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p. 13.

1713. — Sanvel Keymer and Sarah
Beer: Ibid. p. 4a.

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London, la, 4, i, 6 ; Plymoath, 4, u^ a,
o ; Exetrr, 6, a o, o ; Devonport, 4, o^ <\ o ;
New York, 26, 3, 2, 15.

Beerbrewer. — Occup. ' the

* Chymney-nveepera, and costerde-

Lodemen and bcrebrem-eni.'

Cocke Lordlc*s Bote.
Lambert Beerbnier, co. York. W. 11.
*Hic jacet Ricardan Lawrence filius
Lanrentii Berbrewer, alias Wyllyanisnn/
A.D. 1500 : St Simoa and Su Jade (Nor-
wich) : FF. iv. 357.

Beeston, Beeson, Beestlng.
—Local, *of Beeston/ a village
near Leeds. With Beeson, cf.
Kelson for Kebton, &c.

Radulphos de Beston, Esquier, of
Beeston, 1379 : P. T. YorloL p. loa.

Willelmufl de Beston, 1379 • ihid. p. aoi.

Johannes de Beeston, 1379 : ihid. p. 206.

1579. Robert Beistone, CO. York : Reg.
Univ. Ozf. voL iL pt ii. p. 88.

17UI. Married— Ralph Beeston and
Eliza Wellin : St Jas. Clerkenwell. iii. 22^.

<793* '- Joseph Beeson and Euz. Kill-
master :. St. G^. Han. Sq. ii. 103.

London. 8, o, o; Sheffield, i, a, o;
West Riding Court Dir., o, a, i ; Phila-
delphia, I, 2, a

Beet.— Bapt. <the son of Bea-
trice/ from the nick. Bete; v.
Beaton and Beatson. Bete or
Beet was a familiar nick, in York-
shire, where Beatrice was very
popular as a font-name in the
J3th and 14th centuries.

Alicia Bete, doghter, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.
p. 233-

Johannes Bete, son, 1379 : ibid. p. 13.

1687. William Beet and RachellSweit:
Marriage Alleg. (Canterbary), p. la

London, a; Sheffield, 4.

Beetson; v. Beatson and Beet

Belcher,Belohier.— Nick.'bel-
sire,* grandfather, or perhaps dei
chtrff good friend; cf. Bellamy,
Bowsher, and Bonamy.

* Lo, here is the brlschere broght that
ye bad bring ' : York Mystery Plays, p. 26a.

' Belsyre, or belfather, faders or rooders
fader, atms': Prompt. Parv. See also

Richard BeJechercL co. Gloac, 1373, A.

John Bekire, co. Kent, ibid.

Leonard Belshyre, squire bedell. Ox-
ford 1553 : Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt i.

Wiliiam Belsher, sheriff of Bristol,
IJ63: YYY.p.685.


1673. Buried—Katherine Bellshar : St.
Thomas the Apostle (Lontlon), p. 14a

1783. Married— Walter Belchar and
Mary Ware : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 350.

London, ao^ a ; Philadelphia, 18, o.

BeUeimbe.— Nick. * handsome
legs ' ; cf. Foljambe.]op,i373.A.
Peter Belejambe, co. Wilti, ibid.
Richard Bcljaambe, c. 1315. M.

Bell.— (i) Bapt <the son of Bell,*
i.e. Isabel ; nick. Bella or Bell ; v.

Bela Ic Barber co. Hnntn, 1373. A.

Bella or Bele Cotty, co. Line, ibid.

Nicholas fil. Bele, co. Bedf., ibid.

Bele Scampeyn, co. Camb., ibid.

(a) Nick. * le bel/ i.e. the beau-

Ralph le Bele, co. Camb., 1373. ^

Hngh le Bel, co. Oxf., ibid.

Thomas le Bel, co. Suff., ibid.

Robert le Bell, mayor of Bristol, 1339 :
YYY. p. 669.

