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Harvard Law School Alumni Roll

NOTE:— Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each mem-
ber graduated or left the School in the year in which his name ap-
pears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massa-
chusetts unless otherwise noted.


DUSTIN, CHARLES MOODY, first graduate from Harvard Law School;
son of Moody and Alice (Kingsbury) Dustin, of Claremont, N. H.;
attended Middlebury Coll. (Vt.) 1812; born July 4, 1797; studied law
Gardiner, Me.; died Thorndike, O., May 20, 1834.


GUSHING, CALEB, A. B. 1817; born Salisbury, Jan. 17, 1790, son of Capt.
John N. and Lydia (Dow) Cushing, died Newburyport, Jan. 2, 1879;
two years tutor in mathematics and natural philosophy at Harvard;
admitted to Essex county bar, 1822; representative from Newburyport
to General Court 1825, 1833-4, 1845, 1850-9; member of congress from
Essex North District, 1834; colonel of a regiment of volunteers which
he raised for the war with Mexico and later brigadier-general; minis-
ter to China, 1843; associate justice of Supreme Judicial Court of
Mass., 1852, leaving bench in 1853 to become attorney general in cab-
inet of Pres. Pierce; appointed by President Lincoln commissioner to
adjust claims pending with Mexico, by Pres. Grant minister to Spain,
and of counsel for U. S. at Geneva; married, 1823, Caroline, daughter
of Samuel Sumner Wilde, afterward associate justice of the Supreme
Judicial Court.

LYMAN, WYLLYS, A. B., Yale 1817, LL. B. 1820; died Burlington, Vt.,
Dec. 1, 1862.

MARSH, HENRY, A. B. Williams Coll. 1815; died La Salle, 111., June 4,

PROCTOR, JOHN WATERS, A. B. 1816, LL. B. 1820; died Peabody, Nov.
26, 1874.


HALI..ETT, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A. B. Brown Univ. 1816: died Bos-
ton, Sept. 30, 1862. District attorney for Mass., 1853.

PROCTOR, JOHN WATERS, A. B. 1816, LL. B. 1820; died in Peabody,
Nov. 26, 1874.

RAY, RICHARD, A. B. Columbia. 1817; bom Dec. 4, 1799, N. Y. ; died
Paris, France, March 21, 1836; ninth child Cornelius and Elizabeth
(Elmendorf) Ray, great-grandson John Ray, first to come to America
from Devon, Eng.


SEWALL, SAMUEL EDMUND. A. B. 1817; LL. B. 1820; born Bo.ston,
Nov. 9, 1799; classmate of George Bancroft, Emerson, Child, Caleb
Cushing and Stephen Salisbury; admitted to bar 1820; practiced sixty-
seven years, mostly office and estate business; defended many slaves
and was arrested once for such activity; succeeded in getting decision
in famous Med slave case, making a slave free if voluntarily taken to
a free state by his master; aided William Lloyd Garrison at first anti-
slavery speech made in Boston. 1830, and in 1820 aided in establishing
the Liberator; member New England Anti-Slavery Soc. of 1832; joined
Liberty party, in which he was a candidate for Governor; early
woman's suffrage advocate; member New England Woman's Club;
counsel for New England Hospital for Women and Children; died
Boston, Dec. 20, 1888, aged ninety years.


TUFTS, GEORGE AARON, A. B. 1818; son Aaron and Sally (Barker)
Tufts, born Feb. 22, 1797; died Dudley, Aug. 25, 1835; able advocate;
member House Representatives (Mass.); State Senator at time of death.

1820; born Middleborough; died Middleborough, Oct. 1, 1870.

WILLARD, JOSEPH. A. B. 1816, LL. B. 1820: born Cambridge, Mch. 14,
1798, son of Rev. Joseph and Mary (Sheafe) Willard, died Boston,
May 12, 1865. Admitted to bar, 1819; practiced in Waltham, Lan-
caster and Boston; appointed joint clerk with George C. Wilde of
Supreme Judicial and Common Pleas courts in 1839, clerk Superior
Court of Suffolk county, 1856; appointed clerk Superior Court for the
Commonwealth upon its organization and held office until his death;
author of: History of Lancaster and Life of Simon Willard; married,
Feb. 24, 1830, Susanna Hicklin, daughter of Capt. Isaiah Lewis.


