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cf. Adam de Birkinside, 1399:
£. and F., co. Cumb. p. 165.

Mark Akenside : KKK. ii. 4^.

Thomas Akenhead : ibid, p 449.

Akenhead, i. e. at the head of the
oak-trees, corresponds with Birken-
head, Birkett, and Beckett, q.v.

David Akenhead, 1763 : Brand's Hist,
of Newcastle, i. 559.

Johannes de Aykebened, 1379: P* T.
Yorks. p. 389.

1769. Married— William Nedham and
Eleanor/ Akenhead: Sl Geo. Han. Sq.
I 185-

Crockford, o, s. o; MDR (North Rid.
Yorkshire^ 0^0,1.

Aikister.—Local, *of Acaster,'
two parishes of this name near
York. This surname has crossed
from Yorkshire into Fumess, Lan-

William de Acastie, cotoUr^ 1319-so:
Freemen of York. <Surt. Soc), i. 19.

Robertas de Acastre, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. 4.

Johannes Acastre, 1379 '• ibid. p. 296.

Ulverston, 1.

Alabaster, Allblaeter.—Oc-
cup. 'the Arbalester,' i.e. cross-
bowman ; O.F.arbalfsiier; v. H.E.D.

* So great poweroft his land,and of France

le nom
With him into England, of knights, and

Spearmen anote, and bowemen, and also

Robert of Gloucester.
* And in the kernels, here and there,
Of arblasters great plentie were.*

Chaucer, Rom. Rose, 4196.
Henry le Alblaster, c. 1300. M.
Richard le Alblaster. B.
Reginald le Arbelestre, co. Devon,

William le Arblaster, co. Oxf.. ibid.

John le Arblaster, co. Oxf., ibid,
ames Arblaster, co. Non^ 29 Hen.
: FF. viii. 30a

Odo Arbalistar, ca Norf., temp. Sto*
phen : ibid. xi. 143.

1565-6. Robert Eton and Marj^aret
Aleblaster: Marriage Lie. (London), 1. 33.
1634 Buried— Mr. Thomas Ally blaster,
gent. : St. PeterV Conihill, i. 181.
London, 5, o ; Philadelphia, o, i.

Albany.— Ci) Local,* de Albini,*
not the Scotch Albany. * William de
Albini attended William the Con-
queror. Wace mentions him as
*' the butler d'Aubignie " ' (Lower).
Hence the Earls of Arundel.

Hugh de Albany, Earl of Arundel,
temp. 1313, CO. Norf. : PF. i. 504.

Godfrey Giffard, rector of Atileoorough,


CO. Norf., temp. Hen. Ill, presented by
Hugh de Albany : ibid. p. 533.

Nigel de Albini, tenant in capite, co.
Bucks: Donieadav.

William de Albini, or D'Aubigny, pin-
cema regis : PF. ix. 43, 44.

William de Albania, or Albany, co.
Notts. Hen. III-Edw. I. K.

Walter de Albenay, ca Line., ibid.

(a) Bapt. *the son of Alban,'
popularly Albany. This form has
survived in some districts till to-

Albany Holmes, farmer, Pamley, near
Ottley : West Rid. Court Dir., p. 333.

Albany Wade, of Dothand, co. ^lortb-
uroberland, 1663 : KKK. iv. 314.

Albany Fertherston, of Kirkhaugh,
Northumberland, 1663 •' il>id. p. 319

i6a6. John Hawthorne and Mary
Albanie : Marriage Lie ^London), ii. 167.

Philadelphia, 4.

Albert, Allbright, Allbred,
Albright.— Bapt. * the sou of
Albert,* from Ethelbert or Adel-
bert; German Albrecht; v. also
Allbright for further instances.

Aylbreda de Cheyny. A. iL 463.
Aylbridit le Turner. A
Albreda de KanviUe. T.
Albred de la Haye. T.

The Albrechts of the London
Dir. are all of late German immi-
gration. Also the Albrechts of

Walter Albard, ca Soma., so Bdw.
Ill : Kirby*s Quest, p. 184.

