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fruit, at 3-1.") Main street, E. E.,
establishnd as recently as Aug. 1906,
has built up a large and increasing pat-
ronage. Mr. Hoffses has a most attrac-
tive stock, comprising fancy and staple
groceries of known reliability, and the
quality of the meat handled is high class
and expertly cut, so that discriminating
customers are satisfied that good values

can be found here. Four capuble assist-
ants are employed, and space of 2,.'')00
square feet is utilized. Mr. Hoffses was
born and educated in Warren, and learn-
ing the trade of barber was engaged in
that business for 20 years. In his pres-
ent enterprise he has shown an alertness
and ability that is gaining him a high
standing in mercantile circles. Mr.
Hoffses is a member of the B. P. O. E.
and K. of P., and is esteemed personally.

Interior of Artluir Shea's Plumbing


Au experience of J7, years as a practi-
cal plumber has given Arthur Slien, at
48."« Main street, a prestige and reputa-
tion that has been earned through

ability and well directed efforts. Every
demand in modern and sanitary plumb-
ing is expertly met b.v skillful workman-
ship and up-to-date methods, the lowest
consistent prices being asked. All kinds
of heating plants are installed and
painstaking attention given to every
detail, to produce the best and most
lasting results. From 8 to 10 capable
assistants are employed, and one Hoor
and basement occupied for stock and
supplies Mr. Shea was born in Har-
mony. Me., educated in Rockland, and
has always been located here, estab-
lished as at present since 1882. His op-
erations extend all through this section,
where his industrial integrity and ca-
|)acity are well known.


Facilities for banking, investing and
keeping in touch with the financial
wciilil in general, are most adequately
furnislipd Rockland and vicinity
through the reliable house of Maynard
S. Bird & Co., the high standing and
prestige of the firm gaining it increasing
jiatronage and a sound rating in bank-
ing and insurance circles. In a modern
and finely equipped office at 14 School
street, this concern has extensive tran-
sactions, offering bonds, investments,
and securities of investigated merit, at
current market quotations: furnishing
up-to-date banking accommodations:
and advising investors of the best op-
portunities, after strict and expert ex-
amination by this house. The Conipan.v
also deals in fire, .accident, liability,
plate glass, surety bonds and general
insurance, and is underwriter for some
of the soundest and most reliable or-
ganizations in this country, the rule of
their local representative being to write
the policies at the lowest possible rates,
and in case of loss, to effect a speedy

and fair adjustment. The integrity of
the firm and its upright methods of con-
ducting transactions, long ago merited
the approval and confidence of the pub-
lii-, and has been resi)onsible for the pro-
gress and development of the business
since it was established l.'j years ago.
Not in Rockland only but in this section
of Maine, the firm has a recognized
standing for safe and sound dealings
which brings it i;lients from a wide terri-
tory. Four capable assistants are em-
ployed and every effort is made to give
prompt and satisfactory service to all
patrons. Maynard S. Bird is a member
of the Bird family, so prominentiy iden-
tified with Rockland's welfare. Born in
this city, educated here and Phillips
Academy. Exeter, he was for five years
in the wholesale grocery house of .lobn
Bird Co.. founding this banking and in-
surance concern in 1892, and devoting
his energy and ability to it, with the
success now manifest. He is also presi-
dent of the Security Trust Co. H. N.
McDougall was born in Prince pjdward
Island, was educated in Rockland, and
has always been in the insurance busi-
ness, in which line he is particularly well
informed and experienced. The personal
qualifications of the gentlemen and
their honorable code of business princi-
ples, is such as to insure them and their
enterprise the highest respect and ap-
probation of associates and fellow citi-


Taking the occupancy of an old estab-
lished grocery stand, at 150 South Main
street, seven years ago, O. S. Duncan
has built up an increasing patronage
and added greatl.y to the store's former
reputation and prestige. A complete
stock of staple and fancy groceries is
carried, prime cured aTid fresh meats,
canned goods and vegetables in season,
for which the lowest market prices are
quoted. One alert assistant is employed,
and one team used for prompt deliveries.
Mr. Duncan was born and educated in
Rockland and is one of our hustling
young business men, alert to the de-
mands of the time and up-to-date in all
methods. He is a member of the Mod-
ern Woodmen, personally as well as
commercially having an excellent stand-
ing in the community.





