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Harrabin : St. Jaa. Clerkenwell, li. 193.

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■Tga Ifarrird — John Horrabin and
Sarah Bromfield : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 48.

It will be seen that the Bolton
Horobins first became Horrobin,
and then Harrobin, as they exist

Bolton (co. Lane), a, a ; MDB. (co.
DcrbyX 4, o; (co. Stafford), 11, o.

Horoden ; v. Hairaden.

Horridga.— Local, * of Hor-
wich,' a chapelry in the parish of
Dean, co. Lane A well- known

Nichoha de Horwich, 1397: Preston
Guild Rolls, p. 5.

lames Horridge. of OverDarwen, 1608:
Wills at Chester, 1 loi.

lames Horwich, of Over Daru-en, 1632 :
ibid. ii. 115.

Anthony Horridge, 1613: Reg. Univ.
"rf. vol, ii. p. 330.
' Messoage in Horrage, alias Horwich,

lately in the possession of Thomas Urm-
stone,* 1675: Exchequer Depositions,
CO. Lane, p. 51.

Manchester, 3; Bolton, i; Philadel-
phia, a.

Horrocks, Horrox, Hor-

rex.~ Local, 'of Horrocks,' pro-
bably the spot known as Horrocks-
ford Hall, in the parish of Clitheroe,
CO. Lane. The tendency of sur-
names to corrupt as they get
further from their native home is
shown in Horrox and Horrex
(London Dir.), which are unknown
in Lancashire ; cf. Dixon and

William Horrocks, of Rumworth, ca
Lane, 1584: Wills at Chester (1545-1620X

p. lOI.

Peter Horrocks, of Turton, co. Lane.,
1596: ibid.

James Horrocks, of Homich, co.Lanc,
i«>4: ibid.

177s. Married — William Horrex and
Ann raraonson : St Geo. Han. Sq. i. 258.

London, a, 1,2; Manchester, 28, o, o ;
Philadelphia, 25, o, o.

Horsoraft, Horscroft. —
Local, * at the horse-croft' — nothing
to do with farriery ; v. Craft,
Meadowcrafl, Haycraft, &c. Pos-
sibly in some cases a corruption
of housc-crofk, ' the field beside the
house.' This name occurs early :

Johannes de Huscroft, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. 106.

But * horse-croft,' the enclosure
for horses, is the true parent
John de Horscrofte, co. Essex, 1273. -A.


Elsewhere in the same record
he is found as John de Hoscroft
(v. p. 138), hence Oscroft, q.v.

*Richard.8onofDrogo, of St. Edmunds,
gave the monks of Castle Acre a yearly
rent of io«., to be paid out of the estatr^ of
Richard de Horse-croft, his villein * : PP.

London, i, o ; MDB. (co. SussexX o, i.

Horseflald ; v. Horsfield.

Horaegood.— Bapt ; v. Hose-

Horaeman, Horsman. —
Occup. or official, ' the horseman,'
either a mounted soFdier or a
keeper or breeder of horses; cf.
Hoblcr and Palfreyman.

Agnes le Horseman, co. Bucks, 1273. A.

Robert le Horsroan, co. Oxf., ibid.

Walter Horsman, co. Hunts, ibid.

Henry le Horsman, C. R., 10 Edw. I.

William Horssemanne, 1640: WV.
p. 502.

1589. Married — John Horseman and
Agnes Ward : St Jas. Clerkenwell, iii. 14.

1593. Buried — Abraham Horsman,
plague : St. Michael, Comhill, p. 204.

' ' 2 ; Acorob (York), i, o ;

New York, i, 2; Boston


Oxford, I, 2

(U.S.X o, 3.

Horsemonger.— Occup. * the
horsemonger,' a dealer in horses.

Leo le Horsmongere, ca Camb.,
1273. A.

Horsepool, HorspooL —

Local, 'of Horsepool,* a township
in the parish of Thornton, co.

1.562. Simon Horsepole and Elix.
Smithe : Marriage Lie. (London), i. 23.

1602. Married — > William Horspoole
and Marie Washington : St. Jas. Clerken-
well, p. 25.

1786. Married — John Horspool and
Sarah Chamberiain : St. Geo. Han. Sq.

' mDB, (co. Norfolk), 1,1; Oxford, o, i.

Horsey.— Local, * of Horsey-
next-the-Sea/ a parish in co.