1607. William Albright, Magd. Hall:
Reg. Univ. Oxf. iii. 272,

iTondon, 7, o. o, o ; Ulverston, 0.1,0^
o ; Boston (Aubrightj, i ; Philadelphia,

Albery, Albury.— (i) Bapt.
*the son of Albraj',' probably
Aubrey, (a) Local, ♦ of Aldbury,'
a parish in co. Hertfordshire,
three miles from Tring , v. Albury
for other instances.

WUleUnus Dyan et Albray uxor ejus,
1379 : P. T. Yorks. p. 42.

Albreda' de Hill, vidua (?). >379 : ibid.

Albray Rayson, vidua, 1370 : ibid. p. 4i*

1683. Bapt.— Samuell, a William Al-
bury : St. Mary Aldfermary, p. 109.

Albin.— Bapt. *the son of
Albin * or ♦ Alban * : pet form Al-
bany, q.v.

Albin le Porteur. N.

Albinus de Supelford, ca Camb.,

Al'binus le Alblaster, C. R., 33 Edw. L
Earlier still, in 1969, we find one

Digitized by



■ I - - ■ L ■-

Albin de Dereby forbidden to dwell
within the precincts of London
city : WWW. p. 135.

For other examples see next

1664. Bapt.— Mary. d. Hugh Albin:
St- Jas. Clerkenwf IL 1. 221.

ijS6. Married— Benign Albin and
Loatsa Charlier: St. Geo. Hao. Sq. i.

London, 3 ; Philadelphia, i.

Albinson, Albeson, Allbe-
Bon, Albason.— Bapt. *the son
of Albin,' or * Alban ' ; v. Albin.

Isabella fil. Albin, co. Canib., 127^ A
John fil. Albini, co. Camb., ibid.

The following entry has probably
no connexion with Alberston :

1790. Married— James Barlow and Jane
Alberson : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 40.

With this variant cf. Patterson
for Pattinson.

Manchester, 2, i, 1, o ; Philadelphia, o^

Albon, AlboDe.— Bapt. *the
son of Alban * ; v. Allbon.

1787. Married— James Albon and Ann
Pook : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 401.
London, i, i.

Albury, Albro.—Local, 'of
Albury/ or * AkJborough,' parishes
in cos. Norfolk, Suffolk, York
rW.R.), York (E.R.), and Hert-
ford ; V. Eldborough.

DaviddeAldebury, CO. Salop, 1273. A,

Stephen de AJdebury, co. Oxf., ibid.

William de Aldebiry, co. Oxf., Hen. III-
EdW. I. K.

Richard de Aldebargh, ca Bedf., ao
Edw. I. R.

1809. Married— William Alberry and
Esther Kemp : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 420.

London, 2, o; New York, o^ 13 ; Phila-
delphia, o, 4.

Albutt, Allbutt—Bapt * the
son of Albot,* probably a popular
form of Albrecht; v. Albert.

John Albot, co. Devon, 1273. A.

Aujfustin Albot, co. Hunts, ibid.

Roger Albot, co. Bedf., ibid.

_ and
Chap. Mayfair,
p. 198.

London, i, 0: West Riding Court Dir.,
o^ 2 ; Philadelphia, o^ 1.

Alcobk, Aleoook, Alloook,
Alcookaon.— Bapt. * the son of
Allen/ from the pet fonn AJli-


cock or Allcock ; v. Cock, and cf.
Wilcock, Jeffcock, Simcock. * The
same holds one messuage which
formerly belonged to Matilda Al-
coke, doghtyr.* *The same holds
one tenement which formerly be-
longed to Alcoke of Hynganderode' :
Rental of Halifax (1439% Cotton
MSS, Vespasian ; F. 15, Brit. Mus.

Alcok de Stonys, co. Derbys., 1273. A.

Johannes Alcokson, 1379 = P- T. Yorks.
p. 124.

Alcociis de Stublay, 1379: ibid. p. 202.

Willclmus Alcok, 1379: ibid. p. 152.

