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died March 9, 171 2. John Leete died Nov. 25,

Pelatiah Leets. fifth child of John, was born
March 26, 1681, and on July i. 1705. married Abi-
gail, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth ( Bartlett)
Fowler. They became the parents of five chiUlren.
Mrs. Leete died Oct. 22. i-('n. Sioi; after their
marriage the_\' moved tj Leete's Island, which after-

ward became a flourishing settlement. Some of the
land allotted to Gov. Leete after the purchase of the
property from the Indians has never been held bv
any but those of the family name. On these ances-
tral acres seven generations of Leetes have resided,
engaged as farmers. Deacon Peliatiah Leele was a
successful farmer, and did "not consider a hundred
bushels of shelled corn to the acre more than an
average yield." He had a hundred cattle. In 1705
he erected a large house, on a commanding spot
overlooking the Sound, in which he lived until his
death, Oct. 13, 1768. This house sheltered several
generations of the family. Pelatiah Leete was a
deacon in the Fourth Church of Guilford. He
served as a representative of the town in the Gen-
eral Court.

Deacon Daniel Leete, eldest son of Deacon Pela-
tiah, was lx)rn Oct. 14, 1709, was a farmer and
stock raiser, and died on his farm Oct. i, 1772. He
was a deacon in the Fourth Church of Guilford.
On June 14. 1738, he married Rhoda Stone, who
was born Xov. 2, 1719. daughter of Caleb and
Sarah (Meigs) Stone, of Guilford, and died Dec.
23. 1769. Both Mr. and Mrs. Leete are buried in
the old cemetery on Guilford Green. Thev had five
children. Daniel Leete's home stood where Calvin
M. Leete's house now stands, and was noted during
the Revolution.

Deacon Ambrose Leete, the third son of Deacon
Daniel, was bora Jan. 10, 1748. He was a deacon
in the Fourth Church, to which office he was chosen
in 1786, and also held the same office in the First
Church, having been chosen in 1801. On Nov. 10,
1773, he married Miranda, a daughter of William
and Rachel (White) Chittenden, and thev became
the parents of five children. Ambrose Leete died
Feb. 14, 1S09. His widow survived until Sept. 16,
1838. Mr. and Mrs. Leete were buried in the then
new cemetery at Leete's Island.

Miner Leete, the third child of Ambrose, was
born June 30, 1779, on the farm where he spent his
life, dying at the early age of forty-seven years,
Xov. 7, 1826. On Xov. 17, 1807, he married Lu-
cinda X'orton. who was born X'ov. 18, 1780, in Guil-
ford, a daughter of Col. Rufus and Hannah (Cook)
X'orton. She died Aug. 28. 1848, and was buried
in the family cemetery. They had five children :
(i) Edward Lorenzo is mentioned below. (2)
Rufus Xorton was the second of the family. (3)
Theodore Adgate, who died April 28, 1886, gradu-
ated from Yale College and the Theological Depart-
ment. He married Mary C. White, of Long
meadow, Mass.. and had three children, Ella Louise,
Rev. William White and Theodore Woolsey. (4)
Calvin Miner married Lucy Maria Leete. (51 Lou-
isa Maria died, unmarried, Julv 29, 1855.

Edward Lorenzo Leete was born June 28. 1810,
at Leete's Island, in the town of (iuilford. He at-
tended the district school but little, being largely
self-educated, and was an unusually well-informed
man. For more than thirtv vears he was accustomed


III .r

(;i -.1

(^<^i^^2^' <^Z£^^



to teach school chiring the winter season, working
his farm tluring- the summer. Always deeply inter-
ested in educational matters, and pulilic-spirited in
every way, he was regarded in his time as one of the
most useful citizens 01 the town, awake to all matters
of local importance. In puhlic life he was active and
conspicuous, both for his imswerving honor and
conspicuous ability. In 1854 he represented the
town in the State Legislature, to which he was again
elected in 1865. In politics he was originally a
^\'hig, later becoming a Republican. In church mat-
ters Mr. Leete was a leader, and on Xov. 14, 1852.
was elected a deacon of the First Congregational
Church, serving in that capacity for almost thirty-
two years. IMr. Leete built a substantial house on
the old Leete homestead, where he made many other
improvements. There he spent most of his life, dv-
ing May 3, 1884. and was buried in Leete's Island
•cemetery. He was especially interested in the prep-
aration of a genealogy of the Leete family, which
has been published since his death, and is now in the
libraries of the state.

