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his brother Dwight, and was a representative of
one of the most distinguished and prominent fam-
ilies of New Haven county. He traced his ances-
try back to Rev. Nicholas Street, of Bridgewater,
England, who was born Jan. 29, 1603, and was edu-
cated at Oxford College, where he received the de-
gree of B. A. He came to America some time be-
tween 1630 and 1638, and first located in Taunton,
]vlass., but later removed to New Haven and was
assistant to Rev. Job.n Davenport, pastor of the
Center Church of that place, and one of the found-
ers of the New Haven Colony.

Rev. Samuel Street, son of Nicholas, was one
of the seven who graduated at Harvard College in
1664. He was afterward ordained pastor of the
Congregational Church at Wallingford, in 1674,
being its first pastor, and remained in charge there
for forty-five years. He died at the ripe old age of

Lieut. Samuel Street, son of Rev. Samuel, was
born July 27, 1667.

Rev. Nicholas Street, son of Lieut. Samuel, and
grandfather of our subject, was born in Walling-
ford, New Haven county, Feb, 21, 1730, and died
in October, 1806, He was graduated from Yale
College in 1751, and in 1755 was ordained pastor of
the East Haven Congregational Church, over which
he presided for the long period of fifty-one years,
honored and beloved by all who knew him. He
was twice married, his first wife being Desire
Thompson, his second Hannah Austin, who died
at the age of sixty-one.

EInathan Street, our subject's father, was bom
in East Haven Feb. 16, 1774, and died Nov. 13,.
1849. He was a farmer by occupation, and a wor-
thy member of the community, highly respected by
all for his manv sterling qualities and unassuming
manner. He was a devout member of the Congre-
gational Church, and a stanch \\^hi£f in politics.
On Nov. 2, 1802, !Mr. Street married Clarissa }iIor-
ris, who was born July 6, 1783, and died March 2,
1861. Ten children were born to this union: Jane
Caroline, Harriet, Lucy IVf., Mary A,, Nicholas,
Benjamin, Augustus, Thaddeus, Cornelia and EI-
nathan Dwight. Benjamin was a soldier in the
15th Conn. V. I. during the Civil war.

The subject of this sketch spent the first four-
teen vears of his life in his native town, and then



went to New Haven, where he clerked in the dry-
goods store of Janies D. Salter for two years. He
tlien entered the employ of Stephen A. Street, in a
similar capacity, and in 1835 accompanied this gen- ]
tleman on his removal to New Orleans. La., clerk- j
ing in his store there until the employer's death, in [
1838. Returning Xorth to New York, ]\Ir. Street |
engaged in the dry-goods business until 185 1, and i
then moved to Mount Carmel, Conn., where he was 1
manager of the store of James Ives until 1855. He
next went to New Haven, and was bookkeeper for
Beecher & W'inship until 1862, after which he en-
gaged in mercantile business for himself at that
place for two years.

On Sept. II, 1850. Mr. Street was united in
marriage with Miss Maria S. Elwell, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., who was bom Feb. i, 1826, and died Dec.
31, 1898. They had five children, viz.: Augustus
and Alexander, twins, died in infancy; Frank died
at the age of ten months : Lucy Ehvell died when
two years of age; the only survivor being Lottie
E. The last named is a graduate of the private
school conducted by I^Iiss Abbott, daughter of John
S. C. Abbott, the historian, and has been a success-
ful school teacher. She is now a member of the
board of education and school visitor, having served
in that position for several years past. Prior to
her father's decease she was appointed assistant
town clerk. Miss Street is a lady of considerable
literary ability, and is the authoress of the book en-
titled "A Knot of Blue," and published by the Pil-
grim Press, of Boston.