John Alcoc, CO. Camb., 1273. A.

1^78. Married— John Booth andSicelye
AUicocke: Prestbnry Ch. (co. Chester),
p. 63.

1585. — John Alycocke and Mawde
Lcighe : ibid. p. S$.

Humfry Alcokson, sup. for B.A., Oct.
ro, 1552 : Reg. Univ. Oxf. i. 219.

1637. Richard Hatton and Ellenor
Alcocke: Marriage Lie (London\ ii. 191.

Mr. Lower says this name is a
dim. of Hal, the nick, of Henry.
The evidence is against this view ;
V. Allkin. There is clear proof
that the original form was Aly-
cock, and that this was abbreviated
to Al-cock. Allen would readily
take the nick. Ally or Aly, and the
suffix -cock was added as a matter
of course. The important point is
to remember the enormous popu-
larity of Allen in the 13th and 14th
centuries, and the absolute cer-
taiiity that both nick, and pet forms
would be in everyday use.

Cecilia Allicok, 1379: P. T. Yorks.
p. 124.

Henry Alycock, rector of Colney, co.
Norf., 1481 : FF. v. t.

' In 1493, Thomas Alicok gave 10 niarks
to buy a cope' : ibid. iv. 128.

1692- Thoman Abbott and Frances
Allicock : Marriage Lie. (London), ii. 313.

London, 9^ a, 3, o ; New York, i, o, i, a

Aldam.— Local, *of Aldham,'

Alden, Aldin, Aldine.—Bapt.
* the son of Aldwin * ; Le. Aylwin,
with intrusive d, * This town (Shel-
ton, CO. Norf.) in the Confessor's
time belonged to Bishop Stigand,
and was held of him by Aldwin, or
Ailwin*: FF. v. 263. The sur-
name was common in the 13th
century, but, like every other of the
numerous compounds oUwin, settled


into -cHy 'ittf and -ing ; cf. Golden,
Goldin, Goulding. Audenshaw, a
division of Ashton- under- Lyne, was
originally Aldwinshaigh, i.e. the
wood of Aldwin.

William de Aldwinshaw, 1422 : Batnes*
Lane. i. 4A0.

Adam ae Aldewyneshawe, co. Lane.,
20 Edw. I : R. p. 23a

Aldwina de Blancpain, Heti. III-Edw.
L K.

William Aldjm, co. Soms., i Kdw. Ill :
Kirby's Quest, p. 104.

Richard Aldewyn, co. Wilts, 1273. A.

Alexander Aldeyn, co. Oxf., ibid.

Robert fil. Aldun, co. Oxf.. ibid.

Reginald Aldyne, <». Norf., ibid.

Alan Aldw^ne, co. Camb., ibid.

1678-^. Philip Aldwin and Susanna
Weekes: Marriage Lie. (Westminster),
p. 294.

London, 4, i, 3 ; New York, 22, o, 2.

Alder.— Local, *at the alder-
tree ' ; cf. Ash, Nash, Birch, Rown-
tree, &c. ; from residence thereby:
The plural is found in the two
entries following : —

Thomas in the Alren, co. Soms., i Edw.
Ill : Kirby's Quest, p. 182.

Henry in the Alren, co. Soms., i £dw.
Ill : ibid. p. 259.

* Aldren « elders * : HalliwelL

Richard atte Aire, co. Soms., i Edw.
in : Kirby's Quest, p. 220.

John atte Aire, co. Soms., 1 Edw. Ill :
ibid. p. 221.

Robert in the Aire, co. Soms., i Edw.
Ill : ibid. p. 265.

Thus the din Alder is excrescent,

1605. Buried — Isaacke, a. Henrie
Alders : St. Tas. Clerkenwell, iv. 89.

162 1. — Marj^rett, wife of Richard
Alder : ibid. p. 154.

1743,— Eliz. Alder: St. Thomas the
Apostle (London), p. 156.

London, 13 ; Philadelphia, 3.

Alderman.— Official, *the al-
derman,' probably used sometimes
personally ; cfl Bateman,Tiddyman,

Aldermann' de Bretford, co. Snstei^
1273. A.

