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Temple Lodije, No. 4fi, A. F. .j- A. 3/., was chartered October 20, 1846, with six
original numbers, viz : Geo. T. Metcalf, Clark H. Stebbins, Wm. F. Bryan, John C.
Heyl, John King, Elhvood Andrew. The first officers of the lodge were : W. M., Geo.
T. Metcalf; S. W., John C. Heyl ; J. W., Clark B. Stebbins. The Past Masters of this
lodge are as follows : Geo. T. Metcalf, John R. Crandall, John C. Heyl, John Jewell,
James S. Freeman, Alexander Hearst, Geo. Broad, Clark D. Rankin, Geo. K. Hazlitt,
Barnhart Meals, Jno. E. McDermott, Tluimas Cosgrove. The present officers are : W.M.,
John N. (iriffith ; S. W., George S. Dustin ; J. W., Chas. H. Ibell ; Treas., A. D. Olney ;
Secy., N. S. Tucker. Regular meetings, the last Wednesdav in each month, at Masonic
Hall, 124 N. Adams Street.

Illinois Lodge, No. 263, A. F. ^ A. M. — This lodge was granted a dispensation to
work, on February 1, 1858, and was chartered under its present name and number, by
the (Jrand Lodge of the State, in Octol)er of the same year. The first officers were in-
stalled on Octolier 10. 18r)8, by Deputy (Jrand Master D. D. Irons, and were as follows:
W. .M., S. H. Bennett ; S, W., A. Freeman; J. W., J. Hancok proxy for I). M. Cum-
mings; Treas., J. W. Parish; Sec'y, D. T, N. Saunderson. The Past Masters of the
lodge are: S. H. Bennett, A. Freeman. John Swentzel, G. Kettelle. Chas. Spalding,
Wm. B. Whiffin, Wm. J. Brown, J. E. Pillsburv. Wm. Rounseville. Wm. Kellogg, Jr., S.
W. Ottenhcimer, W. H. Ea.stman, James MrMiilan an<l J. S. Miller. The officers who
now preside over the lodge are: W. M., W. H. Eiu>*tman ; S. W., C. M. Cuiumings ;
J. W., M. W. Slndtz. ; Treas., S. W. Ottenheinier ; Sec'y, J. W. Grover. Regular meet-
ings at 124 N. Adams Street, on second and fourth Tuesdays in each month, and annual
meeting on second Tuesday in Decemlier.

Schiller Lmlge, No. :}:J.'), A. F. jf A. M. (German), was chartered Novemlier 11. 1859,
with twenty-four charter members. The first officers of the lodge were : W. M., Albert


Potthoff ; S. W., Emil Quinky ; J. W., Henry Ullman ; Sec'y, John N. Niglas. The
present officers are : W. M., A. L. Schimpff; S. W., John Korsoski; J. \V.,Chas. Ulrich ;
Sec'y, Adolph Splittstoesser ; Treas., A. W. H. Reen. Meet last Thursday in each
month at hall, 124 N. Adams Street.

Henry Brown Lodge, No. 22, A. Y. tf M. (colored) — This is a clandestine lodge, and
derives its authority from the so-called Grand Lodge of A. Y. & M. Masons of the State
of Illinois. It was organized December 7, 1876, and was chartered December 25, 1879,
with twelve original members. The present membership is about twenty, and its officers
are: P. M., John W. Wagoner; AV. M., Walter Campl)ell ; S. W., Daniel Rayner; J.
W., Joseph Johnson ; Treas., John H. M. Wagoner; Sec'y^ John W. Wagoner. Regular
meetings on the first Thursday of each month in hall, 122 N. Adams Street.

Order of Eastern Star, Central City Chapter, No. 42. — This body was instituted in
1872 as " Central City Chapter, No. 120," under charter from the English Grand Chap-
tei*, and on September 20, 1877, was chartered under its present name and number, by
the Grand Chapter of the State of Illinois. The present officers of the Chapter are :
W. M., Mrs. A. M. Mann ; W. P., Mr. W. H. Eastman ; A. M., Mrs. H. Lloyd ; C,
Mrs. Matilda Griebel ; A. C, Mrs. S. C. Hasbrouck ; Treas., Mrs. M. A. Cum-
mings; Sec'y, Mrs. S. C. Robinson ; W., Mrs. H. Eastman; S., Mr. W. Price. The
Chapter has about one hundred members, and meets in the Masonic Hall on Adams Street,
the last Friday in each month.

