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1756. Married— Christian Wcdler and
Ann Poll : St. Geo. Han. Sq. L 90.

London, 10; Oxford, 11; New York,
la ; Boston (U.S.). 5.

WeUeeley.— Local, ' of Weles-
ley.* Mr. Lower says, * a locality in
Somersetshire.' A standard-bearer
of this name served under Hen. IL
The name soon became corrupted to
Wesley, and only at the b^finning
of the i8th century a branch oi the

Digitized by



family resumed the original form.
Patr. Brit. p. 376. v. Wesley and

Wellioome ; v. Welcome.

Welling, Wellen.— Local, *of
Welling,' a village, partly in the
parish of Bexley and partly in that
of East Wickham, co. Kent.

WillUmde 'Wehynz^. co. Norf., 1373. A.

1578. Richard Welling, co. XJaoc. :
Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt li. p. 81.

1619. George Horwood and Anne

Backchorch (London), p. aao.

1757. Married — John Wellinc: and
Elix. Wainwright : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 71.

MDB. (co. Snasex), 1,1 : (co. Glonc),
o, I ; Boston (U.S.) i, o ; Philadelphia, i, o.

WellinfiTton.— Local, *of Wel-
lington,' parishes in cos. Hereford,
Salop, and Somerset.

Robert de Welinton, ca Salop. 1373. A.

Johannes de Welincfton, co. Devon. 20
Edw. L R.

William de Welynton, co. Somerset,

Johannes de Welinton, 30 Edw. I : EBB.
p. 631.

1581. James Wellington, co. Heref. :
Reg. Untv. Oxf. voL iL pt. it. p. 104.

1^83. Peter Wellington, co. Devon:
ibio. p. 13a.

1601. Married — Richard Wellington
and Elix. Marriott: St Jas. Clerkenwell,
iii. 106.

London, 6; Philadelphia, 5: Boston

Well-liking.— Nick. * the well-
liking,' i.e. of comely appearance ;
cf. WeUbeloved.

' WelMiking lips they have.*

Love's Labour's Lost, act v. sc a.

Alice Welikeing, co. Oxf., 1273. A.

Wellman.— Occup. *the well-
man,' one who resided by a well
as water-carrier ; v. Weller.

175a. Married — Thomas Rayner and
Mary Welman : St Caea Ghap. Mayfair,
p. 333.

173a >- Richard Wellman and Jone
Cox : ibid. p. 316.

London, 4 ; New York, 10.

WeUook; v. Wheelock.

Wells.— Local ; v. Well.

Wellspring.- Local, ' at the
well - spring,' from residence
thereby. This surname has held
a precarious existence for six


Walter Wilspryng, C. R., 14 Edw. III.
pt ii.

I78a Married— Thomas Wellspring
and Lucy Nntt : St. Geo. Han. Sq. 1. 316.

London, i.

Wellstead, Wellsted, Well-
steed, Welstead, Welsted,
Wellstood.— Local, ' at the well-
stead,' i.e. the dwelling or home-
stead by the well I cannot find
the spot. It is clear, however,
that it is a West-country name.
The variants are somewhat numer-
ous. Wellstod, entered below,
shows the way to Wellstood.

1585. Robert Welsted, co. Somerset :
Ree^. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt ii. p. 144.

1006. Henry Welsteed, ca Dorset:
ibid. aoi.

160& Married — Henrie Welstod and
Katharine Clarke : St Jas. Clerkenwell,
iii. 33-

1741. Bapt « Richard, s. Richard
Wellstead : ibid. ii. 355.

London, i, i, 1,0, o, o; Oxford (Well-
stoodX 4 ; New York, 1,0,0, a, i, 6.

Welsh.— Local ; v. Wallace.

Welshman, Welohman,
Welsman.— Local, 'the Welsh-
man ' ; V. Wallace.

Alan Walseman. R.

William Walssheman, London. X.

Lewis Welsheman. XX. i.