Jukel Alderman, Sheriff of London,
1104: WWW. p. 187.

Jacob Alderman, Sheriff of London,
IICK): ibid. p. 188.

Robert le Alderman, co. Norf., 1273. A.

Benjamin Aldermannus, co. Sussex,

Thomas Alderman, rector of St But-
tolph, Norwich, it88 : FF. iv. 442.

1691. Bapt— Thomas, son of Joseph
Alderman : St Tas. Clerkenwell, i. 341.

London, 5 ; IHitladelphia, 2.

j^deraey.— Local, <of Alder-

Digitized by


sey/ a township in the pArish of
Coddifigton» near Chester. This
is settled beyond controversy by
the following entries : —

Ralph Alden^, of CheMer, alderman,
iw : Wills at Chtater (i54<;-i6au>. p> 3.

Thomas Alderaev, of Middle Aldersey,
Cbediire, 1588 : ibid.

'Hafh Aldcrsey, of Aldeney, yeoman,
i6ii5 : fljid. (1610-50). p. 3.

1588-9. John Aldersey. co. Ches.:
Reg. Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. il. p. 168.

1030-1. Robert Eyre and Anne .'\lder«
•ey: Marriage Lie. (London), ii. 301.

1635. Thomas Blechynden and Mar-
garet AlderBey : ibid. p. 334.

The grandfatherof Anne and Mar-
garet Aldcrsey was * John Alder-
sey, of Aldersey, CO. Chester,' who
married Anne I^w, sister of Sir
Thomas Low, alderman of London.
Their father was Samuel Aldersey,
of London, haberdasher : v. Visita-
tion of London, 1633-4, p. 8.

Liverpool* a ; MDB. (Cheshire), J.

Alderson.— Bapt. 'the son qf
Aldus ' (v. Aldhous), a once familiar
personal name. Aldus-son would
soon settle down into Alderson.

1554. John AldesoQ : Rjeg. Univ. Oxf.
voL li. pc' ii. p xiv.

1591, John Alderson, of London : ibid,
p. 185.

i6ao. BapL-^Richard. son of Richard
Alderaoo : St. Jas. Clerkenwell, i . 88.

Hist, of Newcastle^n-Tyne, I 333.

London, 11 ; West Rid. Court Dir., 7 ;
Phttodelpbia, 3.

Aldham, Aldam.— Local, ' of
Aldham/ probably an early form of
Oldham, co. Lane, on the borders
of Yorkshire. There are, however,
parishes of this name in cos. Essex
and Suffolk.

Adam de Aldam, 1379: P. T. York&
p. 17.

Isabella de Aldam, 1379 * ibid. p. 6a.

John Aldham, of Shimpling, co. Norf.,
"."i^: FF. i. 13a.

1607. Married— Richard Aldam and
* Agnes Over : St. Michael, Cornhill, p. 18.

1671. Richard Kingsinill and Eunice
Aldham : Marriage Lie iFacohy OfficeX

London, a, o ; West Riding Court Dir.,

Aldhouse, Aldhoiui, Aldis,
Aldous, Aldus, AIIdl88.~Bapt.
'ithe son of Aldus' ; not local, as
Sieveral of its corrupted forms would


" - ■ - —

seem to prove. These are simply
imitative. The documentary proofe
are extremely- strong. Norfolk has
been a long-established home for
this name, both in its fontal and
patronymic character.

William fil. Aldose, co. Notts, 1273. A,

Cecilia 111. Aldus, co. Oxf.. ibid.

Aldus Waveloc, co. Camb.^ ibid.

Hu?o 61. Aldus, CO. Norf., ibid.

Hugo fil. Alduse, CO. Norf. Ibid.

Johannes Aldus, 1379 : P.T.Yorks. p. 1 13.

Alan Haldehous, 1379 • ^^^^ P* ^'^•

Walter Aldous, rector of Wrening-
ham, CO. Norf.. 1393 : FF. v. laa

Robert Aldhouse, rrctor of Narborghi
CO. Norf., 1355 : ibid. vi. 165.