BARTON, IRA MOORE, A. B. Brown 1819, LL. B. 1822; died Worcester,
July 18, 1867.

CARTER, CHARLES SHIRLEY, A. B. 1819; died Alexandria, Va., Jan. 11,

2 I1,\R\.\R1) LAW SrilOOL.

OAUri».\M>. SAMl'KL. A. H. 1 >nrtnioiitli ISKJ: di<-»l lOxttir, Mi., Keb. 2i,

CHOATK. Kl'in'S. A. U. Dartmouth 1818. L.U. D. Yale 1844, Dartmouth
anil Hiirviinl 1S45. Amh.-rst 1S48; born Kssex, Oct. 1, 1799, son of
l>iivl«l luul Miriam (Kostii) C'hoato. ilcsciniiant of John (Jhoate, made
rn-tnmn 1667. tlli-il Hiillliix. N. S., July 13. Ksr>9: tutor at Dartmouth
vm- ytar; in oIlUc of William Wirt, attormy Ki'iural of U. S. , 1821;
jiilmltl.Hl to ti«»fX bar. 1SL';{; nii-mbir of Mas.s. llousi- of Kip. from
l>:inviTs. l.sjr>; stati- si-nator lSi;7; mi'Milx-r of coii^ii'.ss from lOssrx
1S31 lo 1834; suiii'i'ili'il Dankl Wilistor in l'. S. Sonalo 1841; appointi'd
attoriir> -KiMH-nil of tomnioiuvtalth ISfiS; diligati' lo Whig National
I'onvintion IS.'i'J; infmlu-r of Mass. Convention for ri-vision of consti-
tution isr.3; abandonod profi-sslonal lalxtr ls.'>8 in consequence of ill
heulih. mairuil. Mch. :!9. 18::ri, Helen, daughter of Mills Ulcutt, of
Hanover. N. H.

CUTTt:U. CHAHMOS WILL.1AM, A. B. 1818; died ChatHeld, Minn., Aug.
6. 1S&6.

EDWAKDS. AHKAHAM. A. B. 1819; born Boston. Sept. 7, 1796. son of
Abraham and Martha P^dwards, died Cambridge, Feb. 5. 1870; ad-
mitted lo Middlesex county bar, Sept., 18:i2; mayor of Cambridge,
184S; married Anne, (laughter of Josiah and Nancy Moore.

GAITHKK. HKNHY IluWAUD. born Washington Co.. Md.. Mar. 11, 1795;
died Mar. 22. 1S56, son of James and Elizabeth (Stewart) Galther.

GORDON. ADAM. A. U. Dartmouth 1817, DL.. B. 1825; died New Bruns-
wick, N. J.. May 6, 1861.

GOVK. CHAUl.KS KRKDERICK, A. B. Dartmouth 1817; died Nashua. N.
H.. Oct. 21, 1856.

LYMAN, WYLUYS. A. B. Yale 1817; DL. B. 1820; died Burlington. Vt..
Dec. 1. 1862.

McCDEAN. JAMES. ^ ^, ^

MELLEN. GRENVIDDE, A. B. 1818; born Biddeford, Me., son of Chief
Justice Prentiss Mellen, died New Y'ork. N. Y., Sept. 5. 1841; practiced
law in Portland and North Yarmouth, Me.; admitted to Suffolk bar,
Feb. 1, 1834; devoted himself more to literature than law and pub-
lished a number of poems.

PEABODY, OLIVER WILLIAM BOURN, A. B. 1816, LL. B. 1822; born
Exeter. N. H., July 9, 1799, died in Springfield, May 29. 1S47; admitted
lo bar 1822; register of probate Suffolk county, 1836 to 1842; became
professor of English literature Jefferson College. La., 1842, returned
lo Boston, 1845, and was licensed to preach by Unitarian Assn.; settled
as minister in Burlington, Vt.

PROC^'OR. JOHN WATERS, A. B. 1816; died Peabody, Nov. 26, 1874.

ROY. WILLIAM H.. A. B. Princeton 1818; died Mathews Co.. Va.. Jan. 5,

RUSSELL. JOHN SUMMERS; died New Bedford, Feb. 14, 1834.

TUFTS. GEORGE AARON. A. B. 1818; born Feb. 22, 1797, son of Aaron
and Sally (Barker) Tufts; died Dudley, Aug. 25, 1835; able advocate;
member House Representatives (Mass.); State Senator at time of death.

