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Jan. 28, 1894. He was a Repi-blican in politics,
and always manifested a lively interest relative to
the welfare of the town.

To Mr. and ]\Irs. Beisiegel were b(;rn children
as follows : Mary A. is the wife of Albert Liefeld,
of Xew Haven, and they have two chiklren ; Kate
is a trained nurse, having taken a course in the
Connecticut Training School for Nurses ; Jacob, a
prominent farmer of W'oodbridge, is represented
elsewhere in this volume: Clara is the wife of Ed-
win Buhles, of Meriden, now '•esiding in Pasadena,
Cal., and has one child ; Julia is the wife of Charles
Barker, a farmer of W'oodbridge, and they have two
children; Amelia resides with her mother; John,
born July 19, 1867. died Feb. 24, 1876; Frank B.
married Grace Baldwin, of Woodbridge, and they
have three sons.

Mrs. Beisiegel at present owns a valuable farm
of seventy-six acres in the southern part of the
town, and she has displayed excellent business and
executive ability in its management. Although
seventy-one years of age, she is still an active
worker and devotes considerable time to her dairv
and to vegetable growing. Her familv is one of
prominence in Woodbridge, and nearlv all hold
membership in either the Calvary Baptist Church
of New Haven or the Congregational Church of

WILLIAM B. BLACKMAN, for many years a
successful business man of Ansonia, was born Alay
4, 1844, in Easton, Conn., son of Harvey and
Phcebe (Treadwell) Blackman. The Blackman
family has long been known as one of the oldest in
this section, and our subject traces his descent
through nine generations to Rev. Adam Blackman,
of whom Cotton Mather says : "He was a useful
preacher of the gospel, first in Leicestershire and
then in Derbyshire, England," and was the first
preacher at Stratford, settling there in 1639. Eb-
enezer Blackman, grandson of Rev. Adam Black-
man, was the ancestor of the Blackman families
of Newtown and ^lonroe. Jehiel Blackman, our
subject's grandfather, was a farmer in Moru^oe,
Conn., and died there.

Harvey Blackman, who was born and reared in
Monroe, learned the blacksmith's trade, afterward
following business pursuits in Connecticut, and
later farming in Michigan. He died in Battle
Creek. Mich, in 1888, at the acre of sixty-eight. In
religious faith he and his estimable v.-ife were ^vleth-
odists, and both were much respected among their

associates. He married Pluebe Treadwell, who
was bom in Weston, Conn., before the division of
the town. Her father, Daniel H. Treadwell, who
died at Easton in October, 1867, at the age of
eighty-seven, was well known in Fairfield county,
where he was engaged in business for many years
as a builder and wheelwright. Her mother, Han-
nah (Lyon) Treadwell, was a native of Redding,
and died at Easton in July. i86r, aged seventy-
seven. Mrs. Phcebe Blackman died at Long Hill,
Trumbull, in November, 1S44, at the age of twenty-
four, when our subject was but six months old.
She was the youngest in a family of four children.
The last survivor, Sarah, widow of Henry Piatt,
died in Bethel, Conn., June 4, 1901, aged eighty-

William B. Blackman spei:t his early years in
Easton, and attended the common schools until he
reached the age of fifteen. Going to Ansonia, he
learned the plumber's and tinner's trade witli Alar-
tin L. Blackman, with whom he remained a little
more than six years.^ He then spent four years in
Derby and New Haven, and eighteen months at
various points in Michigan and Indiana. In the
fall of 1871 he returned to Connecticut, and for
several years worked as a journeyman and foreman
in Derby and Ansonia. In 1879 he started in busi-
ness independently, opening a shop in Main street,
Ansonia, -where he remained seventeen years, until
1896, when he built a shop at No. 4 Crescent street.
For fourteen years of the seventeen his cousin, -
Charles M. Piatt, son of Henry and Sarah Piatt,
before mentioned, was associated with him in busi-
ness, under the firm name of W. B. Blackman &
Co. He bought out Mr. Piatt's interest in 1897.
In connection with plumbing he carried on con-
tracting and jobbing, and while on Main street the
firm had a large store and dealt in stoves, crockery,
glassware, tinware and house furnishing goods.
With one exception Air. Blackman was in business
longer in this line than any one else in the city.
In 1892 he built a house on the lot adjoining his
shop, and his residence was built upon the same
lot in 1893. Recently, however, Mr. Blackman sold
his h(5use and shop in Ansonia. and removed his
home and business to Torrington, Conn., where he
is associated with the E. A. Perkins Electric Co.,
a joint-stock concern doing electrical work, plumb-
ing, heating, lighting, etc., and dealing in supplies.
Air. Blackman is superintendent of the plumbing