Shortly after his marriage ^Ir. Street returned
to East Haven, where he ever afterward made his
home, though he was engaged in business else-
where. His political support was given to the men
and measures of the Republican party. He served
as town treasurer of East Haven for several years.
and was town clerk from 1893 until his death. April
30, 1901, being elected without serious opposition
from any party : the last time his name was on both
party tickets. He was one of the oldest and most
influential members of the East Haven Congrega-
tional Church, and was treasurer of that society.
Mr. Street was ever found true to the trusts reposed
in him by his fellow citizens, and merited and re-
ceived their esteem and respect.

JOHN THOMAS SLINEY. one of the most
prominent contractors on stone work, track work,
teaming and trucking in Branford, where he has
extensive liverv stables, is a son of David and Eliza-
beth (Dickson) Slinev. natives of Ireland.

David Slinev and his wife came to this country
• about 1850. and located in Branford. where the fa-
ther engaged in farminsr- After a time he entered
the employ of the M. I. F. Company, and later in his
life became a farmer, dying: Nov. 11, 1897. at the
age of seventv-one years. During tlie Civil war he
served in the L'nion army a= a nu'mbsr of Company
G, 27th Conn. \'. I., under Capt. Ely, and was taken

prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg. After a brief
incarceration in southern prison pens he was e.x-
changed, and honorably dischars'ed from the hos-
pital at New Haven. Of the children born to David
Sliney and wife, we have the following record:
Catherine, who married Hugh McEmerney: Bessie,
who married M. F. Kelly : Alargaret, who is Mrs.
M. F. O'Brien ; David ; John T. ; Lucy, who mar-
ried Thomas Gibbons ; William R. : and Ella.

John Thomas Sliney was reared in Branford,

w^here he was educated in the public schools, and at

the age of seventeen went into the milk business,

in which he was engaged for the next eleven years.

Mr. Sliney began his present business in 1892. and

the next year entered into a partnership with M. P.

Rice, which continued two years. Since that time

he has conducted his business without a partner.

and is doing a large work, not only in Branford,

i but in New Haven and adjacent territory.

I On Jan. 25, 1893. Mr. Sliney was married to

; Hannah Agnes, a daughter of Lawrence and ]\Iarv

\ (Murphy) Buckley. To this union were born five

1 children : Mary, Elizabeth, John, Lawrence and Leo.

I Mr. Sliney and his family are members of the St.

I Mary's Catholic Church, at Branford. In his poli-

j tics he is a Democrat, and for two years he served

j as a member of the board of education, and for two

I terms as a selectman of the town.

family, of which the subject of this sketch is a wor-
thy member, originated in England, and became one
of the earliest families in Connecticut.

(I) William Dudley, one of the original settlers
of Guilford, and signer of the Plantation Covenant,
was born at Richmond, County of Surrey. England.
He was a member of Rev. Henry Whitfield's Church
and parish at Ocklev. in Surrey, where he married
Aug. 24. 1636. Miss Jane Lutman. They came
with Mr. Whitfield's company to America in 1639,
and their eldest child, William, was born at sea dur-
ing their voyage. On their arrival at Guilford they
established their home on the east side of what is
now Fair street, where Dr. R. B. West now lives.
William Dudley's home-lot contained three and one-
quarter acres and he had also considerable outlying
land. He was a farmer, as appears by his will and
inventory. He died ]\Iarch 16, 1683-84, and his
wife on Mav i, 1674. They had five children: (i)
Deacon William, born at sea. June 8, 1639, died ^lay.
1701, married Nov. 4, 1661. Mary Stow. He re-
moved in 1670 to Saybrook, Conn. (2) Joseph,
sketch of whom follows. ( t,) Ruth, bom April 20,
1645, married June 20, 1664, John \Vhittlesey, of
Saybrook. (4) Deborah, bom Sept. 20. 1647, died
October, 1681 : married (first) June, 1671, Ebenezer
Thompson, who died May, 1674. They had two
children : jabez, born Oct. 16. 1672 ; and John, born
November, 1674. She married (second) Thomas
Scranton, who died Februarv. 1711: thev had two
children — Samuel, married Elizabeth Bishop ; and

w<-Jr' 'j.'I'-*)^,_i;W" u*i^.'^v.-jJf. ■^'i'^'i'jMHBj





^^^^P^^^ J/ -t^^-^^^^^^-^^-J?^




1 lannali, married Joseph Evarts. (5) Another child,
whoso name is not known.

