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caj, Phoebe, Aaron, John, Kate, \\'illiam and Calvin.

(VI) John Ely, son of James and Catherine
Hayes, born 1781, died 1817, married Lucy Miller
(died 1859, aged eighty-two). They had six chil-
dren : Horace, William, John Griswold, Rodney,
Ansel and Calvin.

(VII) John Griswold Ely, son of John and Lucy
(Miller) Ely, born in 1810, died 1863, was the fa-
ther of Mrs. Hamilton. In 1S30 he married Sally
Pratt Williams, who was born in 181 2, and died
in May, 1901, in Lyme. Thev had eleven children:
John Heber, Elizabeth, Oscar, Ellen, Patterson,
Isabel L. (jNIrs. Hamilton), Ernest, Emma, Lewis,
Edna J. and Edward W.

CAPT. ELBERT L. FORD, an influential citi-
zen of Milford, was born in that town Feb. 21,
1847, son of Samuel A. Ford, and grandson of
Samuel Ford. The family has been well known in
the town for several generations, our subject's line
of descent being as follows : Thomas Ford, Jr.,
Thaddeus, Samuel, Samuel A. and Capt. Elbert.
The Fords are a very long-lived people, some living
to be over one hundred years of age, and many to
be over ninety.

Samuel Ford, the grandfather of Capt. Elbert,
was a native of the locality, and passed his life there
as a farmer. He married Polly Smith, of Milford,
and had the following children: David S., who
was a farmer and shoemaker in Milford; Lewis, a
carriage-maker, who was last heard from while
serving as a soldier in the Civil war; Samuel A.,
our subject's father; James, a carriagemaker, now
residing in New York State: and Catherine, who
married Everett Smith, a shoemaker in Milford,
where she now resides.

Samuel A. Ford was born and reared in Alilford
and became a farmer there. Politically he was a
Republican, and in religious faith both he and his
wife were Congrcgationalists. He died March 7,
1882. He married Sarah E. Smith, a native of
Stratford, Conn., and a daughter of John Smith, of
that town. Mrs. Ford passed away Dec. 28. 1898.
Our subject was the eldest in the familv. the others
being: Elizabeth j\I., wife of Alonzo W. Burns, of
Milford; Emily E., wife of Merritt C. Ford, of Mil-
ford: Lauren A., a mason of the same town; and
Edwin E,, who died in infancy,

Elbert L. Ford attended the district schools
near his home and the high school in Milford
village. On leaving school he chose a seafaring
life, and when only twenty-two years old was mas-
ter of a vessel, and his skill as a master and pilot
won him a high reputation. In November, 1881,
he passed a successful examination and received a
United States master's license for steam vessels,
upon the Atlantic coast, its sounds, bays and har-
bors. In 1883 he became captain of William M.
Merwin & Sons' oyster steamer, which position he
held for twelve years. In 1869 Capt. Ford married
Miss Elva W. \Vhittlesey, daughter of Samuel and
Wealthy Whittlesey, of Stratford, Conn. She died
in 1872, leaving one child. Bertha E. In 1875 Mr.
Ford married Aliss Carrie W. Sherwood, daughter
of Capt. Joseph Wakeman Sherwood, of Southport,
Conn., and bv this marriage there are nine children :
Lillian W., Grace S., Ethel S., Samuel E., Ada F.,
William A., E. Lewis, Cecil and Arthur S.

Capt. Ford is deservedly popular in his town.
He was elected selectman in 1893-94-95-96-99-00-

01, and for five years was first selectman and town
agent. He is one of the oldest members of the
Milford Fire Department, of which he served many
years as foreman. Fraternally he is identified with
Ansantawae Lodge, Xo. 89, F. & A. ^I. ; Solomon
Chapter, No. 3, R. A. M. ; Harmony Council, No.
8, of New Haven ; New Haven Commandery, No.

2, K. T. : Pyramid Temple, Nobles of the Alystic
Shrine, Bridgeport : Lucia Chapter, No, 25, O. E.
S. ; and Wopowage Lodge, No. 14, I. O. O. F., Mil-
ford. Capt. Ford and family attend St. Peter's
Episcopal Church of Milford.