Established siuoe lb<')."i iu the drug
business, this lengthy and unusual car-
eer of A. D. Champney in liockport, has
been one of upright methods and re-
liable transactions that has gained him
a high reputation in the community.
The pharmacy is of the greatest conven-
ience as well as necessity to the town,
carrying complete lines of pure drugs,
chemicals, proprietary medicines of all
kinds, family remedies, etc., also toilet
articles and sundries, while prescriptions
are accurately and skillfully compound-
ed. Mr. Champney is the manufacturer
of cream of roses, a toilet preparation

for the hands and face and excellent for
the complexion; also used by gentlemen
after shaving. One or two capable as-
sistants are employed. Mr. Champney
was born and educated in Kockport and
has always been identified with the wel-
fare of his native town. He has been
treasurer the past 6 years and was
town clerk 8 years and is also a justice
of the peace. He was a corporal in the
Divil War, serving his country from Jan.
4, 1864 to July 5. 186.''). He is a mem-
ber of the ti. A. R. and K. of P., and is
known as one of our influential and pub-
lic spirited citizens as well as foremost
business men.



One might say, the history of Rock-
port and the family of Shepherd are
identical, for the earliest industrial de-
velopment of the town was encouraged
and participated in by the Shepherds,
who to this day remain the strongest
and most influential factors in the wel-
fare of the community. The Shepherds
have been lime manufacturers, builders
of railroads, shippers, general nii-rchan-
dise dealers, financiers and public offic-
ials. Their influence is still present and
must always be lasting. The firm of S.
E. & H. L. Shepherd Co.. incorporated in
1892, was established in 184."), the offic-
ers at present being: President, H. L.


Shepherd; vice president and general
manager, J. H. F. Shepherd; treasurer,
E. E. Ingraham. An immense wholesale
and retail business in groceries, dry
goods, coal and wood, is conducted, the
modern building where operations are
carried on, comprising four floors. It is
one of the most extensive as well as
complete department stores this side of
Portland and the Company's facilities
for handling its commodities are up-to-
date and unsurpassed, with adequate
wharfage for unloading or shipping car-
goes, its exceptional opportunities al-
lowing it to sell at the lowest prices of
the sharpest metropolitan competitor.
Some 12 assistants are employed. H. L.

Shepherd, son of Jotham Shepherd, who
founded the business in 1845, was born
and educated in Rockport and in 1880
was admitted to this Arm, then largely
engDged in manufacturing lime, in later
yeais more and more attention being
given to the department store, which
has been steadily expanded to its present
capacity and importance. Mr. Shepherd
was deputy sheriff in 1878 and deputy
collector and inspector of customs of the
port of Camden in 1880, a position he
held for years, except under Cleveland's
administration. It was mainly through
his efforts that Rockport was made a
port of delivery in 1890. Mr. Shepherd
has represented Rockport in the state
legislature and important town offices
and is president of the Camden Savings
Bank. He is a member of the Masonic
bodies. Mr. Shepherd has always had a
high ideal, working for the advancement
of the community and the betterment of
all conditions and people. His efibrts
and business affairs have been so justly
and honorably carried out that he is ex-
tended the highest respect and his life is
pointed out as worthy of the strictest


Incorporated in 1873, the Camden
Savings Bank, in Rockport, has all
these years been most wisely and ably
managed, and has had an influential-
bearing on the town, stimulating small
depositors as well as reaching capital-
ists and large investors. It is thorough-
ly up-to-date in transactions and equip-
ment, guarding its funds with improved
inventions, and having a safety vault
that insures thorough protection; a
number of boxes being to rent. The
sound judgment and trustworthy man-
agement of the Bank is shown in its in-
creasing transactions, the deposits at
present amounting to .f250,000, on
which interest is paid semi-annually at
3K per cent. A reserve fund of f 8,100 is
kept on hand and every policy of the
Bank is considered and acted upon by
gentlemen of financial experience and
integrity. They number Herbert L.
Shepherd, president, the leading citizen
and capitalist of Rockport; Wm. A.
Holman, treas.: E. A. Morrill, Geo. W.
Achorn. H. L. Shepherd, J. W. Bowers,
R. W. Carleton, Dr. B. I). Hughes, A. S.
Buzzell, trustees. Mr. Holman was
born in Central Falls, R. I., was edu-
cated in Rockland, and has been treas-
urer of this bank since Feb.. 1906, his
experienced and foresighted administra-
tion of affairs, meeting with the favor
of directors and depositors alike. Mr.
Holman was formerly connected with
the Portland National Bank 3 years,
also of North National Bank, Rockland,
and has been a man of distinction in
his community. He was chairman of
the So. Thomaston Republican com-
mittee 7 years, and of the Knox County
committee 2 years. He is a member of
the K. of P. and Maccabees, in personal
as well business life, exemplifying his
rules of uprightness and integrity.




