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Finch (J.) Digest of Insurance Cases, '87-88; '89-'90; '90-"91;

(2 copies); '91-92; '92-'93. Indianap., '87-'93.
Fire Insurance. Clement, '93; Porter, '89.
Fischer (P.) Die Deutsche Post und Telegraphen-Gesetz-Ge-

bung. (German Code of the Post and Telegraph.) 3d ed.

Berlin, '86.
See Kretz & Fischer.


Fisher (J. R.) and Strahan (J. A.) Law of the Press. Lond.,

Fisheries and Fishing Industry of U. S. See Goode, G., 'Sl-'S?.
Fiske (John) The American Revolution. 2 vols. Bost., "90.

Civil Government in the U. S, Bost., '90.

Critical Period of American History. Bost., '90.

Puritan Theocracy in New England. Bost., '89.

Ed. Appleton's Cyclopgedia of Biography.

Fitch (N. T.) Law of Real Estate Agency. Chic, '91.
Fitnam (J. C.) Practice in Courts of Review. Chic, '93.
Flach (J.) Etudes Critiques sur THistoire du Droit Romain au

Moyen Age. (Studies in History of Roman Law in the

Middle Ages.) Paris, '86.
■ Les Origines de I'Ancienne France. (The Origins of

Ancient France.) 2 vols. Paris, '86.
Flats. Law of. Clode, '89.
Fletcher (W.) Co-operative Index to Periodicals. Vols. 1-5.

N. Y., '88.

— Index to General Literature. Bost., '92.

Flint (J. H.) Law of Trusts and Trustees. S. F., '90.
Florida. Acts of Territory, '35. Constitutional Convention, '85.

Journal of Convention of, '85.

Laws of '25, '40, '41, '43, '44, '45, '64, '85, '89.

Supreme Court Reports. Vols. 21-31. Tallahassee and

Jacksonville, '86-'93.

Same. Digest of Vols. 1-24. Choate. St. Louis, '89.

Digest of Vols. 1-23. Wurts. Jacksonville, '89.

Flower (G.) History of the English Settlement in Edwards

County, 111. (Chicago Historical Society Publications, v. 1.)

Chic, ''82.
Fltig'el (F.) Universal English-German and German-English

Dictionary. 3 vols. N.'Y., '91.
Foerster (F.) Theorie des Heutigen Preussischen Privat

Rechts. (Theory of Modern Prussian Private Law.) 4 vols.

Berlin, '73-'74.
Foote (A.) and Everett (C.) Law of Incorpoi-ated Companies

Operating under Municipal Franchises. 3 vols. Cin., '92-

Foran (T. P.) Digest of Criminal Law of Canada. Toronto, '89.
Ford (P- L.) Pamphlets on the Constitutional History of the

U. S. Brooklyn, '88.


Foreign Laws. Bar, '81; Bolini, '89; Kohler, '83; Rodriguez,
1616. See various countries.

Forensic Oratory. Robinson, '93.

Foreshore. Moore, '88.

Forestry in Europe. See U. S. Consuls' Reports.

Forms. Field, '91 (Justices aud Town Officers); .Tones, '01;
Lansing, '93; Lecly & Pack, 89; Parsons on Partnership,
Appendix, 4th ed. '93; Seton, '91 (Judgment and Orders).

Forrest (W. S.) Briefs in McDonald v. People. Chic, '88.

Foster (Roger.) Federal Judiciary Acts. N. Y., '88.

Pleading and Practice in U. S. Courts. Bost., '90.

Treatise on Federal Practice in Civil Cases. Bost., '92.

Fournier (M.) Ilistoire de la Science de Droit en France.

(History of the Science of Law in France), v. 3. Paris, '92.
Fox (E.) Decisions U. S. Dist. Court for Maine. 2 vols. Port-
land, '87-'88.
France. Nouvelle Revue Historique de Droit Frangais et

Etranger. (New Historical Review of French and Foreign

Law.)^ 7 vols. Paris, '88-'93.