WALCOTT. SAMl'EL BAKER. A. B. 1819; died Boston, Dec. 4, 18o4.

WASHBl'RN, EMORY, A. B. Williams Coll. 1817, LL. D. Williams and
Harvard 1.S54: born Leicester. Feb. 14. 1800. son of Joseph Washburn
and descendant from John Washburn who lived in the Plymouth colony
in Us early days; died Cambridge, March IS, 1877; admitted to Berk-
shire bar. 1821; removed lo Worcester and became partner John
Davis; repre.sentalive from Worcester, 1826-7 and 1838, member of
senate 1841-2; appointed judge Court Common Pleas and resigned 1847;
governor Mass. 1854; appointed Bussey professor of law Dane Law
S<hool. 1856, resigned 1876; representative from Cambridge at lime of
his death- author of: Judicial History of Massachusetts, History of
Leicester. IVeatlse on the American Law of Real Property; Treatise
on the American Law of Easements and Servitudes.


CROSS ROBERT. A. B. 1819. son of Maj. William and Ruth (Stacy) Cross,
born Nfcwburvport. July 3. 1799; grandson of Col. Ralph Cross of
Revolutionary army— afterwards Gen. Cross of Mllllla; admitted to bar
In Essex Co Mass.. Dec. 1823; practiced at Newburyport and Ames-
bury; member legislature 1827-1832; Senator from Essex Dlst. 1842-44;
moved to Marshall, Mich.; 1849 returned to Mass., settled at Lawrence
where he died Nov. 9. 1859. ,„„„ j. ^ xr ,

EMERSON, ANDREW LEONARD. X. B. 1820. LL. B. 1823; died York,

EVERETT. '^j'oHN.' A. B. 1818; died Boston, Feb. 12, 1826; admitted to

FREEMAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, LL. B. 1825; died Arlington, Md., March

GOURDIN.*'jOHN GAILLARD KEITH. A. B 1821; died Aug 28, 1831.
HEDGE. WILLIAM KNEELAND. A. B. 1820. LL. B. 1823; died W.

Cambridge. Feb. 26, 1833; admitted to Suffolk bar, Mch. 5, 1828.
LANGDoV-ELWYN, JOHN LANGDON. A. B. 1819; died Portsmouth, N.

LLOYD. JOHN^'JANNEY. A. B. 1819; died Mt. Ida. Va.. June 3. 1871.

SNBLLING. GEORGE HENRY. A. B. 1819; bom Boston died Newport. R.
L, Jan. 18, 1892; admitted to Suffolk bar. May 12, 182o.


WILLIAMS, FRANCIS HENRY, A. B. 1820; died Boston, Sept. 19, 1840;

admitted to Suffolk bar, Jan. 13, 1824.

BARRAUD, OTWAY BYRD. son of Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, Va., born

in that place, 1802; practiced law in Petersburg and Norfolk, Va. ;

became member of board in charge of William and Mary's Coll. (Va.),

which institution he attended early in life; died Bremo, Va., May 4,

BARTON, IRA MOORE, A. B. Brown 1819; died Worcester, July 18, 1867.
CHAMBERS, BENJAMIN LEE; died at sea about 1838.
CLAY, THOMAS SAVAGE, A. B. 1819, born in Bryan Co., Ga., Feb. 19,

1801; became a wealthy rice planter in the Southern States; died Oct.

25, 1849.
DORR, WILLIAM BRADLEY, A. B. 1821; born Roxbury, died Boston,

Sept. 10, 1875; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct., 1824.
FREEMAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, LL. B. 1825; died Arlington, Md., March

on 1 8 fi Q

MASON, GEORGE MEANS, A. B. Bowdoin 1819; died Boston, Aug. 16, 1865.

OAKES, WILLIAM, A. B. 1320, LL. B. 1825; died E. Boston, July 31, 1848


WOODBURY, LUKE, A. B. Dartmouth 1820; died Antrim, N. H., Aug. 27,


FREEMAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, LL.B. 1825; died Arlington, Md., March
23, 1863.

HALYBURTON. JAMBS DANDRIDGE, A. B. 1823; died Richmond, Va.,
Jan. 26, 1879.