In the Itockport lee Co., founded in
IHi'S anil Mu-of|)orated iu 187."), \vh liavc
a business house of interiiatioDHl repu-
tation and tlie export trade of this con-
cern, makes tlie name of Kock|iort
known in distant ports, thtit otherwise
has a dim idea of .Maine. The
ing excellence of the ice the t^omptiny
handles has heen the cause of this wide
circulation of the firm's prestige and im-
portance, t-hipnients tieiuK
made to the southern parts of the
Tnited States, and to foreign ports.
The Lil.v I'ond from which this i(^e is
harvested is nliour Ml acres in extent, is
spring fed from the hottoru and is the
purest hod.v of water in Maine from
which ice is cut for faniil.v use; state as-
sayers corrohorate the analysis of its
purity and exceptional quality. For the
shipment of the ice, the most improved
equipment is operated, such as endless
chains operated by electricity, deck low-
ering machines, etc, while the Com-
pany's ice houses at tide water, can be
reached by the largest vessel in the h'-
carrying trade and three can be loaded
at the same time at the Company's
docks. It is an excellent winter ship-
ping point, as the harbor is always open
and much of the ice is shipped at the
time of harvesting. In addition the
Company deals wholesale and retail in
lumber, the same exceptional shipping



facilities being of importance in these
transactions, while its general store i>
one of the most extensive of similar en
terprises in this section, complete liiic-
of groceries, provisions and hardwiiv
being carried, the unusual opportunities
and facilities of the Company allowing
it to get the lowest purchase price and
make the sale price corresponding low.
Much additional floor 8])ace will be uscil
this fall, the great expansion of trailc
demanding the increase, which will
make the store one of the largest an I
best in Maine. From 2.5 to 200 people
are employed b.v this Company and 20()
horses are used in the ice cutting season,
40,000 tons of ice being cut annually.
The otficers are; Edwin A. Morrell, presi-
dent; ICverett E. Fales, treasurer: C. P.
Wentworth, sei-retary. Mr. Morrell was
born in Itockport, educated here and
Portland and has been connected with
this business since ISOll, also zealously
interested in Hockport's welfare. He
was town clerk 4 years and is a member
of St. Paul lodge, A, F. * A. M. Mr.

cozy coitNKi!


Fales was born in Thomaston, educated
there and in Rockland and entered the
lUickiiort Co. in 1888. He also has
evinced his jiublic spirit, serving on the
school committee. He is a member of
the Masons. Mr. Wentworth was born
and educated iu Rockport and has been

with the Company since 18!)r>. All these
gentlemen are business men of enter-
prise and sagacity, whose efforts have
earned the Company its present great
expansion of trade and whose integrity
lias gained it, its sound and widely rec-
ognized standing.





A^ A. R R E N


As the headquarters for fruit, confec-
tionery, cigars, tobacco and light com-
modities, G. E. (ir^y has built up a rep-
utation and splendid patronage since he
became established, July 3d, last year.
Fresh and desirable lines of confection-
ery are handled, the leading brands of
cigars and tobacco; fancy groceries and
canned goods, while quick lunches are
promptly served and are wholesome and
appetizing. Courteous service is always
given and reasonable prices quoted.
Mr. Gray was born and educated in
Warren, and at his present business is
showing an energy and enterprise that
is gaining him prestige and patronage.
Personally as well as commercially he is
esteemed in the community.