Johannes Walseman, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.
p. 143.

154^ Buried— Davye Welchman : St.
Dionis Backchnrch. p. 180.

1564. Tohn Welsheman and Ann Pally-
daye : Marriage Lie. (London), i. ag.

162$. John Welshman, of Newton:
Wills at Chester, ii. a3i.

London, a, 6, a.

Welstead ; v. Wellstead.

Welton.— Local, 'of Welton,*
parishes in cos. Lincoln, Northants,
E. Rid. Yorks.

Roger de Weltone, co. Bedf., ia73. A.

Stephen de Weltone, co. Bedf., ibid.

Hugh de Weltone, co. Oxf., ibid.

I574'~.')- Basil Smithe and Johanna
Wchon, nn'dow: Marriage Lie. (London),

Edmund Welton and Hester
Everard : ibid. ii. aa?.

1796. Married^William Welton and
Elii. Sleet : St C^eo. Han. Sq. ii. 141.

London, 6; New York, 6; Phila-
delphia, a.

Wend, Wende ; v. Went.

Wenden, Wendon. — Local,
*of Wenden,* or Wendon. I
cannot find the locality. It will



have to be sought for in the Fen

Peter de Wendon, co. Line, 1373. A.

Alex, de Wenden, co. Camb., ibid.

i6a6-7. Isaac Downham and Sarah
Wendon: Marriage Lie. (London), ii. 186.

165a. Reginald Wendon and Sicely
Dennys : ibio. i. 34.

1798. Married - Samuel Sanderson and
Ann Wendon : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 180.

London, 6, o ; Philadelphia, o, i.

Wendling, WeiidlizL.~Local,
* of Wendling,' a parish near East
Dereham, co. Norf.

William de Wendling, co. Norf., 1373.

London, i, o ; Philadelphia, 3, o ; New
York, 6, I.

Wenham.— Local, *of Wen-
ham.' There are two parishes of
this name in co. Suffolk.

Selithe de Wenham, co. SuE, tan. A.

Hawisa de Wenham, co. Soms., 9 Kdw.
II : Kirby'sQuest, p. 103.

i68a-3. Thomas Wenham and BUs.
Upshaw: Marriage Alleg. (CanterbnryX
p. 110.

1 7SS. Married — Francis Wenham, of
Nevis, West Indies, and Anne Williams :
St Geo. Han. Sq. 11. 14.

London, 3.

Wenman.— Occup. *the wain-
man,' a wagoner ; v. Wainman.

London, 4 ; New York, 4.

Wenn.— Local, *at the wen,'
from residence on a fen ; a variant
of the Somerset Venn (v. Fenn
and Venn).

Johannes atte Wenne, co. Soms., 9 Edw.
H : Kirby*s Quest, p. 71.

lyAa. Married — James Wenn and
Sarah Merris : St Geo. Chap. Mayfair,

1803. — William Day and Mary
French (witness R. Wenn): St Geo.
Han. Sq. ii. a86.

London, i.

Wenflley.— Local,* ofWensley,'
a parish in N. Rid. Yorks. Also
Wensley-Fold, a township in the
parish of Blackburn, co. Lane.

1609. Bapt.— Jane, d. John Wendesley:
St. Maiy Aidermary, p. 70.

i6a5. Buried— Danniell, s. John Wen-
desle : ibid. p. i(^.

1707. Marriecf— Peter Wensley and
Eleanor Parker : St Antholin (London),
p. lai.

London, i ; Crockford, i ; New York,
I ; West Rid. Yorks, i.

Went, Wend, Wende, Wente.
Local, <at the went.' M.E. wenij
a passage. There are one or two

Digitized by



wents, still so called, in my late
parish (Ulvcrston). * iVmt, a cross-
way, a passage' (Halliwell).
Literally, a small passage leading
from one main street to another.