Politically Air. Blackman has affiliated with the
Democratic party, but he believes in the principles
of prohibition. His advice has always been valued
in local affairs, and he was a member of the hoard
of relief to serve until 1900. Socially he is a mem-
ber of the Order of tlie Golden Cross, and a char-
ter member of the Knights of Honor and the A.
O. IJ. \\.. in both of which lie has passed nearly
all the chairs. For years he and his wife have been
leading members of the Alethodist Church, in whick

...^TllJ '

;i; ': .■'■,■'>■-.



he is now trustee, and liPis ^vTvlm] in nearly all of
the offices in the society at various times, including
those of secretary, lihrarian, superintendent and
treasurer of the Sunday-schiiol. In i8f'<> Mr. F.lack-
nian married ^liss Ella J. I'latt. a nati\e of Wash-
ington, Conn. Her father, John T. Piatt, a promi-
nent member of the Congregational Church at
Washington, is now eighty years of aige. He is
well known in his section, where he has been en-
gaged in fanning for many years and also con-
ducted a stage route for a time. Mrs. Blackman's
mother. Sarah ( Hopknr.s) Piatt, a native of Mans-
field, died in Washington in November, 1S94, aged
seventy-nine years, and of three children two are
living. ;Mrs. Blackman and a sister. Mrs. Fannie
E. Fenn, of Washington, Connecticut.

• HENRY H. GRIS\\'OLD. of North Guilford,
agriculturist, is a lineal descendant of [1] Michael
Griswold. torn in 1610, the first of that name in
Wethersfield. Hartford Co., Conn., who emigrated
from England in 1645. By his_ wife. Ann. he had
the following children: Thomas B.. born Oct. 22,
1646; Hester. May 8, 1648: Michael. Feb. 14, 1652,
died young: .Abigail. June 8. 1655: Isaac, Sept. 30.
1658, married Elizabeth Bradley, who died June 13,
1727; Jacob, April 15. 1660. died July 28, 1737:
Sarah, Sept. 30, 1(562; and Michael. Jan. 7, 1667.

(II) Thomas B. Griswold, son of Michael, was
born in the. town of Wethersfield, and died there.
He married Nov. 22. 1672, Mary (surname un-
known), and to them were born five children:
Thomas, Jan. 11. 1674. married Sarah Bradley, of
Guilford, and died there Oct. 19, 1729 (he was the
first of the Griswold family in Guilford ) : Jacob,
Feb. 5, 1676, married Abigail Hand : Martha, Aug.
20, 1678; Michael. Jan. 28, i68i, married Mary
Gilbert ; and Samuel.

(III) Samuel Griswold. of the above mentioned
children, was born in \Vethersfield. On March 11,
1707, he married Mary Francis, and came with
his wife and family to Guilford in 1724, passing the
rest of his days there, and dying in September. 1733.
Twelve children were born to them as follows :
Alary, born July 20, 1708, married Silas Crane;
Samuel, born Feb. 7. 1710, married Hannah .\lkins ;
Jared, Jan. 8, 1713; Lucy, Dec. 8, 1714: Xehemiah,
Aug.. 12, 1716; Jeremiah, Feb. 8. 1718, married
Bashue Howe; mioses, Nov. 2. 1719. married Ann
Smithson, and died Sept. 30, 1770; John, June 23,
1721 ; Alar}-, June 2^, 1723, married John Norton,
of Guilford :Manus, Sept. 4. 1727; Aaron, April
6, 1729; and Sarah. June 22. 1731.

■ (IV) Nehemiah Griswold. son of Samuel, was
born in Wethersfield. and in boyhood was brought
by his parents to Guilford, where he was reared. He
engaged in farming in North Guilford, and died
there Dec. 31. 1787. On Jan. 23, 1745, he married
Alan.- Graves, who was born in Guilford Sept. 6,
1716, and died Nov. 2^. i//(>. a daughter of Nathan-
iel and Elizabeth ( Barnes j Graves, of Guilford. To

this marriage were born sc\ en chil Ircn : Ruth,
Sept. 23, 1745, died Sept. 29. 1748; Arubah, July i,
1747, died March 12, 1807; Noah, Oct. 24. 1749,
married Olive Bishop, and died in 1809; Nathan,
April 16, 1751 ; Joel. May 15, 1753. died "May 28,
1802; Zadoc; and Elizabeth, wife of John Dobill.