(3) Local, *at the Bell,' i.e. an
inn-sign, or one who dwelt by the
bell, i.e. bell-chamber.

iohn atte Belle. V.
tichard atte Bell, 1307. M.
John atte Belle (LondonX X.
Roger atte Bell, co. Soms., i Edw. Ill :
Kirby^sQae8t,p. 81.
London, 158 ; Philadelphia, 334.

Bellamy, Bellamey.— Nick,
a familiar expression, 'my good
friend * ; cf. Bonamy. A common
surname in early registers.
' Feste ! fy ! that xnre a U7kyd treson !
Belamy, thoa shal be smvtt*

York Mystery Plajrs, p. 391.
*Thoa bel-amy, thou pardoner/ he said.
Chaucer, C. T. laaca.
' Belamy, fayrc frynde ' : Prompt Parv.

Henry Belamy, Close Roll, a Edw. L

Hugh Belami, co. Camb., 1373. A.

Roger Belamy, co. Oxf., ibid.

Tohn Belamy, co. Soms., i Edw. Ill :
Kirbv's Quest, p. 333.

John Bellroy, Norwich,i6o3 : FF. iv. 167.

1634. Bapt— Eltt., d. John Bellamye:
St Jas. Clerkenu'elL i. 137.

1757. Married— Charles Parent and
Eliz. Bellamy : St Geo. Han. Sq. L 71.

London, 34, i ; New York, 5, o.

Bellard; v. Bellhird.

Bellohambers, Belohamber.

— Local, • of Belencombre,* in the
arrondissement of Dieppe, in Nor-
mandy. The present forms are
imitative. There is not the slight-
est evidence in favour of au origin
akin to Bellhouse. Dr. Chamock

HTBT.T.M f tcf l

has unwisely permitted himself to
write as follows : * A friend assures
roe he knows of a William Cham-
bers who changed his name to
Bill-chambers, of which he says
Bellchambers is a corruption '
(Ludus Patronymicus, p. 6). * Save
me from my friends' receives a
fresh consecration after this.

John deBelencambre,co. Essex, 137^. A.

Robert de Belecambre, co. Essex, ibid.

1654. Buried— Mary Belchamber: St

Thomas the Apostle (London), p. 130.

1677. Thomas Sbelberv and Merrian
Belchamber: Marriage Alleg. (Canter-

bury), p. 365.

1704. Married— Samuel Belchambers
and Elir. Grant : St Geo. Han. Sq. ii. i la.

London, 3, 3 ; New York, 3, a

Bellett,Bellott, Be]ot.-:-Bapt.
(?) * the son of Isabel ' (?), from the
nick. Bd, dhn. Bel-ot or Bel-ct ; v.
Bell (i). The writer of the article
on Hugh Bellot(i54a>96), bishop of
Chester (Diet. Nat. Biog. iv. 195),
saySf *The Bellots were early seated
in Norfolk. ... It has been suggested
that the name is deriv^ from
beUttey a weasel, or befoittf gentle,
pretty. . . . We find the name spelt
in various ways : Billet, Bellott, Bil-
lett, &c/ After writing the above
I find a local origin implied by two
entries in Bloroefield's Hist of
Norfolk. If correct, those entries
are entitled to the first considera-
tion. But I strongly suspect a
double origin.

Adam Belot, co. Hunts, 1373. A.

William Belet, co. Norf., ibid.

Hervens Belet co. Oxf., 30 Edw. I. R.

Lawrence de Belet, co. Line, ibid.

Henry de Belet, co. Norf., 1336 : FF.
V. 143.

Ingelram de Belet, co. Norf., 6 Edw.
II : ibid. viii. 434.

Robert Bekt, 8 Edw. H : ibid. vii. 388.

1708. Married— Charles Davis and Ann
Bellot : St. Mary Aldennary, p. 38.

1758. — James Bellett and Jane
Thompson : St Geo. Han. Sq. i. 78.

London, i, i, o; Crockford, 3, Oi o;
New York, i, o, i.