Henry de la Wente, co. SuflF., 1273. ^*
Steplien ad le Wente, co. Camb., ibid.
WiUiaxn atte Wend, rector of Scoolton,
CO. Norf., 1368 : FF. li. 344.
Hugo de Went, 1379: P. T. Yorks.

idcardos de Went, 1379

John atte Wend^^of Great EUingham,

das de Went, 1379 : ibid. p. 134.

nes Wyntworth, 1379: ibid.

CO. Norf., 1381 : FF. i. 485.

i66a. Baried — Moses Went a youth
that belonged to nay Lord Bishop of
London's house: St. Jas. Clerkenwell, ir.

1807. Married — William Went and
Sarah Brown : St Geo. Han. Sq. iL 371.

London, 1,0,0,0; New York, o, i, i, 1.

Wentworth. — Local, * of
Wentworth,' a chapelry in the
parish of Wath-upon-Deame, W.
Rid. Yorks. This surname has
ramified strongly both in England
and America. There is also a
parish of this name in co. Camb.,
four miles from Ely. There is
clear evidence that Uiis place has
helped to swell the total.

Wilielmos de Wynteworth, 1379: P.T.
Yorks. p. 10.

Johannes de Wynteworth, 1379: ibid.


1586. Pan! WentwoTthe, co. Backs:
Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt ii. p. 151.

'593-4- George Wentworth, co. York :
ibid. p. 199.

1610. PeterWentworth, caNorthants:
ibid. p. 313.

1623. John Welbore and Anne Wenth-
worth (co. Bedf.): Marria^ Lie (Lon-
don), ii. na.

1677. Baried— Mary Wentworth : Reg.
St Antholin (Lcmdon), p. 97.

London, 6; Philadelphia, 3; Boston
(U.S.X iii

Werry, GMry, Qerry.—Bapt.
* the son of Werry ' or Gerry ;
cf. Warin and Guarin, Warner and
Gamer, &c. The surname seems
to have settled down as Gery at
an early period.

Thomas Gery, co. Oxf., 1373. A

Gerri de Planastre, co. Ozt., ibid.

Warin Gery, co. Camb., ibid.

Werry de Cadamo. co. Camb., ibid.

Henry Wcrri, co. Camb> ibid.

Peter Werri, co. Camb., ibid.

1598. Tames Geiy, co. Heref. : Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt u. p. 230.

1601. John Gery, ca Camb.: ibid,
p. H7'


1640-3. George C}ery and BlicStoner:
Marriage Lie. (LondonX ii. 260.

1808. Married — Edward Gearry and
Mary Bnttoii : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 389.

London, 0.1,0; Philadelphia, o, 4, a ;
Boston (U.S.X o, o, 36.

Weaker ; v. Whiskard.

Weslake ; v. Westlake.

Wesley.— Local, 'of Westley' :
(i) a parish in co. Suffolk, near
Bury St. Edmunds ; (a) a parish
in CO. Cambridge, near Newmarket.
(The / was naturally elided ; cf.
Weslake for Westlake, q.v.) ; (3)
a variant of Wellesley ; v. Wolsey.
Other small spots would easily
acquire the name.

William deWestle, CO. Camb., 1273, A.

Walter de Westleglie, co. Soms^ i Bdw.

Ill: Kirby'sQaest.!). 233.
— Marrar
ichael, Conihill, p. oi
i6oa Thomas Westksy. co. Warw,

_.. tT_:.. f\—e _^i :: _.. ;: _ ^..

1581. Bapt — Marpaet, d. Robert
Wesley : St. Michael, Conihill, p. ox

Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. iL p. 240.

1002-3. John Westley, co. Warw. :
ibid. p. 263.

1749. Married — William Williamson
and Ann Wesly : St. C^o. Chap. Mayfair,
p. 153-

London, 4 ; Philadelphia, 20.

West.— Local, *from the West'
One who had settled eastwards ;
cf. Western, Westerman, and
Westray. This surname is so
universal that to furnish modem
instances were idle.