HARRISON, JESSE BURTON, A. B. Hampden Sidney; LL. B. 1825; bom
April 7, 1805, Lynchburg, Va. ; located at New Orleans, La., 1832, and
there practiced until death, January, 1841; gave much time to study
of languages and belles letters; spent five years abroad in travel and
study; contributed many valuable newspaper articles and wrote for
North American and Quarterly Reviews; author of Law Reports and
Cases in Superior Courts of Orleans and also of the Supreme Courts
of Louisiana from 1807 to 1835 (20 Vols.). Traced his ance'stry to
those of the Benjamin Harrison family.

HILLIARD, WILLIAM, A. B. 1821, LL. B. 1825; born Cambridge, Oct. 15,
1803, son of William and Sarah (Levering) Hilliard, died Boston,
Sept. 8, 1869; admitted Suffolk bar 1824, practiced in Boston; married
Elizabeth Newhall of Boston.

KEATING, THEODORE, A. B. 1821, LL. B. 1825; died Boston, Dec. 26,

LOWELL, EDWARD JACKSON, A. B. 1822, LL. B. 1825: born Boston,
died Waltham, Sept. 10, 1830; admitted Suffolk bar, 1825.

PAGE, NELSON, A. B. Hampden Sidney 1821, LL. B. 1825; died Carters-
ville, Va., Dec. 6, 1850.

PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, A. B. 1819, LL. B. 1825; died Brighton, Jan. 21, 1877.

WICKHAM, JOHN HENRY; died Hanover Co., Va., Nov., 1891.


BACHELDER, JOHN, A. B. 1823; died Reading, July 7, 1871.

LOWELL, EDWARD JACKSON, A. B. 1822, LL. B. 1825; born Boston, died
Waltham, Sept. 10, 1830; admitted to Suffolk bar, 1825.

PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, A. B. 1819, LL. B. 1825; died Brighton, Jan. 21, 1877.

POE, WASHINGTON; died Augusta, Ga., Oct. 1, 1876.

WELD, DANIEL, A. B. 1823; died Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1825.

WIGGLBSWORTH, EDWARD, A. B. 1822, LL. B. 1825; bom Boston, Jan.
14, 1804, died there Oct. 14, 1876: admitted to Court Common Pleas,
Boston, Oct., 1825, to Supreme Judicial Court, Jan. 10, 1828; practiced
a short time then entered father's business; active in literary and
charitable pursuits; descended from Michael Wigglesworth, born in
Eng., 1631, died Maiden, 1705.

WOOD, NATHANIEL, A. B. 1821; born Holden, 1797, died Fitchburg,
Aug. 2, 1876; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan. 12, 1827.


ARCHER, JOHN YELVERTON; died Bladensburg, Md., March 5, 1837.

BACHELDER, JOHN, A. B. 1823; died Reading, July 7, 1871.

CLARK, WILLIAM HENRY; died Baltimore, Md., Oct. 28, 1873.

CUSHTNG, LUTHER STEARNS, LL. B. 1826; born Lunenburg, June 22,
1803; admitted to Middlesex bar, March, 1827; editor of Jurist and Law
Magazine for several years; clerk House Representatives 1832 to 1834;
representative 1844; judge Court Common Pleas, 1844 to 1848; reporter
twelve volumes; author of: A Manual of Parliamentary Practice, Ele-
ments of the Law and Practice of Legislative Assemblies, Rules of
of decisions Supreme Court, 1S48 to 1853; during that time edited
Proceeding and Debates in Deliberate Assemblies.

DUMONT, JOHN THOMAS PHILIP, A, B. 1824; died Hallowell, Me., Oct.
6, 1S52.

MATCHETT, WILLIAM PERKINS, A. B. 1824; died Brighton, Dec. 7, 1834.

MUZZBY, ARTEMAS BOWERS, A. B. 1824; died Cambridge, Apr. 21, 1892.

PARKER, SAMUEL, A. B. 1824; died Middlesex Village, Oct. 7, 1882;
studied with Rufus G. Amorv. Boston.

PEGRAM. JAMES WEST, bom January, 1805, near Petersburg, Va.; killed
by explosion of steamboat boiler on Ohio river, Oct. 23, 1844; general
in war 1812; Congressman from Va. ; gave up law to become cashier
and finally president Bank of Virginia, at Richmond.