Bellhird, Bellard.— Occup. 'a
bull-herd,' a tender of bulls ; A.S.
beiloMf to bellow; cf. Coward,
Oxhird, Calvert, Stoddart, or Shep-

Simon Belhyrd,i379! P.T. Yorks. p. 373.
Henry Bellard, 1379 : ibid. p. 6,
1657. Bapt— Henry, s. Robert Bellard :
St Jas. Clerkenu'cll, 1. 197.

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MDB. (Bast Rid. Yorkft), o, i ; New
York, o^ I.

BellhouBe, Bellows.— Local,
'at the BeU-house.' The beU-
hotise or tower was frequently
detached from the church ; v. Bell-
house (H.£.D.)» early corrupted to

Richanl de Bclhoiue, co. Norf., 31 Edw.
HI.FF.M. 16.

John de Belhoase, co. Norf., 1333 : ibid.

kicardos de BcJhiu, co. SaflT., I3;rv A.

Tliomas de la Belhusr, co. Kent, ibid.

Johannes de Bellehoos, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. 160L

Thomas Belhowae, C. R., 18 Ric. II.

WiUtam Bellowea. co. York, 144a W. i.

159a Bapt. — Richard, s. Edward
Bellovrae : St. ^as. Clerkenwell, i. 33.

1 771. Mamed - John Bellhoose and
Jane Bntion : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. ^09.

Crockford, 1, o; Manchester, 4, o;
Phibdelphia, o, 8 ; Boston (U.S.), o, 27.

BelliDger.— (i) Bapt. 'the son
of Berangcr/ a corruption, v. Ber-
ringer. (a) Occup. ; v. BuUinger.
The first is the more probable

1563. Bnried— William Bellinger: St.
Ptter. Cornhill,ja, 118.

«- Married— Thomas Bland and Rose
Bellyngcr : ibid. p. 236,

I572-3- William Bellinger and Dorothy
Frrrybye : Marria{?e Lie. CLondonX «. 55.

i6ao. Married— Richard Ashman and
Joan Belinger : St Peter, ComhilL p. a5a

i6$8. Bapt.— Ann, d. Giles Bellinger :
St. Jas. Clerkemvell, i. 201.

London, 5 ; Philadelphia, X.

Bellinsliam, Billingham.—
(i) Local,' ofBellingham,' a parish in
ca Northumberland. (9) Local, ' of
Billingham/ a parish in co. Durham.
I strongly suspect that some small
spot, also called Bellingham, existed
or exists in co. Norfolk, whence
some of our Bellinghams and Bil-
linghams. Mr. Lower sa3rs there
is a family of Bellinghams in co.
Sussex, sprung ' from Belingeham,
a manor near Hastings, mentioned
in Domesday ' (Patr. Brit. p. 24).

William de Bclingham,co.Norf., 1373. A.

Edward Billingham, co. Norf., 1546:
FF. i. 458.

Henry Belliogham, ca Norf., c. Henry
V : ibid. ix. 100.

i<57. Mamed— Cristofer Bellingham


£liz. Scott : St Antholin (London),

157S. Richard B«*llingam, co. Sussex :
Reg. Univ. Oxf. voL ii. pt ii, p. 8a.

158a Henry Belingam, co. Sussex:
■ibid. p. 9a.

1631. Grivell Gibbes and Elix. Belling-
ham : Marriage Lie (London), ii. 105.

1783. Married— Joseph Davis Baker
and Martha Billingham: St Geo. Han.

London, 4, i ; MDB. (co. Norfolk),
I, o; (co. Sussex), 4, o; Philadelphia, i, 1.

Belllon.— Bapt 'the son of
Enion * ; Welsh Ap-£nion - Ben-
nion, q.v. ; further corrupted to
Bell ion ; cf. banisters for btdusters^
staircase railings ; n and / are con-
stantly interchangeable in nomen-

Liverpool, 3; London, i ; New York, i.