(\') Nathan Griswold, son of Nehemiah, was
born in North Guilford, and died Sept. 29, 1816.
He married June 21, 1781, Jerusha Stone, born Feb.
18, 1753, and died in North Guilford .\pril 18,
1833, a ilnughter of Ebenezer and Sybil (Leet)
Stone. Five children were born to this union :
Jacob, March 30, 1782; Mary, (Jet. 22, 1783, mar-
ried Noadiah Norton, and died Alay 8, 1858; Will-
iam, May 31, 1787, married first, Sophia Brown
(who died April 28, 1829) and second, September,
1833, Polly Kelsey (who died April 7. 1872), and
he died Feb. 28. 1863 : Clarissa, June 24. 1879, died
Feb. 28. 181 1 : and Betsey, in 1792, married James
Tyler, and settled in Cheshire. N. Y.

(\T) Jacob Griswold. grandfather of Henry
Hill Griswold. was bom in North Guilford, and
died there Nov. 26. 1855. He married, in May,
1805, Obedience Potter, born in Branford. Conn.,
Feb. 13. 1786. and died Feb. 2j. 1872. a daughter
of Medad Potter, a soldier of the Revolutionary
war, and a blacksmith by occupation. Three chil-
dren were born to them: Russell Medad, sketch
of whom follows ; Clarissa Mehitabel, July 18, 1814,
married to Henry H. Hill ; and Janette Adelia, April
30, 1822. married to Martin C. Bishop. Of these,

(VH) Russell Medad Griswold. father of Henry
Hill Griswold, was born Feb. 15. 1806, in North
Guilford, where he received a common school edu-
cation, and he also took a course at Guilford Acad-
emy. He was a lifelong farmer in that town, and
died there Aug. 31, 1865, his remains being interred
in North Guilford cemetery. He was a member of
the Episcopal Church, in politics a Democrat, and
was a man well-known and highly respected as a
good citizen, a loving father and kind husband.

Air. Griswold was twice married, first time on
June 15, 1834, to Polly F. Hill, born Aug. 10. 1812,
and died Dec. 6, 1857, a daughter of Henry and
Lucy (Doolittle) Hill. Children born to this union:
Dorcas Augusta, Alay i, 1835, died Dec. 4, 1837;
Frances Dorcas. Sept. 19. 1838. married Jerome
Coan and died Feb. i, 1859; Ellen Frederica, Alay
24, 1843, '^'^'^ Dec. 25, 1845 ; Henry Hill, sketch
of whom follows. The mother of these died Dec.
6, 1857, and Nov. 24. 1859, Air. Griswold married
Mrs. Emeline W. Parkhurst born July 19, 18 16, and
died in St. Albans, Vt.. July 31, 1872.

(VIII) Henry Hill Griswold. whose name in-
troduces this sketch, was born Dec. 15, 1847, in
North Guilford, and was educated in part at the
district schools of the locality, in part at the North
Guilford Academy, followed by one term at the
Bryant & Stratton Business College. Hartford.
When his father died, our subject was eighteen years
old, and from that time he conducted the home

'.n- .■ 'r. ttr- «» ,



Tariii till 189T. since when he has occnpietl tlic
Dudley farm, on which has wife was born.

On Nov. 5, 1873, Henry H. Griswold married
I'rances S. Dudley, who was born May 14, 1848.
.Mr. and Mrs. Griswold are members of the Con-
;.,'re.i,''ational Church, and in politics he is independent.
Well known and highly respected, a man who lives
u]) to the "Golden Rule," Mr. Griswold has hosts
of friends whose esteem he justly merits.

Hill. The Hill family, intermarried with the
Griswolds, was early represented in Guilford, and
(i) John Hill, the first of the name in that town,
came to America from Xorthamptonshire. England,
settling in Guilford in 1654, and dying there June
8, 1689. His first wife, Frances, died in 2\Iay, i(>73,
and on Sept. 23, 1675, he wedded Catharine Chalk-
er, bom Sept. 8. 1657, a daughter of Alexander
Chalker. Children bom to John Hill : John,
James, Sarah, Elizabeth and Ann.

