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1SS8. George Dudley lived in the house with his
f.ithcr till 1840, when he built and removed to the
hdiise on the opposite side of the street, now the
home of Eli T. Dudley. He was a member of the
I'lrst Congregational Church, with which he united
in 1S31, and his wife in 1827. He died at the age
,.1 sixty-two, after a week's illness with erysipelas,
which developed in an injured limb. George Dud-
Icv had six children ; ( i ) Lydia Clarissa, born
Se|)t. 9, 1833, died Dec. 15. 1889. unmarried. (2)
George Edwin, born Dec. 10. 1836. died July 16,
1847. He was drowned in East river while bath-
'"tJ- (3) Lucy Jennette. born Xov. 7, 1839, died
I'd). 20, 1842. (4) Charles Ellsworth, born Feb.
II, 1842, died April 28, 1844. (5) Eliza Jen-
nette was born Sept. 8. 1845. (6) Charles Abra-
ham, sketch of whom follows.

( \'III) Cii.\ia.i:.s Ai;KAir.\M Dudley, born Aug.
1.4. 1841;, became a farmer of the Clapboard Hill
l);-trict, Gm'lford. He married .\pril 10, 1872.
I.ticy E. Auger, born May 26, 1849, daughter of
!l:e late Deacon Phineas M. Augur, of 2kliddle-
held, Conn., who married May 7. 1846, Lucv Eliza
I'armelee, daughter of the late Jonathan Pa'rmeled,
"f Guilford (see sketch of Hon. Phineas ^L
Augur). Mr. Dudley lives in the house built by
liis great-grandfather, Abraham Dudley, between
1785 and iy<jO. He is a member of the First Con-
irregational Church. Mr. and ^Nlrs. Dudley have
iiail si.K children : ( i j George Edwin, born Julv
'-• f873, died June 23. 1888: he was drowned in
a vain attempt to save his brother. (2) Alice Lucv
was Iwrn June 27, 1875. (3) Charles Parmelee,
'"■ni May 19, 1877, died June 23, 1888: he was
dmuiied in East river, while bathing. (4) Susan
Marilla was born Dec. 11, 1878. (5) Arthur
■ \ugur was born Xov. 4, 1881. (6) Ruth Christine
'.\a-. I)orn Oct. 9. 1891.

l'.\kMELEE Family, (i) John Parmelee, Sr.,
■■'H- <'f the original settlers of Guilford. Conn., and
•' -^igner of the Plantation Covenant, was one of the
• -.<T men who came from England in Rev. Henrv
\<M!!ieKrs company, in 1639.-^ His home-lot, con-
'■''■ng of f,ne and one-half acres, embraced the land
w "ccupied by the First Congregational Church
•'!'•> ilK- hmldmgs in the rear. Hannah, his first
■"'■"•. was the mother of his children. He married
'-■■.••■ \\„k,w Elizabeth Bradlev. of Xew Ha-
^.;l. who alter his <leath married. 'Mav 22, 1663,
-; ■'" ,■;'■•'"'• :'f/'i"lford. John Parmelee died 'n
".,v iMemer s Hi-tory of Guilford gives the date
-■' Ins death as Xov. 8, 1659, but another record

says that his will was proved on that date]. His
children were probably all born in England, and
dates of birth are not known. The only ones of
whom we find record are: (i) John, sketch of
whom follows; (2) Hannah, who married Sept. 3,
1 65 1, John Johnson, of Xew Haven, afterward of
Guilford; and (3) Mary, who married Sept. 16,
1660, Dennis Crampton, and died March 16, 1667.
Widow Elizabeth Bradley, second wife of John
Parmelee, Sr., was the mother of Stephen and
Xathan Bradlev, who afterwards settled in Guil-