London, o. i, 4, la a o : New York,
I, «. 1, o, o, o; Boston (U.S.), o, o. o. 1,
3, Oj Crockford, i, o, i, 1,0,0; M£>B.
^Suffolk), o, o, o, 3, o, 1.

Aldith, Awdith.— Bapt. ' the
son of Aldith,' an early form of
Edith (1).

Alditha uxor Willelmi Anfuerer, C R.,
42 Hen. IH.

Adam fiL Aldtth, co. Oxf., 1273. A.

William fil. Aldtth, co. Wilts, ibid.

John Aldit, CO. Hunts, ibid.
; 1588L Bapt.—Hrllen, d. of Edwarde
> Awdeth : St. Jas. Clerkenwell, 1. aa

Aldred^AldriecL - Bapt. <the
son of Aldred.* This personal name
died out soon after the surname
epoch, and instances of its occur-
rence as a fontal name are scarce.

Aldred fil. Roger. T.

Aldred Ander, co. Camb., 1273. A.

Nicholas Alrede, co. Soms., i £dw. Ill :
Kirl)y*s Quest, p. 08.

Waiiam Aired, co. Soma., 1 Bdw. Ill :
ibid. p. 17^

l<^SO*l. William Hawke and Magdalen
Alared : Marriage Lie. (LondonV 1. 13.

1603. Henrv Aldred, vicar of Rnshall,
ca Norf. : FF. v. 343-

London, 9, o ; Boston (U.S.), a, i.

Aldrioh, Aldridge. — Bapt.
<the son of Alderich.' Although
wearing a local guise, it is easy to
see that Aldridge belongs to the
baptismal class.

William Ailrich, co. Some, i Edw.
Ill : Kirby's Quest, p. 243.
lohn fil. Aldrech. C.
John Aldrich, co. Camb., 1273. A
John Alrich. 1313. M.
Kobertos Aidrech, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.

John Aldryche, bailiff of Yarmouth,
1469: FF. XI. 335.

1600-10. Pteter Aldrich and Catherine
Rowell : Marria^^e Lie. (London^ i. 318.

* Robert Aldnch, or Aldridge (d. 155^
, 8ch(^ar and divine, was bom at Bumbam,


in Backingharosbire, towards the cloae of

the 15th oentttry ' : Diet. Nat. Btog. i. 35a.

London, 4, 43 ; Philadelphia^ 13, 13.

Aldwinokla—Local, ' of Aid-
winkle,' a parish three miles from
Thrapstou, co. Northampton.

Henry de Audewinkle, co. Nortbampt.,
Henry fll-Edw. 1. K.

i6a8. Married—William Allwinckle
and Mary King : St. Dionis Backcharch
(London), p. 20.

1654. Buried— Sarah Alwinclt an
auncient widd: St Jas. Clerkenwell, iv.

p. 5<M«

1655. — El is. Alwincle, an ancient
wyd(lowe : ibid. p. 304.

Londoni i.

Aldworth.— Local, 'of Aid-
worth,' a parish in co. Berks, near

John Aldeworth, co. Oxf., 1273. A.

I ^7-8. Francis Feilde and Assies
Aldeworthe : MarriageLic.(London),i. 168.

1^95. John Aldworth, co. Clone : Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vol. ii. pt. fi. p. Jlo.

London, 2 ; Philadelpiiia, 3.

Alelbunder. — Official, <the
alefounder,* an inspector ap-
pointed by the Court Leet to as*
size and supervise the brewing pf
malt liquor. Another term for this
office was ale-conner. A poem' of
James Ts reig^ says —

* A nose he had tliat gan show, '

What liquor he lovi^i I trow ;
For he had before k>ng seven years
Been of the towne the ale-conner.*