(11) Joseph Dudley, second son of William Dud-
IfV and Jane (Lutman), was born at Guilford April
ji 1643, and died there June 3, 1712. He married
C»ct. 6, 1670, Ann Robinson, daughter of Thomas
Kobiiisoii and wife, Mary. He was a cooper by
trade, also a farmer. He owned part of a sawmill
which he bequeathed to his son Caleb. He lived,
probably, on the homestead of his father on Fair
street. His father mentions him in his will as fol-
lows: "I give and bequeathe to my son Joseph
Dudley, all my housings and lands and rights of
lands in Guilford, etc." In 1691 he was chosen by
the town "for the making of coffins on all occasions
of death." At the time of his death the inventory
of land, distributed to his six sons as designated by
his will, amounted to i/Si : los: 6d. ^Movables —
ii66: 15s: 6d. Joseph Dudley had nine children:
(i) Joseph, born June 11, 1671. died Feb. 22,
1726; married July 2~, 1704, Abigail Hubbard. (2)
Benjamin (twin of Joseph), died Feb. 23, 1720;
married Jan. 5, 1703, Tabitha Avered. (3) Caleb,
sketch of whom follows. (4) Joshua, born Dec. 17,
1674, died Jan. 29, 1750; married Oct. 20, 1712,
Saraii Perry, of Stratford. (5) Miles, born Dec.
17, 1676, died 10, 1753; married Jan. 23, 1706,
Raciiel Strong, daughter of Thomas Strong, of
Northampton, Mass. She died Jan. 4. 1769, aged
ninety-three. (6) William, born Oct. 18. 1684, died
Feb. 28. 1761 ; married (first) Ruth Strong (who
died Sept. 18, 1743), daughter of Thomas of Lyme:
married (second) Rebecca Fisk, daughter of Joseph
Elliott. (7) Anna, born 1687, died April 27, 1687.
(8) Mary married Joseph Wright, of Colchester,
Conn. (9) Mercy married Josiah Bartlett, of North-
ampton, Massachusetts.

(HI) Caleb Dudley, the third son of Joseph
Dudley and Ann (Robinson), w-as born in Guilford
in June, 1673, ^"d died March 20, 1730. He mar-
ied June 23, 1700, Elizabeth Buck, of Wethersfield,
born June 4, 1676 (died April 14, 1738), daughter
of Emanuel Buck and Mary (Kirby), and grand-
daughter of John Kirbv, one of the iirst settlers of
Middletown, Conn. Caleb Dudley was a farmer,
and the first one of the Dudley name who made his
home on "Clapboard Hill," the neighborhood after-
ward called "Dudleytown." His father, in his will,
gave him the portion of his real estate lying in that
vicinity. Caleb Dudley built his house on what is
now (1900) the home-lot of Joseph E. Dudley Cthe
old house stood a little west of Joseph E. Dudley's
present home). It was afterward successively the
home of his son Caleb : his grandson Nathaniel ;
great-grandson John ; and the birthplace of his great-
great-grandchildren : Hooker, Elon, John. Horace,
r^udley and Ruth (Dudlev) Norton, "the mother of
Reacon J. W. Norton. The value of his estate, as
inventoried after his death, was £2,108. Caleb Dud-
ley had eight children: (i) Thomas, born April
-3. I/Oi, died May 22, 1776; married June 11, 1733,