Algar West, co. Oxf^ 1273. A.

Albricias West, co. Camo., ibid.

Robert del West, 1379: P. T. Yorks.
p. 208.

Ricardns del West, 1379 : ibid. p. 210.

Magota del West, 1379: ibid. p. no.

1575. Richard Weste, CO. Devon: Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 65.

1615. Baried — Joane, d. Michaell
Weste : St. Jas. Clerkenwell, iv. 132.

London, 142; West Rid. Court Dir.,
9; Philadelphia, 211 ; Boston (U.S.X i3<^-

Westaoott ; v. Westcott.

WestalL— Local, 'of the West-
hall,' from residence thereby or

Richard atte Westhalle, alias Westalle
de Amcotes (co. Line.), 30 Edw. I:
BBB. p. 619.

1564-5. Owen WestalL New CoU. :
Reg. Univ. Oxf. voL li. pt ii. p. 21.

1569-70. Jerotne Westall and Mar-
garet Lewes : Marriage Lie. (West-
minsterX l>. 2.

1793. Married — James Plintoft and
Martha Wesull : St Gea Han. Sq. ii. 92.

London, 10 ; New York, 3.


Weatbrook.— Local, *of West-
brook,' a tithing in the parish of
Boxford, CO. Berks. No doubt
other and smaller localities bear
the same name ; cf. Easterbrook.

Richard de Westbrek, co. Sarrey,
temp. Bdw. I. R.

1584. Mark Westbrooke. co. Sarrey:
Reg. Univ. Oxf. voL ii. pt iu p. IA9.

1628. Thomas Westbrook, of Hockley,
CO. Essex, and Joane Aylet : Marriage
Lie. (London), ii. 194.

1 741. Bapt— Mary, d. William West-
brook : St Geo. Chap. Mayfair, p. 3.

1747. Married— WilUam Westbrooke
ana Ann Rosewell : ibid. p. 94.

London, 8 ; Philadelphia, 7 ; New
York, 9.

Westbury.— Local, < of West-
bury,' parishes in diocs. Bath and
Welis, Hereford, Oxford, Salis-

Aimes de Westbari, ca Backs. 1273. ^

yriniam de Westbori, co. Bodes, ibid.

John de Westbyr, co. Soathampt,
Hen. III-Bdw. L K.

1649. Baried — William, a. William
Westberry : St. Jas. Clerkenwell, hr. 282.

1 651. — Elis., d. Thomas Westbary:
ibid. p. 290.

1748. Married^Thomas Croacber and
Sarah Westbary: St Oo. Chap. May-
fair, p. 112.

London, 3 ; Oxford, i.

Westby, Westerby, Wes-
toby, Westbay. — Local, * of
Westby,' a parish in co. Lincoln.
With Westerby and Westoby, cf.
Westaway and Greenaway for
Westway and Greenway. The
surname still flourishes in co.
Lincoln as Westerby.

Johannes de Westeby, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. 38.

1542. Baried — Robert Westerbe : St
Peter, Comhill, I 106.

1595. Married — John Slawter and
Maigaret Westabie : St Jas. ClerkenweU,
iii. 19.

London, 2. 3, 4, o; MDB. (co. Linc\
o^ 4, o^ o; New York, o, o, o^ 1.

Westcott, Westooatt, Waae-
cott, Westaoott. — Local, * of
Westcott,' parishes and hamlets in
COS. Gloucester, Bucks, Berks, &c
IVesiy and co/, a hut, a small
dwelling, situated westward of
some other dwelling or dwellings ;
cf. Northcot

Rkardos de Westkote, co. Bodes,
1273. A.

Nicholas de Westcote, co. Oxf., ibid.

William de Westcote, co. Somerset,

Digitized by



Richard de Wescote, co. Soma., i Bdw.
Ill : Ktrby*s Quest, pw i8a.

DennysWescott, 1593: Reg. St.Colamb
Major, p. 16.