SEAVER. NORMAN. A. H. 182-'; Ixtrn Gniton. Apr. 7. 1802, son of Homan
anil Elizabeth (Wick) Seavor, dlt'd St. l^oiils. Mo., May 12, ISSS;
ailmitt.'d Mltiillescx bar, Oct., 1S27: nionibcr Boston Common Council,
182S; abandoiioil profession 1834; later member of mercantile tlrm,
Stone, Seaver <)« Bush; married, Dec. 1, 1829, Anna Maria, daughter of
Luther and L,ucv (BiRelow) Linwrence.

WELD, DANIEL, A. K. 1823; died Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1825.


AMES, SETH, A. B. 1825: born in Dedham, Apr. 19, 1805, son of Fisher and
Frances (WorthinfTton) Ames, grandson of Col. John Worthlngton of
Sprin.aftield; die<l I.<>ngwood, Aug. 15, 18S1; admitted Common Pleas
Court in Dedham, 1828, Supreme Court. Cambridge, Oct.. 1830, and
began to practice in Ix)well where he was tor a time associated with
Thomas Hopkinson; member I,owell board of aldermen, 1836-7-40,
representative, 1832, senator. 1841; city solicitor from 1842 to 1849:
was appointed clerk of courts for Middlesex county, 1849, and removed
to Cambridge; was appointed associate judge when Superior Court
was established. 1859, succeeded Charles Allen as chief .iustlce, 1S67;
promoted to Supreme Judicial Court, 1869, and removed to Brookline;
resigned his seat, Jan. 15, 1881; married. 18:'.(>. Margaret, daughter of
Gamaliel Bradford, (second). 1849, Abigail Fisher, daughter of Rev.
Samuel Dana, of Marblehead.

BIRCHETT. ROBERT. LL. B. 1827; died Petersburg, Va., Nov, 6, 1852,

BRUCE. JAMES COLER. A. B. Univ. N. C. 1825; died "Berry Hill," Hali-
fax Co., Va.. Apr. 19, 1864.

EMERSON, WILLIAM, A. B. 1818; died New York, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1868.

FAY. RICHABD SULLIVAN. A. B. 1825; born Cambridge. June 16, 1806,
son of Samuel Phillips Barrett and Harriet (Howard) Fay, died Liver-
pool. Eng.. July fi. 1865; associated in practice with Jonathan Chap-
man and Franklin Dexter: abandoned law in 1835 and devoted himself
to the management of manufacturing corporations; married, May 30,
1S.';2. Catherine, daughter of Dudley L. Pickman of Salem.

FTSKE. AI'GUSTl'S HENRY. A. B. 1825; born Weston. Sept. 19. 1805, son
of Isaac and Su.-^an (Hobbs) Fiske. died Boston. March 22, 1865;
admitted to Suffolk bar. June 11. 1830; practiced in Boston; married.
May. 1830. Hannah Rogers, daughter of Capt. Gamaliel and Elizabeth
(Hickling) Bradford.

GILES. THOMAS TABB: died Richmond. Va., Jan. 10. 1883.

HILL. JOHN BOYNTON. A. B. 1821; born Mason. Hillsborough Co.. N. H..
Nov. 26. 1796: died at Temple, same county. May 3. 1886; son of Rev.
Ebenezer and Rebecca (Bancroft) Hill. The mother was daughter of
Lieut. Col. Bancroft of Mass. in Revolutionary war. Rev. Hill was A.
B. Harvard 1786; A. M. 1789; preached in N. H., where he was member
legislature. John Boynton Hill, spent active life in law at Bangor, Me.;
retired to Mason, N. H.; member Phi Beta Kappa society; Hasty Pud-
ding Club, etc.; Bar of Hillsborough County, N. H. , and of Bangor,
Me., member legislature. 1853-4-5; speaker, 1855; drafted "Maine I^iquor
Law": practiced in Hillsborough Co. until about 1830, then moved
from N. H. to Bangor. Me., and was partner of John Appleton, later
chief-justice of Me.: married Aug., 1829; only issue died in infancy; was
classmate and friend of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

HILLIARD. FRANCIS. A. B. 1823; born in Cambridge, son of William
Hilliard. died Worcester. Oct. 9. 1878; admitted to Suffolk bar, Mch.
4. 1830: was judge Roxbury Police Court and judge of insolvency
for Norfolk county; author of: Digest of Pickering's Reports. Sales of
Personal Property, American Law of Real Property, American Juris-
prudence, Laws of Vendors and Purchasers. Treatise on Torts. Remedy
for Torts. New Trials, Law of Iniunctions. and Hilliard on Mortgages.