Edward Lorenzo Leete was married, in North
Guilford. April 29. 1833, to Sylvia Fowler, daughter
of Daniel and Lucy (Chittenden) Fowler, and they
had two children : Edward Walter, mentioned be-
low : and Lucy Louisa. The latter married Dwight
Rogers, of Cornwall. Conn., and became the mother
■of five children : Dwight Leete, Xellie Lucretia,
Harriet Fowler, iNIiner Pratt and Sylvia Abbie. Airs.
Sylvia Leete died on the home farm Xov. 13. 1895,
and was buried in Leete's Island cemetery. She was
a member of the Congregational Church. Mr. Leete
was trustee for a number of years of the Guilford

Edward Walter Leete was born on the home
place May 28, 1834, and attended the district school,
a private school in Windsor, Conn., and the X'ormal
School at Xew Britain. For six years he taught
school during the winter season in Guilford. As he
was the only son the care of the farm and the sup-
port of the aged parents naturally fell to him. Mr.
Leete is engaged in general farming and stock rais-

On Oct. 10, 1861, our subject married Harriet
Rogers, of Cornwall, a daughter of Daniel Leete
and Harriet (Pratt) Rogers, and a granddaughter
of Noah and Lydia (Cornwall) Rogers and of
Miner Pratt. They are the parents of five children :
(I) Abbie Louisa, born Oct. 20. 1862. was married
June 10, 1896, becoming the second wife of Edward
E. Griswold, of Clapboard Hill. Guilford. They
have two children — Harriet Rogers, born Jan. 15,
1899, 3n<^' Joli" Leete, born April 30. 1901. {2)
Edward Rogers, born Dec. 17. 1864, was educated
in the district school. Guilford Institute and Yale
Business College, taught school, and was connected
with the Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Hartford. He
'iied Dec. 6. 1891. and was Ijiiried in the Lcote S
Island cemetery. (3) William Smith, bnrn Oct. 22,
■18O7, married Angeline Brewer, daughter of Alvah

j G. and H. Alice (Palmer) Brewer, of Guilford, and
' is living on the family homestead. (4) Sarah Tal-
cott, bom Oct. 25, 1871, died Oct. 25. 1891, and was
buried in Leete's Island cemetery. She was a gradu-
ate of the Guilford In.stitute. (,5 ) Walter, born July
15. 1874, died in infancy.

Mr. Leete was elected deacon of the First Con-
gregational Church in Guilford, Xov. 25, 1883, and
! is still acting in that capacity. From his youth he
has been connected in different capacities with the
Sunday-school of that churcli. In politics he is a
Republican. For twelve years or more he has been
, a member of the school board, and he has also held
I the oflices of assessor, tax collector and justice of the
■ peace. In 1884 he was elected trustee of the Guil-
• ford Institute. He is a trustee of the Guilford
Savings Bank, and a stockholder and director
of the X'ational Bank, which he helped to organize.
Mr. Leete, as conservator, appraiser, or adminis-
trator, has been connected with nuiuerous estates.

I ELISAPH H. BUTLER, president of the Guil-
; ford Savings Bank, and dealer in general hardware,
I stoves, tinware, etc., Guilford, is a native of Con-
; necticut. born June 27, 1848, in Xorfolk, Litch-
field county.

Mr. Butler is a descendant of one of the old
settlers of Connecticut. Elisaph Butler, his grand-
father, was born in X'orth Branford (known as
j X'orthford). where he followed farming pursuits
I and was a land owner of prominence. From there
' he moved to X'orfolk, Litchfield county, where he
' passed the rest of his days.

Levi Butler, father of Elisaph H., was born in
i 1820. in X'orthford, town of Branford, moved with
; his father to X'orfolk. and there followed farming
' until 1854. in which year he moved with his family
'' to Guilford, and bought a farm near Leete Island.
I where he continued to live up to his death, in
j 1873. In politics he was a Whig, later a Republi-
I can. and he was a member of the Advent Church.
! Levi Butler married (first) Clarissa Roberts, of
t Colebrook. Conn. His second marriage was to
j Clarinda E. Sanford. who was born in Sandisfield.
! Berkshire Co.. Mass.. daughter of Lyman Sanford.
: and six children were born to them: Elisaph H..
: our ?ubject ; Frederick, a farmer of Leete Island,
1 Guilford, Conn. ; Clara, wife of Robert Bartholo-
': mew, of Branford; Fanny, who died in young
' womanhood : Mary, deceased : and Anna, deceased.
The mother of these children is yet living, and
in the enjoyment of excellent health.