RUFUS NORTON LEETE (deceased) is re-
membered as one of the prominent and influential
members of the Leete familv, one of the oldest and


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l)cst known in Guilford. He was born at Leete's
bland, near Guilford, Aug. 17, 1812, the second
stin of Miner and Lucinda (Norton) Leete, and a
descendant of Gov. William Leete, the progenitor of
most of the Leetes in America. He was prominent
in the Menuncatuc plantation and in the town of
Ciuilford, and in his official relations to the Colony
of New Haven, and later the United Connec-
ticut Colonies.

Gov. Leete came to America in the Rev. Henry
Wliitfield Company, and was one of the signers of
the riantation Covenant, on shipboard, Jan. i, 1639.
lie was born in Dodington, Huntingdonshire,
luigland, in 1612 or 1613, and was a grandson of
Thomas Leete, of Ockington, Cambridgeshire, Eng-
land, who married ?vlaria Slade, of Rushton, North-
amptonshire, daughter of Edward Slade. To
Thomas Leete were born four children : John, of
Dodmgton (the elder); John, of Islington; Jane,
who married Richard Dale ; and Rebecca, who mar-
ried Thomas Fowler. John Leete, of Dodington,
son of Thomas of Ockington, married Ann Shute.
daughter of Robert Shute, one of the Justices of
the King's Bench. To this union three children
were born: William; John, of Aledlow Grange.
Huntingdonshire, England; and Ann, who married
Robert Kuly.

William Leete, son of John, of Dodington, was
bred in the law, and served for a considerable time
as clerk in the Bishops' Court, at Cambridge, where,
observing the oppressions and cruelties then prac-
ticed on the conscientious and virtuous Puritans,
he was led to examine more thoroughly their doc-
trines and practices, and eventually to become a
Puritan himself and to give up his office. Coming
to America as noted above, he arrived at New
Haven about July 10, 1639. When they had agreed
-^pon Guilford as a place of settlement, he was one
of the six selected to purchase the land from the
native Indians in trust for the plantation until their
organization. He selected for himself about 250
acres of land three miles west of Guilford, now
known as Leete's Island. He filled many public
offices in the New Colony, and was' clerk of the
plantation from 1639 to 1662. He was also one of
four to whom was intrusted the full civil power of
the plantation, without limitation, until a church was
formed. He was selected one of the "seven pillars"
of the foundation work. He was deputy from Guil-
ford to the General Court in New Haven from
'^'43 to 1650 and from 1651 to 1658 he was magis-
trate of the town. In 1658 he was chosen deputy
governor of the Colony, and continued in that office
until 1661, when he was elected governor, an office
which he held until the union with Connecticut, in
l'j'>4- After the union he was an assistant until
i^'it), when he was elected deputy governor of the
Connecticut Colony, holding that office until i6;6,
when !u- was chosen governor. He retained the
office by continuous re-elections until his death.

April 16, 1683. Upon being elected governor he
removed to Hartford, where he lived continuously
until his death, and was buried there.

William Leete married first in England, about
1638, Anna Payne, daughter of Rev. John Payne,
of Southoe. She died Sept. i, 1668. For his sec-
ond wife he married April 7, 1670, Sarah, widow
of Henry Rutherford ; she died Feb. 10, 1673. He
married for his third wife, Mrs. JMary Street, who
had been twice married before, first to Gov. Francis
Newman, and later to Rev. Nicholas Street ; she
died Dec. 13, 1683. His children were: John, born
in 1639, is mentioned below ; Andrew, born in 1643,
married Elizabeth Jordan ; William married Mary
Fenn ; Abigail married Rev. J. Woodbridge ; Caleb,
born Aug. 24, 1651, died Jan. 13, 1673; Gratiana
was born Dec. 22, 1653; Peregrine, born Jan. 12,
1658. died young; Joshua, born in 1659, died Feb-
22, 1660; Anna, born March 10, 1661, married John

(II) John Leete, son of Gov. William, was born
in 1639 in Guilford, and is said to have been the
first white child born in the town. He married, Oct.
4, 1670. Marv, daughter of William and Joanna
(Sheafe) Chittenden. She was born in 1647, and
died March 9, 1712. John Leete died Nov. 25, 1,692.
Children: Ann, born Aug. 5, 1671, married John
Collins : John, born Jan. 4. 1674, married Sarah
Allen; Joshua, born July 7, 1676, married Mary
Munger; Sarah, born Dec. 16, 1677, married Elia-
kim Marshall; Pelatiah, born March 26, 1681, is
mentioned below; Mehita:bel, born Dec. 10, 1683,
married Dr. Anthony Lahore; Benjamin, born Dec.
26, 1686, married Rachel Champion ; Daniel, born

. Dec. 23, 1689, died young.