Anciennes Loix. Houard. 2 vols. Rouen, 1766.

Codes Frangais. (French Codes.) L. Tripiqr & H.

Moonier. Paris, '90.

Constitutional History. H. Lock wood. Chic, '90.

Consular Regulations. De Clercq & De Vallat. 2 vols.

Paris, '80.
French and Foreign Laws Concerning T^itcrary and

Artistic Property. Lyon-Caen & Delalain, '89.
History of the Science of Law in France, v. 3. Fournier,

'92 (Fr.).

History of French Law. Esmein, '92.

History of Ancient France. Flach, '^Q. (Fr.)

Lidustrial Property in. Barclay. Loud., '89.

Labor of Minors and Women in. See La Gresillc.

See European Constitutions. (Fr.)
Fra)iklin, Benjamin, Life of, by J. T. Morse. Jr., Am. States-
men Series. Bost., '89.
Franklin and the University of Pennsylvania. Thorpe, '93.
Fraser (H.) See Johnston, H.
Fraternities and Societies. Hirschl, '83.
Fraud. Law of, on its Civil Side. Bost., '88-'90; Wait, '89.


Fraud and Misrepresentation. Moncreiff, Loud., '91.

Frauds, Statute of. Brown, '90; Reed, '84.

Fraudulent Conveyances. May, '87; Wait, '89.

Freeman (A. C.) Co-Tenancy and Partition. (3 copies.) S. F.,

Judgments against Bankrupts. (See pamphlets, v. 26.)

Law of Execution. 2d ed., 2 vols. S. F., '88.

Law of Judgments. 4th ed. 2 vols. S. F., '92.

■ Void Judicial Sales. 3d ed. St. Louis, '90.

Ed Am. Decisions and Am. State Reports.

French Rule in Illinois and Louisiana. Wallace, '93.

French War and the Revolution. Sloane, '93.

Friedberg" (A.) Ed. Corpus Juris Canonici. 2 vols. Leip-
zig, '79-'81.

Frisia. See Decisiones Frisicae.

Frost (R.) Law of Letters Patent. Lond., '91.

Fry (E.) Treatise on Specific Performance of Contracts. 3d
ed. Lond., '92.

Fuller (W.) Probate Laws of Massachusetts. Bost., '91.

Ferg'USOn (J.) Law of Railways. Edinburgh, '89.


OaiuS. Tnstitutionura Juris Civilis Commentarii Quattuor. By
E. Pcstc, 3d ed. Oxford, '90.

Gale (D.) Requisites of Law School Text Books. See John-
son's Prize Essays.

Gallag'her (C.) Rights of Mortgagor and Mortgagee. See
Johnson's Prize Essays.

Gambier-Bousfleld (R.) Architects and the Law. Toronto,

Ga77ie Laws. Book of. N. Y., '90.

Gannett (H.) Boundaries of the U. S. (Bulletin 13, U. S.
Geological Survey.) Wash., '85.

Gardiner (R.) Doctrine of Demurrers. Lond., 1706.

Gardiner (S.) Constitutional Doctrines of the Puritan Revo-
lution, 1G28-1660. Oxford, '89.

Garnier (R.) History of the E)iglish Landed Interest. Lond.,

Garnishment. Drake, '91, (3 copies;) Kneeland, '84; Wade, '86,


Garrett (E.) Law of Nuisances. Lend., '90.

Gary (G.) The Law and Practice in Courts of Probate in Mich.,
Minn., Wis., 3d ed. Chic, '92.

Gay (S.) Life of James Madison. (Am. Statesmen Series.)
Bost., '88.

Gaupp (H.) Das Deutsche Reichgesetz Uber die Wechselstem-
pelsteuer. (German Code of Stamp Tax on Bills and Notes.)
Berlin, '91.

Gear (H.) Law of Landlord and Tenant. S. F., '88.

Geary (W.) Law of Theatres and Music Halls. Lond., '85.