Elisaph H. Butler was a six-year-old lad when
he came to (juilford, and here, on Leete Island,
he attended the district school, and grew up on the
home farm, remaining there until he was twenty
; years old. at which time he removed to Meriden.
' in that citv he worked in a screw factory for a
short time, and then, returning to Guilfnnl. secured
a position in Griswold & Co.'s grocery store, where
he remained some eighteen months. In 1870 he

t\*.f\j i.




and S. 'Robinson hoii';iit '>ut i-'hester r.ecklcy's haril-
warc store, and conducted the same under tlie name
of S. Robinson & Co. In 1888 Mr. Butler bought
out the interest of Mr. Robinson, and has since
conducted the business alone, now having- one of
the most complete stores in the county. ^Ir. Butler
is president of the Guilford Savings Bank, also a ' I
director thereof, and is one of the- stockholders in,
and directors of, the First National Bank of Guil-
ford. In politics he is a Republican, and has filled
the office of burgess of Guilford several terms,-
serving also as justice of the peace. Sociallv he is
a member of the F &: A. M., affiliating with St.
Alban's Lodge, Xo. 38, and- with the Eastern Star,
of which he is past patron, and of which his wife
is a member. He belongs to Xenuncatuck Lodge,
No. f>2, I. O. O. F., in which he is a member of the
board of trustees, a past grand, and has been
treasurer since July, 1884; he was also secretary one
terrri. He has served as delegate to the Grand
Lodge of the State. He and his wife are both
charter members of the Daughters of Rebekah, and
he is united with Hollis Encampment, Xo. 34. Mr.
Butler is a member of the X. E. O. P., of Guilford,
of which he has been chairman of the board of
trustees since its organization ; and was identified
with the Woodmen of the \\'orld.

On Oct. 20, 1870, in Guilford. Conn., Elisaph
H. Butler married Fanny E. Robinson, and nine
children have come to them : ( i ) William S.,
born July 25, 1871, is head salesman in his father's
store : he married Ida May Hill, daughter of Capt.
William P. Hill. (2) Frank died in infancy. (3)
Burton L. died at the age of four vears. (4)
Jennie C, born Sept. 19, 1880, is the wife of Louis
C. Coulter, of Guilford. (5) Harriet M. ("Hattie")
was born July 14. 1882. (6) Robert was born
Aug. 31, 1885. (7) Arthur and (8) Ernest, twins,
died voung. (9) Paul Levi was born May 29,
1896. ■

The Rodtxsox FA%riLV. of whom Mrs. Elisaph
H. Butler is a member, were old settlers of Guil-
ford, and (i) Thomas Robinson, the first of the ,
name in X'ew England, located first in Hartford, 1
Connecticut. In 1661 he moved to Guilford, where }
he passed the remainder of his days, flying in 1689. j
His wife Mary died in Guilford in 1668, and chil- |
dren as follows were born to them: fi) Thomas, j
born 1650, married Sarah Crittenden, and died July I
2, 1712; (2) Ann, born 1652, married Joseph Dud-
ley; (3) Mary, born 1654, married John Latimer; |
(4-) Saint, born 1656, married B. Latimer: (5) !
Jonathan, born K^Sg, died April. 1684; (6) David, 1
sketch of whom follows: (7) Elizabeth, born 1662, j
married Benjamin Grukl, and died September 30, j

'^745- . . !

(II) David Robinson, born in Hartford in '

1660, settled in Durham, Middlese.x Co., Conn., and i

died June i, 1747. He married Abigail Kirby,

daughter of John Kirby. .if .Middletown : she died in

1694. Mary, second wife of David Robinson, was 1

horn 16^)3, (lied Oct. 17, i/4.C\ 'Mr. Robinson'-i
children: (i) Abigail, born April 3, 1690, died
July 6, 1775, married Joseph Coe ; (2) Ann, born
June 6, 1692; (3) David, sketch of whom follows:

(4) Thomas, born 1698, died March 4, 1774: (5)
Ebenezer, born 1701, died Oct. 10. 1780; (6) Ruth.
:orn 1703: (7) Mary married Timothy Parsons-,
(8) Hannah married Benjamin Miller.