1269. Thomas de Horseye, bailiff of
Yarmouth : FF. xi. 322.

Alicia de Horsey, co. Norf., 12711. A.

Mathew de Horseye, co. Nod., ibid.

lohn d« Horsy, co. Soms., i Edw. Ill :
Kirbv's Quest, p. 140.

lohn de Horsy, co. S<Mna, i Edw. HI :
ibtd. p. 182.

1622. Thomas Tavell, Aus^udman,
and Margaret Horsey: Marriage Lie
(London), it 114.

1676. Buried — Robert Horsey : St
Mary Aldermary, p. IQO.

London, 12 ; Philadefphia, 3.


HorsftUL— Local, 'at the hors-
fall,' probably the hoarse fall, the
loud, harsh cataract ; M.£. Mors,
horse, hoarse. But c£ Yorks. dial.
Hose, Horse, a deep vale between
two mountains (Hutton, Tour to
Caves), BXid faU, a valley, * hanger *
(Lucas, Nidderdale). The surname
has spread far and wide in cos.
York and Lancaster. The spot
itself seems to have lain in the
old parish of Halifax.

Ricardns del Horesfall (Stansfield),
1379: P. T. Yorks. p. 189.

Johannes Horsfall, 1379 : Ibid.

1661. Ellen Horsfall, of Lancaster:
Lancashire Wills at Richmond, i. 157.

1796. Married ^Thomas Horsfall and
Ann Newman : St. Gen. Han. Sq. ii. 144.

London, 2 : MDB. (North Rid. Yorks),
7; West Rid. Court Dir., 32; New
York, 4.

Horsfield, Horsefield. —

Local, ' at the horse-field,* an
enclosure for horses. The parent-
age is clearly NorUi English, but
I cannot find the spot. It will
probably be found in Yorkshire,
as 1 find no Lancashire records.
Cf. Horscraft.

1596. Bant — Dorothie, d. William
Horsefold : St. Tas. Clerkenwell, i. 31.

1795. Marriecf— Richard Thornton and
Blix. Horsefield : St Geo. Han. Sq. ii. i^.

Manchester. 8, 2; MDB. (West Rid.
YorksX 6, 3 ; London, 3, o ; Philadelphia,

Horsford.— Local, 'of Hors-
ford,* a parish in co. Norfolk, four
miles from Norwich. But ' the
horse ford' would naturally be
a common place-name, and several
spots may have given birth to the
surname. The surname in the
North of England springs from
Horsforth, a chapelry in the parish
of Guiseley, near Leeds ; v. Ford
and Forth.

Johannes de Horsford, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. 146.

Robertus de Horseforth, of Horseforth,
1379 : ibid. p. 202.

Alicia de Horseforth, of Horseforth,
1370: ibid.

Robertus de Horsford, 1379 : ibid. p. 223.

James de Horsford, curk, co. Norf. :
FF. ii. 272.

William de Horsford, burgess in Par-
liament for Norwich, 4 Edw. HI : ibid,
iii. 100.

1682-^. Ridley Horsford and Mary
Roe : Marriage Lie (London), ii. 304.

MDB. (co. Cornwall), 3 ; London, 5.

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Horsington. — Local, * of Hors-
ington,' parishes in diocs. Lincoln,
and Bath and Wells. The former
seems to have originated the sur-

lollan de Horwnton, ca Line, Hen.
m-Edw. I. K.

Gerald de Horsin{|rton, co. Line, ibid.

Gilbert de Horsington, co. Line,

Henry de Horsaington, co. Line, ibid.

1671. BJ^pt.— Jeaspcr, s. Jrssper Horae-
ington : St. Jas. Clerkenwell, i. 249.

1792. Married — John Lorraine and
Elix. Horsinflrton: St. Geo. Han. Sq.
ii. 86.

London, 2.

HoPSley.— Local, * of Horsley,*
parishes in diocs. of Glouc. and
Bristol, Southwell, Winchester,
and Newcastle - on - Tyne (cos.
Derby, Surrey, Northumberhind,
and Gloucester).

Robertas de Horsleflrh, co. Staff., 30
Edw. I. R.

Lucas Horselie, co.Som8., i Edw. Ill :
Kirby's Qaest, p. 156.

1546. Thomas Horseley and Margaret
Whytewell : Marriage Lie (London), i. 9.

1791. Married — John Horsley and
Mary Burton : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 53.

London, 17 ; Boston (U.S.), i.