(HI) Pelatiah Leete, the fifth child of John
Leete, was married July i, 1705. to Abigail, daugh-
ter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Bartlett) Fowler,
and they soon after removed to Leete's Island, where
no settlement had before been made. The land had
been allotted to his grandfather. Gov. Leete, after
proper purchase from the Indians, and the title to
the greater part of this soil has never been out of
the family name. Upon these ancestral acres seven

' generations of Leetes have resided as farmers, mem-
bers of each generation being content to remain
and follow the occupation of their forefathers, most

; of them with success and profit. Originally the

' soil was very fertile, and it is said of Deacon Pela-

' tiah Leete that he farmed so successfully that he
did not consider a hundred bushels of shelled corn
to the acre more than an average yield. He also

I had a herd of one hundred head of neat cattle.

i In 1735 he erected a large house on a commanding
spot on his farm, overlooking the waters of the
Sound, in which he lived until his death. Oct. 13,

> 1768, at the ripe old age of eighty-seven. This
house was later occupied by descendants in several
generations. Pelatiah was deacon of the Fourth
Church of Guilford. He was also a representative

; V - '


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His wife died

Their cliildren

13, 1707, died June 2.

1709, is mentioned be-

28, 171 1, died Oct. 21,

1 71 3, married Lydia

of the town in the General Court

Oct. 22, 1769, aged ninety years.

were: Abigail, born Sept.

1792; Daniel, born Oct. 14,

low ; Mehitabel, born Sept.

171 1 ; Pelatiah, born March

Crittenden; Mehitabel, born in 1714. married John


( IV ) Deacon Daniel Leete, eldest son of Deacon
Pelatiah, was also a deacon of the Fourth Congre-
gational Church of Guilford. He was engaged in
farming and stockraising at Leete's Island and
built a house near the residence of his father, which
became noted in the Revolution. In 1874 it was de-
molished and upon its site was erected the present
residence of Calvin 'M. Leete. Deacon Daniel
Leete died Oct. i, 1772. He married, June 14,
1738, Rhoda, daughter of Caleb and Sarah ( Meigs )
Stone, of Guilford, born Xov. 2, 1719, died Dec. 23,
1769. Both are buried in the Guilford cemetery.
Children : Rhoda, born April 14, 1739, married Xoah
Rogers; Daniel, born April 17, 1742, married
Charity Norton; Ambrose, born Jan. 19, 1748, is
mentioned below ; Abraham, born Sept. 25, 1753,
died Oct. 26, 1753; Abraham (2), born April 5,
1755; died Xov. 5, 1757.

(V) Deacon Ambrose Leete, son of Deacon
Daniel, was born on the homestead at Leete's Island,
Jan. 19, 1748. Like his father and grandfather he
was a deacon of the Fourth Congregational Church,
chosen to that office in 1786, and to the same otflce
in the First Church in 1807. He married, Xov.
10, 1773. Miranda, daughter of William and Ra-
chel (White) Chittenden, and died Feb. 14, 1809;
his widow survived until Sept. 16, 1838, reaching
the age of ninety-one years and six months. Chil-
dren^ Ambrose, born X^'ov. 10, 1774. married
Catherine \\'ard : Miranda, born Jan. 8, 1777, died
Dec. 21, 1822; Miner, born June 30, 1779, is men-
tioned below : Abraham, born Jan. i, 1784, died Feb.
26, 1848; Wealthy, born Oct. 27, 1785, died March
23, 1870.