(H) John Parmelee. Jr.. bom in England, son
of John and Hannah Parmelee. came to Guilford in
1639. He had a home-lot on the east side of what
is now State street, his house standing on or near
the site of the house of the late J. Seymour Benton.
He was the "town drummer," sendng in that ca-
pacity on "training days," and from a very early
period he beat the drum to call the people to church
on Sabbath-da}S, and to summon them to town-
meetings. He died in January, 1869. The first
wife of John Parmelee, Jr.. Rebecca, died Sept. 29,
1651, leaving one son, Xathaniel, born in 1645, who
died in the Indian war ; he married Sarah French,
daughter of Thomas French. John Parmelee, Jr.,
married (second) in 1651 Widow Ann Plane, who
died ^larch 30, 1658. He and his third wife, Han-
nah, were married in February, 1659 (the maiden
names of his first and third wives do not appear on
any Guilford records). They had nine children:
(2) John, born Xov. 25. 1659, died March 21. 1725 ;
he married June 29, 1681, Mary Mason. (3)
Joshua, born in 1664, died June 7. 1729. (4)
Isaac, sketch of whom follows. (5) Hannah, born
Xov. 5, 1667, married in Xovember, 1688, Tappan
Hill. (6) Stephen was born Dec. 6, i66g. (7)
Job, born July 31, 1673. died March 6, 1765; he
married Elizabeth Edwards. (8) Caleb was born
in 1675. (9) Priscilla was born Mav 8, 1678. (10)
Joel, born in 1679, died in July, 1748; he married
June 30, 1706, Abigail AndVews, and lived in

(Ill) Isaac Parmelee, son of John Parmelee,
Jr., and his third wife, Hannah, was born in Guil-
ford Xov. 21, 1665, and died Jan. 23, 1749. He
married Dec. 30, 1689, Elizabeth Hiland (or High-
land), who was born June 18. 1666. daughter of
George and Hannah ( Cruttenden ) Hiland, and died
Jan. 3, 1746. They had nine children: ( i ) Eben-
ezer, born X''ov. 28, 1690, died Sept. 27, 1777; he
married July 24, 1718, Hannah Cruttenden, daugh-
ter of Abraham and Susannah (Kirby) Cruttenden.
(2) Abraham, born May 18, 1692, died Sept. 19,
^75 - (3) Joseph, sketch of whom follows. (4)
Elizabeth, born Jan. 20, 1696. married April 8,
1718, Xathaniel Baldwin. (5) Sarah, born Aug.
II, 1699, died May 6, 1780; she married Oct. 17,
1720, Michael Hill. (6) Isaac, born May 20, 1702,
died July 13, 1752; he married Alay 20, 1725, Eliza-
beth Evarts, daughter of Sergt. James Evarts .

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(Daniel, John) and Anna (Bow). (7) Andrew,
born July 20, 1704. died Aucj. 7, 1794: he married
Anna Crampton. (8) Rachel, born Xov. 18, 1707,
died Xov. 9, 1793;. she married June 27, 1739,
Sanuiel Evarts, son of Daniel Evarts ( Daniel,
John) and Mary (West). (9) Josiah, born in De-
cember, 1709, died in August, 1739. '

(I\') Joseph Parmelee, son of Isaac and Eliza-
beth (Hiland) Parmelee, was born at Guilford
Sept. 14, 1694, and died April 14, 1750. He mar-
ried Sept. 19, 1716, Abigail Kimberly, who was
born Tulv 28, 1696, daughter of Nathaniel and
Hannah (Downs) Kimberly, of West Haven, Conn.
Mrs. Parmelee died Nov. 28, 1763. They had six
children: (i) Abigail, bom Jan. 21, 1719. died :
Feb. 8, 1780; she married Caleb Bishop. (2)
Joseph, born April 3, 1721, died in July, 1804. (3)
William, sketch of whom follows. (4) Elizabeth,
born Xov. 21, 1728, married Ebenezer Chittenden.

(5) Beulah, born Aug. 30, 1732, died Sept. 16,
1818; she married Jan. 3, 1754, Nathaniel Elliott.

(6) Samuel, born July 2~. 1737, died Jan. 2. 1807.
(V) William Parmelee, son of Joseph and

Abigail (Kimberly) Parmelee, was born in 1724,
and died March 13, 1799. He united with the First
Congregational Church in 1749. On June 6. 1749,
he married ^lary Rossiter, and they had five chil-
dren : (i) Jerusha was born Feb. 2j, 1750. (2)
Eunice, born March 27, 1751. married Ebenezer
Hopson. (3) William, born Dec. 12, 1752, died
Dec. 31, 1835. (4) Nathaniel, born Oct. 6. 1754,
died Nov. 17, 1828. (5) Amos, bom Nov. 19,
1756, died Dec. 8, 1820. William Parmelee mar-
ried (second) Dec. 17, 1764, Widow Hilary (Kirby)
Johnson, daughter of John and Hannah (Stow)
Kirby, of Middletown, Conn. She was born in
December, 1727, and married (first) Nov. 8, 1753,
Amos Johnson, of Aliddletown, who died in camp
at Lake George, in September, 1758, while serving
in the French and Indian war. She died Feb. 13,
1813. \\'illiam Parmelee and his second wife had
three children: (i) Jonathan, sketch of whom fol-
lows. (2) Mary, bom March i, 1767, died }i larch
7, 1854; she married Oct. 8, 17S7, Thomas Hart,
son of Thomas and Concurrence (Bartlett) Hart.
(3) Eli, born May 28, 1772, died Jan. 27, 1805,
unmarried ; he was a sailor.