Peoria Chapter, No. 7, R. A. M., was chartered by the Grand Chapter of the State
of Illinois in 1847. The first officers were elected January 4, 1848, as follows: H. P.,
Samuel H. Davis ; K., Peter Sweat ; S., William Hale ; C. H., A. O. Garrett ; P. S.,
John Sly; R. A. C, Eldrich Smith, Sr.; Treas., John B. Dixon ; Sec'y, Nat. Chapin.
The following are the names of the successive High Priests of the Chapter, with the
terms during which they held office : Samuel H. Davis, 1848, '49 ; Peter Sweat, 1850 ;
John Jewell, 1851, '52, '54, '55, '57, '70 ; Wm. M. Dodge, 1853, '60, '61 ; Stephen T.
Stewart, 185G ; A. O. Garrett, 1858, '59 ; James E. Prescott, 1862 ; Lewis Keyon,
1863 ; Peter Hopkins, 1864 ; Isaac G. Reynolds, 1865 ; Wm. Rounseville, 1866, '67, '71 ;
Samuel Tart, 1868, '69 ; John C. Yates, 1872, '73, '74 ; Henry C. Whittridge, 1875, '76 ;
Alonzo P. Johnson, 1877, '78, '79.

The officers for the present year are : H. P., Geo. S. Dustin ; K., Albert W. Martin ;
S., Chas. F. Hitchcock; C. H., Edwin N. Armstrong; Sec'y, Geo. F. Henthorne; Treas.,
Crosby White. The Chapter meet in their hall on Main Street, on first Thursday in
each month.

Peoria Commandery, K. T., No. 3, was chartered Sept. 15, 1856, and its first officers
were as follows : E. C, Henry L. Gaines ; G., Clark B. Stebliins ; C. G., Isaac Under-
bill ; P., A. 0. Garrett ; S. W., Wm. A. Tlirush ; J. W., Dutee S. Thompson ; Treas.,
Wm. E. Mason ; Rec, Lewis Keyon. The jtosition of Eminent Commander lias been
held by the following ; Henry L.Gaines, 1857, '58; Wm. A. Thrush, 1859, '60, '61;
David 'D. Irons, 1862 ; Lewis Keyon, 1863; Wm. Rounseville, 1864, '65, '67, '69, '70,
'71, '72; A. O. Garrett, 1866; Geo. L. Lucas, 1868; Robert S. Martin, 1873; Samuel
Tart, 1874, '75 ; Chas. F. Hitchcock, 1876, '77, '78, '79. The present officers of the
Commander}' are: E. C, Chas. F. Hitchcock; G., Isaac N. Durst; C. G., William Win-
cup ; P., Geo. S. Dustin ; S. W., Alonzo P. Johnson ; J. W., Richard H. Lowe ; Treas.,
Crosby White ; Rec, Geo. F. Henthorne. Meet in their hall on Main Street, on first
and third Fridaj's in each month.

Peoria Consistory, S.'. P.\ R.'. <SV. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. — The first
Consistory meeting held in Peoria was on Feljruary 12, 1869, under a charter granted to
Consistory in Yates City, 111., bearing date February 25, 1867, which was at that date
transferred to Peoria. At that meeting the following officers were elected : Com. in
Chief, Justin E. Dow ; 1st Lieut. Com., William O. Hewitt ; 2d Lieut. Com., Samuel


Tart; Gd. Orator, Wm. J. Brown ; G. C. Edward H. Collins; G. Sec'v, James E. Pills-
bury ; G. Treas., M. E. Erler ; G. E. & A., J. J. Steiger ; G. H., Tho"s. D. Gault ; G.
S. B.. S. W. Ottenheimer; G. C. of G., Geo. Billings ; G. S., Samuel P. Cummings.