(VI) Miner Leete was born on the Leete's
Island farm, where he spent his life in agricultural
pursuits, a well-known citizen. He died compara-
tively young in life, X'ov. 7, 1826, aged forty-seven
years, and was buried in the Leete cemetery. He
married, X'ov. 17, 1807. Lucinda Xorton, born Xov.
18, 1780, in Guilford, daughter of Col. Rufus and
Hannah (Cook) Xorton. She died Aug. 28. 1848,
and was buried in the family cemetery. Their five
children were as follows: (i) Edward Lorenzo,
born June 28, 1810, resided through life at Leete's
Island, was a deacon in the church, and died May
3, 1884. He married Sylvia Fowler, and had two
children, Edward Walter and Lucy Louisa. He
compiled the Leete genealogy. (2) Rufus X'orton,
bom Aug. 17, 1812. is mentioned below. (3) Theo-
dore Adgate, born May 18, 1814. married Mary C.
White, and died April 28, 1886, leaving three chil- ,

dren, Ella Louisa, Rev. William White, and Theo-
dore Woolsey. He graduated from Yale College in
1839, subsequently from Yale Theological Seminary,
and filled several pastorates. ( 4 ) ' Calvin Miner
born Oct. 18, 1816, married Lucv Maria Leete. (5)
Louisa Maria, born Aug. 20, 1822, died unmarried
July 29, 1855.

(VII) Rufus Xorton Leete passed his entire life
m the locality of his birth, revered bv the associa-
tions of six generations of ancestors. He was reared
on his father's farm, and upon reaching manhood
adopted agricultural pursuits as his life vocation,
following same with merited and signal success al'
his days. In 1848 he erected a residence at Leete's
Island, which he occupied until his death, which
occurred Dec. 28, 1894, when he was aged eighty-
two years. His remains were interred in Leete's
Island cemetery. Mr. Leete was of a retiring dispo-
sition, and was known to be a man of unttinching
honor and unimpeachable integrity, steadfast in his
convictions and principles. In politics he was an
earnest and consistent Democrat, in religious faith
an active member and liberal supporter of the Bajv
tist Church in Guilford during its existence. He
was largely interested in the industrial development
of his native town, aside from his farm pursuits ;
was a large stockholder in the Guilford Manufactur-
ing Co., and for a number of years was an efficient
member of the Guilford Savings Bank.

On Oct. 2^, 1833. Rufus X. Leete married Sarah
Bishop, daughter of Ezra S. and Abigail ( X^^ortoii )
Bishop, who survives him. ]\Irs. Leete is a de-
scendant of an old X'ew England family. She is
of the seventh generation from ( I ) John Bishop,
the founder of the familv in Guilford. (II) John
Bishop, his son, married Susannah Goldenham, and
to them were born nine children, ol whom (III)
Xathaniel Bishoo. the fourth child, was ben in
1666, and died May 16, 1714. He married, Feb. 9,
1693, ^lercy Hughes, who was born Mav 20, 1676.
and died Dec. 7, 1760. Their chidren were as fol-
lows: X'^athaniel. born Xov. 17, 1693, married Abi-
gail Stone, and died Sept. 24, 1760: Samuel, born
July 20, 1695, married Hannah Hull, and died Feb.
24, 1771 ; Mary, born X'ov. 29, 1697, <^l'^d young;
Ebenezer, sketch of whom follows ; Exner'ence,
born April 2, 1705; Temperance, bom April 27,
170C), married X'athaniel Lee, and died March 29,


( I\ ) Ebenezer Bishop, youngest son of Xa-
thaniel, was born Sept. 22, 1701, in Xorth Guilford,
where he engaged in farming. In 1729 he married
Mehitabel Chittenden, who was born Sept. 30, 1712.
Their fourteen children were as follows: Aliah,
born March 26, 1730, married Ruth Snow, and
died X'ov. 30, 1765; Temperance, born March i,
1732, married Giles Chittenden; Mabel was born
Dec. 17, 1733; .Amos, born May 5, 1735, died
young; Ezra, born X'ov. 27, 1736, died young;
Ebenezer, born March i, 1738, died young; Eber,

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born Sept. i, 1740, resided in Xew Milford; Beulah,
liorii Dec. 10, 1742, married Thomas Fowler; James,
iKirn June 3. 1745, married Eliza Wetmore, and
died June 16, 1832; Xathaniel was born May 6,
1747; Olive, born June 6, 1749. married Xoah Gris-
wold, and died Nov. 28, 1817; Xeriah, sketch of
wiiom follows; Jared was born Aug. 17, 1753;
Luther was born Aug. 20, 1755.