Abigail Seward, of Durham. (2) Caleb, sketch of
whom follows. (3) Ruth, born Dec. 28, 1704, died
April 13, 1736; married March 9, 1732, Samuel
Evarts (Daniel, Daniel, John). (4) Daniel, born
April 3, 1707. He removed to Bethlehem, Conn.,
married Jan. 20, 1732, Joanna Rose, of Branford.
(5) Josiah, born Aug. 30, 1709, died Oct. 20, 1755;
married. 1738, Silence Dows. He lived at East
Guilford. (6) Samuel, born Dec. 4, 171 1, died Nov.
10, 1789; married May 3, 1738, Jane Talman, daugh-
ter of Dr. Ebenezer Talman and Ann (Morrison).
Samuel Dudley had but one son, Samuel, born Nov.
27, 1747, died Dec. 17, 1819; married Hannah
Evarts (Jonathan, Jonathan, James, James, John).
Their only son. Deacon Asher Dudley, born April
2. 1770, died Oct. 27, 1862, was the father of Maria
Dudley, born April 30, 1802. who married Oct. 13,
1819, Jonathan Parmelee. Samuel Dudley lived in
(and probably built) the old house now occupied
by his great-great-great-grandson, Charles E. Par-
melee, west of the residence of Herbert E. Parme-
lee, in Clapboard Hill District. (7) Noah, born
Aug. 15, 1716, removed to Roxbury, Conn.: mar-
ried May 28, 1752, Submit Talman, daughter of Dr.
Ebenezer (Dr. Peter, Peter) Talman. (8) David,
born Nov. 27, 1718, died Feb. 17, 1807; married
Mary Talman, daughter of Dr. Ebenezer Talman
(Dr. Peter, Peter). They had one son who died
young, and five daughters, one of whom, Anna,
born April 13, 1752. married Timothy Field. They
were the parents of Rev. David Dudley Field, D. D.,
born May 20, 178 1.

(IV) Caleb Dudley, son of Caleb Dudley and
Elizabeth (Buck), was born in Clapboard Hill dis-
trict, Guilford, Nov. 20, 1702, and died Oct. 10,
1793. He married May 31, 1739, Hannah Stone,
daughter of Nathaniel Stone and Hannah (Graves).
He was a farmer, and lived upon the homestead of
his father. Caleb Dudley had five children, all sons,
the eldest of whom died in infancy. The four re-
maining sons settled near their parents at Clapboard
Hill, (i) Caleb, born Feb. 24, 1740, died March,
1740. (2) Caleb, born July 24, 1741, died Sept.
14, 1802; married (first) Nov. 28, 1764, Hannah
Evarts, daughter of Eleazer Evarts (Samuel, Judah,
John). She died Sept. 6, 1765, aged twenty-one,
leaving one child, Caleb (born Aug. 28. 1765, died
June 30, 1815). He married (second) Jan. 18, 1769,
Anna Munger, daughter of Ebenezer, by whom he
had five children: Hannah, born Oct. 31. 1769,
married Jan. 13, 1790, John Griswold, and died
Feb. 17, 1828: Ruth, born July 19, 1777, married
Peter Talman. and died June 30, 1849: Anna, born
May II, 1773, married Amos Bartlett, and died
Aug. 20. 1866 (their daughter Ruth, born April 15,
1802, married Capt. Georcfe Bartlett) ; Abel, born
Sept. 3, 1781, married Betsey Minor, and died
March 11, 1821 : Huldah. born Oct. 29, 1784, mar-
ried Timothy Terryl, of Woodbury, Conn. (3)
Abraham was next in the family, (a) Nathaniel,
bom Oct. 3, 1745, died Feb. 21, 1826; married



March 12, 1777, ]Mary Hart, daughter of Thomas
Hart and Concurrence (Bartlettj. (5) Amos, born
Nov. 3, 1747, married (first) Feb. 7, 1771, AIar\-
Evarts, daughter of Eleazer Evarts (Samuel, Judah,
John). She died Aug. 23, 1797, aged forty-seven;
he married (second) July 15, 1799, Deborah (John-
son), widow of Elon Lee.