Gemmill (J. A.) Parliamentary Divorce in Canada. Toronto, '89.

Generation of Judfjes. Lond., '87.

Geneva Arbitmtion. (See U. S. Foreign Relations, '72; part 2.)

Case of the U. S. Wash., '72.

GeograpJiy, Commercial. Chisholm, Lond., '89.

Geographical History of America. Scaife, '92.

Georgia. Bar Association Reports. Vols. 2-8. '8G-'91.

Digest of Laws to 1798. Watkins. Phila., 1800.

Digest of Laws to 1800. Marbury & Crawford. Savan-
nah, 1802.

R. R. Commission Reports, '85, '$:Q, '87.

Session Laws, 1801-1810, (Clayton's Reprint); '35, '3G,

'38, '40-'41, '42, '43, '47, '49- '50, '64-'65, '84-'85. '86-'92.

Schley's Digest, "26.

Supreme Court Reports Vols. 72-90. Atlanta, '85-'93.

Same. Digest. Vols. 62-81. Atlanta, '90.

Germany. Code of Attorney's Fees. Sydow, '88.

■ Code of Civil Procedure, with Judicature Act. 5th Ed.

Berlin, '91. (Ger.)
Code of Court and Sheriffs' Costs, and of Witnesses' and

Experts' Fees. 4th ed. Berlin, '91. (Ger.)

Code of Procedure in Bankruptcy. Sydow, 92. (Ger.)

Code of Stamp Tax on Bills and Notes. Gaupp, '91.


Code Penal. Rildorff, '92.

Collection of Minor Laws on Civil Matters. Vierhaus,

'90. (Ger.)
Collection of Minor Laws on Criminal Matters. Woer-

ner, '90. (Ger.)

Draft Civil Code. 1 vol. Motive zudcm Eiitwurfe eines,



Btirgerlichen Gesetzbuches. (Report on and Annotations of

Draft of Civil Code.) 5 vols., '88. (Ger.)

Commercial Code. Litthauer, '90. (Ger.)

. Constitution of German Empire. ROiine, '9!l. (Ger.)

Consular System. Koenig, '88. (Ger.)

Code of Criminal Procedure. Kries, '92. Hellweg, '92.


Extradition Treaties. Menzen Paderborn, '91. (Ger.)

, . Code of German Trade Courts. Mugdau, '91. (Ger.)

Code of Industrial Regulations. Berger, '92. (Ger.)

Law Concerning Insurance of Persons Occupied in the

Erection of Buildings. Mugdau, '90. (Ger.)
Law of Insurance of Infirm and Aged Persons. Woedtke,

'91. (Ger.)

Law of Joint Stock Companies. July, '84. Heussner

t & Simon. (Ger.)

Imperial Legislation on Banks and Banking. Koch, '90.

Judicial Association Reports. (Verhandlungen des

Deutschen Juristentages.) '65-'85. Index to Vols. 1-10.

Katalog der Bibliothek des Reichsgericht. (Catalogue

Imperial Court Library.) Leipzig, '90. (Ger.)

Law, History of German, 2 vols. Brunner, '92. (Ger.)

Law of Co-operative and Trading Societies. Parisius,

'93. (Ger.)
Law of Disability Insurance, June 15th, 1883. Woedtke,

'93. (Ger.)
Law of Accident Insurance of July 6th, 1884. Woedtke,

'90. (Ger.)

Law of Copyright. Scheele, '92. (Ger.)

Legislation Relating to Post and Telegraph. Fischer,

'86. (Ger.)

Maritime Legislation. Knitschky, '83. (Ger.)

Workmen's Insurance of tlie German Empire. Zacher,

'93. (Ger.)