(YI) Jonathan Parmelee, son of William
Parmelee by his second marriage, with Widow-
Mary (Kirl)y) Johnson, was born in Guilford Oct.
4, 1765, and (lied Dec. 7, 1835, aged seventy. He
was a shoe-maker by trade, and lived in a house
which stood just west of the residence of Isaac Kel-
sey, on Boston street. He married Feb. 15, 1792,
Elizabeth Hart, who was bom July 17, 1765. daugh-
ter of Thomas and Concurrence (Bartlett) Hart, of
, Guilford, and died Dec. 21, 1846. The graves of
Jonathan and Elizabeth Parmelee are in one of the
front lots of the west or oldest part of Alderbrook
cemetery. They had ■^cven children : ( i ) Jerusha,
born Sept. 8, 17'>3, died Sept. 2, 1795. (2) Elisha,

born May 21, 1795, died Julv 21, 1821 ; he married
Clarissa B. Elliot, daughter of Reuben and Grace
(Fairchild) Elliot. (3) Sarah, born Feb. 28, 1707-
died Oct. 31, 1884; she married (as third wife)
April 30, 1851, Rev. Silas McKeen, D. D., of Brad-
ford, Vt. (4) Jonathan, sketch of whom follows.

(5) Mary, born Sept. 18, 1801, died Aug. 18. 18S2;
she married (as second wife) Charles E. Fowler.

(6) Charles S., born Oct. 11, 1804, was a sailor,
and was drowned at sea. (7) Eli, born June
7, 1808, died Aug. 28. 1882: he married Betsey
Ann Benton, who was born Mav 8, 1808, daughter
of Dan Lindley and Betsey (Seward) Benton, and
died Nov. 10, 1891.

(VIF) Jonathan Parmelee, son of Jonathan and
Elizabeth (Hart) Parmelee, was born Sept. 3, 1798.
and died June 18, 1880, aged eighty-one years and
nine months. He married Oct. 13. 1819, ^laria
Dudley, who was born April 30, 1802, and died
April 25, 1893, being only five days less than ninety-
one years of age. She was a daughter of Aslier
Dudley (Samuel, Samuel, Caleb, Joseph. William t
and Lucy (Dudley) (Abraham, Caleb, Caleb, Jo-
seph, William). Tj.ey lived together sixty-one
vears and eight months. The fiftieth anniversary
of their marriage (Oct. 13, 1869) was celebrated
by a Golden Wedding, at which nearly one hundred
guests were present, including all their children ;
all their grandchildren, except one; and a great-

In his youth Jonathan Parmelee learned the
shoemaker's trade with his father, but after his mar-
riage was engaged as a farmer, and lived in tlie
house built by his father-in-law, now the home of
his grandson, Herbert E. Parmelee. In 1821 he-
and "his wife united with the First Congregational
Church, from which they were dismissed in 1843.
with those who left to form the Third Congrega-
tional Church, of which they continued active mem-
bers until their death. Two weeks after the organ-
ization of that church Jonathan Parmelee wa?
chosen superintendent of the Sunday-school, and
served faithfully in that relation for many years.
After the marriage of his youngest son, Henry E..
he left to him the care of the farm and removed
to the borough, where he built a house south of the
"Old Stone House," on Whitfield street. This
house was destroyed by fire in 1898. There he was
for manv years connected with a fishing company,
until obliged to give up work because of the in-
firmities of age. He was a genial, upright. Christ-
ian gentleman, universally respected and beloved.
He died suddenly, of heart disease, having been in
the street an hour or two before his death.