Horsman ; v. Horseman.

Horsnail, Horsnaill, Hors-
nell. — ? Local. I give this up ;
but I feel sure it is of local origin.
Mr. Ferguson's idea, that it may
* refer to one who was as swift-
footed as a horse,' connecting it,
I presume, with snel (v. Snell),
quick, active, is not good enough.

1639. Francis Rolfe and Mar)raret
Horsnell : Marriage Lie (LondonX
ii. 246.

1644. Audrey, wife of George Horsnell,

CO. Norf. : FF. x. 4^4.
1650. Bapt. — Jonn,
Horsenell : St. Dionis Backchurch, p. i la

tin, son of Thomas

William Horssnaile, 1700: St. Ji
Clerkenwcll, p. 388.

1804. Married— William Horenaile, co.
Berks, and Elix. Wilson : St. Geo. Han.
Sq. ii. 399.

I^ndon, o, i, i ; MDB.(co. EssexX 3,0,0.

Horapool ; v. Horsepool.

Homtead. — Local, ' of Hor-
stead,' parishes in diocs. Chichester
and Norwich (cos. Norfolk and

Tohn de Horstede, co. Essex, 127^. A.

Nicholas de Horstede, co. Norf., ibid.

William de Horstede, co. Middlesex,
Hf n. ni-Edw. I. K.


John de Horstead, co. Norf., 15 Edw.
H : FF. X. 445-

Gerard de Horstede, rector of Wheat-
acre, CO. Norf., 1325 : ibid. viii. 65.

Ralph de Horstede, co. Soms., i Edw.
in : Kirby's Quest, p. a 16.

1786. Married — Thomas Nicholson
and Elis. Horstead : St. Geo. Han. Sq.

Londoo, I.

Horswell, Horswill.— Local,
* of Horsewell,* a West-country
surname. I cannot find the spot.
With the variant Horswill, cf.
Kerswill for Kerswell in the same

William Horsewell, 1514: Reg. Univ.
Oxf. i. 02.

London, i, o ; Plymouth, i, 3.

HoPton.— Local, *of Horton':
(i) a township in the parish of
Bradford, Yorks ; (a) a township
in the parish of Gisburn. Yorks;
(3) Horton-in-Ribblesdale, near
Settle, CO. Yorks. This surname
has strongly ramified in the United
States. From the earlier entries
it would seem that some other
spots similarly styled, parents of
surnames,existed in South England.

Thomas de Horton, co. Devon, 1273. A.
William de Horton, co. Kent, ibid.
Adam de Horton, co. Camb., ibid.
Emma de Horton, 1379 • F- T. Yorks.
p. 287.
Dionisia de Horton, 1379 : ibid. p. 190.

The latter was a resident in

1583-4. Roger Horton and Margery
Singer : Mama|;e Lie. (London), i. I3j.

1680. Married — John Horton and
Sarah Houg^hton : St. Michael, Comhill,
p. 43.

West Riding Court Dir., 12; New
York, 71.

HorwoocL— Local, 'of Hor-
wood,' parishes (Great and Little
Horwood) in co. Bucks; also
a parish so named in co. Devon.
I find but one representative in
United States directories.

William Horwode, co. Kent, ia7^. A.

Alex, de Horewod, co. Bucks, ibid.

Richard de Horewod, co. Bucks, ibid.

John de Horewode, co. Northampton,
20 Edw. L R.

1572. William Wall>'8 and Elis. Hor-
wood : Marriage Lie. (LondonX i. 54.

1633. Married — Isaac Harbor and
Cicelye Horwood : St. Jas. Clerkenwell,
iii. 56.

London, 20 ; MDB. (co. BucksX 6 ; (co.
De^ onX I ; Kew York, i.


Hose. — (i) Local, 'at the house,'
a retainer or servant at the house or
hall ; a variant of House, q.v. ; cf.

Geoffrey de la Hose, co. Wilts, Hen.
in-Edw. I. K.

Richard de la Hose, co. Northampton,

(a) Local, *of Hose,* a parish in
CO. Leicester, seven miles from
Melton Mowbray.

Hugh de Hose, co. Staff., Hen. III-
Edw.l. K.

Alan Hose, co. Norf., 1273. A.

1799. Married— Charles Hose and Sarah
Gnmsdale : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 209.

Mr. Lower says (Patr. Brit,
p. 163), * Hose, the garment' This
does not help much to the deriva-
tion of the name.