Gide (Paul.) Etude sur la Condition Privee de la Femme dans le
Droit Ancien et Modern e. Caractere de la D6t en Droit
Remain et la Condition de I'enfant Naturel et de la Con-
cubine dans la Legislation Romaine. (Study of the Uou.


dition of Woman in Ancient and Modern Law. Character

of Dower in Roman Law and Condition of tlie Natural Child

and concubine in Roman lA'gislation.) 2d ed. By A. Es-

meiu. Paris, '80.
Gerrard (J.) Digest Real Estate Law in New York. Ed. by

Hill & Logan. N. Y., '89.
Giaque (F.) Notary's Manual. Cin., '88.
Gibbons (J.) Ed. Am. Criminal Reports.

Tenure and Toil. Pliila., '88.

Gibson (H.) Treatise on Suits in Chancery. Knoxville, '91.
Giddings (Joshua R.) Life, by G. W.Julian. Chic, '92.
Gifts. Thornton, '93.
Gild Merchant. A Contribution to Br. Municipal Plistory.

Gross, '90.
Gillett (J.) Criminal Law. Chic, '88.
Gilman (D. C.) Life of James Monroe. (American Statesmen

Series.) Bost., '88.
GlaSSOn (E.) History of the Law and Institutions of England

Compared with those of France. 6 vols. Paris, '82-'83.

Le Droit de Succession au Moyen Age. (Law of Succes-
sion in the Middle Ages.) See Revue Historique de Droit

Frangais, 92; pp. 543, G98.
Gneist (H. R.) English Parliament. Transl. by R. J. Shec

Bost., '86.
History of the English Constitution. Tiansl. by P. A.

Ashworth. 2 vols. N. Y., 86.
Goddard{\..) Trial of. Denver, '88.
Gomme (G.) The Village Community. N. Y., '00,
Goode (G. B.) Fishery Industries of the United States. 5

vols. Wash., '84-'87.
Goodell (W.) American Slave Code. 2d ed. N. Y., '53.
Good Will. Law of. Allan, '89.
GoodnOW (F, J.) Comparative Administrative Law. 2 vols. N.

Y., '93.
Gordon. Criminal Trials. See Feurbach.
Gould (George.) Law of Pleading. 5th ed., by F. F. Heard.

Alb., '87.
Gould (J.) and Tucker (G.) Notes on Revised Statutes of U.

S. Alb., '89.


Gould (J. W.) Law of Waters. 2d ed. Chic, '91.

Gourick (D. A.) Wash. Digest. (Digest of Pjoceedings in

Bureaus of U. S. Government.) Vols. 1-5. Wash., '89-'92.
Gover (W.) Hints as to Advising on Title. 2d ed. Lond., '92.
Go'tiernment and the Telegraph. See Essay by D. Green, in

Johnson's Prize Essays.
Government Hand-Booh. L. Sargent, '91.
Government Year Book for '88. N. Y., '88.
Government Year Book for '89. Ijond., 89.
Graeco-Boman Institutions. Reich, '90.
Grant (U. S.) Memoirs. 2 vols. N. Y., '86.
Gray (J. C) Cases on Law of Property. 6 vols, Cambridge,

Gray's Inn. Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Hon.

Society of Gray's Inn. Lond., '88.
Great Britain. See England.

State trials, '39-'44. N. S. Vol. 4. Lond., '93.

Greece. I^aw of. See Dnreste,

Green (D.) Government and the Telegraph, See Essay in

Johnson's Prize Essays.
Green (J. R.) The making of England. N. Y., '83.

The Conquest of England. N. Y., '84.

History of the English People. 4. vols. N. Y., '84.

Green (S. M.) Crime. Phila., '89.

Green Bag. Vols. 1-5. Bost. '89-'93.

GreenhOOd (Elisha.) Public Policy. Chic, '86. (Duplicate.)

Greenleaf (Simon.) Treatise on the Law of Evidence. 15th

ed. by Croswell. 3 vols. (2 copies.) Bost., '93.
Griffis (W.) Influence of the Netherlands on the English Com-
monwealth and the American Republic. Bost., '91.
Grinnell (C. E.) Law of Deceit. Bost., '86.
GrOS (K.) Treatise on Philosophical Jurisprudence. (Ger.)