In May, 187'2, the firet meeting was held under its present name and charter. The
present ofiBcers are: Com. in Chief, James Bannister; 1st Lieut. Com., Robert S. Martin;
2d Lieut. Com., Chas. F. Hitchcock ; Gd. Orator, Thos. D. Gault ; G. C, A. J. Boylan :
Sec'v, Geo. L. Bean ; Treas., John R. Smith ; E. & A., E. R. Mann ; G. K., Samuel W.
Otte'nheimer ; M. of C, M. E. Erler; G. S. B., William Perry; C. of G., James McMil-
lan ; G. S., Benj. Berquist. The stated meetings of the Consistory are upon the fourth
Monday in March, June, September and December.

I. o. o. F.

Columbia Lodge, No. 21, was instituted at Peoria Dec. 8, 1846 by D. D. G. M., A.C
Robinson, under a charter granted by the R. \V. Grand Lodge of Illinois, November 24th,
1846. Tiie charter members weic John M. Law, Samuel Easton, John Payne, E. S.
Anderson, John Wham Jr., and Francis A. McNeil. This is the oldest Lodge of the
Order in the County and has had from the beginning a most harmonious and useful career.
It is now in a very flourishing condition with a membership of seventy in good standing.
Its present ofiBcers are N. G., L. M. Brockett ; V. G., N. Crutchfield ; Rec. Secy, D. C.
Frazer ; Perm. Sec'y, A. W. Hack; Treas., John Wetzel ; Rep. to Grand Lodge, D. C.
Frazer. Regular meetings every Tuesday evening in their hull on Adams Street.

Fort Clark Lodge, No. 109, was instituted July 7, 1852, with fourteen original mem-
bers. The first officers of the Lodge were ; N. G., Henry S. Austin ; Sec'y, Matthew W.
McReynolds. The present officers are : N. G., Henry Thielbar : V. G., E. M. Clark;
Sec'y, O. B. Ciiampney ; P. Sec'y, N. C. Nason ; Treas., John Jones ; Representative,
I. J. Marsh. Meet at their hall every Monday evening.

Western Lodge, No. 295 (German), was organized in 1861, with twenty-one charter
members. Their first elected officers were, N. G., J. Lorcntz ; V. G., K. A. Bush ; Sec'y,
F. C. Heinzen ; Per. Sec'y, Wm. Muller; Treas.. T. Bender. The present officers are:
N. G., J. Hoffmann; V. G., E. Seitz ; Sec'y, J. Thomas; Per. Sec'y, F. W. Muller;
Treas., H. Klein. The Lodge has now seventy-three members in good standing. Meet
at their hall in Deweyn's block, every Thursday evening.

Peoria Em-drnprnent, No. 15, was instituted February 7, 1850, under dispensation
granted by tlie R. W. Grand Encampment of the United States, by Past Grand Patriarch
T. J. Burnes, with the following charter meml)ers ; H. A. Foster, E. N. Powell, Geo. C.
Bestor, A. B. F;ish, H. G. Anderson, John M. Law, Chas. Fisher and A. N. Boilvan. The
first officers of the Encamjiment were: C. P., John M. Law; H. P., II. G. Anderson;
S. W., E. N. Powell : S., H. A. Foster ; Treas., Jolin Anderson ; Warden, Chas. Fisher.
Of the original charter members, but three are now living, viz : H. (J. Andei-son, Chas.
Fisher, and A. B. Fash. Seven years after its institution, it was cliartered by the R. W.
Grand Encampment of the State of Illinois, under which charter it now works. The
officers for 1880 are: C. P., Henry Tiiiclbar ; H. P., N. C. Nason; S. W., I. J. Marsh;
S., C. B. Keller; Treas., John Jones; J. W., William Hener. The present incnibership
is 112, comprised as follows, active members 51, dormant menibers 61. The Encamp-
ment meets on the first and third Fridays of each month, at the Oddfellow's Hall 114 b.
Adams Street.