(V) Nathaniel Dudley, bom Oct. 3, 1745, in
Guilford, passed all his life there, dying Feb. 21,
1826. In Guilford, 2\larch 12, 1777, he married
Mary Hart, born Aug. 17, 175 1 (died Feb. 6, 1841),
daughter of Thomas and Concurrence (Bartlett)
Hart. Four children came to this union, viz. : ( i )
Nathaniel, bom Nov. 15, 1777, died Sept. 7, 1795;

(2) Lois, born July 15, 1779, died Sept. 7, 1863;

(3) John, sketch of whom follows; (4) Eunice,
born Feb. 20, 1784, married ^lay 23, 1806, George
Bushnell, of Saybrook, Connecticut.

(VI) John Dudley, son of (V) Nathaniel, and
the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was
born Jan. 25, 1782, on the old homestead in Guilford,
and died Jan. 19, 1816, his remains being interred
in East cemetery. He was a member of the Con-
gregational Church. He was a lifelong farmer and
landowner. On Jan. 24, 1805, he married Sarah
Lee, bom Dec. 30, 1780, and died Dec. 27, 1849.
Their children: (i) Hooker, sketch of whom fol-
lows; (2) Elon, born May i, 1808, died April 8,
1883; (3) John, born Dec. 30, 1809, married Sarah
Dudley; (4) Horace, born 3.1arch 16, 1812, and died
June 12, 1885, married Amanda Dudley; (5) Ruth,
bom June 4, 1814, married John Norton.

(VII) Hooker Dudley, son of (VI) John, and
the father of the subject of this sketch, was born
Oct. I 1806, was educated in the Clapboard Hill Dis-
trict school, and remained upon the old homestead
until removing in 183 1 to the farm now owned by
his son John H. There during the rest of his days
he engaged in farming and stock raising, dying Aug.
21, 1879, and his remains were interred in East
cemetery. In religious faith he was a member of
the Episcopal Church, and in politics he was a
Democrat, but never aspired to political preferments.
On Oct. 16, 1831, Hooker Dudley was married to
Mary Evarts, bom May 22. 1806, daughter of (V)
Nathaniel Evarts, and died Feb. 20. 1895 (see Gen-
ealogy of the Evarts Family further on). Three
children came of this union: (i) Elizabeth Mary,
bom July 10, 1833, died single April 26, 1874. (2)
Andrew Jackson, born Aug. 15, 1835, living at No.
1 1 57 North Chapel street. New Haven; and (3)
John Hooker, a sketch of whom follows.

(VIII) John Hooker Dudley, son of (VII)
Hooker, was bom on the old family homestead
April 5, 1837, and received a liberal education in the
Clapboard Hill district school. Like his forefathers,
he has made agricultural pursuits his life work, and
since his father's death has operated the homestead
of seventy-five acres of land. In politics he is inde-

. pendent, and in religious connection he is a member
of the Episcopal Church. A well-read man, he takes

much interest in the current events of the dav, while,
at the same time, he is something of an archaeolo-
gist and mineralogist, having in his possession an
interesting collection of Indian relics, mineral ore
and other curiosities. Mr. Dudley has not enlisted
in the noble army of Benedicts.

Evarts Family, (i) John Evarts came from
England and settled first at Concord, Mass., where
he was made a freeman in March, 1638; was after-
ward at Windsor, Conn. He came to Guilford in
165 1, and purchased John Mepham's allotment on
July 29, 1651. His home-lot was situated next south
of Henry Dude's, on the west side of what is now
State street, near where the dwelling-house of 2^Irs.
James JNIonroe now stands. The name of his first
wife, the mother of his children, does not appear
on "Guilford Records." He married (second)
May 22, 1663, Elizabeth, widow of John Parmelee,
Sr. (who died 1659). Before her marriage to John
Parmelee she was widow Elizabeth Bradley, of New
Haven. John Evarts died May 9, 1669. He had
five children : Elizabeth, who married Peter Ab-
bel ; James, who was married to Lydia Goodrich,
daughter of Richard and Dinah Goodrich, and died
in 1684; Daniel, who married (first) Mary (sur-
name unknown), and (second) Rebecca Dowd,
daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Doudi (or Dowd) ,
and died Dec. 5, 1692; John, born Feb. 29, 1640,
who married Aviary French, daughter of Thomas
French; and Judah, a sketch of whom follows.