1 61 1. Bapt. ^ Margrett d. Thomas
Westcott. bahir, of Cornhill : St. Pfeter,
Cornhill. i. 6a

1689. Jo*>n ^**J?5' *"** '^" Westcote :
Marriage Alleg. (Canterbury), ii. 13a

London, 8, i. o, a ; Philadelphia, 33, o,
3, i; Boston (U.S.). 9, o, 15, i.

Westend. — Local, * at the
West -end' of the town, still a
familiar phrase with a somewhat
altered sense; cf.Townscnd, Wood-
end, &c

Matilda atte Westende, co. Ozf.,
1^3. A.

"Westerby ; v. Westby.

WeBterman, Westman. —
Local, 'the western-man/ one from
the West Found in Yorkshire,
where surnames from the points of
the compass were common (v.
Western and Westray). The
following entries lie close to-
gether :

Johannes Westeman et Peronilla uxor
*% 1379 : P. T. Yorks. p. 1 15.

Thomas Westmatii. 1379 : ibid. p. no.

Johanna del West, 1379 : ibid.

Among the householders of

Wakefield in the same register are :

WiUelmns dc West, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.

Wnielmns Westrynneroan, i.e. Western-
man, 1379 : ibid. p. 160.

* George Westerman, blacksmith,'
may be seen in my Wakefield
Directory (1868).

1638. Married— John Smith and Pran-
cesse Westerman : St. Dionis Back-
church, p. 22.

London, i, o; West Rid. 0>art Din,
a, o; Leeds, 1, o; Thorpe Aadlin, near
Pontefract, i, o ; Philadelphia, 13, i ;
Bo0Con (U.S.), o, 4.

'Western, Weetren, West-
ron. — Local, * the western,' »
man from the West ; cf. Southern,
and V. Westerman.

HenricQs Westryn, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.
p. r24.

Johannes Westryn, 1379 : ibid.

1600. Samuel Western and Anna Maria
Pinch : Marriare Lie (LondonX ii. 31a.

1 735. Married— James DoUiffe and Anne
Western : St. Geo. Chap. Mayfair, p. la.

1749. — Joseph Westron and Martha
Palmer : ilnd. p. 149.

London, 11, o, o; Sheffield, o, 1,0;
Leeds, 1,0,0; Philadelphia, 3» Oi o;
Boston (U.S.X o, o, i.


Westgarth.— Local, ' of the
west garth ' ; v. Garth.
London, 1 ; Ulverston, i.

Westgate. — Local, < at the
west gate,' from residence thereby,
probably as warder.

*And at the west gate of the tonn,qaod he.

A carte fnl of donge ther shalt thou see.*
Chaucer, C. T. 15023-4.

WiIliamdeWestgate,co.Norf.,ia73. A.

Berthona dc Westgate, co. KenL^ibid.

John de Westgate, ao Edw. L K.

William atte Westgate, Fines Roll,
16 Edw. IL

I find no Westgates in our
English directories^, the name
having gradually assimilated itself
to Westcott, Wesscott, and Westa
cott, q.v. The true form, however,
is preserved in America.
Philadelphia, i ; Boston (U.S.), 6.

Westhead.— Local, * of West
head,' a hamlet in the parish of
Ormskirk, co. Lane. This local
surname is still chiefly confined to
the county Palatine.

(Albert Westhead, of Ormskirk, 1590 :
Wills at Chester (1545-1620), p. 205.

Hugh Houghton, of Westhead, parish
of Ormskirk, 1610 : ibid. p. loa.

Peter Westhead, of Westhead, in

Latbom, 161 4 : ibi(^. p. ao5.

Thomas Westhead, of Lathom, 1019 :

Lathom in the above entries
means Lathom, a township in the
parish of Ormsldrk.

1658. Married— Wdliam Clayton and
Eliza Westead: St Jas. Clerkenwell,
p. loa

Manchester, a; Liverpool, 5; MDB.
(co. Lane), 4.