. (HI) David Robinson, born in Durham, Conn.,
in 1694, and died there Feb. .9, 1780, married Jan.
26. 1720, Rebecca Miller, born 1697, died Sept. iS.
1786. Children: (i) Ann, born Dec. 5, 1720.
and died in 1817, married Gideon Canfield ; (2>
David, born March 4, 1722. died Oct. 15. 1807; (3 ^
John, born June 22. 1723: (4) Dan, born May 2.
1725, and died 1810, married Abigail Curtis; (5)
Rebecca, born Dec. 5, 1726, and died X'ov. 5, 1815.
married David Parson; (6) Timothy, born .\prir
29, 1728, and died .\pril i, 1805, married Catharine-
Ross; (7) Phinnis, born July 24, 1729, died Jul\-
31. 1784, married Susannah Fenn : (8) James, boru
June 10, 1731, and died April 3, 1806, married .\ni\-
Sellman; (9) Joel, born ^larch 31, 1733, died 1750;
(10) Mary, born Dec. 7, 1734. married Reynold M.
Morse; (11) Xoah, born ]Vlay 17, 1736, and died
.\ug. 12, 1800, married Hannah Parmelee; (i2>
Abigail, born March 9. 173S. married James Hin-
man ; (13) Asher. sketch of whom follows.

(IV) Asher Robinson, born May 4. 1740, in
Durham, Conn., died there in 1808. He married
(first) June 11, 1761, Mary Butcher, and for his
second wife wedded a Miss Hull. His children :
(i) Rachel, born April 16, 1762, married Seth
Strong,- and died Feb. 10, 1850; (2) Stephen,
sketch of whom follows; (3) Asher, born Xov. 21,
1765, died young; (4) Seth, born June 23, 1768;

(5) Samuel, born July 29, 1770; (6) Mary; (7)
Sally married John White; (8) Betsey married
Henry Canfield ; (9) .\sher married Emily

(V) Stephen Robinson, born in Durham, Conn..
Jan. 14, 1764, died there July 2, 1825. He married
Mary Tibbatt, who died in August, 1825. Children:
(i) Dennis, sketch of whom follows: (2) Hannah,
born 1793; (3) David: (4) X'oah. born February.
1798. married Fanny Willard; (5) Phebe, born July
17. 1800, married P.. Franklyn Browning; (6)
Polly married David Baldwin; (7) Stephen died
1840: (8) Giles, born 1804, married Emily
Wheden : (9) Margaret Ann, born 1802, and died
1842, married David Howard.

(VI) Dennis Robinson, born in 1791, moved to
Guilford, and there passed the rest of his days,
dying June 8, 1847. He married. May 3, 181 5,
Fanny Stone, born Aug. 5, 1795, and died April 21,
1824. For his second wife he wedded May 4. 1825,
Elizabeth Wilkinson, born May 5, ij'ji). died Feb.
29. 1864. His children: (i) Jane Maria, born
July 2, 1816, married .Selden Benton; (2) Mary
Ann. born Sept. 15. iSiq. died July 31, 1820: (3)
Stephen, sketch of whom follows ; (4) George Bald-




win ir.arr.'-jtl Rij?ariul D. l-'ioM. ami died Dec. 5.
1861 ; (5) John, horn Octoher, 1828. died Oct. 18,
1829: (6) John Wilkinson, born Sept. 18, 1830;
(7) Fanny, born January. 1833, ^1'*^^ February,
1833; (8) FrankUn Browning, born Feb. 18, 1S37,
died Xov. 16, 1853.

(\'II) Stephen Robinson, father of Mrs. Elisaph
H. Butler, was born in Guilford ^^arch 23, 1824,
and passed his entire life there tonducting a general
hardware store until 1888, after which he carried
on a truck farm. He married Ann Bartlett, daugh-
ter of Timothy Bartlett, and of the children born to
them three are living as follows : Fanny E., wife
of E. H. Butler: Mary, wife of George W. Dudley;
and Ida, wife of Dwight W. Potter, all of Guilford.

