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Selected and arranged by Coventry Patmore,

" // includes specimens of all the great masters in the art of poetry,
selected with the matured judgvient of a man concentrated on
obtaining insight into the feelings and tastes of childhood, and
desirous to awakejt its finest impulses, to cultivate its keenest sensi-
bilities." — MoRNiNG Post.

The Book of Praise. From the Best English Hymn Writers.
Selected and arranged by Lord Selborne. A Nroj and En-
larged Edition.

" All prrvious compilations op this kind must undeniably for the
present give place to the Book of Praise. . . . The selection has
been made throughout with sound judgment and critical taste. The
pains involved in this compilation must have been ivtmense, em-
bracing, as it does, every writer oj note in this special province op
English literature, a?id ranging over the tnost widely divergent
tracki of religious thought.'"— Satvkv.w Review.


The Fairy Book ; the Best Popular Fairy Stories. Selected
and rendered anew by the Author of "John Halifax,

"w4 delightful selection, in a delightful external form ; full of the
physical splendour and vast opulence of proper fairy tales." —

The Ballad Book, a Selection of the Choicest British Ballads.

Edited by William Allingham.

' • His taste as a judge of old poetry will be found, by all acquainted with
the various readings oj old English ballads, true enough to justify
his undertaking so critical a task." — Saturday Review.

The Jest Book. The Choicest Anecdotes and Sayings. Selected
and arranged by Mark Lemon.

" The fullest aftd best jest book that has vet appeared." — Saturday

Bacon's Essays and Colours of Good and Evil.

With Notes and Glossarial Index. By W. Alois Wright,


" The beautiful little edition of Bacon's Essays, nonv before us, does
credit to the taste and scholarship of Mr. Aldis Wright. . . . It
puts the reader in possession of all the essential literary facts and
chronology necessary for reading the Essays in cotinection with
Bacon's life and times." — Spectator.

The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to
come. By John Bunyan.
** A beautiful and scholarly reprint" — Spectator.

The Sunday Book of Poetry for the Young.

Selected and arranged by C. F. Alexander.

^'- A well-selected volume of Sacred Poetry." — Spectator.

A Book of Golden Deeds of All Times and All Countries
Gathered and narrated anew. By the Author of " The Heir of

"... To the young, for whom it is especially intended, as a most
interesting collection of thrilling tales 'well told ; and to their elders,
as a useful handbook of reference, and a pleasant one to take up
when their wish is to while away a weary half-hour. We have
seen no prettier gift- book for a long time." — Athen^um.

The Poetical Works of Robert Burns. Edited, with

Biographical Memoir, Notes, and Glossary, by Alexander
Smith. Two Vols.

"Beyond all question this is the most beautiful edition of Burns
yet (7«^"— Edinburgh Daily Review,


The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Edited from

the Original Edition by J. W. Clark, M.A. Fellow of Trinity

College, Cambridge.

" Mutilated and ynodified editions of this English classic are so much
the rule, that a cheap and pretty copy of it, rigidly exact to the
original, will be a prize to many book-buyers." — Examiner.

The Republic of Plato. Translated into English, with
Notes by J. LI. Davies, M.A. and D. J. Vaughan, M.A.
*M damtv atid cheap little editio7i." — EXAMINER.

The Song Book. Words and Tunes from the best Poets and
Musicians. Selected and arranged by John Hullah, Professor
of Vocal Music in King's College, London.

*^ A choice collection of the sterling songs of England, Scotland, and
Ireland, with the tnusic of each prefixed to the Words. How much
true wholesome pieasu7-e such a book can difuse, and will diffuse,
we trust through many thousand families." — EXAMINER.

La Lyre Francaise. Selected and arranged, with Notes, by
GusTAVE Masson, French Master in Harrow School.
A selection oj the best French songs and lyrical pieces.

Tom Brown's School Days.- By An Old Boy.

" A perfect gem of a book. The best and most healthy book about
boys Jor boys that ever was written." — Illustrated Times.

A Book of Worthies. Gathered from the Old Histories and
written anew by the Author of " The Heir of Redclyffe."
"With Vignette.

*'■ An admirable addition to an admirable series." — WESTMINSTER

A Book of Golden Thoughts. By Henry Attwell,

Knight of the Order of the Oak Cro\\'n.
^^ Mr. Attwell has produced a book of rare value . . . - Happily it
is small ejtough to be carried about in the pocket, ajid of such a com-
panion it would be difficult to weary." — Pall Mall Gazette.

Guesses at Truth. By Two Brothers. New Edition.

The Cavalier and his Lady. Selections from the Works
of the First Duke and Duchess of Newcastle. With an Intro-
ductory Essay by Edward Jenkins, Author of "Ginx's Baby," &c.
" yi charfntng little volume." — STANDARD.

Theologia Germanica. — Which setteth forth many fair Linea-
ments of Divine Truth, and saith very lofty and lovely things
touching a Perfect Life. Edited by Dr. Pfeiffer, from the only
complete manuscript yet known. Translated from the German,
by Susanna Winkworth. With a Preface by the Rev. Charles
KiNGSLEY, and a Letter to the Translator by the Chevalier
Bunsen, D.D.


Milton's Poetical Works.— Edited, with Notes, &c., by
Professor Masson. Two vols. i8mo.

Online LibraryCharlotte Mary YongeA storehouse of stories : storehouse the first → online text (page 43 of 43)