Jonathan and Maria (Dudley) Parmelee had a
familv of five children: (i) Horace Dudley
Parmelee, bom March 22, 1821, died Dec. 10, 1901.
He married Oct. 20, 1842, Clarissa Chapman
Seward, who was born Feb. 24, 1824, daughter of
Samuel Lee Seward (Timothy, David, Deacoi7_
William, John, William) and Sarah (Bartlett), of




Guilford. Their children — (a) Charles Edward,
Iwrii Oct. 28, 1844, a of Guilford, married
May 15, 1868, Ann E. Grosvenor, who was horn
May 15, 1849, daughter of Joseph and Ann (Oak-
Icv) Grosvenor: they had one child. Erank Ernest.
Ixjrn April 17, 1869. who died May 20. 1870. (b~)
William Henry, born Jan. i. 1858, a merchant of
South Norwalk, married Dec. 31. 1885, i\Iary E.
Monroe, who was born Sept. 2. 1857, daughter of
Beverly and Elizabeth (Fowler) Monroe; no chil-
dren, (c) George Head, born Sept. 26, 1868, a
lawyer of Johnstown, Pa., married April 22, 1891,
Mary E. Bishop, who was born April 22, 1871,
daughter of William C. and Abigail L. (Davis)
Bishop; they have three children — Harry Bishop,
born Jan. 23, 1892; Earle Lindley, Jan. 18, 1894;
and William Horace, Jan. 21, 1897.

(2) Mary ^Maria Parmelee. born May 18. 1823,
died Dec. 3' 1887. She married Sept. 11. 1845,
Alfred G. Hull, who was born ilay 10, 1822. and
died Jan. 31, 1894. He was a son of Joseph and
Fanny (Chittenden) Hull, of Clinton, Connecticut.

(3) Lucy Eliza Parmelee. born July 15. 1823,
died Jan. 4, 1895. She married Alay 7. 1846,
Phineas Miller Augur, who was born Feb. 8, 1826,
son of Phineas and Esther (Kirby) Augur, of ^lid-
dlefield, Connecticut.

(4) Sarah ^larilla Parmelee. born April 30,

1828, died Sept. 9, 1892. She married Dec. 3, 185S
(as his third wife), Josiah Pierson. son of Rev.
Josiah Pierson, of Bergen, Xew York.

(5) Henry Elisha Parmelee, born Jan. i, 1830,
died Sept. 7, 1896. He married May 27, 1851,
Georgiana Elvira Rossiter. who was born April 21,

1829, daughter of Theophilus and Eliza A. (Chit-
tenden) Rossiter, of Xorth Guilford. The former
traced his line through William, Theophilus, Josiah.
Dr. Bryan. ^Irs. Eliza A. (Chittenden) Rossiter
is descended from Amos, Jared, ^^'illiam, William,
Thomas, William. Mr. and ]Mrs. Henry E. Parm-
elee had three children : • ( i ) Herbert Eugene, born
Nov. 27, 1853, farmer and sawyer, married Oct.
31, 1888, Alary Potter, of Xorth Guilford, who was
born X'ov. 6, 1862, daughter of Russell and Polly
A. (Hull) Potter; they have one child, Sarah El-
vira, born Oct. 29, 1889. (2) Ella Louisa, born
June 23, 1855, died Sept. 12, 1857. (3) Edgar Pi'.^r-
son, born Oct. 16, 1859, farmer and sawyer, of Guil-
ford, married Oct. 16, 1884, Helen Hill, of Xorth
Guilford, who was born July 17, 1863, daughter of
George and Mary ( Kimberly ) Hill : thev have three
children — Alabel Alaria. born Sept. 30, 1885;
Ernest Eugene, born March 14, 1890; and Ella
Hill, born Jan. 29, 1892.

Hon. Phineas 2\L Augcr (deceased), who in
his lifetime was prominent in agricultural affairs
of the State, and especially active in the Prohibition
movement, being that party's candidate for governor
at the last election before his death, was born Fell.
8, 1826, in the town of Middletown, Aliddletield So-
ciety. Mr. Augur was in the sixth generation from

(I) Robert Augur, his first American ancestor,
who came to the Xew Haven Colony from England.
He was the son of John and Ann Augur, of Lon-
don, England, and nephew (as shown by Nicholas
Augur's will) of Xicholas Augur, a physician and
trader at Xew Haven. Robert Augur was mar-
ried Xov. 20, 1673, to Mary Gilbert, born June 11.
1651. daughter of Deputy Gov. Matthew Gilbert.

(H) John Augur, son of Robert, born Nov. 16,
Tri86, married July i, 17 10, Elizabeth Bradley,
daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Bradley, of East
Haven, Connecticut.