(V) Xeriah Bishop, born Aug. 28, 1751, in
North Guilford, died x\pril 22, 1796. He married,
May 10, 1781, Rachel Stone, who was born July
30, 1757- Their three children were: Rachel, born
I"eb. 13, 1782; Neriah, born May 16, 1783 (married
Harriet Handy) ; and Ezra Stone, sketch of whom

(VI) Ezra Stone Bishop, born June 13, 1786,
in Guilford, died June 29, 1873. He married, April
23, 1809, Abigail Norton, born Feb. 11, 1791,
daughter of Jared and Sarah (Brockett) Norton.
She died Nov. 5, 1829. Their seven children were:
Eliza, born Sept. 9, 1810; Sarah, born Sept. 18,
1812, widow of Rufus X. Leete. our subject; Mar-
garet, born Sept. 11, 1815, who died Sept. 7, 1879;
William H., born March 23, 1819, who married
Sarah Griffing; Charles, born Dec. 12, 1823, who
married Emily Cochrane; George, born Sept. 12,
1825, married to Florilla C. Fowler; and Abigail,
burn in October, 1829, who died Dec. 13, 1882.

To Rufus N. and Sarah (Bishop) Leete, were
born si.x children: (i) Nancy, born Oct. 23, 1834,
married, Feb. 12, 1862, Walter G. Bishop, of Meri-
den, and died in Guilford, April 4, 1886. (2) Rich-
ard Aliner, sketch of whom follows. (3) Roger
Calvin, sketch of whom follows. (4) Ellen Lu-
cretia, born Aug. 20, 1840, married, Feb. 22, 1887,
W. G. Bishop. (5) Rufus Burton, bom June 22,
1843. (6) Margaret Elizabeth, born March 11,

Ricn.\RD Miner Leete, eldest son of Rufus N.,
was born on the homestead Nov. 20, 1836, and re-
ceived his education at the district schools and the
Guilford academy. L'ntil his marriage he remained
at home with his parents, working on the farm
during the summers and teaching school in the
winter seasons. After his marriage he commenced
farming on his own account on a farm owned bv his
father in the Leete's Island District, and also kept
store for seven years, though agricultural pursuits
have practically been his life vocation. In religious
faith he is a member of the Third Congregational
Church, as are also his wife and the several mem-
bers of his family. In his political predilections he
was originally an ardent Democrat, but is now an j
equally zealous Prohibitionist, and for a term of
years has faithfully served his town as justice of
the peace.

On Nov. 14, 1861, Richard ^^I. Leete was mar-
ried to Mary E. Norton, a daughter of Anson and
Fanny Norton, the former of whom descended from
an old Guilford family, whose genealo.g}- is given
below, A brief record of the seven children born

1644. For his sec-
Hubbard, born in
His son John, who

to Richard and Alary Leete is as follows: (i)
Anson Miner, born Jan. 19, 1863, married Nellie
Snow. (2) Arthur Bishop, born Jan. 13, 1864,
married Eunice Stannard; he is station agent at
East Haven for the New York. New Haven & Hart-
ford Railroad. (3) Ellsworth Norton, born Jun^
26, 1866, married, Oct. 30, 1889, Annie B. Fowler,
who died June 3, 1896, leaving two sons, Richard
F. (born Feb. 14, 1891) and Edgar R. (born April
30, 1893). He married second, Oct. 17, 1900, Eliz-
abeth Dudley. He is a bookkeeper in New Haven.
(4) Jennie Elizabeth, born June 2J, 1868, married
Nathan S. Rose, of North Branford. (5) Fannv
Helen was born Feb. 2, 1870. (6) Sarah Ellen
was born April 19, \?^-j2. (7) Carrie ]vlay, born
iMarch 20, 1875, died IMarch 29, 1875.

Norton F.\mily. John Norton, son of Thomas
and Grace Norton, the first of the name in Guilford,
was a native of England, born in 1628 in Ockley,
County of Surrey. He came with his parents to
America, locating in Guilford, where in 1664 he
married Hannah Stone, born in
ond wife he wedded Elizabeth
1638. He died March 5, 1704.

was the second of that name born to him, first saw
the light in East Guilford, Conn., Mav 29, 1668.
On Nov. 14, 1694, he married Hannah Buck, born
April 12, 1671, in Wethersfield, Flartford county:
he died March 15, 1712, in Guilford and was buried
there; she died Oct. 22, 1739. For her second hus-
band she married John Fowler. To John and Han-
nah Norton were born ten children.