Stuttgart, '41.
Gross (C.) The Gild Merchant. 2 vols. Oxford, '90.
Guarantee Insurance. Porter, '89.
Guaranty^ Laio of. Brandt, '91; De Colyar, '87.
Guardian and Ward. Field, '88; Jackson, '85, (Pa.); Schouler,

GuyOt (Y.) Princi])les of Social Economy. Lond., '92,



Iliiheas Corjms. Church, '93; Wood, 91.

Hag'eman (.1. F.) Privileged Communications. Somerville, N. J.,

Haines (E.) Treatise on Justices of the Peace. 13th ed. Ciiic,

"JO; J4th ed. Chic, '93.
Hale (E. M.) Angina Pectoris. Phila., '93,
Hale (Sir Matthew) De Jure Maris. See S. Moore.
Hall (H.) Antiquities and Curiosities of the Exchequer. N. Y.,

Hall (R. G.) Rights of the Crown to the Sea Shore. See Moore.
Hall (T. B.) Patent Estate. Cleveland, '^d.

Infringement of Patents. Cin., '93.

Hall (W. E.) Treatise on International Law. 3d ed. Oxford,

Hallilay (R.) Examination Questions. Lond., '89.
jFIamiltou, Alexander, Life of. By II. C. Lodge. Am. States-
men Series. Bost., '88.
Hamilton (A. McL.) Medical Jurisprudence. N. Y., '87.
Hamilton (G. B.) Law of Covenants. Lond., '88.
Hammick (J. T.) Marriage Laws of England. 2nded. Lond., '87.
Hammond (W. G.) Blackstone's Commentaries. 4 vols. (2

copies.) S. F., '90.
Handbook of Assessment Insurance, '87. N. Y., '87.
Handhook of the Medical /Sciences. Ed. by A. Buck. Vols. 4-

9. N. Y., '87-'93.
Harcastle (H.) Law and Practice of Election Petitions.

Lond., '85.
Hardy (H.) Canada Law List. Toronto, '87.
Hare (J. I. C.) American Constitutional Law. 2 vols. Bost., '89.

Law of Contracts. Bost., '87.
Harlem Patents. Pirsson, '89.

Harper (J. C.) Inter-State Commerce Act. Cin., '87.
Harring'ton (E.) Respondeat Superior. See Johnson's Prize

Harris (G. E.) Treatise on Damages by Corporations. 2 vols.

Rochester, '92.

Treatise on the Law of Identification. Alb., '92.

Treatise on Sunday Laws. Rochester, '92.

Treatise on Certiorari, Rochester, '9o.


Harris (G-. E.) Contracts of Married Women. Alb., '87.

Law of Subrogation. Alb., '89.

Harris (Richard.) Before and at Trial. Northport, '89.

Hints on Advocacy. 9th ed. St. Louis, '92.
Hart (A. B.) Formation of the Union. (1750-1829.) N. Y., '92.
Study of Federal Government. (Harvard Historical

Monographs, No. 2). Bost., '91.
Hartshorne (F.) Railroads and Commerce. Phila., '92.
Harvard Historical Monographs. No, 1. Veto Povper in U. S.

E. Mason.

No. 2. Study of Federal Government. A. Hart.

Harvard Law Heview. Vols. 1-6. Bost. & Cambridge, '88-'93.
Harvard Tlniversiiy. A Record of the Commemoration Nov. 5-8,

'86. Cambridge, '87.

Catalogue, '90-'91. Cambridge, '91.

Haskett (T.) Ed. Fox's Decisions. U. S. Dist. Court, Maine.

Portland, '87.
Hastie (W.) Outlines of Jurisprudence. Edinburgh, '87. See

Brunner, Lioy.
Hastings (W.) See Trials.
Haviland (C.) Law of Corporations, N. Y. QasQS and Statutes.