(HI) Isaac Augur, sou of John and Elizalx-th
(Bradley) Augur, horn about 17 18, died Jul\' 2;,
1808. On Oct. 25, 1748, he married Eunice Tyler,
born Oct. 6, 1729, died Feb. 3, 1812; she was a
daughter of Abraham and Eunice (Arnold) Tvler,
of Haddam, Conn. Mr. and ]\Irs. Isaac Augur lived
in Haddam. and had twelve children, six sons and
six daughters, all of whom married and had chil-
dren. One son, Felix, was the grandfather of the
late Gen. C. C. Augur, of Washington, D. C. Pros-
per Augur, a sketch of whom follows, was the fourth

(IV) Prosper Augur, son of Isaac, born Jan. 18,
1756, married May 30. 1781, Thankful Miller, born
Oct. 16, 1755, died Sept. 16, 1825. She was a
daughter of Deacon Giles JMiller, of Middlefield.
Conn., who was a prominent man of that commun-
ity, a descendant of Thomas ililler ( through Jo-
seph), who came from ^Massachusetts to Middle-
town. Conn., soon after its settlement, and located at
South Farms. The chiklren of Prosper Augur and
his wife v»-ere : Elizabeth, who married Comfort
Johnson ; Sally, who married Luman Wetmore ;
Polly; and Phineas. The parents settled in Middle-
field. Prosper Augur was self-educated, a man of
sound mind, much stability of character, sterling in-
tegrity and great usefulness. He was for many
vears a deacon in the Congregational Church of
Middlefield. He died Dec. 16, 1836.

(V) Phineas Augur, only son of Prosper, bom
Aug. II, 1788, settled in the neighborhood of his
father. On Oct. 29, 1821, he married Esther Kirby,
of Upper Houses, Middletown ( now the town of
Cromwell), who was born June 24, 1790, and died
April 16, 1872. At the age of sixteen years Mr.
Augur commenced teaching school ; at the close of
his first examination, before Dr. David Dudley Field,
of Haddam, the Doctor quoted Timothy, "Let no
man despise thy youth." After teaching very suc-
cessfully for several years he died, X'ov. 18, 1825, in
early manhood. His only child (posthumous),
Phineas Miller, was born Feb. 8, 1826.

(VI) Phineas M. Augur received a common-
school education and later attended an academy.
During his early life he was appointed surveyor for
the county, and later deputy surveyor-general of
Middlesex county. He made the first survey and
maps of Middlefield, with the necessary post route.

V' .J

■■. , ! ■_ ■■ni, n.i ■ , ■'■

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•I •'''■|*, '-•;.•>'. -j'i ■->



which was used successfully in Washington. D. C,
in obtaining- a post office at Middlefield, hv the late
David Lyman. When the town of .Middlefield was
set ofT from Middletown. in 1866, Mr. Augur was
chosen assessor, and made out the first assessment
hst of the town. At the same time he was chosen
a member of the board of education, and held the
place continually until his death, which occurred
July 14. 1891. He served one term on the State
board of ctlucation in 1869. and declined re-election.
In 1869 he was elected to tlie General Assembly,
serving on the connnittee on Incr^orations. and
several bills that he introduced now form part of the
general statutes. When the }i[iddlcficld Farmers'
Club was organized Mr. Augur Ijecame one of its
leading liglits. In 1872 he was elected pomologist
by the State board of agriculture, and continued to
serve in that capacity until his death ; he made a col-
lection of Connecticut products for the Centennial
E.xposition at Philadelphia. Mr. Augur was always
an independent thinker, anti-slavery in old times.
He believed in economy in government, and that
good should be given in the public schools
and to children at home. He was faithful to Tem-
perance reform, became an ardent Prohibitionist,
was prominent in their gatherings, and was nom-
inated for the highest office in the State by that
party at the State convention some time prior to his
death. He was for more than thirtv years a deacon
in the Congregational Church of Middlefield.

At the age of twenty Mr. Auger was married to
Aliss Lucy Eliza, daughter of the late Jonathan
Parmelee, of Guilford. To them came children as
follows: (I) Edwin Prosper, born Jan. 31. 1847,
surveyor and civil engineer of the town of Middle-
town, Conn., was for twenty-nine years, from 1S72
to 1901, city surveyor of Middletown. On Mav 20.
1869. he married Susan Buell Case, who was born
April 16. 1848. (2) Lucy Elizabeth, born May 26.
1849. married April 10, 1S72, Charles Abraham
Dudley, born Aug. 14. 1849. of Guilford Conn. C3 )
Mary Eliza, born April 27. 1852. married Oct. 13,
1874. Horace Francis Dudley, born March 9. 1846.
of Guilford. Conn. (4) Alfred Henrv. born Feb. 5,
1855. married May 25. 18S0. .Anna Elizabeth Camp,
born Oct. 18. 1855, daughter of Charles E. and
Elizabeth (Hart) Camp, of Durham. Conn. He has
been for several years town clerk of ^Middlefield.
(5) Charles Parmelee. born Feb. 17. 1857. resides
in Middlefield and is a florist, in business with his
brother Alfred. He married Xov. t8, 18S0. Ida
Eulalie Piradley. who was liorn March 29, 18^7. and
died April 4. 1901. She was a daughter of Edward
J. and Harriet (Wilcox) Bradley, of Westfield So-
ciety, Middletown.