London, 3 ; New York, 3.

Hosegood, Hosgood, Horse-
good.— Bapt *the son of Osgod*:
V. Osgood. The aspirate got
into these names very early; cf.
Hoddy for Oddy, and such an
entry as this :

Rofferus Hosbame (Osborne), 1379:
P. T. Yorks. p. 108.

or earlier :

Alice Hosebem, co. Camb., 1273. A.

Hosegood and Hosgood are very
familiar names in the South-west
of England.

Walter Hosgod, ca Oxf.. 1273. A.

Robert Hosegod, co. Wilts, tbid.

London, 3, o, o ; Devon Trade Direc-
tory (FarrocrsX 5, It o; Devon Court
Dir., I, o, I.

Hosford.— Local, * of Horsford/
q.v. A variant
London, 2 ; New York, 5.

Hosier, Hosier.— Occup. 'the
hosier,* a manufacturer of hose,
gaiters, coverings for the legs.
Originally Hoser, the i creeping
ih for euphony; cL lawyer and
bowyer for lawer and bower,

William de Kekby, Aoser : Freemen of
York. i. 15.

William de Snayth, hosier', ibid.

Cristian le Hosyer, C R., %2 Edw. I.

Philip le Hosier, c 130a M.

Lawrence Hosyer. H.

Thomas Hosyer, 1379: P. T. Yorks.
p. 252.

1579. Married— Steven Hom-ssyer and
Agnes Webbe: St. Dionis Backchurch
(LA>ndonX p. 9.

London, 3, o ; Oxford, 5, o.

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HoBken, Hoskin, Hoskiiig,
Hoskins.— (i) Bapt 'the son of
Osmund/ or' Osgood/ or 'Osberne.*
There can be little doubt about this
derivation. The aspirate is com-
monly found in names beginning
with vowels ; ct Hoddy for Oddy,
or Hosgood for Osgood, or Hodson
for Odson. This being settled the
rest is easy. Oskin must be a
dim. like Wilkin or Watkin, and the
only question is, Was it a dim. of
Osmund, Osgood, or Osbeme? The
g in Hosldng is excrescent

Oaekin (without minuuDeX London,

Kobort Osekin, London, ibid.

(a) ? Bapt 'the son of Roger,*
from nick. Hodge, dim. Hodgekin,
corruptly pronounced Hotchkin,
then Hoskin, with excrescent £
Hosking. I merely suggest this
as a possibility. All evidence is in
favour of (i).

London, a, i, la, 14 ; MDB. (co. Corn-
wallX 7. »7. 9, o-

Hotohkin, Hotohkiss.— Bapt
*the son of Roger,* from nick.
Hodge, dim. Hodgekin, patron3rmic
Hodgekins, corruptly Hotchkiss;
cC Popkiss, Purkiss, &c For
instances of the more correct
f\'rms, V. Hodgkin.

77. Bapt.— Martha, d. Thomas Hotch-
kis : St las. Cln-kenwell, i. 378.

1690. Baried— Hannah Hotchkis : St.
Antholin*& Budffe Row, London, p. 106.

1799. Married— James Hotchkiss and
Eliz. Lovell : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 206.

1800. — Lambert Hotchkin and Han-
nah MiU : ibid. p. 406.

London, a, a ; MDB. (co. Hertford), o,
1 ; (co. SalopX o, 3.

Hoth.— Local, 'at the both,*
i.e. heath. ' Hoth, a heath. Laun-
fal, 250' (Halliwell). Cf. hoth, gorse
or furze (Parish, Sussex Dialect).
V. Heath.

iohn del Hoth, co. Norf., 1273. A.
tichard del Hoth, co. Norf., ibid.

Hothaxn.— Local, 'of Hotham,'
a parish in £. Rid. Yorks.

Robert dc Hotharo, co. York, 1273. A.

John de Hotham, bish<^ <m Ely, 19
Edw. I : FF. ii. 21 v

Johannes dc Hotharo, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. «.

1765. Married — Rer. John Hotham
and Susanna Mackworth : St. Gea
Han. Sq. i. 142.

MDB. (co. Kent), a ; (E. Rid. YorksX 5.


HothePsalL— Local, < of Hoth-
ersall,' a township in the parish
of Ribchester, co. Lane, near

Thomss de Hadresale, temp. Edw. IH :
Baines* Hist. Lane. ii. io7.