Iloffnung Encampment, No. 155 (German), was organized May 22, 1875. with four-
teen original members. Tlu; names of the jiresent officers are : C. P., F. H. Borries ; H.
P., Ph. Auer; S. W., P. Biekert ; J. W., J. Tliodc ; Treas., Chas. Rojahn ; Scribe, G.
Reichardt. Meet second and fourth Fridays of each month in their Hall in Deweyn's



Calanthe Lodge, No. 47, was organized March 24, 1874, by Grand Chancellor H. W.
Rice, of Chicago, assisted by P. C, M. C. Wilkie, of Aurora, and P. Cs., Wm. L. Camp-
bell, C. C. Weidrich and Seely, of Princeton. There were fourteen charter members,
viz: Wm. J. C. Drum, I. C. Edwards, W. C. Strickler, N. C. Nason, C. C. Coffinberry,
J. A. Jeffries, J. C. Widenham, Wm. A. Hunter, Geo. N. Walker, Jr., T. H. Smithe,
Wm. B. Vance, Wm. T. Smith, Jno. A. Hudson and S. R. Baker. The first ofScers
elected and installed were: P. C, J. Drum ; C. C, N. C. Nason; V. C, I. C. Edwards;
P., C. C. Coffinberry ; K. of R. and S. and M. of F., W. C. Drum ; M. of E., James E.
Jeffries; M. at A., W. B. Vance; I. G., J. C. Widenham ; 0. G., A. H. Wiltz. The
charter under which the Lodge now works was issued by the Grand Lodge October 19,
1876. The following gentlemen have filled the office of Chancellor Commander in the
order named: N. C. Nason, Geo. N. Walker, Jr., James A. Jeffries, Joseph Moss, O. E.
Schupp, S. R. Baker, Wm. A. Hunter, and John A. Hudson. The present officers of the
Lodge are ; P. C, John A. Hudson ; C. C, N. C. Nason ; V. C, T. C. Johnson ; P.,
James Kennedy ; M. of E., G. N. Walker, Jr. ; M. of F., W. A. Hunter ; K. of R. and
S., S. R. Baker; M. at A., Joseph Moss; Rep. to Grand Lodge, P. C, S. R. Baker. Past
Chancellor N. C. Nason is the present Grand V. Chancellor in the Grand Lodge of the
State of Illinois. The Lodge is strong, and is doing good work. Regular meetings on
the second and fourth Tuesdays in each month, in the G. A. R. Hall, No. 105 S. Adams

Undoivment Section, No. 208, is connected with the above Lodge, and is a side degree
of the Order. All K. of P. in good standing can become members, and their lives are
insured for from one to three thousand dollars, as they may elect. Wm. A. Hunter is
president, and G. N. Walker, Jr., Sec. and Treas.

TJ. A. O. D.

Peoria Grove, No. 6, was instituted December 28, 1860, and the charter under which
they now work bears date February 1, 1861. Their first officers were: N. A., William
Gebhardt ; V. A., Kaspar Zimmerman ; Sec'y? Fried. Roehr ; Treas., Adam Lucas ; and
those now in office are ; N. A., Henry Klein ; V. A., Heinrich Martens; Sec'y, Gottfried
Schmidt ; Treas., Leopold Wappich. The Grove meets each Monday evening at Hall
corner Bridge and Washington Streets.

Ventral Grove, No. 8. — The charter of this Grove is dated August 3, 1861, and there
were thirteen charter members. The first officers were : N. A., Henry Dahlmeyer ; V.
A., E. J. Muller; Treas., Chas. Lengaher; Sec'y., D. Kellister ; and those now in office
are : N. A., Geo. Riesz ; V. A., A. Jacobs ; Rec. Sec'y, Adolph Bezemann ; Fin. Sec'y,
Tobias Somer ; Treas., John Fay.

Albion Grove, No. 17 (English), was chartered April 29, 1866, with ten charter mem-
bers, viz: P. A., William Gebhardt; P. A., J. M. Weinmar ; P. A., N. Neuhaus ; P. A.,
A. Bisemann ; P. A., H. Rotterman ; J. Reuter, J. Ogden, J. Hasgett, J. Cunningham,
and D. McKenzie. The present officers of the Grove are : P. A., M. C. Tamplin ; N. A.,
R. Bolton ; V. A., W. M. Glass ; Treas., D. McKenzie ; Sec'y, B. F. Hamlin ; Fin. Sec'y.,
T. Ewalt. The Grove meets every Tuesday evening at No. 303 Main Street. Present
number of members seventy-seven.