(H) John Hill married Thankful Stow, who
died Nov. 18, 171 1; he passed away May 8, 1690.
They became the parents of children as follows :
Mary, born May 8, 1671, died Aug. 24, 1671 ; John,
b<irn July 18, 1672, married Hannah Highland, and
died Feb. 10, 1740: Elizabeth, born Feb. 20, 1674,
married James Ford: r^Iary, born Feb. i, 1676, mar-
ried Josiah Rossiter, and died July 14, I73c»: Hon.
Samuel, born Feb. 21, 1678, married Huldah Rug-
gles, and died May 28, 1752 : Nathaniel, born April,
1680, died Oct. 16, 1714; and James, born April,
1682, married Mary Fry, and died March 25, 1715.

(HI) James Hill, born April, 1682, married
Jan. 15, 1710, Mary Fn.-, and died March 25,
1715- Three children were born to them: James,
Sept. 28, 1712: Lydia. Sept. 9, 1713: Mary, Dec. i,
1715, married Eliphalet Hall, and died May 27,

(IV) James Hill, maternal great-grandfather of
Henry Hill Griswold, died Oct. i, 1798. He mar-
ried April 15, 1744, Hannah Nettleton, who was
born in 1724, and died Nov. 26. 1821. Twelve chil-
dren were born to them: Hannah, born April 14.

1745, married Ahner Hull: S}-bil, born Oct. 10,

1746, married Ezra Parmelee : Mercy, born Feb.
2(1, 1748, married Absalom Kelsey: James, born
Nov. 30, 1749, married Eleanor Hull: Noah, born
Oct. 22, 1751, married Caroline Parmelee: John,
born Feb. 4, 1734. died in the Revolutionary war,
Aug. 5, 1777; Thankful, born Feb. 9, 1756, married
Elias Parmelee, and died Oct. 9, 1790: Selah, born
Feb. 3, 1758, married Sally Turner: Henry, born
July 27, 1761 : Joseph, born April 15, 1765. mar-
ried Hester Butler, and died Sept. 28, 1840; Ben-
jamin (twin brother of Joseph), died in 1849, mar-
ried Jennie Stannard : and Mollv, born Feb. 20,

( \' I Henry Hill, maternal errandfather of Henrv
H. Griswold, was born at Killingworth. ^liddlesex
Co.. Cotm.. died ^Nfarch 28, 1834. He married
Lucy Doolittle. who died in 1S45, and f-'air chil-'
<lrcn were born to them: Flenry Hall, May 21,

' iSio. and died March 18, 1886, :narried Clarissa ^I.
! Griswold ; Polly F., born Aug. lo, 1812, married
I Russell Medad Griswold, and died Dec. 6, 1857;
John, July 18, 1814. died same year; fohn, March
' 12, 1816, and died Feb. i, 1881', married Pollv S.
■ Willard.

Dudley. The Dudle>- family, with which Mrs.
Plenry Hill Griswold is connected, ranks among
the old-time settlers of the town of Guilford.

Jared Dudley, son of Capt. William, grandson

of Joseph, and great-grandson of the first William

i Dudley, was born Nov. 17, 1727, in the town of

; Guilford, and like his ancestors was a lifelong far-

: mer and prominent citizen. He married Dec. 25,

1754, Mary Chittenden, who died Nov. 18, 1821, at

the patriarchal age of ninety-two years, and their

I children were as follows: Luther, born Sept. 16,

j 1755; Jared, June 29, 1757; Ruth, Jan. 23, 1762,

I married March 6, 1783, John Tyler ;' Eunice, Sept.

: 3, 1764, married Dec. 5, 1787, Jonathan Russell;

; Alabel, March 10, 1767, married Davis Ford, of

i North Branford, Conn.

Luther Dudley, great-grandfather of Mrs. Gris-
j wold, and a farmer by occupation, was born in Guil-
I ford Sept. 16, 1755, a son of Jared Dudley, and
; died Sept. 14, 1810. He married Jan. aj', 1779,
I 2^Iary^ Chidsey, who died April 8, 1827, at the .age
of seventy-eight years, and seven children were
I born to them: Luther, bom Sept. 6, 1779, died at
i sea Oct. I, 1799; Loveman, born July 7, 1781 ;
i Erastus, May 9, 1783; Nathan, 1785 ;' Frederick,
! 1787, died Jan. 18, 1803, being crushed to death by
a cart wheel: Olive, I7<90, settled in Alabama; Pros-
I per, Aug. 10, 1793.