Bellis, BeUlss, BeUys, Bel-
lyse.— Bapt *the son of Ellis,'
from Welsh Ap-EUis, which be-
came Bellis ; cf. Bloyd «= Ap-Lloyd,
Bethell « Ap-Ithell, Beddard -» Ap-
Edward. Found much in Cheshire
and the borders of the Principality.
Also in COS. Denbigh and Flint

Edward ap Ellis, of Royton, 163 1 :
Wills at Chester (1631-50), p. 73-

John ap Ellis, of Allinj^ton, 1041 : ibid.

John Bellis, 1747 : List of Frremen in
Chester (In Bvrom Library, Chetham
Llbrar>', Manchester).

Edward Bellis, 1747 • ^^^'

Griffeth lloyd ap Ellis de Yate, co.
Df-nbij^h : Vi«t Gio ' '

John ap Ellis ap G

1610. Thomas I
Bellies : Marriage Lie. (London), L 330.

1888. Married— Richard, only

lone, 1633, p. 96.
John ap Ellis ap Griffeth, co. Denbigh :

Thomas Bridire and Ursula


, 8on of

John Bellis, of Llandudno, and Judith
Amelia Eaton : Manchester Courier,
March 10. 1888.

MDB. (co. Ches.), i, o, i, 4 ; Liverpool,
6, o, o, o : March, 3, o, 0,0; London,
o, I, o^ o ; Philadelphia, 8, o^ o, a

BellisoD, BelsoD.— Bapt. ' the
son of Bell'; v. Bell (i) and
Belson. The i in Bellison either
represents the a in Bella son, or is
euphonically intrusive, as the a in
Greenaway (for Greenway) or
Ottaway (for Otway).

^$5^' Thomas Androwrs and Jane
Belson : Marriage Lie. (London), i. 35.

1651. Buried - William Belson : St. Jas.
Clerkenweil, iv. 388.

MDB. (co. Warwick), 3, i; London,
o, 3 ; Philadelphia, o^ 4.

Bellman.— Offic. 'a bell-ringer*
(cf. Knowler), probably the old
town-crier, or the officer who rang
the hours in corporate towns.

Robertas BeUeman, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.
p. 133.

The first two following entries
seem to suggest a second deriva*
tion: —

1600-1. Richard Bellmayne, co. Devon :
Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 333.

1031. Robert Bellmayne, co. Devon :
ibid. p. 393.

1596. Buried — Zachary, s. Zachrie
Bellman : St. la^. Clerkenweil, iv. 58.

1613. « Hellin, wife of Zachary Bel-
man : ibid. p. 133.

1 753. Blarried~ James Bellman and Ann
Bennett : St. Geo. Chap Mayfair. p. 307.

1753. Buried— Agnes, d. Toon Belman :
Rrg. of Ulversfon Parish Ch. n. 375.

London, 4 ; Ulverston, i ; New York,
3 ; Philadelphia, 6.

Bellwether.— Nick, 'the bell-
wether.' *A very early instance of
the use of this word will be found
in the custumal of the manor of
Brithwolton, co. Berks (Camden
Soc.), where the keeper of the
wethers was entitled, among his
perquisites, to the belwether's fleece
(*• belwertheresfles "). The date is
1284-5.* (J. H. Round in Notes
and Queries, Feb. 19, 1887.)

John Belletvether, 1307. M.

Stephen de le (?) Belwether. MM.

Belsham, Bellsham.— Local,
'of Belchamp/ a parish in co.
Essex, three miles from Clare.

Roger dcBelesham, CO. Sussex, 1373. A.

1601. Jonathan Bclsham, of Fulham,
and Elis. Bowles: Marriage Lie. (Lon-
don), ii. 386.

London, 5, 3.

Belshaw.— Local, ' of Belshaw'
or 'Balshaw.' I cannot identify
the spot.

' John de Babchagh, for the service of
Rochdale fee, yearly 36*. &/.,' ^311:
Baines* Lane i. 48a.

Johannes BeUcbagh, 1379 : P. T.
Yorks. p. 33.