CHARLES D. WWRXER, superintendent of
the Ansonia Telephone Co., of Ansonia, is a leading
representative of the business interests of that local-
ity. His thoroughly American spirit, his sound
judg^Tient and untiring energy have enabled him to
carry forward successfully a number of important
enterprises and the record of his life furnishes a
useful lesson.

Mr. Warner was born March 24. 1853, at
Chicopee Falls, Mass., and is descended from good
New England ancestry. His great-grandfather,
Eli Warner, was a resident of West Suffield, Conn.
Eli Warner (2). our subject's grandfather, was
born in West Suffield, and passed his life there,
engaged in farming. His wife, Lydia (Taylor),
was also a native of Suffield, and their two sons
settled upon the old homestead, dividing it into two
separate farms. Both the grandparents were highly
respected in the community for their estimable

Henrv F. Warner, our subject's father, was
born in West Suffield. and received a common-
school education. He died at the homestead March
25, 1900, at the age of seventy-four years. He mar-
ried Mary L. !Munger, who died aged sixty-nine
years, was a native of Chicopee Falls, and a daugh-
ter of Hiram ]\Iunger, a well-known Adventist
preacher there. Her mother, whose maiden name
was Lucinda Hancock, was a direct descendant of
a brother of Gov. John Hancock, of Massachu-
setts. Mrs. Munger died at the age of eighty
years, leaving three children: Marv L., ^Irs.
Warner ; Alfred S., a resident of Ozone Park,
L. I. : and Lucv, wife of J. H. Hendrick. of Spring-
field, Mass. Our subject is the eldest of a family
of three living children. r)re child died at an early
age. Eugene H. has taken up farming at the old
homestead. Jessie F. married T. C. Baum, of

Charles D. Warner was educated in the common
schools of Suffield. and when sixteen years of age
b€>gan to learn the trade of watchmaker and jewel-
er. .\bout 1872 he engage'! in !vi-ire~s in Wind-
sor, and in 1S78 he removed to Ansonia. purchas-
ing from Charles Tucker a store in Main Street,

oppisite the First .Vational Bank. In 1887 lie sold
the business to James B. Keenc and joined in the
organization of a company for the manufacture of
standard electrical clocks, for which he owned the
patents. He became manager of the enterprise, and
later was made treasurer, the business being carried
on first in Xew Haven and then in Waterbury.
On Dec. 31. 1895, he retired from the company and
started in business in Ansonia as an electrical en-
gineer, and soon afterward, as a matter of personal
convenience, he organized a small telephone e.x-
change, with less than fifty subscribers. This
proved a great success, and later he founded the
Ansonia Telephone Co. with Dana Bartholomew,
the stock being placed at Si 5.000, which was in-
creased from time to time, to $25,000. Earlv in
1901 great pressure was brought on certain stock-
[ holders (after the death of Dana Bartholomew) to
; sell out to the Bell Telephone interests, and this was
1 finally accomplished, in April, 1901. They had lines
I to Seymour, Derby and Shelton. and connected sub-
, scribers with points in Woodbury and surrounding
towns, doing a profitable business, three operators
I being required to manipulate the '"switch board."
: Mr. Warner owns a numljer of electrical patents,
five being on clocks and clock systems, known as
I the "Warner System," and the latter have increased
' in value as time has proved their efficiency. Thev
I were first tested in Ansonia in 1884, and then on
I the Consolidated Railroad, where thev still remain
: in service, after fifteen years. Politically Mr.
\\'arner is independent and he has served one term
, as burgess of the borough. He belongs to the Xew
I England Order of Protection, and he and his fam-
' ily are active workers in the Congregational Church
of Ansonia, in which he has held various offices,
I including membership on the Society's committee
and the Prudential committee. He also served some
j time as superintendent of the Sunday-school and
! president of the Christian Endeavor Society.
j In 1875 Mr. Warner married Miss Clara F.