Alice Hoddersale, of Ribchester, 1560 :
Lancashire Wills at Richmond, i. 149.

Robert HothersalL of Hothersall,
husbandman^ 1587: ibid. p. 157.

€1 Hothersall, of Alston, yeoman^
rge Hothersall, of Grimsargh, 1665 :

1571. George Hathersall and Eliz.
Thomas, witlow'. Marriage Lie. (London^

William Hothersall, of Grimsarvh. co.
Lancaster, husbandman^ 1661 : Wills at
Chester (1660-80), p. 141.

Preston, 5; Boston (U.S.X i; Phila.
delpbia, i.

Houohen. Houchin.— Bapt.

' the son of Hugh,' from the dim.
Hugchon and Huchon, by and by
Hutchin. For instances, v. Hutch-
ins ; cf. Gibbon from Gilbert
(i.e. nick. Gibb, dim. Gibbon); v.
London, i, 5.

Hough, Houfe.— Local, <of
the hough.' The same word as
haugh or how^ a hill, a mound
(V. How). *A hollow or delL
North' (Halliwell). There is a ham-
let called Hough-end in the parish
of Bramley, near Leeds. Houfe is
a curious corruption, but not unlike
the instance below (v. also Huff).
Of the Cheshire and South Lanca-
shire Houghs nearly all hail from
Hough, now called < the hough,' a
portion of the parish of Wilnislow,
CO. Ches.

Willelmus de Huff, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.

1564. Married— William Honghe and
Ales Ayneswoorthe : Prestbury Ch. (co.
Choi.), p.^^13,


545-1 ^^

*i86o. Married— John Huff and Mary

i6id'. "Henry Hough, of the Hough,
Irish of Wilraslow: Wilb at Chester

.62o\ p. lOt.

Richman : St. Dionis Backchnrch, pj6.
West Rid. Court Dir., 4, o ; Sheflfield,
3, I ; Manchester, 8, o ; MDB. (co. Ches-
terX 8. o.

Houghton, Haughton,How-
ton.— Local, 'of Haughton/ or
' Halghton,' but found in a variety
of forms ; cf. Greenhalgh or Ride-
halgh, both North-English sur-



names, variants of which are
Greenough and Riddeough. We
also find Featherstonhalgh for
Featherstonhaugh. There are end-
less towns, villages, hamlets, and
small localities bearing the name
of Haughton or Houghton in
England ; v. Halgh and Haugh.

John de Haleghton, co. York, 1273. A.

Alexander de Houhton, co. Camb., ibid.

Richard de Howton, co. Line, Hen.
UI-Edw.L K.

William de Halghton, co. Northnmber-
land, 20 Edw. L R.

Matilda de Halghton, hufwyf, wthsUr^
1370: P. T. Yorks. p. 6».

Willelrons de Halghton, 1379: P. T.
Yorks. p. lot.

Thomas Houghton, of Houghton, 1621 :
Wills at Chester (i6at-soX p. 116.

Ellen Houghton, of Houghton, widow^
1647: ibid.

London, 36, 3, i.

Houlbrook; v. Holbrook, of
which it is a variant.
MDB. (West Rid. Yorks), i.
Houlden* -ing ; v. Holden.
Houlditoh ; v. Holditch.
Houldaworth; v. Holdsworth.

Hoide, Houl.— Local, 'at the
hole,' from residence in some steep
cavity; v. Hole, Holl, Hoyle;
cf. Hoult for Holt, Cowles for Coles
(v. CouU), Houlgate for Holgate,
Houldsworth for Holdsworth, &c

Willehnus Houle, 1379 : P. T. Yorks.

In the same village (Hands-
worth) were resident Henry att
Hoyle and Thomas att Hoyle.

1791. Married— Peter Hool and Eliz.
Lancaster : St Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 59.
London, 3, i ; Boston (U.S.), i, o.

Houlgate ; v. Holgate, of which
it is a variant.
MDB. (co. Derby), x.

Houlgrave, Houlgreave.—

Local, *of Youlgrave,' a parish in
CO. Derby, three miles from Bake-

Henry Hulgreave, of Halewood, 1607:
Wills at Chester (1545-16201 p. 103.

Ellen Hulgreave, of Halewood, 1613 :

MDB. (co. Lane), a, i.

Hoult.— Local, *at the holt,'
from residence thereby; v. Holt.
For similar instances, v. Houle.