Agnes de Bolchawe, 1379 : ibid.
Adam de Bolchawe, 1379 • ^^'^*
1608. John Balshaw, of Snape-within*

Scarisbnck : Wills at Chester, i. la

London, 2 ; Manchester, 4 ; Phila*
delphia, 7.

Belson.— Bapt. 'the son of Bell,^
i.e. Isabel; v. Bell (i).

Robert fil. Bcle, co. Suff., 1373. A.
1575. Thomas Belson, co. Oxf. : Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 63.

1596. Augustine Ekison, co. Oxf. : ibid,
p. 3 16.

1707. Bapt.— Mary, d. of Willam Bell-
son : St. las, ClerkenwHI, ii. 37.

1734. Married— Daniel Cungey and
Mary Belson : St. Mary Alderraary, p. 46.

London, 2 ; Philadelphia, 4.

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Belstead.— Local/of Belstead/
a parish in the dioc. of Norwich
and CO. Suffolk. This surname is
in genera] lost in Benstead, q.v.

Walter de Bellettede, co. Bucks, ao
EHw. I. R.

lohn de Belstedc, co. SufT., ibid.

John de Belstede, co. Suff., lajx. A.

Robert de Belsted, co. San., ibid.

London, i.

Belter. — Occup. *a bell-
founder * ; V. Billiter.

*John Belletor, or Belt^, secular
chaplain, sup. for B.A., so May, 152a ' :
Reg. Univ. Oxf. L 125.

New York, a.

Belton.— Local, < of Belton/
parishes in diocs. of Norwich,.
Lincoln, and Peterborough. The
Lincoln Beltons have strongly
ramified in that county.

Hamon de Belton, ca Norf., 1257 : FF.
iv. 3Qa

John de Belton, rector of Ovin;|[ton, co.
Norf., 1366 r ibid. ii. 296.
.Henry de Belton, pistor, 17 Edw. II:
Freemen of York, i. 22.

John de Beletun, co. Suit, la^t. A.

Gervase de Belton, co. SuflT., ibid.

Nicholas de Belton, co. SufT., ibid.

William Belton, 1570: Marriage Lie.
(Westminster), p. t.

1775. Married-^David Belton and Mary

Nichols : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 251.

178a. — John Lewis andf Ann Bellton :
ibid. p. 331

London, 6; MDB. (ca Lincoln), a8;
New York, 6.

Beman. — (i) Occup. 'a bee-man,*
a * custos avium.* (a) Local, a cor-
ruption of Beaumont ; v. Beaman.
For want of proof in favour of
(i) it is manifest that (a) is the
chief parent. The occurrence of
Beaman in Yorkshire is strongly

Johannes Beroan, 1379: P. T. Yorks.
p. 156.

Alicia Beman, 1379 : ibid. p. 157.

1674. Bapt.— John, son of Richard
Bemon : St. Jas. ClerkenwelL i. 365.

179^. Married— Thomas kllsey and
Amelia Beman : St. Geo. Han. Sq. iL 95.

London, a ; New York, 3.

Bemand, Bement.— Local ; v.
Beman, Beaman, and Beaumont.

1797. Married— William Bement and
Mary RoberU: St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 167.

London, a, i ; Philadelphia, o, 6.

Bembridga.— Local, * of Bem-
bridge,' a chapelry in the parish of
Brading, Isle of Wight Some-


times probably a variant of Bain-
bridge, q.v. The following entries
will show the tendency to varia-

1600. Buried— Eliz., wife of Edward

Bembricke : St. Jas. Clerkenwell. iv. 67.

1637. — John Bembrigge : ibid. p. 2^.

1664. — Jane Benbrioge : ibid. p. 350.

These, no doubt, were all related
t oone another.
London, 1.

Benbow, Benbough.— Nick.

* Bendbow,* a complimentary sobri-
quet for a stout archer ; cfl Stiff bow,
Strongbow, Sharparrow, &c. * Let
the archer bend his bow.' — ^Jer. Ii.
3 (Auth. Version).