E. M. Cunningham, wheelwright, car-
riage and wagon builder, established
since 1903, is especially skillful and
expert at his industry, and has
built up a large and increasing pat-
ronage in the past 4 years. All kinds of
wood work is capably attended to at
bis shop, a specialty being made of
strong wagons for farming and heavy
teaming, so that they are constructed
trustworthily and of durable material.
Stave machinery and wood pulleys are
made here, and any vehicle is built or
repaired in first class manner. Mr. Cun-
ningham handles gasoline, cylinder oils,
and other supplies of a similar nature,
and the lowest market prices arequoted.
Two competent assistimts are employed
and two floors comprising 2 400 square
feet occupied. .Mr. Cunningham was
born and educated in Warren, and was
a contractor and buildiT 10 years. He
is a member of the I. O. O. P. and En-
campment, and is reganled as one of our
leading citizens, personiilly and in com-
mercial circles.




The (ieorfies liiviT .Mill, established in
1H78, is one of the industries that has
been of immense henetit to the commu-
nity, furnishing' steady emjiloyment to
more than 100 jieople, and being the
cause of a large circulation of money.
Tlie mill is up-to-date in nietliods. equip-
ment and facilities, manufacturing a
high grade of woolens, which are par-
ticularly desirable for men's wear; also
cheviots, over coatings and fabrics for
durable garments, the most improved


processes and e.ijpert workmanship en-
tering into their production, so that the
goods have a standard and unsurpassed
reputation, and are sold all through tlie
United States. About 110 hands are
employed, and the mill comprises 4
floors, 0,650 square feet each. The
Company also operates a lumber mill
where it manufactures its own wooden
boxes. The othcers of the corporation
are, Clias. Parker, jiresident; E. A.
Hatch, treasurer: (ieo. W. Walker, supt.
Mr. Walker was born in i^cotland, was

educated in Hartland, Me., and has had
charge for 10 years, before that being
employed here under his father, who
was supt. from the time it was incor-
porated. Mr. Walker is practical as
well <as experienced, and is thoroughly
competent in any part of the woolen
mill industry. Mr. Walker is a member
of the Masons, Eastern Star and K. of
P., and besides being our foremost in-
dustrial man, is highly esteemed person-


Rice A; Ilutcliins' .shoe P'actory in War-
ren is conducted on the same modern
and enterprising lines as this firm man-
ages all of its factories. The present
Company, incorporated, is one of the
largest and most widely known shoe
factories in the I'nited States, with an
unsurpassed reputation for the work-
manship and reliability of its products.
The All America, which is one of its par-
ticular makes, is arlvertised and known
from one end of the continent to the
other, the firm maintaining retail stores
all through the liiited States and Eu-
rope, and having 7 iobbing houses.
From l.'i.OOOto 20.1)0(1 pairs of shoes a
da.y are turned out. In the Warren fac-
tory, where 1.50 to IT.'i hands are em-
ployed, the most modern machinery is
installed, and in material and workman-


ship the products are up to the high
standard that Rice & Hutchins demand.
Men's, boys' and youths' medium grade
shoes are made, a specialty being sport-
ing footwear such as hunters, base ball,
and bicycle* shoes. The building occu-
pied comprises four floors, 4,.">00 s(iuare
feet each, and a tt)wer 20 x 2<) feet. K. A.
Hayes, the manager, has been in charge
here In years, and has been connected
with the Company 27 years, having
held responsible i)ositions in their other
fartories. so that he is not only a thoro-
ugh and jirnctical shoeinanbutexperien-
ced in all thf details and transactions of
the trade. .\lr. Hayes was born in Mel-
ton. N. H..educatiid there and in Roch-
ester, and is known for his industrial en-
terprise and integrity. He is a member
of the I. (). C). F., and is highly regarded
in all circles of our communitv.


Geo. B. Hanly at Eastman's corner,
has been associated with this well
known business stand for 18 years, and
is one of our most reliable and successful
commercial men. .\n immense stock is
handled and a large annual trade tran-
sacted, Mr. Hanly dealing not only in
staple and fanc.v groceries, meats and
provisions, but flour, grain, crockery,
hardware, paints, oils, dry goods, boots
and shoes, every commodity being car-
ried in desirable lines and assortment
and sold at the most reasonable prices.
A large building in which separate de-
partments are maintained: also a store
house of two floors and a commodious
stable are occupied, the entire f)lant
occupying 5,172 square feet. One or
two capable assistants are employed
and two teams kept for promptdelivery.