Digitized by



t635> Joho Hoolt.oCTvUw: WUItM
Chester (1631-50), {k ii7.

163a Ralph HoalLorTiroperley: ibid.

1794. Married-John Turner and Mary
Honit : St. Geo. Han. Sq. iL iia»


Houlton. — A variant of Uolton,
q.v. ; cf. Houh for Holt
Lioadon^ 2.

Hcmndsfield, Hounafleld.—

Local, 'of Hounsfidd.' I cannot
identify the spot.

MDB. (CO. DerbyX a, 2 \ (West. Rid.
YorksX I. 5-

Hoimslow.—Local, < of Houn-
slow/ a parish in co. Middlesex,
nine miles from London.

MDa (00. Berks), i ; London, 3 ; Ox-
ford, 14.

House, Howse.— Local, 'at
the house/ from residence in some
large hall or mansion as servant
or retainer ; possibly it might repre-
sent the proprietor himselC

Geoffrey de la House, co. Hants, 1373. A.

William de la House, co. Hants, ibtd.

Richard de la Hose, co. Backs, ibid.

Jacob Hase, co. Soms., i Edw. Ill :
Kirby's (^aest, jx 79.

London, 15, 8.

HottseoarL— Offic. 'the house-
carL' A soldier, one of a paid
military force originally organized
by Cnut (Canute) : Freeman, N.C.
i.440; also see his Appendix, KKK.

Alexander Huskarle, Hen. IU-£dw.
L K.

Thomas Hoskarle, ibid.

Thomas Huscarl, co. Orf., 1273. A.

Thomas HascarJl, C. R., 14 Bdw. HI.
pt. i.

Household.— Local, 'of the
household/ an indoor servant.

MDB. (CO. Cambridge), 3 ; (ca SoflTolk),
2 ; Philadelphia, i.


— Occup. * the householder/ ' the
housekeeper.* I find no trace of
these names on English soil. I
cannot but think they are of
American origin.
Philadelphia, 6^ 7.

Houseley, Housley.— Local,

'of Houseley/ a spot in the W.
Rid. Yorks which I cannot find.
Probably it will be found in the
parish of Ecclesfield. v. Ouseley.
■ Johannes de Hooselay, marcAant eU
btsU*, 1379 : P. T. Yorks. p. 9.


iMhelU de HoMelay, xjTQ : tbU.
Sheffield, o, 2 ; West Riding Coort
Dir., I, 2 ; London, o, 3.

Houseman, Housman. —
Occup. 'the houseman/ the indoor
manservant; cf. Bowerman, Castle-
man, Housecarl. This surname,
early found in co. York, crossed
the border and settled in the
neighbourhood of Lancaster. A
well-known vicar of Lancaster
bore this name at the beginning of
the centuiy. Tviro hundred years
earlier the name occurs in local
wills; v. inCra. I find no repre-
sentatives in the district now.

Johannes Howsman, 1379 • P* '^•
Yorks. p. 376.

157^. Francis Hnsseman and Anne
Browne : Marriase Lie (L<ndon), p. 53.

1604. Leonard Howsman, of Warton :
Lanc^ire Wilb at Richmond, p. 158.

1622. James Hoaseman, of Lancaster,
ghv€r\ ibid.

163a Anthony Howseman, of Wacton :

London, 3, o ; Crockfofd, i, 2 ; Rigley
(CO. YorkX 3, o.

Housewife. — Occup. ' the
housewife/ a female occupier or
householder; v. Husband.

Rose Hosewif, co. Camb., 1273. A.
Richard Hosewif. Ck>se RoU, 30 Edw. I.
John Hosewyf. G.

Beatrix de Herlyngton, haswyf, wtb-
sitr^ 1379: P. T. Yorks. p. 64.

Housin ; v. Howson.

Hoiiston.— Local/ of Houston.'
Mr. Lower writes, *The ancient
knightly family so called originally
bore the name of Paduinan from
a place in co. Lanark, In the lath
cent. Hugh de P. acquired the
lands of Kilpeter, and built a resi-
dence there, to which he gave
the name of Hugh*s Town, now
Houston, CO. Renfrew. His de-
scendants of that ilk borrowed their
surname from it * (Patr. Brit p.
164). Like many another Scotch
name, it is well represented in the
United States.

1808. Married— Thomas Houston and
Eliz. Ladd : St. Geo. Han. Sq. il 390.
London, 5 ; New York, 34.

Hovell; V. Havill.

