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250. I1.25.
Tlie Incarnation, Atonement, and Mediation of our

Lord tfesus Christ. Pp. 81. Cloth, 40 cents ; boards, 20 cents.
The Second Coming of the Lord: Its Causes, Signs, and

Ejects. Pp. 264. Cloth, 75 cents.
Perfect Prayer^ Hotv Offered, Hotv Anstvered. Pp. 234.

Cloth, 50 cents.
Tlie Forgiveness of Sin: A Study ofLxihe vii. 36-50. Pp.

96. Red cloth, 50 cents.
TJie True and the False Theory of Evolution. Pp. 148.

Cloth, 50 cents ; paper, 15 cents.
JVhy I am a Neiv Churchman. Pp. 126. Cloth, 25 cents ; paper,

10 cents.
Consolation. Pp- 187. Dark green or white cloth, fine paper, gilt top,

75 cents.
Doctrinal Lectures. 22 lectures. Cloth, 50 cents.
Doctrinal Sermons. 24 sermons. Cloth, 50 cents.
Doctrines of the Netv Church: What they Teach and

What they do not Teach. 20 lectures. Cloth, 50 cents.
Spiritual Nurture: Its Metins, Methods, and Impor-
tance. 9 sermons. Cloth. 35 cents.
The Garden of Eden: Where it is and Whxit it is. 12

sermons. Cloth, 35 cents.
Sivedenhorg as a Scientist, Philosopher, Seer, and Tlieo-

logian. 4 lectures. Cloth, 25 cents.
Steps Towards Heaven. 10 sermons. Cloth, 35 cents.

The Valley of Diamonds. 75 cents.
Tlie Gate of Pearl. 50 cents.

The Wonderful Pocket. 50 cents.
The Magic Shoes. 50 cents.

The Magic Spectacles. 50 cents.

Any of the above books sent post-paid on receipt of price.

2i29 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.


are brought withiu the reach of all in the following inexpensive editions of


Hie New tfentsalein antl its Heavenly Doctrine. I^imp

cloth, :o cents. A concise hand-book of the theology of the New Church.

A livief Edcposition of the Doctrines of tlie Netv Clitirch.

Paper, 15 cents. The new doctrine and the old contrasted.

Iletiven and its IVonilers and Hell. Paper, 15 cents. "From
things heard and seen."

The Divine Love anil IVisilom, Paper, 20 cents. Treating of the
Divine Nature, and of the creation and sustenance of the world.

The Divine Providence, Paper, 15 cents. " The government of the
Divine Love and Wisdom."

Tite Doctrine of the Lord. "Limp cloth, 10 cents. The Lord Jesus
Christ is God in His Divine Humanity. Full confirmation from the Word.

The Doctrine of the Sacreil Scripture. Limp cloth, 10 cents.
The Word shown to be the Divine Truth, containing throughout a spirit-
ual meaning.

Tlie Doctrine of Faith. Limp Cloth, 10 cents. " Faith cannot exist
with any but such as are in charity."

Tlie Doctrine of Life. Litnp cloth, 10 cents. Based on the Ten Com-

Tlie Doctrine of Charity. Limp cloth, 10 cents. Charity shown to
be a life of usefulness in obedience to the Lord.

The Four Leading Doctrines. Cloth, 75 cents. Concerning the
Lord, the Sacred Scripture, Life, and Faith.

Tlie Trtte Christifin Relit/ion. 2 vols. Cloth, $1.25, Containing
the Universal Theology of the New Church.

The Apocalypse Revealed. Cloth, $1 50. An explanation of the
spiritual sense of the Revelation of John.

Tlie Apocalypse Eocplained. 6 vols. 4 vols, ready. Cloth, $6.00.
A posthumous work, rich in explanations of passages from all parts of
the Sacred Scriptures.

The Arcana Coelestia, 10 vols. Cloth, per volume, $1.00. An Expla-
nation of the internal sense of Genesis and Exodus.

Indeoc to Arcana Coelestia. Cloth, $1.25.

Summary Exposition of the Prophets and Psalms. Cloth,
40 cents. An outline of the internal sense.

The Nature of the Intercourse bettveen the Sotil and
Body. Paper, 7 cents.

Coitjngial Love. Cloth, $1.00. The spiritual nature and sanctit}^ of

The IVhite Dorse. Paper, 6 cents. Explaining the internal sense of
Revelation xix. 11-16.

The Earths in the Universe. Paper, 15 cents. The inhabitants
of other earths.

The Ijast JTudgment. Paper, 15 cents. Predicted in the Apocalj^pse,
and accomplished in the spiritual world in the year 1757.

Compenilium of the Theological IVorks of Emanuel

Stvedenborg. 773 pages. Cloth, $1 50.

The prices given above are for the cheaper editions and include postage.
Several of the books are bound in various other styles, a catalogue of which
will be supplied on application.

2129 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Boston Public Library
Central Library, Copley Square

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Reference and Research Services

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