N. Y., '90.
Haviland (E.) N. Y. Table of Cases. Vols. 1-2. Rochester,

Hawaiian Islands. Compiled Laws of Hawaii, Honolulu, '89.

Supreme Court Reports. Vols. 6-7. Honolulu, '87-'90.

HaweS (Horace.) Law of Jurisdiction of Courts, (duplicate)

S. F., '86.
Hawley (J- G.) Inter-State Extradition. Detroit, '90.

International Extradition. Chic, '93.

Law of Arrest on Criminal Charges. Detroit, '89.

Hawthorne (J.) Negotiable Instruments. See Johnson's Prize

Haydn (J-) Dictionary of Dates. 18th ed. by Benj. Vincent.

N. Y., '88.
Hayes (W.) Concise Conveyancer. 4th ed. Lond., '82.
Headlam (T.) Ed. Danieil's Chancery Pleading and Practice, '46.
Headley (R-) Code of Criminal Procedure and Penal Code of

N. Y., '89. Alb., '89.
Health Public. Manual of Public Health. Lond., '90. Steven-
sou & Murphy, '93.


Heard (F. F.) Precedents in Personal Actions. Bost., '86.
Hebrews. Criminal Jurisprudence of the Ancient Hebrews.

Mendelsohn, Bait., '91.
Hellweg" (A.) Stralprozessordnung nebst Gerichtsverfassunfrs-

gesetz fUr das Deutsche Reich. (German Code of Criminal

Procedure.) Gth ed. Berlin, '93.

See also Sydow and Hellweg.

Henderson (J.) Thomas Jefferson's Views on Public Educa-
tion. N. Y., '90.
Henry (G.) Piobate Law of Indiana. Indianap., '91.
Henry^ Patrick^ Life of. By M. C. Tyler. Am. Statesmen

Series. Bost., '88.
Herbert (T.) History of the Law of Prescription in England.

Lond., '91.
Herman (H. M.) The Law of Estoppel and Res Adjudicata. 2

vols., (duplicate.) Jersey City, '86.
Herndon (W. H.) and Weik (J.) Life of Abraham Lincoln. 3

vols. Chic. '89.
HeuSSner (H.) and Simon (H.) Reichsgesetz betreffend die

Kommanditgosellschaften auf Akticn und die Aktien Gesell-

schaften, '84. (Law of Joint Stock Companies.) 3d ed.

Berlin, 90.
Hickox (J.) U. S. Government Publications. Monthly Cata-

alouues, '88-'93. Wash., '88-'93.
Hig'h (J. L.) Ed. Am. ed. of the Pleader's Guide. (A Didactic

Poem.) Alb., '70.
Treatise on Extraordinary Legal Remedies. (Duplicate.)

Chic, '84. on the Law of Receivers. 2d ed. (Duplicate.)

Chic, '86.
Law of Injunctions. 3d ed. 2 vols. (2 copies.) Chic.


Higher Ground. (Labor Question.) Jacobson, '88.

Hiylncays. Elliott, '90; Potter, 2u ed. '87; 3d ed. '93; Thomp-
son & Mills, '90.

Hig'g'inS (C.) and Jones (G. E.) Digest of Patent Law and
Practice. 2d ed. Lond., 90.

Hill (B.) Absolute Money. See Pamphlets, vol. 25.

Hill (E. B.) See J. W. Gerard.

Hill (W.) Annotated Code of Oregon. Vols. 1-2. S. F. '87.


Hill (W.) Same. Ed. '92. 2 vols. S. F., '92.

• — Annotated Laws of Washington, '92. 2 vols. S. F,, '92.

Hindu Law and Usage. Mayne, '88. See India,

Hinsdale (B. A.) Old Northwest. N. Y., '88.

Hirsch (Hugo.) Digest of Divorce Laws of U. S. Brooklyn, '88.

HirSChl (A. J.) Legal Hygiene; or How to Avoid Litiga-
tion. Davenport, '90.

Law of Fraternities and Societies. St. Louis, '83.