A confirmaHoH by John, Abbot of
Cockerham, Lancashire, i Ric. Ill,
says, in regulating the price of beer,
* Yai sail gyf Ale-fwnders a fwnd-
ing galon or else a taste of ylke
vessell,' &c. ; Baines* Lane. ii. 588.
This word is neither in Halliwell
nor in the Hist. £ng. Dictionary ;
c£ * fondyn, or asayyn — atUmpto*
Prompt. Parv. p. 169. Way adds
in a note : * A.S. fandian, tentart*
Lower quotes as follows from the
Norfolk Chronicle^ Aug. 19. 1854:
' At a Court Leet, or Law Di^ . . .
of the Borough of New Buckenham,
the sub-bailiff, affiers, searchers,
and sealers of leather, examiners
of fish and flesh, alcfounders, in-
spectors of weights and measures,
and a pinder were appointed*:
Patr. Brit p. 5. Again Lower
quotes from Three Eariy Metr.
Rom. (Camden Soc.), p. xxxviii, as

Digitized by





follows : * In the records of the
manor of Hale in the xvth cent,
one Thomas Layet is mentioned
as being fined ... for having con-
cealed ih^ founding pot (quia con-
celavit le fowundynge pot), s^f.*
Evidently the official term as well
as the surname were in existence
in Norfolk till a very recent i>eriod.

Mary AlfoQnder. PP.

Richard Alrfoander. Z.

William Alefoander was rector of
Birchamwell in 1374 : PP. vu. 205.

'There ia a brass in Bast Berj^holt
Church to Robert Alefoander in the
middle of the last century * : N. and Q.,
June II, 1887. p. 474.

1671. Buried— Sarah Elfoander : St
Michael, C«mhil!, p. 3.^.

1746. — John, son of John Alefoander:
ibid. p. 208.

'John Alefounder(d. ITQS), portrait and
miniature painter, studied at the Royal
Academy, and ^ined a silver medal in
178V &c. : Diet. Nat. Bioj. i. 354.

MDB. (SuflfolkX I.

Aletuimer.— Occup. <the ale-
tunner,* one who filled tuns or
casks with ale ; v. Turner and

Walter le Aletunnere, C. R., 16 Edw. I.
Alexander.—- Bapt. < the son of
Alexander * ; v. Saunders. This
personal name is common to ail
Europe, and in England was an
early favourite. Stories of pro-
digious achievements, many of
them miraculous, caused it to be
immensely admired. Miss Yonge
(i. 199-903) quotes Chaucer as

* Ah'naundres sforie is commune,
That everie wight that hath discrecion
Hath herde somewhat.*

' AljTsaunder, propjrr name Alexandgr'-.
Prompt. Parv.

Geoffrey fil. Alexandri, co. Oxf., 1273. A.

Alexander le Syre, co. Hunts, ibid.

Custance Alexandre, co. Camb., itstd.

Henricns Alisanndre, 1379: P. T.
Torks. p. 189.

John Alysaunder, of Attlebunrh, co.
Nori;i5o8: FP.i.S3a

1614-^. George tsarrume and Barbara
Alexander : Marriage Lie. (London^ ii. 30.

1617. Bapt.— Prands, d. Ptter Alex-
ander : St. fas. Clerkenwell, i. 79.

London, 89; Philadelphia, aoi.

Alford, Alforth.— Local, <of
Alford.' Parishes in cos. Line, and
Somerset, and no doubt smaller
spots in various counties, as mean- 1

For the form

ing ' the old ford,
Alforth, V. Forth.

Robert de Aldeford, 1184: Annates
Cestrienaes, p. 33 (Lane, and Chea. Rec.

John Alforde, co. Soms., 1 Edw. Ill :
Kirbv*s Quest, p. 316.

John de Aldeford. co. Hereford, 1273. A.

1634. Thomas Alford, of co. Wilts,
and Bennett (i. e. Benedicta) Berisford :
Marriage Lie. (London), iL aig.

1763. Married— Thomas Ruston and
Betty Alford : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 123.

London, 14, i ; Philadelphia, 10, o ;
Boston, 5, o.