Westlake, Weslake.— Local,
'at the west lake,' or pool, from
residence thereby. I cannot find
the spot It seems to be a West-
country name. For the omission
of / in Weslake, cf. Wesscott or

1566. Raymond Westlake, Ex. Coll. :
Reg. Univ. Oxf. i. a44.

1729. Married — Richard fwj and
Sarah Westlake : St. Oo. Chap. May-
fair, p. 303-

1805. —John Nankivell and Jane
Wtstfake : St. Geo^Han. Sq. H. 3a5.

London, 15, a ; MDB. (co. Soais.)i 13, o ;
New York, 5, o.

Westley. — Local ; v. Wesley.
London, 5.



Westmarland, Westmore-
laxLd» Westmorland. — Local,
*of Westmoreland,' a native of that
county who has gone to reside
outside its borders ; cf. Wiltshire,
Darbyshire, &c.

Johannes Westmerland, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. 141.

i6oa Married— Mathyas Westmerland
and Elysabeth Pecke : St. Antholin (Lon-
don), p. 40.

1 791. — Robert Westmorland and
Mary Keen.

London, i, t, o; West Rid Court IWr.,
o, o^ a ; MDB. (co. Cumb.), o, o, 6.

Westoby ; v. Westby.

Weatover.— Local, * of West-
over * (v. Over and West) ; cf.
Northover. Westover is a tithing
in the parish of Wherwell, near
Andover, co. Hants.

William Weshovere (sic), co. Soms., i
Edw. Ill : Kirby*s Quest, p. 336.

The next entry to this is :

Ivone Esthovere, i. e. Bast-over.

157a. WiUixim Westofer and AKce
Yonnge : Marriage Lie. (Faculty OiSceX
p. i6w

i6oa. James Westover, co. Devon:
Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 356.

173a. William Westover and Amy
Ranes : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 10.

MDB.(co.Somerset), 3 ; Boston (U.S.),a.

Westray. — Local, * at the west
wray,' i.e. at the west comer,
from residence therein. Alike
singly and in compound local
place - names wray plays an
important part in North England ;
V. yiray, Thackeray, Dockreay , &c

1549. Buried — Joane Westra : St
Peter, Cornhill, i. no.

155a. Married— Richard Westray and
Joane PuUor: St Antholin (London),

r58a-3. Edward Hill and Ellen West-
wrave : Marriage Lie. (London), L 116.

1004-5. John Westwrav, co. Essex,

w/. : Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. u j)t. ii. p. 379.

1666^ Married — Ralph Sanidge and


Eli*. Westraie: St. Jas. Clerkenwell,
iii. ia4.

London, i : MDB. (co. Cumb.), a ;
New York, i ; Boston (U.S.), 1.

Weatren, -ron ; v. Western.

Westrop, Westrup, Weet-
ropp. — Local, * of Westrop,' a
tithing in the parish of Highworth,
CO. Wilts, i. e. West-thorp ; cf.
Winthrop, Northrup ; v. Thorp.

Digitized by



1^56-7. Buried — Tohn, s. John Wes-
tropp: St Jas. Clerkenwell, ir. 314.

1687. Francis Westthorpe ana Ann
Grifllxi: Marria^ Alleg. (Canterbury),
p. 14.

— George Westthn^ and Amy Norden :
bid. p. 307

1603-4. Samuel Westthropp and Sarah
Booth : ibid. p. 280.

1746. Married — John Pettit and
Dorothy Westrop : St Geo. Chap. May-
fair, p. 64.

London, i, 3, o ; New York, o, o, 1.

Westwiok.— Local, *of West-
wick' : (i) a hamlet in the parish
of Oakington, co. Camb. ; (a) a
township in the parish of Gainford,
CO. Durham; (3) a parish in the
county of Norfolk ; (4) a township
in the parish of Ripon, co. York.

