for every candidate ini-

► Committee.


At Norwich, Conn., on the night of the 1st of Oct, Hon. Jabez W. Hunting-
ton, U. S. Senator from Connecticut. He was a member of the Washington
Masonic Convention, in 1843, and the intelligence of bis death will be received
by the surviving members of that body, with sincere regret He was distin-
guished for his manly qualities and practical good sense.

Fatal AccmENT.— A letter dated Buena Vista, Oct 2, 1847, says:—" A sad
accident occurred day before yesterday, in Saltillo, which resulted in the death of
Mr. Tisdale, clerk of the Mississippi sutlers. He was fooling with a man named
Cook, a private in the Mississippi Regiment, in the store of Mr Carr, and Cook
snatched up a pistol, and supposing it was not loaded, snapped it at Tisdale, and
inflicted a mortal wound upon him, from which he died soon after. The deceased
belonged to the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, and was buried yester-
day with Masonic honors."

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M. \V. John Christie, 6. Master.
R. W. Thomas Lawes, D. G. M.

" Philemon Tolles, S. G. W.

" Daniel Balch, J. G. W.

*• John Knowlton. G. Treas.

•• Albert R. Hatch, G. Sec'ry.


M. VV. M. Z- Kreider, G Master.
R. W. J. L. Vattier, D. G. M.

« J.N. Burr, S.G.W.

•• K. Jarvis, J. G. W.

" Timo. Griffith. G. Treai.

" B. T. Smith, G. Sec'ry.


A. Death, Grand Puissant.
K. Porter, Dep. G. Puissant.
G. L. Shintjick, G. T. 111.

M. Z. Kreider, G. P. C. of the W.
John Sayre, G, Capt. of the Guard.
Isaac C. Copeien, G. Treasurer.

B. F. Smith, G. Recorder.
James T. Donahoo, G. Chaplain.
Joseph Hildreth, G. Lecturer.
Jonas Ward, G. S. and Sent.


M. E. George D. Hine, G. H. P.

£. Elara P. Langdon, D. G. H. P.

" J. N. Burr, G. King.

■« Thomas Bell, G. Scribe.

" Isaac C Copeien, G, Treas,

" B. P. Smith, G. Sec'ry.

" P. M. Keith, G. Marshal.

" Wm. H. Raper, G. Chaplain.

11 Joseph Hildreth, G. Lecturer.
Comp George L. Shinnick, G. C. of the H.

« D H. Wheeler, G. P. Soj.

" Alfred Davis, G. R. A. Capt.

" J. W. Underbill, G. M. of 3d Veil.

" Piatt Benedict, G. M. of 2d Veil.

«« H. J. Hukle, G. M, of 1st Veil.

11 G. Steinman, G. Guard.


E. Gregory, H. Priest.

George G. Bishop, King.

A. E. Smith, Scribe.

S. Smith, Treasurer.

E Hoy l, Secretary.

M. S. Bailey, )

A. St. John Camp, > Masters of Veils.

Wm. Vanhouten, )

EL A. Gibbs, R. A. Capt.

James Stevens, P. Soj.

David Boalt, Tyler.


Hi rain Wilmnrlh, H. Priest.

Albert Bliss, King.

H. N. Ingraham, Scribe.

E. W. Potter, R. A. Capt.

N. P. Towne, Capt. Host.

Sabin Allen, P. Soj.

Wm. A. lno.raham, Treas.

Joseph T. Greene, Sec'ry.

Samuel Merry, )

John Bayley, > M. of Veils.

Wm. T. Luther, )

James V. Jenks, S. and T.


Barney Merry, Th. III. G. Master.
Alvin Jenks, 111. D. G. Master.
Hiram Clevelaud, III. P. C. of W.
Lyman Claflin, M. of Excheq.
Joseph T. Greene, Recorder.
Edwin Howland.C. of Guards.
N. A. Potter, Sentinel.
Jas. V. Jenks, Guard.


Sir James Stevens, G. Commander.
" H. W. Smith, Generalissimo.
" Edwin Hoyt, C. Gen.
«■ J. A. McLean, Prelate.
" Geo. P. Daskam, S. W.
« A. St. John Camp, J. W.
" J. W. Leeds, Treasurer.
" E. Hoyt, Recorder.
" D. B. Brimsmade, St. Bearer.
" Manly Peters, Sw. Bearer.
" Constantine McMahon, Warder.

st. john 9 s lodge, norwalx, conn.

James Stevens, W. Master.

A. E. Smith, S. W.

Joseph E. Cocker, J. W.

Wm. J. Street, Treas.

Henry Walton, Secretary.

Geo. P. Daskam, S. D.

J. Camp, J. D.

J. Merrills, C. J. Grumar, Stewards.

David Boalt, Tyler.


Nathan P. Towne, W. Master.
Nelson B. Jenks, S. W.
Edgar W. Poller, J. W.
Daniel D. Sweet, Treas.

John T. McCabe, Sec'ry.
Chas. P. Manchester, S.
Ervin Read, J. D.
Jas. V. Jenks, S. and T.


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0*0ur correspondent at Nashville, Tenn.,
under date of Not. 12th, writes—" Masonry
is in a very flourishing condition in our State.
At onr last Grand Lodge, we had 67 Lodges
represented— more than ever before since this
has been a State — aud there never was seen
So large and intelligent a body of delegates
in the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. Applica-
tions are made almost every week for estab-
lishing new Lodges or for the revival of old
ones ; and may it continue to be so throughout
the land ; and may we he in our lives wbat
we profess to be, a band of Brothers, and the
world at large be convinced of the happy ef-
fects of our time honored Institution."

Lodge Libraries.— A Good Example.—
A correspondent writing from Norwalk, Ct.,
■ays :— " I should like the price of the back
volumes of your Magazine, as I think the
Lodge would purchase them to place in the
Library. Onr library comprises 380 volumes
of valuable works,— additions are making,
and I doubt not before one year we shall
number 1000 volumes. The prospects of
Masonry were never brighter. We are con-
stantly at work in the different Orders."

The above Lodge has 107 members, and it
is taking the right coarse to make ihem in-
telligent and useful Masons and citizens.

Another Good Example!— Our excel-
lent and faithful friend and Brother, J. J.
Doty, Esq., of Richland, Miss., under date of
Oct. 13, says—" Camden Lodge, No. 74, has
purchased thirlyhoo copies of the Trestle -
Board, at 76 cents a copy, and transportation
charges, for the use of its members."

We are certainly under special obligations
to our Brethren of Camden Lodge, for their
liberality ; and for the information of such
Brethren in that vicinity as may desire the
work, we will add that Br. Doty has a few
copies left in his hands on sale.

Masonic Music. — Our musical Brethren
will find a good supply of Masonic Music ad-
vertised on the covers of the Magazine,—
just receired from Europe.

(0-Just on the eve of . our leaving for the
West, on the last of August, we received a
communication from a correspondent at Barn-
well, S. C, asking for our opinion in rela-

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