(II) Judah Evarts, the youngest son of (I) John
Evarts, was born Oct. 27, 1642, and died in Guilford
in 1696. He married Aug. 3, 1670, Mary Hayden.
born in Windsor, Conn., June 6, 1648, daughter of
William Hayden, of Windsor, who afterward re-
moved to Killingworth. They had four children :
(i) Mary, born Jan. 28, 1675, died October, 1678.
(2) Samuel, born Oct. 4, 1678, died Jan. 24, 1740;
married (first) March i, 171 1, EUzabeth Benton,
who died June 30, 1734; she was a daughter of
Andrew and Elizabeth (Rolf) Benton. He mar-
ried (second) Dec. 28, 1736, Mary Stone, daughter
of Joseph Stone and Mary (Scranton). (3) Alary,
bom May 16, 1682, died May 2, 1688. (4) Eleazer,
born June 16, 1688, died young.

(III) Samuel Evarts, the eldest son of (II) Ju-
dah Evarts and Mary (Hayden), was born in Guil-
ford, Conn., Oct. 4, 1678, and died there Jan. 24,
1740. He married (first) March i, 171 1, Elizabeth
Benton, daughter of Andrew Benton and Elizabeth
(Rolf). She died June 30, 1734. They had three
children: (i) Elizabeth, born Dec. 25, 171 1, died
Dec. 16, 1734, unmarried. (2) ]\Iary, born July 16,
1713, died Jan. 8, 1736, unmarried. (3) Eleazer,
born June 26, 1716, died Dec. 28, 1804, married
Jan. 29, 1740, Hannah Scranton (died Sept. 6,
1765), daughter of Samuel Scranton and Elizabeth
(Bishop). Samuel Evarts married (second) Dec.
28, 1736, Zvlary Stone, daughter of Joseph Stone
and Mary (Scranton). They had one child, (4)
Samuel, sketch of whom follows.



(IV) Samuel Evarts, the only child of Samuel
Evarts and his second wife, J\Iary (Stone), of Guil-
ford, was born \ov. 27, 1737, and died Dec. i, 1812.
He lived in Nutplains District in the house now oc-
cupied by Alvan Eldredge, whose wife is his great-
granddaughter. He married April 19, 1761, Sarah
Nettleton. of Killingworth, and they had eight chil-
dren: (i) Sarah, born May 8, 1762. (2) Samuel,
born Feb. 20, 1764. (3) Josiah, born in 1767. (4)
Nathaniel, sketch of whom follows. (5) Mary,
bom in 1771, died Dec. 16, 1829; married Oct. 31,
1790, Ambrose Benton, who died March i, 1847.
(6) Nathan, born in 1773. (7) Jared, bom in 1774,
married Mina Parmelee. (8) William, born in 1782,
died Jan. 7, 1841, married Sally Bristol (he removed
to Wayne county, Pennsylvania).