Brother Grove, No. 19, was chartered June 5, 1867, with six original members. The
first officers were : N. A., Philip Eichorn ; V. A., John Reuter; Secy., Frank Reuter.
Those now in office are, N. A., Fritz Hoffman ; V. A., J. G. Altmans ; Secy., H. Blum-
hoff; Treas., P. Lulay. Meet every Friday evening, at hall corner Washington and
Bridge Streets.

William Grove, No. 30, was instituted in January, 1873, with ten charter members.


The first officers of the Grove were : N. A., William Gebhardt ; V. A., E. Godel ; Secy.,
Rudolph Eichenbertjer ; Treas., Wendel Kneer. The present officers are, N. A., Jacob
Stein; V. A., Charles Auderer ; Secy., Frank Renter; Treas., Paul Meyer; J. G., Wm.
Nitschke. This Grove has thirty-one members in good standing, and meets every Wed-
nesday evening, in hall corner Main and Adams Streets.

Supreme Arch Chapter U. A. 0. Z>., Central City Chapter, Xo. 3. has charter dated
August 10, 1867, and was instituted with thirteen original members. The first officers
of the Chapter were : N. G. A., John M. Weinmar ; Secy., Frank J. Vonachan ; and
those now in office are, N. G. A., Tobias Sommer ; Secy., Peter Lulay. The Chapter
meets on third Tuesday in each month, in hall corner Bridge and Washington Streets.

A. O. U. W.

Goethe Lodge, No.S, was organized February 11, 1876, with twenty-two charter mem-
bers. The first officers were : M. W., J. H. Becker ; G. F., G. Harsch ; Rec. Secy., G.
Feldcamp ; Fin. Secy., Carl Mueller ; Treas., G. C. Harsch. The present officers of the
Lodge are, M. W., F. X. Korhumel ; G. F., John Kohler ; Rec. Secy., John Q. Schmitt ;
Fin. Secy., F. Winkliiieyer; Treas., G. Harsch. The Lodge meets every Thursday even-
ing, in hall corner Main and Washington Streets.

Peoria Lodge, No. 15. — This Lodge was organized July 7, 1879, with thirty-five char-
ter mem!)ers, and is at present officered by the following: P. ^L W., E. P. F. Vetter-
hoffer ; M. W., Robert Bolton ; F., Robert Clark ; Rec, DeRoy Howe ; Financier, F. L.
Thompkins ; Receiver, W. E. Hack ; Guide, W. H. Shoupe ; Trustees, C. B. Keller, W.
F. Hyle, E. F. P. Vetterhoffer ; Overseer, O. T. Owens. Meet every Wednesday even-
ing, at Workmen's Hall, corner Washington and Main Streets.


Progress Lodge, No. 113, /. 0. B. B. — This Lodge was organized August 30, 1S68,
with twenty-four charter members, and has now a membership of sixty-one in good stand-
ing. The first officers who presided over the Lodge were : Pres., David Ullman ; V. P.,
Sol. Bennett ; Rec. Secy., H. S. Ottenlieinier; Fin. Secy., Jacob Heim ; Treas., Gerson
Bloom ; Monitor, Rev. Dr. Max Stern ; Asst. Monitor, Abraham Wachenheimer ; Trus-
tees, Henry Ullman, Henry Netter, L. Mayers. The present officers are, Pres., Rev. Dr.
Stern ; V. P., Charles Salzenstein ; Rec. and Fin. Secy., Louis Strauss ; Treas., Samuel
Woolner ; Monitor, David Eppsteiner ; Warden, Aaron Ullman ; Guardian, Isaac Rosen-
field ; Trustees, H. S. Ottenlieinier, Henry Ullman, and A. Schradzki. Regular meetings
are held at 216 and 218 Main Street, on first and third Sundays of each month.

Moses Montifiore Lodge, No. 15;'), 0. K. S. B., was organized April 3, 1876, with
twenty-four charter members. Its first officers were : Pres., S. Woolner ; Vice-Pres.,
L. S. Bennett ; Secy., Isaac Rosenthal ; Treas., Solomon Bennett ; Conductor, John
Korsoski ; Asst. Con., L. L. Wiesel. The Past-Presidents of the Lodge are, Samuel
Woolner, L. S. Bennett, Jacob Woolner, Solomon Bennett, J. Conigisky, and John Kor-
soski. The present officials are, Pres., D. Sclnvartzmann ; V. P., Adolph Woolner ;
Treas., Moses Gumbiner ; Secy., Lewis J. Weisel ; Monitor, John Korsoski. Meetings
are held in the afternoon of the second and fourth Sundaj's of each month.