Hodge, who was born in Suffield in 1856, daughter
; of Buel D. Hodge, a prominent farmer there, and
\ for many years a leading member of the Congre-
gational Church of that locality. He and his wife,
I Mariette (Cartter), had four children: Clara F. ;
j Emma E., who married F. L. Ashley, of Windsor
I Locks ; Nellie, who married E. S. Cook, of Hart-
I ford ; Lucy B., wife of Lawrence Herns, of An-
' sonia. Mr. and Mrs. Warner have two children :
j (i) Albert F., born in 1876. was educated in the
public schools of .\nsonia and the Maine State Col-
l lege, at Orono, Maine, and completed a special
• course in navigation in the Nautical School in New
j York City. He is now- in the employ of the South-
ern New England Telephone Co., and for some time
; previous was doing valuable work for the Ansonia
I Telephone Co., being an e.xpert in electrical science.
(2) Edith ^[ariette was born in .\nsonia Feb. 25.
1885. ard is now taking a course in the High School
in Ansonia.




CK. a leadintr citizen of -iilijoct. -Mrs. Peck was bom in 1802, and died in

W'ojdbridge, Xcw Haven county, has demonstrated
the true meaning of the word success as the full ac-
compUshment of an honorable purpose. Energy,
close application, perseverance and giX)d manage-
ment — these are the elements which have entered
into his business career and crowned liis efforts
•with prosperity.

]Mr. Peck is a representative of quite an old and
prominent family of W'oodljridge, of which town
his paternal grandparents, Silas and Electa ( Car-
rington) I'eck, were both natives. There the former
•owned seventy acres of land and successfully en-
gaged in farming. He lived to a ripe old age. He
was a man highly esteemed bv all who knew him,
and was a W hig in politics, though not an active
worker in party altairs. His children, all now de-
-ceased, were as follows : Ansel, a cooper bv trade,
lived for many years in \'ermont. and died in Beth-
any, Conn.; Electa married (lilbert Thomas, of ,
"V\'oodbridge, and died shortly after her marriage ;
Almyra married Simeon Sperry, and died in Wood-
bridge; Lauren, a shoemaker, by trade, lived in
Bethany, Corm., Xew York and \ermont, and died
in Xew York ; Lewis, father of our subject, was
next in order of birth : Garry was a farmer of W'ood-
"bridge; Mary was the second wife of Gilbert
Thomas, of \\'oodbridge ; Seabury was a carpenter
and joiner of W'estville, Conn. ; Amanda was the
wife of James Perkins, of Woodbridge ; Eunice
was the wife of Eli O. Clark, of Woodbridge : and
X'amon was a of Seymour.

Lewis Peck, father of our subject, was born in
Woodbridge, June 6, i7(/>, and died at the age of
.sixty -one years. He grew to manhood in his native
town, and had but limited educational advantages.
He became owner of the old homestead of seventy
-acres in the northeastern part of Woodbridge, and
also owned other land to the extent of seventy acres.
He was an active worker in the Whig party, was a
-school officer, road surveyor, and filled Other official
positions. In Woodbridge he married Elizabeth
Ann Beecher, a native of that town, daughter of
Ephraim and Sarah (Dorrance) Beecher. and grand-
daughter of Reuben and Sarah Beecher. Her father
and grandfather were also born in Woodbridge. and
there the former died at the age of eighty-si-x years.
His children were: Pattie. wife of Moses Gilbert.
of Southington, Conn. : Eela. who died unmarried in
Woodbridge: Reuben Minot. who was born May 31,
1791, wedded Mary Baldwin, and died April 4,
1874; Melinda. wife of Munson Sperry, of Wood-
bridge; Deman, who married Eunice Smith, and fol-
lowed farming in Alilton. Conn. : David, who dlied at
the age of twentv-one years : Riley, who died when
a young man : Sallv, wife of X'oyce I'.radley. who
lived in dift'erent places in Connecticut, but was born
in Woodbridge, and is buried there : Lydia,' who
married Freeman Hotchkiss. and subsequently he-
came the wife of Stephen Dickcnnan. of Westville.
where sb.e died; and Elizaljeth .\iui. mother of our

Woodbridge at the ripe old age of eighty-twcj years.
She and licr husband had seven children, namely:
Ephraim R., the eldest, is mentioned below; Eliza
.\nn is the widow of John ^[. Merwin, of Wood-
bridge; Irven B., a carpenter and joiner of Califor-
nia, went West in 1855, and married .\nn Crow;

Online LibraryChicago Beers (J.H.) & Co.Commemorative biographical record of New Haven county, Connecticut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families .. (Volume 1, pt.3) → online text (page 58 of 94)