Alfred, Allured.— Bapt. * the
son of Alfred,* or * Alured.* This
latter form is still found as a sur-
name, although Alfred has long
been the accepted orthography of
the fontal name. It is curious that
Alfred has so few representatives
in the directories. Where Allen
occupies columns, Alfred occupies

Alphred Hock, co. Devon, 1273. A.

Alured de la Dene, cos. Kioex and
Hertf., Hen. III-Edw. I. K.

Robert Alured, co. Oxf., 1273. A.

William Alured, ca Camb., ibid.

Stephen Alfrad, co. Oxf., ibid.

Michael Alfred, co. Bncka, ibid.

Thomas Alfred, vicar of Moulton, co.
Norf., i4«4 : PF. xi. 109.

John Alfred, co. Soms., i Edw. Ill:
Ktrby's Quest, p. 127.

161^. Thomas Alurrd and Mary Jones:
Marriage Lie (LondonX i«- 50-
^}^^M A".*^'*^ Clare and Everell
Allured : ibid, pi ao.

London, 3, i ; Philadelphia, 2, a

Alfrey, Allfrey, Allftree,
Alflpee.~Bapt * the son of Alfrey,'
i.e. Alfred. Alfried, Alfred, Alfrey;
cf. Godfrey, Godfried, Humfrey,
Humfreid : Yonge, i. pp. Ixviii and

Elferus Tannator, co. Sussex, 1^73. A.

Ricardus Alfray, 1379 •' PT. Yorks. p. o.

Thomas Alfray, 1379 : ibid.

Haldefrusfil. Hugh. Hen. III-Edw. t. K.

1666. Mickepher Alphrey and Mary
Wood: Marriage Alleg. (Canterbury^
p. 117.

1679. Sampson Winckworth and Maiy
Alfrey : ibid. p. 297.

«.^**"A°^'.'» .^« ^ ° '• Crockford, o, o^ 5, o ;
Philadelphia, o, o, o, I.

Algap, Alger, Blgar.— Bapt
* the son of Algar,' or • Alfgar.* In
Domesday commonly found as
Algar. It is also met with alone
without surname attached in the
Hundred Rolls, iL 479. This sur-

name is a familiar one as Algar in
CO. Norfolk. It is early found there
both as a personal and a surname.
Algar, although forgotten now, was
ey^dently popular in its day and
generation ; cf. the place-name
Algersthorp, co. Norf.

Alf^r le Savener, co. Camb^ 1373. A.

Elena fil. Algar, co. Camb., ibid.

Ayelyine Algar, co. Camb., ibid.

John Algar, co. Oxf., ibid.

Alicia relicta Algor, co. Camb.. ibid.

Eyigar de Berwe, ca Sussex, ibid.

Algar West, co. Oxf., ibid.

Walter Algar, co. Soms.: Kirby^t
QuMt, p. 97.

Algar de Snmmertun, Norwich, c 1160 :
PP. iii. 60a

Alrar de Flegg, co. Norf., temp. Henry
II : ibtd. xi. 194.

Roger Algor, co Norf., c 1300 : ibid.
IV. 285.

1767. Married—Charles Allger and
Sarah Davis : St. Geo. Han. Sq. i. 7a

London, 4, 2, 4 ; MDB. (NorfolkX 5. o,
o ; Boston (U.S.j, o, 15, i.

Alison, Allison.— <i) Bapt.
* the son of Alice.'
Richard fil. Alice, co. Oxf., ia7<. A.
Nicholas fil. Alicie, co. Camb., ibid.
Isabel fil. Alice, co. Oxf., ibid.

iohn Alicesone. RR. i.
Lichard Alsesone, co. Soma., i Edw.
Ill : Kirby's Quest, p. 249.

(a) Bapt. 'the son of Alice/ from
the popular dim. Alison ; cf. Marion
from Mary, Gibbon from Gib (i. e.
Gilbert), Beaton from Beatrice,

* This Alison answered : Who is there
That knockethso?*

Chaucer. C T. 3788.

• Item.— To Syrokyn, and Watkyn. and
Alison Meek, servandes of John ofBolton,
to ilk one of yaim, 26s. Sa.* : Test. Ebor.
iii. a I (Snrtees Soc.).