KINGSBURY, FISHER ALLEN: died Dorchester, Sept. 26, 1859.


PARK, JOHN COCHRAN, A. B. 1824, LL. B. 1827; born Boston, June 10,
1804, died Newton, Apr. 21, 1889; admitted to bar, 1827; appointed
district attorney for Suffolk. 1851, remaining in office two years;
removed to Newton, 1860, retaining his office in Boston; appointed
justice Newton Polite Court, 1881, and held the office until his
death; in early life an active member of volunteer militia and at
different periods commanded the City Guards, Boston I>ight Infantry
and Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; prominent as a Whig;
married twice, his first wife being the daughter of Abraham Moore.

CABELL, NATHANIEL FRANCIS; died Bedford City. Va., Sept. 1, 1891.

FULLER, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS; born Augusta, Me.. Oct. 5, 1806, son
of Henry W. Fuller, died Augusta, Me., Jan. 29, 1849.

PRATT. HORATIO, A. B. Brown 1825; died Tauton. May 24. 1872.

READ. ISAAC, bom Charlotte Co., Va., Sept. 24, 1807; commenced practice
in Prince Edward Co.. Va.. 1832; moved to Charleston, W. Va., 1844,
and continued in practice until 1858; 1873 moved to Brooklyn, N. Y.
where he died Oct. 20. 1887.


STEARNS. WJLLIAM GORDON. A. B. 1824; born Chelmsford, Nov. 22,
1804, son of Asahel and Frances (Wentworth) Stearns, died Cam-
bridge, Feb. 21, 1872; admitted to bar, Boston, Mch. 1830; became part-
ner of Theophllus Parsons, 1834: appointed steward Harvard College,
184 4. remaining in office twenty-six years.

STIMPON, CALEB MORTON, A. B. 1824; bom Newton, Apr. 13, 1804, son


of Samuel and Susanna Stimson ; died Newton Lower* Falls, July 6,
1860; admitted to bar, Boston, Apr. 1, 1828.

STONE, DANIEL, A. B. Univ Coll. 1826 ; died Chicago, 111., Aug. 7, 1846.


DREW, ELIJAH. , ^„„,

HAVEN, SAMUEL FOSTER, A. B. 1826; died Worchester, Sept. o, 1881.

LEE, Alfred, A. B. 1827 ; died Wilmington, Del., Apr. 12, 1887.

PRESTON, JOHN, A. B. 1823 ; born New Ipswich, Apr. 12, 1802, son of
Dr. John and Elizabeth (Champney) Preston; died New Ipswich, N. H.,
March 5, 1867; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan. 1827; representative seven
years, senator, 1848-9; married, Oct. 27, 1828, Elizabeth S., daughter
of Abrara and Elizabeth (Kidder) French, of Billerica.

STACKPOLE, JOSEPH LEWIS, A. B. 1824; born Boston; died near Webs-
ter, July 20, 1847 ; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan. 1830.

TENNILLE, Madison H.

WHEELER, DAVID EVERETT, A. B. Dartmouth 1827; born Grafton, N. H.,
Sept. 4, 1804, son of John Brooks and Hannah (Hills) Wheeler; died
in New York, N. Y., May 13, 1870. Member New York bar and of Law
Institute of New York City; assembly State of New York 1844-45, with
"Report on Quarantine Laws," 1845; incorporator of Broadway (N. Y.)
Nat. Bank, and its general counsel from its organization in 1853 until
his death. Shortly after 1845 was appointed by State as commissioner
on condition of insurance companies of N. Y. City, and the searching
investigations they received produced a change for which the policy
holders have long had reason to be thankful.

WHITE, THOMAS; died Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1896.


ABBOT, JOHN WILLIAM PITT, A. B. 1827, LL.B. 1830 ; died Westford,
Aug. 16, 1872.

HEDGE, EDWARD HOLYOKE, A. B. 1828; died New Orleans, La., March.

MERIAM, HORATIO COOK, A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1831; died Tewksbury, Aug.
4. 1872.