Roger Benbow. F.

William Bendebowe, London. X.

iohn Bentbow, 1440, co. York. W. 11.
tobert Benbowe, cantator Ecclesiae
Christi : Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. i. p. a88.

' Vice-Admiraljohn Benbow (i6«-i 703)
was son of a tanner at Shewsbury ^ : Diet
Nat. Biog. iv. ao7.

1585. Nicholas Benbowe and Elic
Welforde : Marriage Lie. (London), i. 14a.

1607. Married— Robert Bendbo\i-e and
Jone Bowers : St. Mary Aldermary, p. 11.

i6aa-3.— LeonardKnightandConstance
Benbowe: St. Dionis Backchurch, p. ai.

London, 6, i.

Benoe.— Bapt. * the son of Ben-
nett'; V. Benns; cf. Evance for

Bencher, Banker.— Offic. 'the
bencher,* the * banker.* Very early
instances of some office in legal
or exchequer matters, although the
instances given in the H.E.D.
belong to the i6th century.

Roger de Bencher, ca Oxf., ia73. A.

iohn le Bancker (London). 1300. M.
lobert le Banker, 1298. M.
Philadelphia, o, 5.

Benedict. Benedictus. — Bapt.

* the son of Benedict,' more gener-
ally Bennet, q.v. One of the most
popular personal names of the sur-
name epoch, owing its favour to
the .Benedictines. Several of its
derivatives, such as Bennet, Ben-
nett, and Benson, are among the
most familiar of English surnames.

Benedict de Pennington, co. Curab.,
1185: RRR.p.3q.

Benedictus Willeson, 1379: P. T. Yorks.


George Benedick, co. Norf. : PP. v. ai i.
London, 1,1; New York, 66, o.

Benger. t

Robert Bemrger, co. Soms., i Edw.
Ill : KIrby's Quest, p. 185.
Manchester, i.

Benjamin.— Bapt 'the son of
Benjamin.* Most of the instances
in the London Directory are
modern Jewish, but several, no
doubt, represent a period when
Benjamin, like Joseph, was not
unpopular in England.

Caterinafil.Beniamini^.Safr.,ia73. A.

Robert Benjamm, co. Bedf., ibid.

189a. 'The wife of S. S. Benjamin,
prematurely, of a son * : Daily Telegraph,
Aug. 18.

I^ndon, 3a.

Benn.— Bapt. ' the son of Ben-
net,' i.e. Benedict, from the nick.
Benn; it has nothingto do with Ben-
jamin. Benn is a familiar surname
wherever the Benedictine monks
had a convent. Furness Abbey,
founded in the lath century, has
made Benn and Benson (q.v.) a
common surname in Furness and
south Cumberland.

Eborard Benne, co. Norf., 1373. A.

Robert Benne, co. Norf., ibid.

Ricardas Benne, 1379: P. T, Yorks.

Thomas Benne, 1379: ibid. p. a 18.

William Benne, vicar of Castor, co.
Norf., 1410: FF. xi. an.

Peier Benne, vicar of Rowdham, co.
Norf., 1430 : ibid. i. 435.

1634. Married— Anthony Beoroont and
Eliz. Benn: St. Thomas the Apostle
(London), p. 15.

1 66a. Tempest Milner and Rebecca

i. ap5.
umb.), 9;

Benn: Marriage Alleg.(CanterbaryXp- 78.

1 771. Mamed—Richard Brooks and
Solly Benn: St. r "- - ■

London, 3; B
Philadelphia, 10.

Bennet, Bennett.— Bapt. * the
son of Bennet,' i.e. Benedict, q.v.
Bennet was the usual English form.
While Furness Abbey was admin-
istrated under the Benedictine
Order, Bennet was one of the
commonest of baptismal names in
the surrounding district (v. Benn).
West, in his Hist of Furness (pp.
188, 60, 29), records, amongst the
benefactors of the Abbey and
Conishead Priory, * Benet, son of
Alan,* 'Benet Penington* (1390),
' Benet de Rotington ' (1956), and
'Benet| son of William' (is56)«

Digitized by





These were all living in the imme-
diate neighbourhood of the Abbey.
Indeed, it will be found that Bonnet
and Benson are still common sur-
names in districts where the Bene-
dictines have had foundations.