Mr. Hanly was born and educated in
Thotnaston, and 18 years ago entered
this trade as clerk for J. W. Eastman &
Co., four years later buying it out as a
member of the firm of Gould & Hanly
and 4 years ago becoming sole proprie-
tor, largely increasing the business by
enterprising and upright methods. Mr.
Hanly is a member of the I. O. O. F. and
K. of P. and is considered one of our
leading citizens as well as foremost com-
mercial men.


Completely stocked and progressively
conducted, the Warren Drug store on
Main street, is of public benefit to the
community, being able to meet all
demands that are made at any modern
pharmacy. Pure drugs and chemicals
are carried in all variety; household
remedies and sick room supplies: also all
proprietary medicines of tested worth
and efficiency. Prescriptions are accur-
ately and skillfully compounded, and
prompt capable service given in all tran-
sactions. Other commodities to meet a
general demand are handled such as sta-
tionery, magazines, picture postals etc.,
this store being the depot for such mer-
chandise. This well known drug store
has been located here for 2.5 years, and
under the enterprising proprietorhip
of H. Newman 1.5 years, who has
been agent for American Express for 10
years. Mr. Newman was born in Dix-
fleld, educated therein Wilton andKente
Hill. He was in business in Dixfleld
until be bought here in 1802, succeeding
years demonstrating his ability and
integrity and making liim known as one
of our leading business men. Mr. New-
man is a member of the Masons and is
esteemed in the community, personally
as well as commercially.


Enterprisingly and modernly conduct-
ed, the department store in Warren, on
Main street, of G. 1>. Gould, is a very

largely stocked one, with up to-date
lines of merchandise that are sold at the
lowest possible prices. It is the head-
quarters for this district for dry and
fancy goods, women's wear of all kinds.
Including suits, coats, waists, wrappers,
etc., also shoes, men's clothing and furn-
ishings of stylish and reliable makes,
are carried in seasonable assortment,
also hats, caps and shoes, a specialty
being made of custom tailoring, in
which superior workmanship and ma-
terial are combined. Two to 4 assist-
ants are employed and space of 2,470
square feet occupied. Mr. Gould was
born in Hope, educated in Union, and
has been in the dry goods business since
1889, and at his present excellent loca-
tion since 1903. For eight years before
entering the dry goods trade he was in
the grocery businef-s. Mr. Gouln is the
manager of a branch of the Security
Trust Co., which was incorporated
March 23, 1907. He is also the town
clerk, a position he has held 4 years,
and is a member of the Masons, I. 0. O.
P., K. of P. and Grange, being known
as one of our influential citizens as well
as leading business men.


Thoroughly up-to-date and exten-
sivel.v stocked, the plumbing, heating
and hardware store of A. T. Norwood,
is one of the best equipped places of its
kind in this section, and has a reputa-
tion for prompt and reliable transac-
tions. All kinds of heating plants are
carried and installed, and the most skill-
ful and scientitie plumbing work is done
in modern and improved manner. Gas-
oline engines are handled, and all styles
of agricultural implements, including
the McCormick -mower, Yankee and

Champion horse rakes, Colonial ready
mixed paints, being a specialty. Tin
ware is also handled extensively, two
capable assistants being employed. Mr.
Norwood was born and educated in
Union, and has been in the plumbing
business 15 years, establishing his pres-
ent store in 1904, and steadily increas-
ing his> trade through enterprising and
upright methods. Mr. Norwood is a
member of the I. O. O. F., K. of P. and
Grange, and has a high standing in the
community, personally and commer-


Established fully 100 years and under
the present enterprising proprietorship
of L. D. Gamage since Sept. 25, 1905,
Hotel Warren is known to every one
who has visited Warren in the last cen-
tury. It is the stopping place for all
travelers and though ancient in reputa-
tion, it is thoroughly modern and up-to-
date in its accommodations and services
and every comfort and attention is pro-
vided for transients or regular boarders.
The hotel comprises 22 rooms and an
attractive dining room has a capacity
for 35. Landlord Gamage also conducts
the livery stable in connection with the
hotel, the stable being large and well
equipped, occupying two floors, com-
prising 25 stalls and 10 good livery
teams. In all, 5 capable assistants are
employed. Mr. Gamage was born in
Augusta, educated in Bristol, and for 18
years was engaged in the livery business
in South Bristol, buying out here less
than 2 years ago, and making a marked
success of his present enterprise. Mr.
Gamage is a memoer of the K. of P.,
and has made hosts of friends since he
took up his residence here.



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