Ajai Council, No. 216, Roi/al Arcanum. — This ccnuuil was instituted in Peoria,
October 13. 1878, and immediately thereafter the following officers were elected : R., N.
C. Nason ; V. R., L. W. James; O., John Ci. Stevens; P. R., John L. Cockle; .Secy.,
W. A. I5iMhak.-r; Coir., B. C. Brvn.-r ; Treas., John W. Ib.vt ; Cliaplain, H. Thiel-
bar; G., F. S. Hallock ; W., R. M." Hewitt; S., Geo. W. Weddlc ; Med. Exam., L. B.
Martin, M. D. Those now in office are, R., C. S. Easton ; V. R., Cluis. F. Hitchcock ;
O.. N. E. Worthiiigton ; P. R.. L. W. James; Secy., W. A. Brubaker ; Coir., B. C.
Bryner ; Treas., John W. Hoyt ; Chaplain, S. W. Dodge : G-. F. C. Tapping ; W., O. R.


Clough ; S., R. A. Schimpff ; Med. Exam., L. B. Martin, M. D. The council meets on
second and fourth Fridays of each month in hall of G. A. R.

Peoria Lodge, No. 353, Harugari, was instituted June 7, 1874, with nine charter mem-
bers. The first officers were : O. B., Robert Becker ; U. B., Frank Renter ; Secy.,
Henry Sudenga ; Treas., Jacob Becker. The present officers of the lodge are : O. B.,
Jacob George; U. B., Aug. Seibold ; Secy., Frank Renter; Treas., Fritz Weber. The
lodge has forty-one members in good standing, and meets every second Tuesday in hall
corner Washington and Bridge Streets.

Victor Lodge, No. 244, L 0. M. A., was organized January 16, 1879, with about forty
charter membei's. The present officers are: Pres., J. G. Evans; V. P., 0. S. Doty;
Fin. Secy., Benj. Warren, Jr. ; Rec. Secy., S. N. Conover ; trustees, A. J. White, Jno.
A. Bush, and J. J. Frederick. The lodge meets first and third Fridays in each month in
hall coruer Main and Washington Streets.

Lake Lodge, No. 715, Knights of Honor, was instituted August 25, 1877, by W. M.
Obermayer, D. S. D., with nineteen charter members. The Past Dictators of the lodge
are: N. C. Nason, John S. Stevens, James Bannister, O. B. Charapney, J. J. Steiger,
and W. A. Beasley. Present officers are : D., G. Willis Smith ; V. D., R. M. Campbell ;
Treas., Geo. S. Dustin ; Rep., O. B. Champney. The lodge meets on the first and third
Tuesdays in each month.

Fort Clark Lodge, No. 10, Universal Brotherhood of the World. — Tliis lodge was
organized January, 1879, with Geo. S. Dustin as 111. Commander, and is at present dormant.

Phoenix Lodge, No. 608, /. 0. G-. T., was organized May 1, 1874, with twenty
original members, and thereupon elected to office the following : W. C. T., F. L. Ladd ;
V. T.. Mrs. A. D. Johnson ; Chap., J. B. Cranimond ; Secy., S. O. Hinsdale ; A. S., Miss
Susie Scott ; F. S., C. E. Van Tress ; Treas., Mrs. E. V. Van Tress ; M., John Cation ;
D. M., Mrs. C. M. Ladd ; I. G., William Cation ; 0. G., M. B. Hinsdale ; R. H. S., Miss
Agnes Armstrong ; L. H. S., M. Ross ; P. W. C. T., Miss Sophia Becker. The present
officers of the lodge are : W. C. T., W. H. Lambert ; V. T., Mrs. Lizzie Campbell ;
Chap., Henry Boyle ; Secy., Geo. A. Monteith ; A. S., Miss Laura Metcalf ; F. S., Miss
Lucy Hamilton ; Treas., Otto C. Hoffman ; M., David Crutchfield ; D. M., Mrs. Lucy
Crutchfield ; L G., Miss Lizzie Andrews ; 0. G., Joseph Shurley ; R. H. S., Miss L. H.
O'Connor ; L. H. S., Miss Clara Monteith ; P. W. C. T., Frank Dudley ; L. D., John
Short. The lodge meets every Tluirsday night in hall corner Main and Adams Street.
The present membership in good standing is about 115.