History. See Adams; Agnew, '87 (Penna.); Cohn; Edwards;
Flower; Garnier; Griffis; Hall; Hart, '92; von Hoist;
McDougall; McMaster; Parkman; Pierce, '93; Rhodes; Scaife;
Sloane; Thwaites; Vinogradoff; Wallace, '93; Wilson,
'93; Cooley (Mich.); Dunn (Indiana). See also Biography
and various subjects.

History in American Colleges. Adams.

Legal. Glasson; Kovalevsky; Reeves; Whitmore and


History of Prescription in England. Herbert, '91.

Hitchcock (H.) See Constitutional Law.

Influence of Marshall on Constitutional History of U. S.

See Rogers, H. W.
Hochheimer (L.) Criminal Law in Maryland. Bait., '89.

Law of Custody of Infants. Bait., '87.

Same. 2d ed. Bait., '91.

Hodg-es (W.) and Lely (J.) Law of Rail ways. 7th ed. 2 vols.

Lond., '89.
Hodg-inS (W.) The Companies Acts. Toronto, '88.
Hofman (R.) Lehrbuch der Gerichtlichen Medicin. (Medical

Jurisprudence.) Wien, '93.
Holland. See Netherlands.
Holland (Thomas Erskine.) Elements of Jurisprudence. 4th

ed. Lond., '88.
Holly (E.) Homestead Exemptions in Illinois. See Johnson's

Prize Essays.
Holmes (O. W. Jr.) See Kent.
Holmested (G. S.) and Langton (T. L.) The Judicature Act

of Ontario. Toronto, '90.
Hoist (H. von.) Constitutional History of the U. S. Vols. 7-8.

Transl. by J. Lalor. (Index by I. Brainerd.) Chic, '92.
Constitutional Law of United States. Translated by

A. B. Mason, Chic, '87.


Holt (G. C.) Concurrent Jurisdiction. N. Y., '88.

Holt(W.) Equity Cases. 2 vols, Lend., '45.

Homestead. Waples, '92; Holly, (111.) See Johnson's Prize

Homicide. Kerr, '91.

Hopkins (A.) Digest of Court of Claims Cases. See Nott, C.
Hopkins (H.) Patents and Inventions. Chic, '87.
Horner (II. 0.) Probate Law of Illinois. (Supplement) Chio., '90.
Horr (N.) and Bemis (A.) Municipal Police Ordinances. Cin.,

Hosmer (J. K.) Short Hist, of Anglo-Saxon Freedom. N. Y.,

Life of Samuel Adams. Am. Statesmen Series. Bost.,

Houard (D.) Dictionaire Analy tique de la Coutume de Norman-
die. (Customs and Usages of Normandy.) 4 vols. Rouen,

Anciennes Loix des Frangais. (Ancient Laws of France.)

2 vols. Rouen, 1706.
Houston (W.) Documents Illustrative of the Canadian Consti-
tution. Toronto, '91.
Howard (George E.) Local Constitutional History of the U. S.

Vol. 1. Bait., '89.
Howard (Gorges E.) Popery Cases. Dublin, 1775.
Howard (N. Jr.) N. Y. Practice Reports, Digest. '87.
Howell (A.) Ed. Tiffany's Criminal Law, (Mich.) '89.
Hubbell (J. H.) Legal Directories, '86-'94. N. Y, '80-'93.
Hudson (A.) Law of Building and Engineering Contracts.

Lond., '91.
Hug-hes (E.) Ed. Van Heythuysren's Equity Draftsman, '61.
Hug-hes (J.) Ed. Niles Weekly Register.
Hughes (W.) The Parsons' Law Collected out of the Whole

Body of the Common Law, and some late Reports. Lond.,

Hug"hes (W. T.) Te^chnology of the Law. Denver, '93.
Humphreys (G.) See Bazalgette; also Smith, J.
Humphry (II.) and Gierke (A.) Sales of Land. Lond., '85.
Hurd (H. B.) 111. Revised Statutes, '87, '89, '91, '93. Chic,

Husband and Wife. Crawley, '92j Reeve, '88j Schouler, '89.