j Erastus Dudley, grandfather of Mrs. Griswold,
j was bom in North Guilford, and there passed his
1 entire life in agricultural pursuits, dying June 11,
' 1872, and buried in North Guilford cemetery. He
I married, July 2, 1806, Ruth Fowler, who died Dec.
. 2T^, 1863, and also buried in North Guilford. Their
} children : Mary Louisa, iKirn April 4, 1807. mar-
ried Oct. 9, 1845, William Norton, of North Guil-
] ford: Fanny Elvira, bom Sept. 23, 1808, married
I Ira I. Fenn, of Lacon, 111. ; James Hervey, bo_rn
! Nov. 4, 181 1 ; Lois Rossiter. born March 6, 1814,
! married INIay 6, 1834, Joel Benton, of Mendon, 111.;
Luther Frederick (twin of Lois, but born the day
after), March 7, i8[4: Ruth Francis, born May
I, 1816, married David Bartlett, April 12, 1839;
Erastus Franklin (twin of Ruth F.) ; Ebenezer
Fowler, April 20, 1819: Nathan Chidsey, Feb. 23.
1821 : Abbie Ann. March 22. 1823, married David
I D. Chittenden, Aug. 22, 1844. Of these,

Erastus F. Dudle\-, father of Mrs. Griswold. all
his life followed agricultural pursuits on the farm
: whereon our subject. Henrv H. (iriswold, has lived
since 1891, in which year Erastus died, his remains
' being interred in North Guilford cemetery. On Jan.
5. 1842, in North Guilford, he married Parnel F.
Chittenden, daughter of Simon Chittenilen, and chil-
dren as follows were born to them : Louis Frank-



lin. born X'ov. 8, 1S43. inarrin! I-^'lcii Roue: I-'rancts
Selina, born .May 14, 1848, uiarricd Henry II. Gris-
wold Nov. 5, 1873; and Jane Louisa, born Jan. 29,
1855, died May 2, 1855.

Wallingford, Nov. i, 1854, a son of Samuel Blakes-
lee Parnielee, who was born on North Ehn Street,
WalHngford. Aug. 9. 1824. For the last twenty-
one years before his death Samuel B. Parmelee was
a traveling salesman for Simpson, Hall, Miller &
Co., his territory being mostly in the West and
South. In politics l-,c was. a Republican, and un-
usually well posted on the topi-cs of the day. Of a
genial and companionable nature he had many
friends among his patrons. Fratcrnallv he was a
Mason ; in religious connection a member of the
First Congregational Church. On Oct. 18, 1846. he
married Miss Lavinia C. Cook, a daughter of George
Cook, a tavern keeper on the stage route between
New Haven and Hartford. Their children were:
Mary C, born April 15, 1849. died unmarried
March 3, 1893 ; Charles I. ; and Carrie Belle, boni
Feb. 7, i860, married O. H. D. Fowler.

Leander Parmelee, father of Samuel Blakeslee,
was born in Killingworth, where the Parmelee fam-
ily was settled from an early period in the history
of the Colony. He was a farmer, and a leading man
in his day. For twelve years he was high shcrift of
New Haven county, and spent the greater part of
his life in Wallingford. \\'hile he was sheritt it
was his official duty to hang four men. His funeral
is remembered as being one of the most largely at-
tended ever held in Wallingford. He was father
of the following children : Stephen Ives went to
California where he died when twenty-one years
old ; Charles died at the age of twenty-one years :
Samuel B. is noted above ; Elizabeth married Lo-
renzo Lewis, of Wallingford ; and Emily married
George Cooley, of Meriden.

Charles I. Parmelee received his education in the
schools of his native place, was a student for a year
in Cargill's business college, about the same time
in French's Private School at New Haven, and for
a year and a half he was student of Claverack Col-
lege (The Hudson River Institute). Mr. Parmelee
was now about twenty-one, and he came back to
Wallingford to take charge of his father's farm of
125 acres, and a tract of fifty-seven acres, which
he purchased for himself. He is a practical and suc-
cessful farmer, and on the side of his farm that
touches the town he is proving a very successful real
estate dealer, selling off a number of building lots
which have been improved by the erection of many
very elegant residences, and greatly increasing the
value of his entire property. For thirteen years
Mr. Parmelee conducted an extensive milk route
in Walling-ford whicl. picved very remunerative,
but which he was compelled to give up in 1896 on
account of ill health.

Mr. Parmelee is a member of the Grange, and

has been active in its work from the of its or-
ganization. He is a member of the First Congre-
gational Church, while his wife is an Episcopalian.
In politics he is a Republican, but he has never been
much interested in partisan affairs.