Peoria Temjjle, No. 8, U. 0. A. T. — This lodge was chartered February 2, 1877,
and the following officers were elected : Templar, James Mahoney ; Rec, Harry Lam-
bert. The present officers ai-e : Templar, James Mahoney ; Rec, Uriah Vonhan. The
present membership in good standing is sixty-three, and the lodge meets in hall corner
Main and Adams Street every Friday evening.

Patrons of Hushandry. — There are in Peoria Co. eight Granges of this Order,
located as follows: Orange Grange, at Orange Prairie ; Alta Grange, at Alta on R. I.
R. R. ; Dunlap Grange, at Dunlap, on the same road ; Salem Grange, 4 miles west of
Dunlap; Radnor Grange, 3 miles west of Alta ; Jubilee Grange, at Jubilee ; South Kick-
apoo Grange, 2 miles west of Pottstown on C. B. & Q. R. R. ; and Rome Grange, at
Rome, on C. R. I. & P. Each of these Granges becomes in turn, the Head-Quarters of
all the others, and retains the position till the next meeting, on the first Tuesday of each
month, when the next Grange in order of seniority, succeeds it. The present officers of
the County Grange are. Master, Amos Edwards; Secretary, Thos. Cady ; and they hold
their offices during the year 1880. The membership of the County Grange is about 150,
and the members of the Order residing in the county, and in good standing in the sub-
ordinate Granges, number about 1,000. The Grange Store for the county, is located on
corner Washington and Liberty Streets ; is under the charge of Mr. W. W. Atwood ;


carries a stock of groceries, and miscellaneous farm supplies worth about f 9,000, and
did a business last year of $45,000.

Clan na Gael. — This body was organized in 1875, with about 40 original members,
and the strength is still maintained at about the same figure. The present oflBcers of
the society are, Pres., Joseph F. Manning; V. P., John Down; Sec, P. W. Crowe ;
Treas., Frank Bradley. Regular meetings are held every Sunday afternoon, in Fenian
Hall, on Main street.

Ancient Order of Hiberniang. — Lodge No. 1 of this Order was organized in Peoria
April 18, 1875, with 19 original members. On 25th of the same month, its first election
of oflBcers was held, with the following result: County Delegate, Eugene McCarthy;
Pres., Thos. J. Kelly ; V. P., M. J. Cody ; Fin. Sec, James E. Walsh ; Cor. Sec, Jos.
F. Manning ; Treas., James R. Murphy, and they were forthwith installed in oflBce,
by County Delegate Gallagher. The present membership is about 45, and its oflBcers
are, Pres., John Downs ; V. P., Lawrence Dwyer ; Sec, D. J. Allmon ; Fin. Sec,
John Dolan ; Treas., James McGinn ; State's Delegate, P. W. Gallagher ; County Dele-
gate, J. G. Higgins. The Regular meetings of the Society are on the first Sunday
afternoon of each month, at Fenian Hall, on Main Street.


Woman's Refuge of Reform. — This institution was first opened in January, 1877, by
a few benevolent Christian ladies of the city, who became impressed with the necessity
of its estalilishment, in the course of their labors while connected with other charitable
societies. It was designed for the reformation of fallen women, and to afford them a
Refuge secure from their former associates, where they might form and mature good res-
olutions, under the influence of the prayers and counsels of these noble women. la
June, 1877, the Refuge was closed, and remained so until the loth day of October fol-
lowing, when it was opened with Mrs. McCoy as Matron. In Ajjril, 1878, the present
organization was formed, and the society was incorporated under charter in the follow-
ing year. The first Refuge was on Hale Street, where it remained for about two years,
thence removing to G13 N. Washington .Street, and then in December, 1879, to its pres-
ent location at 913, 4th Street. The ladies who are interested in it, make regular visits
to the houses of prostitution in the city, and try to induce the girls to come to the

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