Hunter (W.) Dominion Conveyances. Toronto, '93.

Insurance Corporations Act, '93. Toronto, '93.

Treatise on Power of Sale under Mortgage. Toronto, '92.

Hutchinson (J. A.) Land Titles in Virginia and West Vir-
ginia. Cin., '87.

Hutchinson (Robert.) Law of Carriers. 2d ed. by Mechem.
(2 copies.) Chic, '91.

Hyde Park. Directory, '89. Municipal Code. (3 copies.)

Hygiene. See Public Health.

Hypnotism. See Tuke, '93; De la Tourette, '89.

Idaho. Constitution of. Boise City, '91.

Justice's Treatise. Cowdery, '89.

Session I>aws, '88.

Statutes, '87. (3 copies.) Boise City, '87.

Supreme Court Reports. Vol. 3. St. Paul, '93.

Identification. Harris, '93.

Illegitimacy. Leffingwell, '93.

Illinois. Appellate Court T^ibrary, 1st Dist. Catalogue.

Appellate Court Reports. Vols. 31-45. (3 copies each).

Chic, '86-'93.
Bar Association Proceedings, '79-93. Springfield, '79-

Board of Equalization Report, '86-'87. Proceedings,


Corporations. Root. 3rd, 4th & 5th eds. '88, '90, '93.

Digest. Binmore, '90, '93; Hill, '87; Kinney (3 copies),


Department of Agriculture. ' Transactions, v. 37. '89.

Early Bench and Bar of. Caton, '93.

Eminent Domain. Digest of Decisions. Manier, '88.

~ General Assembly. Reports to. '88-'89.

History of. See Edwards; Flowerf Parker; Wallace, '91.

House"^Bills. '91.

— 111. Cases in U. S. Supreme Court. Compiled by R.

— Index to 111. Reports, vols. 1-130. 12 vols.

— Journal House of Reps., '8o-'87, '90-91.


Illinois. Journal Senate, 'S5-'87, '90-'91.

Justices of the Peace. Cotton, '45. •

Land Transfer in. Report of Commission to the Gov-
ernor. Chic, '92.

Live Stock Commission Report, '90. Springfield, '90.

Public Charities Report, '90. Springfield, '90.

Railroads. Digest of Decisions. Manier, '88.

R. R. & Warehouse Com. Reports, '83-'86, '88, '90.

Reports to General Assembly, '89. 5 vols. Springfield,


Revised Statutes. Cothran, '87, '91; Gale, '37; Hurd,

'87, '89, '91, '93 (2 copies); Starr & Curtiss, Suppl. '85-'91
(2 copies; and a third set of Starr & Curtis, 3 vols.).

Rules of Court. Elliott, '8» (2 copies); ed. of '92 (2


School Reports, '85-'86.

Secretary of State's Reports, '86-'90.

Senate Bills, '91.

Session Laws, '16, '27 (Vandalia, '27). '32-'33, '44-'45 (2

copies. Brayman. Springfield, '45); '47, '87, "89, '90

(Extra Session); '91, '93.

State Treasurer's Report, '86, '90.

Superintendent's of Public Instruction Report. '90.

Supreme Court Library at Springfield. Catalogue of

text books, '90.
Supreme Courts Reports. Vols. llG-145. (3 copies.)

Springfield, '86-93.
University of Illinois. Reports of Board of Trustees, '86,

'87, '88, '90, ■"'92.

Warehouses. Digest of Decisions. Manier, '88.

Illinois State Gazetteer and Business Directory, '90-91. Chic,

Inimigration. Smith, '90.
IndermauP (John.) Principles of Common Law. 5th ed.

India. Anglo-Indian Codes. Stokes, '89.

Laws of Manu.

Land S^jstems of British India. Baden-Powell, '92.

Law and Usage of. Mayne, '88.

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