BcnetSct, or BeneCt de Hankeston, ca
Canb., inz. A.

Beneyt Mrrcator, co. Carab.. ilMd.

Nicholaa Benrit, co. Oxf.. ibtd.

Rfwfnald fit Beneyt, co. Hunts., ibid.

Robert Bcnet, co. Sonos., i Edw. Ill :
Kirbj*a Qii«st, p. 8ou

Joanna Bener, doghter, 1379: P. T.
Yorka, p. 33^.

1581. Bapt.— Thomas, s. Bennett Cal-
wayc: St. Colomb Major (Cornwall), p. 1 1.

The feminine Benedicta was
also familiarly Bennet.

1^1. Bapt.— Bennet. d. Robert Garret :
St. Tboaias the Apostle (London), p. 23.

JS7S- — Bennet, d. James Blower:
ibiol p. aa.

>577-& Wmiam Stitche and Bennett
Bennett, widow: Marriage Lie. (Lon-
donXi.^78. ^

15m Bapt-— John, s. Thomas Bennett :
St. Jas. Clerkenwell, i. 11.

Loodoo, 8, 183 ; New York, 18, 334.

Bennie, Benny.— Bapt 'the
son of Bennet,' te. Benedict, from
the nick. Benn, colloqumlly Beiyiy
or Bennie. As a surname very
rare ; v. Benn and Benson.

Johanoes Benny, 137c): P.T.Yorki».p.l26.

1576. Arthnr Leig^e and Joanna
Benney : Marria^ Lie. (London), t. 70.

1681. Boned — Peetcr Benny : St
Dtoob Backcharch, p. 247.

London, i, o ; Boston (U.S.), 3, b.

Benning.— Bapt. 'the son of
Benning ' ; cf. Harding, Browning,
^c Among our place*names we
have Bennington, Benningbrough,
and Benningholme.

Jacob Beynyn, co. Soms., i Edw. Ill :
Kirby's Qnest, p. 23$.

Joan Ekynyn, co. Soms., x Edw. Ill:

Darid Bening^, co. Wilts, 1373. A.

Toraid Beninj^, co. N«>rf., ibid.

1689. George Benning and Sarah
Nolton : Marriage Alleg. (Canterbnry),
pi 116.

— Isaac Cardcl Pcrdriel Dorgeval,
captain in ye King's Troops, and Christian
Bening: ibid.

London, 4 ; Philadelphia, 3.

Benningrton. — Local, <of Ben-
nington/ two parishes in co. Line,
one near Boston, the other seven
miks from Grantham.

Alan de Bentngton, ca Line, Hen. III-

Ralph de Benington, co. Line, ibid.

Alice de Bennington, co. Line, 1273. A.

Astin de Bennington, co. Line, ibid.

1668. Married— Robert Hanwell and
Margarett Benington : St. Jas. Clerken-
M,-e\\, iii. 144.

London, 3 ; Philadelphia, i.

Bennion.— Bapt. ; Welsh Ap-
Enion ; v. Benyon.

1581. Laurence Bynion, or Benyon, or
Benion, or Elyo^ion, co. Backs: Reg.
Univ. Oxf. voK u. pt. ii. pp. 50, 106.

1663. Married — Thomas Benyon and
Elix. Erland : St. Jas. Clerkenwefl, iii. 113.

1687. Robert Ryder and Ann Benion :
Marriage Alleg. (CanterburyX p. 4.

Liverpool, 3; Manchester, 2; New
York, I.

Bennison.— Bapt. 'the son of
Bennet,* i.e. Benedict; v. Bennet.
This surname in south Lancashire
was at first Bennetson, but naturally
settled down into Bennison.