Tohn de Westwik, co. Camb., 1273. A.
Katerina de Westwyc, co. Camb., ibid.
Isabella de Westwyk, co. Camb., ibid.
London, 3.

Weetwood.— Local, 'of West-
wood/ parishes in diocs. Exeter,
Worcester, Lincoln, and Salisbury.
Many small localities would, no
doubt, be similarly called.

Richard de Westwode, co. Kent,
ia73- A.

Henry de Westwode, co. Camb., ibid.

Henry de Westewode, co. Devon, Hen.
in-Edw. L K.

Willelmus de Wcstwod', 1379 : P. T.
Yorks. p. a68.

1570. William Westwood^ co. Gl<»ic :
Keg. Univ. Oxf. voL ii. pt. ii. p. 01.

1008. Rowland Westwooo, London:
ibid. p. $02.

1746. Married — John Westwood and
Elis. Edwards : St. Geo. Chap. Mayfair,

Londoni 0:
(U.S.). 1.

Philadelphia, 6; Boston

Wetherall, Wetherell,

WetheriU.— Local, 'of Wetheral,'
a parish near Carlisle. This North-
English surname has made a fair
impression upon our directories on
both sides of the water.

Adam de Wederhale, Aorturf 3 Edw.
II ; Freemen of York, i. la.

Huffh de Wederhale, co. Camb., ao
EdwT^. R.

Humfrey de Wederfaall : B. and P.,
CO. Cumb., p. 164.

1617. Thomas Wethereld, co. Cumb. :
Re£. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt ii. p. 36a.

1618. Rowland WethenOT and Mar-
jranrt More : Marriage Lie (London),

im'^^-.N*^****" S«arle and Eliz, Wether-
ill : ibid. p. 193.

1744. Married-Peter Scott and Elis.


Weatherell : St. Geo. Chap. Mayfair,

London, 1,4*0; New York, o, 3, 3 ;
Philadelphia, o, 4, 4a ; Boston (U.S.), o,

Wetharby, Wetherbee; v.

Wethered ; v. Weatherhead.

Wetherfield. — Local, < of
Wethersfieldi' a parish in co.

Roger de Wetheresfeld, ca Camb.,
~ A.

)ffrey de Wethirisfeld, co. Camb.,


London, a.

Wetherherd; v. Weatherhead.

WetherilL— Local ; v. Wether-
Philadelphia, 4a ; New York, 3.
Wethey.— Local ; v. Withey.

Wetweather. — Nick. One
who threw a damper on things in
general ; cf. Fairweather.

Thomas Wetwedder : Charters, Daries.

We^er ; v. Wooer.

Weyland ; v. Wayland.

Weyman ; v. Waithman.

Weymouth.— -Local, 'of Wey-
mouth/ a seaport and market-town
in CO. Dorset.

157a. Hn£h Wevmouthe, St. Alban's
Hall : R^. Univ. (Jxf. vol. ii. pt. it p. 4a

1749. Married— Alex. Chatto and Majy
Weymouth: St. Geo. Chap. Mayfair,
p. 130.

London, 3 ; Boston (U.S.X 19 ; New
York, 3.

Whale, Whal. — Nick, 'the
whale/ probably afllxed like
Oliphant, i. e. the elephant, on
account of the ponderous and un-
gainly build of the bearer.

Thomas WaL co. Oxf., 1273. A.

Ralph le Wd, co. Oxf., ibid.

Thomas le Whal, 31 Edw. I: BBB.

pSiiemon Whale, Pat. Roll, 19 Eliz.

1613. Richard Whale (co. Essex) and
Mary Drywood : Marriage Lie. (Lon-
donX ii. 19'

164a. Bapt.-Manre. d. William Whale :
St. Jas. Clerkenwell, i. 151.

^ Buried — Alice, wife of William
Whale : ibid. iv. 354.

179s. Married —William Whale and
Ann Lamb : St. Geo. Han. Sq. it. 123.

London, 18^ o; New York, o, i.