LEWELLYX BEAl'MOXT, a prosperous

farmer and stockman of the town of Wallingford,

where his industrious habits and upright character

: have made him nianv friends, was born in that town

I Nov. 12, 1839: a son of John and Ann (Tyler)

Beaumont, well and favorablv known in the early
part of the last century in that locality. Mr. Beau-
mont received his education in the district school,
and remained at home helping with the farm work
until the outbreak of the Civil war. The api>eal of
his country for help in her hour of need found in
him a ready response, and he enlisted in Company
K. 15th Conn. V. I., serving throughout the war,
and participating in numerous battles and engage-
ments. He passed through all the scenes and exper-
iences of that great struggle safely, and returned
home to resume the occupations of peaceful life,
thankful that the war had not been in vain, and that
the Republic still lived. He settled down to farm-
ing on the place where he now lives, and has sev-
entv acres of good land under cultivation, the inter-
vening vears having brought him the prosperity that
is the reward of honest etTort.

Mr. Beaumont has never married, and is a happy
and contented gentleman, with a genial spirit. W'A\
read on all questions of the day, he is a Republican
with independent habits of thought. A hard-work-
ing man, he practices the strictest economy, and has
a horror of debt. A good all-around man, with in-
dustrious habits and an honest spirit, is the judg-
ment of all who know him.

was born in Waterbury. Xew Haven county. Sept.
19. 1804. of English descent, and was a member of
one of the oldest families in Xew England, the
genealogv of which may be traced to the Old
World, as follows :

David Prichard. father of Eiizur, was born in
Waterbury. Oct. 24. 1775, and died Dec. 22. 1838.
David Prichard, father of David, was born here
also. April 7, 1737, and died Dec. 22. 1838. James
Prichard. father of David (i). was born in Alil-
ford. Conn., was there baptized in 1698. and died
Sept. 3. 1749. Benjamin Prichard, father of James,
was born in ]\Iilford Jan. 31, 1657. and died .\pril
9, 1743. Roger Prichard. father of Benjamin, was
born in England (perhaps Wales), and lived in
Wethersfieki, Conn., in 1640. in Springfield in 1643,
and in :\Iilford in 1653. At the latter place he mar-
ried Elizabeth, daughter of James Prudden. one of
the original settlers" of Guilford. He died in Xew
Haven Jan. 26. 1670. All the family were agricul-
turists, but many of the members also followed some
trade in connection with farming, and all were con-
spicuous as members of the Church of Xew Eng-

James Prichard, great-grandfather of the sub-
ject of this sketch, came to \\'aterbury in 1733. and
settled where the old rink now stands, at the cor-
ner of Bank and Grand streets. He married.^Dec.
25. 1721. Elizabeth Johnson, who was born in Strat-
ford, Conn.. Aug. 28. 1701, and died Dec. 10. 1797,
the mother of seven children: James, George,
Elizabeth. Isaac, John. David and Hannah. The
family lived in the village of Waterbury, but the



5A ;•

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. ..'>"> -i!'j:- r-'^i* -J ■ " .■^" -^~c-:y •' .

■- "^ jiij' -■■'■'" - .■St ;■ , ■







I— i



fatlier conducted a farm on the opposite side of the
river. He was a man of wealth for his time and
acquired much land. He died in tiie "great sick-
ness" of 1749.

David Prichard, youngest son of James, was a

farmer, cabinet-maker, carpenter and joiner. On

Dec. 20, 1757, he married Ruth Smitii, to which

. marriage were born ten children, viz. : Archibald.

Ruth. 2\Iariana, Philo, Sylvia. }iIollie, Mollie (2),

David, Damon and Sally. The father of this fam-

A\y lived to be over loi years of age. When he

heard that his favorite son, David, had died, he

never spoke again. The remains of both were in-

J:erred at one time.

David Prichard, Jr., son of David, married Xov.
9- 1797. Anna Hitchcock, a daughter of Benjamin
Hitchcock. She died Feb. 17, 1S60. David Prich-
ard. Jr., was a cabinet-maker, which business he
followed some forty years. He was also largely en-

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