Reginald Bennetson, of Wemeth, co.
Lane, 1575 : Willsat Che8ter(i545-i6ao),
p. 17.

Richard Bennetson, of Romiley, 1590 :

Edward Bennetson, of Stockport, 161 7 :

Later on this form disappears,
and Bennison takes its place.
chn Bennison, of Dnckenfield, 1677:
lis at Chester (1660-80X p. 35.

Mary Bennison, of Gorton, 1078 : ibid.

f onathan Bennison, of Thornham, 1677 :

1565. Married— William Bennetson and
Katherine Cowper: Prestbury Church
(co. Chester), p. 16.

1630. Buried — Ellen Bennison: ibid,
p. 275.

Thus Bennison is not an exten-
sion of Benson, although the ulti-
mate origin is the same, but an
abbreviation of Bennetson.

Manchester, 4 ; Boston (U.S.), 6.

Benns, Benoe, Bense.— Bapt.
' the son of Bennet,' from the nick.
Benn ; v. Benson and Benn. The
patronymic Bens became Bence ;
cf.EIUce forEllis,Evance for Evans.
And as regards the patronymic 5,
cf. Jones, Williams, Richards, &c.

John Bennes. of Ipswich, rector of Bow-
thorp, CO. Norf., 1430 : FF. ii. 383.

1644. Bapt. — Elizabeth, d. Robert
Bence : St.Tnomas the Apostle (London),
p. «.

John Bense and Elis. de la Hay, 1663 >
Marriage Alleg. (CanterburyX p. 96.

Sir verc Vainc and Racheil Bence,
1671 : ibid. p. 193.


London, i, os o; MDB. (co. Nor^blkX
5, I, o; New York, 0^1,0; Boston (U.S..\

BenBon.~Bapt. 'the son of
Bennet/ i.e. Benedict, from the
nick. Ben or Benn. This great
Benedictine name has made its
mark on the modern directory in
several surnames, but after Bennet,
Benson occupies the first place.

Germanus Benson, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.
p. 3*3.

Thomas Benson, rector of Houghton,
CO. Norf., 1559: FF. vi. 133.

157a Bapt.— William, s. John Benson :
St Anlholin (London), p* 30.

161 1. — Mary. d. Feter Benson: St.
Michael, Comhtli, p. 109.

161 7. Married — Geoiye Stokes and
Agnes Benson : St. Jas. ClerkenH-clI, Hi. 44.

London, 38 ; MDB. (West Rid. Yorks),
10; Manchester, 10; Philadelphia, 74.

Benstead.— Local, < of Bin-
stead' or 'Binsted,* parishes in
COS. Sussex and Hants.

John de Benstede, co. Norf., ao Edw.
Ill: FF.vU. 388.

Maud de Bensted, ca Norf., 33 Edw.
Ill : ibid. p. 504.

William de Bentestede, co. Kent, Hen.
Ill-Edw. L K.

1574-5. Gregory Benstede, co, Hants :
Reg. Univ. Oxt. >*ol. ii. pt. ii. p. 61.

1006. Married — Robert Foster and
Mary Benstead: St Jas. Clerkenwell,
iii. 31.

1786. — Richard Didham and Frances
Bensted : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 394.

1787. — William Nursey and Elis.
Bens^Ki : ibid. p. 403.

London, 3; Boston (U.S.X i; Phila-
delphia, I.

Bent, Bente.— Local, 'at the
Bend' or *Bent,' from residence
thereby. Probably the bend in a
river, or valley, or hillside.

Robert de la Bende, co. Salop, Hen.
Ill-Edw. L K.

1607. Nicholas Bent, co. Leic : Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 399.

1684-5. William Tnrton and Elix. Bent:
Marriage Lie (London), ii. 306.

1744. Married— John Bent and Mary
Oliver : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 33.

London, 10, o ; New York, 10, 3.

BenthalL— Local, ' of Benthall,*
a parish in co. Salop, near Much

1610. Laurence Benthall, co. Salop:
Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt ii. p. 314.

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