Whalebelly. — ? Local. An
imitative corruption of some such
local surname as Walbury. This
name is borne by a respectable
family in south-east England.

Robert Whalebelly, Saham Toney, co.
Norfolk: MDB. (1875).

Whalebone, Walbom. —

? Local. A manifest corruption,
possibly a variation of Wellbome.

George Whalebone, coack ^inUr;
London Dir., 1870.
Philadelphia, o, 4.

Local, ' of Whalley/ a parish in
CO. Lane., famous for its abbey.
Walley is a comparatively modem
rendering of the surname.

* Robert de Whallev, who died before
1 193, was rector of Rochdale * : Baines*
Lane. 1.^5.


1415. Geoffrey Whalley : Preston Guild
»Us, p. 8.

1590. Thomas Whalley, of Blackburn,
carpenUr : Wills at Chester (1545-1630),
p. aoo.

I <93. Edmund Walley, of Blackburn :
ibid. p. aos.

1604. Rafie Walley, Middlewich :
Exchequer Depositions (co. Cbester)^

P- "3-

Mimchester, la, 8, o ; London, 1,0,0;
Preston, 4, i, o ; Philadelphia, 8, i, 14 ;
Boston (U.S.), 3, 7, o.

Wliarmby. —Local/ ofWharm-
by/ some small spot, seemingly in
East Cheshire, in the vicinity of

1578. Thomas Wharmeby : East
Cheshire, ii. 61 n.

1580. Henry Wharmby, of Offertoo,
husbandman : Wills at Chester, i. ao5-

1502. Robert Wharmby, of Manchester,
butcher: ibid.

1603. William Wharmby, of Bredbury :

Manchester, 4 ; MDB. (co. Ches.X i ;
New York, i.

Whately, Whatley, Wheat-
ley, Wheatly.— Local, (i) 'of
Wiatley,' a parish in dioc. of
Bath and Wells; (a) 'ofWheatley,'
parishes in diocs. Oxford and
Southwell; (3) *of Wheatley,'
three separate hamlets in co. York,
one a township in the parish of
Doncaster, one a hamlet in the
parish of Ilkley, and one a hamlet
in the parish of Ovenden.

Peter de Watele. ca Oxf.. lar*. A.
Henry de Watele,.co. Oxf., ibid.

Digitized by



Alexander de Whately, or Watteleye,
London, ibid.

iohn de Whateleghe, co. Dorset, ibid,
ohn de Watclegh, co. Wilts, ibid,
tobert de Whatelcg, co. Wilts, Hen.
III-Bdw. I. K.
Matbew de Wateley, co. Oxf., ibid.
John de Wetele]^, sauser^ 2$ Bdw. I :
Freemen of York, i. 6.

Johannes de Whetlay, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. dl 99^
Henncns de Wytlay, 1379: ibid. p. 91.
London, 2. 7, 22. 3 ; West Rid. Ccmrt
Dir. (Wheatley), 6 ; Philadelphia, o, a,
16, o; Boston (U.S.), o, 0,1.0; New
York, a, i, 4, a.

Whatman. — Occup. ^the ser-
vant of Wat,' i.e. Walter. If this
be so, the h is intrusive ; cf.
Addiman, Matthewman, Wiknan,

Richard Whatteman, co. Soma., 9


>557* Christning of Richard Whatman:
St. Peter. Combin, p. 7.

1565. Bapt.— Sara, d. John Whattman:
St.JDionis Backchnrch, p. 79.

1591. Francis Whatman, co. Sussex,
pM. : Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. iL p. 186.

1794, Married— Roeer Whatman and
Jane Webb : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. in.

London, a.

Whatmore^ -mough ; v. Wat-

Wheatcroft.— Local, *at the
wheat-crof^* from residence there-
by ; cf. Rycroft ; v. Croft or

Seman de Wetecroft, co. Saflf., ia73. A.

Matilda de Wetecroft, co. SaflL, ibid.

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