RAND, EDWARD SPRAGUE, A. B. 1828, LL.B. 1831; born Newburyport ;
died Jan. 18, 1884. (Lost on steamer "City of Columbus," Vineyard
Sound); admitted Suffolk bar, Oct., 1831; settled in Boston where he
practiced chiefly as a conveyancer.

TARBELL, JOHN PARKER, A. B. 1828; died Boston, May 7, 1894.


ALLEN, WILLIAM, A. B. Bowdoin 1828; born Sept. 2, 1808; died Norridge-
wock. Me., March 31, 1831. ^ ^

ALVORD, JAMES CHURCH, A. B. Dartmouth 1827; died Greenfield, Sept.
9*7 1839

ANDREW, CHARLES AMBURGER, LL.B. 1832 ; died Salem, June 16, 1843 ;
admitted Suffolk bar, Apr. 5, 1839.

AUSTIN, IVERS JAMES. U. S. Mil. Acad. 1828, A. M. 1852; bom Boston,
Feb. 14, 1808, son of James Trecothick and Catherine (Gerry) Austin;
died Newport, R. I.. June 11, 1889; admitted Suffolk bar, Apr. 11, 1831,
Supreme Judicial Court, Apr. 3, 1833; held rank of lieutenant-colonel;
member Mass. House Representatives, 1838; author of a memoir of
Prof. William W. Mather, 1883.

CARTER, BERNARD F. ; died Washington, D. C, Aug. 7, 1876.

CLARKE, EDWARD; died Sault de Saint Marie, Mich., Aug. 8, 1849.

CODMAN, JOHN, A. B. Bowdoin 1827 ; born New York, died Boston, June
8, 1879 ; admitted Essex bar, 1830 ; practiced Boston.

23, 1809, son of Benjamin Williams and Mary (Boardman) Crownm-
shield, and descendant of Johann Kaspar Richter von Kronenschild,
who came to New England from Germany about 1686; died Marblehead,
May 8, 1877; was graduated in class with Dr. Oliver W. Holmes, Rev.
William Henry Channing and many other distinguished men; admitted
Middlesex bar, Oct., 1833; for a time partner of Rufus Choate. Boston;
member House Representatives and its spea,ker, 1848-9; member State
senate; president Old Colony Railroad; married, Mch. 20, 1832, Sarah
(jooll, daughter of Judge Samuel Putnam of Salem, granddaughter of
John and Lois (Pickering) Gooll, and descendant of John Gooll, of Scot-

CURTIS BENJAMIN BOBBINS, A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1832, LL.D. 1852, LL.D.
Brown 1857 ; born Watertown, Nov. 4, 1809, son of Benjamin and Lois
(Bobbins) Curtis; admitted to Franklin county bar, 1832; removed to
Boston 1834; made a Fellow of Harvard, 1846; representative in 1851,
and in same year was appointed judge U. S. Supreme Court, resigning,
1857; 1871, with William M. Evarts and Caleb Gushing, was appointed
counsel for U. S. before Board of Arbitration at Geneva, but declined;
one of five commissioners to revise city charter, 1873 ; one of counsel
for Andrew Johnson in his impeachment trial, 1868; married (first),
May 8, 1833, Eliza M. Woodward of Hanover, N. H., who died, 1844;
(second), Jan. 5, 1846, Anna Wroe, daughter of Charles Pelham Curtis
of Boston; (third), Aug. 29, 1861, Maria, daughter of Jonathan Allen
of Pittsfield. Died Sept. 15, 1874. .. ^ „ ,. .

DEMING CHARLES FOLLETT, A. B. Univ. Vermont 1827 ; died Burlington.
Vt., Sept. 14, 1832. ^ ,a-.o

DU BIGNON, CHARLES, born on Jekyl Island, Glynn county, Ga., 1812;
died Woodville, Ga.. Sept. 9, 1875; served in Ga. legislature 1844; mar-
ried Miss A. V. Grantland, daughter of Hon. Seaton Grantland, a wealthy


plantor; lUi Blpiion never pnn'tlt't'd law after marriage, but interested
liiniscli' in tln' occu[i;ilioii of a jilanli-r.

UUM.MKH. HI:NUY KN0«.'H. born Hallow.'ll. Me. Apr., 1809; died on Island
oi .Maeklnai'. Mieli.. .Vuk- 1-. ISTS; l)oinc was JacltsonvilU', 111. where
he lontimn'it praitite until liealh; was of literary turn of mind and a

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