(V) Nathaniel Evarts. son of (IV) Samuel
Evarts and Sarah (Nettleton), was bom in Guil-
ford (Nutplains District) Jan. 13, 1769, and died
there Nov. 3, 1854, aged eighty-five. He was a
farmer, and lived in the house now owned by John
Bristol. He married Nov. 15, 1801. Julia Parmelee
(John, John, John, John, John, John). She was
born Feb. 18, 1778, and died Sept. 10, 1849. They
had seven children: (i) Julia, bom Oct. 12, 1802.
died in June, 1877, unmarried. (2) Joel, sketch of
whom follows. (3) INIary, born !May 22, 1806, died
Feb. 20, 1895: married Oct. 16, 1831, Hooker Dud-
Icy, son of John Dudley and Sarah (Lee). (4)
Lucy, born May 31, 1809, died Jan. 6, 1888; married
May 3. 1832, George Dudley, son of Deacon Abra-
ham Dudley and Mary (Bassett). ("5) Lewis,
sketch of whom appears farther on. (6) Anna,
born Oct. 7, 1814, died April 22, 1867 (removed to
Kansas) : married April 18, 1842, George Dibble,
died April 12, 1867. (7) John Samuel, sketch of
whom appears farther on.

(VI) Joel Evarts. a farmer of Nutplains district,
Guilford, and the oldest son of (V) Nathaniel
Evarts and Julia (Parmelee), was born June 25,
1804, and died Nov. 23, 1882. He lived in the house
now owned by Asahel White. He married Oct. 22,
1834, Clarissa Dudley, born Dec. 23, 1804, died Dec.
10, 1873, daughter of Deacon Abraham Dudley and
Mary (Bassett). They had two children: (i)
Eliza Jane, bom April 5, 1840, married April 5,
1865, Samuel Milton Bullard. (2) Emily Clarissa,
bom Sepyt. 8, 1845, married Nov. 16, 1864, Sylvester
Russell Snow.

(VI) Lewis Evarts, a farmer of Nutplains dis-
trict, Guilford, was the second son of (V) Nathaniel
Evarts and Julia (Parmelee). He was born Aug.
1 5- i8ii, and died Nov. 29, 1892. He lived in the
house of his grandfather, Samuel Evarts, now the
home of his son-in-law. Alvan Eldredge. He mar-
ried May II, 1840, Alarv Minerva Parker, born
April 18, 1824. died March 15. 1887, and thev had
eight children: (i) Catherine Mary, bom ' Sept.
17. •^41- died March 2, 1890: married (first) Nov.
I. 1865, Charles Samuel Bartlett, born Nov. Ii,
1832. died Dec. 22. 1872, son of Capt. George and

Ruth Bartlett; married (second) Nov. 3, 1876, Ed-
gar Lee Fowler, born Jan. 8, 1830, died Sept. 3,
1893. (2) Julia Amelia, born Feb. 12, 1844, mar-
ried Nov. 27, 1873, Alvan Eldredge, born Jan. 19,
1848. (3) Samuel Lewis, born March 16, 1846,
died Jklarch 16, 1849.- (4) George Albert, born
March 8, 1848, died April 3, 1848. (5) Samuel
Lewis, born April 7, 185 1, married Dec. 14, 1880,
Lizzie Woodworth, of Middletown ; they had one
child, Clarence Gardiner, bom Nov. 4, 1889. (6)
Georgiana Parker, born Feb. 12, 1853, married Nov.
I, 1884, Henry W. Banks, of Southport, Conn. (7)
Alice Maria, born Feb. 5, 1856, died Oct. 3, 1874.
(8) Frank Albert, born Sept. 24, 1858 (of New
Haven), married Jime 4. 1886, Anna Wood.

(VI) John Samuel Evarts, a farmer of Nut-
plains district, Guilford, is the youngest son of Na-
thaniel Evarts and Julia (Parmelee). He was born
June 18, 1817, and married (first) April 26, 1847,
Hannah ^IcComb, born 1818, died Jan. 24, 1848,
leaving a son, John E., born Jan. 19, 1848, who died
May 26, 1848. He married (second) Nov. 17, 1853,
Harriet Hotchkiss, born Tune 9, 181 5, died July 4,
1889, daughter of Launcelot Hotchkiss and Lucretia
(Cook), of Branford. They had two children: (i)
Lucy Maria, bora Sept. 3," 1854, married Sept. 29,
1885. Walter W. Wilcox, born Dec. 16, 1851, son

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