Hovenden.— Local, *of Hoven-
den.' I cannot find the spot.


Alan do Hov«den» 00. York, 1273. A.
London, s.

How, Howe, How«8» How8»
Howse.— (i) Bapt 'the son of
Hugh*; How, in South England.
' Howe, Hewe, propyr name,
Hugo ' : Rrompt Parv. (a) Local,
'of the howes.' How, a hill, a
mound; cf. Silver How and Fox
How in the Lake district of England.

* Lands in the Howes, which he bad
from his mother Alice del Howes ' (ext.
deed of grant by John de LerensX temp.
Edw. I : Hist. Westm. and ComK i. 89.

Roger del Howes, co. Camb.. I27x. A.
Richard del Howes, co. Camu, mid.
Letitia atte How, 13J3. M.
John de la How, CO. Norf. PF.
London, 19, 5J^ s8, 4, 8.

Howard. — There are two
distinct origins of the surname
Howard, one official, the other
baptismal; one representing the
once familiar office of Hayward
(<^.v.), the other representing the
still earlier personal name Here-
ward. Both of these names, totally
distinct in origin, had a determincid
bias towards the form Howard,
and in time reached it. The hog"
ward theory needs no arguments
to refute it. But I may say in
passing that our Hoggarts are the
natural descendants of the hp^-
herd, for that and not hog-wUrd
was his name. I vdll first deal
with the official name. ( i ) Official ,
'the hayward,' Le. the custodian
of the fences, from May or haw,
a hedge, and ward, a guardian.

El win le Heyvard, co. Nort, la^i. A.
Alice le Heyward, co. Hantsrland), 1,
a, o, o ; Philadelphia, o, 3, o, a.

Hudling.— Bapt <the son of

Richard,' from nick. Hud (v.

Hudd), and dim. Hud-elin; cf.

Hewling for Hugelin from Hugh.

Jordan Hudelin, co. Bedf., 1273. ^'

Agnes Hudelyn, 1379 : P. T. Yorks. p. 34.

Hudamith.— Occup. <the hud*
smith.' I cannot suggest a solution.
Perhaps a maker of huds or hobs.
* Hudstone, the hobstone. North '
(Halliwell). The word, used in con-
nexion with a fireplace, is alluded
to by Best, in his Rural Economy
of Yorkshire (1641) : 'They take
the stickes and sette them up on
ende, slanttinge against the hudde ;
and keep a good fire under them.'

Edmund Hudsmyth, 158a: Preston
Guild RollA, p. 46.

William Hudsrayth, 158a : ibid.

Ralph Hudsmytn, X58i : ibid.

Hudson ; V. Hudd.

.Hudt, Huett.— Bapt. * the son
of Hugh,* from the dim. Hughet or

■SOQ* Charles Huett and Mary Barn-
ham : Marriage Lie (London), i. a6i.

Humphrey Huett, of Wybunbury,i(5o5:
Wills at Chester (1545-IMO), p. 103.

Ann Huet, of Haslington, 1660: ibid.
(1660-80), p. 144.

Catherme Huett, of Doddleston, 1680 :

CC Huetson for Hewetson.

1805. Married— John Huetson and Ann
Swinnerton : St. Gea Han. So. ii. 324.

Manchester, 1,0; Philadelphia, 3, 4.

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Huey. — Bapt. < the son of
Hugh/ from the pet form Hughey ;
cf. Charley and Teddy for Charles
and Edward. Hew was as familiar
a form as Hugh (v. Hew). This
surname has ramified strongly
in Philadelphia. It is rare in

1588. William Haghie and Anne Keyn-
sham : Marriage Lie. (London), i. 174.

1706. Married — William Bray and
Saraih Hewey : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 15a.

London, i ; Philadelphia, 3a

Huff.— Local, *at the houg^ *
(q.v.), from residence thereby,
provindally pronounced huff; cf.
enough and enow, or the pro-
nunciation of Waff for the North -
English Waugh ; cf. Muff for

1605. Married — John Haffe and Johane
Barrowe : St Jas. CJerkeawell, itt. 30.

1803. — Thomas Huff and Mary Ann
Hall : St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 278.

MDB. (CO. Glooc.), 2 ; Manchester, i ;
Philadelpnia, 33.

Htlffgett.— Bapt. <the son of
Hugh,' from the dim. Hughet,
modified to Huggett, though

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