John Norton, third in order of birth in the fam-
ily of John, was born Dec. 13, 1699. He married
Elizabeth Robinson, and died Jan. 9, 1797.

John Norton, son of John, was born in Decem-
ber, 1734, and died in Guilford Aug. 17, 1804. He
married, Dec. 27, 1758, Lucy Lee, born in 1740,
who died in March, 1802, the mother of eight chil-
dren : (i) Ambrose, born Feb. 13, 1760, married
Hannah Hall, and died in March, 1813. (2) Sarah,
born in Alay, 1761, married Caleb J. Hall, and died
Aug. 24, 1843. (3) William, borii in 1762, served
in the Revolutionary war. and died in 1782. (4)
John, born in 1763, died Aug. 27, 1773. (5) Ruth,
born in 1765, married Jehiel Strong. (6) Silas,
sketch of whom follows. (7) James, born in July,
1774, married Huldah Chittenden, and died Sept.
I, 1850. (8) Andrew, born Sept. 13. 1776, married
Ruth Chittenden, and died July 9, 1859.

Silas Norton, born Feb. 20, 1769, died Nov. 29,
1821. He married. Feb. 18. 1792, Lucy Chitten-
den, born Feb. 9, 1774, died July 22, 1859. Their
children: (i) Alathea, born Jan. 12. 1795, died
July 22, 181 1. (2) Harriet, bom March 16. 1797.
died Oct. 14, 1875. (3) Huldah was born June
18, 1798. (4) Polly, born Oct. 26, 1800, married
Martin Hoadley. (5) John Ward, born Feb. 26,
1802, married Jane Nichols. (6) Anson, sketch of
whom follows. (7) Silas, born Aug. 28, 1805,
married Eliza Everts, and died Aug. 17, 1848. (8)

.1 ,■


,-n. .1 ,;. ■ !•■'■

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v>.VI '"W



Lucyette, born Jan. 31, 1807, married George Stan-
nard. (9) Augustus Dennison, born Dec. i, 1810,
married Julia Perow. (10) James Austin, born
Dec. 22, 18 14, married Ann Gale.

Anson Norton, father of Mrs. Richard M.
Leete, was born Dec. 7, 1803, and died Sept. 3, 1859.
He married, Oct. 7, 1838, Mrs. Fanny Bishop, who
was born Sept. 2, 1804. and died Xov. 10, 1S71.
Their children: Mary Emma, born Jan. 3. 1840,
wife of Richard ]M. Leete; and James Lewis, born
May 14, 1842, who married Minnie A. Hotchkiss.

Roger Calvix Leete, second son of Rufus N.,
was born at Leete's Island. Guilford, Aug. 30,
1838, and received a good education, in part at
the district schools, in part at the high school at
Guilford. L'ntil he was thirty-one years of age he
remained on the homestead, and then removed to
his present farm, which was part of the homestead,
and where he has since followed agricultural pur-

In October, \&v). Mr. Leete married Miss Helen
A. Park, who was born in Sheshequin, Pa., a
•daughter of Amos and Arlette M. (Griffen) Park,
and two children came to them, viz. : Irving P.,
bom Jan. 22, 1875, attended the district scliool of
his neighborhood, also the Guilford high school,
and entered the third year of a course at Yale Uni-
versity ; he died Aug. 2, 1896. R. Wayne, the sec-
ond son, born Aug. 9, 1876, received a similar edu-
cation at the district schools, and had just entered
Yale when he, too, was called from earth, Dec. 8,
1896. The mother died May 3, 1898. She and her
sons were highly respected in the community, and
their taking away — the sons within a brief period
of a few months — the mother following so soon
afterward, was a terrible blow to the bereaved fa-
ther, who still finds in the genuine sympathy of the
community some little solace to his sorrow. He is
a quiet unostentatious citizen, and a useful member
of society, one who lives up to the "golden rule."
In politics he is a Democrat, and at the present time
is serving as selectman of Guilford.

WALTER A. MAIN, one of the most in-
fluential and esteemed citizens of Orange, was born
in that town Aug. 6, 1854. His grandfather. Brad-
ley Main, was a fanner of Coventry. Tolland coun-

Online LibraryChicago Beers (J.H.) & Co.Commemorative biographical record of New Haven county, Connecticut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families .. (Volume 1, pt.3) → online text (page 28 of 94)