On Dec. 31, 187S, Mr. Parmelee married Miss

Eliza J. Ives, who born June 18, 1857, daughter

i of Othniel Ives, and died Oct. 14, 1890. Twochil-

I dren came to this union: Mildred I., born Jan. 11,

1880, and Frances CcX)k, born Feb. 21, i88<).

■ Charles I. Parmelee was married Dec. 15, 1891, to

j iliss Edna G. Wooding, a daughter of Henry Cal-

I vin Wooding, of Wallingford. To this union were

j born Hazel Marian, Oct. 10, 1895; and Samuel

Blakeslee, March 8, 1899.

PHILO BAILEY NORTON, the popular liv-
eryman at W'aterbury, was bom Feb. 17, 1834, in
Goslien. Litchfield county, this state, and descends
from one of three Norton brothers who came from
England prior to the Revolutionary war.

Mr. Norton's grandfather, great-grandfatlier
and great-great-grandfather all Iwre the Christian
name of Stephen, and his great-grandmother was.
named Experience. In the great-grandfather's
fam.ily were four sons and one daugliter: Jona-
than, Stephen, Ephraim, one son who was killed
in the Revolution ( and it is thought that Jonathan
also served in that heroic struggle), and Clarissa.
The great-grandfather settled in Norfolk in I7U^.
but his son Stephen was born in Bristol ir^ 17O'),
and died in Norfolk July 8, 1843. The latter, who
was the grandfather of our subject, married Hannah
McCoy, a native of Stonington, Conn., born Nov.
25, 1773, who died }>Iav 20. 1848. To this union
were born thirteen children, in the following order:
Anson, Sept. 5. 1789; Lavina, Feb. 8, 1791 ; Sarah,
July 4, 1793; E.xperience, Aug. i, 1796; Amanda.
June 30. 1798: IMarina, July 15, 1801 ; Keziah.
March 15. 1803: Charles L., Nov. 15, 1804; Clar-
issa, April 25. 1806: Alson, April 26. 1808; Rile-.'.
March 26, 1813; L'riel, Jan. 26, 1815; and .A.lbert,
Nov. 16, 1818.

Charles L. Norton, father uf our subject, grew
to manhood in Norfolk, where he married Ann ^L
Bailey, who was born Feb. 23, 1806. daughter of
Philo Bailey. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs.
Norton settled in Goshen, where their children were
bom, in the following order: Marie E., May 12.
1827; Mary Ann. July 5, 1832; Philo B., the sub-
ject of this sketch ; Albert C, Nov. i, 1838; Charles
L., .April 26, 1840; and Renuis A., Dec. 23, 1844.
Of these, the first born. Marie E., is married to
Harvey Johnson, of Norfolk, Conn. ; Mary Ann is-
tbe wife of Nelson D. Ford, of W"inchester ; .Albert
C. is in Montville, Ohio, engaged in famiing:
Charles L. is associated with Philo B. in the livery
business: and Remus .-\.. who formerly conducted
the old farm in Goshen, is now retired. The par-
ents of this family later in life retired to Win^ted
to a farm, uhere Mrs. Norton died Feb. 17, i8i58.

•!/ -y

t ■' \

' 1 . '1 : • I

-■ ; ■ 1 V

;:i.-:: ivi\

'■.h\\r. ,1

i j«ij i m > j ii i Hiiw»fw|iy if i ii)wwgj« iiW<WHa»ppiwf^a





^, - ..^z L,A>.J^.^^o.;■-.^^■:^■^^j^i-.■,;„






and Mr. Norton on April 15, 1889. He was a
Democrat in politics, was a very prominent man in
his day, and was tirst selectman of- Goshen for many

Philo B. Norton, the subject of this sketch,
grew to manhood on the home farm, on which he
remained until Dec. 12, 1S59, when he came to
W'atcrbury and entereil into his present business,
beinc: now the oldest liveryman in the city and own-
ing the best equipped barns, as well as large blocks
of real estate, improved and unimproved. On Nov.
5, i860, he married Miss Nettie Cebelia Yale, a
daughter of Charles Elihu Yale, and a sister of
John B. Yale, whose biography will be found in
full elsewhere. One daughter came to bless this
union, Juliette S., now the wife of Joseph Graham,
who resides in New York City. In politics Air.
Norton is a Republican, and in religion a Congrega-
tionalist, the family attending the Second Congrega-
tional Church. He is universally respected for his
uniform courtesy and his inflexible integrity in
business transactions.


Online LibraryChicago Beers (J.H.) & Co.Commemorative biographical record of New Haven county, Connecticut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families .. (Volume 1, pt.3) → online text (page 63 of 94)