Alisceon de Tuxforth, co. York. "W. 2,

Alison Gelyot. H.

Alison Wrangwish, co. York. W. 11.

Johannes Alysson, 1379 • P* T. Yorks.
p. 106.

1590. Bapt.— Mary,d. Abraham Allyson:
Stjas. Clerkenwell, L a3.

Thomas Alysson, rector of Melton
Constable, co. Norf., 1447 : FF. ix. 496.

(3) Bapt. *the son of Allen,' .
corrupted from Allenson. Such a
corruption was bound to take place ;
cf. Pattinson and Pattison. There
can be no doubt many of our Alli-
sons are traceable to this source.
For early instances, v. Allenson.

1617-8. Leonard Allensone and Chris-
tian Suvelly: Marriage Lie (LondonX
ii. 57-

Digitized by





tdiS. William AHeson and Bits.
Brooaier : Marriage Lkr. (LondonX ii. 6a

Allison has ramified very strongly
in the United States.

London, 3, i^: West Rid. Court Dir.,
o, 6 ; Phaadelphia, o, 86.

Alker.— Local, 'of Altcar/ a
village six miles from Ormskirk,
CO. Lancaster. This surname is
rarely found outside the county.
Its origin is easily proved by the
following instances : —

Marvarpt Alcar, of Ormskirk. widow^
i6u : Wills at Chester ri54<-i6ao). p. %.

H#>ctor Alkar, of Ormskirk, webtUr,
i6^: ibid.

William Alker.ofBDrscoofrli, i6.V): ibid.

Mancheater, 4; Liverpool, a; Boston
(U.S.X I.

AUdns, V. AlUdntf.

Allamand.— Local ; v.AUman,
and cf. Lallimand.

1^ Oliver Alroonde, co. Oxf. : Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vd. ii. pt. ii. p. 83.

i^Qs. Roger Allroonte, or Almoo : ibid.

London, 3.

Allaid, Allardflon . — Bapt .
' the son of Alard/ abbreviated from
Adelard ; v. Adlard.

Alard le Pleminge. B.

Alard le Barser. H.

Robert Alard, 1307. M.

Ralph fit Alard. temp. Hen. Ill : BBB.
p. 174.

Adam Adelard. 00. Carob., 1273. A.

Adelard, or Alard Baate, 1505: Reg.
Univ. Orf. L 40.

AloardasHe Camar,Hen.III-Bdw. I. K.

Alardos Plandr*, ibid.

Aylard atte Stte, co. Essex. 1273. A.

1541. Married— Robarte Walles and
EKc Aylarde : St. Dionis Backchurch, p a.

'Item, I be x daye paied to Alart
Plymer, the jeweller, etc* Jan. 1530:
PhvT PnrRe Bxp., Henry VHl, p. 16.

John Allardson, C R., 3a Hen. VI.

17^8. Bapt.~Ann, d. Edward Allard:
St. Jaa. Clerkenwell, i. 230.

London, 7, o ; Boston (U.S.), ao, a.

Allardyoe, AUardioe.— Local,
*of Allardyce,' an estate in the
parish of Arfouthnot, co. Kincar-
dine, N.B.

ijq$. Married— James Parqahar and
Helen Innes ; witnesses, Alex. Allardyce
and Gavin Yoang : StGeo. Han.Sq. ii. 130.

oxgang of land * : De Lacy Inquisition.
i3ii(Chfth. Soc.}.

ic8i. Robert Allatte, co. Line. : Reg.
Untv. Oxf. vol. ti. pt. ii. p. 9Q.

1587-8. William Albanie and Margaret
Allatt : Marriage Lie (LondonX i. 108.

London, i.

Allaway.ZSlaway. — Bapt. ; v.
AUvey, Alloway. This is a natural
variant, the intrusive a being
euphonic; cf. Greenaway, Hatha-
way, Ottaway, &c.

1608. Edward Allaway, co. Oxf. : Reg.
Univ. Oxf. vol.11 pt. ii. p. 301.

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